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Using Pearl Energy


“Tuning a Healing Device”
“Pearl Energy”
“Dream Interpretation”
“Using a Symbol with Pearl Energy”
“Cooking Vegetables with Butter”
“Super Foods”
“Climate Change Disasters”

Tuesday, March 19, 2024 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Nuno (Lystell)

ELIAS: Good morning!

NUNO: G-o-o-o o-d (laughs) morning, my friend. (Laughs) I told myself I wouldn’t say that anymore. (Elias laughs) Yes. Good to speak with you.

ELIAS: (Laughs) And how shall we begin?

NUNO: I think we can begin with some questions I have regarding healing devices, kind of a follow-up to our last discussion on that.

ELIAS: Very well.

NUNO: In our discussion about sensing the energy from the body consciousness, you said that the device could “look for a change in the energy,” and that’s the words you used, I think. And I’m not sure what change would I be looking for, and my understanding—

ELIAS: I would say anything. It would be a fluctuation, that it would be any kind of a change. Therefore if you were observing or monitoring what you would think of as the normal energy or the usual energy that you or another individual is outputting, and in that, any fluctuation of that, any change of that would be an indicator to you.

NUNO: The way I’ve been envisioning the way this thing might work is that the device outputs a pulse of energy and then the device, in a manner of speaking, listens for the echo of that, which is really the resonance of the body consciousness to that pulse, and would receive that return pulse and assess it based on that. Is that the correct way to go about doing this?


NUNO: And then so what you mean by change is if, for example, the strength of the returned energy increases or decreases, something like that?

ELIAS: That would be an indicator, yes.

NUNO: Are there other indicators?

ELIAS: I would say it depends on how you’re monitoring. If you’re monitoring with pulses, then that would be the indicators, that the pulse would change. But there are different methods that you can use, not only in relation to pulses.

NUNO: As, for example, continuous energy?

ELIAS: That, and you could also be monitoring different frequencies of energy and therefore any change in that would be an indicator of something to pay attention to. It simply depends on how you are configuring your device. And I would say pulses are entirely acceptable and would be accurate.

NUNO: What is the range of frequencies that are effective on the body consciousness? I know it’s related to the musical scale, but the musical scale doesn’t per se have any definite beginning and end. So I think at one time you mentioned that frequencies past two thousand hertz or so were not effective?

ELIAS: Correct.

NUNO: And what about on the low side? Is there any frequency below which it’s not effective?

ELIAS: On the lower directions, no because even with frequencies that would appear to be undetectable in the lower frequency, they still could be affecting.

NUNO: With the musical scale there is – I may not know the exact, proper terminology for this – but there seems to be different scales, and each scale is a repetition of the other scale but the frequencies are shifted by one octave.

ELIAS: Correct.

NUNO: Therefore when you say something like F sharp, for example, which F sharp really is the one that is effective?

ELIAS: If I’m expressing simply an F sharp, then I am referring to the (pause) major octave, which is the central octave. Using a piano, which generally has the most notes, then the center octave which centers around what is termed to be middle C would be the major octave. And in that, that would be what I would generally be referring to in expressing any particular note, unless I am expressing a qualification of a higher or lower octave.

NUNO: What is the frequency of that C note?

ELIAS: That’s information that you can easily access.

NUNO: Well, I have accessed that and… I mean, I’ve tried to access that and there’s a lot of confusing information out there because there seems to be first of all two different scales. For example, one scale A in more or less the center is 440 hertz, but in another scale the frequencies are shifted slightly and it’s… And they have a name for it, as it’s a slightly different scale. So obviously what I’m interested in is what the body consciousness responds to, and that leads to my other question which is: does the body consciousness only respond to the frequencies in the musical scale? Or does it respond to other frequencies as well?

ELIAS: It responds to other frequencies as well, because there are frequencies that are lower than the musical scales and in that, they are too low for there to be actual sound.

