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Lightning Power


“Lightning Power”
“Identifying Lightning as a Personal Signet, Using It with Dragon and Pearl Energy”
“Pay Attention to What Your Body Tells You and Focus on the Present”

Friday, May 10, 2024 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Brenda (Leonora)

ELIAS: Good morning!

BRENDA: Good morning, Elias.

ELIAS: And what shall we discuss?

BRENDA: Well, I would like for us to continue our conversation we had a few weeks ago about my focus symbol and my dragon power, the signet strength that I was exploring, pearl energy and also my physical manifestation du jour.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Very well.

BRENDA: (Laughs) And we’re doing a 30-minute session. I think we can get a lot of clarity, I hope then, exploring the pearl energy, using Bentu’s dragon power, and working on intent and changing perception. And I also have been working with what I think is my signet, combining it with some of those things, and I wanted to verify that my signet, or my power, is lightning?


BRENDA: Yay! (Laughs) So, funny: Once I started thinking about that, I started looking around for symbols, because often I have imagery in my room and my space, and I realized that probably in the past six months or so I keep coming across bolts. Like I’ve got one bolt that’s probably four inches long, rather large, just found it out in the middle of the road and then I found two other ones (laughs), and it made me think, oh, lightning bolt, that’s my signet. (Elias laughs) And we’d talked about lightning before. I think it was probably back in 2013 or 2014 when that large bolt of lightning hit right outside our house by the cedar tree, which was pretty young, and you related it to growth, I think at that time?


BRENDA: You would not believe how beautiful the cedar is. It split. It’s got two main trunks, and it’s probably easily ten times the size it was. And it’s just a beautiful dark green, perfectly shaped. So I assume part of that was the lightning power?


BRENDA: So I want to talk about how I can use that, particularly for healing. I wanted to share a bit about that, but first I wanted to hear what you wanted to share about that as a signet or strength?

ELIAS: (Pause) Lightning is a wondrous, natural phenomenon. And although because it’s very powerful it can be destructive, but more often it’s actually something that is productive. As I’ve expressed, it’s tremendous for growth. It is nature’s way of accelerating growth. It’s tremendous. And it also can be productive depending upon where it is and where it strikes. But along the shore, if it strikes sand, you obviously know what happens with that – It creates glass. And in that, it can generate some very creative and beautiful configurations of glass simply by striking sand. (Brenda chuckles) It is a wonderful, powerful expression. Therefore, I would say that as you know, it is an expression of electricity. It’s not only electricity; it’s more than that.

Lightning generates nitrogen, which is why plants grow faster and larger with lightning present. But it also configures the atmosphere around it in a capacity that has tremendous strength and has very directed configurations. It isn’t random at all. It’s very directed. And I would say that if you were summoning that power within you, which you have, then you could be very directed with it also. And in that, you can be very creative with it, you can be using it in relation to healing, and obviously you can use it in relation to growth. Therefore it can be very useful.

BRENDA: Goodness! That’s even more than I thought. (Elias laughs) I just called to mind, one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever witnessed of lightning was when I lived in Chicago. And I was just beginning to explore Seth, and I had found your information on the website and was reading about past lives and all of that. And one evening there was a storm that came through that was a wall of lightning. I don’t know how tall it was; it was just lightning in the most beautiful colors. Was that related, somehow, to me opening up to this exploration?


BRENDA: Wow. Were you involved?

ELIAS: Of course.

BRENDA: (Laughs) There was a lot of blue! (Both laugh) It was amazing. It was curious that my mom and dad were visiting and that they got to observe it. It felt like, that time in Chicago, that it was a location that was perfect for me opening up to this exploration.

ELIAS: I would agree.

BRENDA: Well, I will always remember that.

Then what I’ve been doing in my exercises with pearl energy and the inner landscape, practicing with, when I’m summoning Bentu’s dragon energy and the pearl energy, playing with interjecting the lightning into that. And one thing I was doing, I have a spot on my foot that’s been inflamed – I think it’s called a bunion – and I was using that to draw out the inflammation. And it almost… I would have said it felt more like the lightning was drawing that to it. Does that happen with lightning? That It can, instead of you know, shooting toward the earth, it can actually draw something out?

