Session 1739
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Seeing Dead People


“Seeing Dead People”
“Allow Yourself To Be Present with Yourself within One Day”

Friday, April 01, 2005 (Private)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Mavis (Mouve)

(Elias’ arrival time is 15 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

MAVIS: Good morning, Elias. How are you?

ELIAS: As always, and yourself?

MAVIS: As always.

ELIAS: Very well!

MAVIS: Nice to meet again. It’s been awhile. I don’t have anything really structured to talk to you today about, but I actually needed to ask you one question for someone else. A girl I work with, her daughter has a lot of experiences with seeing shadows and people. She gets into her car and there are people there; she’s spoken to someone in Vegas that disappeared on her. She finds them threatening periodically. They read over her shoulder, or she wakes up and they’re in her face. She would like an explanation for that. She says they’re comforting to her, but I think she has some fear involved.

ELIAS: Understandable. They are dead! (Laughs loudly)

MAVIS: Well, I figured that, Elias. Is she picking up on energy deposits, then? They’re dead – not to worry! (Both laugh)

ELIAS: You may express to this individual, in this time framework it is becoming much more obviously noticeable, the thinning of the veils of separation. In this one particular direction, in association with individuals that have disengaged and those of you that continue within physical focus, those veils of separation are becoming exceptionally thin. This is an element of this shifting consciousness, which I have expressed and explained previously. It is occurring more and more frequently.

Many individuals in shifting are generating a welcoming energy in association with this action, and are generating a curiosity in recognizing that they do incorporate the ability to be interactive with individuals that have disengaged and individuals that may not necessarily be fully engaging the action of transition yet. There are many, many, many individuals that upon the choice of disengagement – which I have been offering explanations recently of – initially forget that they have chosen death. They continue to be generating objective awareness and objective imagery. Therefore, their projection of objective imagery appears to them to be what they are accustomed to within physical focus.

MAVIS: This just something she’s more attuned to than the rest of us?

ELIAS: You all incorporate this capacity. It is merely a matter of the individual’s openness. In this, it is not merely the individual within physical focus, but it is also the individuals that have disengaged, for they generate an awareness of individuals that do incorporate that openness.

Figuratively speaking, were you to imagine or visualize the scenario, one individual is continuing within physical focus and their reality appears as it has always appeared, for they are generating physical reality, such as yourself. Your environment appears the same; your interactions appear the same. To an individual that has disengaged that is continuing to express objective imagery, the environment appears the same also, and they continue with an objective perception in similar manner to what they had generated within physical focus. But figuratively, there are some tiny holes in their environment.

In a manner of speaking, were you to visualize this within your reality, perhaps you would be sitting within this room, and within the air of this room, in different points you would notice a hole in which there appeared to be some type of brightness in that hole, which would gain your attention. You would be viewing the hole and would be distracted from the rest of your environment...

MAVIS: Wondering what it is.

ELIAS: Correct, and you would most likely be investigating what is beyond that hole.

MAVIS: Is that like a portal?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking. This is figurative, but in a manner of speaking, yes, this is what they view within their reality. They also incorporate no fear of experimenting, and therefore, as they move towards the hole, they begin to view other energies in the hole. In that, they begin to become aware that they are no longer within physical focus, but that they can view and even interact with individuals within physical focus. The more curious they become and the more they allow themselves to experiment, the more directed they become with their energy, and therefore can even generate apparitions.

Essences such as myself choose not to generate that type of action, for the most part – perhaps occasionally, but generally speaking not, for it requires a tremendous volume of energy to project a form into your reality. But the individuals that have not engaged transition yet nonphysically are not as aware of what they can accomplish with less energy. Therefore, it is not an issue, so to speak. For in their lack of awareness of what they can accomplish, they express a willingness to generate this volume of energy to generate an actual form. At times, they may be quite concentrated in their attention, some in specific physical locations in which they had generated energy deposits within physical focus. That is not necessarily the situation with this individual, but that many times would classify, in your terms, as what you view to be a haunting.