NUNO: Right. But also, in the musical scale there is a set frequency for every note. And you know, as I said, different scales are one octave higher or one octave lower, so that you would have your A’s, your B’s and the sharps and what have you. These are all set frequencies. What I’m asking is not in terms of absolute range, but in terms of discreet frequencies, does the body consciousness only respond to the musical notes or does it respond to something between let’s say an A and an A sharp?

ELIAS: It wouldn’t be that (pause) specific, let me say. Therefore meaning that the frequencies between notes, it’s not that intense in relation to the body. The body doesn’t respond to that intense of changes in frequency. It doesn’t have to be that specific.

NUNO: Does that mean that the musical scale is just a reference? That in terms of the body consciousness, the body consciousness isn’t actually in some manner tied to the musical scale or…?

ELIAS: You are correct. You are correct. It’s a reference.

NUNO: Ah! Okay. Well that… Okay, that makes sense. Okay. I understand. Now that clarifies it a lot. Then really all my other questions are not… I can skip over that. (Elias chuckles)

So I would like to change topics and talk about pearl energy.

ELIAS: Very well.

NUNO: And I—

ELIAS: That’s a fun subject!

NUNO: It is a fun subject. It’s not only a fun subject, it’s an important subject. I’ve been experimenting with this, and I guess before I go a little bit too far I was wondering if you had observed me in that capacity? Because I have been attempting to engage the pearl energy and use it in conjunction with my energy work and so my first question is: have you observed me in that? Am I being effective in that?

ELIAS: I would say yes and yes. And I would say congratulations.

NUNO: Thank you. So initially I tried to determine a notification or some kind of a signal that I had been engaging the energy, and I couldn’t really come up with something. I thought maybe, you know, something visual, but that never actually seemed to manifest itself. So I basically used the pearl energy to tell me what the best indicator was and what seems to have developed is I simply get a physical sensation that is in some ways similar to my own energy, but different also, is the way I would describe it.

ELIAS: I would say that is excellent, my friend. And what all are you experimenting with it?

NUNO: Well, basically everything under the sun. (Both laugh) But obviously my blood pressure. That was like a big one, and I’ve had actually in my assessment very good results with that.

ELIAS: Congratulations. I know that is a significant subject for you and that is a considerable achievement.

NUNO: Yes. Thank you. I would say though in the significance I have been separately for some time now trying to reduce the importance of it, and that’s helped a lot too. So I’ve been trying to dial down the significance.

ELIAS: That will be helpful. As I’ve expressed many times, the more important you’re making something, the more significant it will be.

NUNO: Yeah, and so in recognition that I’ve been trying to downplay it. But with the pearl energy, I’ve done two things with that in connection with my blood pressure. One is that if it does begin to increase, I can very quickly address to it, like so incredibly fast, like less than a minute.

ELIAS: And change it?

NUNO: Repeat?

ELIAS: And change it?

NUNO: Yes, and change it and bring it down to normal.

ELIAS: Excellent.

NUNO: In addition to that, I’ve also given myself the directive that I maintain normal blood pressure at all time, which is not a new directive. I’ve been repeating that to myself for some time, but it hasn’t been all that effective. But I have found with the pearl energy, it is effective.

And what’s even more remarkable is that I used to have these triggers for blood pressure, in that I would start thinking about blood pressure just for some reason, it could be just a conversation with somebody, and then when I’d start thinking about it, I’d start focusing on the blood pressure. And then I’d think oh no, I’d better not do that because then I’m going to start elevating my blood pressure. And then I’d start thinking oh, my blood pressure’s going to elevate now. There’s nothing I can do. And it would just kind of run away. And that was a very common scenario for me. And then I started with this directive, using the pearl energy. And now that actually happened to me yesterday, but nothing happened. I started going in that direction and even though I even began to get concerned, nothing happened. It was amazing.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Congratulations, my friend! That is tremendous. I would say that is a very significant accomplishment.

