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How Not to Feel Overwhelmed: Address the Components


“How Not to Feel Overwhelmed: Address the Components”
“Allergies May Be Symbolic Reactions”
“The Unique Property of Malachite”
“Stop Trying, and Merely Be”

Wednesday, December 12, 2012 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Jean-Baptiste (Araili) and Eric (Yuki)

[Note: This transcript was prepared from a preliminary draft without having the audio as a reference.]

“You will discover not what to do but what you want to do, what you want to engage when you allow yourself to merely naturally BE yourself. That is the most important factor. And when you allow yourself to stop pressuring yourself, and recognize your natural flow, and allow yourself to BE that, rather than pushing yourself in different directions or incorporating expectations and time frameworks in which you must accomplish, you will discover that you will flow much more easily, and that whatever is so very urgent actually matters not.”

ELIAS: Good evening!

JIB: Good morning to you.

ELIAS: (Laughs) And what shall we discuss, my friends?

JIB: I wanted to discuss about my health, communication with body consciousness and how to encourage or how to manifest a natural state of being.

ELIAS: Very well. How shall we begin?

JIB: First, about what's happening to me since beginning of October. I've been having weird symptoms, like in October it was the impression that there was some liquid filling in my belly, and I had a rough one whole week with every night these feelings and the belly really moving and swelling as if it was filled with liquid. But I did some echography and medical examinations, and there was nothing, actually. And then, like on November 16th, after having eaten some Mexican food with spices – spicy food – I had a very intense burning feeling in my body. It was my stomach which was burning and hurting, and then my whole digestive system went berserk too, and it's still continuing. It subsided a little last week, but it began again on Sunday.

Actually, from the beginning of what happened I wondered if it's connected to some kind of decision I made at that time, which I describe as releasing the stuck energy I had in my body from my childhood when I was kind of hating myself and wanting to destroy my body, and all kind of stuff like that.

So that's the first question. Is it connected to my intention to release all of that energy from my body?

ELIAS: Yes. But I would also put forth the question: Generally speaking, what type of food are you intaking, are you consuming?

JIB: I don't really like spicy food, so I tend to avoid it, like hot-spicy.

ELIAS: Other than spicy...

JIB: I drink a lot of tea.

ELIAS: Other than spicy, what other type of food are you generally consuming more consistently?

JIB: I used to eat lots of biscuits and wheat, like pasta or bread and cookies, stuff like that.

ELIAS: Very well, and do you consume dairy products?

JIB: I used to when I was younger drink a lot of milk, but since I met Eric I stopped that because he doesn't like it, and so I changed that habit of drinking milk by drinking tea.

ELIAS: Very well, and what of products such as cheese?

JIB: I eat some, but not too much. I eat a lot of mozzarella, though.

ELIAS: Very well.

First of all, what I would express to you is that what you were expressing in relation to your feelings and your attitude in relation to yourself, and your judgement with yourself, yes, that does play a factor. But what is significant is that you are, in a manner of speaking, turning that energy in opposition to your body consciousness, and there are certain foods that contribute or that easily allow you to be in opposition with your body consciousness.

You mentioned that you consumed grains, but I would suggest that you alter that. I would suggest that you do not incorporate dairy in your diet such as cheese, and that you not be incorporating grains in your diet either for a time framework. That may be helpful in altering the reactions of the body consciousness, for what you are doing is subjectively instructing the body to be rejecting of your choices in relation to it. This occurs, or it can occur, when you are expressing dissatisfaction with yourself. In a manner of speaking, figuratively, what you are doing is creating almost an allergy.

Now; let me express to you, allergies are the body creating a reaction to some factor that is dissatisfying; and in this, generally speaking, allergies are not as straightforward, in your terms, as your scientists or your physicians would have you believe. For as an example, an individual may develop an allergy to animals, or more specifically perhaps the individual develops an allergy to cats or to dogs – domestic animals. In this, the dissatisfaction may not be with the animals themselves at all; the body consciousness is reacting to the presentment of the physical manifestation of an animal, when in actuality the individual may be expressing a dissatisfaction with the perception of responsibility that is attached or that they attach to the animal, and therefore they develop an allergy to the animal, but it is not actually the animal that is creating this reaction.

