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The Elite and Victim Mode


The Elite and Victim Mode

Wednesday, February 6, 2024

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Anonymous

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

ANON: Ditto! Good morning! (Both laugh)

ELIAS: And how shall we begin, my friend?

ANON: We have only 30 minutes. I have two main topics, and I will start with the first one, which is, believe it or not, the elite. Meaning, I have heard that you talked with people in private sessions about them, but I may not be able to access. I thought I'd give myself a little talk with you directly.

You know, there is this term "conspiracy theorist" or whatever. I try to not be like shutting my eyes but not also not be gullible, or something in between, so I observe things a little bit. And now we have some politicians here in our country of whom I think, "Oh my, oh my! You sound more like a lobbyist than a politician who is there for the people." So it seems to increase for me that there are processes going on that indicate activities of what you could consider elite people. And so I thought, okay, I'll address this with you directly.

It's a little bit the continuation and picking up of everything we have talked about over the years: the persecutors and mirroring and the farmer sessions and feeling exposed and feeling oppressed and finding your own power and don't let anything dictate to you, in a nutshell, so to speak.

The question that I pose to you is: Is there anything in addition to what we talked about? This is one part of the question. The other part is that if there is, of course then tell me.

ELIAS: First of all, clarify what you mean, "Is there anything more?"

ANON: Yeah, that's the other part. You see, when you would have a situation that is so all-encompassing, so much all around you, like for example when it seems that the elite is land grabbing and the elite is controlling the money system in a way that you have no cash anymore but you have only digital money. I've been told that when people live, for example, in China, it's like the elite is doing experiments worldwide and observe how people move towards that. So if you were in a situation, let's say…

[Discussion about phone interference]

ANON: The idea behind my question is, if there would be a situation where the activities and actions of the elite is so hard-pressing on the normal people, like as if it would be a situation as pressing - not specifically the same but as pressing as if, let's say, you have your country occupied by another, or have your country oppressed by another… like Hitler. You see what I mean?

My question in this is, if I would be in such a situation, what I would do is listen to my communications, try to not follow emotional feelings like fear but always listening to my own intuition and move like on a tightrope walk, always fine-tuned to myself. And in this way, no matter what anyone outside is doing, if it's one person or a whole huge group and everything, my approach would be, despite feeling despair at times, looking for the inner guidance, so to speak, and trusting my intuition and things like that. That's how I would move in this situation.

ELIAS: In this situation of being oppressed?

ANON: In a situation of being MASSIVELY oppressed, as if you had no choice and chance left. You see what I mean? Did I get it across, my point?


ANON: Hm. So, this is the question, twofold.

ELIAS: (Pause) I'm not clear in relation to what the question is.

ANON: The question is, that if you are oppressed by a seemingly overpowering group…


ANON: …and the oppression is so extreme that it is almost as if you were imprisoned, because you can't move. They have taken your money or whatever and it feels like “you create your own reality” is just bullshit because you feel like objectively you have no choice. You are as if you were like a slave, and your slave owner is completely oppressing you, is abusing you in any way possible. I mean, this is addressed in the United States at the moment, they are starting to address to that. [1] You know, THAT exposed; THAT level of exposure.

ELIAS: Very well. And the question about that would be?

ANON: The question about this would be, is there anything more than what we have already spoken about on how to address this, from the point of you create your own reality? You can't make war or the slave owner go away if you are chained by chains and whipped and raped and everything. You see? I want to put the situation to the extreme, and then how do you move? Is there anything left that we haven't talked about? Is it now clear?

ELIAS: [Inaudible] how to express that type of situation is there anything other than what I have discussed previously? For the most part, no. There is a tremendous amount of information about any type of situation and the role of perception in that, but I would also remind you that in the type of scenario that you are discussing, or that you are setting forth, it is a scenario in which the people have put themselves in that scenario to begin with.

ANON: Mm-hm.

ELIAS: Which is not difficult to understand, because people do this frequently. People are very frequently placing themselves in situations in which they are victims. And in this, this is the point of much of the information that I offer to people, is to help them to understand what they're doing and to make different choices. And in that, this is a scenario that you are setting forth that is about people that have already placed themselves in that position of being a victim. And generally speaking, with some exceptions – not a lot of exceptions, but some – people that place themselves in these positions of being a victim keep doing it, because as I've expressed many times, you always create more of what you're paying attention to. Therefore, if you're paying attention to and concentrating on BEING a victim, you will create more of that. And in creating more of it, you will likely create more severity of it.

ANON: Yeah. I understand.

ELIAS: Therefore, is it possible for an individual to move themself out of that type of situation? Of course it is. But it requires genuine...

[More interference with phone until connection is reestablished]

ELIAS: Continuing!

ANON: Yes.

ELIAS: Now, as I was expressing, people can move themselves out of these situations, but it does require genuinely paying attention to what they're doing, and recognizing that they have choices. That's the hardest piece for most people, is that when they are in a situation of being a victim, they don't think they have any choices.

ANON: Right! Okay, stop please. If you are in a situation like that, when you said they put themselves in a situation, like in the slavers and slaves scenario, they incarnate already in such a family – you know, to be born as a victim in the slave situation. So, one of the solutions would be to start to – and this is so small, for example – start to appreciate yourself and start to not feel yourself like shit but start to inwardly come out of this victim mentality, in a sense.


ANON: And this is how you would set into motion a chain of events, so to speak, along a long stretch of time, so to speak. But you came from a long chain of events, to end up choosing such an incarnation, so to speak. Correct?


ANON: And what I also thought was, the so-called elite and their activities: this could be, in a sense, interpreted or regarded, so to speak, as a massive collective shadow, you know, of the collective humanity, so to speak, in a sense that it's an old game of "the others are the authority, I am less than, I am the victim to them;" they are the not-integrated aspects of oneself and the whole thing is not in balance, but you can move through this whole process, integrate your own shadow, and the outward imagery of the outer shadow, and all this what I have just described gets less and less and less in your own personal life, and then collectively.


ANON: This is what I thought. Other than yes? Any more words?

ELIAS: I would agree with you. I would express that it's all a matter of perception, my friend, and therefore, it's very individualized, although most people align with expressions of heredity, whether it's physical or otherwise.

ANON: I understand. I understand. But, you know, when I –

ELIAS: Therefore, they align with the ideas that they are stuck in a situation or that they have no choices in relation to a situation. But it also is a matter of perception, because in that also there are always some... [inaudible] that will move in the direction of... [inaudible]

ANON: Sorry, that "movement in the direction," what did you say?

ELIAS: Move in the direction of changing their situation and not accepting that they are simply a victim of it.

ANON: Right. And what I thought is after 20-plus years of journey with your material and my own personal journey, you put emphasis on returning to your natural self, you know?


[Excerpt ends after 19 minutes]

[1] Referring to the 2020 book "Caste" by Isabel Wilkerson, in which she posits that American Blacks are like Indian Dalits – the lowest caste, “untouchables" – using eight definitions of caste-like experiences.

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