Session 193
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Duality and Change


"Duality and Change"

Sunday, July 13, 1997 © 1997 (Group)
Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Gail (William), Bob (Siman), Norm (Stephen), Reta (Dehl), David (Mylo), and a new participant, Peggy (Forrest).
Elias arrives at 6:34 PM. (Time was seven seconds)

ELIAS: Good evening! This evening, we shall be addressing to the subjects of duality and change within the context of your reality. I have withheld subject matter concerning duality for the reasons of not wishing to be reinforcing present belief systems, although you may be accepting of this information presently, in part. (To Peggy) Welcome to new essence this evening!

First, we shall on to our game! I shall offer to Stephen and Dehl: Joe, of the family that you have not connected to which is a subdivision of Gramada, Gamasht. G-A-M-A-S-H-T.

RETA: A subdivision of Gramada? And he's aligned with Zuli? (Elias nods) Thank you.

ELIAS: Paul, aligned with Gramada. Now you may make your game connections.

RETA: I have one. Whispering Gardens, which is a mass production project on videos and children's books, Borledim.

ELIAS: And where shall you enter this? Within what category are you choosing to place this, or are you choosing to create a new category?

RETA: I'm not sure of all the categories we've got, but it would be under books or media or stories.

ELIAS: Choose!

RETA: Actually, it's ... okay, books.

ELIAS: Acceptable. (Pause)

VICKI: Okay. Well, I have some stuff for other people. For Drew, who can't be here tonight, surfing and sports with the Vold family.

ELIAS: Less probable.

VICKI: Sumari?

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: For Mary, to introduce a new category--amusement park rides as objective imagery. (Laughing)

ELIAS: (Grinning) Acceptable.

VICKI: Borledim, in that category, with a merry-go-round.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: And Sumafi with a roller coaster.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: For myself: Ilda, vibrational tone qualities, hieroglyphics.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Vold, movies, Shine.

ELIAS: One point.

CATHY: Essence family connections, all the essence families in books with Dandelion.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

CATHY: Vold, animal, turtle.

ELIAS: (Pause) Reevaluate your colors.

CATHY: Okay, I'll do that. I would like to add blue to topaz with Milumet in the gemstones.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

RON: I'd like to connect in sculptures with Milumet ... I don't know exactly the name of it, but it's the Mother and Child. That religious thing. (Laughter, and Elias joins in) It's that famous one!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Interesting connection! "That famous one!"

RON: Yeah, that's the one! (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Grinning) As you may identify more clearly, you may reenter this connection.

RON: Okay. Milumet, fictional characters, John Henry.

ELIAS: Acceptable. (Pause, waiting) Very well. We shall begin. Elements of your reality that you create which are basic to this dimension and this reality would be that of duality--not duplicity--and that of change. These are merely two elements, but these elements are extremely strong within the design of your reality. From the onset of creating within this dimension you have chosen, as basic elements of your creating, this of duality and also of change. You have been changing continuously throughout the entirety of your existence within this dimension. It is part of your nature in this reality. Interestingly enough, these two elements of change and duality are those elements which you create the most conflict over. You fight against these natural elements of yourselves.

You have created this existence in what you may term to be doubles. You choose sexes. You choose to create your form and all other forms with the element of duality, projecting to all of your creation the mirror image of yourself.

Within this reality, you have chosen to be creating within a double focus. You have chosen to create your awareness within a double action; a subjective element and an objective element. These move in harmony with each other continuously. All of your other creations, and also your own physical form, mirrors this element of creating within this dimension. You have chosen to be separating your objective awareness and your subjective awareness for the purity of your experience, but you are continuing to recognize the existence of your subjective awareness. You may express to yourselves many words for your subjective awareness and activity, but all of these words that you attach to this all signify the same element that you recognize as part of you; that which you cannot see or touch, but know it is in existence; the you of you; this element of you which is not physical. In this, every thing within your reality mirrors this; this being how you attach to opposites.

You believe that opposites exist. You offer yourselves examples of opposites continuously, throughout everything within your reality. In actuality, they are not opposites. They are different elements of the same things, but in explanation to yourselves of those elements that you do not remember, you create belief systems which suggest to you partial recognition of elements of self and reality, but you distort this through belief systems and express to yourselves that there are opposites. There are elements of cause and effect. There are forces of nature which are oppositely pulling. There are opposite axes in your planetary systems. There are opposites in elements of your own self. There are not opposites! You merely hold to different elements in consciousness within this dimension, for this is your choice of your creativity within this one particular dimension.

Change also is a basic element of your reality. You have been changing all aspects of your reality from its beginning, so to speak. You now are not the same in your creation of yourself as you have been at different time frameworks within your history. Your form changes. Within each individual focus, you create linear change within one single body form. You do not appear presently the same as you appeared as an infant. Your thought processes change. Your exchange with subjective information changes. But as you grow, in your terms, you also resist this basic element of yourselves, for you create belief systems that suggest to you that change is not good; this being a basic belief system which has been introduced to you through your religious focuses.