NUNO: But it’s because of the pearl energy and this is why I think that this is so significant to me and I think others. And I’ve been using it to instruct myself to be acting and expressing more as essence. I’ve been (pause) – oh! The other one is I’ve been instructing myself to continuously heal and regenerate the body, and I do mean continuously.

ELIAS: Excellent.

NUNO: My impression is that’s having an effect too, I believe. So…

ELIAS: I would say you are accomplishing tremendously, my friend.

NUNO: Thank you. It seems like there’s almost no limitations on what this can be applied to.

ELIAS: That is correct. You can use it for anything, literally anything. It doesn’t matter what direction you move in or what you are interested in or what you want to do. You can use it for anything. And that is the wondrous piece about this energy, is that it’s very easy to wield. It’s very easy to use and it’s very successful with anything. It doesn’t matter what the subject matter is.

NUNO: Yes. That’s my experience with it. And I’m kind of curious. Why is it that we didn’t know about this sooner?

ELIAS: There was a period of time that we as essences collectively have been experimenting with it and evaluating it. As I expressed in my conversation, that initially because it was something that was unfamiliar and was somewhat unknown, there was a question as to whether it was volatile, whether it was stable, whether it was something that might potentially be dangerous or whether it is something that is somewhat benign. And in observation and in experimentation of use with it, it has been recognized that it’s very easily summoned. It’s very easily wielded. It’s not dangerous at all. And in that, it’s also something that can be used for anything.

But in that, I would say that it’s simply another expression of energy. Yes, it can be somewhat revolutionary, but it’s also a matter of whether there was a significant interest in it. And until recently, there hasn’t been.

Therefore I would say that in relation to any subject, for the most part, there are many things that people can do that are significant and can change their energy, can change their situations, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are going to be interested in moving in those directions. And I would say that I’ve been offering significant information for quite some time about attention and people don’t necessarily use it.

And in this, until recently this was not a subject that people were necessarily interested in either. But I would say that since that initial two sessions or conversations that I had about that, the interest has picked up considerably. It seems to be the hot topic presently. (Chuckles)

NUNO: Well, I can’t speak for the others but for myself, I consider this to be revolutionary for myself. And I was not aware of it until very recently. One thing you said just now, if I’m understanding you correctly, is that essence was evaluating it and essence was determining as to its applicability and safety and other things. And I had always the impression that essence knew everything, that there was nothing that essence did not know, was unaware of.

ELIAS: I would say that that would be somewhat ridiculous because consciousness is always expanding and it’s always evolving. And therefore how could essence know everything when there is always something that would be new or newly presented or newly discovered?

And in that, this is not a new energy but it was I would say basically an energy that was ignored and not actually paid attention to. As I explained it’s a type of exhaust energy, in a manner of speaking. Therefore it’s a byproduct energy. And because of that, it wasn’t necessarily something that was paid attention to. I would say that an individual, in a manner of speaking, stumbled on it and asked questions. And at that point, then it was something to observe and to evaluate. And therefore it was evaluated and observed, and in that, recognized that it was stable and that it actually has very beneficial properties and results in relation to how it can be used.

But no, I would express to you most definitely essence is not what you think of as God. Your ideas of God being omnipresent and omniscient is ideas that you have created in relation to thinking that there is something much greater than yourselves, which is incorrect, and therefore knowing or expressing that all-knowingness and that everything would be known. That is something that is somewhat of a holdover of religious beliefs in relation to God and essences are not God.

NUNO: Okay. Although that is our representation of God, is essence.

ELIAS: Because YOU are that.

NUNO: Exactly. Well, let’s move on. I would like to continue this discussion, but I’ve got other things. I’m sure I’ll return to it at some point in the future.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Very well.

NUNO: Back to the pearl energy then, is there anything you can suggest for me to be more effective with it? I mean I tend to use this, as I say, with everything and as you are aware I have some rather lofty goals for myself. I’d like to use it for those purposes, not just for the body consciousness.

ELIAS: And you certainly can. As I have said, you can use it for anything. And therefore in that, I would express you can summon that energy and be using it for everything in your life. Everything. Anything.

