Session 202402251

Pearl Energy


“Pearl Energy: A Direct Byproduct Energy of Consciousness”
“Miracle Magical Energy”
“An Opening Between Dimensions”
“Your Own Personal Genie: Transformative but Practical Energy”
“Using Pearl Energy with the Inner Landscape Exercise”
“Pearl Energy and the Dead”
“Dragon and Pearl Imagery”
“Pearl Energy and Climate Change”
“Your Personal Dragon, Pearl and Fun”

Sunday, February 25, 2024 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Tariq (Jessik)

“I would encourage all of you to be dragons, all of you to be bold and strong and magical. Find your inner magic and then enhance it with that pearl energy.”

ELIAS: Good morning!

TARIQ: Good morning, my friend.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) And how shall we begin?

TARIQ: All right. So as a preferred format for today, I’d like to give you the floor as much as possible. If you can offer unprompted even, regarding anything of value or interest with today’s theme, it is most welcome. So we’ve had a lot of interest in pearl energy recently. It’s a curious timing, with us entering the Year of the Dragon. Quite a few people even contributed to this session. We have an extended session, as you know, to delve into it. So as a general… I guess we want to know what it is, how to use it, different applications. Did you want to speak about that before we go further?

ELIAS: Repeat.

TARIQ: Oh my, did I go too much? How much did you catch? (Both laugh)

ELIAS: I would simply express to you to repeat the gist of what you were expressing. There was some interference.

TARIQ: Okay. Okay. My apologies. I went on a little tangent there. So as a preferred format, you get the floor as much as possible if we can. And today’s theme is pearl energy. We’ve had a lot of interest in it and quite a few people contributed. So did you want to talk about that before we go further?

ELIAS: You can ask your questions.

TARIQ: Okay. Excellent. So quite a few people did contribute and I guess as a general… we wanted to know what it is, how to use it, different applications. And it is a curious timing, with the Year of the Dragon as well. And I’d like to give you the floor to share as much as you like before we get deeper.

ELIAS: I would encourage you first to ask your questions.

TARIQ: Okay.

ELIAS: Because in that, in asking the questions I can offer a considerable amount of information.

TARIQ: Excellent. Okay. Then that is what I will do. So I guess… What is it? If you wanted to expand on that, just that basic question. Or did you want me to go into deeper, like okay… So, sorry. I’ll deviate. Let me relax a little bit. My apologies. (Both laugh) Woo!

Okay. So why is pearl energy so effective in relation to anxiety and not following feelings?

ELIAS: It’s effective in relation to anything and everything, because it is a direct byproduct of consciousness. It is a direct byproduct energy of consciousness. I expressed to some individuals recently in relation to that, using an analogy of a vehicle. You all have vehicles in your reality and in that, they have exhaust systems. Correct?

TARIQ: Mm-hm.

ELIAS: You could perceive this pearl energy as being the exhaust energy of consciousness. It’s something that is automatically expressed as that byproduct. The more energy is used in consciousness, the more pearl energy there is, (slowly) and it can be used for literally anything. Because it is a direct byproduct of consciousness, it is a very powerful energy in itself.

It’s taken some time for it to be looked at and evaluated, and then to recognize what it actually is and in that, recognizing that it IS very powerful. Originally, as I expressed previously, it was thought to be somewhat dangerous because it is so powerful, but at this point there is a clearer recognition and understanding of it and in that, it’s definitely not dangerous.

It’s something that can be used in varying degrees and in that, it’s a matter of I would say what you want to use it for and it’s something that because it is a natural byproduct of consciousness itself, it’s easily accessed. It’s easily manipulated. It’s, in a manner of speaking, the miracle magical energy. (Chuckles)

TARIQ: Okay. So is it more effective than any other energy?

ELIAS: Mmm… That’s somewhat of a tricky question.

TARIQ: I think it’s… Yeah, I almost regret asking.

ELIAS: Because it’s not necessarily more effective than any other energy, but it can be combined with any other energy and make that energy more effective. But I would say that in itself it IS effective, but it’s not necessarily more effective than any other energy.

TARIQ: And I just want to process something you said in your earlier sentence, that it is all of consciousness’ exhaust. Can you elaborate what you mean? So it’ll get more powerful as consciousness expands?

ELIAS: No. It doesn’t necessarily become more powerful. It IS powerful.

TARIQ: I see.

