Session 167
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Questions Upon Questions About Questions


"Questions upon Questions about Questions"

Sunday, April 27, 1997 (Group) © 1997
Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Gail (William), Bob (Simon), Drew (Matthew), Reta (Dehl), Norm (Stephen), Donovan (Dakas), and Stella (Cindel).
Elias arrives at 7:17 PM. (Time was fifteen seconds)

ELIAS: Good evening. (To Stella) Welcome to new essence! This evening we shall address to your questioning, much to Lawrence's dismay, (chuckling) as you have been offered much information recently. Therefore, I shall allow for your inquiries this evening.

VICKI: Okay, I have a question. I'd like to ask about objective imagery, and I have a couple of questions in this area. First, I'm real curious what's going on with the objective imagery of the problems with the computers. If you can give me any information about that, this would be wonderful! (

ELIAS: There are several actions which have been occurring with this situation. Olivia and yourself have both contributed to the creation of these actions, or lack or actions, within your equipment. Initially, this was instigated by yourself; this being in response to the forthcoming movement of the expansion of these sessions. This also is involving counterpart action, in an expression that you assumed in order to be alleviating some anxiety of Michael. Initially, it began as a creation of withdrawal; for as you assumed counterpart action with Michael, you also experienced your own responses to this movement, which we have now begun; this being a difficult area for you to be addressing. In this, your response is to withdraw. Withdrawal singularly within yourself was not sufficient! (Laughter) Therefore, you were creating of entire withdrawal from those physically around you, and also from all communication and participation with other individuals. In this, Olivia also participated within counterpart action in compliance with this. You also objectively were not acknowledging this to yourself, or acknowledging the extent of this withdrawal. Therefore, the imagery appears to be creations of Olivia. It is her fault! (Grinning) This is accepted, within cooperation and helpfulness, by Olivia. There are other actions that have followed subsequently from this initial expression. The action has reversed in creation, to be an action that Olivia creates for objective validation.

As you engage this expansion, you must prove things to yourselves. You must be convinced of your convictions and of this phenomenon, within your belief systems. You may not be projecting outwardly to other individuals if you are not completely convinced first. Therefore, you offer yourselves the opportunity to convince yourself. You objectively offer yourselves information that is unofficial, that may not necessarily be explained; as in material being not found only within some circumstances, but not consistently not found! This is not a creation for your benefit, (indicating Vic) but for an understanding that you (indicating Ron) may not always hold a rational explanation for all occurrences within your reality. There are other reasonings that I shall leave open for this present now, and you may investigate; and as you find difficulty in your answering, I shall offer you more information.

VICKI: Well, it's not very clear to me how this particular objective imagery provides any validation of anything.

ELIAS: This does not provide validation to you.

VICKI: No, it doesn't! (Cracking up)

ELIAS: It is not meant to. You have not created that aspect of the action. Olivia has created that action. (Pause)

VICKI: Alright. I have another question, as far as objective imagery goes. I found myself, in the recent past, experiencing a lack of physical objective imagery at all. No matter what I did, I couldn't feel anything physically. This week I find myself super-sensitive to things I've never been sensitive to before, so it's like it's gone to the other extreme, and I'm curious about that also.

ELIAS: The initial expression, within the same time period, is imagery dealing with the same issue of withdrawal. Now; within the movement subsequent to our initial exposure within our expansion, you have accepted partially ... underline partially ... this movement. In this, you have allowed yourself to become sensitized once again, although you respond within extreme; for within you, you are implementing the sensitivity objectively of inner and outer senses, in alignment with our discussions. You have not allowed yourself this accomplishment previously, for you were withdrawing. Now you create within an extreme, to be experiencing these senses ... all of them! As you are holding a heightened awareness, this may be quite beneficial to you in the manipulation of inner senses and our exercises.

As to our exercises, (grinning at everybody) how goes the practicing of your inner senses? Shall you share experiences of inner sense data? (Pause)

DREW: I did conceptualizing the other night and I used, as my idea, trust. The strongest imagery I had was being in a bicycle shop, and I just remember lots of bicycles and someone giving out or handing me a bicycle. I'm wondering if that imagery ...

ELIAS: Very good! This is quite creative imagery; for if you look to a bicycle you may see that they have wheels with spokes that extend and cross over and intersect inwardly, which all work together to facilitate the motion of the vehicle; a very good image of essence. (Pause)

VICKI: My experience this week with conceptualization has been a little different than last week. I still have some imagery, but it's not as vivid and it's not as frequent or varied. More so, the experience contains moments of blanking out, almost like a loss of time or ... A complete blanking out, but it doesn't last that long.

ELIAS: I express to you that you are unintentionally confusing your direction of inner senses. You are crossing over and intermingling your attempting with conceptualization, and actualizing your differential association. You have not quite identified within yourself, as to this present now, how to be directing and manipulating. This is not unusual. This is quite common. You are engaging action within these inner senses. You only are not efficiently manipulating within them; although none of you shall be efficiently manipulating within them initially. It requires practice. You may choose to focus upon your differential association temporarily, as this area of inner senses is what you presently magnate to automatically.

VICKI: I have tried that this week quite a bit, intentionally. Nothing happens, or that's the way it appears.

ELIAS: Do not be holding expectation of a "thing to happen" always; for within the experience of differential association, you are eliminating time. Therefore, you may experience a difference within time framework, or you may experience nothing; no time. In this, you are accomplishing, in your experiencing nothing!

VICKI: Hmmm. Are you sure??? (Laughter)

ELIAS: You are only not accustomed to this absence of stimulation and movement within moments. Therefore, it appears that nothing is occurring.

RON: I have a question about a question that was asked last week by Kaileen. It seemed that your delivery of the response was a bit unusual for your standard delivery of response. Can you explain?