NUNO: Yeah, which is pretty much what I’ve been doing.

ELIAS: Have you chosen a personal symbol for it?

NUNO: Oh yes, let’s return to that. No, I haven’t. I thought that was the same as the indication for it.

ELIAS: The reason that I expressed that is because that personalizes it. Therefore it creates a personalized energy specifically and only for you.

NUNO: I’m kind of at a loss for this. I think I might want to give some thought to it.

ELIAS: It doesn’t have to be anything complicated. It can be very simple.

NUNO: I was thinking perhaps a vortex of some kind?

ELIAS: You can use that if that is what is significant for you. I would say that it doesn’t need to be even that complicated, but whatever is significant and important and personal to you, and whatever you like, then that is entirely acceptable.

NUNO: I’ll try and figure something out that meets that criteria. I’ve kind of gotten the idea, I don’t think it’s really quite an impression, that – and you’re probably going to disagree with this – but with the pearl energy, I can actually accomplish things that I would attempt to do with the inner landscape and perhaps maybe I don’t need to use the inner landscape if I’m using the pearl energy instead?

ELIAS: I would agree.

NUNO: Wow. Really!

ELIAS: I would say it’s different for each individual. And for some individuals, I would say that they could use the pearl energy in conjunction with the inner landscape and be very effective. But for you, I would agree with you.

NUNO: Meaning for me, it can be equally effective?


NUNO: Or would it still be more effective if I incorporate it with the inner landscape?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. You actually might be more effective simply using the pearl energy and not doing an inner landscape.

NUNO: Well, that’s kind of the feeling I have. I’ve been able to do the inner landscape, but as you know it’s not something I’m very comfortable with and it doesn’t quite fit me, in that I’m someone—

ELIAS: I understand.

NUNO: Yeah. I’m someone that likes to manipulate energy directly and the inner landscape is kind of a… something different. And I feel more comfortable just working with energy directly, I think is what I would say.

ELIAS: Understandable. And I would say that in that situation, the pearl energy might be more effective for you.

NUNO: Okay. Well I’ll go with that.

ELIAS: Or not might be, would be more effective for you.

NUNO: Ah, excellent. Okay, I will definitely go with that then. That’s like a big relief for me.

So I’ve got a question about a dream and I’d like to get your interpretation of it. The dream, I had it maybe two weeks ago. I’m not sure, something like that. And the dream starts with I’m at a construction site for a big house. It’s like a huge house, three stories. It’s one of those big houses. And I have the impression it’s being built for me, I think.

And then the scene changes and I’m in a kind of a conference room with other people that I don’t know, and we’re in negotiations having to do with money. And as I recall, my impression is that it was money that was going to come to me in some way, shape or form. It may have tied into the house somehow.

And the next scene would be that I’m taking the agreement that was made in that conference, and I’m taking the agreement to an office. And there’s a lady at the office there that I give the agreement to, the written paper. But then I start to think, “Where are the terms and conditions page?” And I think I must have lost the terms and conditions page. So I asked the lady in the office, “Have you seen the terms and conditions page?” And she simply says, “It got filed away.” And that’s the end of the dream.

I’m not really sure how to interpret this.

ELIAS: (Pause) I would say that what you’re presenting to yourself is that all the details are not always necessary. (Pause) That what you’re expressing is, in relation to this, in relation to the symbology of it, is that you are building much bigger and in that, you don’t need to know all of the details in HOW that’s being accomplished, but that it IS being accomplished. And I would say that you’re obviously experiencing that now with this pearl energy.

NUNO: Yes. I actually had the dream before I was aware of the pearl energy.

ELIAS: I would say that this is what the symbology was about. You don’t have to know everything, but it will become clear to you AND it doesn’t matter because what you’re building is already in process.

NUNO: Okay. Can I ask about a different dream?

ELIAS: You certainly may.

