Session 182
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Genetics/The Fireworks Analogy/Dimensional Fragmen


"Genetics/The Fireworks Analogy"
"Dimensional Fragmentation"

Sunday, June 8, 1997 (Group) © 1997
Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Jim (Yarr), Drew (Matthew), Gail (William), Norm (Stephen), Reta (Dehl), and Bob (Simon). Many thanks to Margot for transcribing this session!
Note: All words and phrases in {brackets} are Elias' words. (Parenthesis) are the transcriber's notes, and [squares] are words inserted into the text by the transcriber for clarification.
Elias arrives at 7:06 PM. (Time was twenty seconds)

ELIAS: Good evening. (Smiling) This evening we shall review your subject of genetics as it has been presented thus far, for it appears that there may be misunderstandings or lack of understanding within many of the elements of this information. I shall be allowing your questioning in areas of confusion.

We have discussed information of genealogy and your physical heritage. We have discussed the genetics in conjunction with your other focuses and also with this particular physical focus, or any physical focus in which you are manifesting. We have spoken of dimensional aspects in regard to memory, but not in genetic encoding within your particular dimension. We have discussed your RNA and your DNA and your manifestations physically, and the encoding which goes beyond that which you recognize physically within your DNA.

As to the subject of DNA, let me qualify that the information that has been offered to you is encoded within your DNA molecule. This encompasses far more than your mere physical attributes or elements of manifestation. The encoding also includes your mental and emotional states, and also holds the information of your other focuses. It is not limited to this particular focus.

Your scientists recognize only that encoding which may be identified within one particular manifestation, for this is what they look for and the limitation of their belief systems. They believe in one manifestation. Therefore, they may identify genetic encoding which applies to one lineage. They do not understand the concept or the reality of simultaneous time, and all of the other focuses of essence which are manifest at the same time as you. They also do not recognize the multidimensionality of the individual. Therefore, they do not seek information beyond the limitations of one particular focus, but I express to you that this information is physically encoded equally as much as any other information that you may attribute to your DNA as holding. We have covered much material recently of your genetics, and I am recognizing that not all of this information has been assimilated and understood. Therefore, I offer you the opportunity to clarify to yourselves information of this subject this evening, that you may hold a better understanding. I am aware that each of you has held questioning within this time period of this subject that you do not feel as yet has been satisfied within answers. You may have your opportunity for questioning this evening, for clarification.

(To Drew) And you shall not confuse me or turn this essence around to your benefit! I shall win! (Grinning, and we all laugh)

DREW: No doubt!

RETA: Well, I'll be glad to start. Let's just simplify this, okay? Let me draw a scenario. In my mind I've got this intelligence which is certain links of consciousness that have gravitated together, magnated together. Now we're starting some sort of DNA stream right there. Then as we magnate or bring other parts of this together, our other decisions on our being, on our time, and everything like that, are we gathering then more attributes of our DNA as we progress through this building of us? I'm trying to see this as a growing thing, until we finally have developed a being that we want to project into this dimension, and we do that. Is it a slow process, or do you have this whole pattern to begin with?

ELIAS: From the moment of the mergence of the very first elements of physical life, as you view it within the manifestation of a human, all of the encoding is present.

RETA: That's at that time, but how do you bring it forth? Are you bringing it forth a little at a time as you pick up your essence family, as you pick up the fact that you'll be male or female or that your intent is going to be artistic or music or science and the other attributes of your personality? Or is it formed way back when you first start the intellect or the intelligence?

ELIAS: First of all, although I am aware that this is quite difficult, I must be instructing you once again that there was no "before."

RETA: That's difficult.

ELIAS: I am aware. Simultaneously, essence explodes, figuratively, into many focuses. (Pause) Think of your fireworks. Visualize your fireworks. Within this action, you shoot into your skies your fireworks, which explode into many, many, many glittering aspects of its one self ...

RETA: All encoded the same?

ELIAS: ... all at the same time. Think of each projection of twinkling light of these fireworks as a focus of an essence, all occurring simultaneously, all twinkling equally as brightly, and all projecting a manifestation. (Nice visual!) The essence chooses a cycle to be entering into, providing it is choosing to be entering into physical focus. As it is choosing each physical dimension, it gathers information of each physical dimension and the elements required for physical manifestation within those dimensions. It accumulates the information of each physical dimension, {this particular dimension requiring your genetic encoding for your manifestations} simultaneously holding information of other focuses within other dimensions which hold different elements for manifestation. As all of this information is gathered, it is incorporated into essence.