Change threatens status quo. Therefore, it is unacceptable. This is reinforced throughout your religious elements, throughout your societies, throughout your individual focuses, with your own families. As very small children, change is exciting until you are taught that it is not a good thing, and you accept that it is something to be feared. Each individual holds an element of this fearfulness. Some hold more than others. Some individuals acclimate themselves in spite of mass belief systems to this natural element of self, and allow themselves to move into areas of change more easily. Some individuals experience tremendous conflict and fearfulness within the action of change, for they align with the mass belief systems that this is not a good action.

It may be helpful to you in recognizing that this is a basic element of your creation, of your existence within this dimension. It is natural to you to be changing. Even within remanifestation, you are choosing to be remanifesting within this dimension to change, to alter your experience of sexual orientation and experience a different orientation. Therefore in this, I suggest to you all to be evaluating within you these elements that are natural to you and need not incorporate fearfulness, for they are basic to your nature.

Change is only fearful within the context of your belief systems. You may initially experiment with yourselves and allow yourselves to alter your perception of change, as you have not accepted the belief system as yet; but you may attempt to alter your perception temporarily and view all elements of change as an adventure, a new exploration which is your nature. It is the basis of your entire creation of this existence within this dimension.

I shall allow for questions. (A long pause follows)

RETA: Do you want to talk about physical change again a little bit more? We know that we're going to grow, we know that we're going to get more cell divisions and we're going to get bigger, our memory is going to become better, hopefully, and we should become more aware. So if we know that change is coming, how is it that we're fighting this change? Of course, I don't want to get any older! I'd like to fight that change! I'd like to stay around for nine hundred years! But what are some of the particular things that we're fighting?

ELIAS: You resist change in many, many areas. Dependent upon the individual and their alignment with the mass belief systems concerning change, some individuals are much more resistant to change than other individuals, but all of you hold some element that is resistant to change.

Within your creation of your religious elements, you have distorted the information which has been offered to you by other teachers, but you have also purposefully created this for that experience. Therefore, the distortion is not bad or wrong. It is merely a creation for your experience. Now that you move into the action of your shift in consciousness, you are changing once again. This opposes, so to speak, those belief systems which have been reinforced and taught to you within your religious elements.

In the creation of your religious elements, you developed belief systems of control, not necessarily in the way that you are thinking. You blame your religious establishments for creating control issues. In actuality, these establishments merely mirror objectively your own creations in separation.

As you separated purposefully from subjective knowing objectively, you created a belief system that you need be in control. You need hold control over your existence; for the objective and subjective elements of your consciousness, to your waking knowledge, have divorced themselves. Therefore, this created an uncertainty and unfamiliarity within you. Feeling separated from this basic element of your existence within this dimension--your subjective awareness--you created the belief system that suggested that you must be allowing more power to your objective awareness. In this, you must hold very tightly to what you have invented as an idea of control.

Control is merely an idea within a belief system. It is not. You are not out of control and you are not in control, for you need not control! You are creating efficiently, but you have developed these belief systems that suggest to you that you must be continuously in control of your life; for if you are not, many bad things shall be occurring to you!

RETA: Of course, if you want to take that back into the religions again, the control or the shell of the religion feels comfortable to many people, including me. The control that they have is actually a feeling. And yes, it is a developed control feeling, but in a lot of established religions, it's not bad!

ELIAS: It is comfortable, for it is familiar.

RETA: As a matter of fact, that familiarity when you go to visit a religion is many times why you join that particular religion, because it feels like you've found what you want and it's comfortable.

ELIAS: Quite, for underlying remains the element of knowing that aspect of subjective awareness within you; and although the identification of this awareness has been distorted, it has been accepted within mass belief systems. Therefore, it is comfortable to you for it is familiar to you, in a knowing that there is another element to you and to consciousness other than only objective awareness. You have accepted the belief systems of control, and you have accepted the belief systems that change threatens control; for within your belief systems, change promotes individuality and independence. Therefore, you hold this duplicity in your belief systems, and accept the belief system that change is not good; and as you hold very tightly to the belief systems of good and bad, you choose to align with the good. In this, as you are moving into your shift, I suggest to you that change is merely a basic element of you and your creation of this dimension and this physical existence. It is not good or bad. It merely is. It is what you have created for your experience.

VICKI: I have a question. You were talking about duality. I didn't really catch everything you said, but you were talking about duality and how there are no opposites, but then I think you also said something about why we have ... we're double? If you could just reiterate? I didn't really ... I missed it.

ELIAS: You hold belief systems of opposites. Therefore presently, they are reality to you. In actuality, this is merely a perception within a lack of understanding. As you move into your shift you shall be widening your awareness, and therefore understand that the idea of opposites is merely a perception which is created within a lack of understanding objectively.

As to the doubles: The entirety of your physical creation within this dimension is based on duality, objective and subjective. Therefore, all of your creation mirrors this. In this particular dimension and this reality, as I have expressed to you many times, you have chosen to create this reality within a sexual orientation--male and female. You have created genders, this also being an element of duality--the doubles. You hold this within your own self. You have created your own form in this manner.

RON: Speaking of doubles, Mary and Vicki and I watched an interesting show today about an operation that's been performed that separates the left side of the brain from the right side of the brain. In that, the scientists believe that they're creating two separate individual personalities within one body. What do you think about that?

