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Cholesterol Medication and Muscle Mass


“Cholesterol Medication and Muscle Mass”
“Acupuncture and Bruising”
“Time Travel”
“Other Focuses”
“Being More Intentional”

Sunday, February 11, 2024 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Paul (Paneus)

ELIAS: Good morning!

PAUL: Good morning, Elias.

ELIAS: (Laughs) And how are you proceeding, my friend?

PAUL: Oh, I’ve had a pretty interesting week. My birthday was a week ago and I had an impromptu—

ELIAS: Congratulations!

PAUL: Thank you. I had an impromptu, unplanned – well, I shouldn’t say unplanned – it’s I noticed that events conspired to allow me to go paragliding off this mountain, which was fun. (Laughs) Scary as well, but I recognize that I created that opportunity for myself. So, you know, no coincidences. And it kept pointing me, like I have to go do this, I have to go do this, even though I was scared big time, petrified. (Elias laughs) And I’m doing it, so it was a good, a good event. A good milestone for my birthday.

ELIAS: Ah! (Laughs) A new experience.

PAUL: It was. Yeah. It was fun.

Let me run through some easy ones. Did I have a focus as a Greek, ancient Greek leader called Solon?

ELIAS: (Pause) Yes.

PAUL: Oh! Okay. I never thought you were going to say something like that, I thought, “You were his wife,” or “his kid,” or something like that. (Elias laughs)

I wanted to talk about that crestor I’m taking, where I’m at ten milligrams. I, when I was… Well, ten days ago I was visiting my siblings, two weekends ago, and I… I was noticing when I was out at the beach in Florida with them, it seemed like I’ve lost some muscle mass? Was that a direct side effect to the crestor?

ELIAS: (Pause) It’s a contributant.

PAUL: What’s the…? Is it just because of older age, or what?

ELIAS: I would say that your age has something to do with it, but it’s not about aging. It’s about the body changing and in that, most people even when they are exercising, they keep doing the same types of exercises that they’re accustomed to doing and not necessarily taking into account that their body is changing.

PAUL: So you recommend—

ELIAS: Therefore—

PAUL: — recommend doing different exercises then?


PAUL: Okay. Actually, a guy at the gym was telling me about how he alternates weeks, different types of weights that he does. So what’s your thoughts? Should I stay on…? I was thinking about going down, because of that contributing factor you mentioned, going down to five milligrams a day instead of ten. Do you think I’m increasing my risk of other issues, you know, health issues, if I decrease five milligrams a day?

ELIAS: It is possible. I would say that you can experiment for approximately a month and if you are not experiencing any difficulties with the decrease, then it will be a matter of simply also addressing to your exercising in different capacities.

PAUL: Well, let me ask you a question. So the reason why I’m on it is to lower my cholesterol to a healthier level. My doctor was adamant that I go up to ten. You mentioned last year that ten wouldn’t necessarily be bad. Is… Do you think five milligrams a day…? Because I’m perfectly fine going back to five milligrams a day. Am I running a risk of issues with high cholesterol if I go down to five milligrams a day instead of ten?

ELIAS: That’s what I’m expressing to you. If you decrease for a month and you have no manifestation with that, then you can simply continue with that amount and change your exercise routines. But I would express to you to monitor it and evaluate after a month what your levels are. If they increase, then I would say it would be important for you to move back to the ten milligrams, in addition to the exercising. But if it doesn’t change after a month, then all that will be necessary for you to do alter your exercising routines.

PAUL: Okay, I see. But you’re okay if I stay on the ten milligrams too though, right?

ELIAS: Yes. Yes.

PAUL: Mm. I was just thinking, I was thinking that muscle mass was more impacted by the ten milligrams and not just a minor factor. Maybe I’ll stick with the ten milligrams a while (laughs) and just do different weights and stuff like that. Okay.

ELIAS: Very well.

PAUL: Okay. I have a question about, I have a question about acupuncture. I went in, I had my second acupuncture appointment this week. I don’t know about the efficacy of it. I mean (laughs) I didn’t notice any difference in my achilles. It was for my achilles. And the second one, they also gave me a big – what do you call it? – blood bruise or whatever, on my left bicep again. Is the acupuncture that I’m getting truly effective to help my achilles or not?

ELIAS: I would say if you are actually bruising from the acupuncture, then I would suggest you change your individual that is expressing that. Go to a different practitioner. You should not be having any bruising whatsoever from acupuncture. Therefore the acupuncturist is doing something wrong.