ELIAS: You are quite correct. (Pause) There is a recognition of identification within parallels. In this, that which you witness is in actuality a different expression than that which is accomplished within my focus of essence; but the expression that was put forth was the most accurate translation, within your reality and understanding, to the action which occurs in the response to this individual. Within essence, within the area of consciousness that I presently focus in, emotion within your terms is not felt. It is not an activity of subjective movement disassociated with any physical focus, but an action occurs within what you would term to be compassion for another essence and in an intersection with this other essence. It does not hold the emotion, as I have stated, that you identify with; but there is no clearer expression to offer to you, within your understanding, of the action that is expressed within essence to this other essence. This action is also expressed with Michael. There are a number of parallels with these individual focuses. (In his delivery last week, Elias appeared to be very sad)

Many times you shall witness what you interpret as an emotional response from this essence, which is a translation, which may be considered the closest interpretation within your physical focus of an action that occurs within non-physical focus; just as within your dream state, as you sleep, you engage actions. You create imagery to be translating to yourselves the action that occurs within this state of consciousness. It is a similar concept. You may very well liken the action to that emotion which was expressed, within compassion and also sorrow. This also was lending to the expression that you, Lawrence, experienced within that particular session. (Pause)

GAIL: I have a question. Could you explain to me what the feeling of vertigo has been this week?

ELIAS: In which direction?

GAIL: I'd just like to know what I'm experiencing when that happens to me; when I feel dizzy or disoriented, or like I'm gonna tip over or pass out or whatever.

ELIAS: Within physical expression?

GAIL: Right.

ELIAS: This is a response to a restraint upon subjective bleed- through. Previously, you have experienced much subjective bleed-throughs recently, which have been causing of confusion and distress at times. In this, you choose temporarily to be restraining this action objectively. It continues subjectively, as the motion with you all continues subjectively; but as you are not wishing to be continuously experiencing this bleed-through effect and wishing to offer yourself "time out," you choose to be restraining of your objective recognition of this movement; although this also creates confusion and conflict. At times, it may appear less conflicting to be dealing with objective imagery that you understand; physical expressions.

GAIL: Why is it that I'm holding back?

ELIAS: As I have stated, you have been creating much movement subjectively to this point, and continue. You have allowed much bleed-through. In this, you are temporarily allowing yourself a break in this movement. This movement is more confusing than objective imagery that you are familiar with. You exert more energy in analyzation and contemplation of subjective bleed-throughs than you shall with physical expressions. Therefore, temporarily you restrain your objective recognition of subjective activity. Although it creates a response also, the response is less energy-consuming.

GAIL: Is also the emotional expression for the same reason?

ELIAS: No. This emotional expression is intimately connected with this expansion, and those individuals to which it affects mostly. (Poor grammar, Elias!) This is partially an empathic response, in identification with the upset before acclimation.

GAIL: Okay. On a lighter note, can you tell me what's with all the pennies that I've been aware of? (Elias chuckles)

BOB: And could you turn them into hundred-dollar bills???

ELIAS: Have you lost your magic wand??? (Laughter) This I shall leave to you, for this is not difficult objective imagery.

GAIL: It's not? I've been thinking about this for a while! I mean, even sayings! "A penny for your thoughts," etc. etc.

ELIAS: Copper!

GAIL: A hint! Okay. I thought that might be an element, but I just couldn't get anything from that point on. But I'll think about that.

VICKI: I'd like to ask a question about Gail's question regarding her emotional responses, and your answer to that. Would this also apply to Sophia's present experience? (Sophia/Guin has also been experiencing emotional upset and trauma, as many of us have)

ELIAS: Partially, yes. There is a partial connection and understanding and allowance within Sophia, in identification with this movement of expansion and the affectingness of those most intimately involved physically. There are other factors involved with this situation of Sophia, but this is partially what she identifies with.

VICKI: Would this also hold true for the slight amount of emotional trauma being experienced by Shynla, and also by Matthew presently?

ELIAS: Correct. (Pause)

DREW: Speaking of some of the emotional stuff I've been experiencing lately, I've been thinking it may be helpful for me to clarify my intent. In a recent private session ... I read the transcript and I may have misunderstood ... but I inferred that you were implying that the intent of all of us in this forum was to be helpful in the shift. Is that our primary intent? Or would I have another, as an individual focus, intent of my own?

ELIAS: You also hold your own individual intent within your individual focus.

DREW: Would that intent be to creatively manifest, beyond the kind of creative manifestation that we all do in objective reality to create this reality? I've been exploring what I think my intent is, and what I've come up with is to creatively manifest; to express myself in creative ways objectively. Would that be accurate?

ELIAS: And you may express to yourself that you have followed this line, so to speak, from very small childhood. (Smiling)

DREW: Yes. So I'm accurate? (Elias nods) Okay. Thank you.

BOB: I have a question. Recognizing there's no good or bad, if Gail identifies that she doesn't prefer to be dizzy and manifest these particular physical actions, yet because of what you said tonight she recognizes that this is some sort of subjective creation for objective relief, is there some way to transfer that to a more desirable diversion?

ELIAS: Yes. You may choose whatever you are wishing to be creating objectively. You may transfer this type of creation into what you classify as more constructive activity, if you are wishing. It is at times helpful to receive information of the activity that you are engaging. Therefore, as it occurs, the thought also is remembered of what you are creating, and at that moment you feel the ability to alter the creation; whereas without information, at times you do not feel that you hold the ability to alter your creation, for you do not understand what you are creating.

BOB: So the dizziness or vertigo, as she describes it, has no intrinsic value. The action itself is not valuable in and of itself.

ELIAS: Not necessarily; for be remembering the collective intent of the shift and of the action of transition, which this physical expression is also a manifestation of. Therefore, in recognition of this also, you may allow yourself to be understanding of actions that shall be occurring futurely, and also allowing yourself the opportunity to identify with other individuals that may experience similarly.

BOB: So a good exercise might be to, at times, simply go with the feeling, whatever it is, and not even fight it. And maybe even experience it to a greater extent, assuming it's safe.

ELIAS: Quite.

BOB: But I mean put yourself in a position to let it take you, to some extent, and then at other times to simply try to transfer it, to gain some level of control over it? Wrong word, I guess, but ...