ELIAS: (Grinning) They are not creating two separate entities or personalities within one body! But this may be interesting to you in recognition of the functioning of your form, in that you have created, as I have stated, within this physical existence a double existence of awareness--objective and subjective. You allow the communication, although not to your objective awareness, to be acted upon continuously. Within the creation of your physical form, which to this present now you do not objectively understand its workings, you have created a magnificent expression of essence and the intricacies of its actions. I have expressed to you that you are an exceedingly complex reality and expression of essence. In this, the consciousness which is identified by you as you is not, in your terms, physically connected to you, although it is within constant interaction with you. Your physical form has been created to be perfectly functioning and mirroring aspects of consciousness; mirroring physically, in expression, essence.

In this, you allow for the connection physically within your brain of one side and the other side, which work perfectly in harmony with each other. As you choose to be experimenting and separating of this and discontinuing the physical communication, the non-physical communication continues; but as I have stated, your physical body holds consciousness. It holds its own consciousness. Therefore, you allow for an action that you do not expect in separating these two hemispheres, so to speak, for in this separation you allow individually the bleed-through of subjective, which you do not understand. Therefore, you create another objective personality. This is not to say that you create what you view as multiple personalities. This is not to say that you create a disorder. You shall recognize, as you have within your observation of your programming this day, that your form may function equally as efficient regardless of your physical interference with its mechanics. It shall compensate.

The physical expression within the body consciousness may be confused and therefore respond, as it becomes confused each time that you create an unnatural element which is affecting of it. If you are breaking a bone you are confusing the physical body consciousness, for you have disrupted its natural state. Your physical body does not create these actions by itself. It is instructed to be creating of these situations. Your physical body consciousness does not reason. Therefore, temporarily it experiences trauma, which is confusion. In this same manner you shall experience, in separating the hemispheres of your physical brain, an element of trauma or confusion. This shall not prevent the functioning of your physical expression. You may, as I have stated to you, remove an entire hemisphere of your physical brain and you shall continue functioning, and not necessarily as an idiot! Your physical expression shall continue, and your subjective communication which directs your physical manifestation is uninterrupted.

VICKI: It almost sounded like you said that as a result of this operation, of splitting the left and right side of the brain, that this would allow more subjective bleed-through?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking. It allows for the discontinuation of flow through the center, which is that energy center which connects subjectively and is allowed information for instruction for the physical form to be performing. In disconnecting this, your subjective awareness communicates to both sides individually. Therefore, if you were so choosing you would be allowing, outside of belief systems, your physical form to be expressing through the communication objective and subjective, creating one side of your physical brain to be expressing objective and one side to be expressing subjective. You hold deep belief systems within the impossibility of this occurring. Therefore, you rearrange the expression of consciousness and create what you think of as a separate personality or identity within the two hemispheres. You allow yourselves to view two aspects of one form.

This is not the allowance of viewing an alternate self being allowed to materialize objectively and physically within the same form. It is merely an interpretation of subjective and objective awarenesses which coexist with each other continuously within your focus. One is allowed objective expression, one is not; this being the duality that you have created within this particular existence; the double; the two facets of consciousness within one expression physically.

As individuals physically and objectively focused do not understand this expression, they immediately create an objective explanation. Therefore, the allowance is not made for the entire subjective expression, although this does bleed through. Within belief systems, the individuals and the scientists view the bleed-through to be negative and opposing, for it is unfamiliar; for you hold belief systems of control and that you must be objectively controlling every element and aspect of your existence. Therefore, individuals experience confusion and conflict for they hold these belief systems also, but the experience is merely a bleed-through of subjective being allowed to be expressing objectively, for the communication has been separated into two directions.

VICKI: In the experiment, after the surgery was completed, the people ... the objective imagery was such that the people were ... this is so hard ... one hand was fighting the other hand.

ELIAS: Or so it appears.

VICKI: Or so it appeared to them. That was the imagery within a simple action of eating. I don't understand that part of it.

ELIAS: The belief system is that they hold no control of this element of their physical form. Therefore, they are fighting objectively and not accepting of the expression; viewing good and bad, right and wrong, control versus no control.

VICKI: So within the imagery of the two hands, the hand that they could control is the objective?

ELIAS: Correct. You do not believe that you control what you think of as your subconscious. You also hold belief systems that your subconscious holds evilness and destructiveness and is thwarting you, and is creating of elements within your existence which are conflicting and bad and wrong, and this belief system is directly related to this action which manifests. You shall not manifest the subjective expression within positive terms, for you believe that this unknown consciousness is not good and holds the potential for hurtfulness. It does not, but this is the imagery that you shall be creating, for you are fighting that which is unfamiliar to you. This is reinforced within mass belief systems also.

VICKI: It appeared that some of these people ... after a period of time, this particular imagery dissipated. It went away. Would that be within them an acceptance of this duplicity or duality that you're talking about?

ELIAS: Not necessarily duplicity, this being only within the belief systems. But within the duality of their existence within consciousness within this dimension, yes; this would be an example of an acceptance.

We shall break, and you may continue with your questioning.

BREAK 7:27 PM RESUME 7:48 PM (Time was five seconds)

ELIAS: Continuing. (Pause)

VICKI: Okay, well I have a question if nobody else does. I'm curious about why I had such an urgent draw to see Siman yesterday, and why he was so present throughout the session, in my head.

