Session 1771
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Projecting to Other Areas of Consciousness


“Projecting to Other Areas of Consciousness”

Tuesday, May 17, 2005 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Gerald (Easta)

(Elias’ arrival time is 19 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

GERALD: Good afternoon.

ELIAS: What shall we discuss?

GERALD: Well, since I’m rather new to all of this, I’d like to get the basic data, the essence name and intent.

ELIAS: Essence name Easta, E-A-S-T-A.

GERALD: And the intent?

ELIAS: And I would express to you, what do you view as your intent in this focus? It is significant that the individual allows themselves to evaluate what their intent is themselves, for this allows you the opportunity to become much more familiar with yourself. The manner in which you may discover what your intent in this focus is is to evaluate all of your experiences throughout the entirety of your focus, not merely now, but throughout the entirety of your focus, and allow yourself to discover what the general theme of your direction and of your experience is.

GERALD: I was thinking about Sumari. I wasn’t that sure, but mainly because of the blue color.

ELIAS: Ah, you are inquiring as to your essence families?


ELIAS: Very well. That is a different question. Essence family, you are correct, Sumari; alignment in this focus, Vold.

GERALD: Some of the things I’m pretty new at, so I’m going to ask some questions that seem pretty basic, but I’ll try to read to catch up with it afterwards. Am I thought focus, emotional, political? My feeling is that I’m between emotional or religious, but I’m not sure which one. If I had to pick one, I would pick emotional.

ELIAS: Correct.

GERALD: How many focuses do I have in this dimension in this time framework?

ELIAS: In this time framework, six; in this physical dimension, 846.

GERALD: Am I the designated final, initiating, or continuing? I’m feeling more being the final. I need confirmation on this.

ELIAS: Correct.

GERALD: I’ve read people talking about tuning to the essence tone or energy. Can you explain to me and tell me what my tone or energy is, and what exactly that means?

ELIAS: Tone generally is translated with many individuals as a musical note. The musical note that would be associated with your energy would be A flat.

GERALD: Can I use that when I meditate or when I’m trying to project my consciousness? Can that become a tool, or is the essence name a tool I can use?

ELIAS: Both. You may incorporate either or both of these tones, the essence name or the musical note, as what you term to be a tool within meditation to generate a type of portal, in a manner of speaking, in which you may allow yourself to access information through essence.

GERALD: You’re touching the most important subject that I’m looking for with this session. I’ve been trying for a number of years, between 25 and 30 years, doing meditation, trying to get out of body experience, those kind of things. The most I would like to get out of this session is to learn how to project my consciousness, to expand that consciousness but to be fully conscious and aware of the nonphysical reality, the other focuses and the areas that you describe as Regional Areas 2, 3, 4 or beyond that. I know that my essence is already occupying these areas, but I’m struggling to experience that. I’d like to know if you can tell me what is preventing me from this experience after so many years. What in my present routine, the way I meditate, should I keep, what I should change? Could you help me with all of this?

ELIAS: First of all, you are correct, and I shall confirm you do occupy all areas of consciousness as essence.

Now; in this, in this physical focus, this physical manifestation within your physical reality, one attention is focused in your physical manifestation. That is what is you in physical manifestation.

Now; within this physical reality, as you are aware, the blueprint of this physical reality incorporates beliefs. Beliefs are incorporated in a manner in which all that you experience, all that you do, all that you manifest is filtered through your beliefs. One of these beliefs is separation.

Separation has been a purposeful belief that is very strongly expressed and experienced within your physical reality. It is changing, in a manner of speaking, for in association with the belief of separation, what you generate is figuratively a type of veil which allows you to generate the perception of separation, that you are a separate entity from all of your reality and that there are other separate entities within your reality. Whether they be what you term to be living or inanimate, it matters not. You generate physical manifestations in conjunction with the belief of separation.

Now; in association with this shift in consciousness, those veils of separation are thinning. The reason that it presents a challenge or difficulty for most individuals to generate projections within consciousness and to actually project to other areas of consciousness or other physical realities, that which you may term as other dimensions, is this belief of separation and how strongly it is expressed.

