Session 179
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Genetic Encoding/Unrecognized Elements


"Genetic Encoding/Unrecognized Elements"

Sunday, June 1, 1997 (Group) © 1997
Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Gail (William), Bob (Simon), Drew (Matthew), Reta (Dehl), Norm (Stephen), Mary Jane (Kaileen), Margot (Jeselle), Howard (Bosht), and a new participant, Nicky (Candice). Much acknowledgment to Mary Jane for transcribing this session. Thanks, MJ! Love, Vic
Elias arrives at 7:02 PM. (Time was thirty seconds)

ELIAS: Good evening! (Smiling) We shall continue with our subject of genetics this evening. I pose a question to you for your pondering. How do you suppose that a cell knows to be a human or a creature or a plant, and what is its motivation to be creating of that particular manifestation? How does it create a specific entity and not become confused within its manifestation?

RETA: Elias, didn't you once say that in the essence family you choose, or right from the beginning of your intelligence you choose? So you're gathering together those consciousness links that you choose. I don't know how that comes from no thought process, but it gathers together in the form that you choose.

ELIAS: What if you are a fox?

RETA: Well then, you must have thought of that in the beginning. That's what you wanted to come along and be.

ELIAS: Or a chicken? Or a flower?

RETA: I'll take the flower. It's that big bar coding machine up in the sky!

ELIAS: At our last meeting, we spoke of your DNA and the elements that it contains beyond that which your scientists recognize. Within consciousness, you are partially correct. Essence, in connection with any particular physical focus, directs links of consciousness to be manifesting into physical forms. In this, each creature that is created is also encoded.

Now; within your genetic encoding, you do not possess presently equipment which is sophisticated enough to identify the elements which are physically manifest within your genetic encoding. Just as you may look to your genes and your DNA and you may identify specific elements that identify you individually, separately, and differently from every other creature upon your planet, as I have stated previously, there is more information within this genetic encoding than you yet recognize. As we spoke of this earlier, you may have been thinking that this information of memory and direction is invisible, or an elusive quality that you may not physically attach to. This is incorrect. The information is encoded physically in same like manner to the information which determines the probability, in your thought process, of your hair color and your eye color and your physical size, or your physical heredity within your manifestation of disease or health. In this same manner, links of consciousness gather together and form codes which imprint upon your physical DNA. This directs your manifestation.

In this, a flower knows to be a flower, and does not grow to be a rhinoceros! You grow to be a human, and do not grow to be a fish! Everything within your physical reality, as I have stated to you many times, is exquisitely precise. There are no errors. Everything is calculated exactingly. You are those that do the calculations. This is not to say that each of you presently occupy all of your non-physical time thinking up new manifestations for your earth planet and concerning yourselves with the creation of every element upon this globe, for within this present now and for much of your time period to this point, this has been unnecessary. It is automatic, except if you are choosing to be introducing a new species, which you do often.

There are new species appearing upon your planet faster than there are species that become extinct. It is not an equal exchange of replacement. It is an endeavor of creativity. Therefore, within consciousness collectively, groups of essences introduce new species quite often upon your planet. This, as with all other creations, is requiring of much concentration within energy to be creating the physical manifestation encoded with its own genetic line, which shall be new and different from every other species known to your planet.

Species that become extinct, as we have touched upon previously, choose to become extinct. This is accomplished in many different ways with the aid of other species, yours also, which has aided many creatures in becoming extinct. This is not an elimination of the species or the creature. They have chosen to be disengaging from this particular physical dimension and shall manifest within another dimension. They have served for their value fulfillment within this dimension and choose to be experiencing within another dimension; therefore becoming extinct in one and appearing within another. Some species upon your planet have become extinct in another dimension and become manifest within your dimension! (Chuckling, and we all laugh)

BOB: Earlier you said that the new species were a function of our creativity.

ELIAS: They are.

BOB: So I assume in other dimensions they're also a function of creativity.

ELIAS: They are.

BOB: Yet they take on a character of being some sort of exchange between dimensions because they move from here to there. If they already existed here, how can they be created there?

ELIAS: For you must restructure the creation. You may not take a species from another dimension and place it into this dimension without your genetic encoding. Therefore, you must rearrange the energy pattern.

GAIL: But it's the same creature?


BOB: Essence-wise, even though they don't have essence?

NORM: But not necessarily the same form?

BOB: Their nature is the same?

ELIAS: The same form; new encoding.

NORM: Umm ... (Laughter among the group) But it would be ...

RETA: It would be like going from computer to computer.

NORM: Well, I know. But it wouldn't be shaped differently.

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

NORM: I see. So that there are many biochemical ... I guess there are many biochemical systems similar to ours, but do not have DNA.

ELIAS: They do not necessarily have to resemble your dimension chemically. They may still continue with the same form projection.

NORM: In other words, could I be manifest in another dimension and look like I am?

ELIAS: It is possible. You will not, for you have no purpose in this manifestation. You have no reason to be manifesting in this manner. You are already manifest within another dimension as you, within a different form.

VICKI: But creatures are not?

ELIAS: Some.

VICKI: But this would be the reason that sometimes they ...

ELIAS: Creatures are not essence. Therefore, unlike essence which focuses simultaneously in many different physical dimensions, the creatures are a creation of yours within consciousness. They are a direction of energy of consciousness. Therefore, you direct energy within each physical manifestation aligned with the framework of that particular dimension, such as your genetic encoding within this particular physical dimension which is not incorporated within other physical dimensions. In this, you are within other physical dimensions presently. Your elephant is not. It is unique to this dimension and this physical focus.

The creatures also hold free will and choice, for all consciousness holds free will and choice. You have manifest this, but as it is created it may continue within its own choices. Therefore it may choose, for its own value fulfillment, to be experiencing another dimension within physical manifestation. In this, within agreement to you it shall become extinct, and its energy shall be rearranged and remanifest within another physical dimension, encoded with the specifications which are necessary for that physical dimension.

Your dinosaurs exist within another dimension. They move freely and appear in the same form as you visualize them to be within your dimension, but they do not exist within your time framework within this dimension any longer. Within another dimension they do exist, with different inner encoding. This is not necessarily genetic encoding in the same manner as your encoding, for this is unique to this dimension.

RETA: May I go back one step? I'm missing something here. If we as an intelligence are grouping our links of consciousness ... So I want to make choices to be me, okay? All right, you say the essence family is there to assist you. How would you know to make the right choices to make the right system? Does the essence family then cooperate to assist you in your choices?

ELIAS: You are not singularly creating your world!

RETA: No, I mean myself.

ELIAS: In the creation of your own self, your essence is creating of all of these focuses.

NORM: And it does it automatically. In other words, it helps decide how I want to look, my intelligence level that I want to be at, the value fulfillment and so on and so forth, and that's all automatically encoded. I mean, it's done automatically. RETA: Yeah, but the choices. How do they make choices?