BOB: Why not??? (Laughter)

ELIAS: The draw stems from a recognition of presence within supportiveness and energy within consciousness, which also was allowed an objective expression with Siman throughout the day, of holding less control of manipulating physical expressions.

VICKI: And that's why I had to go see him so bad last night?

ELIAS: It is a recognition within connection, of energy which was lent strongly within the action of yesterday. (The public session)

CATHY: Well, I have a question. I want to know if the empathic experience I had with Drew a couple of weeks ago was something that I have done before, only this time I noticed it?

ELIAS: Yes. You are moving ... in spite of your belief system that you are not moving! (Grinning)

CATHY: Okay, I'll go again. I want to know if you channeled through that lady that David went and saw in Texas before she started channeling Mary. (This is not about our Mary, but about a woman in Texas who channels an essence named Mary. Initially, she channeled an essence with a very male voice similar to Elias')

ELIAS: Shall you answer this for yourself?

CATHY: Yeah, you did.

ELIAS: Correct.

DAVID: What was the name? She didn't use her name.

CATHY: Good question!

ELIAS: These names, as I have stated previously, are merely identifications of focuses in tones which hold an affinity, and are unimportant in actuality. They are merely an expression for your benefit, that you may attach to an identification.

DAVID: Do you know any....

ELIAS: It was not offered as Rastin, though.

DAVID: Today I went to see a channeler, (name deleted), and an essence came through him from Egypt of say five thousand years ago. It was important for us to learn something that was called or entitled "Dream Scape" in relation to Egypt, and what's somehow affecting us too today. Do you know about this? (This channeler shall be referred to as "Mr. X" in the rest of this transcript)

ELIAS: This is another interpretation offered having to do with the Dream Walkers and the essences which are facilitating this shift in consciousness. I have stated to individuals previously that this state in consciousness you have experienced before upon your planet, "before the beginning," within the state of the Dream Walkers; before you were choosing to be completely physically manifest. You repeat this within a different intent now, as you move into the action of this shift in consciousness.

DAVID: And what was the connection with this being said, that the whole of Egypt was a dream state back then?

ELIAS: I have expressed to you previously that within your thought processes, you think to yourselves that your planet has been manifest one time with you in existence upon it. This is incorrect. Your planet, as you also, has blinked many times in and out of this reality. Therefore, within this blinking in and out, you also have created many times the action and involvement of these Dream Walkers. Within the state of manifestation of these Dream Walkers, your planet and all of the elements upon it and within it were also not entirely physically manifest, therefore the identification of Dream Walkers and the identification of dream state as to your existence; for within that manifestation, which has occurred more than one time, there existed less of a solidity to your existence than exists presently. It would be more likened to your dream state presently.

Also, there was less of an attachment to time frameworks. Experimentations with physical time frameworks were occurring, but not necessarily linearly. Therefore, as also within your dream state, you do hold an element of time frameworks, but it is not governed by moment-to-moment succession. You may move freely forward or backward or sideways within time frameworks within your dream state.

BOB: Were people of this time aware of the modified reality? I mean I know that it was their reality, but were they as aware of their modified time framework as we are of our more rigid time framework?

ELIAS: Not in the same terms.

BOB: So they were under the impression that they were under some sort of rigid time framework, however they weren't?

ELIAS: No, they were not under the impression that they were functioning within a rigid time framework, for they were not functioning....

BOB: So they knew they could go in either direction.

ELIAS: Correct. Their awareness was allowed more subjectivity and less separation.

BOB: Are there writings of this?

ELIAS: Only in remembrance, for there was no need for written elements within the actual time framework. There was no actual solidity to your existence within that time framework.

BOB: But there is some evidence of writings during that period of time, hieroglyphics or whatever?

ELIAS: These are remembrances. There are subsequent writings and symbols.

BOB: Not necessarily chronologically done.

ELIAS: Correct.

BOB: Does that explain why translations of those kinds of writings are somewhat oblique?

ELIAS: Yes, for you do not understand the framework in which the communication was presented. As you move into the action of your shift more intensely and are allowing your awareness to be widening, you shall also allow yourselves more of a remembrance and therefore an identification with information that you do not understand presently.

BOB: The Egyptian period was relatively long and toward the end of it became maybe more physically focused, much in the way that we are now. Would you describe that as somewhat of a "downshift," from a less solid, more subjective reality to a more objective reality? And now we're moving back towards that?

ELIAS: This would not be a "downshift." This was purposefully created for the purity of your experience.

BOB: Isn't the current shift the same thing? Purposefully created for experience?

ELIAS: Correct, but for a different experience. You were choosing to be creating your reality more objectively and absorbing yourselves within the objective expression for that experience.

BOB: So their reality was considerably more subjective, with very little objective. We're talking about merging subjective and objective into one reality.

ELIAS: Yes, which is a different action; therefore the reasoning that I express to you, that this shift in consciousness has not been accomplished previously.

BOB: Okay. Thank you.

NORM: In this dimension or in any other dimension, as you said the other day, right?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: So there are quite a few other dimensions that have duality of subjective and objective awarenesses?

ELIAS: Correct, but not in the same manner that you create within this reality.