ELIAS: Understood. Yes, you are quite right.

GAIL: I think I've instinctively done that.

ELIAS: To an extent.

DREW: Yet wouldn't the choice of objective imagery, in a way that makes her uncomfortable, be for the purpose of gaining her awareness?


DREW: So when Bob asks about choosing something that would be quote unquote "more desirable," that may not achieve the objective.

ELIAS: But it has already!

BOB: Yeah, we've already identified it. So I'm saying, were it to occur again, at times she could just revel in her dizziness, and at other times try to transfer it to something else and gain some level of autonomy over it. (You can hear one person cracking up here)

STELLA: I have a question. In the healing process ... I have healed myself of a lot of things already, and now it seems that I am trusting myself a little more and going towards the direction of perhaps helping other people heal themselves, which has happened. But it seems that as I was doing that then this other job came along, and I trusted my instinct and I went along with it. I didn't know why or how or whatever, but I went with it, always knowing that I could always change my mind. I know that. Anyway, it's very interesting because now I'm in this corporate world with all these big people, and I'm very busy. But it seems like a lot of people are coming to me with pains and aches and everything, so I find myself touching all these people. I do foot massages at my lunch time, I do Reiki, I do hand massages ... I mean, I do anything you want, you know? (Much laughter) And I'm very busy, extremely busy!

ELIAS: And not bored! (Grinning)

Note: Stella exudes a delightful energy! She had us all chuckling and grinning throughout her exchange with Elias. Thanks, Stella!

STELLA: No, I'm not bored at all! It's very interesting because here I was, I had this job very close to home and I was doing my thing. I was going to school, doing the massage therapy, I did the Reiki, I was very involved in all this stuff, and at the same time I was helping a lot of people. I was very close to home, like I say, and I didn't have too much work, and it was fine. And then this came along, and it seems like the people where I am now are more receptive to me and what I have perhaps to offer than they were anywhere else. I'm very busy, and sometimes I get very excited about it and wonder, where am I going? I don't know what I'm doing! It's sort of like I'm just doing ... And I don't even know what I'm asking! (We all crack up, and Elias is grinning to beat the band!)

GAIL: Are you a little overwhelmed???

STELLA: I'm a little overwhelmed because I'm in this situation. I work in a bank, and you see the atmosphere of a bank. You know, everybody's all dressed up and you see everybody very executive-like, and I wear my suit and look very professional. It seems like that reality doesn't go with what's happening underneath the whole thing. I mean, the lady that I'm supposed to ... She's the controller of the whole place and she's like one of the top people there. She's very much into this stuff. I've already done a massage for her. She wants to bring some friend that's very sick or whatever over to my place next week to do Reiki and massage and the whole bit, and she talks to me about all this stuff. I'm very much into healing. I love to read, research all the little herbs, I'm into all that stuff. It seems like people are now asking me all this stuff, like what do you think I should take for this, what do you think I should do for that, and I haven't really opened my mouth that much! I've been just very busy working, and it seems like people are coming to me and asking, and I'm just doing it. And that reality just seems so strange!

ELIAS: This is the point! Within all of your created realities, within all of your societies and establishments, and within all areas of belief systems with individuals, those which are drawn to be helpful within the action of the shift shall place themselves within areas to be instrumental and helpful; to be influencing for the awareness of those individuals around them. Therefore, accept the position you have chosen and created for yourself, in that you are being instrumental within affectingness of individuals around you. This would be an example of our little sapling!

STELLA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. We shall break, and you may continue with your questioning.


ELIAS: Continuing. (Indicating Stella) I shall offer, for new essence, Cindel. C-I-N-D-E-L.

CATHY: Okay, I have a little question about this conceptualization exercise thing that I attempted last week. I did it with the idea of meditation. What I experienced was like a quietness that I've never really been able to do. When I sit down to meditate, usually I can't clear my mind. I didn't get any imagery, but I got like a blankness or something that I've never had before.

ELIAS: Quite. Do not misunderstand that you must always be attaching to imagery within conceptualization, for you may not experience imagery always within conceptualization. Some individuals experience many inner senses visually within images. Many individuals do not. Even those individuals that create much visualization shall experience some conceptualization without imagery. You may experience sensation. You may at times interpret within feeling. You may experience none of these, similar to your nothing; although within conceptualization, the "nothingness" shall hold action and dimension. Therefore, it shall have a quality about it. You may not have the ability to explain within your language the experience of this type of conceptualization, but if you are experiencing this you shall know that you are accomplishing within your sense of conceptualization.

This may be likened to the action of a black hole. It is a nothingness, but it holds action and dimension. Until you actually experience this type of conceptualization, there truly is no adequate explanation of this action. It is an experience. Many experiences that you may notice within inner senses you may not be able to describe to another individual, for you are dealing with subjective activity and elements of senses that you are objectively unfamiliar with. You do engage these inner senses, but you do not notice yourselves engaging these inner senses. This is an accomplishment of conceptualization.

CATHY: Oh, good! I'm so glad! (Laughing)

NORM: I have something. I'm not sure quite how I developed this, but I was a multidimensional spider weaving a multidimensional web, the center of which were the two truths; links and energy. Coming out from that center were various segmented, grouped truths, allowing a set of truths for every created reality. Are those analogies good? Is that a good analogy?

ELIAS: Yes ...

NORM: Do you like analogies?

ELIAS: Very much so!

NORM: I have been trying to communicate with essence and other focuses by viewing myself in a mirror. I'm sure that if I will trust the movement a little bit more ... because I know that I saw movement. I saw the right side of my lips change, and I could see things in the periphery move, and I was in a fairly not too bright room. I mean, I could see the room nicely. The room changed in brightness, and it wasn't the light. It was obviously me. But I would catch myself every time, not really trusting what I was really seeing and not allowing it to continue. So I'm going to have to practice on that. But then what happened is that I closed my eyes and I saw a very bright, yellow image, which was not an image that you would see under those light conditions, and that image was a yellow image, and I'm just wondering what that was?