MAVIS: I had a similar experience of that years ago, where I was sleeping and someone actually sat on the end of the bed and it jolted me awake. I was aware that there was someone there, but there wasn’t anyone there. Is that kind of the same experience? I guess that’s why I was kind of drawn to that.

ELIAS: Yes. But there was someone there!

MAVIS: There was someone there – oh, that’s nice to know. (Both laugh) I guess then we have to kind of be able to get in that state as well, so that we can build our awareness a little bit.

ELIAS: In this, it is merely a matter of preference and curiosity, and what an individual is motivated to engage. Some individuals do not incorporate much curiosity for engaging interaction with other individuals that are no longer within physical focus. Other individuals incorporate a considerable curiosity of attempting to generate that type of interaction. It is merely a preference, but it is quite available. As I have expressed previously, you would quite be amazed at what occupies your physical space arrangement that you do not view.

MAVIS: It might be a little scary, though.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Or crowded!

MAVIS: I don’t know if I can open myself up to that. I’m having a lot of difficulty just allowing, just letting go and allowing these things to happen or drawing these to me. I don’t know if I’ll ever get beyond. It’s funny, listening to you talk to Nichole, she seems to be dealing with the same issues, only she doesn’t have quite as many boundaries as I’ve put up. I’m hoping she doesn’t get those boundaries. I don’t know how to keep those down. I don’t know how to chip away at them.

ELIAS: At times, it is a matter of motivation. Certain experiences may be motivating to individuals to allow themselves more freely to generate that type of openness. As an example, an individual may move throughout their focus and not actually generate that type of openness. Not that it is a bad expression, but it is a choice, for they are occupying their attention more with what they are engaging within their daily experiences and their daily interactions within physical focus.

But that individual may at one point experience the death of another individual that they generated a close relationship with. That may be a motivating factor that would change the individual’s desire and allowance, and their curiosity may be sparked at that point to attempt to be generating that type of interaction. As I have stated, it is a question of motivation and what is more strongly expressed with an individual as to their individual reality, what holds your attention more strongly.

MAVIS: I think my attention is more outside of myself, which has been an issue all along. I can’t bring it back. ELIAS: You can.

MAVIS: I can, and I’m working on it and getting a little better, but having really... You know, it’s trying.

ELIAS: Perhaps it may be somewhat easier to begin with the smaller picture. Rather than attempting to incorporate the big picture of yourself and all of your focus and this enormously unfamiliar action of turning your attention to you, perhaps begin merely in one day, allowing yourself to be present with yourself within one day, and notice when you are genuinely projecting your attention outside of yourself.

This is significant, for many individuals misunderstand and begin to view this concept in very black and white terms, meaning that if they are paying attention to ANY action or expression outside of themselves, that they are not paying attention to themself. That is not necessarily true. It is natural for all of you to be paying attention to your world, to your environment, for you are creating it, and this is your energy that is being projected and your perception, which is creating all of your environment.

In this present now, you are paying attention to yourself. You are also paying very close attention to myself. You are listening to what I am expressing to you, but not to the exclusion of yourself.

Paying attention to yourself is not as exclusive as you perceive it to be. It is allowing yourself to recognize the moments in which you actually are projecting your attention to an extreme, in which you are excluding any awareness of yourself.

MAVIS: I think I’m very good at that; I think a lot of us are.

ELIAS: I would express agreement. This is the reason that I continue to reemphasize this to so very many individuals, and also the significance of being in the now – which is not to the exclusion of elements of the past or the future, but recognizing that there are many times in which individuals are projecting their attention to the exclusion of the now. That exclusion and the exclusion of yourself is much more familiar.

But if you are incorporating a practice of merely one day and noticing what you do in every mundane action, regardless of what it is – walking across the floor from one room into another room, do you close the door, do you open a door, do you allow a door to remain open once you have moved from one room to another, how do you incorporate beginning your day as you awaken, what do you consume, how do you consume it...

MAVIS: It’s just a matter of getting kind of a feel of self?


MAVIS: Kind of more of awareness of how you...