ELIAS: It’s not becoming more powerful as consciousness expands. Consciousness is always expanding. It’s always expanding. Every moment, it is expanding. Therefore this is a natural energy that is expressed in relation to any and every action of consciousness. And expansion or folding in doesn’t matter and it doesn’t necessarily gain strength with either of those actions. It simply is expressed. It’s a simple, natural, automatic byproduct. It doesn’t necessarily become stronger or weaker. It simply is.

TARIQ: And you said it’s the ultimate, magical energy.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) The ultimate MIRACLE MAGICAL energy, because it can be used for anything and it can be combined with any energy. There is no limit to this energy. Meaning that there is nothing that you can’t combine it with. There is nothing that you can’t use it for.

Think of it in this manner: if your physicians were to develop a medication that would cure everything, that would be similar to this energy. It’s not necessarily something that you would look at as a cure-all, but it can enhance anything and it can be used on its own. It doesn’t have to be incorporated or used with some other energy. It can be used on its own.

In that, the possibilities are endless. That’s the reason that it has the name of the pearl energy, because in a manner of speaking, it’s the jewel of consciousness.

TARIQ: I am trying to process this. Holy cow!

ELIAS: (Laughs heartily) Yes. What I would say to you is: in this, it’s also something that you could view as an additive. It’s something that can be used as a starter. It’s something that you could use as a finisher. It’s something you can use in itself. Think of the possibilities.

You could be engaging, let us say, an inner landscape. And in that, you could draw on this pearl energy with the inner landscape and it would enhance it tremendously. Therefore it could be used for whatever you would be using the inner landscape for. And I have expressed that this is an exercise that you can use for almost anything.

TARIQ: Wow. Wow. Okay. (Elias chuckles) I’m not going to leave that point, but I wanted to just get a little bit more of a feel of this. When you said the pearl energy was designed to be used in physical realities, what’s the biggest difference of it? Outside of it being like you said, the exhaust. What do you mean by designed for physical realities?

ELIAS: Not necessarily designed, because it is an exhaust. It’s a byproduct. But I would say that it is something that, in a manner of speaking, you could express that you could design it for physical reality. It is something to be used with physical realities. That in consciousness non-physically, it simply is an exhaust. It doesn’t have much of a function or a use in non-physical expressions of consciousness. It’s simply a byproduct. But in physical realities, its possibilities and its uses are endless.

TARIQ: Oh my god! Okay. Okay. (Both laugh) So is it easier for most people to feel it because of its potency?

ELIAS: Repeat.

TARIQ: Is it easier for people to feel pearl energy because it is more potent? Is that why it’s not a subtle sense?

ELIAS: Its potency has to do with how you use it. But I would say that it’s definitely… It’s definitely a different type of energy. That would be the reason that in physical reality you can feel it, or you can, you would be aware of its presence because it’s different from what you are accustomed to with energy. And when I say that, it’s different from what any beings are accustomed to in any physical reality. Therefore it’s something that can be used in any physical reality, therefore in any dimension. And in that, it’s something that translates through all physical dimensions.

Therefore that’s also a piece, that because it can translate into any physical dimension, any physical reality, that provides you with an opening between dimensions, which there has not been until now. Or rather I could say there has always been, but there was not an awareness of it until more recently, until this millennium in your time.

TARIQ: Mm-hm. Okay, do expand on that. I mean, you can’t just leave that. (Both laugh)

ELIAS: This has been an energy that has always been, just as consciousness has always been. And the factor that consciousness has always been and has always been active, then there has always been this pearl energy. But it wasn’t actually recognized until this millennium.

TARIQ: I see. I was more asking more about the qualities. I mean you said there has never been an energy that can connect dimensions like this. Is that what you were saying? Of course, I’m butchering your language.

ELIAS: No, that would be correct.

TARIQ: That would be correct.

ELIAS: It’s always been present, but it wasn’t recognized.

TARIQ: I see. No, I see.

ELIAS: Therefore in that, there has never been an avenue in which any beings could move back and forth, let us say, between physical dimensions.


ELIAS: The energy in each dimension is different. It’s configured differently. And therefore what has happened on occasion is that beings from one dimension might move into a different dimension, but in doing so they would have to reconfigure their energy entirely or else they would only be able to exist very, very temporarily, very shortly. A being from another dimension that enters into your dimension would likely only be able to exist, without reconfiguring their energy entirely to match the energy in your reality, for approximately one day. And then they would die, because their energy would be too different and would not be able to be sustained.