In like manner, an individual may develop an allergy to trees or to certain foods, and the dissatisfaction that the body consciousness is reacting to is not necessarily the trees or the foods themselves but what they represent to the individual. There may be some factor in the individual environment that the trees represent to them.

In this, in relation to yourself and this physical manifestation with your gastrointestinal system, it is, in a manner of speaking, very similar to a development of an allergy. It is not that you are necessarily allergic to grains but that they represent, as a symbol, some other factor that is dissatisfying to you, and your body consciousness is reacting to that.

Now, in this, when you are already expressing a dissatisfaction with yourself, in actuality what you are doing is translating that into the object of yourself, which is your body; therefore, the body becomes the dissatisfaction. And in that, it is not unusual that the body consciousness will begin to react to certain food that you consume more regularly. Therefore –

JIB: Can it be connected to the fact that currently with all the changes in my life and the fact also that I went to work again at the bank, and that I was quite dissatisfied with that choice, even though it allowed me to earn money to pay for my training and for the several trips I'm going to do between Shanghai and Paris? There's some kind of impression that I don't know what to do with all that I'm presented with, and as I'm training myself to develop my perception and my sensitivity it's like I'm having all these stimuli and I don't know what to do with them. It's a bit too much, and at times when people talk to me I don't want to listen to what they say because I don't know what to do with it – like with my parents last week, that I didn't eat enough, eat like this, eat like that, and it was too much. I was overwhelmed.


Now; let me express to you, it is quite understandable. You have generated a state of being overwhelmed, and in this, it is a matter of allowing yourself to separate the different components and address to them singularly, which would be less overwhelming. What you are doing presently is generating a perception that is very general, and that creates this feeling of being entirely overwhelmed and hopeless in the situation in general, for it all appears so very large that it is confusing in relation to where to begin. Therefore, it is a matter of simplifying.

In this, you simplify by viewing each segment, each component of what is overwhelming to you, and you address each one singularly. In that, it is more manageable. In this, in relation to one factor, one of the more immediate factors, is the physical manifestation and being physically uncomfortable. Therefore, with altering some aspect of that to alleviate the discomfort and to calm the body consciousness, what I would suggest is that you do not be incorporating grains or dairy in your diet temporarily and allow yourself to be consuming food sources that are nature in themselves. What is meant by that is food sources that are not altered, such as fruits, vegetables; you can incorporate fish or meat if you are so choosing, but I would suggest that you incorporate mainly in your diet temporarily more vegetables and some fruits. Tea is excellent; rice is soothing. Not rice with spices, but more natural rice that you can slightly flavor if you are so choosing, perhaps with some type of broth, a vegetable broth. But in this, it is a matter of beginning with soothing the body consciousness. That is the first step.

In addition to that, I would suggest that you incorporate two times each day to engage a brief meditation.

Now; in this meditation, I would suggest that you incorporate no focal point and no intention. The purpose of this meditation will be to EMPTY yourself – empty yourself of feeling and thinking. This will also be helpful to realign the body consciousness. And therefore, in a manner of speaking, what you are doing is resetting your body consciousness and generating a different instruction with it.

You have been expressing considerable pressure and tension with the body consciousness that instruct it to malfunction. What is preferred is to rebalance and instruct the body consciousness to function naturally, and that does not require thinking.

JIB: And you don't have to put the intention of...

ELIAS: No! No. No. It is merely a matter of incorporating a brief meditation; it is not necessary for it to be lengthy or extensive – a brief meditation, perhaps twice each day, that what you are doing is EMPTYING yourself.

