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Hypnotherapy for Dream Recall; Foot Care


“Healing a Sinus Infection”
“Accessing Other Focuses”
“Healing Achilles Tendons”
“Hypnotherapy for Dream Recall”
“Foot Care”
“On Not Being Ruffled by Others”

Sunday, January 14, 2024 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Paul (Paneus)

“It’s important for you to not be ruffled by other people and their opinions, and you don’t have to agree with them…it’s important that you hold to your direction and what you believe, but also in addition to not allowing people to ruffle and not …oppose them, but also being able to listen and then see what other people are saying and see what you can like in it… How you can turn it in a different manner, in which you can like it.”

ELIAS: Good morning!

PAUL: Good morning, Elias.

ELIAS: (Laughs) How have you been proceeding, my friend?

PAUL: Well, actually I have a real quick question. I got, about five or six days ago I got a, picked up the sinus infection that’s going around lately, and when I still blow my nose hard I still get that discoloration of like greenish-brown which means it’s still an active infection. Will that dissipate on its own over the next week or so? Or should I consider going in to the doctor to get some type of medicines to get it better?

ELIAS: That would be my suggestion.

PAUL: Going to the doctor?

ELIAS: The reason, the reason that I would suggest that is that can it and would it likely eventually dissipate by itself? Yes, but that could take weeks.

PAUL: Let me ask another question about that. So I have a penicillin that I got from my dentist I never used because my toothache dissipated. Could I take that? Would that be just as good or would it have to be something more?

ELIAS: How much of a supply do you have?

PAUL: I have to look. It’s either… I don’t know. I don’t know how many days. It’s more than three days, I know that.

ELIAS: It would require being more than five days.

PAUL: Okay so if it’s five days, I could just take that?

ELIAS: Between, between six and ten days.

PAUL: Okay. And if I don’t have that much, then I’ll just go see a regular doctor then. Okay.

ELIAS: Very well. But if you do, then yes, that would be sufficient.

PAUL: Mm. Okay. I had a dream—

ELIAS: Also, what I would say to you is that the other point that is important to be aware of is that if you move in a direction of not engaging any type of medication, any type of antibiotic to affect it, not only will it take much longer to dissipate and to move in the direction in which the infection will cure itself or the body will cure it, but also in that time your immune system is depleted and therefore you are susceptible to engage it again, in addition to the original infection.

PAUL: Okay. So if the penicillin—

ELIAS: Therefore—

PAUL: If the penicillin that I have is the standard penicillin, that will work.


PAUL: Okay.

ELIAS: Yes, it will.

PAUL: Okay. Okay. I had a dream about being a British spy around circa 1900. Was that a focus of mine or was that just some type of dream imagery?

ELIAS: Yes, it was.


ELIAS: Yes, it was.

PAUL: And those two Italian women that I met in my dream were part of that agent or spy ring that I was involved with?


PAUL: (Pause) Hm. I had a… I was doing either a power nap or a meditation the other day and I was connecting -- or at least I thought I was connecting – with my Minoan priest. And I got a view of him wearing a leopard-skin shirt, you know, like a throw-over, an incense, a bronze incense tripod burner, a shaved head, and eating the offering meats that were presented for the gods. Was that an accurate connection?


PAUL: Oh nice. For the Minoan Linear A tablet that you and I have talked about before, I think it’s KH11 or something, are my recent notes that I put on a paper in blue ink all correct? There’s like three or four notes on there.

ELIAS: (Pause) Yes.

PAUL: Nice! What did the…? (Elias laughs) One thing I didn’t—

ELIAS: Congratulations.

PAUL: Well thank you. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be. I was struggling with one decipherment and that was the very, very common symbol, the what’s called sacral horns or sacred horns. It ties to the bull, but do they have any specific religious meaning other than just honoring the connection to Poseidon? They had a god that was the forerunner of Poseidon. Did it have any other meaning beyond that?

ELIAS: (Pause) It is also connected to what you think of as underworld. That Poseidon and anything that is associated with the sea also is or has a connection to the underworld.