ELIAS: Shift.

NORM: A shift?

ELIAS: It is imagery connected with the movement of the shift, which you have tapped into and allowed yourself imagery of.

Now, I shall divert briefly. We shall offer also, for our dear friend, Dakas. D-A-K-A-S. (Speaking loudly and directly to Donovan, who is 84 years old and hard-of-hearing ... sometimes!) You have continued much time without inquiring of essence name!

DONOVAN: Did he say something to me? (We all crack up) Turn up the volume a little bit! (Donovan is quite a character!)

ELIAS: (Loudly) You shall read! (Grinning)

Also, I shall offer brief information to Stephen and to Dehl.

(To Norm) Within my interaction with you, I express to you quite light-heartedly. Do not misinterpret this to be an invalidation of your questioning. I express to you intentionally within this manner, as you hold too much seriousness! (Grinning, and we all laugh) Therefore, I shall express to you lightly, but I also offer you answering to your questions.

(To Reta) As to answering of questions, I address to Dehl that I am appreciative of your direction within helpfulness to other individuals, but it is unnecessary to be clarifying for Elias. I may express adequately myself.

DREW: Can I follow up on some things that Norm reminded me of? I have a feeling I know the answer to this question already, but I'm gonna ask it. When Norm is staring in the mirror and seeing changes to his face or changes to the room, is there no such thing as optical illusion? (Laughter)

ELIAS: There are many ideas that you have been taught that suggest a lack of reality. You label actions that you do not understand in many ways. You express optical illusions. You express imagination. You express that your vision is tricky. You even express hallucinations. I say to you that you may trust what you view. You create the visualizations as reality. You only attach explanations for these occurrences, as you do not understand this unofficial information. You also do not accept much unofficial information. It may not be scientifically proven. Therefore, it is unacceptable. This makes these occurrences no less real.

DREW: Okay. Regarding truths, which Norm touched on, we have discussed many truths in these sessions. Have we discussed them all? (Ron and Cathy both grab for the tissue box, snatching it and placing it outside of Elias' reach, and we all crack up. Elias has a habit of playing with tissue boxes whenever somebody asks about truths, and the tissues go flying!) I ask because I wanted to offer one. I have a question about ... (and his words are obliterated by our laughter) Uh oh!

ELIAS: They have removed our truths! (Humorously appearing insulted)

DREW: I remember that! Well, let me offer one.

ELIAS: You may.

DREW: Light.

ELIAS: (Pausing) I shall say, the vibration of light is a truth. The manifestation of light is not, for the manifestation of light is relative.

DREW: Would that be the same way that color is a truth, but in our physical manifestation it's an interpretation of the truth?

ELIAS: It is slightly different, for you interpret color. Although distorted, you do hold some understanding of this truth. Light you view as light, as opposed to darkness or no light. It is, in your interpretation, an illumination. In reality, in truth, it is not an illumination.

DREW: It is multidimensional.


DREW: And so, while it is multidimensional and a truth, our interpretation of it is so distorted that what we think of as light is not close enough to the truth for us to have an understanding of what you mean when you say light.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: The reason I asked if it's a truth is because it holds many aspects for us besides just illumination. There is emotional attachment with light. It has depth for us, beyond illumination.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: And therefore, I was wondering if it was multidimensional and a truth.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct; although I feel it necessary to be expressing to you that this is a further removal, within interpretation within your reality, than your concept of tone or color.

DREW: Okay. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (Turning abruptly to Gail) Copper also is referring to other focus. Explore there. (In reference to her previous question about pennies)

GAIL: Okay. I have a quick question. I had a dream image. What I can remember of it was a group of pennies over here and a group of people standing over there. Is there any connection between ...


GAIL: Okay.

ELIAS: This also is bleed-through information.

GAIL: I'll investigate.

VICKI: I have another question, regarding a session in our recent past. This question is mostly for clarification of an answer to a new individual; Damaris. Her question had to do with counterpart action, and in the answer to the question, there seems to have been quite a bit of ... Well, in my interpretation, there seems to have been some misinterpretation on the part of both individuals. My question mostly is for clarification on this idea that up until the point in time that Sena became aware of her essence family alignment, that she was not necessarily following her intent up to that point. Her response to that is that she's always felt that she was pretty much in alignment with her intent. My understanding presently, within our creating of our own reality, is that we are in alignment with our intent, although within the answer to that question it sounded different. So, I'd like to ask for you to clarify that.

ELIAS: Very well. You may, within a focus for a time period, project elements of your intent in action to a counterpart which shall manifest these elements. Sena creates reality in alignment with intent, although not completely; as we have expressed within our example of, "You may cross your street, or you may cross your country and you may cross your street." Individuals may experience no conflict and also may experience an ease within their focus as to the following of their intent, but they also may not be completely objectively manifesting all elements of this intent.

This individual aligns with healing aspects. In certain manifestations, this has been productive and a constant within the manifestation. Within some expressions of healing action which were not accepted, those expressions were projected to a counterpart. The counterpart was accepting of these projections, and implementing them within their focus within a different expression of healing; a physical expression of healing. Each is manifesting within alignment of their intent. They are not necessarily manifesting completely within alignment of their intent, as in the long way around, as we have discussed previously. In understanding the alignment of family, there may be incorporated a fuller understanding and expression and acceptance within the individual focus to be creating more efficiently, and also to be manifesting more encompassingly. Other elements are also involved within this counterpart action, for both of these individuals' understanding and realization.

VICKI: Are there people who are manifesting completely in alignment with their intent?


CATHY: Who???

VICKI: Yeah, who??? Good question! (Much laughter)

ELIAS: It matters not, as you are unfamiliar with these individuals physically focused; although many of you create very closely within probabilities and alignment of your intents. You, Lawrence, and Michael also; Olivia also; William also. Many individuals create very closely within their probabilities that they choose in alignment with their intent.