Within your terms, {underline} at the moment that essence chooses to be entering into physical dimensions, it explodes into countless focuses or facets. These focuses appear simultaneously within each dimension and within each time element of each dimension, according to the desire of the essence. In this, each twinkling of the firework holds its own individuality and choices. Therefore, within all of this simultaneous action occurs another simultaneous action, of each focus accumulating, assimilating and manifesting all of its own information which is pertaining to its own individual manifestation; that which it chooses.

In this, in your thought process and your time framework you may think of the action of the subjective events as preceding the physical manifestation ... although, mark this! It does not precede! But for the purpose of understanding, as you think in linear terms and within moments, you may think to yourself in increments of events. In this, the essence holds all of the information of all of the dimensions initially. It is directing of all of its aspects into all of the areas that it chooses to experience within. As it chooses the cycles that it is desiring to be experiencing, it also chooses a designated amount, so to speak, of aspects that shall be entering a specific dimension for that experience.

One moment. (To Vicki) You have the specific numbers with you for certain individuals.

VICKI: (Thinking really fast here, trying to remember) Oh, really?

ELIAS: You have connected with the specific numbers for certain individuals subjectively, which you have allowed to bleed through objectively, accounting for the individual manifestations to this present now, future and past, within this dimension only. You may be sharing of this information with these individuals later. (

In continuing, as the essence ... (to Bob) welcome ... chooses the different cycles that it is desiring to be entering and it is designating the number of aspects which shall be experiencing within the individual dimensions, it then, in your terms, delegates to each sparkle its own freedom of choices to be manifesting within its own physical focus. This you may look at as a process or within steps, although it is all accomplished at once; this explanation to be specified as figurative. This would be the closest explanation that I may offer you at this time presently, in allowing an understanding of the action of manifestation. Therefore, the information of the DNA is held before the actualization.

RETA: So the genetic coding is all through the sparkles, and all through everything before it happens.

ELIAS: Not physically.

RETA: Well, okay ...

ELIAS: The information is known.

RETA: And of course when you're looking at the DNA of the cell, you can't see all those choices in all those sparkles. They're just another genetic code, DNA, whatever you want to call it.

ELIAS: Now; be remembering that all of these sparkles of your firework are not focused within one dimension. Therefore, some are focused within your dimension, which shall hold genetic encoding as you understand it. Many others are focused within other dimensions, which do not manifest with this same genetic coding.

RETA: I understand that part.

NORM: So dynamically, our DNA is that updated during our lifetime by our experiences?

ELIAS: Not by your experiences.

NORM: By other focuses?

ELIAS: It may be altered as per your choice, but it is not a cause and effect. Your experiences do not alter your DNA.

NORM: Yet our DNA encodes everything about us in the essence.


NORM: But I have a problem with simultaneous time now, in that if there was a focus as my New Guinea focus that is encoded now in my DNA?

ELIAS: Yes, this is correct; although this is the aspect of the DNA molecule that you have not discovered presently, for as I have stated, it is not looked for. Within your investigation of your DNA molecule, you find what you expect to find. You find what you look for dependent upon the questions that you ask, for if your scientists are asking questions they shall research and investigate until they are acquiring their answers, or adequate answers for them within their present now; this being why your sciences launch a great investigation within the field of genetics presently, for they hold questions that they may not answer presently and they are curious. As their curiosity enlarges, {for they answer certain questions and must move on to new questioning} they shall eventually be questioning beyond this one physical manifestation; for just as you view within many of your sciences accidental discoveries which create questioning which creates investigation, there shall be individuals which shall accidentally {but not accidentally} discover new elements that are inconsistent with established findings; just as your psychologists now experience elements within exchange of their clients which are inconsistent with their learning to this present now, suggesting that you are more than only this particular manifestation or focus. This creates questioning. Within one area of your sciences questioning has begun, which has infected many other areas of your sciences; which the epidemic may be spreading also to your religious elements, for they may not deny the evidence that you present yourselves with.