PAUL: Oh, right. So there was a dual meaning, the recognition of the—


PAUL: Huh?


PAUL: Oh. That’s interesting. I never would have figured that. Underworld. Okay. Interesting.

I went to see an acupuncture guy about my achilles tendons. I didn’t really get much improvement, but he said that you have to go sometimes multiple visits to see some improvement. And I have an appointment scheduled for Tuesday coming up. Is acupuncture beneficial for alleviating some of my achilles discomfort and pain?


PAUL: Is this a good thing, in other words?

ELIAS: I would say that yes, that is accurate that with acupuncture it’s not something that you do once and that it will alleviate it. It is something that requires multiple times.

PAUL: But is this a good… beyond alleviating some of the discomfort, is this a good thing for the general healing of my achilles?


PAUL: Okay. Then I’ll follow through on my appointment. I did—

ELIAS: Excellent.

PAUL: I did, before Christmas or right around Christmas time, I did see a hypnotherapist to improve my memory recall and she wasn’t able to hypnotize me. At least as far as I could tell, I wasn’t hypnotized. What per cent improvement did I get from—

ELIAS: What did she say? Wait. What did she say?

PAUL: She said I went under, but I… It seemed like I was not under.

ELIAS: Ah! But I would disagree, because what were you expecting to feel? Were you thinking the same as you always do?

PAUL: Yes.

ELIAS: Yes. And did you feel, in your terms, normal?

PAUL: Yes.

ELIAS: Yes. And that has nothing to do with whether you were actually hypnotized and whether you actually were engaging that successfully. That this is precisely what I have expressed to so many individuals in relation to hypnosis or regressions even, that that IS what you will feel. You will not feel different. You will seem to be thinking in the same manner that you normally think. You will seem to be feeling in the same manner that you normally feel, and you won’t think that you ARE hypnotized.

Now; how did she direct you?

PAUL: Um… Just by… You mean how would she get me to be hypnotized? She did the, you know, talking back and then hear my voice and you know, like that.

ELIAS: No. What was, what was your objective?

PAUL: Oh. That she was—

ELIAS: What did you want to do?

PAUL: To have better memory recall, whether it be dreams or dream meditation, of the time travel activities. And she used the analogy of this parking lot, and so it’s like when you’re in a parking lot, you take a look at where you’re at, where you’re around, before you leave the parking lot so you know where to find your car. And that analogy seemed to be a good example. You know, you’re dreaming, you look around where you’re at in your situation and it’ll help you recall the events or activities of it.

ELIAS: And while she was speaking with you, did you visualize a parking lot? Were you connecting with that idea of a parking lot? What was your experience?

PAUL: Yes, and then she also wanted me to go back to one of my pasts or one of my time travel activities and I wanted to see Alexander the Great before he died. And then she was asking me to describe the surroundings as part of an exercise as well. So I was seeing the surroundings of Alexander being, you know, unconscious but still alive and his companions, if you will, a short distance away all talking about the situation. I described some of the drapes. They were being hung. Purple drapes were being hung around his bed that he was resting on, and an incense burner that was nearby and some of the columns in the place that he was at. And that was one of the exercises she wanted me to do.

ELIAS: Therefore you (inaudible). Therefore you did it.

PAUL: I guess. Yeah, I mean… So…

ELIAS: I would say if you were even aware of the incense burner, you were actually generating some significant details.

PAUL: So, two things. What percent increase of my memory recall did I achieve from going to see that hypnotherapist? Was it like a ten percent improvement? Fifty percent improvement? Do have a rough thought on that?

ELIAS: I would say (pause) about fifty-five percent. AND what I would also say to you is that’s another action that might require more than once.

PAUL: Oh, I was going to ask. That was my other question. Is it beneficial for me to go again?

ELIAS: That would be, I would say, yes. Because in that, once you engage it more than once, perhaps two or three times, then you will likely begin to see more of that increased recall on your own. But the first time is somewhat of a tricky business because you, as you said, you don’t accept the validity of it because you’re expecting something different. You’re expecting to feel something different. You’re expecting to think something different. And therefore you walk away and discount the experience, when in actuality it was successful.