There are, as I have stated, many other issues and elements involved within these two individuals, in regard to the counterpart action and intent which they have exchanged with each other; elements that they choose not to experience individually at moments. This, in some areas, some areas, creates an element of conflict at some times; for they deny themselves the entirety of the most efficient expression in dealing with their individual circumstances. Sena experiences less of this affectingness, but does experience some.

VICKI: Okay. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

NORM: Tonight I brought quite a few crystals of quartz, and I've noticed that a lot of people love to play with them. These are synthetic quartz, grown by man; our own creation, as everything else is. Is there any difference in the "directing of energy," quote unquote, between the man-made and natural quartz?

ELIAS: There is a difference in quality, and therefore a difference in attraction of energy; for one, in your terms, has been naturally created; which is to say that the idea for creation is projected within consciousness, and the links of consciousness are allowed the freedom to collectively manifest themselves within their own design. Therefore, they are allowed a different creativity.

NORM: These are almost perfect crystals. They're (?). They have been restricted, or have boundaries on their creativity.

ELIAS: They have been specifically instructed in their creation.

NORM: For time-keeping purposes. I have another question. We went to an unusual session this afternoon, in regard to homeopathic medicine. It was about Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet. One medicine, or quote one "organic chemical," kept popping up in almost every discussion, and it was castor oil. Was castor oil created to have unusual aid in healing in regard to the human body, or in any organic sense?

ELIAS: This was a misdirected experiment.

NORM: A misdirected experiment; meaning that it is a placebo? It is always a placebo with the people that are using it?

ELIAS: Very perceptive.

NORM: Well, people can create anything!

ELIAS: And you may make anything fit into your belief systems.

VICKI: I have another question for Michael. "Could you offer me any explanation or direction for exploring my fear of earthquakes?"

ELIAS: Very well. He seeks within unproductive areas. All objective reality is not always influenced objectively. The fear element stems from subjective activity within his "intermission time," in his term. (Mary uses this term in relation to non-physical focus; for example, time spent "in-between lifetimes")

In this, subjective movement has occurred within a void, in an exploration of areas of consciousness which he was not understanding of. Therefore, the experience became a void, within the lack of understanding. The void held tone, which you translate into sound. This created a spiraling sensation which was frightening, for it was unfamiliar and unexplained. In this, he has held this fear throughout all focuses, for it is not attached to physical focus. It is not an issue within some focuses, for the occurrence does not happen within some physical focuses; but it is a held response within all physical manifestations of this essence.

VICKI: So what could a person do about that?

ELIAS: He may choose to be availing himself of information within his intermission time, so to speak, and be reconnecting with this experience, in like manner to his connection with other focuses, which was eliminating of undesirable behavior within dream state. This is his choice. Within physical focus, many individuals may not be choosing to be confronting of this type of action; for fearfulness is quite powerful, and you view this to be unpleasant. Therefore, you do not seek it out.

VICKI: What would be the most efficient way to connect with an intermission time?

ELIAS: He may begin with engaging inner senses, if he is not choosing to be engaging your new game.

VICKI: Would the lack of hearing in one ear be connected with that?

ELIAS: Quite perceptive, Lawrence. Actually, quite an inventive creation upon Michael's part; to be creating of physical symptoms objectively acceptable within your mass belief systems of medical terms, but efficiently blocking out partial sound.

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

NORM: I have one more question in regard to the quartz. Of course, the purity of this is extremely high. I'm not sure quite what it is, but it's probably less than one metallic atom in ten to the eighth, or something like that. Could I recreate the intent of the creation of this, or does the action of direction of energy include other atomic elements in there?

ELIAS: May you create a recreation of the natural intent?

NORM: Yes.


NORM: Why not?

ELIAS: You may offer a direction within consciousness to be creating of elements within physical manifestation. Subsequent to this, consciousness is allowed the freedom and holds the free will to be manifesting in their choice. These crystals do not grow in their own direction, do they?

NORM: They are forced to ...

ELIAS: They are grown in your direction. They do not hold the freedom to be creative within their own manifestation; although these links of consciousness are in agreement with you to be manifesting these elements.

NORM: In all things we do, we somehow get that agreement. But we could grow, if we like, crystals ...

ELIAS: You do!

NORM: Naturally, you mean.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: But we could grow them in the laboratory also, if we like, to do the natural capability of direction of energy?

ELIAS: It is possible.

DREW: The direction of energy by quartz is a natural ability and not a belief system?

ELIAS: All consciousness holds its own natural ability.

DREW: When people wear quartz or wear different types of quartz because they believe that it has certain abilities to direct or attract energy, and different types of quartz attract different types of energy, that is natural within the quartz and not just a belief system?

ELIAS: To an extent. I have discussed this previously, and I have explained that these crystals do hold a conducting ability. You also create belief systems around this conducting ability, and attach more significance to this than is actually held within the element itself. It does not direct energy. It may be a natural conductor of energy, but it does not produce energy for specific purposes other than its own being.

DREW: Or attract certain kinds of energy?

ELIAS: Within electromagnetic fields, certain elements, as these crystals, do attract certain energies; certain waves. They are not creating these waves. They are not creating this energy, but they are conductors. They may attract, and they may project as they attract. They are, in your terms, a tool.

DREW: Thank you.

ELIAS: Be remembering also that all elements hold consciousness. Therefore, all elements hold free will and choice. You may stifle creativity, though; but even within a stifling of creativity, some elements of creativity continue to exist within the expressed agreement for manifestation. Otherwise, the element would not exist; for it would not accomplish its value fulfillment. (Pause)

VICKI: I have another question, if nobody else does. Is the action of offering up to somebody with no expectation the same as offering up to somebody and making the expectation clear?

ELIAS: It would appear so within your thought processes and within your belief systems, although it is not the same. You may delude yourselves in thinking that it is the same action, as you believe you are being honest with an individual and you are offering them a choice, but you are not always offering them a choice. You are projecting an expectation. You are holding qualification. Therefore, it is not the same expression.

