Session 202404221

More on Using Pearl Energy; Changing the Projection; The Immune System


“Blue Dots”
“Changing the Projection”
“Difference Between Real and Accurate”
“Using Pearl Energy”
“The Immune System”

Monday, April 22, 2024 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Nuno (Lystell)

ELIAS: Good morning!

NUNO: Greetings, my friend!

ELIAS: (Laughs) And how shall we begin?

NUNO: Today I’d like to begin with talking about your blue dots.

ELIAS: Very well.

NUNO: As you may know, I’m very fond of your blue dots.


NUNO: (Laughs) Perhaps even a little excessively so, but anyway so—

ELIAS: (Laughs) I would say that can’t be too excessive. (Laughs)

NUNO: Oh, that’s good, because I really do appreciate them. I’ve noticed like yesterday and perhaps once before recently, sometimes I have these imaginary conversations with you where I ask you questions. I’m not really intending to receive a response from you. It’s just kind of me practicing what I’m going to say to you in a session, or sometimes it’s just I’m thinking about something and I find it’s kind of convenient, although it sounds kind of weird you know, to be talking, to be discussing it with you. I was doing this yesterday and not really expecting to receive a response but then I saw one of your blue dots, which seemed to be kind of coincidental with the question that I was asking. And I was wondering if that was correct? Or did I just misunderstand that?

ELIAS: No. You were correct that there are no coincidences, my friend. (Chuckles) And it’s not your imagination (chuckles), the dots or them being responsive to you, because I AM responsive to you.

NUNO: Well, I know the dots aren’t my imagination. I’ve known that for quite a while. I mean, that’s why they’re so significant to me. If they were just something I thought was imagination, I wouldn’t really give them too much importance. Just quickly on the subject, I kind of figured out a while ago that the dots actually aren’t being projected externally to me. The dots are actually internal. That what you do is actually you activate the retina in my eye. Is that correct?


NUNO: That’s what I figured. Yeah.

ELIAS: Congratulations.

NUNO: Well, I figured that out a while ago, but I didn’t think it was terribly important. (Elias chuckles) Just to wrap up this conversation about the dots, I think that that’s such an excellent way for you to communicate with me. I would say with other people as well because it is, in my experience, it’s very easy. I mean, I see the dots whenever they are presented. Maybe not always, but often. And I imagine that’s true for other people as well. You know, it’s like something that… It makes it more of a… How would I say? That you know, I actually see a response to what I’m communicating with you, which otherwise can be difficult.

ELIAS: Yes. And yes, it can be useful to other individuals if they’re paying attention. That is the question. Some individuals do pay attention in a very similar manner to yourself, maybe not entirely as much as yourself but significantly, but then there are a lot of people that only pay attention occasionally. Therefore they think that I’m only projecting those blue dots occasionally, which is actually not correct. It’s more that they’re not paying attention. But I would say that perhaps if you are engaging other individuals in relation to that, you can encourage them to pay attention.

NUNO: Yes, I can do that and most likely what they’ll do is they will just listen to or read this session and they will then know that.

ELIAS: Correct.

NUNO: Okay. Well, that’s excellent. Well, thank you for the information on that. I just thought I’d get, kind of get that out of the way.

ELIAS: Very well.

NUNO: And okay, so my next topic is about accomplishing things, just generally speaking, about changing one’s reality let’s say in some way. And the thing that you have been helping us with is to change what we do, like for example be more aware. Make different choices and you know, various things of that nature, and to help us move in a direction that we want.

Linda Camp actually brought up an interesting question in her session that I read recently, in that she was asking, “Well, where does perception fit into all this?” And obviously perception is everything that defines the objective reality. Given that the projector is within the realm of the objective awareness, why is it that it is so difficult, let’s say, to directly direct the projector rather than, you know, change your energy?

ELIAS: There are many reasons for that. I would say that first of all, people are accustomed to moving and thinking and feeling in a particular manner. I would say that also the reason I have spoken about this subject so much is because people are inclined to do it so much in relation to following feelings, and they consistently express that they can’t stop themselves. That is a matter of perception. And in that, the more they express that, they convince themselves that they can’t do something. They can’t change their perception. I have expressed that it’s actually not that difficult to change perception and therefore change your reality. It’s simply a matter of looking at different information, but that’s not something that people generally do. Therefore it’s not actually a matter of being so difficult to change perception. It’s a matter of what people pay attention to. That’s what is so difficult, is having people change what they’re paying attention to.