I would suggest that you do this in a sitting position, and in that sitting position, be aware of placing your feet in a manner that they are in contact with the ground. It is not necessarily for you to sit in a chair, and you can sit on the floor, but in whatever situation of sitting that you choose, place your feet in a position that they are connecting with the floor. This is important, for it generates a grounding, and the body consciousness automatically understands what to do. When you empty yourself, when you are generating that state with no thinking, no feeling, the body consciousness will naturally move the energy downward into the ground. It is a natural action. This creates an outlet for pressure.

In this, beyond that physical aspect, the next suggestion that I will offer to you is allow yourself to pay attention to what feels safe. This is very important. You're generating significant changes, which can be exciting and fun and can lead you into a new adventure, but change can also be overwhelming. Therefore, in this, it is very important that you allow yourself to feel safe. Safety is not a state of being; it is a feeling. Therefore, I am aware that you feel safe with your partner. Use that.

JIB: Yes.

ELIAS: Use those elements that you are aware of that feel safe to create a foundation for yourself. When you are comfortable, you are feeling safe; therefore, notice the moment in which you are comfortable, for when you feel comfortable you also feel safe.

I would also express to you, for a brief time framework limit your outside interactions. Allow yourself to readjust. Allow yourself to rediscover your footing, or balance. In this, I would express for a temporary time framework, limit your outside interactions. Now, this is not to say, “Do not leave your house.” That is not what I am expressing to you. What I am meaning is limit your interactions with family members, with other individuals that are not necessarily in your immediate environment. Are you understanding?

JIB: Yes, like do not...

ELIAS: Allow yourself to adjust to your new environment. Absorb it. Become familiar with it. Allow yourself to engage your new environment through your senses, through your feelings, and absorb this new environment, becoming familiar with it. And use your safety with your partner. Allow yourself to adjust to your new environment. I would express to you, my friend, you incorporate a pattern of overwhelming yourself by expecting yourself and pressuring yourself to do, in your terms, too much too fast.

JIB: Yes.

ELIAS: You want to engage everything at once.

JIB: Yes. I noticed that. (Laughs)

ELIAS: Which is unrealistic. You are not the type of individual that easily can generate that action. There are some individuals that can incorporate tremendous stimulation and that function quite well. You are not one of those individuals. I would express that you generate the action of becoming excited, and from that you automatically move in the direction of wanting to do everything at once and experience everything NOW, which is overwhelming. In this, you are actually the type of individual that in functioning naturally, it is more natural for you to move somewhat slower and allow yourself to actually assimilate and absorb what is around you.

And in that, let me express to you, this is very similar to the action of being in a garden; perhaps you can incorporate this visual to be helpful to you. You are an individual that if you were to enter a considerably large garden with many different flowers, what would be natural for you in your movement would be to move to each different flower, incorporate a time framework with each flower and appreciate it, smell it, observe it visually, touch it, feel it, and genuinely absorb the beingness of each flower, and subsequently naturally moving to the next flower. You are not the type of individual that would enter this large garden with all of these different flowers, walk through the garden briskly and merely observe all the different flowers, or the type of individual that would stand in the middle of the garden and survey all of the flowers. That is not your natural movement, my friend. You are an individual that genuinely, naturally CONNECTS, and in that, you absorb what you present to yourself in physical manifestations, in relation to your senses, in relation to information, to culture, to ideas, to sensations. It matters not what the subject is; your natural movement is to genuinely connect with it and absorb it.

JIB: Yes, it's very, very true. It resonates a lot.

ELIAS: When you attempt to do that with everything at once, it becomes entirely overwhelming to you.

JIB: But I feel I don't have enough time to... and I have that pressure or that kind of goal to achieve something that I don't really know. It's like I have the impression – maybe someone told me one day or I interpreted it like that – that there are things that we must do or that we have to do, and I don't know what it is, because I don't feel deep inside I really have things to do, just enjoy and be with each...

ELIAS: Let me express to you, my friend, that pressure is one that you place upon yourself. Yes, I would agree that it is reinforced within society, but I would express to you that you will much more easily and much more naturally discover what you genuinely want to contribute by merely allowing yourself to naturally be yourself rather than searching for what you should be doing.