VICKI: Is it an intrusive or harmful expression?

ELIAS: No more so than expressing helpfulness with expectation. It is the same; which, as we have stated, may be unproductive for both individuals involved.

VICKI: (Sighing) Fine! (Elias chuckles) It's really hard to offer up something without an expectation! You even could think you are, but you find out that that's really not true; that you weren't even really aware that you had an expectation!

ELIAS: Although you become aware!

VICKI: Yeah, you do.

ELIAS: And in that awareness, you offer yourself the opportunity to widen that belief system and be accepting. Otherwise ... I like this word this evening! ... you would not be noticing of this expression.

You may engage another break for Michael, and you may continue with your questioning if you are so choosing. I also offer to Matthew, you may engage this essence for helpfulness if you are wishing.

DREW: Thank you.

BREAK 9:23 PM RESUME 9:52 PM (Time was ten seconds)

ELIAS: You may continue with your questions.

NORM: I have one. This is a parallel to the enigma that science has in regard to the fact that according to science, we are a happenstance and a probability that occurred. We the scientists do not believe that everything is consciousness, but that somehow we were unique in the fact that somehow it evolved; consciousness evolved. Then you have talked about links and gestalts of links and various degrees of consciousness; that the can has consciousness and the dog has consciousness and we have consciousness; but yet we have a unique consciousness. We are an energy personality essence that has certain creative and reflective capabilities, and yet we are composed of the same thing that everything else is, of links. What is the magic in the gestalt of links that we are, and why is this kind of development of the links possible? Where does it break, from one being just a non-energy personality essence to one that is? (Pause) That's my serious side again! (Laughter, and Elias grins)

ELIAS: What distinguishes a personality essence is the arrangement of consciousness, but this is a distinguishment in expression and arrangement. It is correct that all manifestations do not possess essence in your terms, but there is no separation within consciousness. Therefore, there is no break point or division between essence and consciousness, for all springs from this consciousness. You refer to the object of a can. This object would not exist had you not created it. Therefore, it is an element of you. Therefore, it is also an element of essence. Within itself, it does not possess essence; but there is no differentiation within consciousness.

NORM: It can relate to essence consciousness then?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking; but this may be confusing to you, for you differentiate. You view consciousness as separated into two factions. One is essence, another is consciousness. There is no separation. There is no dividing factor.

NORM: But there is certainly a differentiation!

ELIAS: There is no dividing factor. There are no sections. There is no separation.

NORM: It's like simultaneous time, isn't it?

ELIAS: Quite!

NORM: Fascinating!

ELIAS: Just as your physical form is a projection of essence, all physical manifestations are a projection from within essence. All of essence is consciousness. Your projections are arrangements of consciousness projected into physical form or matter; into physical elements containing atoms and molecules. Essence is consciousness.

NORM: The arrangement of links ... does that imply that the links have many attributes and features alike, like faces to a crystal on them? Am I explaining that correctly? They have many different attributes or facets to their characteristics. They have many characteristics, so that they can be used in any reality or in anything. They are everything. Or is this strictly an arrangement that's important?

ELIAS: Links of consciousness hold the quality of versatility, and may rearrange themselves to accommodate any creation. They are ultimately multidimensional. They are also, as all of consciousness, simultaneous. Therefore, they are everywhere at once.

NORM: It would not be possible to use one of the inner senses, the expansion and contraction of the tissue capsule, to be able to see a link, would it?

ELIAS: No, for it is not a "thing."

NORM: Or to sense it?

ELIAS: Yes, you may sense the action of a link of consciousness, although you will hold no identification for this.

NORM: It's just beautiful how everything can be created from these links. It's just fabulous! Oh, and the other question was this: As there are different realities, you wouldn't know if there are different cosmoses with different links, or would you?

ELIAS: Consciousness is consciousness. It may create itself in infinite different actions and manifestations. There are also, within the same space arrangement, infinite universes.

NORM: But that is part of this cosmos, the infinite universes. Is there ever a plural to the word cosmos?

ELIAS: There is no end or limitation to consciousness. Therefore, what may be beyond no limitation? You must incorporate an ending or a boundary to incorporate another "thing." There are no boundaries. There is no limitation. It is infinite. NORM: It is beautiful. That makes it beautiful. Is that right?

ELIAS: Quite.

RETA: A little bit difficult, but beautiful.

BOB: I have a question. It seems to me that you said before that essence, while it takes on some individual characteristics, that all of essence is one. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

BOB: So that just as we in agreement create the can on the table, it seems to me that even our own sense of individuality within the room is created in concert with one entity, if you will. So we could just as easily be twice as many essences in this room, or half as many; but we choose to be however many we are. And if we're not different, then all that we discuss about each other and our other focuses and everything are simply creations of our own, just as the can is.

ELIAS: You are different within your own individuality.

BOB: But I've created that individuality, as have you.

ELIAS: Correct.

BOB: I've created you and you've created me and we create Ron and he creates us, so we are not apart from each other in that respect, and we could be fifty as easily as we are one.

ELIAS: You are correct in your concept. Within your thought process, you are closer to the non-physical reality of consciousness and also a recognition within other manifestations. You may create several you's. Within this dimension and this reality, you do not; for this is not what you have created within agreement within this reality. This is not to say that you do not experience this concept within another reality.

BOB: Okay, but what I'm saying is, the you that I've created is to some extent the same as the can that I've created, and to some extent I am talking to myself here. I have come here to talk to the Norm that is me and the Drew that is me because we are all one, and this is just how many of us choose to communicate at this point; that we are not individual except as we view ourselves as individual. We are only a part as we decide we are a part. We could all merge as one, assuming we had some sense of it. Right now, simultaneously, boom, we're all one essence ostensibly, correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

BOB: And we could take the can with us if we decided to. So we are not individuals in that respect; in that we are all part of consciousness, and essence is simply nothing more than the cognitive side of consciousness.

ELIAS: But you are individual, for you are not William and you are not Matthew ...