Now; that is the case also in the reverse, that you as beings in this dimension, in your dimension, could move into a different dimension but unless you reconfigured your energy entirely to match the energy of the dimension you move into, the same outcome would occur. Within approximately the equivalent to one day, you would die.

TARIQ: And this energy will help with that, you’re saying?

ELIAS: This energy would be a transformation in itself. Therefore using this energy, you could actually enter another dimension and this energy could be used as an inter-dimensional space suit.

TARIQ: Oh my god. Okay. Okay.

ELIAS: And in that, then you could actually enter another physical dimension and then also return to your own. That isn’t something that, without that energy that isn’t something that you could actually do. You either move to another dimension momentarily – which you can do, you can engage another dimension for a very brief amount of time and then return to your own – or you move to the other dimension and you never return to this one.

TARIQ: That’s… Okay, this is really, really cool information. I’m going to keep this one in my back pocket because I still wanted to make sure everyone’s questions are in. And I think we… Okay, so I’m going to keep this one in my back pocket. Thank you so much, Elias.

Does pearl energy change based on who is using it?

ELIAS: Of course, because whoever is using it is going to be using it differently. And therefore yes, it is entirely pliable and in that, it changes dependent upon what you’re doing with it.

TARIQ: And does pooling it make it more powerful? Or does it… I mean, you said… Okay. Does pearl energy, if you pool it, are there different qualities or different experiences or benefits?

ELIAS: Correct. And what that does is, it makes it more directed. Therefore it increases the intensity of it. It doesn’t necessarily make it more powerful. You can’t make it more powerful or less powerful, but you can increase the amount of it or decrease the amount of it and that would increase or decrease the intensity of it.

TARIQ: And I just want to confirm something because I know you said it, but you can’t make it more powerful because it already is such a power in itself?

ELIAS: Correct. Correct.

TARIQ: Okay. That’s cool. Are there cautions regarding it that you would share? Of its use, of…?

ELIAS: I would say that the only caution I would express is that humans, in like manner to some other beings, have a tendency to become over-enthusiastic at times and because of that, you can move in a direction of attempting to wield it without knowing what you’re doing. And in that, it won’t harm you but you could be overwhelmed. And what would happen is – and this would be my caveat or my only caution – would be that you can overwhelm yourself and render the energy as ineffective. As I said, it won’t harm you, but you can become overwhelmed and in being overwhelmed you can also render the energy as ineffective.

TARIQ: Just to confirm what you’re just saying, other than overwhelming yourself you can’t… Like the worst you can do is waste it, more or less.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes.

TARIQ: Okay. That’s excellent to know. Is there a lasting effect on the user, like anything that remains on the person?

ELIAS: Not indefinitely, no. It will dissipate. It’s something that (pause) is intended to be used. It’s not something you can store. Therefore if you called on that energy, in a manner of speaking, and you don’t use it, it will simply dissipate.

TARIQ: Okay. That’s actually really good to know.

ELIAS: It’s not going to be expressed indefinitely, and it isn’t something that you can store and use later. And in that, as I expressed, it’s something that you use in the moment and you can call on it at any time. Therefore it would be somewhat pointless TO store it, but you can’t anyway.

TARIQ: So can you expand I guess on its… Let’s go with usage now. You said physical manifestations, physical developments. Can you expand on this? Give examples? Maybe ones that none of us have thought of maybe, or something unique? I imagine transformative is its basis, but go ahead. That’s my last little tidbit.

ELIAS: Yes, but I would say that it can be used very practically. Therefore, think about anything that you might have thought to yourself that you wish you had an avenue to accomplish this action, whatever it may be. Let me say I can use examples that individuals have asked myself about.

How can they move in a direction of learning a musical instrument that they have no knowledge of? And I have expressed that you can tap into another focus and you can use that knowledge to learn a musical instrument that you have no knowledge of. In that, now if you were to tap into that pearl energy or call upon that pearl energy, you could enhance that and quicken it.

Or let us say you wanted to learn how to dance. You could call on that energy and it would enhance your ability.

Let’s say that you want to generate some type of healing, that you are aware that you have some type of dis-ease or condition and you want to generate healing for that. You can call on that pearl energy and it will enhance your ability to do that. That’s the reason I expressed that an excellent example would be to use it in conjunction with the inner landscape. Because you can use the inner landscape for anything. It’s not only for healing. You can use it for learning something. You can use it for regeneration. You can use it for enhancing your eyesight, for moving pigmentation from one area of your body to another. There’s no limit to what you can do with the inner landscape. And therefore, that’s an excellent avenue to use the pearl energy with.