ELIAS: Of what you naturally do within your day, all of the mundane actions that you do that require no thought, that are automatic actions. This serves several purposes. It allows you in one day to be much more aware of how frequently you move into the role of copilot. It also allows you to be present with yourself and therefore experience what that is, to be present with yourself. It also generates more clarity and more of an awareness of what motivates you in whatever you do and what influences you in whatever you do.

As I have expressed previously, individuals move in the direction of attempting to identify and recognize and evaluate beliefs if they experience some action or some scenario within their focus that is disturbing to them. But the same beliefs that influence the creation of those disturbing experiences are the beliefs that you are expressing in each day in mundane actions over and over, reinforcing them repeatedly. Therefore, in some time periods they become expanded, for it is quite easy for them to be expressed in more expansive manners, for you are very familiar with them and you have been reinforcing them continuously.

As an example, a simple action that an individual incorporates within each of their days: each time the individual departs from their dwelling, the individual locks the door.

MAVIS: Without thinking.

ELIAS: Correct. No thought; it is an automatic action. There is no signal, no emotional communication, no thought. It is an automatic response – a very simple action, locking the door. And in one day, the individual encounters a thief and is disturbed, for now within their reality, they have created an intrusion.

MAVIS: And it becomes significant.

ELIAS: Correct. The action of locking the door every day is an action of reinforcing the individual’s belief concerning protection and the need for protection, therefore concentrating upon that belief without paying attention objectively. That continues to be reinforced, and it becomes stronger and stronger, and eventually the individual generates a manifestation of that fear. This is the manner in which you very easily and very automatically create precisely what you do not want.

MAVIS: Interesting. I’ll take note of that then, Elias.

ELIAS: I am not expressing to you that it is good or bad; I am merely offering an illustration of how automatic actions are within your mundane activities within your day, and how you do not notice and you do not pay attention, and how some of those actions are reinforcing beliefs which may or may not be a preference. But how shall you be aware and know what your preferences are if you are not aware of you?

This is a manner in which you may generate a simple action, not overwhelming, incorporating one day of being present and noticing what you do, noticing what motivates what you do, what influences what you do and what beliefs may perhaps be associated with that, what influences are associated with what beliefs, remembering that any one belief incorporates many, many, many influences. That is the freedom of them.

MAVIS: I think I do that now, but I don’t do it quite as concentrated, so probably focusing a little more, then.

We don’t have much time, but I just want to ask you a few general questions. My essence color – I’ve never been able to figure that out. The closest I can come to is like a navy blue. It’s always been a draw. I don’t know if that’s it, though.

ELIAS: Signature color, wine.

MAVIS: Wow! Like a burgundy? That would make sense. Is that why I surround myself with that color in my home? (Elias nods in agreement) Okay.

ELIAS: Remember, what you incorporate as what you define as your favorite color or a color that you are tremendously drawn to is not necessarily associated with your signature color or even your focus color, for it is more associated with your energy and the vibrational quality of your energy.

MAVIS: I haven’t figured out my energy yet.

ELIAS: (Laughs loudly) You shall, my friend. Fear not. There is hope for all!

MAVIS: That’s good! (Both laugh) The other one was – these are just kind of mundane questions – but I’m curious about the musical note. Not that it means much to me because I’m not musically inclined, but it will to my husband. He can maybe articulate it for me.

ELIAS: Musical note, F sharp.

MAVIS: Well, it’s been really nice talking to you again, Elias, and sharing this little exchange.

ELIAS: And you, also. And you may offer my greetings to your friend – and her friends. (Laughs)

MAVIS: Someday they actually might be in interaction with you. We’re looking forward to that.

ELIAS: Very well, and you may also offer my greetings to your partner.

MAVIS: Yes, and he would like me to say hello to you as well. He is sorry that he could not come. He was very disappointed.

ELIAS: Ah, but I am with him in energy also.

MAVIS: Oh, I’m sure you are. (Both laugh)

ELIAS: Very well, my friend. I offer to you also great affection and encouragement. Do not despair; you ARE shifting!

MAVIS: I don’t know which direction. (Both laugh)

ELIAS: To you in great friendship and lovingness, au revoir.

MAVIS: Au revoir. Thank you, Elias.

Elias departs at 30 minutes.

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