Now; this is not to say that it is not possible to generate these types of actions, but it may be for many individuals somewhat challenging. There is also another factor, which, once again, is not a rule and is not an absolute, but generally speaking, most individuals do not incorporate much successfulness in projecting to other areas of consciousness that appear to be more removed from physical realities.

The reason that individuals incorporate more of a challenge or difficulty in that type of projection is that there is no familiarity. What you translate within your reality for the most part is experienced and translated from what is known within your physical reality. Without that known element in an objective awareness, it presents a challenge to be projecting to areas of consciousness that are not associated with any element of physical reality.

Other areas of consciousness that are not associated with any type of physical reality do not incorporate an objective awareness. Therefore, they may not be accurately translated by the objective awareness. The objective awareness within your reality is what identifies all of your experiences and classifies them, and what generates your actual physical existence and experience. Nonphysical experiences do not accurately translate into objective awareness.

Now; in this also, the term “areas of consciousness” is expressed quite loosely, for they are not actual areas. They are not places. For, consciousness is not an entity; consciousness is not a thing. It is an action. Therefore, you do incorporate the ability in engaging your inner sense of conceptualization to experience the action of nonphysical consciousness and nonphysical areas of consciousness, but you may not necessarily incorporate a clear definition of that experience within an objective awareness. You shall incorporate a knowing, but you may not necessarily incorporate the ability to express that knowing in an objective manner.

As to projecting to nonphysical areas of consciousness, once again, there is a void of familiarity. Therefore, in its extreme of unfamiliarity, it may generate some elements of fear, also. For the manner in which you translate your reality and you express your reality is associated with and based upon the blueprint of this physical reality, and one of the elements of that blueprint is emotion. Within nonphysical areas of consciousness, there is no emotion. Emotion is associated with an objective awareness. It is an objective expression, and it is an objective communication.

In this, nonphysical areas of consciousness are not translated in association with thought and are devoid of emotion, which creates more of a challenge for individuals to be translating their experience into an objective awareness. That is the challenge. Therefore, even if you allow yourself, which it IS possible, to project your attention, which is you, to other areas of consciousness, your experience shall not be associated with thought or with emotion. Therefore, it may be somewhat challenging to translate that into an objective expression or an objective awareness. But as I have expressed, you CAN accomplish that, but it is somewhat more challenging.

Also, let me inquire of you, what is your motivation to be generating that type of an action?

GERALD: It’s to know — instead of believing, to know.

ELIAS: But you may accomplish that now, within your physical focus. As I have expressed, all of your reality is filtered through your beliefs, but you also, in offering yourself information through the action of genuinely becoming familiar with you and with your beliefs, can generate that type of information of knowing even within physical focus. For, your beliefs are not actually a hindrance to you. They can be, at times, in association with automatic responses. But if you intimately, genuinely incorporate a knowing and a familiarity with yourself and are genuinely aware of your beliefs and of their influences, you genuinely incorporate a knowing that they are guidelines but they are not true, and you generate a clearer understanding of yourself, of your reality, of what you create, of your world, and of what is actually being generated within your reality. It also allows you to thin those veils of separation — for separation is a belief also — and it is not being eliminated any more than any other belief within your physical reality, but it is being relaxed to a point which allows you greater mobility and greater flexibility, and allows you to accomplish actions that you would not necessarily allow yourself to accomplish in holding to that belief of separation more strongly.

In this, as an example, in thinning the veils of separation, you become much more aware in knowing that you are actually not a separate entity from all of your environment, that all that is created within your perception is an actual extension of you, regardless of what the manifestation is. It also allows you to perceive your environment and your world much more differently, in that you begin to recognize that it is less solid than it appears. It also allows you to interact with other individuals that are no longer participating within physical focus and allows you to interact objectively with other essences that are not necessarily physically focused or are not participating within your particular physical reality. Therefore, you generate a greater mobility.

GERALD: How can I interact with other essences when I have problems reaching my own?