RETA: Would you care to say what that development is? Name it? We see some of that happening, but do you have a qualified name for what's happening? That's not a parlor game, that's an answer!

ELIAS: But shall you rob the individual of their discovery?

RETA: How could I do that? (Elias is chuckling throughout this)

ELIAS: For you all within your species value your discoveries so very highly, in acknowledging yourselves that you have acquired information that no other individual has known before!

RETA: All right, could we qualify it in the United States?


RETA: No? (Laughter) I mean, we want to watch for it!

ELIAS: You may watch! Your communication systems are quite extensive, creating your global atmosphere to be quite small ...

RETA: True.

ELIAS: ... within this present now. Therefore, it shall be quite easy for you to be watching for your discoveries.

NORM: Primarily psychological, though.

ELIAS: Not only psychological.

NORM: In reference to the DNA, but closely coupled to the DNA information?

ELIAS: Psychology has, in your terms, led your way into questioning areas. But in relation to your DNA, your physical sciences shall be investigating and researching, eventually to be discovering that element of unofficial information which is encoded physically, just as all of the other information that they presently are aware of. They need only expand their quest and engage their periphery.

BOB: Question. Are these discoveries important to the shift or just a by-product of it?

ELIAS: Both. They are a by-product of your widening awareness. As your physicists begin to encounter their block walls, {for they may move forward no more without engaging periphery} they shall be discovering of more information which is relevant to your understanding of yourselves. In this, the physical action is a by-product of the widening of awareness, but it also holds significance in the action of the shift; for as you learn more of yourselves, you also learn more of reality and how you create it.

This also shall be helpful in lessening your belief system of duplicity; for within your present now, as you move forward in your terms, you reinforce your issues of duplicity by looking to your planet and other species upon your planet and chastising your species for being destructive of other species and your planet itself! These are belief systems! You are creating precisely how you have chosen to be creating, within cooperation of all elements of this physical dimension. There are no accidents, and there are no ... "bad guys!" (Grinning at everybody)

NORM: There are no bad guys?

BOB: No, just bad girls! (And plenty of wise guys!)

ELIAS: Therefore, as you widen your awareness and you learn more of self, and you hold more accurate information of self and your manifestations within this dimension, you shall also begin to understand that within cooperation of all other elements, you have orchestrated this physical dimension exactly in the manner that you have chosen it to be manifest. It shall allow you to be loosening your hold upon many very strong belief systems that you hold presently. (Pause) I shall offer a break, and you may continue with your questioning, Lawrence!

BREAK: 7:48 PM. RESUME: 8:05 PM (Time was eight seconds)

ELIAS: You may continue with your questioning.

VICKI: Okay, I have a question about the numbers. They're done with a colon in between them. There's two numbers, a colon, and two more numbers. I don't quite understand how to interpret.

ELIAS: The first number is that which has been, in your manner of thinking, manifest. The second number is the probable number if choosing, within this present now, to be remanifesting.

VICKI: So with Ron, with an 11:11, do I understand it correctly then that he presently has eleven focuses of essence?

ELIAS: Correct, within this dimension.

VICKI: Okay ...

ELIAS: And if choosing to remanifest, shall remanifest eleven more.

VICKI: That doesn't seem like very many.

ELIAS: It need not be very many. You need only three.

BOB: So when Ron pointed at the clock the other day and it said 11:11, is that some sort of unofficial verification of his manifestations? (Bob's having a hard time asking this seriously)

ELIAS: In actuality, this has been a source of amusement for these individuals! Although it has struck a chord, so to speak, within Olivia, even though it is changed into a factor of comedy! (Folks are giggling here)

VICKI: I have one more question about it. Greg, who is a splintered counterpart of Ron's, if I'm remembering correctly, would not be one of these eleven focuses. This would not include splinters, etcetera?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Okay. I have one more question regarding the information on genetics. I'm still confused and not clear about the cellular memory that we hold of other dimensional focuses, and what you were talking about a few weeks ago regarding if you fragment in this focus and it has something to do with another dimensional focus and it having something to do with the cellular memory. I'm so unclear I can't even formulate the question, but I did go through that information again and I still don't really understand what distinction you were making.

