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Qi and Pearl Energy; Bone Density


“Bone Density”
“Qi and Pearl Energy”
“Healing a Knee Injury with Pearl Energy”
“Regenerating Skin with Pearl Energy”
“The Inner Landscape Exercise”
“Changing Perception as a Game”

Saturday, March 9, 2024 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Linda (Ruthanna)

ELIAS: Good morning!

LINDA: Good morning, Elias.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) How shall we begin, my friend?

LINDA: Well (laughs), I have all of these notes scribbled here and I was trying to organize them and come up with a structure, and it seems to elude me. (Both laugh) So I think I’ll… Maybe I can just start out with some things that are happening, and wanting to kind of pull in the topics of regeneration, epigenetics, qigong and some of the new energy stuff. So maybe if I start with something specific that’s happening, we can kind of go off on tangents as you feel is helpful and kind of just go with the flow.

ELIAS: Very well.

LINDA: All right. Well, let’s see. I guess in many ways I’ve been thinking about this session in the context of some disappointing news I got from a bone density test a few weeks ago. I was expecting it to be a validation moment of regeneration, celebrating my progress, and instead I got a report that I have low bone density. It varies in the different places they took the measurements, not osteoporosis like my mom has. And I haven’t met with my doctor yet. We’re meeting in April and he wanted to put off the discussion until then. So I thought well, that gave me time to chat with the dead guy first.

So that was, it was a bit disturbing. It sort of inspired me to revisit and look again at epigenetics and some of the cellular biology stuff that looks at bone healing and regeneration. And it also… I didn’t remember that I had actually bought a qigong session on bones, and I started playing around with that practice again. For it has, it has stimulated some new curiosities and explorations, but I still have that sense of oh, it was disappointing and not what I was wanting.

ELIAS: Very well. And what have you begun?

LINDA: The most immediate thing I started was the qigong for bones, and I realized I had done the session before sometime. The information seemed like it was already in my head. And I sort of – and I’ll tell you in a minute what the pieces are – but I sort of feel like in doing that, that maybe for the first time I feel like I’m really getting qigong, that I’m not doing it in the context of, “Oh, I’ve got to teach this, I need to remember this.” It’s just been more of being in the present and just feeling it for what it is. So I don’t know if that’s a correct assessment or not.

ELIAS: I would agree.

LINDA: Okay. And I had some… It’s… I’ve been curious about Piezoelectricity and healing bones. It’s part of what I’ve connected reiki to, that there is that, with that touch, with that contact, in terms of bone repair and regeneration. The science is that jumping, weight bearing, bouncing, that all of that helps regenerate. I’m not sure it’s regenerate, helps repair bone. And I guess it is, it is regeneration. And it feels like when I’m doing the qigong, I feel this kind of tingly energy or buzzing energy which in qigong, they’re saying that’s qi and that’s energy you’re drawing up from the universe. And it feels like yes, oh I can feel that.

But then when I heard one of the recent sessions on pearl energy, which I had no idea about, then I was wondering well, am I feeling qi? Am I feeling this pearl energy? What is it I’m pulling up from the universe? So maybe my first question would be: what is it I’m actually feeling and experiencing?

ELIAS: I would say what you had assessed was correct, that you’re experiencing that, what you term to be qi.

LINDA: So what is the…? What is the difference between an energy like qi that I’m drawing up from the universe, that runs through my body? I’m assuming it’s the energy that runs through my meridians and even the energy centers. How is that different than this new energy or this energy that we’re newly talking about, pearl energy?

ELIAS: How that is different is (pause) qi energy is not coming from the universe, so to speak, it’s coming from you. It is the connective energy of everything. Therefore it’s you connecting with that connective energy and yourself. Do you understand?

LINDA: So that connective energy within me, or externally as well?

ELIAS: Both, because it’s that interconnectedness. It is that energy that is the combination of you and your energy, and the energy of everything else.

LINDA: Okay.

ELIAS: Therefore that’s that interconnectedness.

LINDA: And so—

ELIAS: But you’re being specific with that interconnectedness, in relation to the connective energy of everything and using that in manners to aid you in whatever it is that you want to be doing.

Now; the pearl energy is different. That is, as I expressed, an energy that is a natural byproduct of consciousness. It’s the energy that is produced from consciousness as an outlet, or I expressed the analogy of an exhaust system. It’s the byproduct that happens from the energy of creating in consciousness. And then there is this outlet energy or this exhaust energy that is a natural byproduct of that. That is the pearl energy.