NORM: But you make the choices, but it is encoded automatically in the DNA.

ELIAS: It is not necessarily automatic.

NORM: I thought that's what you said.

ELIAS: This in your thought process supposes that there is no thought or consideration to the action, which there is. You choose.

NORM: The links of consciousness that put together this additional information, other than the DNA, RNA, enzyme protein setup ... These links of consciousness, are they at the level of electrons or higher?

ELIAS: Much higher.

NORM: Much higher. Much higher than atoms and molecules?

ELIAS: Much.

NORM: Oh! And we cannot determine them yet?


NORM: Wow!

ELIAS: This would be those elements that are in actuality physically encoded within your DNA molecule, that you do not possess equipment powerful enough to detect.

NORM: That's a challenge!

RETA: So somehow, all the way back, there's got to be free will choices. And how, without a thought pattern, would you make those automatic choices to become such a perfect being? It just amazes me!

ELIAS: This question arises only as you are familiar with this manifestation which holds this particular thought process. Not all of consciousness operates within the same type of thought process. This does not mean that there is not preciseness, and what you might consider methods and organization, to manifestation. It is orchestrated differently.

RETA: By whom?


RETA: Orchestrated by my essence or my essence family?


RETA: I have a hard time with that. Okay.

ELIAS: As I have stated, you do not spring from an essence family.

RETA: No, but I was just thinking of them as a guiding mass.

ELIAS: You align yourself as essence with an essence family, for you choose to be within agreement of intent with an essence family.

RETA: So by the time you get down to that family, you've already made all those choices for yourself. You're already there, and just aligning then with that particular intent. It goes way back to the links of consciousness again, and grouping.

ELIAS: This is a distortion in idea, that you have already created all of this, for all is simultaneous. You did not create before and then choose to become an element of an essence family, and there is no essence family which exists first and you are removed and then you later merge to the essence family. They are all simultaneous. In this, there is no organization which exists which you become a member of. The essences hold like intents; therefore magnate to each other. This designates an essence family.

In this, within the creation of this planet in this dimension, these essence families, which you are an element of, have created arrangements of consciousness links and encoded them genetically to be creating of all of your species upon your planet. As this has been accomplished, these species hold their own intent and choices and free will. Therefore, they may choose independently of you or essence to be disengaging from this particular dimension, and they may be choosing to be remanifesting or not manifesting physically, or moving into manifestation within a different dimension. In this situation, you as essence are assisting of this type of remanifestation into another dimension, for you are directing of the energy to be restructuring and rearranging the encoding; decoding your dimensional genetic code and creating of new encoding which is suitable for another dimension.

BOB: You say creatures have free will, but is that in agreement with us?

ELIAS: To an extent.

BOB: In much the Judeo-Christian manner? Ostensibly, god created man and then gave him free will to do whatever he wanted, and I guess hold him accountable later. So we create creatures and give them free will so that they can do whatever they want? And do we hold them accountable later?


BOB: Okay. But they can't all get together ...

ELIAS: You do not give them free will.

BOB: Well, we created them, so the nature of their free will is a creation of us.

ELIAS: Let me explain. As I express to you that you create, I am not expressing to creation in the manner that you think of within your religious context, that god has created you. You, in creating, are in communication with links of consciousness, which are consciousness, which hold free will and identity.

BOB: Okay.

ELIAS: You are directing of these links of consciousness.

BOB: So we assemble some sort of entity that already has free will and all we do is structure it.

ELIAS: Correct.

BOB: Okay.

ELIAS: This is creating.

BOB: But there must be some agreement between us and other dimensions.

ELIAS: You are within other dimensions!

BOB: Okay. So the extinction of a creature through free will in this dimension, and remanifestation in another dimension, has to be on some level done within agreement ...

ELIAS: Correct.

BOB: ... in order for it to happen, even though the creature itself has free will.

ELIAS: The agreement only holds to the restructuring.

BOB: Not the event itself.

ELIAS: No. The creature may choose, within its own intent and free will, to be entering into a different dimension. Agreement occurs, within helpfulness, in restructuring of the manifestation.

VICKI: And did you say that some animals are physically focused in more than one dimension?

ELIAS: Simultaneously, no.

VICKI: Okay. So what's the story on ...

ELIAS: Although, all things are simultaneous! But to your way of thinking, within your time framework within your dimension, no.

VICKI: So what's the deal with the dragons?

ELIAS: Meaning?

VICKI: Were dragons creatures here in this dimension and then became extinct and are now manifest in another?

ELIAS: Shall we be tweaking of Michael? (Humorously, and pronouncing tweaking "tveaking")

VICKI: I think we shall! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Yes! Quite briefly, but your answer is affirmative ... very briefly. Many creatures that you hold as mythology have in actuality been physically manifest upon your planet within this physical dimension and have been witnessed by your species, and you have subsequently created folklore around these creatures.

CATHY: She's gonna love this! (Meaning Mary, and we all crack up)

HOWARD: There's a story, a Mongolian story, of how horse came to man; how man accepted to work with horse because of the acceleration of the spiritual uplift, or however the Mongolians put it. He came to them in a dream, and the couple were at that time looking at this animal as if it were a dog, a small animal, and the idea came to get on its back. And as horses are instrumental in changing man, at this level together we have moved on into where we're at today. I think this has a lot of validity with what you have been saying about the interchange between who's giving and who's taking and who's receiving, and all of us working together for the entire world.

ELIAS: All energy is intermingled. It is not separate. Therefore all creations, within what you deem to be nature and your planet, are elements of you; this being how you may be manipulating of these elements, for they are links of consciousness that are elements of you within essence. They are not essence, but they are of essence. They are projections in consciousness. They may be physically manifest links of consciousness that you may form into matter. Therefore, there is no separation, and you are partially correct. As I began to state, just as I have expressed that you within your species have experimented many times with form within the creation of your species upon this planet, so have you with your creatures also. These are not elements that you think of as merely imagination. They are realities. They may endure very briefly, experimentally, upon your planet within this dimension, and may be choosing to be manifest within another dimension which is more suiting to their intent, but nevertheless they have manifest physically, briefly, within your own dimension. You do not find archeological artifacts of these creatures, for their stay, so to speak, within your dimension, as I have stated, is quite brief.

Also, they have chosen to be manifesting within other dimensions, and in part, within their intent, [have] chosen to be holding an elusive and what you may term as a mystical quality within your dimension. You also do not discover many of your own manifestations within your experimental creations of your species. You do not find much of your artifacts of your species in any form. There are some species that have chosen collectively to be allowing for their continued memory and your attention. Therefore, you may discover your dinosaurs and you may uncover their artifacts, but you do not discover artifacts of your own species within more recent time frameworks.

VICKI: Why is that again?

ELIAS: For these creatures have chosen to be leaving remnants of their existence for your memory.