PAUL: Yeah. It was just one spot. I mean I obviously had like, you know, twenty spots on me it seemed like and the only bruise was my left bicep, which is the same bruise I got from the first event that I went with him. But the big thing is… Bruising is not the biggest issue. The biggest issue is I didn’t notice any change in my achilles. Now granted there was a two and a half week—

ELIAS: That might require some time. Therefore you might not notice a difference for, I would say – it depends on how frequently you engage the treatment – but I would say that it would be likely that you might not notice a difference until after you’ve engaged three or four visits—

PAUL: And do they have to be—

ELIAS: — and treatments.

PAUL: Do they have to be tied closely together? Like, you know, because I was out of town for a week and he was sick for several days so I had like a ten-day gap between, ten or twelve-day gap between appointments.

ELIAS: That can be a contributant also. Yes, I would say that if you are incorporating consistent treatments once a week, that you likely should see some affectingness by the third or fourth treatment.

PAUL: Oh, okay. Okay. Is it harmful if this guy… This guy’s very nice and he’s been doing it for like sixteen years. I did my homework on the guy. Is it harmful if I, if the guy hits my bicep again and gives me another bruise? Or is that just indicative of him not being a skilled enough practitioner?

ELIAS: Is it harmful? Not necessarily, other than you shouldn’t have a bruise. But I would say that if it happens again – actually, twice is unacceptable – but if you continue to go to this practitioner and if it happens again, I would definitely…

(The connection is broken and is re-established)
(The recording restarts mid-question)

PAUL: What’s her value prop (laughs), what’s the value proposition that she gets by doing these bad actions? I don’t, we don’t, I don’t understand it.

ELIAS: I’ve explained that to you already.

PAUL: Okay. I’ll have to go back and look at past sessions. (Laughs) Is she still connecting with—

ELIAS: I would say, what is she gaining from that? Your attention. It doesn’t matter whether your attention is good or bad.

PAUL: Yeah. I’ve got it.

ELIAS: That’s the reason that I expressed to you to walk away and not give her that attention.

PAUL: Yep. I try to do that. I try to do that. Sometimes I can’t easily do it. Is she still connecting with that essence Kebaa or Haba, whatever it was called?

ELIAS: (Pause) Yes. Not as much, which that’s natural. She is moving to an age that that will likely stop.

PAUL: Okay. And I need to be hands-off as much as possible, right?


PAUL: Okay. Doing power nap meditation, more of a power nap, but I had an intention of tapping into Alexander the Great at the Siwa Temple. Was he wearing a white outfit that had gold embroidery on a collar and the sleeves? I don’t know how to describe it precisely.


PAUL: Huh? Yes?

ELIAS: Yes. Although I would say that the embellishment or the embroidery is gold and red.

PAUL: Oh. I didn’t get the red. I got the gold, but okay.

Did I have a Scythian – I seem to, I believe I’ve had several Scythian focuses in the past. Was one of them a member of the Calvary? This is probably, that they use horses so much, pretty—


PAUL: Yeah. Did I have another one as a Scythian, a Greco-Scythian philosopher by the name of Anarcharsis?

ELIAS: (Pause) Yes.

PAUL: Oh, okay. Nice! (Elias chuckles) Did I have any other notable Scythian focuses that you could share with me? Because it seemed like there’s… When I picked up this book on the Scythians, it seemed to be very… It seemed to trigger some affinity, so I believe I probably had more than two Scythian focuses.

ELIAS: You do, but not necessarily of notoriety.

PAUL: Oh, okay. Okay.

ELIAS: But yes, I would say you do have other focuses.

PAUL: Okay. Hey, I was doing a power nap yesterday and I got a very strong impression of my right arm being firmly tapped, almost like a hit. Who or what hit my right arm? The top of my right arm.

ELIAS: And your impression?

PAUL: Oh. (Elias laughs) (Pause) I was going to say it was not another focus but it was somebody that I currently know that was trying to connect with me, tap into me, or thinking about me.

ELIAS: Correct. (Pause)

PAUL: Was that my niece?

ELIAS: Congratulations!

PAUL: Yeah. Of course, I have multiple nieces, but I’m not sure which one (chuckles) it would be. Let me see. Was that the one that has blonde hair?

ELIAS: Repeat.

PAUL: Was that the niece that has blonde hair?


PAUL: Why was she trying to connect with me?

ELIAS: Not objectively.

PAUL: Oh, it was subjectively?


PAUL: Oh. Interesting. Okay. Interesting. I want to talk about my job for a minute or two. At this stage, unless you tell me differently, I believe my boss is going to hold off on any promotion for me, for different reasons. The company’s not doing well but there’s probably some other reasons for him to delay. Do you think it might be a good opportunity for me to start looking for other job openings? Or maybe ride this one out with the idea maybe I can get on with that Congress person, who’s running for Congress, I should say, as a member of her staff? Any thoughts on that?