NORM: How will we really affect the mass consciousness in the belief of the subjective creativity that we have? How will this really be done? Can you say, or that's what we are to experience? I'm curious.

ELIAS: As you are allowing your own acceptance, you also lend energy to the mass and their acceptance.

NORM: Will there be an event that could occur, some unusual event?

ELIAS: In actuality, your objective presently, within this present now and probabilities, is to be preventing events!

NORM: That's our mass consciousness.

ELIAS: Within mass, you have already created the probabilities of destruction and mass events which have been prophesied in your past, so to speak. You hold an expectation and an anticipation of these events. They hold much energy. Presently, within probabilities and your choices, you are initiating the action of this shift to be preventing the materialization of those probabilities and actions.

NORM: And there are many essences such as you that are attempting to do this....

ELIAS: YOU are doing this. I merely offer you information in helpfulness.

NORM: I've got a question in regard to the discussion of early Egypt and the ethereal beings that were there. Did any of our essences have any focuses there at that time?


NORM: For example, did Stephen?


NORM: I have been reading the book "The Day After Roswell," and the description by Colonel Corso in regard to his involvement in the forties and fifties and sixties, in regard to hiding the information of the Roswell event and the extraterrestrials that they found there. This appears to me to be true, what was written in this book. Is that a one point? (Laughter) Substantially true.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I have expressed previously that these actions and materializations within your physical matter are reality.

NORM: These entities, or these focuses, or whatever you want to ... other-dimensional focuses, okay? Would that be a good term for them?

ELIAS: Quite. (Grinning)

NORM: Alright. They had unusual features and characteristics, such as Walter Reed Army Hospital could not determine how they received any energy because they didn't have digestive capability, other than their skin was quite unusual.

ELIAS: You believe that all existences must be bearing some resemblance to your identification of life and its functioning!

NORM: Well, I'm trying to change that!

ELIAS: This is incorrect! Other dimensions function differently, this being what I was expressing to you in yesterday; in that the insertion of another dimensional focus into your dimension shall alter its structure somewhat to fit into your physical matter, but it may bear no resemblance to your functioning.

NORM: Right. And it does not necessarily bear any resemblance to their functioning in their dimension?

ELIAS: Partially.

NORM: They seem to have the ability to control this craft mentally. That is the conclusion of the people that were involved in the analysis of that, through ...

ELIAS: This is an interpretation.

NORM: ... and they actually accomplished this through a headband that had unusual characteristics. But if a human put it on, he could actually get shocked.

ELIAS: This also is an interpretation. It is a manipulation of energy which is different from your own and not understood by your species.

NORM: Yet.

ELIAS: It does not involve what you identify as telepathy.

NORM: Their control panels had nothing except indentations for their four fingers. They only had four fingers. Was that the way that they were actually controlling the craft?

ELIAS: As I have stated, it is an entirely different manipulation of energy than you are familiar with. At this present moment, you would not understand the manipulation of energy that these focuses choose within their reality, for you may only understand your own identification with energy, which is not entirely encompassing of the identity of energy. Therefore, you do not understand all of its functioning and aspects. In this, a manipulation of energy is so foreign to your thinking that you would not hold an understanding. You would automatically translate into ideas that you may understand, as you are already translating into ideas that you may understand! This merely creates another belief system.

NORM: Does Stephen have a focus there?

ELIAS: Within this particular one dimension? Yes.

NORM: So I could use some of my inner senses then to explore that dimension?


NORM: That would be the most efficacious way to do that?

ELIAS: And allow yourself a greater understanding of differences within manifestations.

NORM: One last question in regard to this. The military assumed that they were belligerent. That is not a true statement, is it?

ELIAS: It is a misinterpretation, which continues with our subject matter of this eve and your belief systems of control!

CATHY: Glad I don't have that issue! (Laughter, and Elias chuckles)

DAVID: There was word I came across today and it's the word dharma, and we were told that it's the twin of karma, and that if you do not understand dharma, then you're not dealing with the complete pack of metaphysical cards! (Laughter) Can you tell us about dharma?

ELIAS: Many different terminology may be used presently and it matters not, for the concepts are the same. This is an expression offered to you within acceptable terminology, that may serve to be helpful in moving you with ease away from the concept of karma in which it has become; for the belief system has become quite distorted, and as it filters through into your western cultures and society, it distorts even farther. Therefore, an expression is offered to be moving your thought processes away from this strictness of the idea of karma, by allowing you the information that there may be another element without which karma is meaningless.

You think of karma as cause and effect. You think of moving through experiences, and repaying for those experiences that you have created negatively. There is no negative! It is merely your belief system that there is negative. This is not to say that you do not in actuality create negative elements within your reality, for you project energy into the creation of these elements. If you are believing in evil destructive devils, you shall project energy into their creation and they shall be reality! The expressions are offered to explain to you that this is unnecessary. It is merely projections of fearfulness in elements of consciousness and energy that you do not understand, for you do not allow yourselves a remembrance of.

This element of "dharma" is the balancing factor within the belief system of karma. I continue to express to you, this is a belief system! It is unnecessary to be creating this. You may be choosing to hold this belief system and you may be choosing to be creating its reality, but it is unnecessary. It is merely a perpetuation of the belief system that you hold duplicity and that you are not presently, within your present state and form, perfect beings ... for you are! You need not improve upon that element which needs no improvement! It is merely your belief systems. You do not create the action of the shift to be "improving" upon your creation. You create the action of your shift to expand your creativity and allow you the opportunity to explore areas of physical focus that you have not chosen to explore previously.