MARGOT: And mankind hasn't chosen that? We have not chosen to find ourselves in artifacts back past a certain time?

ELIAS: You would not accept your artifacts. Therefore, you have not found them ... yet.

MARGOT: I see.

ELIAS: This is not to say that they do not exist!

VICKI: What about things like the Lochness Monster and the Big Foot, creatures that seem to exist and people take pictures of, but then they're very elusive.

ELIAS: And does your alien creature exist? (

VICKI: Yeah. So are these types of creatures popping in from other dimensions and popping back out?


VICKI: I don't get it!

ELIAS: They are a creation within your own dimension, and they are supplied much energy, are they not?

HOWARD: Yes, they are.

ELIAS: Therefore, they exist.

VICKI: Oh, okay. So those are like a temporary creation on our part?

ELIAS: It is depending upon the energy focus and its consistency, as to its temporariness.

VICKI: Well, I guess partially my question is too, do these types of creatures exist physically in other dimensions?


VICKI: This is different then.


NORM: So many of the creatures have multidimensional consciousness and they have the choice of choosing other dimensions, if they like, to exist simultaneously, as well as stopping existence here and going to another dimension and taking residence there, so to speak?

ELIAS: As they manifest within one, they discontinue within another.

NORM: So they're only allowed one?

ELIAS: It is not a question of allowed! It is a question of choice. They are not essence. Therefore, they do not focus as physical matter within many dimensions ...

NORM: ... simultaneously.

ELIAS: Correct. Although, they do! (Grinning, and we all laugh)

Note: During this conversation between Howard and Elias, there's talk and laughter in the background. This occurred on and off throughout this session, and was quite distracting at times.

HOWARD: But it occurred to me also that perhaps some of our domesticated animals ... Wolf found a way to manifest like dog. Lion became cat. It's all part of that hierarchy, but it was just another way of their expression.



ELIAS: This is your creation.

HOWARD: Well, I like it! (Much laughter, and somebody says "I agree")

ELIAS: You have chosen, within affinity to certain animals, to be creating similar, more tame, and also more conveniently small creatures that you may be holding domestically as pets.

RETA: What about a creature like Pan who is partially a man and partially I guess a goat, or something like that?

ELIAS: As I have stated, your mythology, in all of its forms ... which there are many different mythologies. You hold different mythologies throughout your globe, throughout all of your cultures; and within these mythologies, they are not merely stories.

RETA: I was trying to find the difference between a creature that came and did exist for a short time ... the difference between that and an alien that we create and give energy to that doesn't really exist. I'm trying to get the difference between the two.

ELIAS: Ah, but it does! (Grinning, and much laughter) Now; as to your creature of Pan and your stories, I shall distinguish; that as with your religious stories, there are truths which are represented by stories. Therefore, an actual Pan did not exist. It is a story of the creature or the experiments in species, of your species, to be representing the manifestation and allowing you information of these manifestations. Therefore, the individual stories may or may not be accurate within themselves, but that of which they speak are reality, just as your bible within your Christianity expresses ideas and stories of realities. They are stories which may be distorted through perception, but they are still stories of realities. Also, your mythologies are stories of realities. Not all of your realities that you have created within this dimension hold what you think of as lasting durations. Some are very temporary experimentations.

NORM: Within the last week here, there was a program on one of the educational channels in regard to the domestication of the silver-tipped fox, which is no longer really a viable business to be in because of the fact that women no longer buy furs at the rate that they used to. The silver-tipped foxes, as they're being domesticated they are changing their color from a silver tip on the end of the hair to various blends of white and black. And evidently, because of the intent, they are changing their outward appearance, and it seems to go along with what you're saying; that the intent is already encoded and can be changed in the DNA molecule of the fox. And therefore, it can continue to modify itself depending upon the intent that it's going to be used for or going to be developing.

ELIAS: Correct. This is not ... underline ... evolution! This is a choice for different manifestation. We shall break, and you may continue with your questions upon our return.

BREAK 8:00 PM RESUME 8:21 PM (Time was ten seconds)

ELIAS: Continuing. You may inquire.

MARGOT: What is the situation with cloning? In civilizations that have come before us and have been able to do that, does the essence then choose whether it wants to become ... that's not the right word for it ... a cloned being or enter into that process in any way, since we have free will and choice?

ELIAS: It is dependent upon what is being cloned.

MARGOT: A human being, being cloned.

ELIAS: If one of your species is being cloned this is a different action, although it may appear physically to be the same action as cloning a creature or a plant, but it is not the same action; for within the action of cloning one of your species, in actuality what you are affecting is the materialization of an alternate self into physical manifestation. Within cloning of a creature or a plant, this would be a different action, for this would be similar to the action of creating your crystals. (Referring to man-made crystals)

MARGOT: But in creating a species such as I am, if it becomes then an alternate self, that would imply that it has what we term to be a soul. Is that possible?

ELIAS: It is an element of you. Therefore, it is no different.

MARGOT: Okay, so the scientist who clones the creature, the man, would that be an alternate self of the scientist?

ELIAS: If, as I have stated, it is within your species, yes. It is an alternate self physically manifesting into matter. If it is a creature or a plant or a rock, it is not the same.

BOB: Are we talking hypothetically here? Are you aware of any human clones?

ELIAS: It has been accomplished.

BOB: Just not recorded?

ELIAS: It is not accomplished within your time period presently.

NORM: Can the sex change from a female to a male with the human cloning?

ELIAS: It is possible.

VICKI: So alternate selves aren't always the same gender?

ELIAS: Not necessarily; although within your manifestation physically, placing aside the idea of cloning, intersection or exchange with alternate selves occurs frequently, but your physical manifestation does not change. You shall not become a different gender as you intersect with a male alternate self, but it shall be affecting of you within your behavior.

VICKI: So if I were able to clone myself, then an alternate self of me would physically manifest in this dimension? Would that be considered a focus of my essence?

ELIAS: No. You are the focus. It is the alternate self which is an element of the focus. Essentially, yes, it is a focus, but it is not a different focus from you.

DREW: When you refer to creatures, does that include insects?


RETA: Is the highest level of creature the development of the ape?

ELIAS: In which direction do you indicate highest?

RETA: Well, I'm just trying to divide the human essence focus from a creature. I know all creatures are beautiful and all creatures are wonderful, but I was wondering ... The most developed creature, I guess on the way to being as wonderful as we are, would be, I would have thought, the ape.

ELIAS: In actuality, although these creatures hold behavior patterns quite similar in some manners to yourselves, within what you are expressing and within consciousness, to your way of thinking of development, your sea mammals would be more aligned in this area.

RETA: Oh, yeah.

MJ: Like dolphins, for example?

ELIAS: And whales. (Pause)

NORM: A little aside, before we continue on the DNA. Has the heartbeat occurred with mother earth yet?

ELIAS: It is occurring.