ELIAS: Interesting that you shall draw yourself to this particular questioning, as this particular questioning was to be addressed anyway for the benefit of all those, including Lawrence, holding strong belief systems in regard to other dimensional focuses which bleed through to this dimensional focus; which you hold judgment upon information offered that you view to be indulgent of belief systems, which it is not! It is disagreeing with your belief systems, for you hold belief systems that these elements are false or non-existent. This brings us to information offered to Dimin (Carole). (Firmly) This is not indulgent information! This is accurate information. This individual is aware that within terminology of expressing irritating words of "star-borne" that she is not born from a star but within another system of planetary rotation within another dimension, which has been stated within this forum, and has also been stated that this particular individual has fragmented within this dimension within this particular focus. Therefore, you may be gaining much information from elements of this individual, within an understanding of a different element of manifestation within your dimension presently.

This individual, as do many other individuals, holds memory of another dimension which the essence was focused within, and [was] not focused within this dimension until the action of fragmentation; which creates your firework effect, once again, into a new dimension. This individual fragmented into this dimension. The fragmenting essence held focuses within this dimension. This essence, in your terms, is a new essence, creating its initial entering focus with this individual which has already manifest. This is unusual. It is not rare, but it is unusual that any essence should fragment, within what you term to be the center of a particular physical focus, within a different dimension. Let me explain further for your clarification.

The essence has created its firework effect. It is dispersed within many, many dimensions physically focused. One focus, one focus within another dimension, not this dimension, is physically manifest. It is experiencing what you term to be its lifetime within another dimension. At mid-point, it is choosing within desire to be fragmenting from essence, creating new essence. Within the action of the fragmentation, it is merged with another aspect within another dimension, thrusting itself into physical dimension, physical focus, into this physical cycle. The aspect of the physical focus, from the original dimension of which we speak, has transferred to this dimension the whole of essence, [and] simultaneously has fractured into all of its sparkles of firework in many different dimensions. The aspect of consciousness known as the focus within one dimension continues physically within a different dimension. Therefore, the individual experiences a fragmenting or fracturing of memory within physical focus. They hold feelings of displacement. These individuals also hold difficulty in acclimating to the new dimension. It is confusing to them, for the memory is held quite strongly and partially objectively of different dimension. This is no different than that of which we have spoken, of individuals who have acquired transplanted organs which hold physical memory and then incorporate action and desires in conjunction with the transplanted organs and their memory. There is no separation within essence. There is no separation within consciousness. Therefore, each aspect of essence is interchangeable. (Staring at Vic)

VICKI: I need a cigarette!

DREW: Even among different essences they're interchangeable?

ELIAS: We have spoken of this, and this would be a different action. Within essence, all of your focuses hold similar tone. Therefore, you may interchange with all of your different focuses; although be remembering, you may not assume another focus, for each focus is individual [and] holds personality and individual choices. Therefore, this was not an assumption of one focus into another. Within the action of fragmentation and entering into physical cycles of its own, within essence it created an exchange. The one focus did not assume the placement of the other focus. It created an exchange, just as you may exchange with alternates selves. This may be accomplished not temporarily. You may not assume another focus, but you may exchange with an alternate.

DREW: So I understand this. I think I understand this, but I'd like to rephrase it in terms that I understand a little better and make sure that I understand it the way you're explaining it; that essence A, let's say, has physical expression in many dimensions except for this one ...

ELIAS: No. It is holding expressions within this dimension. Essence B, which is the fragmented essence, is not holding aspects within this dimension.

DREW: Okay. Well, we just got our A's and B's switched.

ELIAS: Continue.

DREW: Okay. So B does not have any physical representation, if you will, in this dimension. And then through choice and agreement on a subjective level, B fragments one of its physical manifestations in one of its dimensions, and exchanges with a physical focus of A in this dimension?

GAIL: I thought it merged.

ELIAS: Merged.

DREW: Merged. Okay, it merges. So now let's say this physical representation of A in this dimension is a 20-year-old woman. Are we talking about in mid-life this will happen to somebody? It's not a new baby being born.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: So a woman or man or somebody at whatever age, this mergence takes place through agreement on a subjective level, but they can at some moments in the middle of their life suddenly have all of these strange and unaware feelings that they don't understand because of this mergence of essence from another dimension? Hmmm ...