ELIAS: Are you dissatisfied with your job?

PAUL: No. No. I mean it’s… We’re going through some difficult times right now and I’m not dissatisfied. It’s not as… I do recognize I go through roughly two-year windows of introducing change in my life, and since I’ve been with the company over two years, I’m very aware that I’m likely going to introduce some type of change in my life, and it might be job-related, it might be something else.

ELIAS: (Pause) I would acknowledge you that you are aware of that pattern. I would also express that the factor that you had that pattern doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to continue it.

PAUL: Right. Okay.

ELIAS: That it’s good that you are recognizing that and therefore you can engage intentional choices, rather than simply moving in a direction of automatic pilot and then having something happen or making something happen that would alter your situation with your job.

PAUL: Yeah. I understand that.

ELIAS: I would say that if you’re not dissatisfied with it, then I would suggest that you move in a direction of being more intentional and therefore not necessarily changing jobs at this point.

PAUL: Okay. I kind of like the… I told you last month about the strategy about staying in this job until that individual that’s running for Congress gets elected, and then getting a full-time position on her staff dealing with climate change and science issues.

ELIAS: I understand.

PAUL: Is she still…? At this point I know she’s—


PAUL: Go ahead.

ELIAS: Have you been in contact with her?

PAUL: Yes. Last week, last Sunday, I sent her a note. She replied to a previous note I had. And I just basically was checking in with her and she was apologizing for being so busy with her fundraising and other activities. And I had sent a follow-up note on Friday, Friday night. She hadn’t responded to it yet. At least… I haven’t checked my Linked-In. I sent her a Linked-In note asking her does she consider, once she’s elected, having a climate change advisor as a member of her full-time staff. So I asked that. I asked her that.

ELIAS: Have you received a response?

PAUL: I haven’t, I haven’t checked yet Elias. I haven’t had a chance this morning yet to check.

ELIAS: Very well.

PAUL: Well let me ask you: is that…? Is she at least amenable at this stage of the game, or…? I understand she’s pretty busy, but is she amenable to that idea?


PAUL: Okay. And you’re still recommending that, continue the maybe once a week or every two weeks connecting with her?


PAUL: Okay. Okay. Just trying to stay front and center with her activities. Okay. Well that’s good to know.

I’ve got just a side question that my… Both my grandkids have had this cough that’s lingered for several weeks, I want to say about a month, and it’s not really getting better. And the school has had it, obviously, and they’re calling it the hundred-day cough. (Laughs) And I’m not sure if it’s going to last a hundred days, but it’s sure lingered a long time. Is there anything to do to help them get over that cough that I should be considering?

ELIAS: (Pause) At this point not actually, because it’s something that THEY are engaging. Therefore, their choice.

PAUL: So just let it run its course and just be as supportive as we can?


PAUL: Okay. I can do that as well. I can do that as well. (Elias laughs)

I have not had a chance to catch up with that lady, that hypnotherapist, because she broke her arm and was not taking any appointments for two weeks and now she’s backed up a little bit. Is that…? Since she did the one session, I noticed a strong dream recall memory. Is that more permanent or is it going to be…? Because I’m wondering. It seemed like the last week or so, it’s not as strong. Does it fade after a while? Do I have to do follow-up hypnotherapy sessions?

ELIAS: Mm. (Pause) That depends. Does it fade? No. But it depends on what you’re doing and in that, your memory of whatever you are connecting to when you engage the hypnotherapy session, that should remain. You shouldn’t lose that, but it depends on what you’re engaging. If you, let us say, want to engage more information, that’s different. But you shouldn’t lose any of the awareness of what you’ve already engaged. That should remain clear.

PAUL: Okay. But you still advocate following up with another session with this hypnotherapist?

ELIAS: It depends on what you want to accomplish.

PAUL: Mm. Okay.

ELIAS: What DO you want to accomplish?

PAUL: I’m good on just bringing in memory recall of dreams and meditations and time travel projections, primarily time travel projections.

ELIAS: And what have you recalled?

PAUL: Well, since I did that session, it seemed like the recall had been better than before. And to me, what I have to challenge myself on, is accepting what my impressions are and not thinking it’s just imagination.


PAUL: Yeah, that’s a—


PAUL: Yeah. Yeah. Hey Elias, I see we’re done for the day, out of my time, so I want to express my undying love and affection for our interactions and great appreciation.

ELIAS: I have tremendous appreciation for you also, my friend, and I would express to you great love and dear friendship as always. Until our next meeting, au revoir.

PAUL: Au revoir.

(Elias departs after 30 minutes)

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