NORM: Right now?

ELIAS: (Humorously) And are you not all pressing your ear to your ground to be listening to the pulsation of the living earth? Shall we all press to our ground? I may be engaging Michael's defective ear! (Elias leans Mary to one side, pressing her "defective" ear to the floor as everyone cracks up. What a ham!) I am quite aware of the pulsing!

NORM: Can you actually hear it? There is some frequency sound associated with that?

ELIAS: You may, if engaging your inner senses and your empathic sense, in actuality listen and feel.

BOB: What exactly would we be hearing?

ELIAS: The tone of your planet.

BOB: Doesn't it always have tone?

ELIAS: Quite. It is its heartbeat, so to speak. Do you hear your heart if it is not beating?

BOB: I don't even hear it when it is!

ELIAS: But you may.

NORM: Is there a manifestation of this heartbeat in a pulsing of lava below the surface of the earth with this heartbeat? Would there be some acceleration of the motion of lava?

ELIAS: Yes, there is; although the registering of electrical impulse is slight, and your instruments may overlook the difference.

NORM: It could be a slight change in the magnetic pulse?

ELIAS: It is an electrical force.

NORM: Polarizing the earth somehow?

ELIAS: No. It does not create a polarization. It is a pulsing, in the same manner as your heart pulses and creates the motion of your circulatory system. It does not polarize you.

NORM: It has to do this in order to maintain its good health?

ELIAS: It is a living entity. (Pause)

NORM: The DNA of the gorilla is ninety-nine point six or so, but of course, again it's only in the arrangements that we know of now.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: And the rest of it makes the big difference. Not the point four percent, but that which we do not know makes the big difference.

ELIAS: Quite; for there is much encoding that you do not recognize as of yet.

NORM: Then we have to use humans as instruments to determine that?

ELIAS: You will.

RETA: In our time period, do you think that will happen? We'll be able to understand how to test or to measure or to understand the other qualities of DNA?

NORM: In the next thirty or forty years?

ELIAS: You shall begin, for your sciences shall begin to realize that their methods are inefficient.

RETA: The devices to measure is the problem really, intricate devices to measure such an elusive characteristic.

ELIAS: Within the action of your shift it shall become unnecessary for measurement, for you shall know.

NORM: We will know, for example, that all the viruses are carried in our genes, and our method of death will be modified also. In that, we shall not deteriorate the human body, but the biblical idea of translation would more or less become more prevalent.

ELIAS: This is your choosing.

NORM: We can choose that now?

ELIAS: As I have stated, within the action of your shift you may not necessarily alter all of your reality. You are widening your awareness and incorporating subjective consciousness into objective awareness, but this does not necessarily mean that you shall be creating extensive longevity within each focus, for you may not choose this. You may not choose many actions ... or you may!

NORM: We have to keep it challenging.

ELIAS: You are always challenging yourself, for all of consciousness is always challenging itself. BOB: Is the shift just a function of this focus or dimension?


BOB: So in other focuses, we're already shifted?


BOB: This is the only focus where we're not.


BOB: Oh. So in some of the focuses we're shifted.

ELIAS: Yes, in what you view to be future focuses.

HOWARD: Well, isn't it primarily moving out of physicality?

ELIAS: (Firmly) No. You shall maintain your physical manifestation, but you shall be incorporating a mergence of subjective consciousness into objective awareness.


BOB: So subjectively, we already know everything we need for the shift. It's just a matter of accessing it.


BOB: Because I was gonna suggest gaining information by accessing other focuses, but it seems like getting information from the subjective part of this focus is certainly more accessible than other focuses are.

ELIAS: Is it? (Grinning)

BOB: I don't know! I'm just throwing it out there for you to respond to! (Laughter)

ELIAS: You would think, would you not?

NORM: So you can have an internet without computers.

ELIAS: Quite. In response, I suggest to you yes, you may access this information within this focus; although interestingly enough, you believe that it is more easily accessible to be tapping another focus and borrowing information from another focus and incorporating this information into this focus; this being the reason that you are motivated to be playing your new game. (

BOB: Okay. There are focuses of this dimension that we view as chronological events of essence, but then there are other focuses in other dimensions which are different from that ...

ELIAS: Quite.

BOB: ... in that every other focus we could access within this dimension, chronologically or not, none of those focuses have been through any shift, other than I guess future focuses.

ELIAS: Correct; this being why, as I have stated, you encounter much difficulty in the accomplishment and the movement of this shift; for you prevent yourselves, for the most part, from accessing what you view to be future information. Therefore, you allow yourself past focus information and connections, none of which hold experience and understanding of this shift.

BOB: Okay. So arguably, access to subjective information or unofficial information is somewhat more available, at least by way of thinking, than information of other focuses, future focuses, would be. Has anybody done a future TFE successfully and recognized aspects or information of the shift?


BOB: Within this forum?

ELIAS: Yes; but as I have stated, you do not automatically magnate to these focuses, for you hold belief systems in relation to future events. You do not understand the concept of simultaneous time. Therefore ... Excuse! (Humorously referring to Bob's title of "The Simultaneous Time Man." I hereby dub Bob "Psy-man Simon")

BOB: You forget who you're talking to! (Much laughter)

ELIAS: I shall be chastising myself! (More laughter) Therefore, you align with your belief systems and you do not very often allow yourselves to access future information, for you believe this has not occurred as of yet. Therefore, it does not exist. Therefore, how may you access information that does not exist? Although you may, and it may occur! It is possible. You only do not access this information as readily as you allow yourself to access what you view to be past, which is quite amusing outside of time frameworks; for within your time element of nineteen ninety-seven, you may disengage physical focus and you may remanifest in what you think of as your next focus, which shall be future, in sixteen hundred.

BOB: This isn't a prediction for me, is it? I only got six months! (We all crack up, including Elias)

RETA: In attempting to access simultaneous time and to view a little in the future, we've been trying to do that and I think we aren't achieving it in a great way. Is it better just to do a TFE, or is it better to think of an out-of-body? What would be the line of thinking, to just sidestep into simultaneous time and view that particular time in the future? A specific time, for instance.

ELIAS: This would be your choice, but you may be considering engaging your new game to be accessing future information, or you may be allowing yourself meditation time within concentration of your inner senses and engage this differential, which shall allow you the opportunity to alter your time framework.

RETA: That was one of the questions. If I could see a little bit better some of events, then maybe I could alter my choices today. I'd like to be able to do that.

ELIAS: This being the objective of your dream mission also.

BOB: However, Reta is implying that if she knew certain things in the future, then she might make her choices differently. But you've implied that we can make our choices intuitively. Is that based very much on the same type of information, only on maybe a subjective level, that you sense what you ought to do based on information without actually having to evaluate it in the traditional sense of the word?


BOB: So then she doesn't need to go into a future focus and find out stuff and then come back and make decisions based on information she'd get. She can skip all those steps?