JIB: So, all this stuff about a natural state, and the Tumold intent of connecting people with their natural flow or natural self, is just allowing to be? There's nothing to do in that direction?

ELIAS: Correct. You will discover not what to do but what you want to do, what you want to engage when you allow yourself to merely naturally BE yourself. (Pause) That is the most important factor. And when you allow yourself to stop pressuring yourself, and recognize your natural flow, and allow yourself to BE that, rather than pushing yourself in different directions or incorporating expectations and time frameworks in which you must accomplish, you will discover that you will flow much more easily, and that whatever is so very urgent actually matters not.

It is a matter of redefining what is important to you, what is ACTUALLY important. Expressing your passions is important; your relationship is important; expressing yourself in a satisfied and content and comfortable manner is important; being creative is important.

Let me express to you, let us return to the importance of your relationship. That is important to you, correct?

JIB: Yes, tremendously.

ELIAS: Very well.

Now; how do you honor the relationship that you incorporate that is important to you if you are damaging yourself?

JIB: I don't know, it's...

ELIAS: If your partner was damaging to himself, it would not be a source of happiness for you, would it?

JIB: No, and currently I feel like I'm confused about all that because I don't know why I'm doing that to myself, because at times it's very painful and I have all these kinds of feelings that are burning all throughout my body. And at times they even don't seem to be related to any physical symptoms; (emotionally) it's like they are ghost feelings and I don't know what is happening.

ELIAS: And this is what I am expressing to you, my dear friend. You pressure yourself to be all things to all individuals, to be the partner, to be the son, to be the brother, to be the friend. I would express to you, (very gently) stop, and only be you for you. And in doing that, you will automatically nurture your relationship with your partner, and you will automatically benefit all of the other individuals that you care for. It is not for you to be whatever you perceive each of all these individuals want you to be, or to do what they want you to do.

JIB: It is so different from what I'm used to doing.

ELIAS: I am well aware.

JIB: It's like I don't know what to do and what not to do.

ELIAS: And this is the reason that I express the beginning point to you in what to do. First of all, you alter what you are consuming. You also incorporate this emptying meditation each day. Also, you allow yourself to stop with the expectations of yourself, and you allow yourself to absorb your new environment. Also, you limit your interactions temporarily with outside sources other than your partner.

JIB: Okay.

ELIAS: You simplify; that is how you begin. The first step is to begin in simplifying and becoming more attuned and aware of you, other than what is outside of you and around you.

JIB: Okay. It sounds quite the thing to do. (Elias laughs)

Currently the house we chose is a bit removed from the city. There are lots of trees and plants around and other houses, but each are individual houses. Up until then we were in an apartment in the very center of the city and there were all these noises at night and during the day. It was as if the street, the cars, the motorcycles, people, they were all inside the apartment with me. (Elias laughs) It was horrific.

ELIAS: I would very much encourage you, in your new location, to genuinely incorporate that word, my friend: “Absorb.” Walk and absorb your environment. Allow yourself that centeredness and that balance in actually incorporating time. Walk – slowly, not briskly; you are not running a race. There is no destination to be at in a certain time framework. The intention is to absorb.

Visualize yourself in that flower garden. Everything in your environment is a different flower. Allow yourself to connect with each manifestation in your environment, individually, and absorb it.

JIB: It reminds me of a time when I went to a mineral shop near the Louvre in Paris. Suddenly I stopped in front of a malachite stone. I had the impression that the stone was communicating with me, there was that vibration and it was centered on the stone. I went away to check if there was that same vibration with other stones, but there wasn't. And when I came back to the malachite it was still vibrating as if it was communicating to me, telling something to me. And I stayed there until it stopped, and I was like, "Okay, it's just done.”