ELIAS: Most definitely. Yes. Lightning doesn’t only move downward. It doesn’t only move from the sky to the earth. It moves sideways. It can move back up. It can move in any direction, actually. And yes, in certain situations it can also draw back towards itself.

BRENDA: Is that related to positive and negative energy?


BRENDA: So like in healing, it seems like something like information that’s warm and hot, that negative energy would draw it out. But then maybe something like cancer that’s consuming, it might be a different energy, it might be positive that goes into it?

ELIAS: It depends. Because once again, it’s a matter of the perception of the individual that is creating that. But I would say that this type of positive and negative, as you are aware, is very similar to magnets. It’s not a matter of good or bad; it’s a matter of in or out. And in that, it depends on the situation, what would be more effective, to be drawing in or to be pulling out.

BRENDA: Mm-hm. And do you…? I mean, is just having the intent enough to get the flow going in the right direction?


BREND: That ability to go either direction, is that similar to the loop that you were talking to Nuno about? [1]

ELIAS: Yes. Yes.

BRENDA: Okay. Well! Very cool.

ELIAS: Therefore there is a lot that you can do with it. I’d say it’s a very useful power. (Chuckles)

BRENDA: I tried it in another intent session with the dragon power and the pearl energy, about increasing my awareness but with using that to give me a clearer focus. And I would say that’s worked, especially with what I’m doing with my job at the co-op.

ELIAS: That’s excellent. I would agree, and that is genuinely excellent, my friend.

BRENDA: You’re right. It works, and so fast!

ELIAS: (Chuckles) And you seem very surprised. (Both laugh)

BRENDA: Well, surprised and delighted. (Both laugh) And you said it could be useful for creativity. Could you tell me more about that?

ELIAS: I would say, you’ve had the experience of observing physical lightning, and therefore you have seen that it actually incorporates many colors. It isn’t simply… It isn’t simply white. And in that, you can use all of those colors, or different colors, in relation to that power, and you can be expressing that in any direction of creativity. In nature, as I’ve expressed, lightning can reconfigure things and then be producing something entirely new, and in that, can be generating tremendous creative expressions. Some of the configurations of glass that is produced by lightning are stunning.

BRENDA: That makes me want to go to the beach and go glass hunting. (Both laugh)

ELIAS: And I would say that in ancient times, in ancient civilizations, people discovered this power of lightning creating glass and actually generated manners in which they could attract the lightning to create specific shapes in glass.

BRENDA: Oh my! (Elias chuckles) Wow. That is very, very creative.

I also think I used it... I set an intent using Bentu’s energy and the pearl energy and the lightning to connect with my father on the anniversary of his death. I had a dream experience where my energy was somehow helping this man play a musical instrument, and then the man recognized that energy and then I appeared physically to the man. It wasn’t a physical presence that resembled my dad physically but was definitely my father’s image. And then at some point a woman appeared next to him, talking about church and stuff, and I assume that was my mom or somebody he was creating. Was that a focus? Or was I visiting him objectively where he is?

ELIAS: That was a focus.

BRENDA: Okay. And he was a musician?


BRENDA: Okay. Okay. Well, it was a cool experience to be sitting next to him. Was I visiting that focus, or was I a person in that focus?

ELIAS: A person in that focus.

BRENDA: Okay. What was my relationship to him?

ELIAS: A friend.

BRENDA: A friend. Okay. Okay. Well, it was cool. He told me… What did he say? He said… He said, “How can you be beautiful and no one’s snatched you up yet?” (Both laugh) Something like that. Which was nice. I don’t think my father in this focus ever told me I was beautiful. (Laughs) So that was fun.

Then I did the same type, the next day, last night, about… I’ve been having issues still with my hip alignment. And I’ve done the pearl energy with it, and sometimes it’s like it goes away, and then other times it seems to come back. I’ve been doing specific yoga classes that focus on… One of them is really focused on getting the pelvic area aligned so that in the poses the back is positioned correctly. And I had a really good realization that I’m fairly flexible and a lot of times I go too deeply into the poses. So I’ve realized how that can affect my hips and my back, and I’ve backed off, and I think that is helping. Would you agree?