BOB: Is this now one essence or two? These two merge. At some point, they were separate. However, we understand that they were individual essences. When they merge, do they become one essence?

ELIAS: We are not speaking of the essence. We are speaking of the focus.

DREW: But focus is essence, isn't it?

ELIAS: Yes; but for the purposes of your understanding, in the individual focus the essence has created an exchange of aspects and a mergence within one focus.

BOB: So two essences are partnering up on this one experience, in effect?

ELIAS: Within this one focus.

BOB: Holy shit! (Much laughter, and we all start talking at once)

DREW: What would be the advantage ...

BOB: That could be a bit confusing!

DREW: What would be the advantage ... (You're SOL here, Drew!)

ELIAS: Quite!

VICKI: I think you need a cigarette too!

BOB: Huh? (We're really cracking up now)

VICKI: Would you like a cigarette too?

BOB: I'll take a joint if you have one! (And we've all totally lost it. It's been a while since we've had some real face-rubbing going on, but just wait! It gets better! You too can rub your face!)

ELIAS: Therefore, you may understand more effectively the confusion that arises within Dimin and the reasoning for explanation to this individual. This is not a situation of placating or indulging! As Dimin enters areas of strongly held belief systems within this dimension which pertain to this dimension, they are addressed. As Dimin inquires of other-dimensional belief systems, these are reality. They do not fit within this dimension, which is expressed to this individual, but explanation is offered for lessening confusion within this individual.

Now; look to yourselves at your own confusion at the action of this essence! Therefore, now think of the confusion of the individual within the individual focus which has experienced this action. This, in many cases within your history, has caused effects {within the individuals} that you within your societies have classified as insanity.

GAIL: I can relate to that!

DREW: What would be the advantage to essence doing that as opposed to maintaining its own integrity, if you will, in a particular focus, and then essence just establishing a new focus ... essence B, if you will, establishing a new focus in this dimension as opposed to merging into an existing focus?

ELIAS: It is a creative endeavor for experience.

VICKI: Okay, I have one more question that will probably reveal my complete lack of understanding of the subject matter, but I'm gonna ask it anyway. So, when Carole was a little girl in this focus, was her essence name Otha? (Carole is fragmented of Otha)

ELIAS: (Pause) This was the tone, yes. (Pause) It is no longer.

NORM: So it is only one essence. I mean, the mergence became the new essence. If its tone is no longer ... The tone is associated with the essence, and the focus of course, too.

BOB: Is Carole Dimin? (Everybody nods) Oh, okay.

ELIAS: The focus identifies with the essence of Dimin.

NORM: The representation is only from one essence now?


DREW: The two essences combine to create a new tone, essentially? Do they blend?

ELIAS: Yes, they have blended.

BOB: They're a chord now.

DREW: So really, these two essences have created a third essence, a third tone?


GAIL: They merge.

DREW: But they created a new tone.

GAIL: Right.

ELIAS: The one has merged aspects into the other, which now identifies with the tone of Dimin.

VICKI: Would this be similar to the action of remanifestation, this particular type of merging?

ELIAS: Not entirely; although I shall confuse you even further and express to you that it is quite similar to the action of Rose!

VICKI: Okay ... (With exasperation)

ELIAS: (Laughing) Now you may break briefly ... as you ponder this! (Still laughing) But before I am breaking within this moment, I shall also offer you information to be "brushing up," for at our next meeting, as per popular request, we shall reincorporate our game!

BOB: All right! I was thinking about that!

ELIAS: I shall return quickly.

BREAK: 8:35 PM RESUME: 8:44 PM (Time was five seconds)

Note: During the break, we had many different interpretations of the information offered regarding Carole and her fragmentation.

ELIAS: Very well! (Laughter) Incorporate a pencil and a paper. And who shall be my artist for this evening?

VICKI: It looks like we've got three of them going here.

ELIAS: Upon your paper, at one side, draw a small circle. Extending from this circle, draw many spokes. Upon the other side of your paper, draw another small circle. Around each of these circles ... Oh. Spoke the second circle. Around each of these small circles you may create a bigger circle, which you may think of as a solar system.