DAVID: (Heaves a sigh that elicits laughter) Some digestive food for thought! (Elias chuckles)

VICKI: I have one question about this duality. We kind of have a definition of duplicity, but you're making a distinction. This duality, is this basically a state of being, of....

ELIAS: Double.

VICKI: Of being double.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: And it has nothing to do with a belief system. It is the way we have created this presently.

ELIAS: Correct. You have created many belief systems around this element which also creates the belief system of duplicity, but the duality is not a belief system. It is an element of your creation of your reality within this existence.

VICKI: Okay, I think I understand.

ELIAS: I shall be offering this eve, to new essence present, essence naming of Forrest. (To Vic) Two R's. (Pause)

DAVID: Is realigning your house in the term of Feng Shui ... is there much truth in Feng Shui? (Not sure of spelling)

ELIAS: Another belief system! (Much laughter)

DAVID: Wow. Japan is going to suffer, aren't they?

ELIAS: I shall be anticipating The Belief System Game with Mylo, as he is offering many examples of belief systems which are in existence presently throughout your planet!

DAVID: No, I agree with you. I thought it was a belief system, but it seemed like everybody's talking about Feng Shui. Move this plant over here, move this house in that direction, and good luck will come because of the so-called energy involved geographically.

ELIAS: I may express to you though, that this also a recognition of underlying knowingness which has been distorted into your belief systems; for individually, you may arrange objects in your reality which shall move more fluid with your energies and your energy deposits that you place within your space arrangements, but this is purely individual. It is not expressing that you must be facing your house east for the most efficient energy manipulation. You automatically respond and feel the energy that you project within your space arrangement, and the fluidity of all of the energy around you. In this, as you choose to be altering your energy projection and interaction with all other energy within your space arrangement, you shall hold an urge to rearrange your objects.

BOB: Does it have anything to do with gender? (Laughter)

ELIAS: No. This being a belief system also!

NORM: The energy deposits, are they useful? And why do we do that?

ELIAS: This is merely a byproduct of your movement within energy. You are continuously creating energy deposits within your space arrangements. You do this en masse, and you do this individually.

NORM: And what happens to the energy deposits?

ELIAS: (Humorously) Must a thing "happen" to them? (Grinning)

NORM: Well, I mean, do they....

CATHY: They're deposited! (Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: I shall not enter the area of belief systems connected with vortexes once again, for this is incorrect! But you lean in the direction of wishing an explanation of these energy deposits, that they are more "special" than any other space arrangement within your physical reality, and hold more power. This is a belief system!

RETA: Boy, I have one to add to that! Are there some folks who are good about leaving their deposits all over the house, and other folks can put them away and not worry about it? (Laughter)

ELIAS: In your terms, yes!

NORM: Who does that?

RETA: Some people have to see all the stuff they've got all the time, and other people can put them away and they'll still be there! Books! But I've always wondered why some people....

NORM: But those aren't the energy deposits we're talking about!

RETA: We're talking about putting things away! (Laughing) But it was interesting. In the last year, I have determined to get little things that I remember, that I have an attachment to, that I put away all the time. I have the inner urge to see them myself, and so I have created shelves and so on to put these on, and I did get a lift out of that. And when I do walk into that house and see those, I enjoy seeing that, rather than knowing it's in the cupboard where I can't see it, forgetting about it. So is that an energy deposit?

ELIAS: You project elements of your energy into other forms that you identify with, and you shall feel an affinity for these objects in recognition of that energy.

RETA: Well, sometimes the recognition of course has some personal meaning too, but I have wondered this last year why I wanted to get these in my view, and it's pleasing to me and does make me feel good. So now I can see there's a reasonable idea there.

DAVID: The teacher today also said something interesting. He said, "The process of life is to seek out conflict. Peace cannot exist without conflict. That is the paradox."

ELIAS: (Laughing) Thank you very much for another fine example of belief systems! (We all crack up)

DAVID: Bye bye, Mr. X!

CATHY: So would it be correct to say that Mr. X channels other of his focuses? And within that, the information is filtered through belief systems?

ELIAS: Quite. Therefore, you may hold an influx of very many different belief systems. This is not to say that the information offered is not valid and not helpful. You need only be recognizing that it is filtered through an individual focus' belief systems.

DAVID: Because obviously Mr. X's intention, from what he is doing as a channeler, is to bring the truth, so to speak, to the masses. And the masses are believing him because it's coming from the so-called same essence as yourself, in their eyes and thinking. So therefore, damage can still be continued without even realizing it.

ELIAS: Oh, no, no, no! Damage is not being continued, for damage is not being created! Energy is being lent to the movement within consciousness of this season of your shift, and individuals shall draw themselves to many different areas of information. They shall draw to themselves the information which speaks to them. No one "way" or "path" singularly is the truth and only way.

I have expressed previously within our sessions: Within your belief systems, you lean to looking so intensely at your path that all you view is the path and the pebbles within the path, and you lose sight of where it is leading you to.

