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Babies, Psoriasis, Channeling


“Babies, Psoriasis, Channeling”

Saturday, September 17, 2005 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael), Marian (Tamier) and Ilya (Yanna)

(Elias’ arrival time is 16 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening!

MARIAN: Hello, Elias!

ELIAS: Ha ha! Welcome!

MARIAN: I just want to ask you if you have discovered something new recently. I’m not going to ask how is it going, because I know the answer already!

ELIAS: (Laughs) Very well, perhaps I shall ask YOU how YOU are doing!

MARIAN: I am doing very well. I am very curious to know more about myself, so I have prepared some questions. The first one I want to start with is what are my essence name, essence families, color and orientation.

ELIAS: Essence name, Tamier, T-A-M-I-E-R (TAM ee air). And your impression as to essence families? What is your impression?

MARIAN: I think Sumari and Vold.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARIAN: Cool! About color, I associate more myself with orange. Is this correct?

ELIAS: A dark orange.

MARIAN: And my intent, maybe common?

ELIAS: Your orientation? Common, yes.

MARIAN: I want the same for Ilya, that’s my partner who’s sitting next to me. What is her essence name?

ELIAS: Essence name, Yanna, Y-A-N-N-A (YAHN nah). And your impression as to essence families?

MARIAN: We didn’t do so much research. I think she is also Sumari, but the other one I don’t know.

ELIAS: You are correct of the Sumari-belonging. The alignment, Borledim.

MARIAN: We will do more research soon for exactly what it means. So, that was the first part. Let’s go to the more fun questions. (Elias laughs) How many focuses do I have in this reality?

ELIAS: Nine hundred thirty-nine.

MARIAN: That’s quite a few. I’m going for a thousand now! (Both laugh) And for Ilya?

ELIAS: Eight hundred seventy-three.

MARIAN: It is quite funny, because you can say that is kind of your age (Elias laughs), but of course it doesn’t matter.

We are also curious about the type of focuses we are. I don’t think I’m final. Ilya is also not a final one and definitely not a beginning one. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

MARIAN: We have a baby who’s six months old, and his name is Lucas. What is the relationship we share with him? Can you say more about it?

ELIAS: In association with other focuses?


ELIAS: You incorporate many other focuses with this individual.

MARIAN: How many?

ELIAS: One hundred sixty-eight.

MARIAN: So it’s not the first time we experience together. He had a little bit of a situation when he was born, because his oxygen level was not right. Can you say more about this? Is it just adapting again to reality, or is it something more specific to him?

ELIAS: Not necessarily a situation of adjusting, but a situation of fluctuating as to whether the choice would be engaged to generate this particular physical focus.

MARIAN: So he had a little bit of choice to do it or not?


MARIAN: Do you know what part of his feeling was to do it? I think that’s a hard question.

ELIAS: No, this is not difficult. I may express to you, the choice was engaged to continue with this physical focus in association with his exploration and the choice to be engaging each of you in this family unit.

Let me express to you, first of all, this type of action is actually not uncommon for essences choosing to be physically focused. At times, the essence may not necessarily actually fully engage the physical manifestation until after the actual birth. At times, the essence may not actually engage the physical manifestation fully until the small one is several months old. That is...

MARIAN: It’s like the essence needs some time to focus through their body?

ELIAS: Yes, and choose.

MARIAN: Sorry to interrupt. Can it happen that the essence does it before birth, that it focuses in the body?

ELIAS: Yes, quite frequently. What I am expressing to you is that it is not unusual for an essence to not be fully associated with the body consciousness or the physical manifestation immediately. But it is quite common that the choice of the manifestation and to participate with the physical manifestation is engaged prior to the birth, for the most part.

MARIAN: We are also reading information from some other groups which are also busy channeling, and they say something about a new type of DNA. Do you have some information about this? Does Lucas have a new type of DNA?

ELIAS: No. Let me also express to you that there is some element of distortion in that type of information. There is the possibility for individuals to alter their physical DNA, but that rarely occurs. There is a potential that it may be an action engaged futurely more frequently, but in this time framework it is rarely engaged.

It is not a matter of individuals emerging into this physical reality with a different type of DNA, which would be identified as a new type of DNA. That is a distortion. It is actually a matter of incorporating the ability to alter your physical DNA if so choosing, but that would also be an action that would be more commonly expressed, if it is chosen to be expressed, futurely.

MARIAN: I understand. We have a question about Lucas crying at night. Do you have any idea why? Communication is not so easy with him right now.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) I may express to you, it may be helpful to engage a nurturing and calming energy with this small one. This individual is generating dream memory, and in that, the recall of other focuses at times is distressing.