RETA: Around both of them?

ELIAS: Each.

RETA: Around each.

ELIAS: Label the first small circle A. Label the second small circle B. A is an essence which has exploded in firework fashion, and one line of the spokes has attached to a point of the larger circle, any point shall do, which shall represent a planet within a solar system. Extend another line from essence A out to the solar system surrounding essence B. This signifies that essence A has focused within both solar systems, or two different physical dimensions.

Now; essence B is fragmented from essence A. It holds no focuses in any dimension, but it holds dimensional focuses, for it holds all the information of the fragmenting essence. The aspect which is focused from essence A in the first solar system as a focus is the desiring aspect of essence wishing to be fragmented, just as any of your focuses that you are aware of within this dimension may at any moment fragment into their own essence. This aspect fragments, becoming essence B. Essence B then transfers the aspect, which is extending from essence A to planet, and moves this to planetary system B. Its focus point, upon entering planetary system B or dimensional system, is the same coordinate point as essence A, which already occupies the point within solar system B.

Essence B may not assume the focus. Therefore, a mergence occurs between the existing focus of essence A and the newly established focus of essence B, which has moved from solar system A to solar system B, and as it merges an exchange is made; that essence B within the mergence shall assume the positioning of this focus within solar system B, allowing for an aspect of essence A to return to essence A within solar system A. Draw a line from the focus within solar system B back to essence A, and project this back to solar system A. Therefore, there is an exchange and a mergence which has occurred. (Oh, I get it now!)

RETA: What happens in an exchange?

ELIAS: The one essence has chosen to occupy the space arrangement. Therefore, the aspect remaining of the original essence returns to its original space arrangement.

RETA: Okay, so we need to draw a couple more arrows. He came back, and that would stay and exchange.

NORM: Yeah, right, and it merged.

ELIAS: Correct. Any focus may not assume another focus, but it may exchange space arrangement with another focus. In actuality, you may exchange with another of your focuses within this dimension if you are choosing. Within agreement, you may move into the space arrangement within the time framework of another focus, as the other focus exchanges and occupies your time framework and space arrangement.

NORM: Well, that would be neat!

ELIAS: This does occur. It does not occur frequently, in your terms, but it does occur. Example: Individuals experience an event. Within this event, individuals experience what you term to be amnesia. The individual experiences the scenario of complete amnesia. You shall find through investigation that this is rare, but occasionally it does occur. You shall attribute this to a traumatic event, and you shall explain the complete lack of physical memory by saying that damage or malfunction has occurred within the physical brain. In actuality, what has occurred is an exchange of focuses within space arrangement and time framework. The individual shall not physically remember any elements of the present lifetime, although they shall hold memory. The memory shall be foreign and unfamiliar. This is unexplained within your sciences, for they do not allow for unofficial information. As I have stated, this is not common, but it does occur.

GAIL: I have a question. When they exchange, do they exchange body experiences or ... I guess that's my question. Do they exchange body experiences?

ELIAS: They exchange entirely.

GAIL: Oh. Well, what about like ...

ELIAS: The manifestation shall appear the same physically.

GAIL: Oh, okay.

ELIAS: There shall be alterations in chemical elements, but appearance-wise, they shall remain the same.

GAIL: Does the body experience feel different to them?

ELIAS: Slightly, for they have exchanged consciousness. But as I have stated, you may exchange, for you hold almost the same tone with all of your focuses. You may not assume another focus, but you may exchange with another focus.

NORM: So, much of the DNA in the non-physical part of the DNA information is similar.

ELIAS: Similar, but it shall change ...

NORM: And it will change!

ELIAS: ... for you are incorporating an exchange of a different focus.

VICKI: The DNA will change?


RETA: So the memory will change.


NORM: The non-physical part of the DNA.


VICKI: What about the physical part?

ELIAS: The physical aspects of the DNA shall remain the same and the appearance of the individual shall remain the same, although some chemical characteristics shall change.

VICKI: But that wouldn't be obvious within a physical examination of the DNA?

ELIAS: Not completely. The sciences would be needing to be looking very closely, although in examining very closely they may view alterations that they may not explain.