TARIQ: Is intention sufficient? Or are there djinns associated with it? Or does it have a unique manner of expressing itself that makes it different?

ELIAS: Stop! Stop! Repeat.

TARIQ: So I was going to say, is intention enough? Or are there djinns that help express this energy? Or does it have a unique manner of expressing itself that makes it so helpful?

ELIAS: I would say (pause) intention is enough, but you can actually use it in practical application. As an example, I was expressing in relation to a musical instrument. Let us say that you sit down at a piano and you begin to play. And in that, using the pearl energy, it would enhance your ability to play and therefore you would surprise or shock yourself that you could actually play that piano in manners that you didn’t know you could. Or you could read music and understand it when you didn’t know that you could read music.

TARIQ: How is it doing this?

ELIAS: (Laughs) Because it’s enhancing your own energy. Remember: you hold in your body all memory of all of your focuses in your reality. Therefore in that, whatever experiences you’ve had throughout all of your focuses, that energy is available to you. But you don’t know it because generally, objectively you only remember or you only recall the experiences that you’ve had in this present focus. And even that, you don’t necessarily objectively incorporate a complete recall of all of your experiences. You will forget many of them. In that, you don’t have to remember. You don’t have to have an objective recall because that energy connects and binds itself to you, and binds itself to whatever direction of energy you are intending to use. And therefore, in a manner of speaking, it has no limits. It immediately will bind itself to whatever the energy is that’s connected to your intention. Therefore it will search, in a manner of speaking, all of your experiences through all of your focuses.

Let me express to you, my friend, this is the reason that I have expressed that it is a miracle, magical energy. It is the ultimate A.I. (Laughs)

TARIQ: Ah! Please continue.

ELIAS: It has the benefit of being a byproduct of consciousness. Therefore (chuckles) it has the quality of all of consciousness.

TARIQ: Okay. Is it alive when it’s called upon? Meaning is it conscious? Is it self-aware?

ELIAS: It’s… It’s energy. Therefore I would say that yes and no. Because in that, is it self-aware as an energy? Yes. But is it sentient as a being? No, because it’s not a being. It’s an energy.

TARIQ: Mm-hm. Mm-hm. Wow! Holy cow! So it knows everything that consciousness knows, so to speak? Meaning it can bind with anything?

ELIAS: Correct. That’s the reason that it can be used for anything.

TARIQ: And so intention is really what it’s… So whatever my intention is, is what it’s seeking out to then perform? So it is a djinn, so to speak, on its own?

ELIAS: Yes. It’s your own personal genie.

TARIQ: Oh my god! And… Oh my god!

ELIAS: (Laughs) What are the questions that your group have?

TARIQ: Okay. Very well. (Laughs) I’m in overwhelm currently, so I’m just going to read. (Both laugh)

So from Marius, we’ve gone through the basics, how to use it. How does the energy feel? How do you know when you connect with it? What can you expect?

ELIAS: That varies with each individual. I would say that some people might experience it in a manner of vibration. Some people might experience it as a tingling sensation. Some individuals might experience it in relation to sense input, therefore with any one of your senses. Therefore it could be something in your vision. It could be a sound. It could be a scent. It could be something that you experience and feel on your skin, perhaps a variation in temperature. It depends on the individual. Whatever will effectively be noticed by the individual, that’s how it will appear to them.

How do you summon it? That is easy. Everything about (laughs) the pearl energy is easy, actually. How you summon it is basically by intention. And in that, you can summon it through visualizing it. You can—and you can choose. You can assign to it. This is why it’s so easy to access, because you could choose a form or perhaps not even a form. You could assign it a color. You could assign it a musical note. You could assign it a shape or something geometric. It doesn’t matter. You can assign anything to it to be your personal signature for it. And in that, from the moment you assign that to it, ever after – unless you change it – it will come to you in that form. And how do you summon it? You can visualize it. You can think about it until it appears. You can express it in dreams. You can express it through intention with meditation, through visualizations. Anything. Any manner that you choose. You can express it through intention again, with an inner landscape, and there it will be.

Everything about this energy is easy.

TARIQ: Wow. And I guess… I just want to confirm that with another following question from Jennifer. In terms of using pearl energy in a healing capacity, let’s say… You did recommend landscape. Is there another manner of usage that you can recommend?