MARIAN: I see. I think we know the moments when this was happening, because he was waking up and crying a lot and we didn’t know why, what was happening.

ELIAS: This is associated with...

MARIAN: (Inaudible) for me?


MARIAN: He has on his skin red spots. Why is that happening, and is there something we can do to improve his condition?

ELIAS: I may express to you, there is a slight allergy which he is expressing, which is an adjustment to physical environment. This also may be somewhat affected in how you interact with this small one.

This small one is expressing an experience requiring more attention and more of what you would term to be closeness than many other small ones. Many small ones allow themselves to engage their environment themselves more easily and more independently, but some require more attention and more physical touch. This particular individual is one of those individuals that requires more physical interaction, more closeness in touch.

MARIAN: Is this something similar to what I have? I have what we call psoriasis.

ELIAS: Somewhat similar — not entirely but somewhat, at this point, similar, yes.

MARIAN: How can I change my skin?

ELIAS: I may express to you two actions that may be helpful. One is associated with attention. In paying less attention to the manifestation, you offer it less energy, and therefore, you generate it less.

The other may incorporate some practice: allowing yourself to be aware of your energy and how it is being expressed, allowing yourself to be aware of anxiety, nervousness, restlessness. These are expressions that generate a significant contribution to this manifestation, which may also be quite helpful to the small one if he is receiving considerable time frameworks of nurturing and physical interaction, being held, being supported. That shall create an environment which shall encourage him not to be expressing this type of anxiousness, anxiety, nervousness or tension.

In you, paying attention to those types of expressions within yourself and allowing yourself to incorporate actions to alter those types of expressions may be quite helpful, for those types of expressions greatly contribute to the physical manifestation with your skin.

Your skin is the largest surface of your physical manifestation and incorporates tremendous sensitivity to sense data. Whether that be in association with outside sense data or whether it be expressions of inward energy, it matters not. Skin is very receptive to different expressions that you generate in many different manners. Therefore, paying attention to what type of energy you are expressing and experiencing is significantly important.

MARIAN: I understand. I will give it a try, of course. It will be my choice!

ELIAS: (Laughs) And so it is!

MARIAN: I have a question which is totally a different topic. Ilya wants to start the interaction of channeling. What can she do to achieve this intergalactic telephone?

ELIAS: (Laughs) And what would be the motivation?

MARIAN: Primarily to help other people and to know more about herself and about life and everything.

ELIAS: There are different manners in which you may be engaging this type of action. You may be engaging the action of channeling information from your own essence, which is equally as valid as engaging an energy exchange and also less invasive, or there is the action of tapping into energy deposits or worldviews of other essences, which may also provide valid and significant information, and is also less invasive than an energy exchange.

There is also the action of an energy exchange with another essence, which you may also engage. That is somewhat more invasive, but some individuals do agree and choose to allow that action to occur. In actuality, many individuals do.

MARIAN: Do you have some practical exercises she can do?

ELIAS: I may express to you that the most significant is to be generating an openness and a willingness to engage, and in that, practicing relaxation or even meditation may be helpful to generate that type of an openness and willingness to engage. It is dependent upon which type of action you choose to engage as to what you would actually do.

In association with an energy exchange, that may be engaged or you may present, so to speak, the signal of your willingness to participate in these meditations; but remember, that also requires the agreement and the participation of another essence, and therefore, that may or may not incorporate some time framework in which another essence may respond.

MARIAN: There is not like a place where you can put an advertisement “we need an essence”?

ELIAS: (Laughs) The sheer openness and willingness to participate, in actuality, figuratively speaking, does create that type of advertisement, for it generates a type of beacon within consciousness that allows other essences the recognition that there is an open, willing individual to participate with. In that, it is a matter of allowance and not to be discounting. For initially, in any energy exchange, there is some element of scatteredness. There is an element of scatteredness of the energy of the essence that is responding, and there is an element of adjustment with the individual within physical focus.

Therefore, initially, the exchange may not necessarily be entirely clear dependent upon how you engage the energy exchange, which most individuals engage an energy exchange with some awareness of what is occurring, some awareness objectively of what is being expressed through you. Therefore, the initial obstacle is to not be discounting, to not be blocking and discounting in the manner in which you automatically associate that it is merely your imagination, but allowing and continuing to allow as it unfolds. For many times individuals block their own reception, for they automatically express that they themselves are generating this action and it is being expressed merely through their imagination, or that it is fantasy.

MARIAN: So, we need a little bit of practice to see what is our imagination and what is coming from outside.