RETA: What about those people that through therapy then do regain memory? It comes back to them in bits and pieces. Is this a re-exchange back? Some people continue with amnesia for the rest of their life, but some do get their memory back.

ELIAS: There are different situations within this action. It is dependent upon the individual focuses. Within some focuses, subsequent to an exchange they may incorporate a regaining of memory of the other focus, the original focus. Do not become confused! (It's a little late for that!)

You have the original focus. You have another focus. The original focus exchanges. The second focus engages with lack of memory, but at times it may begin to incorporate memory of the original focus, just as you may incorporate memory of your other focuses. This is not always the case within elements of short-term memory loss. It is not always a situation of exchange.

RETA: Would this be the same as people ... For instance, in childhood they have a traumatic event and they block it out from their mind completely because it was so hard on them. And then later in life they'll remember that through some other event, and then in searching, it will be a part of them. Is this an amnesia effect, or is this just a blocking of memory?

ELIAS: This is not what you term to be amnesia. This would be a different situation.

NORM: Do they ever play ring-around-the-rosy, with all the focuses just hoppin' around?

ELIAS: This may be chosen, although this would be rare!

GAIL: You'd have to be really bored!

BOB: And all this is for experience!


DREW: From a practical matter, if there is a complete change of focus, then there is also a change of personality.

ELIAS: To an extent, yes.

DREW: So if we interact with somebody we knew before the experience and after, we may very well notice differences in their personality.


DREW: Also, if a focus from the thirteenth century exchanges with what we consider a focus of the present now, what sort of acclimation problems must there be for that focus entering a completely different time element?

ELIAS: You are assuming that they are entering the different time element with complete objective memory, which they are not. Objectively, they are blank.

DREW: So everything is new to them.

ELIAS: Correct. They begin bleed-throughs of memory which may be completely out of context, in your terms, to their present time framework.

BOB: But the essence they merged with is still in touch with his or her own memories, so this merging essence is sort of going along for the ride.

ELIAS: We are not speaking of a mergence presently. We are speaking of an exchange.

BOB: So an exchange in the terms of a foreign exchange student ... one going to Europe and the other one coming here, and they're both gone to the new place?

ELIAS: Quite.

BOB: So this person is blank objectively and is trying to function with no memory of anything? Does he know anybody or anything?

GAIL: Like amnesia. It's already set.

BOB: Or even how to walk, for that matter?

ELIAS: Quite often, these individuals initially must be retrained to be physically functioning.

BOB: Of course, if they came from another dimension where things were entirely different!

ELIAS: This is not the same. We are speaking presently of individuals experiencing what you term to be amnesia. Within the exchange interdimensionally within fragmentation, there are allowances within essence to the new focuses. Therefore, their acclimation and confusion is not quite as great as the individual which is exchanging with another focus and incorporating what you term to be amnesia.

BOB: None of this is to say that there is not such a phenomenon as amnesia caused by getting smacked in the head. I mean, that still exists within this focus as an experience that is chosen, but that's not necessarily an exchange with another focus.

ELIAS: Does it? (Grinning)

BOB: I don't know! That's what I'm asking! I mean, I got hit in the jaw when I was playing basketball in junior high school and lost short-term memory for, I don't know, thirty minutes or so. Was I exchanging with another focus at that point?

ELIAS: No. Within very short-term memory loss, as you view this, this is merely a disorientation of physical expression. It is momentarily traumatized, in your terms. Therefore, it becomes confused. This is quite different from that which you would classify as amnesia.

BOB: It's something that exists for an extended period of time ...

ELIAS: Quite.

BOB: ... and is not generally related to a physical blow.

ELIAS: It may be objectively related to an event; but consider, within your official guidelines of your officially accepted reality, you may not merely exchange with another focus at will with no outward sign of some unusual happening.

BOB: So I would have to create some sort of an event in order to accomplish the exchange.

ELIAS: You do not have to, but you do, to be fitting within your official reality. Therefore, you create an event which may be objectively viewed, and within this you may create your exchange quite neatly without questioning.

GAIL: Would a stroke fall into that category, like amnesia?

ELIAS: No. This is a different action.

NORM: The additional information that we have in the DNA in regard to other dimensions, that will serve a purpose later in the shift?