LINDA: All right. So I’m going to ask a question and then maybe (laughs) I can explain what I mean. So like in qigong we do these flows and they’re, in regard to the bone, they’re mostly water-type flows because in qigong the belief is that the kidneys control the bones or are the master of the bones, something like that. And so it’s this pulling up of energy from the earth, or that’s the visualization anyway, and from the universe, and you’re sending it to your bones through bone breathing and jumping and so forth. And so my body or my consciousness can, it sorts through what energy is available and it’s connecting with this connective life energy we call qi or prana. But is it doing that? Like then is the pearl energy just kind of floating out there as well? How does my body distinguish between those kinds of energy? Does that make sense?

ELIAS: The pearl energy is something that you have to intentionally engage.

LINDA: Okay.

ELIAS: It’s not something that would automatically be engaged by default, let us say. It’s something that you have to intentionally call upon.

LINDA: Okay. And so—


LINDA: Go ahead.

ELIAS: That would be, that would be something different.

Now; in that, with the pearl energy, when you call upon that, then it’s also a matter of using it specifically. In that, having a specific intention that you would be using it with.

LINDA: Okay. And so like with qigong, when I’m doing these practices, say moving to qi for just a minute, so when I’m using that connective energy, is it…? It’s available generally? Or just because the very essence of doing this qigong exercise, I’m automatically connecting to that qi energy?

ELIAS: Repeat.

LINDA: (Laughs) I’m muddling. So, so you say with the pearl energy, we have to have a specific intent to connect and use that. So I’m going back to qi for a minute. Is that also true of qi? Or it’s just such a part of our life force that there’s not that specific intent to use it? It IS there. Does that make—

ELIAS: Correct.

LINDA: Okay. Okay. And so in doing qigong, if I wanted to enhance that practice, say specifically the one I’m doing for bone regeneration and repair, would I merely set the intention verbally or internally that I want to draw upon the pearl energy as well?


LINDA: Okay. I have so many questions, I don’t know where to go. Okay, so… (Both laugh) Okay. All right. Let me just, let me just go back to qigong for a minute and then I’ll come back to the pearl energy. So the sense in qigong is that bone strength repair is linked to the water element and to the kidneys, and we do the water movements and the stands, the standing positions. Would you have any advice for me in using that practice to not just repair, I mean I want to fully regenerate the bone density or structure in my body. Would you have any suggestions for that?

ELIAS: What I would suggest is that you use the qigong for the repair, in how it is translated and how you would be using that. And then use the pearl energy for regeneration.

LINDA: And so use the pearl energy for regeneration outside of qigong?

ELIAS: You can use it with that. You can incorporate them together and therefore the qigong would be doing the repair and the pearl would be doing the regeneration. But yes, you could use them together.

LINDA: Okay. And when I’m doing those practices, beyond just setting the intent that I’m going to do, I’m intending to use the pearl and the qigong distinctly as you’ve said, I don’t have to change my practice in any way to draw upon the pearl energy?

ELIAS: No, other than expressing the intention before you begin your session that you are engaging the pearl energy to be regenerating. Therefore actively involving and summoning that energy for that specific purpose.

LINDA: Okay. Cool. All right, well (laughs) this leads me to another tangent. Last week, I fell. I tripped over something in the garage, fell on my knee that I had the torn meniscus previously and that I continue to work on repairing and regenerating. And it was just really painful for a couple of days, a lot of burning, and I felt like I had potentially injured it again. And you know I always have the doctor’s threat in my head, that if I injure it again I’m going to have a knee replacement, which I’m not going to do, I don’t believe.

But I had just heard maybe fifteen minutes of the pearl energy session that you did, I belief with Tariq. And I decided well, I’m going to sit and do reiki. When I touch, I can concentrate better. And so I thought well, I’m going to sit down and I’m going to do reiki. And I use, I typically use the pink energy center for regeneration and the green energy center for healing. And it was like, I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing but (Elias laughs) I’m setting the intent that I want to combine the pearl energy somehow (laughs). I was just like, okay, I’m going do… And I was doing acupressure and qigong. And the next morning, I woke up and my knee didn’t hurt in any way. The burning was completely gone and the restrictions I had been feeling. So I didn’t know if that was just simply the reiki, the acupressure, the energy center stuff, or did I have a brief moment of actually using the pearl energy?