Now; somewhat that has begun in relation to the second introduction of the pearl energy. That is something that is giving people a different thing to pay attention to. And that is beginning to affect some changes. The difficulty with that also is that people that are accustomed to paying attention in a certain direction, especially people that are accustomed to paying attention to following feelings, that is something that they perceive as skeptical. Meaning the pearl energy. They’re beginning to try to use it, but they’re skeptical because it’s something different and they’re so accustomed to what they think their feelings are telling them, that they are reluctant to move in other directions. (Pause)

NUNO: Okay. Very well. I understand that. So the only way to actually alter the projector, let’s say, is what you described, is to change your perception. There is no back door to the projector in which you just say, “I want this, let’s project it.”

ELIAS: You could.

NUNO: Ah! Well, that’s really what I’m… would like to know how to do.

ELIAS: That’s what I’m expressing. All that is necessary is that you give yourself different information. Therefore if you want to change the projection, therefore change the perception, it’s a matter of simply asking yourself: Why do you believe what is already being projected. And is it possible that what is being projected isn’t actually correct?

Because whatever your reality already is, you already believe is correct. Therefore that’s what I have been expressing. It’s actually simpler than people realize. It’s simply a matter of giving yourself different information. Paying attention to something different. Therefore saying to yourself, “This is my reality now. This is what I AM projecting now. Why do I believe this reality and is it possible that this reality that I’m projecting isn’t actually correct? It’s simply what I know and what I’m accustomed to?”

NUNO: Well, just let me ask a question here. And by “correct,” what do you mean by “correct”?

ELIAS: That there’s a difference between real and accurate. Everything that you perceive is real. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s accurate. Therefore you’re using an example of money and in that, you might have a perception about money because of the relationship that you have established with money throughout your life. And in that, that’s very real. Does that mean that it’s accurate? Not necessarily. It could be. But it might not be, especially if it’s associated with not enough. Then it’s definitely not accurate.

I would say that it is a matter of anything that you perceive already and therefore are creating in your reality, and looking at that and simply looking at how you pay attention and therefore how you shape that projection of reality, and whether that is satisfying to you or not. And if it’s not, then it’s a matter of simply looking at how you pay attention to that subject and recognizing that how you pay attention to that subject doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s accurate. It’s simply what you’re accustomed to and what you have believed for an ongoing time. And therefore that’s what you create.

This is what I have expressed repeatedly with people about the importance of what you pay attention to. Because that’s the basis of your perception and what you project, and therefore what becomes your reality.

NUNO: Very well. Thank you for that. And I’m very interested in this whole subject and I will attempt to alter my perception in those ways. And that distinction between correct and reality is actually quite significant.

ELIAS: I agree. It is. Because in that, it’s a considerable – or it can be – a considerable difference. And that is, in a manner of speaking, part of the problem for most people, is that they’re paying attention in a particular direction and that’s real. And therefore they already know that’s real. That’s what they’re creating. That’s what their perception is. They don’t necessarily know that there is anything beyond that. They have wants beyond what their perception is, but they don’t always know that anything else is possible beyond what they know and what they’re already paying attention to.

NUNO: Very well. Thank you for that.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

NUNO: I would like to change the subject now and talk about my other favorite subject, which is pearl energy.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Very well.

NUNO: And the information I have is that originally pearl energy was discovered, let us say, about 2019. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Approximately, yes.

NUNO: It’s not really important.

ELIAS: No, amend that. It wasn’t that it was discovered then, but it was first spoken about in conversation. But it wasn’t discovered much earlier than that.

NUNO: And how long did it take essence to evaluate it at that time?

ELIAS: Not long. I would say in your time, approximately a year.

NUNO: So the question I have is: Essence – meaning you – were aware of this energy for a considerable time now, and also aware that it is beneficial, so why is it that you didn’t tell me about it sooner?

ELIAS: That’s actually an easy question. I offer new information in relation to the movement of the masses and what is the most important information at the time to offer. I would say that this information was addressed to initially, but then the interest in it somewhat waned and therefore in that, many times I may wait to be offering more information about a subject that’s already been addressed or that has been initiated, let us say, until there is some sign of more interest in it. Which has to do with timing. Generally speaking, when the timing is correct and there is more of an interest, even though you don’t know what it is, it’s a matter of change or a shift in energy. And someone will step forward and will bring up the subject again. And at that time, then I would say that there is much more mass energy that is ready and will be interested in the subject. Which is precisely what happens. And in that, there was not a considerable energy in that direction until now.

NUNO: Okay, but as for myself as an individual—

ELIAS: Even as yourself as an individual, it’s about timing and readiness. And that it doesn’t matter that you were not the individual that broached the subject. It’s still you and many other individuals were ready now to actually hear about this energy and to actually have enough awareness to use it.