ELIAS: You can use it in any type of healing. Anything. You can use it in relation to sound, in vibrations, in biofield expressions. You can use it in relation to conventional healing methods. If you are an individual that is comfortable in traditional healing methods with physicians and medications, you can enhance your medications with it.

TARIQ: I’m going to ask a question that I’m sure will vary, but when you’re talking like this it’s making it really sound like a magic, magic thing where… In terms of effectiveness, how often would someone have to engage this exercise? Or how soon will results be visible? I mean, these are obviously speculations but can you give something?

ELIAS: And I would say you are correct. That would vary with different individuals. And in that, it varies on how you’re engaging it and you as an individual. If you’re skeptical and if you are not trusting, then you might have to repeat things to be effective. If you don’t doubt and if you trust yourself, you could engage it once and accomplish what you want. Or it might be a situation in which you have something ongoing, that it isn’t something that you simply want to accomplish once. That you might have something that is an ongoing situation that you want to be enhancing or you want to be generating more ease with. Let us say your job, that you want to move in a direction in which you enjoy it and therefore it becomes easy. That’s something you can employ this energy with.

TARIQ: Okay. This is quite practical. This is so cool. I’ll continue with the questions of Jean-Baptiste. He’s asking: how can we use pearl energy to help us to experience doing both objective and subjective as one? Or merging as one, I believe is his question.

ELIAS: Yes, you can do that because it IS one. It’s simply different sides of the same coin, in a manner of speaking. And therefore in that, because you exist in a reality in which your attention is mainly focused on your objective expression, because your senses are all objective and therefore – meaning your physical senses, not your inner senses – but in that, in physical realities with very, very, very few exceptions. There are a few, but not many. Physical realities are mainly expressed objectively.

TARIQ: But this energy can, I guess, help mediate upwards?

ELIAS: What it does is, or what it can do, what it can do is it can, if the individual is setting an intention such as what was asked, then what the individual might begin to experience is moving the subjective experiences into the objective awareness. Therefore that you could be aware of what you’re doing subjectively, objectively.

TARIQ: Wow. Mm-hm. Mm-hm.

ELIAS: Now; that would be an example of something that you could easily move into overwhelm with.

TARIQ: Right, because it’s too much data and you should incrementally step into something like this?

ELIAS: Correct. That would be something that would be an excellent example of how that energy should be used in small increments, and allow yourself to become familiar with what you’re doing and familiar with the pulling of that subjective information into the objective awareness. That you’re not overwhelming your attention with an onslaught of a tremendous amount of information.

Remember: your subjective awareness is instructing and maintaining your body, every aspect of your body, every cell of your body and beyond. Because your body also holds all memory, all memory in your reality. In that, your physical brain stores all that memory.

TARIQ: So this is one of those elements where you’d say be careful what you wish for, because chances of success are increased with this energy?

ELIAS: Correct.

TARIQ: Okay. (Laughs) I’m trying to process all of this, man. This is the coolest session. (Both laugh)

ELIAS: I would say that’s an excellent example. You’re attempting to process all of this information and this is all objective. How much more so overwhelming would it be to be attempting to process subjective information!

TARIQ: Indeed. That sounds like a crazy ward waiting to happen. (Both laugh) But okay, I get you. Let’s continue on our questions. So Jonathan had a couple as well, where… So, overcoming some not-perfect-enough energies around starting or initiating a YouTube channel. So he gave a list of ways of using it and I’ll list them all and you can say which would be—

ELIAS: Repeat.

TARIQ: So Jonathan asked: can you use pearl energy to overcome not-perfect-enough senses around starting a YouTube channel? Can you use it for addressing unusual changes in his sweat odor? In aiding the recovery of his wrist?

ELIAS: (Pause) The last, definitely yes. The second question, repeat.

TARIQ: “Addressing unusual changes in my sweat’s odor.”

ELIAS: Yes. Definitely. And the first, in relation to the channel, and what would he want to change in relation to that?

TARIQ: If I were to translate his question, I guess he’s probably feeling a sense of not-good-enough and he’s wondering if that could be changed to good-enough (laughs) with this energy?

ELIAS: Yes, but it wouldn’t be about the channel.

TARIQ: Oh, I see. So it’s related to different elements?

ELIAS: Yes. It would be more related to the perception of self and reality, and moving that from not-enough. If something isn’t good enough, then it falls into that category and direction of not-enough.

TARIQ: Right. And this is where you’re recommending the landscape?