RON: In my thinking, belief systems are built around expectations. If you can rid yourself of expectations, will that in turn nullify your belief systems?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. You may affect if you are allowing yourself to be letting go of expectations, but not all belief systems hold an element of expectation. Also, you are affected by belief systems that you may not hold very strongly and do not hold expectations within, as the mass within energy affects you and those belief systems.

This is your creation. It is not bad; it is not wrong. You have chosen this cooperation, and you also are choosing globally this shift. Therefore, you are not the only individuals upon your planet that are moving. You are offering yourselves this information, for this is what speaks to you and you have asked for this information. Many other individuals upon your planet ask for this information also, and within your time framework it is not being presented to them as we have not been presented to them objectively. But this also is not the only "method," so to speak.

VICKI: Regarding belief systems, some of them work quite efficiently. And to go to this example that David used, of how some people believe that if they arrange things in a certain way or facing certain directions that energy is used more efficiently or whatever, recently I heard of an example of somebody that did this according to a belief system with their plants, and all the plants died.

ELIAS: Interesting imagery, is it not? (Grinning)

VICKI: It is, but it was kind of confusing to me because I've had a lot of examples of how a lot of belief systems work.

ELIAS: This is not to say that all belief systems "work" for all individuals.

VICKI: Right, but if that's a belief system that you hold strongly, and you're obviously creating that situation in concert with the plants also.... I don't know. I just got confused about that.

ELIAS: This would be an example to this individual of the belief system, and also of the energy projected by the individual in negativity and fearfulness, which is affecting of the space arrangement.

I shall express to you that we shall break, or you may discontinue. It is your choice.

VICKI: I have a few more questions for some other people.

ELIAS: Very well. Then we shall continue momentarily.

BREAK 8:35 PM RESUME 8:56 PM (Time was three seconds)

ELIAS: You may continue with your inquiries.

VICKI: I have some questions for some other people. From Sena first, to offer up a tile; a circle with a dot on it. It's pale green, tinged with blue, and connected with the Ilda family.

ELIAS: Very well. (Pause)

VICKI: Very well. Her question is, could you talk about what the subjective properties of color are? (Pause)

ELIAS: There are many subjective properties, so to speak, of color that are affecting of you within this dimension. Your interaction with this vibrational quality you place into interpretations that you may understand, therefore creating objective imagery not necessarily dealing with color itself; although at times you may allow yourself to merely be interacting objectively with color in the recognition of the subjective interaction. It is difficult to express to you the action that you engage within subjective activity that you do not allow objective awareness of. As I have expressed to you, color being a truth, your interaction with this element offers you subjectively information of essence and consciousness which may be outside of the confines of this particular dimension. Therefore, within this interaction "behind" your dream state, you shall objectively create imagery in interpretation which shall fit into your reality. You may be inter-dimensionally interacting with this element of consciousness, which is truth; which our definition of truth is quite different from your definition of truth! In this, you merge with the dimensional qualities of this aspect of consciousness and energy, offering yourselves subjectively more information of essence that within this focus you have forgotten.

Within this reality, you focus your subjective activity in what I have expressed to you as Regional Area 2 of consciousness, which is directly related to this reality and your creation of it. Beyond this Regional Area 2, within subjective elements of your consciousness, you may connect with the dimensional quality of color, which offers you information of essence and consciousness; those elements that you have separated yourself from in objective awareness. This allows an insertion into Regional Area 2, of memory. In this, the translation is created within Regional Area 2 and offered to your objective awareness within the language and imagery that it understands. Therefore, it is affecting, for the affectingness is not a distortion. It is merely a translation that you may incorporate into this particular dimension physically.

VICKI: So recently, when she had some unofficial information in which she connected individuals with color, that could maybe be imagery of her remembering these essences?

ELIAS: And the vibrational quality that they attach to within consciousness.

BOB: Would that be consistent with essence family and the colors thereof?

ELIAS: Partially, but it is not necessarily directly connected to an individual essence family.

BOB: Because any facets could have aspects of any color, or....

ELIAS: All essences hold all aspects of all colors.

BOB: So that remembrance could be attached to some aspect that was attached to a given color?

ELIAS: Correct, in your thinking.

BOB: So rather than remember an event, you could remember the nature of it in vibrational tone, which is color.


GAIL: Is that what we attach to objects that we have a connection with? We connect first with the objective image, and then the color, and then therefore the tone?


BOB: I was just wondering about poor Johnny Cash! No color, all loaded with black! And I'm just thinking, so he didn't really want to know! (We all laugh, including Elias)

RETA: If you mix all the colors, you get black.

VICKI: Yeah, black is the incorporation of all color.

BOB: Actually, not. White is the incorporation of all color, and black the absence of all color.

VICKI: Is that true?

ELIAS: In actuality, this is incorrect.

BOB: It's a belief system! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Quite!

RON: That's what I would expect! (Referring back to his question about belief systems and expectations, and we all crack up)

ELIAS: Acknowledged!

BOB: If you mix physical pigment up, you'll get black. But if you take light, white light is the incorporation of the entire color spectrum.

ELIAS: (Grinning) This also being a misinterpretation!

BOB: Really!

ELIAS: Light holds no color.

BOB: Hmm! So when light goes through a prism and color expresses itself, that's just a belief system?