ELIAS: This is quite right, for in actuality you already accomplish this; for your future focuses and past focuses influence this focus which affects alterations, as we have demonstrated example with Matthew.

DREW: Refresh my memory.

GAIL: You as a child, seeing yourself ...

DREW: Oh! Yes, yes, yes. Thank you.

ELIAS: (Humorously) Wake up! (Laughter)

NORM: In regard to simultaneous time, I suspect that a real problem is our lack of ability to have any capability of thinking of the infinity, and perhaps even a double infinity, of every blink that occurs here is a blink that can be changed, and simultaneously there is another blink that's occurring at every other time in the future and the past here, and you can go back to any of these and arrive at any blink that you want to.


NORM: And these blinks, they are so fast that they ... The links that are associated with this matter that we're seeing here now, they become links in every other manifestation that the blink moves into.

ELIAS: They already are! (Smiling) I have expressed to you that all links of consciousness are manifest, are in existence, everywhere simultaneously.

NORM: And they remember the manifestation. They have a fabulous memory, don't they?

ELIAS: Quite! They are understanding of each manifestation, physical and non-physical, that they engage, for they are everywhere simultaneously. They are within all dimensions at the same time, and they are infinitely small in your thought process.

NORM: It's tough. It's tough! In Planck's time, ten to the minus forty-four seconds, is that a blink? Is that a blink time for going from one manifestation to the next?

ELIAS: (Accessing) It is slightly off.

NORM: By one hundred and thirty-three thousandths? (Laughter)

DREW: Blinks don't happen within time!

ELIAS: You are within a time framework. It is a reality.

DREW: But you also have said that we are blinked both on and off at the same time. It is a simultaneous action.

HOWARD: There is a pause between a synapsal action/reaction at every nerve ending. That pause is the blink.

ELIAS: Within consciousness, you are correct. Within physical time frameworks, this is a reality also, which may not be discounted! You have created a physical time framework. Although it is elastic and bendable, it is a time framework and it is a reality.

DREW: So within our dimension ...

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: ... we blink on and off sequentially.

ELIAS: Yes. Within essence there is no distinguishment of time, for you may be focused within many different physical dimensions which hold their own time frameworks. Therefore, each link of consciousness is aware of every different time framework, genetic code, physical manifestation, matter incorporation, vibrational speed rate, and memory which is associated with the individual physical dimension, while simultaneously existing, functioning, and holding awareness of non-physical reality, which incorporates no time and no genetic codes and no physical matter.

NORM: He's smart!

ELIAS: As to your questioning, the equation is slightly off.

NORM: It has to include more terms or something.

ELIAS: Your number element is different. It is not quite accurate within the calculations that you have physically developed.

RETA: You wouldn't want to tell us what that number is, would you?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) This would also be a negative fraction.

NORM: A negative fraction. (Norm's talking to himself now) Negative fraction ... or natural fraction.

ELIAS: Exchange your number of forty-four for fifty-six.

NORM: Oh! That's a big difference!

ELIAS: This is relative. It is a slight difference.

RETA: A slight difference ...

NORM: Twelve orders of magnitude!

RETA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

MARGOT: Elias, may I go back to the first lecture that you gave on genetics, which I of course was not here for, but I read part of the script today. It's my understanding then, from what you were saying, that the incoming essence in the baby or the fetus, or however you want to say that, is very much in charge of all of the progress and the growth before it is born.

ELIAS: Quite.

MARGOT: Therefore, I would assume then that the essence coming in is the one who selects the sex it will be, what it will manifest as?

ELIAS: Correct.

MARGOT: So irregardless of what science is saying about how that occurs, it's totally up to the incoming essence.

ELIAS: This is correct, although you do engineer and direct all of the elements. Therefore, the essence manifesting is also directing of the precise egg, the precise sperm, which shall be united to be creating of the embryo.

MARGOT: Okay, then something that I heard once from an entity who said that the sex of the child could be decided upon right up until the moment of birth, could be changed by the essence. Is that a correct statement? (Elias grins, and we all laugh)

ELIAS: I wager to express that Michael shall be quite tilted within his exploration of this session! Yes, you are correct.

MARGOT: That's really interesting, isn't it?

RETA: Right up to the time of birth?

MARGOT: Right up to the time of birth.

RETA: It can change.


RETA: But then you said ...

ELIAS: You may be experiencing many belief systems being challenged within this engagement! (Laughter) Be patient with this little one (Mary) as he is going to be exhibiting temper tantrums! (Laughter)

CATHY: I gotta see this! (Cracking up)

RETA: In one sentence you said they were choosing right up to the precise sperm, the precise egg, which chooses the sex. And in the other sentence you're saying you can change this right up to birth.

ELIAS: (Firmly) You may change any choice at any moment.

RETA: Well then, what's the point of choosing that particular egg if you haven't made up your mind?

NORM: You can change it again!

ELIAS: You may have chosen initially, and you may decide differently later!

RETA: Very fickle essence! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Or you may be choosing differently for a purpose, to be challenging belief systems; as did Olivia becoming Sean. (

RETA: Oh well!

VICKI: I have a question, to change the subject just for a minute. A couple of weeks ago in our session ... the tape we have of that session is full of static, and Margot brought up that this particular imagery could be related to some of the other imagery that was occurring at that time, actually probably still is occurring. But I'm still curious as to your explanation of those particular electrical problems.

ELIAS: You have been offered information already. You have been asking of the energy and I have been offering information to you of other energy, which has been scattered and incorporating within these sessions.

VICKI: Yeah, but it hasn't affected a tape like that in two years.

ELIAS: (Humorously) Therefore you now view, within your metaphysical explanations, an entering of the earth plane!

VICKI: Oh, stop it! (With exasperation, and Elias laughs)

RETA: Elias, with all the wonderful imagery that you have, could you perhaps tell her how to run this and not have the static?

ELIAS: This may not be possible.

RETA: Oh ...

ELIAS: There initially occurs interference within the energy exchange. Michael is what you may term to be equivalent presently to a receptor.

RETA: And Michael was having a problem recepting?

ELIAS: No. Michael is experiencing no problem in receiving! Therefore, as the receptor, the energy waves are flowing through quite efficiently, but are very scattered in the incorporation newly of other essences. This creates a static effect within your electrical equipment. If you were paying attention within this same time period, your electrical lighting was also affected within that particular eve. Although, you were not paying attention!

RETA: I can see that! We're not paying attention.

VICKI: Speaking of tapes, I'd like to change the tape.

ELIAS: Very well. We shall break, if you are wishing to be continuing.

VICKI: I have one more issue to address this evening.

ELIAS: Very well. We shall continue momentarily.

BREAK 9:09 PM RESUME 9:34 PM (Time was fifteen seconds)

Elias is looking around and grinning at everybody.