ELIAS: That would have to be… And that… I very much understand that the individual might be speaking of the visual quality of the recording or the sound effect or the lighting or the imagery or something that has to do with the video itself, but (chuckles) the video is affected by you. Therefore your energy is affecting the quality of the video. And if you’re already in an expression of not-enough, then you’re going to affect the quality of the video.

TARIQ: Mm-hm. And pearl energy can be helpful in, I suppose…?

ELIAS: Definitely. Definitely.

TARIQ: Excellent.


TARIQ: Excellent. I mean, that’s what I want to confirm. It seems like you said it’s easy. So all the questions, it seems like the same answer of it is possible, be careful how you use it, and intention is a very important factor in all of this.

ELIAS: It is. I would say that you don’t necessarily have to be careful because as I said, it won’t harm you. But you don’t want to move in a direction of being overwhelmed.

Now; even if you move in a direction of being overwhelmed, the energy will stop.

TARIQ: Right. I mean this is—

ELIAS: Or in a manner of speaking, it has its own built-in failsafe.

TARIQ: Oh my goodness!

ELIAS: That it’s not going to continue to overwhelm you or enhance things that will overwhelm you and then harm you. Therefore your psyche is not going to break in relation to the pearl energy. And in that, your physical expression is not going to break because of the pearl energy. It will stop and prevent that from happening, but you can be overwhelmed.

And let me simply express in this manner. Any of you that have ever been overwhelmed in any capacity know that what you usually do when you become overwhelmed is dwell on it. Therefore even though that energy will stop, you likely will keep concentrating on whatever it is that overwhelmed you, for a time. Therefore you’ll do that to yourself. In this, the energy will stop and therefore it won’t keep enhancing that, but there will likely be a residual action of overwhelm because you’ll keep concentrating on it for a time.

TARIQ: Oh, that totally makes sense. Thank you for that actually. That’s very clear. That’s very clear. To continue with KC’s question: when we pool using the pearl energy, can we use that to actually thin the veils? And is that beneficial for us? I think you answered that, that it is definitely something we can do?

ELIAS: Now; what I would say is, in pooling with the pearl energy, what is another tremendous benefit with that is that everyone doesn’t have to be expressing exactly the same. And if you recall, I have given information about pooling energy in the past and I have expressed in being effective with pooling energy NOT using the pearl energy but simply pooling energy, to be effective it’s very important that everyone that’s participating is doing the same thing. They have the same objective. They’re not adding into it their own agendas, but that everyone is precisely expressing in the same direction.

Now; when you include the pearl energy, that’s not necessary because the pearl energy will itself move the energy in that same intention. Therefore what it does is somewhat coalesce the energy into one intention.

TARIQ: Oh wow. It’s that smart? You’re telling me this is some advanced A.I. behavior in an energy? (Both laugh)

ELIAS: Yes. In that, it’s moving that energy in that one objective and that one intention. It’s pulling all the different strands together and coalescing that into one direction. Therefore it would be more effective.

TARIQ: Wow. Okay. That’s really cool. And she continues: Can I personally use the pearl energy to easily contact David (Flynn) or anyone who is deceased?


Now; that’s a different question. And what I would say in that is yes, that can be used to thin those veils.

Now; this is something very different. This is not the same as inter-dimensional expressions and actions. This is moving in a direction of piercing through that veil between living and dead. Which it’s actually not that that veil is so tremendously strong, it’s that you all incorporate such a strong association that it’s impenetrable.

TARIQ: That makes sense. That makes sense.

ELIAS: Now; in that, yes you can use the pearl energy in relation to that. And I am aware that there are many, many, many individuals that would be interested in that.

Now; in relation to the pearl energy with the dead, what I would say is, given the strength of the perceptions of separation that not only people hold, almost all beings hold – even animals, which is evident with the behavior of some animals when one of their own dies. Not all of them, but some – in this, there is a tremendous perception of separation in relation to death.

Now; what I would say is, there are two factors. One is anyone who is a necromancer, which there are exceedingly few of in your reality –

TARIQ: Mm-hm. Mm-hm. So they can find a middle man in that direction..

ELIAS: They are tremendously, tremendously rare, but a necromancer can use this energy tremendously to summon.

TARIQ: Oh, that’s super cool. That’s super cool. Because I know this is probably an expanded topic that I’m sure someone will have a private session—

ELIAS: Therefore that is a tremendous advantage, being able to summon.