ELIAS: It is reflecting off of vibrational waves and connecting with these waves, reflecting through these waves, creating what you view to be color. If you are removing of light, which holds no color, you shall create what appears to be the absence of color and you shall view black, but the color continues existence.

BOB: Because you believe it does.

ELIAS: Because it is. It does not disappear merely as you remove light. This is your interpretation. (Pause, staring at Bob)

BOB: You don't want me to argue with you?

ELIAS: You may, if you are so choosing! (Much laughter)

BOB: But I don't have any reason to! You seem to be waiting!

VICKI: Okay, I have one other question, for Kaileen. "Can you help me to understand what's going on with my employment situation? It seems like everything that's happened during the past year is unprecedented, and while I can make sense of a lot of it, I've reached a crisis. At some point I decided to just trust my own creation, and that what I want will effortlessly come my way as it always has in the past. Not meeting my obligations is not what I want at all, yet it seems to threaten with an increasing presence. I know there's a job where I'm connected and where I belong, and yet this feeling of connection eludes me. I've had several small miracles letting me know I'm not shut down altogether, but I just don't understand the bigger picture very well."

ELIAS: This expression presently is a continuation in an experiment; a holding to a belief, partially, that this individual shall generate within trust what is needed to be provided. But simultaneously, there is an element of questioning in this; that if this individual is not objectively controlling the situation, the materialization may not necessarily occur. Therefore, there is an experimentation presently being carried through to its fullest, in an allowance to be accepting of this creation fully and not only partially, that effortlessness is efficient and that struggling or controlling is truly unnecessary. In this expression, this individual is allowing themselves the opportunity to view this and prove to themselves that they may be trusting, and no hurtfulness shall befall them. It is an experimentation. Once the allowance of the trustfulness and acceptance is accomplished, the experiment shall no longer be necessary, and what you objectively view to be circumstances shall alter.

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

DAVID: I was reading one of your manuscripts, and one of the members spoke of suddenly hearing a tone ringing in their hearing system. It made me realize that that's exactly what I've been experiencing for two years now, like a very high-pitched tone. It's constantly there, although it's not uncomfortable. I don't hear it as much when I'm amongst people or in noises, but as soon as I close a door and I'm by myself, it's very prominent. Is it anything to worry about, or what?

ELIAS: No, you need not worry. You shall be experiencing many different elements affecting your physical senses which are merely bleed-throughs connecting you to you; you to your essence and different aspects of your essence. They may be unfamiliar to you, but they are not hurtful and they are not creations of malfunction.

DAVID: Thanks.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

CATHY: Okay, I have a question. Greg would like to know why he has created his ankle ailment.

ELIAS: As objective imagery of resistance to movement. (Grinning)

CATHY: Oh, okay! I'll just be telling him that!

RON: Do you want me to tell him? (Laughter)

CATHY: Summed it all up in one little sentence, huh?

ELIAS: Quite.

CATHY: Well then, Guin would like to know why she created not being present when her puppies were born.

ELIAS: This being another example of that which we have spoken this evening; of the belief system that you must be within control of all of your existence and creations, and as you are attempting to be manipulating of elements and not trusting the fluidness of what you are creating, you may also thwart your own efforts. Sophia may have answered this question for herself!

CATHY: I just have one other little question. Would Seth be one of those other three essences that are connected with this phenomenon?

ELIAS: (Whispering mysteriously) Shall we be placing within the X-files??? (Ron bursts into laughter)

CATHY: Oh, that means that Ruburt and Joseph are there!

ELIAS: Confirmed! (Pause)

DAVID: Do you have knowledge of this other essence that channeled through somebody on this same level, called Ramtha?

ELIAS: I hold awareness of the essence in its totality, although this being one focus of that essence. Be remembering, this is not a discounting of the interaction and information.

BOB: Earlier, you commented on another channeler who had some information being filtered through his belief systems via other focuses. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

BOB: This is not the case with yourself?

ELIAS: This is a different energy exchange.

BOB: So belief systems do not come into play with Elias?

ELIAS: This essence is not and has not been another focus of the essence of Michael. Therefore, the action of the exchange is different. There may be belief system filtration through the verbal exchange, for I am exchanging physically within energy and utilizing the awareness of the individual physically focused, and utilizing your language. Within this there is an element of distortion, for it is not possible to be offering without any distortion within the confines of your language. The information is not offered through the perspective of belief systems.

BOB: Okay. So in that context, the information that Seth provided was very much the same information, or presented in somewhat the same way, as your information is presented?


BOB: But wasn't Jane some sort of parallel, and she was present or aware of the channeling as it happened, or not?

ELIAS: At many times.

BOB: Sometimes. Apparently, channels are cropping up all over the place as part of the shift, I would assume. Certainly, they're varied. Are there other channels more of your nature that you are aware of, and if someone was to bring one of them up in a session, you could recognize one from the other?


BOB: Okay. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. I shall be disengaging with you this evening as a consideration of energy presently, and offering you an anticipation of our encounterings. Much affection to you all. For this evening, I bid you fondly, au revoir!

Elias departs at 9:21 PM.

© 1997 Mary Ennis/Vicki Pendley, All Rights Reserved

Copyright 1997 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.