ELIAS: Ah. Let me express to you, in that, there is actually no separation within consciousness. It is merely an expression that is generated in association with physical realities. You are never actually separated from other essences. Therefore, they are always available to you, and at times, individuals may allow themselves to be interactive with another essence prior to a genuine awareness of themselves as essence. For within physical focus, this is more of a natural action that you allow.

You allow for interaction, and you much more easily interact with another manifestation than you do with yourselves, as I have expressed many times previously. Objectively, you may be more familiar or generate a greater understanding of another individual than you do with yourself, which may also be applicable to another essence. You may allow an openness to be interactive with another essence more easily, for it is more familiar than you allow with yourself.

GERALD: Can I ask you to do that?


GERALD: Well, I’m asking!

ELIAS: (Laughs) But you are already interacting with myself!

GERALD: Yes, but I mean that in a more serious — I don’t know what word to use — interaction, in helping me be aware of essence.

ELIAS: Very well. I can express my energy to you, and I can offer helpfulness in relation to your movement and your becoming more aware of yourself as essence.

I may also express to you, my friend, there are certain actions that you can incorporate that may also be helpful and be generated in a playful manner. Remember, consciousness is quite playful. In this, you can incorporate a dream trigger, which in merging with a dream trigger you can actually incorporate that as a portal through consciousness to allow yourself to move in different experiences of consciousness and offer yourself more information. That is somewhat of an easy method to be moving into different expressions of consciousness.

GERALD: I’m not very successful in remembering my dreams. It’s a problem to remember them. I don’t know if that’s part of a belief or what the problem is. How do I do a dream trigger?

ELIAS: First of all, your dream trigger is some expression or manifestation that appears in all of your dreams. It may appear in different forms, such as a dream trigger with an individual might be glass. Glass may be translated in many different forms. It may incorporate many different shapes, but the element of glass itself would be an individual dream trigger. Therefore, in merging with any expression of glass within a dream, the individual would create that portal and allow themselves to move through into other experiences of consciousness. Therefore, what is significant is that you allow yourself to identify what your dream trigger is.

Now; in wanting to incorporate more successfulness in awareness of dreams, it may be helpful temporarily to alter your sleep patterns. In altering your sleep patterns, what you do is, figuratively speaking, create an action of tricking your objective awareness. Within sleep state, generally, the individual moves attention away from the objective awareness. This is the reason that you incorporate this term of “sleep,” for what you are doing is you are essentially generating the objective awareness to be asleep. It is present, but it is not actually functioning or participating with you. You move your attention to the subjective awareness, which does not express imagery.

Now; dreams are the objective awareness participation in subjective activity. It is an action in which you are translating the subjective activity into imagery, and that creates dreams. The significant element to create dream imagery is to involve the objective awareness.

Now; if you incorporate consistent sleep patterns, your objective awareness is not alerted to the activity that is occurring subjectively. It is asleep. But if you alter your sleep pattern, this action alerts the objective awareness, and the attention moves to the objective, which thusly generates imagery, thus producing the dream. Therefore, to be generating more dream activity and more of a recall of your dream imagery, if you interrupt your sleep pattern or if you change it temporarily, this shall stimulate the objective awareness and generate more dream imagery. Are you understanding?

GERALD: Yes. I could, for example, make myself a suggestion to wake up let’s say at three o’clock, to break the pattern of getting to bed at a certain time and waking up at a certain time. I break that rhythm. This is what you mean?

ELIAS: Yes, and it is not necessary to incorporate an extended waking period. Merely the action of interrupting the sleep pattern is enough. Therefore, you may be merely incorporating one or more of your minutes in interrupting your sleep pattern in awakening, but that is enough to alert the objective awareness. Thusly as you return to that sleep state, the objective awareness is now participating and shall generate imagery, which is the dream.

GERALD: In my meditation, I often saw a blue light. (Elias grins) I think this belongs to the Sumari, if I’m not mistaken. I saw also a big angel, and one time a scene of a soldier. Can you give me more information of these?