NUNO: Okay. So this dream came after that one. It doesn’t seem to really be related. It’s kind of a fuzzy thing. I don’t really remember all the details, but somehow I was looking for photographs and they were my photographs. I’m not sure what the photographs were of. And I’m told that my photographs are on an island. So I want to go to this island to get my photographs, and someone offers me a boat but it’s a very flimsy boat. It’s almost like a toy boat and it’s inadequate to get to the island. So I give up on that and instead go to a ferry dock. I believe that’s what it was, kind of ferry dock where there’s a ferry going to the island. But when I get to the dock and there’s a lady there which I guess takes the tickets or you pay for it or whatever, and she’s letting other people get on the boat but she says to me, “No. I’m not going to let you get on the boat.” And she just absolutely refuses, and she’s almost angry at me. It’s like there’s kind of a negative energy being expressed towards me by her, and she’s refusing to let me go on the boat to get to the island. And that’s the end of the dream.

ELIAS: And your impression? And your impression how it relates to the other dream?

NUNO: None. I don’t… (Both laugh) I’m totally lost on this one. I mean, with the photographs, I mean I don’t have any ideas on this one.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Now; I would say it does relate to the other dream, in relation to what is in process and that you were leading up to this direction with this pearl energy. And in that, that you don’t need any outside help and you don’t need any outside expression that will allow you to accomplish or do what you want to do. That you can do it yourself, without any other expressions. You don’t need anything other than your own direction of your personal energy. Which that was also why I was asking you if you had created your own personal symbol for it. Because that’s, in a manner of speaking, similar to having your own vehicle.

NUNO: Would you have a suggestion for me on that?

ELIAS: On a symbol?

NUNO: Yes.

ELIAS: (Pause) I would say rather than a vortex – I do understand your draw to that – but that’s somewhat complicated. What about a breeze?

NUNO: A breeze. Yes, I can relate to that.

ELIAS: Very well.

NUNO: Excellent. Thank you for that.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. You can even create a color with it, if you were so choosing, but it’s definitely not necessary.

NUNO: Excellent. And this symbol, if I visualize it when I’m working with that energy, does that enhance it?

ELIAS: No. You don’t have to visualize it. You can simply summon it simply by thinking about it as a breeze. And in that, I would say that that’s enough. It has that strength or that enhancing quality regardless. Therefore it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t have to be stronger or less strong. It’s always consistent. Therefore whatever you need it to be for whatever the subject matter is, that is what it will be.

NUNO: Okay. It’s very simple.

ELIAS: Yes. THAT is one of the wondrous parts of it, is that it IS so simple.

NUNO: Exactly.

Just to change the subject a little bit, I’ve got a question here. You have suggested to us that when we eat cooked vegetables that we add some butter to it. I was wondering, is the purpose of the butter, is it nutritional? Or something else?

ELIAS: No. It’s not a matter of nutritional value, although in a manner of speaking it is, because it unlocks the nutritional value of the vegetable in addition to the heat. But how it does that is, it’s a fat. And in that, it binds to the vegetable and that allows your body to assimilate that more effectively. The human body is actually in this regard somewhat of a paradox because the human body requires fiber, but it can’t actually process fiber alone. But when you bind that to a fat, it can.

NUNO: Okay. So it actually is related to nutritional value, just not the nutritional value of the butter itself. But it releases the nutritional value of the vegetable?

ELIAS: Correct. Yes.

NUNO: So it can’t actually be substituted for something like olive oil?

ELIAS: It can, in certain situations. I would say that it can be substituted for olive oil with raw vegetables although raw vegetables don’t actually allow you the full nutritional value of the vegetable. Because without the heat, it doesn’t unlock that full nutritional value of the vegetable. But with raw vegetables, if you are incorporating something such as olive oil or avocado oil or sunflower oil, these also are fats that can be used with raw vegetables to bind and it does aid the body in processing those also.

