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Finding Our Voices, Expressing Our Choices


“Finding Our Voices, Expressing Our Choices”
“The Experience of Alzheimer’s”

This is your time to shine, to be brilliant, to sparkle. This is your time to express yourselves. The door was opened.

Sunday, November 20, 2016 (Group/Webinar)

Participants: Mary (Michael), Axel (Ricarro), Harlan, Jean (Lyla), John (Rrussell)/Moderator, Julie (Fontine), Karen (Turell), Lexa (Aidan), Lynda (Ruther), Marij (Kammi), Paul (Vollard), Scott (Ashtaria), Val (Atticus), and Wendy (Myiisha).

ELIAS: Good afternoon! This day I shall open the forum to all of you. I am aware that there are many different subjects and actions occurring recently and presently, and a considerable amount of energy that is being expressed in intensities, and therefore I would express to all of you that you have the floor and you may present your questions, whatever is important to you at this present time framework.

HARLAN: Well, I have a question then. My question for you, Elias … well, first of all, I’d like to express my enjoyment in this encounter and my pleasure and thanks in just how much you’ve been aiding me and what a joy and somewhat frightening experience it’s been.

My question has to do with my relationship to Mary. As you know, I had this wonderful experience with the blue shooting star a few nights ago, and I treasure it. And I got the feeling that the tone of the shooting star was mine and that of course you’d helped me out in creating this event. When I crawled into bed early in the morning, I received the message that Mary had something to do with this experience, this event, as well. And I’ve been getting the … It seems like the most important thing for me to do in the past couple of days is to pay attention to my love for myself and for Mary.

And I’ve been aware that I’ve had a question for you, and it’s come to me not as precise as I would like, but basically the question is my connection with Mary. I’m aware it’s very important to me, and are there some things that I could be doing with Mary or with others that will allow me to explore that connection to my greatest benefit? And is there a specific action that could be taken to allow that to blossom?

ELIAS: In what capacity?

HARLAN: I suppose in the capacity of exploring a collaboration and creative expression, and (pause)…

HARLAN: And there’s another aspect involving my relationship to my father and his experience with what’s termed Alzheimer’s, and my impression that he’s had this experience for his own creative purposes and that he holds an intention of wanting to use it to explore creativity and his own capacities, and that I could be of help with him, and (pause)…

ELIAS: Be of help and … ?

HARLAN: And I guess use my own capacities and energy to help him achieve lucidity about his condition, which would allow him to accept himself more, have more of a wholeness and be able to perform using an awareness that comes from honoring of his states and experiences with what’s termed Alzheimer’s.

ELIAS: Now; in that, what is your perception of that direction? Or, what I would inquire of you is what is your idea of what that means in relation to what you want to help him with? But before you answer that, did he ask you for this direction?


ELIAS: Then answer the question as to what your perception is of what that means to be helping him, and what you are wanting to accomplish in that.

HARLAN: I have the hunch that it’s about trying to prove my value through accomplishing with him. But there’s also an acceptance of him that I want as well, and maybe I’m pushing and not accepting him for where he is, and wanting him to be able to do the things that I want him to do instead of maybe what he wants.

ELIAS: Very well, that is a more complete answer. What I would express to you first of all is that he in like manner to any individual that is creating that direction with this type of expression of Alzheimer’s or dementia - in that, he is choosing that. I recognize and acknowledge that for the individuals that are family members and friends or close to an individual that chooses that type of expression, it can be considerably difficult, and it does present significant challenges to those individuals, especially if the individuals incorporate any of their own personal issues in relation to that individual, it can be considerably challenging and difficult.

But the first point to recognize and acknowledge is that this is the other individual’s choice. They are creating that for a reason. You may not understand what their reason is, and they may not objectively have the ability to give you that reason. But that does not mean that they don’t have a reason or a purpose in generating that type of direction, and that also being part of their value fulfillment. I recognize and acknowledge that that can be difficult to understand, and even without understanding, for it is possible you may NOT understand.

But even with that being stated, you don’t have to understand or agree or like an expression to be accepting of it, and to recognize that regardless of your perception of a situation or a direction that another individual is generating, you are not expressing their value fulfillment. And your perception of what they are choosing is based in your guidelines, that you would not necessarily want to engage what they are choosing, but that is YOUR guidelines.