ELIAS: Yes, you did.

LINDA: Very cool! (Both laugh) I didn’t have a little dragon yet, but that… It just… It was… I was just amazed. I forgot I had even injured my knee, and then it was like, oh wait! (Both laugh)

And so, is that an appropriate use, to continue using the energy centers? I had to back off at one point. Sometimes I kind of overwhelm myself when I get the energy centers, and at least in my head they’re spinning, or in my chest.

ELIAS: And I would say yes, that’s… That’s very appropriate.

LINDA: Okay. Because I get confused sometimes about the importance of, or maybe it’s a question of how important is it that I specify that I’m wanting energy for regenerating, not just healing or repair. Does that make sense?

ELIAS: Yes. It does. And that is an important detail, let us say.

LINDA: And it’s a frustrating one, because I can… With skin, it is so easy to see my skin repairing. I can burn myself and I can tap it, I can do… send pink energy to it or green energy, just send it, and I can heal a burn instantly. If I have a cut, anything on my knee, if I have an age spot I don’t like, I can scratch it and it heals. And it seems to regenerate normal skin. But my skin doesn’t regenerate overall, the structure, the elasticity, all of those things we want skin to regenerate. And it’s frustrating to be able to heal but not to regenerate, if that makes sense.

ELIAS: I understand. Yes. And I would say that I would encourage you to play with the pearl energy with that.

LINDA: Okay. In a specific way?

ELIAS: Simply specifically for regeneration. And not general regeneration, but each time you use it, choose a specific thing that you want to be regenerating.

LINDA: Okay. But it’s okay then that, like maybe throughout the week, because I have these grandiose dreams… I want to regenerate everything. But don’t do it all at once?


LINDA: When I’m doing a session with myself, focus on one specific intent?

ELIAS: Correct.

LINDA: But then it’d be okay if the next day I focused on another? Or does—

ELIAS: Yes. And you can focus on more than one thing in one day.

LINDA: Okay.

ELIAS: But not at the same time.

LINDA: Okay. And I may be remembering this incorrectly. I’ve listened to the full session now. But does that intent continue? Or once I stop that session, the use of that energy stops?

ELIAS: Correct.

LINDA: It stops when I…


LINDA: When I… Okay. So then what it means, I’m dividing the enhancement of that energy over multiple things, so it’s going to take longer than if I just focused on one thing day in and day out?

ELIAS: Mm… No, not necessarily. No. I wouldn’t say that it would necessarily take longer. Because I would say that you might focus on regeneration of something and you are instructing the cells to regenerate and you’re enhancing that instruction with the pearl energy. But then I would say that your subjective awareness has the message to be regenerating that thing.

Now; I would say that occasionally it would likely be beneficial to revisit certain regeneration actions. But it’s not something that you have to do every day the same exercise of regeneration over and over and over and over and over again.

LINDA: Okay. All right. I have some more questions on that, but maybe… This is not going too far off tangent. So let’s talk about this dragon image. (Laughs) It was, it was curious when I guess Tariq brought it up, the dragon holding the pearl imagery, and immediately I had that visual image which for me is not an easy thing to do. And I went scrambling through my oracle cards and realized I’ve been drawing this card, it’s the number twelve and it’s a dragon’s hoard, and it’s just this gorgeous dragon that blue and purple with gossamer wings like a butterfly and he’s holding this orb that’s some kind of jewel. And it was so cool. It was like okay, I have a dragon. I can’t visualize one probably on my own, but I’ve got one. It’s right here. I can see it. I can hold a card. And I guess what would be helpful to know is like how do I…? How do I use that image?

ELIAS: You can use that image by making that your image of that pearl energy. Therefore then anytime you want to use the pearl energy for anything, you simply summon that image.

LINDA: And that… I guess I’m so used to like when I do the energy centers, visualizing the energy, and when I’m doing reiki or touch, I’m visualizing that energy through my body. But with the pearl energy, I can just have that, that image, that. It’s a pleasing image. It’s a powerful image. And I can hold it visually in my head longer than I can hold the inner landscape. But I can’t substitute that for the inner landscape? Or can I?

ELIAS: You can.