BOB: But I'm not my foot either, but my foot is me!

ELIAS: ... and Stephen is not you. You are your foot!

BOB: Okay, more so than I am William?

ELIAS: Within your awareness of self and your creation of reality, you are uniquely, individually you. Do you view this manifestation as unreal?

BOB: My manifestation of me? More so than ever before! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Are you present?

BOB: Certainly!

ELIAS: Therefore, you are real.

BOB: True, but I'm trying to get past seeing myself as a part.

ELIAS: I am understanding of this; but within the attempt to eliminate parts, do not be devaluing of every element.

BOB: But is seems like you're pushing me back towards a singular view. On the one hand, you encourage an acceptance of our place in the universe as being one with consciousness and essence and whatever, and as we grasp that or try to grasp that or grasp for that you say, "Ah, but you are singular."

ELIAS: No. I have acknowledged your thought process. I have expressed to you that you are correct. I have not expressed that you are incorrect. I wish only to be instructing to you that you do not devalue any element of consciousness, which you may slip into if you are thinking that you hold no uniqueness or individuality. Many of your religions, within your physical focus presently and throughout your history, teach the concept of all as one. In part, this is true, but the interpretation of this is distorted and devalues the individual; which you may not devalue any element of consciousness, for all elements of consciousness are equally valued.

BOB: Including the can.

ELIAS: Correct.

BOB: It seems to me that as you describe in a sort of microcosmic way how individual essences encounter experience in order to understand Reality, if you will ... I use that with a capital "R" ... that all of consciousness through all of its essences macrocosmically is experiencing or is engaging the same experience in order to, as a whole, understand its own reality.

ELIAS: Absolutely.

BOB: So it's kind of a divide and conquer ... Well no, that's a bad analogy. We can certainly experience more as many, many, many, many essences than we could as one essence. So, why not become so multi-faceted so as to absorb all the experience possible?

ELIAS: This being the concept of your god. This essentially is how your species has arrived at their concept of this supreme being of god that you all spring from. As I have expressed, all of your beliefs within your religious direction and also other belief systems are based in truth, although they are distorted. In this, you may view within your religious elements that it is expressed that god exists or lives within you, correct? (Pause) Yes.

BOB: Correct.

ELIAS: This concept is a distortion of the concept that you are expressing. All of consciousness is essence. All of consciousness is consciousness. It does not "spring from." It is. In this, the creativity of consciousness seeks never-endingly to explore itself; of which you are an element, of which you are also all.

BOB: So to the extent that you caution me not to devalue any essence, there would be an equal need not to over-value any essence?

ELIAS: Quite; although as I expressed to you, within your concept of god, you are this.

BOB: I am what?


BOB: Cool! (Cracking up)

ELIAS: There is no higher expression, for you are all. Therefore, you may not in actuality over-value yourself; although within your physical focus objectively, you may delude yourself into a belief of your extreme worth and devalue others. You are not over-valuing yourself, but you are under-valuing others.

BOB: And that would be wrong! (Elias breaks out into a huge grin) Not operative! Does that work for you?

ELIAS: Acceptable! (Chuckling)

BOB: So in my view, I just accepted what I said through you. Would that be okay with you too? (Elias chuckles) Just one further clarification. I don't mean to monopolize, but it seems to me that as you state that we are god, that the pitfall is that we immediately perceive of this omnipotent being that can make no mistakes and has no needs. And that's not exactly correct, in that we have the need to define ourselves and to experience, and in that respect are unlike the god of our belief systems. We're driven to constantly define and redefine ourselves as god.

ELIAS: As to this concept that you put forth in defining yourself in this manner, you hold no need. You merely are. You are within a continuous state of becoming within awareness, for there are infinite areas of consciousness to become aware of. Energy is in constant motion. Therefore, it is not a question of need. It simply is.

BOB: So it's a function of mechanics. This is the way it works.

ELIAS: You may choose to view in this manner, although this is quite over-simplified.

BOB: Okay, but in the traditional sense I believe that I accept the concept of becoming, much the same way I accept the concept of simultaneous time. However, the traditional belief system view of god is that he has already become. He became long ago!

ELIAS: Correct; which, this is a distortion. Also, as to your concept that if you are god you are malfunctioning for you believe yourselves to be creating mistakes, I have addressed to this issue previously. You do not create mistakes! You create your reality perfectly within each moment, as to how you design to move within your choices. They are not mistakes. This is a belief system. Therefore, you may classify yourself as omnipotent.

BOB: Okay. Thank you.

DREW: I'd like to follow that up by asking a similar question in a different way. If physical focus is really just a specific awareness of essence, a particular part of essence ... You refer to the "you" when you say, "you make the choices, your belief systems," and other times you refer to the "you." I'm wondering what the "you" is, who the "I" that makes these choices is. Is it just the bundle of thought processes that are associated with my focus? Or if there is no division, what is the me that's making these decisions and having these needs and desires and experiences? ELIAS: The "you" is your individual personality tone within consciousness. It is not separate from all of consciousness, although it is unique and identifiable as you. Let me express to you in like manner, in what you may identify within truths. All of tone is contained within one. All of color is contained within one, although you may identify different vibrational qualities and isolate different identities. This does not change, that those qualities are still within one. In this same manner, you hold your own individuality within personality within your creation and you are directing of that creation, but you are simultaneously also not separate and within the whole of consciousness, and are the whole of consciousness.

DREW: So primarily, it is this specific tone that is the me. (Elias nods) Okay. I have a couple of other things, if nobody else does.

GAIL: I have one question to kind of go with that. Each of us has our own tone. In my creation of multiple personalities, did each personality have its own tone?

ELIAS: I have offered information of this subject matter previously. Within your manifestation physically, you create an individual unique tone which is manifest; although this tone holds countless alternates which are also you, but also very, almost unrecognizably within tone. Within the action of multiple personalities, the individual chooses to be separating elements of physical expression and creating individual separate focuses within one. The individual chooses to separate all of the elements of personality and create them individually as manifestations of their own. The individual does not always continue within this action throughout the entirety of their focus. Many do not create this separation from the beginning of their focus, and many do not continue until the disengagement of the particular focus; although some do.

