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Pearl Energy As Raw Energy of Consciousness


“Pearl Energy As Raw Energy of Consciousness”
“Pearl Energy and the Pink Energy Center”
“Pearl Energy Isn’t Intrusive”

Sunday, April 7, 2024 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Scotty (Ashtaria)

(Audio excerpt begins partway through session)

SCOTTY: Can we talk a little bit about this topic du jour, pearl energy?

ELIAS: Ahh! Yes.

SCOTTY: I was speaking with Gail about it, because we’re both super-super intuitive, and I can say that now without any conceits or modesty. I’m pretty confident in (laughs)… in…

ELIAS: Excellent.

SCOTTY: Yeah. (Laughs)

ELIAS: I would congratulate you in that.

SCOTTY: Thank you. And I guess we were both still a little unsure about what you were saying, that pearl energy is an exhaust, a byproduct, and what that means. So I used my conceptualization sense, and this is what I experienced. If you could just hear my impression and clarify if I’m even on the right track or that’s something else I’m looking into?

ELIAS: Very well.

SCOTTY: It’s that pearl energy could be considered the result of a transaction, an energetic process – which is what you’ve said, like a byproduct – but that like light, pearl energy is a truth, and one of the defining factors is that pearl energy is both the energetic conductive mesh that generates light and it’s the energy given off from the effect of light, which is the byproduct. And the closest thing that I could relate that to in our physical terms would be when you stand in sunlight and feel the warmth from that. It’s the effect of the light radiation, but it’s our body that generates the warmth because of the light’s touch. Would you –

ELIAS: I agree.


ELIAS: But I would say that I agree with all of that except that the interpretation of it in relation to light is one interpretation.


ELIAS: It’s not THE interpretation or the only expression of that pearl energy, but it is one, yes.

SCOTTY: It is one. Exactly. Is there anything else about that impression that you would add to?

ELIAS: (Pause) I would ask you, with that information then how would you go about using that energy?

SCOTTY: Well, this would lead me into the next part of that impression, Elias, is that both Gail and I were seeing pearl energy or allocating the color as pink, and… but actually when we created the pink energy center within our bodies as humans that we used pearl energy to facilitate that action, and that when we directed pearl energy particularly because of its quality in being able to radiate energy outwards from within. So I kind of feel like that was involved or incorporated to be able to kind of install the pink energy. Am I on the right track there?

ELIAS: I would say indirectly involved, not directly. Because remember: This is a relatively new discovery – not that it’s not been in existence for all time, because it has, –


ELIAS: – but that it hadn’t been… (pause) in your terms, paid attention to.

SCOTTY: Right.

ELIAS: Therefore hadn’t been manipulated or used, because there wasn’t even a clear understanding of the properties of it or whether it was, as I expressed previously, safe or not safe. Which, it has been concluded that not only is it safe but it is valuable and pliable and can be used in any direction.

In a manner of speaking, this energy could be expressed as raw energy of consciousness.

SCOTTY: But how does that differentiate from just consciousness? I mean, are you talking about raw energy as in what we would think of as like links of consciousness, the units that make up consciousness, or are you talking about the unrefined energy?



ELIAS: Yes. In a manner of speaking, it’s raw energy of consciousness.

SCOTTY: Yeah. I can understand that.

ELIAS: And therefore that’s the reason that it can be used for anything, in any direction, in any subject and in any action, because it’s raw energy.

SCOTTY: Elias, I was using pearl energy to enhance one of my Ankarrah symbols, and without necessarily telling you which symbol it’s the last one, which incorporates the energy of all of the Ankarrah symbols together. You know which one.


SCOTTY: Yeah. And it seemed to really like being coupled with that symbol, the pearl energy, and I… It’s not that I wasn’t feeling intensity or purposeful direction without the pearl energy, but it certainly seemed to kind of almost harmonize with that energy. But I was using that on my left side body for about ten minutes, and then my partner Jonas – Jeremiah – created a red irritated patch on his skin on his right side almost immediately. We were lying side by side in bed, watching TV. That was a direct effect of incorporating the pearl energy. And why did it affect him? Just by proximity?


SCOTTY: Was it also enhancing his healing there, or was there an irritation there?

ELIAS: I would say an element of both.


ELIAS: That the expression of that energy through proximity was something that was not necessarily immediately received in relation to his body, because he didn’t summon it.

SCOTTY: Well, that’s a really interesting point, because what I was speaking with Gail about, what we were talking about is, a person can use pearl energy in any manner intentionally for themselves, even if it means using it to enhance a pooling action or a sending of energy action, but you cannot activate pearl energy in another person or for another person. It’s almost like essence isn’t intrusive, and pearl energy is the same thing. Right?

ELIAS: Correct.

SCOTTY: Yeah. And –

ELIAS: Now, that doesn’t mean that you couldn’t use it in cooperation with another individual.

SCOTTY: Yeah. But in a healing manner, to enhance, say, a healing action for someone. Say if I was doing a remote Reiki session or a remote Ankarrah session for someone, just like healing energy, if there isn’t that cooperation and the person being in concert with you, the pearl energy, just like healing energy, is also not going to be received.

ELIAS: Correct.

SCOTTY: Okay. Great!

It’s fun. I’ve definitely been playing with it and having some interesting experiences, and –

ELIAS: What HAVE you been engaging with it?

SCOTTY: I’ve been engaging it to… There are some Ankarrah symbols which act as a bridge to initiate distant healing and make that connection, and I’ve been using pearl energy not to replace those symbols but to experiment with being that bridge to the other person. And I guess I’m using the word “bridge” because it really looks like a bridge, like when I’m visualizing it, it seems like a bridge that you could just walk over kind of thing.

ELIAS: Excellent, my friend. Obviously that has become YOUR symbol.

SCOTTY: The bridge? Or the pink?

ELIAS: The bridge.

SCOTTY: Oh yeah! Yeah. I’ll continue to play with it, and I definitely feel the effect of it.

(Excerpt ends after 13 minutes)

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