ELIAS: That is merely a question of allowing. As you continue to allow, you shall also allow yourselves to watch how it unfolds. The more you allow, the clearer the information shall become and the less scattered the energy shall be. There is a period of time in which the essence that is engaging an individual also generates some type of adjustment in projecting energy through layers of consciousness into a physical interaction. Therefore, both essences incorporate some type of adjustment — which does continue as you continue to engage the action — but it is the most dramatic in the initial engagement.

MARIAN: Actually, I would like to have a physical description of all the changes the energy (inaudible). But I don’t think we need this, we just need some acceptance with a bit of practice. (Elias laughs)

Now I will go to another question. Ilya wants to know what was the reason she came to Holland, and what are her potentials for work here?

ELIAS: And what is your assessment?

MARIAN: I think she wanted to discover something new. Work-related is in the area of challenges.

ELIAS: And I pose the question “what do you want?”

MARIAN: She would like some more background information in her choice to come to Holland.

ELIAS: In what capacity?

MARIAN: If there were some other motives than we know of in this choice.

ELIAS: Not necessarily, for it is a new adventure, and in that new adventure, a manner in which you can explore new potentials and create new avenues to investigate and a new environment in which you can engage not merely skills but creativity.

MARIAN: That is clear. Her work concern is is there a probability for her to do something in (inaudible).

ELIAS: That is a potential, although I may also express that in this time framework it may be beneficial also to genuinely be expressing that creativity and generating an allowance within the skills to be expanding in new explorations of those skills, allowing for new interest and a renewed sense of fun.

MARIAN: We’ll see. (Elias laughs) She has a lot of choices. (Inaudible)

ELIAS: Remember, what is the most significant is to pay attention to what you want and subsequently allow yourself to imaginatively be creative in generating what you want.

MARIAN: I will give her the message.

ELIAS: Very well.

MARIAN: I have a question about the number three. I see it a lot lately. What is it saying to me?

ELIAS: Balance.

MARIAN: Balance?

ELIAS: Yes. That number is significant as imagery associated with balance: gentleness, playfulness, strength.

MARIAN: It’s quite funny to see the number three when I’m going to dentist! (Elias laughs) It’s kind of relaxing.

I was traveling to (inaudible) a time ago, and I was just about to finish work, I had my jacket on, and I felt a tapping on my shoulder. Was that you or something else?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) My energy.

MARIAN: That I was quite correct in receiving!

ELIAS: (Laughs) I am acknowledging of you in paying attention.

MARIAN: I try to do my homework! (Both laugh) I have a question about my mother. What is the reason she chose to disengage this reality?

ELIAS: Be more specific.

MARIAN: She left us thirteen years ago. She was quite young, and it happened all of a sudden. Her name is Mariana. Why did she choose to stop? (Pause)

ELIAS: A choice associated with completing value fulfillment and also associated with not choosing to continue and engage within physical reality in the objective expression of this shift.

MARIAN: So her value fulfillment was because we were moving from Romania to Holland, and that goal was almost completed. Was that part of the value fulfillment?


MARIAN: A time ago she said, “I don’t want to get old.” Is that something related to the choice?


MARIAN: What is the part about not wanting to participate in this shift?

ELIAS: Not in the objective movement of it.

MARIAN: About the mother of Ilya, is it something similar or are there some new elements? It happened to her the same, although the conditions were different. It was much more (inaudible).

ELIAS: That would be a different choice. That would more be associated with a choice to be disengaging in that time framework as an expression of supportiveness and encouragement to other individuals in her immediate proximity, to be discovering their own strength.

MARIAN: That was helpful to Ilya. She grew closer to her brother because of that interaction.

ELIAS: It was a strong encouragement of this individual in choosing this action to express that energy to the other individuals in discovering their own strength and their own capabilities, which in actuality was quite successfully executed.

MARIAN: It was quite a drama, I can say. (Elias laughs) Did she reach her value fulfillment?


MARIAN: Is there a way we can contact their energies in this timeframe besides the energy deposits you were talking about in some other sessions?

ELIAS: To engage them?


ELIAS: Yes, you can. You can engage them most easily in dream state, but you can also engage them in waking state, if you are paying attention.

Now; let me also express to you that individuals that have disengaged can most easily express energy in association with engaging you within physical focus through plants or creatures or both. Creatures do not incorporate beliefs, neither do plants. Creatures are exceptionally receptive to energy and actually see what you do not see.

Therefore, it is easy for an individual that has disengaged to filter energy through into your reality in association with creatures, for they are receptive. In paying attention to creatures, you may signal yourselves when the energy of the other individual is present, or you can also engage plants in a similar manner. An individual that has disengaged can easily interact with a plant and move it.

MARIAN: I understand. I previously had three cats. One of them was Vinteshar and the other one Neglishar, and the last one Mooshie. Was one of them used by my mother to send some energy?

