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Pearl Energy and Healing


“Pearl Energy and Healing”
“Dragon Signet, Dragon Essence Names and Leaping Lizards”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Jean (Lyla) for Jim (Yarr)

ELIAS: Good morning!

JEAN: Good morning, Elias.

ELIAS: How shall we begin?

JEAN: This is for Jim/Yarr. He says, “Hello, Elias. Thank you. It’s great to connect, and I deeply appreciate you doing this with Jean.

“Number one: I was wondering if you could expand on the catcher signet ability and how I might utilize that skill in this focus.”

ELIAS: How is he defining that?

JEAN: Well, this catcher signet in what you gave him as a signet in “The Fourth Wing” [1] if he was a dragon rider. And he wants to know, is there any way he could apply that ability in THIS focus, or not.

ELIAS: I would say if he altered that. Understand, these are stories.

JEAN: Right. Right.

ELIAS: And the stories apply to other-dimensional focuses, and… and even that, it isn’t a definite focus; it’s an archetype. Therefore, it doesn’t translate precisely into your reality.

Now; I would say that he could generate his own definition of a catcher signet. Therefore in that, let us say… if he were creating his own signet in that, and let’s say hypothetically that the translation of that would be that he’s pulling power to himself or, in a manner of speaking, roping it in to himself, then yes, he could, because he could then pull energy from anything, depending upon what he needed at the time, or what he was doing at the time. And in that, he could use that as his magic and pull energy from any source whatsoever.

JEAN: Wow.

ELIAS: He could pull energy from those mountain lions and generate some significant power, boosting his own.

JEAN: Wow. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

JEAN: And then he says, “The energy ball ability that I became aware of and we recently discussed, I suspect I can use that in conjunction now with pearl energy intent to use it in the manner we talked about. I had the idea to also be manifesting, visualizing and internalizing the ball while using various sound frequencies with tuning forks, and guiding it and running it through my own body and various chakras to cleanse my arteries and rejuvenate organs like the heart, kidneys, liver and prostate. Is this practice affecting, and could you please offer some insight on doing that?

ELIAS: I would say yes, it could be very effective. And I would agree with the method, and in that, as I expressed, you can enhance anything with the pearl energy. Therefore if he is creating his own image for that energy, he can summon that at any time and use it to enhance whatever he’s doing, especially in relation to this physical expression in affecting different aspects of his body.

Now, what I would say in that, though, is it’s important to be specific. It’s important to move in a direction in which he would be doing one thing at a time with that pearl energy enhancing it. Therefore, choose one organ or one action. If you want to be clearing arteries, specifically focus on that – not in general “I want to do this and this and this and this at one time.” One direction at a time: that is the most effective manner to use that pearl energy with.

JEAN: So “one at a time”: Would it be one at a time and then take a break? Or could you do it sequentially in one meditation, so to speak, or should you break? Do you understand what I’m trying to ask?

ELIAS: Yes. I would say break.

JEAN: Take a break.

ELIAS: But he can do that throughout the day. He doesn’t have to wait till another day; he can simply stop momentarily and then begin again with a new intention.

JEAN: Okay. And with his beliefs, you were saying that with using the pearl energy you could do it in one session or several sessions. With him, what would you say would be the best approach, or frequency?

ELIAS: (Pause) I would say that he could generate that once and then be occasionally reinforcing it, or refreshing it, in a manner of speaking, expressing the intention that he wants this to be an ongoing action. Therefore, with that intention, then the subjective awareness will automatically move in that direction. But what I’m saying in relation to that refreshing aspect, the pearl energy doesn’t keep going; therefore he could be, in a manner of speaking, refreshing the process by including the pearl energy again periodically. The subjective awareness will generate that ongoing action but not with the pearl energy; therefore, if he wants to enhance that and use the pearl energy, he would have to do that repeatedly.

JEAN: Okay. And then we’re going on to, “I would like to know more of my dragon focus. The name of my essence expression of a dragon in that focus I believe is Shiwana, and she has a mate whose name is Kanoda. Is that impression worth a point?”

ELIAS: Yes, it is.

JEAN: Oh, my goodness!

ELIAS: Congratulations.