LINDA: You know how I like to complicate things. (Both laugh)

ELIAS: You could substitute it for the inner landscape. If the inner landscape is difficult for you to engage, even with all of the different variations of how to do it—

LINDA: (Laughs) I have found that if I’m combining some kind of touch with it, I can start off with the… It’s not an image, it’s usually a feeling like… or a sound, the sound of the ocean, or the feeling and hearing the wind in the trees, it feels like if I engage touch that I can at least hold my concentration. I’m not continuously feeling or hearing that visual, that aural or touch scene. Does that…? Is that working when I do that? At least I can concentrate and do no mind kind of moments.


LINDA: (Laughs) That was very… I was expecting a “Yes, partially.”

ELIAS: No. It is working. It is being successful. I would say that that’s different from using the pearl energy, but all of these methods are successful. If you are doing the inner landscape, however you do it that allows you to be successful using the inner landscape is entirely acceptable.

LINDA: Yeah. I think the—

ELIAS: It’s not, it isn’t an exercise that has to be absolutely done in the same manner for everyone.

LINDA: It feels like the only time I’ve ever experienced it, I’ll say successfully, in the way that, the way you describe it, is when I’ve taken a CBD gummie. That that’s really the only time I’ve experienced the way I hear that other people experience it.

ELIAS: But you don’t have to do it in the manner that other people do it. And in that, it’s a matter of you doing it in a capacity that is successful for you, which is the reason that I have spoken to different individuals about different methods of doing the inner landscape. Some people, it is easier or more effective if they are engaging sense input to do the inner landscape. Therefore they may be doing it by using an actual landscape, taking a walk and looking around at their environment and using their environmental landscape as their inner landscape, and then not manipulating anything or not putting anything into their environment. Because they are actually using their physical environment that they’re walking through, and then in that, noticing everything that’s moving and that becomes their movie.

LINDA: Hm. (Pause) Yeah. I have a lot to play with. (Laughs) Okay. Yeah.

ELIAS: If you are in the woods, you can notice everything that’s moving such as leaves on the trees or birds or squirrels or chipmunks, anything that’s moving in your environment. If you are in a city, you can be noticing trees, vehicles, birds, anything. It doesn’t matter what it is. It’s simply a matter of focusing your attention then not only on the picture of the environment that you are walking through, but then turning your attention to everything that’s moving and simply watching it. That’s all you have to do.

LINDA: Well, I will play with it. (Laughs) I will play with it some more—

ELIAS: Very well.

LINDA: — and get back to you.

ELIAS: Very well.

LINDA: So then if I were going to be doing an exercise with the pearl energy for regeneration or abundance, and I was doing it on a day as an alternative to the inner landscape, what would that practice look like? Or the range of practices look like?

ELIAS: That depends. You can use it in any capacity. But in that, I would say that that’s the point of creating your image, because then that’s a matter of you can summon your image and that is then the image of your pearl energy. It makes it personal to you. And in that, then you can summon that image at any time and for any use.

LINDA: And all I have to do is summon it and set an intent?


LINDA: And so there is no action that has to go with it?


LINDA: Okay. Hm.

ELIAS: I would say that it could be much enhanced if you do that and you are expressing that before a meditation.

LINDA: Okay. Or any kind of energy work?

ELIAS: Yes. Yes.

LINDA: Okay. Okay. Well, cool! That’s something (laughs), that’s something that I will enjoy playing with.

I have a couple of other – they’re always linked – subjects. But I had a focus question, because the dragon brings it up. I have this sense in many ways that I have a dragon focus. I have sense of a mate. When I try to come up with a name, I just feel like I’m forcing – or names, for the mate as well. I feel like I’m just forcing it, that I’m trying too hard. Brenda said she had a sense I had a dragon focus, that the name she thought started with K. I also have this sense that there are, in this dragon focus, there’s some kind that may be the dragon that I have the focus of. There’s some sense of shape-shifting or time-shifting, I’m not sure what it is. Could you give me more information? Like names or why I’m having this sense of shape-shifting?

ELIAS: I would say that the shape-shifting is about a different type of focus.

LINDA: Okay.

ELIAS: That wouldn’t be associated with the dragon.

LINDA: Okay.

ELIAS: Dragons are not shape-shifters.

LINDA: Okay.

ELIAS: But in relation to a name for the dragon, you’re wanting a name of the dragon focus, correct?

LINDA: Yes, the dragon focus of the dragon that’s my focus, and then the mate focus.

ELIAS: And you want a name for each?

LINDA: Yes, if that’s possible.