Now; the average individual likely cannot use the pearl energy to do that, but they can specifically target someone that is dead. If the individual remembers their death, they will have much more success but even if they don’t remember their death, an individual in physical focus can enhance how they connect with someone that has died by enhancing how that individual is connecting with their image of the other individual. Therefore let me be clear. Let us say Jill has died and Ralph is remaining in physical focus, and Jill does not remember her death. Therefore she’s creating objective imagery that includes the image of Ralph. But she doesn’t know that she’s dead. In that, she’s interacting with the image of Ralph. And in that, Ralph can use the pearl energy to connect with Jill whenever she’s connecting with her image of Ralph.

TARIQ: Oh, that’s clear. That is super clear. I’m going to... So that one is… It’s just the scope is a little bit different than the pearl energy. So I’m going to maintain… I’m going to let that one extend in a private session.

ELIAS: Repeat.

TARIQ: So let’s continue. Jennifer had a super cool question that I just don’t want to forget.

ELIAS: One moment. Let me simply add to that one piece. What that means is, Ralph might randomly have thoughts or feelings of a conversation that Jill is having with his image. Therefore he can be privy to what she’s doing, even though she doesn’t remember her death and she isn’t directly interacting with him. He can be privy to how she’s interacting with his image.

AND there is another piece. I have expressed to different individuals, not many, that if they incorporate an orchid that they can connect their energy with the energy of their loved one who has died. And in that, when they generate actually acquiring a physical orchid and they designate that plant as being connected to that individual, what will happen is that individual will have a matching plant in their objective imagery that they are creating. Therefore when they interact with their orchid non-physically in their objective imagery, the orchid in physical focus will respond to that energy. It will bloom more. It will bloom longer. It will move in different directions, meaning it will lean in different directions. It will be affected by the energy of the individual that has died. Therefore that is a direct connection between the two.

Now; with the pearl energy, that can also be incorporated to enhance that.

TARIQ: Excellent. Excellent. Thank you for that.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. Now you may continue.

TARIQ: Thank you. (Both laugh) So… You know what it is? I haven’t had an extended session. I’m just trying to get everyone’s question in. Sorry about that. I think I was a bit impatient. So a quick question.
Jennifer asks: Elias, is there any correlation between the fact that you enjoy butterflies as a favorite way to send us positive imagery and the – oh my god, I’m going to butcher this – sphenoids, the sphenoid bone that’s sitting at the root of the skull, example of expanded awareness?


TARIQ: Ah! Okay.

ELIAS: I would say to you that I have incorporated a tremendous affinity towards butterflies through most of my physical focuses in your physical reality, and in that, it’s also a creature that is an excellent analogy for so many expressions. That is the reason that I use that so frequently.

TARIQ: Mm. Excellent. All right, I guess I have a couple of funny, I guess curiosities too. So a dragon holding a pearl is a common image found in Chinese art and represents power and wisdom, and also the Year of the Dragon. Can you talk about that?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) I would say that that is excellent. Wisdom is the incorporation of knowledge and how to use it effectively and responsibly, and power is the dragon. And I would say that that is such tremendous imagery now especially in relation to this subject of the pearl energy because in that energy IS precisely that: wisdom. And therefore the image of the dragon holding the pearl is excellent. It is tremendous, and I would say that it’s a wondrous and glorious combination. This is a tremendously powerful being and one that is somewhat inter-dimensional, even though it doesn’t physically exist inter-dimensionally. It only physically exists in one dimension, but there are images of it in many different dimensions. Therefore in a manner of speaking, it IS an inter-dimensional being.

In that, in every dimension that it is imaged in, it is an image of power. And I would add to that that it’s not only a being of power but also it is a being of majestic quality. Therefore I would say that this is a tremendous combination in relation to this particular energy AND in relation to timing, it’s excellent to be combining new knowledge of this energy AND the Year of the Dragon.

TARIQ: Indeed. (Both laugh)

ELIAS: I would say this is tremendous.

TARIQ: It couldn’t have had better timing. I mean the state of the world, I mean the state of the shift, climate change, all things considered, this magical miracle energy you said couldn’t have been more required than now. You know?

ELIAS: I would very much agree.

Now; let me add a reiteration again, simply for clarification. In relation to climate change, the pearl energy won’t and can’t change that.

TARIQ: Right. Of course.