In this, I also acknowledge and am understanding that desire or that want to be helpful and to be expressing that helpfulness with the other individual. What is significantly important for you to understand is what YOU think is helpful is not always helpful to the other individual. It is a matter of recognizing what your guidelines are and then accepting what the other individual is creating, expressing that acceptance of what the other individual is creating, and then, if you want to be helpful, expressing to the other individual that want, that desire to be helpful, and asking them what they perceive would be helpful to them, inquiring of them what they want or what they perceive would be helpful, and then evaluating for yourself whether you are willing to move in those directions.

Let me express to you, this situation is very similar to individuals that create what you would term to be perhaps abusive or addictive choices in relation to substances. You may classify them differently, but those situations are equally difficult for other individuals to accept and to not move in a direction of attempting to alter that or force your help in relation to the individual that is generating those choices.

And in those situations, let me express to you that at times individuals generate such a strong movement in those directions that they themselves perceive that they don’t have choices, that they can’t alter what they are doing, and they don’t perceive that what they are doing is even a choice.

Therefore, it is not entirely different from an individual that is creating dementia or Alzheimer’s, who would also express in that direction that they are not choosing that. But in actuality, they are. You all are. You all are choosing every action that you engage every moment of your existence. Whether you are aware of choosing it or not, it matters not; you are choosing it.

Now, that does not necessarily mean that you enjoy what you choose or that you are comfortable with what you choose. In this, in like manner to those individuals that you would classify as addicts, an individual that is experiencing Alzheimer’s or dementia is generally not comfortable for a significant time framework in which they are creating that. They experience overwhelm, fear, anger, confusion, and in this they are obviously not comfortable throughout the entire time that they are generating that direction.

But - once again, they are choosing it, and they are doing that for their own reasons in relation to their individual value fulfillment, very similar to the individual that you classify as an addict. They are also choosing that in relation to their value fulfillment. And for many individuals, that may be very difficult to grasp, and it may be difficult or even somewhat impossible to understand, because your guidelines are different and because you express to yourself that you would not choose that.

And in addition to that, generally speaking when you are observing and watching an individual experiencing in that type of direction, it is painful to observe them, because naturally you want the other individual to be comfortable, to be satisfied, to be happy, in your terms, because you care about them and you love them, which was part of our discussion in relation to our group interaction in the subject of death. But it applies in many of these situations in which you love an individual, you care about them, and you don’t want them to be uncomfortable, and in that you naturally want to be helpful.

But what is tremendously important for you to remember is that your definition of being helpful and their definition of being helpful may be tremendously different, and what you want for the other individual and what they want for themselves may be tremendously different.

In this, accepting that initial piece that the other individual is choosing to create this manifestation and this direction, then it is important for you to acknowledge to yourself YOUR feelings and YOUR direction with it - that you don’t like it, that it is distressing to you, that it is sad for you or it is painful for you - to genuinely acknowledge for yourself what you are experiencing first of all.

For if you don’t move in that direction, then there are two factors that generally will occur. One is you are likely to allow your feelings to dictate your behavior, which that doesn’t benefit you or anyone else, and the other is that it would likely color your perception and therefore influence you to push and to force your direction onto the other individual, and that is not beneficial to either of you, either. For in that, it is more likely to generate rifts than to generate closeness and what you may term to be or perceive to be meaningful interactions with the other individual while they continue in physical focus. Which, I would venture to say, is likely the most important factor to you, is to be generating connection with this individual while this individual remains in physical focus.

Now; in relation to doing that, it is a matter of inquiring of the other individual, “I want to help. How can I do that? What do you express that would be helpful to yourself? And I am willing to move in that direction or to consider that direction.” And to accept what their response is, even if their response is, “Nothing. There is nothing you can do.” If that be the response, there IS something you do. You can be present and you can listen, and that is much more valuable than you give it credit for being.

Now; beyond that, I would express that it would likely be of significant benefit to yourself to evaluate and examine these ideas that you have in relation to what you wanted to do in association with your father and what he is creating and experiencing. And when I express to explore that and evaluate that, what I am saying to you is not merely explore what your motivation is and looking for some reason within yourself that is deficient or is lacking, but to recognize what your motivation is but also what your desire is.