ELIAS: Very well. One moment. (Pause) The mate’s name is Killian (KILL-ee-an), K-I-L-L-I-A-N.

LINDA: That’s the mate’s name?


LINDA: Oh. Very interesting. (Laughs) Okay. Killian.

ELIAS: The dragon’s name is Kyara (Kee-YAR-ah), K-Y-A-R-A.

LINDA: Oh. Beautiful. Wow. The name Killian really resonates. I’m not sure why. Do…? Am I aware of that essence in other focuses? Killian’s essence.

ELIAS: Yes. Yes.

LINDA: Can you tell me that? Or will I have to figure that out on my own? (Both laugh)

ELIAS: I would definitely encourage you to be investigating.

LINDA: All right. I will investigate. I was hoping to cheat some (laughs), but thank you for the names. (Elias laughs) That is…

ELIAS: You’re welcome.

LINDA: That is helpful. So one of the things I’ve been trying to figure out where to, one of the pieces I’ve been trying to figure out in terms of regeneration and the whole epigenetics that science has come up with, I’m trying to figure out where perception fits. And it’s not in their model, I know, although they do talk about beliefs, at least those that are kind of on the energy medicine dimension of that field. So I’m trying to figure out where perception fits within all of these pieces. And I’m wanting to know if there’s a way I can work with it. Like is there an exercise or a game? Some way that I can experience more, in terms of anything, not just regeneration. How I might experience more this effect of perception that is my projector in creating my reality. Does that make sense, what I’m asking? I’m wanting to see the… I’m wanting to see the connection between projection and my reality, to observe that even in the tiniest way.

ELIAS: In what capacity? That’s a very general question.

LINDA: I know. I’d just be happy, I just want… I’m going to use this language, which is probably (laughs) not what I’m intending, but I want to experience for myself objectively that cause and effect. I want to be able to see that this is my perception, I change it and this is what changes. Can I actually observe that?

ELIAS: Actually yes, you can.

LINDA: So how would I…? I mean, how would I go about doing that? Can I set it up like an experiment? Or a game?

ELIAS: I would say you can experiment with it, in that with anything if you change your perception about something you’re going to change what the reality of that thing is. You do it actually semi-frequently anyway. You simply aren’t necessarily paying attention or even if you are paying attention, you’re not thinking of it in terms of changing your reality as far as parlour tricks go.

LINDA: Right. So could you—

ELIAS: You’re changing your reality through your perception semi-frequently because when you change your perception of something – it doesn’t matter what it is – how you look at something, how you associate with something, what you believe about something, all of those things are expressions of perception. Not opinion, but what you believe about something. About yourself, about some outside source, it doesn’t matter what it is. And in that, when you change that, you change the reality associated with it. But you’re not necessarily looking at those expressions as proofs. They are, but you don’t necessarily look at them in that manner.

Therefore if you’re looking for proofs, then it’s a matter of (pause) looking at something physical in your reality and how you can change your perception about that, and then therefore changing the reality of it. Use your body. You can change your perception about something in your body, and actually change the physical manifestation.

LINDA: Hm. So, like—

ELIAS: I would also say that here is the rub, my friend (Linda laughs), in a manner of speaking, is that if you’re looking for proofs then you’re somewhat setting yourself in a direction for disappointment already. Because if you’re looking for proofs, then you’re already not trusting and you’re already in a direction of something not being enough or not good enough.

LINDA: Yeah. I understand what you’re saying. I guess I was wanting it to be something that was more fun and maybe more of an experiment, so that there wasn’t that weightiness of it.

ELIAS: I would, I would definitely encourage you. You can definitely experiment and you can definitely play with it. Know that magic is inside of you. It’s not something you acquire and it’s not something that you simply do. It’s inside of you. And therefore, because of that, you can definitely experiment in any capacity with any subject and in that, knowing that if you change your perception about something, that the reality about that thing also changes.

LINDA: Huh. (Laughs) I guess I—

ELIAS: I wouldn’t overthink it too much.

LINDA: Yeah, well that’s—

ELIAS: I wouldn’t suggest that you push in that direction, but simply play with it. And in that, you can do it with anything. You could be walking in the woods and you can notice something or look at something, and then change your perception about it and the next time you’re walking in the woods, look for that thing that you changed your perception about.

LINDA: Okay.

ELIAS: Meaning—

LINDA: All right. That sounds fun.