What I would say to you is, if you are not using any fat whatsoever with raw vegetables, you’re not actually generating any actual absorption of the nutritional value of those vegetables. Because the human body is not designed, oddly enough, to process that.

NUNO: So how much butter would be required to do that?

ELIAS: It doesn’t require a lot of butter. I would say that a small amount is acceptable. I would say a half to a whole teaspoon. But that also is dependent upon how much of the cooked vegetable you are incorporating. Therefore I would say that a half a teaspoon to a half a cup of, a half a cup to three-quarters of a cup of vegetable, would be plenty. I would say that you wouldn’t need an entire teaspoon of butter in relation to a cup of vegetables, but more than a cup I would say a teaspoon would be adequate.

NUNO: Okay. That’s good information. Thank you.

I’ve been actually putting an emphasis on superfoods since I talked to you about that.

ELIAS: Excellent.

NUNO: And I was just wondering, is there such a thing as overdoing these things?

ELIAS: There is, but your body will definitely let you know if you are overdoing them. Your body will react if you are overdoing. It’s difficult to overdo them, but if you do, if you move in a tremendous extreme with them, I would say that your body will definitely communicate that to you. You’ll likely become nauseous or you will incorporate an excess of gas. Therefore your body will attempt to eliminate, if you move in a direction of extreme and too much. But as I said, it’s difficult to move in a direction of too much.

NUNO: Very well. I haven’t noticed any of those effects and I’ve been eating quite a bit of spinach and avocado and eggs.


NUNO: Yeah. So it’s all been going very well.

ELIAS: Excellent. I would say congratulations, my friend.

NUNO: Thank you. Well, that was a pretty easy piece. (Both laugh) Like I said, like I said before, many of these things I like anyways so it was just a matter of knowing which ones.

ELIAS: That’s helpful, if you like them. I would say that that is the difficulty with some people, is that they don’t like them.

NUNO: I was wondering if you could give us an update on climate change in terms of where we are on the timeline for, shall we say, big events? Maybe even catastrophic events?

ELIAS: I would express to you, my friend, that you’re already creating catastrophic events throughout your world. And in that, other than the things that you term to be natural disasters, which you create quite consistently, you’re not actually moving in a direction of creating more of that. I would say that the things that you’re already creating in relation to water rising and flooding areas that are significantly populated or earthquakes or increased intensity and numbers of hurricanes, I would say in that, it’s simply a matter of looking around you, my friend.

Everything of these natural disasters, which are not so natural anymore, are increasing. In that, your fires are becoming more intense and more frequent. Your floods are becoming more intense and more frequent. I would say that you’re generating hurricanes in areas that they don’t usually occur. Now you’re incorporating hurricanes in the Pacific, which generally speaking until more recently you haven’t created those for quite some time. Not that you haven’t created them ever, but you haven’t been creating them for quite a while. And I would say that’s simply another indicator of all of this in relation to climate change.

And there continues to be a significant amount of people that don’t believe it.

[The timer for the end of the session rings]

And that are in opposition to it. I would say even individuals that interact with myself.

NUNO: Now in those statements you just made, you said that we were creating this. So I understand that we are, but you’ve also expressed in the past that this is irreversible. There is absolutely nothing we can do about it at this point to stop climate change.

ELIAS: Correct. Correct.

NUNO: So if it’s simply a matter that we are creating it, why can’t we not just stop creating it?

ELIAS: You could stop increasing it, in what you’re creating, because you are still doing it. I would say that you can stop that, but that also depends on whether individuals believe that it’s even happening.

NUNO: Right. Okay. Fine. I understand.

All right. Thank you for your information, and it’s been a pleasure speaking to you.

ELIAS: You are tremendously welcome, my friend. And I am exceptionally congratulating you on your use of the pearl. And I will be very much looking forward to our next conversation and more of what you are accomplishing. Well done, my friend!

Until our next meeting, in tremendous, tremendous love to you and great encouragement and support as always, my dear friend, au revoir.

NUNO: Au revoir.

(Elias departs after 58 minutes)

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