For in that, you may be presenting to yourself an inspiration, an innovation, to perhaps be helpful in other capacities or with other individuals with similar expressions. If your father expresses to you yes, he wants your help in certain capacities and in agreement with you, if you present ideas to him and he is in agreement with that, then in that you might choose to move forward in exploring how you can actualize that with him. If he doesn’t agree, if he isn’t responsive to you in that capacity, there may be some factor in that in which you might choose to explore some of those ideas anyway, for it might be fulfilling to you to express some of those ideas or explore them and develop them in capacities that you would deem to be helpful to other individuals.

But I also would encourage you to explore those factors that you already mentioned in relation to your own motivation and what is prompting you to move in that direction, for that is important to address to first, and then you can generate more clearly a direction in which you might want to explore different avenues of engaging individuals with this condition, so to speak, or this manifestation, in being helpful to them. It could be a direction that might be satisfying to you. But that is for you to evaluate and decide if that interests you or if that is what you want to engage.

As to the question in relation to your connection with Michael, I would express that yes, you do incorporate a connection with Michael and that you do generate a counterpart action with Michael. It is not a parallel counterpart, but it is definitely a counterpart action.

And in that, I would express that if you want to explore different avenues, that would be a matter of actually engaging Michael and generating questions in that direction, to evaluate whether you would be interactive together or whether you would be moving in your own direction. But you do incorporate a connection.

I acknowledge you that you noticed in relation to the blue star (chuckles), and in that, I express a tremendous acknowledgement to you, my friend, that you are paying attention. And I acknowledge your tremendous compassion and your drive to be expressing in that compassion.



MODERATOR: This is the moderator. So I have a question on behalf of Scott from Burbank with an addendum from Marij in The Netherlands. The question is this: “Myself, and I’m sure many individuals, would like to hear Elias’ impression of the collective energy in response to moving forward with the Donald Trump presidency, and the creation of extremes in divisions across the U.S. and how this relates to our shift in consciousness and the dramatic change of how the government structure might change for our benefit.”

And the next part, addendum from Maastricht, Marij, is add to this, “The energy is felt in the whole world, right? And in many parts of the world they are questioning what is the message that one should get from this event, especially in relation to a country that they ‘look up to,’ quote-unquote, in many ways?”

ELIAS: Very well. I was anticipating this direction. (Chuckles)

Now; let me move in reverse with those questions. As to the world and looking at this one particular country as an example, let me express to you first of all, a significant point to be reinforcing and reassuring most of you is that although this individual has, in your terms, won the election, he did not win the people.

In this, what I would express to you is that more than 80% of that country’s population is not in agreement with this particular direction. Let me express to you that, regardless of what your media is expressing to you, the percentages are based in this: The percentages of the election itself are that 25% of the population voted for this individual; 25%. That is all. That is the actual percentage of the individuals that actually voted for this individual.

Of that 25%, 8% of those voters did not and do not agree with this individual but were influenced to vote for this individual in relation to their disdain for the other candidate. Therefore, in addition to that only 25% that voted for this individual, 8% of that is minused. For they are not in agreement with this individual, and this individual would not have been their choice had they not been perceiving that their only other choice was the other candidate. Which that was not their only other choice, but that was their perception at the time.

Therefore, the number of individuals that do NOT support this particular individual is more than 80% of the country. That is a significant percentage. Therefore, I express that first of all to reassure you that the country on a whole is not delusional, and that the country as a whole did not elect into office an individual that most of the world is confused by.

Now; in addition to that, what I would express to you is how does this move in conjunction with this shift? First, at the time of our group interaction, I expressed that there was a percentage of slightly more than 25% of the population that were moving in the direction of a third wave, which was in the direction of expressing not aligning themselves in the either-or choice and moving in the direction of the significance of the choice of the individual. At that time I expressed that the percentage was slightly more than 25% and rising. At the time of your election, it rose to almost 50%: 49.8%. That is one point that is tremendously significant.

In this, these are individuals that chose not in relation to winning and losing, but chose in relation to self and what was most important to them as individuals. The actual popular vote that was cast between those two individuals was only 51.2%.

In this, what I would express to you is that was one very significant point, is that individuals en masse chose - without being aware of how many others were doing likewise, without objectively knowing how much support they were actually receiving - these individuals chose to move in a direction of the expression of the importance of the individual, not the importance of winning and losing, but the importance of individual choice.