ELIAS: Don’t simply express something such as, “This tree is expressing a grey bark on its trunk and tomorrow I will walk in these woods and the bark will be brown because I’ve changed my perception that all trees have brown bark.” That’s somewhat ridiculous, because you don’t actually believe that. That’s the point with perception. It changes in relation to what you believe.

LINDA: So would it be something like seeing a tree and my perception is that it’s old and dying?

ELIAS: Yes. And then perhaps a week later, you walk past that same tree and you notice that it has a lot of new, young leaves.

LINDA: Okay. Well that should be fun. (Laughs) When you mention that our perceptions are changing on a daily basis, so like when we read something, or whether it’s fiction or fantasy that causes us to imagine something different, or you read something that has new information about our body’s ability to regenerate, then that is changing our perception?

ELIAS: Yes. Yes.

LINDA: And… But is it…? Is it enduring or then does it…?

ELIAS: Generally, no. Yes, until you give yourself some other information that changes your perception again.

LINDA: Yeah. So—

ELIAS: But I would say that yes, it’s lasting until you change your perception again.

LINDA: So like when I went and had the bone density test, I would have said my perception is that my body is regenerating, that it’s regenerating its structure in its bones. And then when I get the test back, it’s like no, my perception is wrong—

ELIAS: Ah, ah, ah, ah! That is incorrect. That didn’t actually express that your perception was entirely wrong. No. If your perception was that you were regenerating and that that is very real and you can feel it and you believe that, the factor that you generated that test with that result doesn’t nullify your perception. Although in that moment, you likely did change your perception to match what the test said, obviously, because you’re disappointed.

LINDA: Right. So then—

ELIAS: What I would say is that having that test result conversely could have been perceived simply as an encouragement for you to step up your action of regeneration. Not that it isn’t working or that it isn’t being successful, but that you might want it to be more successful. In that, this is also an example of what I have expressed many, many times, that people automatically jump to the negative.

LINDA: (Laughs) Yeah.

ELIAS: You automatically express in a negative capacity, when that may not be the reason that you presented that to yourself at all. But you don’t even stop and pause to think, “Why am I presenting this to myself?” You simply have information and you immediately turn in that negative direction and you immediately discount yourself and that many, many, many times is not the reason that you present that type of information to yourself. I would say that in this situation, the reason you presented that to yourself was not because you weren’t being successful but because you weren’t being specific enough. And therefore you weren’t concentrating your energy specifically in certain directions, and that simply means to increase your concentration in certain areas and certain directions.

Sometimes, especially in relation to regeneration, you can become so familiar with the action and idea of regeneration that you begin, even in specific practices, to express generalities. And therefore the effectiveness of what you’re doing in regeneration becomes less, because you’re not being as focused and concentrated in specifics. You move more in those generalities.

[The timer for the end of the session rings]

Even in relation to specific practices, such as specific practices to be regenerating bone density or bone cells. But then you become so accustomed to certain practices that then they slip into those generalities. And in that, you’re simply expressing, “I want to be regenerating bones,” or “bone density” in general. I would say it’s a matter of being specific and looking at what it is that you want to be regenerating: bone cells and blood cells that are passing through those bones that are contributing to that bone density. Therefore the marrow in the bones and the movement of that marrow, and not having that marrow become more and more stationary and therefore actually the less it moves, the more it contributes to the hollowing out of the bones and making them more brittle.

LINDA: Very interesting. Okay. Well (both laugh), it did nudge me to start doing qigong specifically for bones, but I understand the deeper level, the more specific level you just took it to, and I will add that to my practices. That makes sense.

ELIAS: Excellent.

LINDA: I have a lot to work with, as always. (Both laugh) Very well.

ELIAS: And I would definitely be suggesting that you play with that element of perception. I will give you something to play with, with perception: all squirrels are not grey.

LINDA: (Laughs) That’s true. And some of them have white ears (laughs) and some… We have a red-tailed squirrel. But okay, all squirrels are not grey. I will… We have lots of squirrels to play with (laughs) around here. Very cool! Thank you.

ELIAS: There you are.

LINDA: Thank you. Well, it was—

ELIAS: Very well, my friend. I shall greatly be anticipating our next meeting and I will be offering my energy in tremendous support constantly.

LINDA: Thank you. I appreciate that very much.

ELIAS: In dear love and sublime friendship as always, au revoir.

LINDA: Au revoir. Thank you.

(Elias departs after 1 hour 3 minutes)

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