NUNO: Well, I would disagree with that to some extent. I think that had you brought this to my attention – and I had no awareness at all of this energy until recently – had you brought this to my attention let’s say two maybe even three years ago, I would have been able to use it in some capacity.

ELIAS: It’s possible. I would say likely not to the capacity that you are now, because your awareness of yourself was not the same then as it is now. And I would say that that makes a considerable difference, my friend, because had I expressed this to you two or three years prior, yes, I agree. You likely could have used it to a degree. It would also be significantly likely that because you wouldn’t have been able to wield it in the manner that you can now, that you likely would have lost interest or shelved it. And in that, it would have lost its potency for you.

Therefore it’s easy to think about things in hindsight. It’s easy to think what you could have done if you had known this or that pastly, but that also is a distortion because you’re looking at the past through the lens of now. Therefore it’s not necessarily accurate.

But I very much acknowledge and express that you absolutely (chuckles) can disagree with myself and I welcome and acknowledge when you do, because that’s more of an indication that you are moving in your own direction and being self-directing. Which is excellent and which is the point.

NUNO: Okay. (Elias chuckles) Thank you.

ELIAS: You are tremendously welcome.

NUNO: I may circle back to this question later, but I’d like to move on now with more questions about the pearl energy. And my first question is: does the pearl energy only work in conjunction with a process or a method that an individual already has established for what they want to do? Or can it be used in a kind of, without know what the process is, is I guess is the question?

ELIAS: Offer an example.

NUNO: Okay. Here’s an example. I would like to have a more expansive self-awareness, and other than setting the intent for that, I’m not really sure, you know, what the process would be for that.

ELIAS: Yes. You can. And you don’t need to know what the process is. And in that, I would say that the process will become something that is known to you by including that in your intention.

NUNO: So the way I’ve been using it is, for example with that intent to expand my self-awareness, because I simply state the intent and for example I might say to myself, “Increase self-awareness,” for example. And I’ll repeat that to myself a number of times and then I meditate upon it while I’m accessing the pearl energy, and that is my process for using the pearl energy. And I’d like to know whether there is a better way to do that.

ELIAS: Perhaps it wouldn’t be necessarily termed as a better way to do it, but I would say there is an additional manner in which you can use it. That that’s good in what you’re already doing, but I would also say that it can be very effective that you use it periodically through your day, whenever you notice something that you can use TO expand your awareness. And you can do that with the pearl energy with any subject. Whenever you notice that you can expand something or you can improve something or you can change a choice in something, you can use the pearl energy in that moment to help you with different choices, help you with expanded awareness. And in that, that gives you an excellent practice to be engaging that not simply in a meditation but throughout your day. Therefore using it more consistently all the time.

NUNO: Okay. And that actually leads into my next question. And I was wondering if it’s possible to continuously access the pearl energy throughout the day so that it is more or less automatically enhancing whatever it is that I’m doing?


NUNO: And to do that, it’s just a matter of intending to do so?

ELIAS: I would say this is the reason that I encouraged people to create a symbol, a summoning symbol in a manner of speaking. Therefore, in that, you can use that symbol at any time continuously throughout your day, yes. And all you have to do is think about it. All you have to do is see it or think it, and that’s enough.

NUNO: I have been using a symbol and I really like the symbol that you suggested to me.

ELIAS: Excellent.

NUNO: I even have a slogan for it. I have a little slogan that I can use for it.

ELIAS: Ah! And what is that?

NUNO: “It’s a breeze!” Meaning that it’s simple and easy.

ELIAS: Yes. Yes. And I would say that in that, all you have to do is call upon that and whatever it is that you’re paying attention to, that is how that energy will be directed. That’s what I am expressing. That you can use it continuously through your day.

NUNO: Excellent. I was actually thinking about whether it’s even necessary to call upon it, or whether it can simply be intended to be present continuously.

ELIAS: You can do that also. I would say that that perhaps is simply a matter of having that intention that you’re carrying it with you.

NUNO: I would like to know if an intent to continuously heal and regenerate the body consciousness, whether that is realistic or even effective, or too general.

ELIAS: No. It’s not too general. And it can be effective if you’re already in a direction of paying attention to regeneration. Then that simply would continuously enhance that, but that also does require the individual to be in that direction already. Meaning all of the subjects that I have spoken with you about in relation to regeneration and not focusing on or paying attention to the things that support degeneration, that is a key piece. And in that, if you’re already doing that, then yes, you could call on the pearl energy in general to simply be maintaining what you’re already doing.

NUNO: And where am I with that?