Now; beyond that, what has this done also, in relation to shifting? Beyond placing an emphasis on the importance of the individual, what it has also done in relation to your government, which is now being very STRONGLY addressed to, is your voting system, which is being challenged. Which is also another step in the direction of the significance of the individual, that the concept and the structure of your electoral college is being tremendously questioned and addressed to, and in that, moving in the direction of dispensing with that to, once again, express the significance of the individual and how much every individual’s voice matters.

In addition to that, in recognition of this is what you have accepted thus far - that could change - but thus far, this is what you have accepted as the new figurehead of this particular country.

Now; in that, what I would say to you is this individual is a catalyst. This individual is and has been already significantly creating a voice to division. Not the division itself - the division itself has been in existence for quite some time. The division and the polarization within that country has been being expressed for quite a number of years - in actuality, several generations. In this, that factor is not new, and this individual did not create it. He is merely giving voice to it, and therefore bringing to light, in a considerably spotlighting manner, these divisions that have existed for quite some time and this polarization.

He is also being a catalyst in relation to individuals finding their voice. Regardless of whether you agree with them or not, there are many individuals within this country that are polarized, that feel and perceive themselves to be disenfranchised and that are significantly afraid, that are expressing considerable fear.

(Raising voice) Not all of you that are afraid of him. not all of you that are afraid of Trump. There are a tremendous number of individuals that have found their voice or are finding their voice that supported this individual because they are afraid. They are afraid of the government. These are the individuals that comprise your militias. These are the individuals that MANY individuals look down on, that these are individuals that are perceived to be lower class. But you pride yourselves in that country to not have a class system, but you definitely do.

And in that, there are many, many, many individuals that reside in that country that do perceive themselves to be disenfranchised, that are afraid of the government, that are afraid of law enforcement. And those individuals have the power, in their perception - those in government, those in law enforcement, they have the power. They have the weapons and they have the power. And the people give themselves weapons but perceive themselves to have no power.

And then a boisterous, flamboyant individual appears and is not afraid to express in manners that are not what you presently term to be politically correct. I would not express that they are unpopular, for obviously they are not unpopular. There are many individuals that are feeling and perceiving in very similar manners to what this individual expressed, because they are afraid, and they are in a position of being held in that fear.

Now; do they also have choices? Yes, they do. But, just as I expressed with the previous question, you always have choices. That does not mean you are always aware of them. That does not mean that you know you have choices. Individuals are victims because they don’t perceive that they have any choices. And there are many individuals that perceive themselves to be in that role of being victims.

This individual is a figurehead. This individual is a catalyst that is generating a spotlight on subjects that individuals en masse don’t want to look at and don’t want to discuss and that are very polarized, and that individuals are divided in the direction of either-or. You agree or you disagree, you are right or you are wrong, and this individual has shown a spotlight on those divisions.

I am not expressing agreement or disagreement. I do not advocate or dismiss this individual. These are your choices. But as to what is his role in this shift and what is occurring now in relation to what you have chosen – and let me express to you, even those of you that did not choose HIM, you are continuing to participate in this shift. Therefore, you do continue to have choices. You are not helpless. You are not victims. You have choices, and you have voices.

In this, what I would say to you is many of these subjects that now many more of you are afraid of, that you are afraid may be being threatened, what I would say to you is first of all never allow fear to dictate to you. Move forward. Be empowered, not disempowered by fear. Recognize that everything that this individual has shown a spotlight on is an opportunity for each and every individual - in EVERY country, not merely that one - in EVERY country, to genuinely address to, to recognize all of this polarization, to stop ignoring it, to stop turning away from it and hoping that it dissipates by itself, and to begin to implement those actions of acceptance of difference, rather than being threatened by difference. Which is what you are doing; you are being threatened by difference.

And in relation to how does this apply to the shift, this is your opportunity to move forward, to express that acceptance of difference, and in the acceptance of difference to also honor yourselves in what is important to you. Accepting difference does not mean agreement - you don’t have to agree to be accepting. And if you don’t agree, then you have a responsibility to yourself to honor yourself in what you don’t agree with and to express in your direction.

It is not about winning and losing. It is about each of you as individuals moving forward, expressing yourselves in your own individual freedom. Freedom, and what is important to you, and what is significant.