ELIAS: First of all, I shall express to you that the blue color that you visualize is a translation of my energy. Therefore, you may also know that whenever you generate that visual, you are allowing yourself an awareness of the presence of my energy. I incorporate this quite frequently with most individuals.

As to the other images that you are generating, these are associated with other focuses of you. You can also continue with that action, and in a manner of speaking, enhance that and allow yourself to view more focuses of yourself, if you are so choosing. The one of the angel is associated with another focus of you. It is not an actual angel, but it is a symbol of another focus that you incorporate as a priest that is viewed as what you would term to be a highly regarded holy man. This individual interacts with other essences that he believes to be angels.

GERALD: There was a time also that I saw myself doing hara-kiri as a Japanese. Was that a real experience also?

ELIAS: Yes. That is an actual focus, and that is an actual experience.

GERALD: Just one brief question before the other thing I’d like to cover before my time is over. Somebody asked me to ask you that in the book of the early sessions of Seth, there was a statement that projection to some areas consciousness can only be achieved by those who are living their last earthly cycle. They wanted me to ask you to clarify this.

ELIAS: I would express to you, first of all, some of the information that has been offered previously has been presented in conjunction with established mass beliefs, for the intention of the other essence was to be presenting new information to allow you to generate an awareness of beliefs.

I may clarify and express to you that what is referred to as the last or final earthly cycle may be applied to any focus. It is not associated with the designation of the final focus or any particular stage, so to speak, of an individual within a particular focus. For each focus may actually be associated with the last earthly cycle, for you do not remanifest, any of you. You do not reincarnate. Therefore, it may be applied to any individual. But there is also an element of bleed-through of beliefs in some of that information.

I may express to you, any individual may generate projections within any time framework. You all incorporate the ability. It is merely a matter of allowing yourself, generating an openness, not expressing a rigid method of how to accomplish the projection, and allowing yourself to not generate fear.

GERALD: Yes, I think there’s some of that that’s causing me problems.

ELIAS: That is quite common. For as I have expressed to you, it is a movement that is unfamiliar, and unfamiliarity generates somewhat of an uneasiness. But in actions such as projections, you may express to yourself, as I shall express to you, in these types of actions there is no danger. You shall return yourself to your physical manifestation automatically. It is a natural action. You shall not lose your identity and no harmfulness shall befall you.

GERALD: I also think that I’m trying too hard. I’m pushing too hard.


GERALD: Getting the opposite of what I’m looking for.

ELIAS: Yes, I would be in agreement, and in this, it is important to allow yourself to genuinely relax. Practice relaxing. The more you allow yourself to relax, the more you generate an openness and the more you allow yourself to move.

You may also practice with incorporating another individual, but one that does not dwell in the same location as yourself. In this, you may create a game in which you project to the other individual’s dwelling and subsequently share information with another individual and verify or validate your experience, what you view. As an example, you may choose another individual that dwells in another location that is not necessarily easily physically accessible to you, and you may project to a room within the other individual’s dwelling. Subsequent to the projection, interact with the other individual and share the information of what you experienced, of what you viewed within the room. As you share the information with the other individual, they may verify or validate what you have viewed.

This allows you a fun practice, which also allows you to trust yourself more. It offers you evidence that you are actually accomplishing the action, which allows you more confidence and more of a trust in your own ability to accomplish in different types of projections.

GERALD: I’ve tried that in the past, and I have problems believing those were real when I compare to the objective consciousness of what I’m doing right now. Do those experiences that seem imaginary, does your awareness, consciousness of that experience, become — I don’t know how to say this exactly — more real?

ELIAS: Yes, for you begin to trust yourself and what you are doing much more.

GERALD: So I’ve got to play with it, and it’s going to grow by itself, the quality of the awareness.

ELIAS: Yes, for the more you practice, the more efficient you become and the more you validate yourself, therefore, the more you trust your ability to generate and the less you discount yourself and express to yourself that you have merely imagined. You are not imagining.

GERALD: Can I do the same as far as my essence?


GERALD: In my meditation, what I’ve been trying to do is just keeping in my mind becoming conscious of my essence. Is that the way I do it and just let the thing develop by itself?