ELIAS: I’d say that you’re accomplishing considerably well. That you had some challenges for a time, but at this point in relation to your healing, you are well on your way my friend.

NUNO: Well, that’s very good news indeed. (Elias chuckles) And how many intents can I apply to myself using the pearl energy in a given day?

ELIAS: As many as you choose. There is no limit.

NUNO: So there is no overload or anything like that?

ELIAS: No, not unless you begin to feel overwhelmed. But I would say that in general, no. As much as you can pay attention to, you can use that energy for whatever you choose.

NUNO: Because I’ve got a huge list of intents.

ELIAS: I would say most people don’t. And in that, it is easy to express that energy with whatever it is that they are paying attention to within the day, and whatever they want to enhance within the day. And that can change from day to day. (Pause)

NUNO: I think I understand that. I think I need to just spend more time working with that energy and become more familiar with how that all goes.

ELIAS: I would say that is excellent, and I incorporate no doubt that you can master this relatively quickly.

NUNO: I was wondering about infections, like infectious diseases, not viruses but like an infection that you might get from what people generally believe are bacteria or other things like that. And I was wondering if that is basically the same as contagion from virus, in that it’s a choice? Is that correct?

ELIAS: It is a choice, yes. It’s a different type of choice but yes, it is a choice.

NUNO: And I was wondering about the human immune system. It seems like the purpose of it is to be a defense against things that people believe in.

ELIAS: Actually the immune system – which is not only something that exists for humans, it exists for actually all living things in various degrees – but most animals are expressing an immune system very similar to humans. In that, the immune system is not actually something that is designed to protect you. It’s a mechanism in your body that takes in different elements in your environment that it strengthens the body with. That’s its function, is to strengthen the body, therefore allowing for optimal functioning.

NUNO: And therefore calling it “immune system” is actually a misnomer.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes.

NUNO: Okay. That’s easy to understand. So here’s the question of the day.

ELIAS: Ah! Question of the day! (Both laugh)

NUNO: Some time ago we talked about a dream I had in which the subjective awareness – I was having a conversation with the subjective awareness and I kind of was skeptical about what does it actually – I’m sure you recall this. And what I don’t recall is what the subjective awareness actually expressed to me, and I would like to ask you: What did the subjective awareness actually say to me in that dream?

ELIAS: And your impression? It doesn’t, it doesn’t have to be entirely clear or accurate, but what is your impression?

NUNO: That actually on that particular subject it’s a matter of perception.

ELIAS: (Pause) I would say partially yes, and partially what it was expressing to you is that the objective and subjective don’t move independently of each other. That they move together. And in that, it was expressing also to you, in addition to perception, that because of perception it follows that.

NUNO: It being the subjective awareness?


NUNO: Ah. Okay. I guess that shouldn’t really be a surprise to me. Okay. That’s very good. Thank you.

A quick question: is ham harmful to my cat?

ELIAS: Repeat.

NUNO: Ham. You know, like cured ham?

ELIAS: Is it harmful—

NUNO: Yes.

ELIAS: — for your cat?

NUNO: Yeah.

ELIAS: Mm… (Pause) It’s not tremendously beneficial. It’s not necessarily harmful in that it likely won’t make her sick, but it’s not necessarily good for her either.

NUNO: She’s kind of fond of it, but maybe I should—

ELIAS: I would say if you were giving it to her occasionally for a treat, that would be fine. I wouldn’t necessarily be feeding it to her on a regular basis.

NUNO: Okay. Okay. That’s all I need to know on that. I’d like to switch the subject to my healing device work.

ELIAS: Very well.

NUNO: And I had two of these things built. And the purpose of these circuit boards are basically to evaluate the performance of these weird antennas that we discussed previously. And I was surprised that they actually work quite well, both for receiving and transmitting, and I learned a few things about it. Now the challenge that I have is ideally I would like to use just one antenna for both receiving and transmitting but there is, because of the characteristics of these antennas, that seems technologically rather difficult to me.

So I was thinking about collocating the antennas and I actually had one such arrangement on the boards that I made. And in this arrangement, I had the receiving and transmitting antenna offset so that the metal strips were not overlapped. In other words, they, the metal strips of one antenna are in the gaps of the other one. And I found that this doesn’t work at all, as a receiving antenna at least. I haven’t tried it as a transmitting antenna, but as a receiving antenna it did not work at all.

So I was wondering if I aligned the antennas so that the strips were in alignment, so that they were back to back, so to speak. And the way I’m doing this is I’m putting the strips on one side of the circuit board and the other antenna on the other side of the circuit board. And I’d like to know what your opinion on that is.

ELIAS: In putting them back to back?

NUNO: Yes. And fully aligned.