And in that, not allowing your FEELINGS - not your emotions, but your feelings - to dictate your behavior, and not allowing your media to be your source of information. Your media is biased. It is not impartial; it is not neutral; It is tremendously biased. But you allow that to dictate to you by allowing it to be your source of information. This should not be your source of information. You should be your source of information.

Action. Intuition. Involvement. Interconnection. How are you interconnected if you are hating? How are you moving in a direction to advance if you are opposing?

This is your time to shine, to be brilliant, to sparkle! This is your time to express yourselves. The door was opened. If the door was opened to the disenfranchised to express themselves in all of their fear, the door is open to everyone.

And it is not only one country. It is every country. For whatever the issues are in one country, they are with the world. Every country in the world has their differences, has their polarizations, has their oppositions and their conflicts.

Let me express to you, I have expressed to all of you previously that in relation to religion, Muslim religion is the largest configuration of what you would term to be an organized religion in your world. It incorporates more members than any other religion in your world. And knowing that - how many individuals, how many masses of individuals share that commonality - and what is the perception of so many other individuals in every other country in the world about that one philosophy and the individuals that follow it? Fear and opposition; fear and opposition.

They are people. They are humans, the same as yourselves, with the same challenges as yourselves. And in that, they incorporate their faith, as do you. Your faith you place in essence. Their faith they place in Allah. It is no different.

In this, it is your opportunity to shine and to be brilliant and to express the commonalities, the similarities, rather than focus on the differences and what you don’t want, but to be expressing what you DO want and what is important - not what you think is important because of the constructs that have been expressed generation after generation after generation, but because of actual value.

Remember what we discussed about preciousness, gold and silver, diamonds and precious stones. And why are they precious? Because you have to dig for them and because they sparkle. They are beautiful. You like them. In themselves, are they valuable? They are no more valuable than any other manifestation. If you brought a barrelful of diamonds and rubies and gold to another planet, would they perceive them to be so precious and valuable? Likely not. You view them to be valuable, but in actuality how valuable are they?

This is a metaphor for what I am expressing. You view certain expressions, (speaking louder) such as this situation with your elections and your new president-to-be, as being so important. How is that individually personally affecting your life and your activity every day in this present now? Is this individual in your home? Eating your food? Using your devices? Petting your dog? Sleeping with your cat? Likely not. Therefore, how is this individual personally affecting you?

Your answer to that will likely be, “It is affecting me because he says this and this and this, and he is threatening this and this and this in my reality. Those things are important to me.” I am not expressing that they hold NO importance, but HOW important are they to you?

Are you fifteen years of age or are you twenty-three years of age, and are you a female individual in this present now, listening to myself, and are you planning on becoming pregnant and planning on terminating that pregnancy? If not, then this is not actually personally affecting or impacting you. Therefore, you are creating an importance in relation to something that does not necessarily warrant the type of importance that you are giving to it.

And it you are a fifteen-year-of-age female or a twenty-three-year-of-age female that is planning on becoming pregnant and planning on terminating that pregnancy, or if you are presently pregnant, you have no concern, for you are legally allowed to terminate that pregnancy at this point. And those of you that are planning on engaging that type of expression futurely, what I would express to you is you are not doing it now. And if it is important to you, if you are absolutely planning to follow through with that plan, then raise your voice. Then express that it is important to you, and generate action in that direction. And you have plenty of other individuals that are supportive of that and that agree with you.

But for all of you that are not planning on becoming pregnant and then planning on terminating that pregnancy, this is not a concern; you are not engaging that. Yes, you can ideally incorporate these expressions, these ideals. And you can agree with subjects or disagree with them. And if they are tremendously important to you, then raise your voice, then implement action. There are a tremendous number of other individuals that agree with you and that will support you.

Are immigrant individuals storming your house today? And overrunning you and knocking down your door to possess your home? Likely not. In that, how is that tremendously affecting of you?

Is your job being threatened by an illegal alien? And if it is, I would be suggesting that you be looking for spaceships, aliens. In this, it is likely that your job is not being threatened by undocumented workers, let alone illegal aliens. And if it is, what are you doing? Who is creating your reality? One man with blond hair that is very blustery in New York? He is not even in Washington yet. Is this one man creating your reality, or are you?