JEAN: And he spells Shiwana S-H-I-W-A-N-A, and the other K-A-N-O-D-A.


JEAN: Wow. Okay.

Then he says, “We have discussed previously about my Leaping Lizards friends and my essence focus connected to them. I am in contact with them and they wish to connect with me, correct?


JEAN: Okay.

ELIAS: And they can do that whenever he chooses.

JEAN: Okay. And he says, “Of my Leaping Lizards friends, which one am I best connected with and the one that is communicating the stories and information they want me to share, and how can I best draw upon them for support and deliver non-distorted information?” So I guess the first question is, “Which one am I best connected with?” and is giving him the story to share.

ELIAS: And his impression?

JEAN: He doesn’t give an impression, but I think he lists a lot of them later on here.

ELIAS: Read the list.

JEAN: Well, if this is the Leaping Lizards: Commando, Quamodo, Daoguan the Seer, Bascous the Little One, Grephya the Chief Scientist –

ELIAS: That one.

JEAN: Grephya or the Chief Scientist. (Elias laughs) And “How to best draw upon them for support and deliver non-distorted information?”

ELIAS: I would say through a combination of meditation and experiential visualizations.

JEAN: Okay. Are the Commando, Quamodo, Daoguan the Seer, Bascous the Little One, Grephya the Chief Scientist, Ski the Navigator, Cahela the Healer, or the Queen Basoulya of Lizarou of the planet Lizerth? (Elias chuckles)

So I guess he’s asking, “Are they of the planet L-I-Z-E-R-T-H?”

ELIAS: Which is not in your dimension.

JEAN: Okay. (Elias laughs) “My impression is that it is with the Queen Basoulya, and she is the one that visited me as a child. Or is it another one?”

ELIAS: That is correct.

JEAN: That visited him as a child.

ELIAS: Yes, that would be correct.

JEAN: And “Are my locations and the planet names correct?”

ELIAS: They are!

JEAN: Wow. “Can you please offer some insight to what dimension they are from and what their galaxy is called?”

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Remember: Dimensions don’t have names. Your dimension doesn’t have a name either; you simply refer to it as the Earth Dimension because you occupy the planet Earth, but that isn’t necessarily a representation of the entire dimension. And I would say that this dimension doesn’t have a name either, but… He wants a name of the galaxy? Very well. Understand that, once again, this would only be the name in relation to their people, and their planet, not in relation to the entire dimension because any other galaxy may call their galaxy something different, just as any other galaxy in YOUR reality may call your galaxy (chuckling) different also.

One moment. (Pause) The galaxy – this is a loose translation – would be TakTae.

JEAN: Can you spell that, please?

ELIAS: And in that, it actually is pronounced with a click in between the syllables – by them. That is how THEY would pronounce it. But a translation of a spelling in your language would be T-A-K-click-T-A-E.

JEAN: Okay. Thank you.

He has a friend called Cindy [Last Name]. Is her essence name Donaya, D-O-N-A-Y-A?

ELIAS: Congratulations.

JEAN: Ahh. Is she Sumafi/Borledim?


JEAN: Is she religious and soft?

ELIAS: Emotional.

JEAN: She’s emotional; okay.

And then he said, “Can Elias say anything else for Yarr that you would want to convey or that he needs to hear?”

ELIAS: (Pause) Focus on contentment. I understand from many years of engaging with him that he automatically moves in the direction of focusing on healing. I’m not expressing not to focus on healing but in a different capacity, in a manner of contentment. Because… he has a tendency to be focused on healing in such intensity that it actually to a degree hinders. Therefore, I understand his enthusiasm and passion, and I would never express any dampening of that, but I would express an encouragement to be focused on contentment in everything that he’s doing. And he’s already expressing considerable playfulness with (chuckling) his other-dimensional friends. (Laughs) Therefore that is excellent, and I would encourage him to continue to do so.

JEAN: Okay. All right. Well, that’s everything that he has.

ELIAS: Very well! And you may express my tremendous, tremendous love and sublime friendship as always. Au revoir!

(Audio excerpt ends after 19 minutes)

[1] Referring to the books “Fourth Wing” and “Iron Flame” by Rebecca Yarro

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