CATHY: Tip table tip! (She's cracking herself up)

RETA: I have a question on imagery. In this last week I've seen a certain kind of light, which when I was a kid I used to see lights. The first impulse was, that is a go-ahead signal for some of the things I'm doing, and then after I started analyzing I got, "Oh, maybe those are warning lights," and now I'm mixed up. Am I seeing those lights because it's a go-ahead signal like I first thought of?

ELIAS: You create confusion as you begin to analyze your situation. Your message to yourself is your first impulse.

RETA: It was quite an impulse, because I hadn't seen that formation for years.

ELIAS: You all experience this and you all experience the situation of not following your first impression, and then you become disappointed with yourselves for you recognize the validity of that impression.

RETA: I'm gonna keep the first impression.

ELIAS: Learn to be listening to self, and trusting what you offer yourself.

VICKI: Okay, I have a question for Mary. She asked me to address this tonight based on a conversation she had with Norm and Reta. Basically I believe the question is: What are your personal directions, etcetera, regarding this expansion? And beyond that, I would like to say that I think it would probably be more beneficial for Norm and Reta to address this also within their questions, because I'm not really sure what all the questions are except for what I just stated. (To Norm and Reta) So I would ask for you guys to be helping me out with that.

RETA: And for the expansion, we wanted to know ... If we get down to business and do something that will make it expand in a logical manner, one of the first things to ponder would be a definite mission statement or a definite imagery that Elias sees for this expansion.

ELIAS: Which you already have.

RETA: The one we wrote? Or the one ...

ELIAS: I have stated already the intent of our agenda.

RETA: You've stated it already. So we need to go back through and find it, or would you give me a hint where it is?

ELIAS: This intercourse occurs for the purpose of delivering information with regard to the shift, in the effort to be lessening the trauma associated with your shift in consciousness.

RETA: So it then becomes an education format and our method should be to inform and to expand, not only in ourselves but to get the word out to other people. To do this, then we need to basically make some definite decisions on a beginning, and one of the beginnings is, of course, should we form our own entity in a non-profit organization, to serve as a tool for this educational expansion? Or do you want to be keeping it off-key like it has been?

NORM: The forum is starting to expand at the Bodhi Tree and so on, to the various locations. Do you want it to expand more than that?

ELIAS: It shall.

RETA: In helpfulness then, we need an agenda to do the right steps.

NORM: We were volunteering the formation of a non-profit foundation for the purpose of education. This is in accordance with some advantages in regard to our current laws in regard to taxes and so on, and to be able to more efficiently have the four or five original people be more involved with this educational format. So we were volunteering that perhaps it would be best to form a foundation, a non-profit foundation. What do you think of that?

ELIAS: If this is expedient for the expansion ...

RETA: It would enable ...

ELIAS: ... I hold no objection. These are elements that are relevant to those of you which are physically focused. Therefore, they are also your choices, and you shall choose your directions in the action that you wish to proceed within. The agenda is clear. I have stated previously, it will move.

RETA: To enable this to happen we must become more proactive, and to do this we need to have a forum ... form some kind of group so that people have individual directions to go in to enable this to work. And we were just asking ... Well, I guess what we could do is go ahead and make our decisions and then ask you as we go along if you agree, rather than taking your time to tell us ahead of time what you want. I mean, you've already told us your agenda, so then I guess it's up to us to make that agenda start working.

ELIAS: Precisely.

NORM: Maybe Mary would want to also have your comment in regard to what we said as the purpose of the foundation: Education is the primary purpose of the (blank), and I have three or four different names of the foundation. In explaining this further, scientific and religious paradigms are approaching each other. As this proceeds, belief systems will become confusing, and unneeded psychological and physiological trauma will result within a significant portion of the population. This is unnecessary. Understanding of fundamental reality will allow transition of attitudes and belief paradigms appropriately without trauma. The widening awareness of consciousness will allow the human race to live and experience in a manner that will allow the greatest development of human potential. The educational programs will develop the basis in reality of understanding the role of consciousness and belief systems, in addition to the training and the development of the use of inner senses as will enhance true understanding. This will allow the world and the humans involved to live in a glorious manner with appropriate separateness but also cooperation, for the greater experience of all. I'm trying to summarize what you have been saying the last year or two.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: Would that be appropriate as from your point of view?


NORM: All right. Thank you.

RETA: Besides the focus with Mary going to the public, which seems to be working, would you suggest maybe newsletters, books? Or do you want to wait to do that till you've been out in public a little more?

ELIAS: These are issues of physical relevance.

RETA: Right.

ELIAS: Therefore, they are issues that you may discuss and you may arrive at choices within.

RETA: But as for you, it's not ... You don't feel it's your choice?

ELIAS: It matters not.

RETA: Okay, okay.

ELIAS: The agenda shall be accomplished. Individuals shall draw themselves and I shall be within communication subjectively with physically-focused individuals in that drawing, in the accomplishment of the movement of expansion. It shall expand. You shall not be encountering many obstacles for the movement shall occur smoothly, as it is already. It is merely a question of the readiness of Michael; which this has been the issue from the onset. This is being moved through quite quickly. He is in compliance with this agenda, and within agreement is moving swiftly into the accomplishment of this agenda.

As to this essence, (referring to himself) it matters not your logistics. I shall accomplish. You may choose amongst yourselves your methods, for you require methods. I require no method; only cooperation.

RETA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. (Long, silent pause) Shhh! (Laughter)

GAIL: You can hear a pin drop!

RON: Do you know any dead languages? (What a geek!)

ELIAS: (Humorously) Does such an entity exist? (Another geek!)

RON: I guess not!

ELIAS: I pose to you, does death exist within any form?

RON: Thanks! I'll use that! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Very good! (Chuckling)

HOWARD: I have a question, two of them actually. I'll move around so I can see you. First is, my understanding on the templates that I've formed in my mind of how different animal forms, including human ... These templates were utilized in what I term a geometric, electromagnetic GEM, a very infinitesimal part of a cell. And what I heard you say tonight, that the DNA is ... well, it's different, and I'm having difficulty correlating the two, if there is any correlation. I wondered if you could comment on that, or where my confusion is coming from.

ELIAS: There are many belief systems within all of your societies. Presently, as you are allowing the incorporation of bleed-throughs of subjective information, you incorporate even more belief systems which have arisen and information which is misunderstood. Therefore, I offer you information which is pertaining to you within this dimension, within this physical manifestation, without distortion. Many bleed-throughs occur within information of other focuses that you hold within essence in different dimensions. These are relative to those dimensions, but they are not relative to this dimension. You do not recognize this. Therefore, you create belief systems around the information that you receive, for it is validated to you in that it is confirmed by other individuals receiving this same information. This leads you to believe that this is truth. It is relative; this being why I offer you the information that I do, that you may not be confused with all of the information that you may encounter, for you may encounter very much information and you may continue to encounter even more information; for as you move more and more into the action of your shift, you shall be opening and allowing more subjective information to bleed through. In this, your belief systems suggest to you that all of the information that you acquire subjectively is pertaining to this dimension and this physical manifestation.