How is this affecting in relation to this shift? It is affecting tremendously. It is brilliantly moving you forward in an exciting manner. It is waking you up. It is presenting choice. It is prompting you to act and to find your voice and to evaluate what is genuinely important.

Do you have to agree with this individual? No. Do you even have to respect this individual? Of course not. But what will you do? For THAT is what you have presented yourself with. Not a choice that you are victim to and now you must muddle through four years, waiting for the next choice. No, you have choices now. And this is the presentment of them.

This individual is the embodiment of either what you hate or what you love. And in either direction, it is a catalyst to spur you to express yourself and to move in your own choices.

And let me express to you, I am aware that in recent time framework many individuals have moved in an expression of likening this particular individual of Trump to that of Adolf Hitler. Let me express to you, that is tremendously incorrect. Why? Because throughout your world, you haven’t forgotten. You have kept those stories alive. And in that, you have been vigilant and alert.

And I would express that 80-plus percent of that voting country expressing their discontent or disagreement with this individual is a considerable number and not lambs being led to the slaughter. This individual does not incorporate the power that that individual was given. That individual was given that power. Millions of individuals gave up, sacrificed their power and gave it to that individual and his machine. You are not doing that. And it is very likely that you won’t do it. Therefore, that is a very incorrect assessment or comparison to generate in relation to this individual. I would express that the only similarity between these two individuals is that they were both loud.

Therefore, what I would say to all of you in the midst of what you perceive to be despair: be empowered. Be intentional. Move forward. Express yourselves. Be emboldened, and be shifting.

KAREN: Elias, I wanted to ask you a question. This is Turell. In regards to the shift and this global situation right now with Donald Trump, one of the things Lyla and I were talking about the other night was a session that you had with Ashrah a number of years back where she expressed that she took some of your energy and basically put it inside her. And you said something very tantalizing during that session, which was basically we all can do that with everyone else’s energies; it’s just a matter of how open we are and how creative we are in using this interconnectedness. And I was hoping you could talk a little bit about how to actually creatively use your energy, other essences’ energies that are assisting with the shift, how we as individuals can creatively basically take your energy and utilize it.

ELIAS: I would express what would be more creative would be for you to merge with these individuals, such as the individuals that supported this individual of Trump or even he himself, and in merging with that energy, combining it with your own and infusing it with a very different type of power. THAT would be tremendous.

For, as I expressed, fear is what disempowers. If you can move in a direction of dissipating fear and encouraging empowerment, then you embolden EVERYONE, and differences become much less significant, for that is what creates the tremendous expression of division, is the fear of differences. That is what makes them powerful, is that there is fear behind them. If there is no fear, then the differences are not as significant and not as powerful, and in that, more easily addressed to and moved in more of an expression of cooperation and interconnectedness.

How do you do that? You allow yourself to use that empathic sense. Pull it out, dust it off, polish it and use it. Use that empathic sense that every one of you incorporates, and allow yourself to merge and flow with other energies. You can do it with my energy, you can do it with any energy.

And in that, it is merely a matter of maintaining it. You can pull that energy to you whenever you are so choosing; it is always available, and there is no boundary. There is no wall, no fence, no gate. It is free for the taking. And in that, it is merely a matter of generating that mergence and that assimilation.
The difference is knowing it and using it. You actually do this quite frequently; you merely are not paying attention to it, and therefore you are not necessarily objectively aware. And even if you are objectively aware, you don’t necessarily know what to do with it.

In that, it is merely a matter of using it, using that energy to enhance what is important, which is that interconnectedness and moving forward, and the empowerment of the individual.

Let me express to you, my friends, for all of this one individual’s bluster, this individual of Mr. Donald Trump, he incorporates fear also, and is intimidated by authority in the same manner that many individuals are. Therefore, he genuinely is an embodiment of these divisions and these expressions that are incorporated in your world presently.

In that, rather than moving in any direction of opposition, I would express that it would be so much more effective and creative and empowering to move in a direction of encouragement and cooperation in that interconnectedness and anything else.