ELIAS: Yes. Yes.


ELIAS: It is important to pay attention. And I very much acknowledge you in that, because even with disciplines that are helpful to you and can be healing, if you do too much it can be actually harmful. And that applies to exercising. It even applies to things such as running.

BRENDA: Oh yeah.

ELIAS: And in that, people don’t realize that pushing themselves is not helpful. It’s not necessarily good, and that in that, they can actually hurt themselves by doing more.

BRENDA: Yes. An orthopedic surgeon who was a runner once told me that that and wearing new shoes (laughs) were the top two reasons that runners have injuries. I think the third one was running trails, which, you know, I ignored that one. (Both laugh) Because that’s all I’m going to do, is run trails. I think that’s been helping, and doing the pearl energy.

I had a really intense night with a lot of pain one night on our boat and could not get comfortable enough to go to sleep, and it happened one other time. And Robert thought that there might be something pressing on a nerve that was causing it, because it’s painful in the hip area but my leg feels numb in areas. Is that an accurate assessment?

ELIAS: Yes. That is definitely an indicator of nerve involvement.

BRENDA: Oh. And can I realistically address that without having to get medical intervention?

ELIAS: You can. I would say that it’s also a matter of being careful with your activity, and in that, being careful with your running, being careful with your yoga. What I mean by that is, pay attention. Pay attention to how you’re running, how you’re doing your yoga and that you’re not engaging actions that will irritate that area.


ELIAS: And won’t irritate not only your hip, but your leg and your back, because the pain and the nerves can be irritated from actually your spine. And you have some very large nerve centers in those areas, and in that, it can be affecting of considerable movement and considerable areas in the body. This is why people have such difficulty with their sciatic nerve. It’s a large nerve. It can affect the hip, the back, the leg, all the way to your foot.

BRENDA: Can you tell me where the area is where the impingement is?

ELIAS: (Pause) It’s actually above your hip slightly. It is actually closer to your spine. And in that, this the reason that you might feel that discomfort around your hip and it could even affect both hips.

BRENDA: Okay. So doing the pearl energy and the dragon power and using the lightning, that would be helpful?

ELIAS: Definitely. Definitely. Yes.

BRENDA: I think I got off track a bit. Is it helpful to know what…? I know you have told Jean that the hip is an area where we hold a lot of held energy. Is it helpful for me to understand what my body consciousness is telling me with this physical manifestation?

ELIAS: (Pause) I’d say it’s not actually necessary; it’s more a matter of simply knowing that it’s expressing that there IS held energy there.


ELIAS: You don’t necessarily have to go back through experiences and attempt to find what experience created that. That’s not actually necessary. You’ve done a lot of work already in relation to trauma. It’s more important for you to be more present –


ELIAS: — than to keep moving your attention backward. And actually, this is something that is a difficulty for a lot of people, is that they keep moving their attention backward. They keep focusing on the past and what happened, and they can’t focus on the present. They think they’re focusing on the present, but actually they’re mixing in the past with the present, and therefore that is a considerable difficulty. And that means they’re not actually being entirely present.

[The timer for the session rings]

Therefore, what I would say to you is that it’s more important that you simply know that this is an indicator of held energy and to address to that.


ELIAS: And you can do that with the pearl energy and with your dragon strength by using your dragon to blast it.

BRENDA: Blast it. Okay, so blasting the held energy?


BRENDA: Back in around 2018, I was blasting things (laughs) in my dragon fire box. Is that what I was doing?


BRENDA: Okay. (Laughs) Cool! (Both laugh) It was very effective.

ELIAS: It can be!


ELIAS: Therefore, I would encourage you to do it again.

BRENDA: All right. Well, I hear the timer going off. It sounds like I have much to explore with my lightning strength.

ELIAS: Excellent. I would be very, very encouraging of you, my friend.

BRENDA: Thank you!

ELIAS: And I shall be very much looking forward to our next meeting. In wondrous love and very dear friendship as always, au revoir.

BRENDA: Au revoir.

(Elias departs after 32 minutes)

[1] Session 202404221

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