ELIAS: (Pause) That might create difficulty. It might create a type of scrambling of the signal.

NUNO: Okay. All right. So I don’t need to do that experiment, which is good. Okay. Well the situation is I’m kind of stuck right now because I need to… I need to get the receiving antenna positioned so that it can receive the return signal from the body, but if I use two separate antennas and they can’t be collocated, then that kind of… I’m not sure how that’s going to work. And if you had any suggestions to offer, I would be very, very grateful for that.

ELIAS: (Pause) Have you experimented with any type of loop instead of two antennas?

NUNO: A loop?


NUNO: Like a single loop? Like a single copper loop?

ELIAS: Yes. In that, I would say if you had one receptive area at one end of the loop – not a full circle – but at one end have a receptive area and at the other end of the loop have the output. Have you experimented with that type of action?

NUNO: No. The answer is no. I’m wondering, by loop are you describing a different configuration for the antenna or an arrangement of the antennas?

ELIAS: Instead of having two, that you’re having difficulty in configuring that, I would say creating some type of internal loop that doesn’t require the antenna, so to speak. That it could replace the antenna.

NUNO: Okay. I’ll have to give some thought to that. I’m not actually all that clear on what you are describing there.

ELIAS: I’d suggest experimenting with it. And in that, look at your circuits and then look at them from a different angle instead of looking at all of your circuits in relation to the input/output antenna.

NUNO: Okay. I think I’m getting some ideas from that. Okay. That’s excellent. Okay. I understand. I will see what I can do with that.

ELIAS: Excellent.

NUNO: And here’s another question. Okay, so I asked about self-hypnosis a little while ago and you described a process for that. And I have actually in the past experimented with this, but I never really seem to get any results. But what is it that actually occurs at the end, where you know, the doors open? And this is the part where nothing ever seems to happen.

ELIAS: That is, in a manner of speaking, conditional on what your intention is, what you want to accomplish. Therefore the door represents the expression of what you think is a barrier between you and whatever it is that you want to accomplish. And therefore when you arrive at the door, you have the ability to open it and step through into what it is that you want to accomplish. Most individuals use this self-hypnosis method to engage other focuses, and therefore they open the door and they’re stepping into another time and place. But you can use it for anything.

Therefore let’s say you wanted to use it for healing. You would have something specific that you want to heal. Therefore when you reach the door, you open the door and it would present you with or lead you into that part of the body that requires healing. And you should be able to see it and then adjust whatever it is that you want to adjust.

[The timer for the end of the session rings]

Or it could be anything. It could be any expression or subject, that you are using this method because there is some type of barrier between you and what you want to accomplish. And that’s what the door is. Therefore when you reach the door, you know you have the ability and the power to open that door and step through. Therefore there is no more barrier.

NUNO: Okay. And if I successfully do that, what will I experience?

ELIAS: It depends on what your intention is.

NUNO: So you’re saying… Okay, so I should have some experience at that point?


NUNO: The reason I’m asking is because in your conversation with Paul, I think, and his experience using a hypnotherapist, he said that he didn’t really feel that it was being effective but you said it was being effective. It was just that that’s not the way it works.

ELIAS: Yes. He expected to feel something very different. Therefore he expected to feel hypnotized. You don’t feel hypnotized. If you see anything, you are hypnotized. If you are observing anything, you… It was successful. It doesn’t feel different than your waking reality. What you think generally when you actually ARE hypnotized – this is when you are hypnotized with a hypnotherapist – is that you may feel that you’re seeing scenes or impressions are coming to you and they seem fairly clear, but you think you’re making it up, it’s simply your imagination. THAT is the piece that is difficult for many people, including him. And I would say that with him very much so, because he also believes he can’t be hypnotized, which is ironically the sign that this is an individual that can very easily be hypnotized. People that think they can’t be generally are easier to hypnotize than other people.

But when you are doing it yourself, there is somewhat of a difference because you are going into the experience entirely by yourself. Therefore whatever you see, whatever you have an impression of that’s happening, that’s all very personal to you. There is no suggestion from any other individual and therefore is, or it can be, easier for the individual to believe what is happening is actually real and not something that is being led by someone else.

NUNO: Okay. Thank you for that. I guess…

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

NUNO: We are at our end here, and so as usual I just want to thank you for your information and your interactions with me.

ELIAS: You are exceptionally welcome, my dear friend. And I am very much looking forward to our next interaction. It’s always a pleasure. (Chuckles)

Until our next meeting, my dear friend, in tremendous love to you as always, au revoir.

NUNO: Au revoir.

(Elias departs after 1 hour 2 minutes)

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