PAUL: Well, I initially—

ELIAS: But when you move in a direction of having the experience two or three times, then you begin to recognize this is actually what hypnosis is about, and that it simply makes it easier for you to make those connections. Which you did, and you did it in detail.

PAUL: Well good. I will, I will call that hypnotherapist back, the lady. And I actually was able, I found somebody who was actually local and was actually recommended by a friend of mine. So I didn’t have to worry about—

ELIAS: Excellent.

PAUL: Yeah. So… That was nice. So I will—

ELIAS: That’s excellent, my friend. I would be very, very encouraging of you. That’s tremendous.

PAUL: So I will call, or rather I will text her about getting back on her schedule. Because I kind of held off on doing anything else until I could talk to you, because I was curious to see what your appraisal of it was.

ELIAS: I understand. I would say that you were definitely successful and that that is tremendous. Good for you!

PAUL: Well, thank you.

ELIAS: Congratulations.

PAUL: I will… I was thinking… She asked me if I wanted to do any other, you know, topics. And I said well, I don’t know. But so I will go back and just have another session just reinforcing what we did before, about memory recall.

ELIAS: Very well.

PAUL: Speaking of Alexander the Great, he wrote a letter to his mother about secrets told him from the oracle in that western Egypt temple Siwa. But since he died, no one knew what the so-called secrets were. Just out of curiosity, do you have any insight of what he was…? He obviously had something, if he wrote his mother saying that he had secrets from that oracle there.

ELIAS: I would say that would be an excellent thing for you to engage with your hypnotherapist. And you can see it yourself.

PAUL: See it? Or…?

ELIAS: Through his eyes.

PAUL: When you’re, when you’re doing that, so even though I don’t read Greek, I could… I could see him write, writing a letter and understand what he’s writing?

ELIAS: You could. You could.

PAUL: That’s what I was wondering.

Hey, I get occasional cracks in my skin on the bottom of my heel, mostly on my left but sometimes on my right. And when I went to the doctor months back, he gave me stuff that’s kind of an exfoliant because of all the thick skin there. So it just, it makes it less prone to cracking, but I still get it. I put it on for a while and after a while I still get it. Is there some more preventative approach I can take? Like maybe put on, you know—

ELIAS: Absolutely. Absolutely. What I would say to you is yes, you can actually move in a direction if you are caring for your feet properly, in which your feet will not crack and they will be soft like a small child’s. (Paul chuckles) And it’s slightly time-consuming, but it’s a matter of what’s important to you.

You don’t have to do it every day, but I would say that perhaps twice a week, it’s a matter of, in a large bowl or a basin, place hot water into the basin with some type of lotion. Whatever you choose, whatever scent appeals to you. And in that, soak your feet. You can do them one at a time or both together, depending on how large the basin is. And in that, soak your feet for approximately five minutes in hot water.

Then, before taking your feet out of the water, while they’re still in the water, use a pumice stone and scrub the pumice stone over your heels, over the bottoms of your feet, on the sides of your feet. And then take your hand and rub your hand over your skin on the top of your feet and then on the bottom of your feet.

Now; after you do this, the water should be quite filmy. It should be covered in skin cells from your feet.

Now; in that, take your feet out of the water. Rinse them off quickly and then dry them, obviously with a towel. Then rub lotion onto your feet. If you do this twice a week and you create a routine, eventually you can do it only once a week. And in that, your feet will eventually be as soft as a child’s and will not crack.

PAUL: You know I was… (coughs). You said any type of lotion. I have stuff I got in Egypt, oil, eucalyptus and sandalwood combination of oil. Put a couple of drops of that in there, would that be good?

ELIAS: Yes, you could.

PAUL: So instead of a lotion, put that in there and then after I dry my feet after taking them out, could I put on the same type of oil? Or would it have to be a lotion?