ELIAS: Yes, and do not automatically discount. You shall offer yourself information. You shall offer yourself visuals and impressions, but what becomes the snare is that you automatically discount the information that you are presenting to yourself and express that it is merely imagination. If you do not discount what you are offering to yourself, if you continue to allow and do not discount it and express to yourself that it is imagined and you accept that it is actually real, this reinforces your trust of yourself. It also reinforces your allowance, and you shall offer yourself more and more information quite naturally.

GERALD: Before my time is over, I’d like to ask you what is behind my health problem for the past years.

ELIAS: And what is your impression?

GERALD: I don’t know. I have a feeling this started when I left my last work. There was a lot of anger there, and I don’t know if this is the result of that. Where I was in all those past years, I was trying to hold my anger because it was something bad. There was a lot of pressure being built up with that, and I can tell that I wasn’t up to what I wanted to be.

ELIAS: It is not necessarily associated with anger. It is more associated with the denial of your own expression, denying yourself your own freedom to be freely expressive of yourself and creating this holding of energy and not allowing yourself your own freedom, acquiescing to other individuals and not allowing for your own difference. That creates a tension within your energy which increases. It seems to you that it generates a type of expression of anger, for that is what you are translating, but in actuality, I may express to you, that feeling of anger is a signal associated with not allowing yourself choice or not viewing that you incorporate any choices, and therefore are locked into this position of continuing to deny your own freedom.

But I may express to you, my friend, energy is always expressed. If you will not allow energy to be expressed in one manner, it shall discover another manner in which it shall be expressed. Therefore, you may be quite affecting of your physical manifestation if you are allowing yourself to relax and notice the moments in which you hesitate in any expression. Those hesitations are your indicators that you are not allowing yourself your own freedom, that you are denying your own choices, and ultimately that is the most important.

GERALD: I’d like to come back a little to understand more the belief of separation, to get a better understanding about all of this before I leave, to understand exactly what you mean by separation. I’ve got around five minutes left.

ELIAS: Separation is very strongly expressed with perception. It is generated into reality all around you. You view yourself to be one manifestation, one entity. You view yourself to be different and separated from your chair, correct?


ELIAS: You are not your chair and your chair is not you. You are two separate entities. Not true, but this is the manner in which you perceive, for this is an element of separation. This is what you believe, that reality is translated into things, matter, physical expressions. Therefore, they are all separate. That also applies to many other perceptions that may not necessarily be associated with a physical expression. Many individuals even incorporate a separation within themselves, viewing themselves to be separated into separate parts: a physical part, an emotional part, a mental part, a spiritual part. These are all expressions of separation. They are not true, but they are real, for they are expressed within your reality.

But you also do incorporate the ability, especially in association with this shift in consciousness, to thin those veils of separation, and even to move in some expressions outside of separation, in which you generate the experience of actually knowing and not incorporating separation. In association with physical manifestations, you may continue to visually and physically incorporate separate objects or manifestations, but you also can thin those veils of separation to the point in which you incorporate a genuine knowing that the chair is a projection of your energy, that it is actually not separated from you, that it is an element of you, and that you are as connected to the chair as you are to any expression within consciousness.

GERALD: The last thing before I say goodbye, can you give me my wife’s essence name?

ELIAS: Very well. Essence name Marley, M-A-R-L-E-Y.

GERALD: Did we have any other focuses together?

ELIAS: Yes, quite a few, actually, numbering 212.

GERALD: That’s impressive. Okay, the time is up. Feel free to manifest yourself in my meditation.

ELIAS: Very well, and so I shall!

GERALD: It will help me get rid of the little doubt that I have. It will help me be more open to all of this. You’re going to be helping me out with this. I want to thank you.

ELIAS: Very well. You are quite welcome, my friend. You may look for your blue visuals and know that I am with you, and I shall be encouraging of you in your exploration. I shall also be anticipating our next meeting. To you in great affection and tremendous encouragement, in friendship, au revoir.

GERALD: Me too. Bye.

Elias departs after 1 hour, 1 minute.

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