KAREN: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. And I will express to each and every one of you that you may freely incorporate any piece of my energy that you are so choosing, and I will offer it to you, all of you. And I will even visit you in your dreams and give it to you. (Laughs)

MODERATOR: So we have about fifteen minutes left. This is the moderator. So if somebody wants to jump in with a question, please feel free. (Pause)

MARIJ: Hi Elias. This is Kammi. I didn’t think I wanted to ask a question anymore after hearing what you all said, but I do have a personal question. You confirmed by Lynda that I was an LP and dispersed and political and Sumafi/Sumafi, so now I really wonder how I as a person – and I know that many persons, individuals may ask the same – how I can be placed in a position that I can contribute best to the move, shift, in a way that’s also beneficial to me, but to the shift in particular?

ELIAS: I would express to you, my dear friend, whatever you do that you genuinely enjoy and that you express with ease is generating a significant contribution to the shift. Anything that you do that generates that comfortable and encouraging energy is tremendous.

I would express to you, look in any direction and look at any individual that is generating something harmful. We have been discussing through this time framework this one individual of Mr. Trump. Now; this is one individual, and observe how much he is rippling. Every one of you ripples equally as strong.

You may not see it objectively in the same manner, but you are doing it just as strong. And in that, if what you genuinely enjoy and revel in is to lie in a room with a small child or one of your animal companions and relish the comfort and the sweetness of your affection, do it. That ripples so strongly. You think you are alone in your room and no one knows what you are doing, and no one sees that you are reveling in this moment. But that ripples so strongly. Individuals throughout your world feel it.

I would express to you (chuckles), many, many, many, many of you incorporate the idea that people, humans, and even animals generate more extreme behavior when there is a full moon, and (volume rising) you actually do it to the extent that you can actually document that! Do you realize that that was planted as a suggestion and that humans throughout your entire world have accepted that suggestion and responded to it, to the point in which in masses when there is a full moon, individuals generate different behaviors? Not because the moon is generating any physical, emotional, mental or spiritual effect on millions and millions and millions of individuals; not that the lunar pull in relation to your atmosphere and your earth is causing millions of individuals and even creatures to generate different behaviors when the moon is full. No. YOU do that in response to a suggestion. And you project that energy so strongly and en masse that you affect your creatures and THEY respond!

(Quieter) Let me express to you, you have evidence of the power of how much you ripple all around you, and you continue to insist that you have no effect or that you are insignificant. I would express each and every one of you is very significant and important and valuable, much more so than you give yourselves credit for.

Therefore, if you want to aid in this shift, my suggestion to you is do whatever it is that you genuinely enjoy, whether that be connecting with other individuals and sharing information, or petting your cat or whistling with your bird. It matters not. Whatever is important to you and whatever you enjoy engaging, genuinely, that is your greatest contribution and your greatest gift in relation to this shift – (forcefully) other than being present.

I would express that if each and every one of you practiced that action of being present more, you would not have any of these concerns. You would not be concerned with who is your figurehead as a president or what directions your country was moving in, for your country would be moving together. You would not have concerns about refugees and the world and terrorists, for you would not be BEING terrorists and you would not have refugees. You would not be concerned in relation to starving children, for there would not BE starving children if you all, one by one, would move in the direction, more and more, of being present.

THAT is your answer. THAT is what will accomplish all of it. If you want the secret to life and the secret to your universe, that is it: be present. That, my friend, is the most empowering piece of information that I can ever impart to you.
MARIJ: I love your answer. Thank you, Elias.

LYNDA: Me too, Marij!

ELIAS: (Chuckles) You are very welcome. (Pause)

MODERATOR: We do actually have 120 seconds left, if somebody wants to throw in something last minute or if – I don’t know if, Elias, you want to summarize or whatever. But we do have a couple of minutes. (Pause)

ELIAS: What I would express to all of you is a genuine and wondrous encouragement. You are such glorious beings. (Forceful whisper) Don’t cover yourselves with mud. Be those shining, brilliant beacons that you are. You have so much to explore. Don’t bog yourselves in the mire. Reach for the stars. They are within your grasp. Move in this direction rather than wallowing in the mud.

And I would express to all of you a WONDROUS lovingness and a tremendous appreciation that is beyond your imagination. You are glorious beings; be that. (Chuckles)

Until our next meeting, in wondrous lovingness and in tremendous affection and encouragement to each of you, au revoir.

GROUP: Thank you. Au revoir!

(Elias departs after 1 hour 33 minutes.)

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