ELIAS: They have been engaged several times. Ha ha ha!

MARIAN: So you say all of them, not one in particular?

ELIAS: Correct. And I may express to you, the third one has also viewed myself.

MARIAN: What? Part of your energy?


MARIAN: That cat is so playful! (Elias laughs) She even scared a dog of the neighbors, and I like that. I don’t know how exact you have all this information, but was that more you in that type of action?

ELIAS: Engaging the dog?

MARIAN: Yes, because Mooshie was looking down at the dog from the balcony, and the dog was scared.

ELIAS: No, that was the creature itself, the feline. Not quite a timid creature! (Laughs)

MARIAN: No, not at all!

ELIAS: Expressing quite a bold energy, which was quite attractive in my interaction also. Ha ha!

MARIAN: What was your part of the expression of Mooshie?

ELIAS: Not that I engaged its expressions, but that the feline engaged my energy and was aware in moments in which I was presenting energy. Were you not ever noticing time frameworks in which this feline appeared to be viewing some thing that to you seemed invisible?

MARIAN: Maybe I remember something. (Elias laughs) It is quite interesting, yes.

Let’s see. I have some more questions here. How many focuses do I share together with Ilya? (Pause)

ELIAS: Three hundred one.

MARIAN: I know it’s possible for essence to have more focuses in the same timeframe. Is one close to me now? (Pause)


MARIAN: Damn! (Both laugh) About my professions, what am I at the moment in other focuses?

ELIAS: Many different professions. You incorporate many, many, many different professions. What type of professions are you interested in knowing of?

MARIAN: Generally speaking, what is the one that I do most, like am I a teacher?

ELIAS: What do you incorporate most generally? One moment. (Pause) Most generally, within your focuses, either male or female, you incorporate actions of exchange in different capacities.

MARIAN: Information exchange or...?

ELIAS: At times, or physical exchange of many different capacities, even that in exchanges which would be viewed as not legally sanctioned. (Both laugh)

MARIAN: Okay, let’s face it, prostitutes!

ELIAS: Or thieves. (Laughs)

MARIAN: I didn’t realize that I was good at that, but hey, I was born in Romania so I should know! (Elias laughs) But of course, I’ve been a teacher, a priest and what else? Working for a newspaper?


MARIAN: A dancer?


MARIAN: And some focus, special, to be noticed? More powerful or more politically involved?

ELIAS: Yes, you incorporate leadership roles in some focuses. You incorporate some focuses of notoriety or what you would term to be fame. I encourage you to investigate and listen to your impressions. That may be a fun game for you to engage.

MARIAN: Fame, you said. Can you give more hints?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) I may express to you that you may discover one of your notable focuses in association with religious leader. You may also discover another focus that incorporates fame in association with a political leader in France, a significant political leader. I may also express to you that you incorporate an individual that is a dancer that expresses considerable notoriety or fame, and a musician.

MARIAN: What instrument? (Pause)

ELIAS: Cello.

MARIAN: Ilya is also a little bit curious in this question. What is her relationship to that? (Pause)

ELIAS: Also incorporates several famous focuses: one, a famous pilot; one, an artist, Russian.

MARIAN: Painting?

ELIAS: Yes. Another incorporating a political figure, Germany; another, dancer, Romania.

MARIAN: About my religious figure, was it Christianity or another one?

ELIAS: Christian, yes.

MARIAN: Ilya is dying to know so many things. Why did she choose this particular place, to be born in Romania, and this family?

ELIAS: To experience that culture and also to experience certain challenges that would be beneficial subsequently in motivating more explorations, not being confined to one area.

MARIAN: Well, Elias, I guess the time’s up, but we will continue to interact. I wish I had a cat to see your energy again! (Elias laughs)

ELIAS: Perhaps you shall acquire another creature in which you may be paying attention more clearly. (Laughs)

MARIAN: And that is?

ELIAS: Ha ha! That would be your choice.

MARIAN: Yes, maybe a bird or a plant. But a plant is not moving so much.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Or perhaps you shall incorporate another creature.

MARIAN: Or maybe paying attention and receiving another tap on the shoulder?

ELIAS: Ha ha! Yes.

MARIAN: But your message is clear: be playful, then you’re at your best.

ELIAS: Yes! (Laughs)

MARIAN: I wish you the all the best, and that’s it for tonight.

ELIAS: Very well, my friend. I am greatly encouraging to you and to your partner, and I anticipate our next meeting.

MARIAN: Thank you very much.

ELIAS: To you in great affection and appreciation, au revoir.

MARIAN: Au revoir.

(Elias departs after 1 hour.)

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