ELIAS: I would recommend a lotion instead of an oil when you dry off your feet, because the oil doesn’t absorb in the same capacity and what happens with that is because the oil doesn’t absorb in the same capacity, then if you place socks on your feet or anything on your feet, there will likely still be some type of residual from the oil and that can create fungus.

PAUL: Oh! I did not know that.

ELIAS: Therefore it’s better to be using some type of lotion that will quickly absorb into your feet. It will soften them. It will keep them soft. And in that, it will dry relatively quickly and therefore if you place anything on your feet, socks or shoes or anything that encloses your feet, it won’t create any fungus.

PAUL: Okay. Okay, I have another couple of dream questions.

Back on January, January 3rd, I had imagery of a projection of consciousness and seeing someone like breaking into my house, was carrying stuff away. And I was able to reach out and grab him, even though I wasn’t right physical. And it kind of startled the person, but then he kept doing his thing. And then as I kept, did it again, he started looking around and was like trying to, you know, capture the so-called spirit. But then I was almost becoming physically manifest, and I was thinking that imagery was imagery of eventually moving into physical potentials of my time travel.

ELIAS: Yes. That is the symbology of that. Congratulations!

PAUL: Yeah. Okay. I… I… I thought so.

ELIAS: On both counts. I would say on both counts: that you accurately interpreted the dream AND that you are encouraging yourself in relation to your time traveling.

PAUL: Well, I really wanted to hit that topic hard in the weeks and months ahead.

By the way, on a side note, is that congressional candidate that I’m interested in supporting and being part of her staff, is she still interested in connecting with me and potentially having, talking to me about being on her staff?

ELIAS: (Pause) I would say yes and no. That when she thinks about it or when she is aware of it, yes, but she is considerably distracted and therefore she is not thinking about it much, and that would be the no part.

PAUL: Okay. So then just maybe… Because I sent her a text about my sitting in on a U.N. subcommittee meeting, which I thought was a big thing for her because it’s focused on climate change financing. And I said that would be a good element to improve your branding, that you have somebody on your staff that’s able to do that. And she didn’t respond, so that’s why I was wondering. So just follow up with her? Maybe in X number of days, and send her a note and say hey, just thought about getting together when you have some free time?


PAUL: Okay.


PAUL: I can do that. I will be glad to do that.

I had an interesting dream the other day about working with these landscape contractors to put in new soils in my yard. Not my yard here, but it’s like someplace where I was at. And I was a bit upset over the lack of topsoil they put on the… they put on. And so reluctantly the contractor added a layer of sand, which was spread out evenly. And I did worry about it killing the grass or whatever underneath it, growing through this sand, and that would be smothered. But then he finally put on more layers of soil, and then he also added some type of colored granules, it looked like almost like red-colored. And I felt good about that, what he was doing. And I accepted it as completed, but then this lady who was on my land or whatever was upset that I had agreed to that effort, that she said it wasn’t good enough. I was totally unclear about that imagery, so if you have any insight that would be helpful.

ELIAS: (Pause) Ah. I would say this is about maneuvering around other people’s opinions. I would say that it was imagery in relation to this individual that you are interested in, this candidate. Because in that, if you are engaged with her in any capacity, you’re going to be (pause) involved, let us say, with other people. And it’s important for you to not be ruffled by other people and their opinions, and you don’t have to agree with them. And that it’s important that you hold to your direction and what you believe, but also in addition to not allowing people to ruffle you and not like oppose them, but also being able to listen and then see what other people are saying and see what you can like in it.

PAUL: Oh. I agree with that.

ELIAS: How you can turn it in a different manner, in which you can like it.

PAUL: Okay. Elias, I see we’re out of our time.

As always, I’m always excited about our conversations, and I definitely look forward to some follow-up discussions with you soon. So…

ELIAS: Very well. And so shall I, my friend. And I am expressing tremendous congratulations to you in what you have been accomplishing, and much encouragement and support as you move forward.

PAUL: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: Until our next meeting, in great love and affection to you my dear friend, as always, au revoir.

(Elias departs after 33 minutes)

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