Essence is infinitely vast, and focused within many physical dimensions. They are all reality, but they are all not relative to each other. Therefore, it may be confusing to you. As I have stated, this shift in consciousness pertains to this dimension, this physical manifestation; but in the opening of awareness and subjective information, you shall hold awareness of other dimensions. They shall not necessarily hold awareness of you, but within this dimension, you shall begin to hold awareness objectively of many of these other dimensions in which you hold focuses. Therefore, it is quite logical that you shall begin and have begun to incorporate bleed-through information of other dimensions and their realities, but misinterpret these as pertaining to this physical reality.

It is difficult to be separating the information that you receive, for you do not always differentiate between different dimensions, for all of your focuses hold almost the identical same tone. Therefore, they are all recognizable to you, as you. In this, there is no distinction in your thought process of these differences within dimensions. This becomes confusing, and you begin to incorporate many more belief systems than you held previously; this being another reason, in relation to the shift, that I offer you the information that I do. I do not merely offer information only pertaining to the action of your shift, but also to you and your manifestation and your makeup and your psychological activity and your physiological activity, in that you do not become confused and may distinguish between information that you may acquire that pertains to other dimensions.

HOWARD: Okay. Well, this is just a personal question that might not be interesting to you all, but since we're going back ... The Dream Walkers; actually, I want to refer specifically to an Indian named Smohalla who was born at the end of the seventeen hundreds, really eighteen, and he lived on the Columbia River Plateau--Imatilla. He practiced or became a priest in a cult called the dreamers, and I have been trying to find out more about him because that cult spread into the Nez Percé and to some of the surrounding Indians. And from that came, as I understand it, Wavoka, who in turn taught the Sioux the ghost dance. My question is, basically: How were they able to use the dream work and become such a major cult at that time among the Native Americans, who are pretty difficult to dissuade from their own traditions? I'm needing to know this for my own personal knowing, and perhaps some other things that I can't really explain.

ELIAS: You are wishing information of method of dream interaction?

HOWARD: That's right.

ELIAS: This correlates also to this present dream mission. These individuals also manifest quite similarly in practice to what you recognize as South American Indians, which held recognition of the nine families which they did not designate as families, but in their Night Watchers, their spirits, they also held quite effective and intricate dream activity; these being those which you recognize as the Mayans. There is presently another group which holds the same continued recognition, also located within South American territory.

These individuals became dream artists, holding the ability to be manipulating within dream state efficiently and understanding the translation of imagery from the dream state into objective waking state. This is accomplished by paying close attention to dream activity and also recognizing the feeling, not the image. Each image attaches to a feeling. This is not necessarily an emotion. It is a feeling, which may be also interpreted as a sense. In this, they have highly developed inner senses to be connecting within dream imagery; therefore allowing an understanding of imagery which is created within dream state, and allowing for an efficient translation into waking state. This, as I have stated previously in relation to this dream mission, is very difficult. It may be accomplished, but you shall not accomplish this immediately, for you must diligently practice and become a dream artist; knowing and incorporating those inner senses within your dream state, recognizing that your imagery is reality but it is also symbolism simultaneously; just as within your waking state, your imagery (pounding on the table) is reality, but it is also symbolism. It is solid, but it is not solid. It is stationery, but it is within constant motion, for it is energy. Your dream imagery is no different. It only speaks a different language. Therefore, your method is to translate the language of your dream imagery into the language of your waking imagery.

HOWARD: Okay. Sounds real easy! (Laughter) All right. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

BOB: I have a question. How come we've waiting so long to engage this shift?

ELIAS: Your creation has served you efficiently to this time period.

BOB: Okay ...

ELIAS: You have held many objectives to be creating within your previous time period, in exploration of your reality. You have now become sufficiently bored with this creation, and it is ineffectively serving you. Therefore, you choose to expand and alter your reality, creating a new type of reality. Within your history of your planet, you have held certain ages that may last for ten millennium, or two! It may last for what you term to be merely fifty of your physical years, or it may last for millions. It is dependent upon how well the era holds your attention, and how creative you may be within that time framework. Presently, you choose now to be moving into a new area of creation.

BOB: Well, we have other focuses in other dimensions that have either undergone a shift, or have awareness and don't need a shift.


BOB: I thought you said that.

ELIAS: You do not hold focuses within other dimensions which experience a shift in consciousness of this type.

BOB: Okay. I guess I just didn't say it right. I hold focuses in other dimensions which have no necessity for a shift of this type because they are aware or wide or whatever you want to call it ... more in tune with subjective information.

ELIAS: Within physical focus, no. (Bob groans)

BOB: Okay. I thought earlier you described other physical focuses in other dimensions as unlike this particular focus ...

ELIAS: Quite.

BOB: ... in that a shift is not being undertaken. So the experiences within those other dimensions are somewhat dissimilar to what we have here; this particular focus being unique in that it is highly objective and lacking in subjective information, or the subjective information and the objective are not particularly merged.

ELIAS: Correct.

BOB: And that is unlike most other focuses.

ELIAS: Correct. This is not to say that most other physical focuses are mainly subjective. It is just different.

BOB: Okay. So as we go through this shift, do we become more like these other dimensions or do we still maintain our own uniqueness within this particular focus? Even though we will be different from where we are now, we will be not more like some other dimension or focus?

ELIAS: Correct. You will not be more like another dimensional focus. You shall retain your uniqueness.

BOB: For experience; in that if every focus was the same, then the experiences would not be different. I know (inaudible)

ELIAS: Quite profound! (Laughter)

BOB: Just workin' it out here, you know! So other focuses may or may not have gone through similar changes in their reality, but you might not describe those as shifts; just simply evolving reality.

ELIAS: No. Other dimensions have not experienced this type of change or shift within consciousness.

BOB: So their realities have been more consistent over time, however simultaneous, but there is not the same kind of marked change in the way those realities have existed.

ELIAS: (Grinning) Not necessarily. They have not experienced this type of change or shift within their reality. They may experience a different type of change within their reality which may be what you would consider radical, but it is not an action that may correlate to this shift.

BOB: Okay.

ELIAS: This shift, within your subjective awareness, encompasses an awareness of other dimensions. Other dimensions do not.

BOB: Which tends to give this particular focus and dimension some sort of significance that other dimensions do not have, even though we kind of avoid hierarchy and stuff like that!

ELIAS: It is different. It is not better. It is not higher. It is a different action. It also may suggest to you all that you are not the lowest on the totem pole within consciousness!

RETA: We're not the highest either, though.

ELIAS: There is no highest!

NICKY: There is no highest ...

ELIAS: You are the highest! You are not lower, upon a lowly earth plane, than any other physical dimension. You are different.