ELIAS: Clarification again. Within your DNA, you do not hold information of other dimensions. You hold memory, which is different. You do not hold physical encoding of other dimensions. You do hold encoding of other focuses within this dimension.

NORM: All right. There is two questions. Then this will become important in the shift? This information of other focuses within this dimension ... we will be using these?


NORM: For any specific purpose, or just for experience?

ELIAS: This is beneficial to your understanding of how you create your reality, and in this you enable yourself to be creating your reality more creatively; for you do not create your reality singularly, as you think you do. Your reality is created simultaneously, influenced by what you view to be past and future, which also are continuously changing through probabilities.

NORM: We, out of Framework 2, we're continually creating the new moment. There is a delay in this action. What is the usual delay time in our time?

ELIAS: There is no usual delay, ...

NORM: (Inaudible) Oh, okay. Go ahead.

ELIAS: ... for it is dependent upon the action and the probabilities chosen. Some events are requiring of many probabilities and many actions which are all intertwined, which may occur over time periods of years. Other probabilities may be manifest within minutes.

NORM: And all consciousness enters into it?


NORM: For example, if I were deciding to buy a car, the consciousness of the car would enter into the decision?

ELIAS: In the context that you are inquiring, no.

NORM: But in another context?

ELIAS: Within the concept of all consciousness and its inter-relatedness, there is joint action; but within your understanding of agreement and cooperation physically, no.

NORM: With living entities, it could be more effective.

ELIAS: It is dependent upon the event.

NORM: Getting back to the clarification of memory in the DNA of other dimensions, that is a true statement? We do have memory encoded in our DNA in this dimension of other dimensions?


NORM: So we don't have any memory and any physical attributes of any other dimension?

ELIAS: Mmmmmm ... You do hold memory!

BOB: It's just not encoded.

ELIAS: You do not hold encoding within your DNA, ...


ELIAS: ... but you do hold memory ...

RETA: In consciousness.

ELIAS: ... cellularly. This is not encoded within your DNA, but you do hold memory of other dimensions.

NORM: Cellularly.

ELIAS: Cellularly.

NORM: And how did it accomplish this, or how did it acquire it?

ELIAS: This is a function of essence; this being that you are essence, all, incorporated within each focus.

RETA: So this is more or less the memory of essence in the cell.

ELIAS: This is the elements of essence. You are essence within each focus, although we speak of each focus singularly for your better understanding of the functioning of each focus.

NORM: But how will we be using that? Will we be able to access that in the shift also?


RETA: Do we access that now?

ELIAS: Not entirely.

VICKI: I'm going to have to ask for a tape change.

ELIAS: Very well. Do you wish to be continuing, or do you wish to be discontinuing this evening? (Pause)

VICKI: Don't look at me! Okay, I wish to be dis.

CATHY: I've had enough.

GAIL: Yeah.

JIM: It's a lot of information. Thank you.

DREW: Actually, I have a personal question, if I may. (To Vic) Oh, do you have to change that?

VICKI: Keep going.

DREW: It won't be long, I don't think. I seem to be manifesting, in lots of different places, little gnats, and I'm trying to figure out what that's about.

ELIAS: These are objective imagery of issues that you have chosen to be reducing to small annoyances, within your bouncing with your rubber.

DREW: Oh, I hope you're right. Well, I'm sure you're right!

NORM: You're not the only one!

DREW: Okay, thank you.

RETA: Is there any more room on the tape?

VICKI: It's almost ready to stop.

RETA: Okay.

ELIAS: Very well. We shall be meeting again soon, and you may be practicing your impressions for your game along with your inner senses, which I have not forgotten! (Grinning)

To you all, affectionately, au revoir!

Elias departs at 9:26 PM.


(1) This is so odd to me, that these numbers supposedly mean something. I just woke up with them. Normally I wouldn't have paid attention, but they were in my head so I wrote them down and promptly forgot them. These are the numbers in the order that I wrote them down. All of these people are folks that I interact with on the computer, except Ron. The next day, I got 3:3 for myself. Vic

MJ 13:31 Ron 11:11 Melinda 12:24 Cath 46:12 Bruce 11:12 Kip 153:2 Margot 36:12 Howard 127:3 Pam 24:12

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