ELIAS: It’s not going to stop it, but it can very much enhance your abilities to move with it and to move in directions that are more efficient in your reality, and therefore accommodate yourselves more effectively in relation to your environment and how you use it. But that also is a matter of it can only be effective in relation to how much each individual is being responsible to themselves.

TARIQ: That’s the question I wanted to ask. Can pearl energy in a manner of speaking help with this? Help with self-awareness in the masses that aren’t paying attention? If an intention… This is more of a speculative question, but…

ELIAS: I would say that it can be helpful and useful in relation to individuals that are giving themselves information in whatever capacity. It doesn’t matter what direction an individual gives themself information or expands themself. Yes, it can be used in relation to that. Whether they actually are entirely aware of it or not, they could simply be as I’ve said, calling on an energy that they give form to or they give an identification to, and that would be enough. But as to the idea that people could pool together a pearl energy to enlighten other people? No.

TARIQ: Right. Right.

ELIAS: Because you don’t make choices for other people.

TARIQ: But I can do that for myself.

ELIAS: You don’t create their reality. Therefore you cannot incorporate a pearl energy to enhance and create more self-awareness for everyone on your planet. It won’t.

TARIQ: No. That was a really silly question on my part, but I, you can for yourself. This energy is—

ELIAS: Yes. You can for yourself and you can for people that might ask for help.

TARIQ: Right. Right. If they’re open, then…

ELIAS: But not for people in general, because you cannot create their reality and you cannot make their choices.

TARIQ: Right. And I guess I… I wanted to continue. Just a couple of quick questions as we’re nearing the end. Now you said it’s an A.I. You can liken it to your personal little A.I. or genie. But when I engaged it, I felt a spaciousness and I almost had a feeling like this could be a remembrance energy. Can you expand on that? Is that something you could… Is that a term you would use with this energy?

ELIAS: Of course you could, because that is expanding your self-awareness. The more self-aware you become, the more aware of who and what you are and what you come from. And therefore yes, of course you can use it in that direction. And I would say that yes, it is very expansive. And think of your traditional ideas of a genie. What is a genie? It’s a djinn. And what is that being? It is a magical being. But how do you generally view or picture that being? As being very large, correct?

TARIQ: Mm-hm. Mm-hm.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Which is simply imagery of expansion.

TARIQ: Hm. Mm-hm. Mm-hm. Oh my goodness. I mean, there is so much to follow up on this but in terms of, I guess the last-minute encouragement inspiration for everyone who’ll be listening or reading this, can you end off with something in regard to this? Any final closing words as we get there? (Chuckles)

ELIAS: I would say as a closing remark, so to speak, what I would say to all of you is: I would encourage all of you to be dragons, all of you to be bold and strong and magical. Find your inner magic and then enhance it with that pearl energy. Know that each one of you has that magical dragon inside of you.

Start with your imagination. It’s a wondrous tool. And in that, I would encourage each of you to choose your own color, not necessarily your essence color or your focus color. Choose your own color and be that dragon, and choose what type of dragon you want to be. And then create your own image of your pearl energy. What shall it be? What does your dragon hold? What’s inside of that pearl? Because each one of you has your own image of what’s inside the pearl. What shall it be that is you and is your pearl energy? Because it all IS very personal and in that, YOU get to choose. As always! You always get to choose. And I have expressed that many, many times to all of you, that this is the wondrousness of what you are and your being is that this is your innate right, is choice. And therefore this is a very fun choice of what you want to image your pearl energy to be.

TARIQ: (Chuckles) Thank you so much for that. That’s very fun.

ELIAS: (Laughs) That’s what it’s meant to be. Fun.

[The timer for the end of the session rings]

TARIQ: And I guess, from the beginning of what you said and how effective is it, can you give some sort of a measure of the difference between using this energy and not using it? And the difference in a percentage that it may offer?

ELIAS: Once again, it depends on how you’re using it and how much you’re using it, but I would say that even in a small measure it would double the enhancement.

TARIQ: (Chuckles) Thank you so much. Sorry. Continue. (Chuckles)

ELIAS: (Laughs) I am tremendously encouraging you, my friend, and I express great appreciation of your enthusiasm. (Both laugh)

TARIQ: Thank you.

ELIAS: I express to all of you that have participated in this conversation tremendous, tremendous encouragement and great enhancement of my energy with all of you.

TARIQ: Thank you.

ELIAS: Have fun and be magical. Until our next meeting, in great, great sublime love to all of you, au revoir.

TARIQ: Au revoir, my friend.

(Elias departs after 1 hour 32 minutes)

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