ELIAS: Malachite is an interesting stone. It incorporates powerful properties. It is, in a manner of speaking, a centering stone. It emits a vibration, but it also connects with certain vibrational qualities. Malachite is a stone that is very individualized. Meaning, you could actually place twenty stones of this element in front of yourself, and one would resonate with you and you would experience it just as you expressed. You would feel that connection and you would feel no connection to any of the others, for they are very individual. They generate very specific vibrational qualities that will connect with a specific individual; therefore, in a manner of speaking, they are what you could term to be a resonating stone and a centering stone, for as they do connect vibrationally, individually, they are instrumental in centering with that individual. And that one stone that you would connect to, no other individual will connect to.

JIB: Okay, that's interesting.

ELIAS: That is the uniqueness of this particular element, that it is very individualized. That is not to say that there is only one stone upon your planet that you would connect to, but whatever stone you connect with, no other individual on your planet will connect with.

JIB: That's very interesting for this stone.

I wanted to know also about what we discussed and creativity. (Pause) Are you still here?

ELIAS: Yes, explain.

JIB: Like, what would my natural creative process be like? Because we are trying to write a book with Eric, we've been trying for quite some time, actually, and it's changing all the time. Also I have the impression that I'm stalling a bit about writing these books.

ELIAS: I would agree.

JIB: I don't have time to connect or to know what my process is, and I try to fit in a process that is given to me.

ELIAS: I would express, it is not that you do not have time, it is that you spend a considerable amount of time attempting to discover what your natural flow is rather than doing it. I would express that another reason that you procrastinate is that you are not allowing yourself to express yourself naturally and to move naturally, and therefore you're confused, and it is difficult to you to objectively identify what your individual expression of creativity is.

Now; what manifestation can you think of that naturally absorbs?

JIB: A sponge?

ELIAS: Correct! Now, what occurs with a sponge? It naturally absorbs, correct?

JIB: Yes.

ELIAS: And as it absorbs it expands, correct?

JIB: Yes.

ELIAS: And once it expands, it either naturally vaporizes what it has absorbed and therefore contracts again, or it can be expressed in a manner in which what it has absorbed will naturally push out from it. But the point with a sponge is that it takes in considerable volumes, it absorbs considerable volumes, but it also expresses all of that volume out again, to allow it to absorb again. This is what it naturally does.

You do the same. You naturally absorb, and from that absorption you naturally express. The difficulty – or in your terms the problem – is that you are attempting to think of specific methods in how to express all the volume of what you have absorbed rather than merely allowing it to be expressed naturally.

Now; let me offer you a hypothetical example that I know you will understand. There are time frameworks in which you are not necessarily concentrating in any specific direction. Perhaps you may be engaging a conversation with your partner, or perhaps you may not even be engaging a conversation, perhaps you may be observing an action that he's engaging, and spontaneously you may merely express a random suggestion. Are you understanding?

JIB: Yes.

ELIAS: Or you may express a random statement, or a random observation. But these are not random; they are all part of what you have naturally absorbed, and you naturally express them. And at times the response may be, "That was very insightful," or "That is very creative," and you yourself are surprised, for your intention was not to be insightful or creative; you were merely expressing yourself.

JIB: Okay. That is very insightful.

ELIAS: That is a natural action for you, my friend. I would express to you genuinely, stop trying. You try so hard. Stop trying, and merely be.

JIB: Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. I would express to you, my friend, you are exceptionally creative if you merely allow yourself to be. And you have a tremendous capacity to absorb, just as the sponge does.

JIB: Thank you. I would never have compared me to a sponge [participant notes, however, that they actually did that in their first session], but that is very interesting that I brought one from Paris in this very trip.

ELIAS: (Laughs) And I would express to you, let that be your inspiration.

JIB: Yes. Thank you very much again.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my dear friend. I express tremendous encouragement to you and a great supportiveness to you in this new adventure. Allow yourself to absorb, my friend, rather than be overwhelmed.

And I shall greatly anticipate our next meeting. I express tremendous affection to both of you, and great lovingness to you each. Until our next meeting, my dear ones, au revoir.

BOTH: Au revoir.

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