BOB: Well, but our essence is the same from one focus to the next and one dimension to the next. So we are becoming, as essences in every focus, something, for lack of a better term, more than what we were. Now if you want to call that better or worse, the implication would be that if you were something and you're becoming something else, that it is a richer, fuller, more complete ... However, there is no complete.

ELIAS: You are correct. Within the limitations of your language, yes, you are correct. You are continuously becoming and exploring and discovering.

BOB: As essences, we are part of one greater consciousness that is also becoming something more than it is.


BOB: Oh, good! I'm glad I got that straight! (Elias chuckles)

RETA: Is there a dimension, (Elias is still laughing) a physically-focused dimension, that is pure subjective?

ELIAS: A physical manifestation, no. Non-physically, yes.

RETA: Non-physically. Are there other dimensions that are more subjectively focused, or has that question already been asked?

ELIAS: Yes, there are. This is not to say that they do not impose limitations upon their subjective awareness.

RETA: They still have their belief systems.

ELIAS: They are just different. Therefore, they are no better than are you. They are different.

NORM: Can you see ten million years in the future?

RETA: Simultaneous time?

ELIAS: Yes, and so may you!

NORM: The human race, our manifestation, we're in the process of a transition. Call this transition number X. Ten million years in the future, will there be other transitions that are in shifts that are going to be occurring, and will those shifts be in the direction towards a greater capability of the human? So that we will become or have more capability as our essence does, but yet manifest it? Is that the direction that we're going, very far into the future?

ELIAS: This is the direction of your shift presently.

NORM: But how about a continuation of that?

ELIAS: This would be a probability.

RETA: We knew you'd say that!

ELIAS: You may choose to be creating whatever you wish. I shall express to you that you, within probabilities, shall most likely not be producing giant brains that hold no body and manipulating capability physically, ten thousand years within your future!

RETA: Or they'll choose to have more science fiction stories!

NORM: Can we go ahead and creatively, while manifested, create new species or have less limitation on creativity than we have today?

ELIAS: This is the action of your present shift.

NORM: Is this shift going to be complete? I mean is it going to be extensive enough that there will not be a need for any further shift?

VICKI: Shift 102!

BOB: Let's get this damn shift over with! (Laughter)

ELIAS: This shall be your choice!

NORM: So the future isn't really ... You really can't see our future ten million years from now.

ELIAS: This is not what I have stated. I may also express to you that your past is your choice!

NORM: We may not have it here, ten million years from now.

ELIAS: You may not possess it presently! (Grinning) It is not a question that I may not view the probabilities, but past and future are all probabilities. Every moment holds the ability for change.

NORM: At any point in time.

ELIAS: Quite. Therefore, although time is simultaneous, within your physical focus it is not, and you are continuously changing, and you are continuously choosing probabilities and exchanging with probable realities. Therefore, there are myriads of probabilities and probable realities that you may choose from that are actualized, and you focus within all! Which shall I express to you? All is reality!

NORM: Our subjective capabilities, in the shift we'll be able to experience all of these?

ELIAS: Not all.

NORM: There will be a limitation?

ELIAS: You have not chosen to be completely subjectively aware. You have chosen to be merging subjective consciousness, within the focus within this dimension, to the objective; but you shall still hold belief systems, although neutralized. Therefore, you shall continue within some limitations, although your creativity shall be greatly increased. In actuality, as I have stated to you many times, you hold no limitations now, but within your belief systems you place limitations upon yourselves. You shall relax these limitations within the action of the shift and allow yourself greater freedom creatively, but you shall continue with belief systems; therefore placing limitations upon yourselves. You may accomplish all presently!

NORM: The capability of subjective communication, that will really herald the paradigm shift in the dogma associated with both religious and scientific dogma? Will that be the herald that will accelerate the transition of the shift? Or will there be the capability of subjectively communicating, other than the five senses?

ELIAS: This has already begun.

NORM: There are people that do that? I mean telepathically, there are people that are doing that today? I mean other than the mystics?


NORM: And other than the dream state.


DREW: Unofficial information.


NORM: But that's always been around!


ELIAS: Very good!

RETA: But you have to get back to the point that even though fifty years from now everybody will have a lot of information, everybody is still themselves. Everybody won't change. It'll be some that'll be further ahead than others, and that's just life! And some of them will not change. Is that true?

ELIAS: No. This shall be a shift globally, and you shall all incorporate this difference within consciousness.

RETA: With the subjective.


RETA: But people are still people, and they still have their belief systems that will limit them.


NORM: There will be countries, and societies within countries, that will shift sooner than others, will there not?

ELIAS: There shall be individuals that shall accomplish a movement in what you term to be sooner than others.

NORM: For example, the scientists, where will they stand in the transition in regard to time?

ELIAS: It is an individual process.

NORM: You can't group it.


BOB: I have a question. Would you say that after the shift, so to speak, that physical manifestation would be more fluid, more dynamic, more changing and less rigid than it is now?


BOB: And so that's not so much a function of subjective versus objective. It's just our ability to create and uncreate things more spontaneously than we do now?

ELIAS: As influenced by subjective allowance, for your rigidity lies in your objectivity and your reluctance to incorporate unofficial information within your subjective consciousness.

BOB: But after the shift, subjective and objective would be merged, so that it strikes me that the choice for us to view the table as solid will be more of a choice, and that those choices will be made more in agreement, and that we would be more aware of the fact that we could all be sitting here and all see the table, but simultaneously all decide not to see the table.

ELIAS: Quite.

BOB: Okay.

ELIAS: Although it is also more extensive than this, which we may continue at our next encounter.

I shall be disengaging this evening for Michael. You may discontinue sending messages, Lawrence!

VICKI: Okay!

BOB: Speaking of subjective communication!

ELIAS: Quite, and very loudly also! I am quite understanding. Therefore, I shall disengage this evening. You may offer Candice for essence name, and I shall be interacting with you all and engaging your further questioning at our next meeting. For this evening, affectionately, au revoir!

RETA: Can I ... (And he's gone!)

Elias departs at 10:39 PM.


(1) This is in reference to an experience in which Mary and Vicki saw what appeared to be an alien creature for about a half hour, which later turned out to be ... a spoon. You had to be there!

(2) When Elias refers to our new game, he is talking about what we call a TFE (trans-focal encounter), which is our term for past-life regression.

(3) This is not a reference to Ron/Olivia. This is in reference to Mary's grandchild Sean, who had already been given the name Olivia before birth, as he was a she. Mary then had some dreams in which she saw the baby as a boy. When the baby was pronounced a boy at the next ultrasound, her belief systems started to become "challenged." We were all hoping the baby would be born a girl, (yeah, we're rotten) but it's probably a good thing that Sean didn't choose to turn himself back into Olivia!

© 1997 Vicki Pendley/Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved

Copyright 1997 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.