There also are some different influences that are creating of this particular choice. Rarely, but at times, the individual focus may manifest and choose this action within an identification of another dimensional focus. This does not fit into your accepted reality. Therefore, the individual is identified as not adhering to the norm. For the most part, this is not the case. Individuals within this dimension may choose to be exhibiting what you term to be multiple personalities, which also affords them the opportunity to be disengaging from their own personal responsibility within the action of each separate manifestation of personality. The individual chooses to move through a portion of the focus without adhering to responsibility overall. Therefore, within this separation, no one focused personality may be held responsible. At times, this may be quite an efficient experience.

GAIL: It's still overwhelming to me!

ELIAS: This is that it is not officially accepted. Many individuals manifest physically within designs that are not officially accepted. This creates much conflict for these individuals; although they choose this experience for this experience!

GAIL: I have another question. When I'm told that the personalities integrate, where do they really go?

ELIAS: They do not go to a place.

GAIL: Yeah, I understand that.

ELIAS: They also do not disappear.

GAIL: This is true.

ELIAS: Within the action of discontinuation of the separation, you allow the self to naturally return to its original state; as within the definition of healing. In this, within agreement within this physical focus and dimension, you have collectively agreed upon an acceptable manifestation. You choose to be manifesting within a physical body with a multi-faceted personality, but one identity. If you are choosing to disengage this separation of personalities within one focus, you allow all of these aspects or elements of personality to merge into one identity. This is not to say that you do not identify different qualities or aspects of one self. You do; but you do not separate them out further and allow them individual identities of their own.

GAIL: Well, not anymore. So is that what the term integrate means?

ELIAS: In your terms.

GAIL: Thanks. That was helpful.

DREW: I have more questions. Did you want a break, or shall we go on?

ELIAS: Continue.

DREW: Okay. I had kind of a personal experience that I wanted to ask you about. Following the earthquakes we had the past couple of nights and other earthquakes in the past, when the earthquake is over I have a real sense of a presence or an energy in my room or in my house. Is that just residual energy from the earthquake itself, or something more that I'm projecting or sensing or feeling? It's scary.

ELIAS: It is uncomfortable, for you do not identify. It is not threatening. This energy is a projection of your energy. Within the action of the earthquake, you choose to project an element of fear outside of your physical self. As you recognize the discontinuation of the action of this earthquake, you notice the energy which has been projected. You look to this energy. You feel this energy. You feel frightened, for this is an identification of the frightened element of self that you project outward; that you wish not to experience and feel within the action.

DREW: Interesting. A couple of dream experiences ... excuse me, sleep experiences. I don't really know if they were dreams. One of them involved imagery, and it was recurring imagery. I recognize this imagery, having had it at least once before and fairly recently. It was an image of toys that had been spilled out of a toy chest kind of chaotically on the floor. I may have been laying with the toys. I'm not sure. But after I had this imagery, I woke up and remembered having had it recently. I'm wondering if you could interpret for me; first level.

ELIAS: The toys ... first layer ... spilled chaotically upon the floor, outside of their container and their place, is imagery that you suggest to yourself of feelings of disheveledness within self; a dissatisfaction with arrangement of objective imagery. It appears to be chaotic or unsatisfactory to you. Therefore, you create imagery that is connected to the feeling that things are not in place.

DREW: Now, that's imagery of subjective feelings, correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: So is my subjective self telling me that my objective reality is somehow out of place, or that there's reason for me to have feelings of uneasiness or discomfort with my objective reality?

ELIAS: As I have explained previously, your objective and subjective consciousness are not separated and are not at odds. Therefore, they mirror each other, and they express the same elements to you within different expressions. Therefore, within your objective imagery and feelings, you feel the same. You may create the feeling in a slightly different manner as to your imagery, but the feelings shall be mirroring each other subjectively and objectively; a discontentment with elements not being within their proper place, within your belief system.

DREW: Okay, but there is information that comes to us through our dreams that is not available objectively. All of our dream imagery is simply ... not simply, but is a mirroring of both subjective and objective reality? The imagery is created by a combination of both, and mirroring of the two? It's always been my impression or understanding that a certain amount of information comes to us through our dreams, and is not available objectively. ELIAS: It is not that this information is not available, but you do not always allow yourself the freedom objectively to understand all of your imagery and all of your creations. Therefore, you allow yourself more freedom within dream imagery to be expressive.


ELIAS: Of your reality. Within your dream state, you relax your belief systems. You allow more freedom within your movement and understanding and acceptance. You may view within your dream states that you may engage actions that are unacceptable within waking state to you. You may engage many activities within dream state which appear to hold no conflict and are completely acceptable, and as you awaken you look to this imagery and you are appalled, for you re-engage your belief systems which are not accepting of these activities. You may avail yourself of the same information within waking state, but you block this as you filter through your belief systems.

DREW: Is the recurring imagery, the fact that I've chosen the same imagery more than once, significant within the imagery itself? Or was this just a way for me to get my own attention? Why would I use the same imagery?

ELIAS: Recurring imagery is a method to be attaining your attention within areas that you feel needs your attention and your addressing to. This may be an issue that you presently hold within this focus. This may be pertaining to bleed-through information from another focus. Within this particular scenario, this is relevant to this focus.

DREW: I really didn't need the imagery to tell me I'm not happy with objective reality right now!

ELIAS: But you shall be reinforcing yourself and be creating of this. You may express that you do not need to be gaining your attention, but this is where your attention lies.

DREW: And imagery and dream experience is a form of expression.

ELIAS: True.

DREW: And yet, is it not also an opportunity to incorporate new information and new direction?


DREW: So if I'm expressing unhappiness with a certain part of my life within dream state, would I not be laying the blueprints to change that within objective reality also within dream state? ELIAS: If you are choosing.

DREW: If I am choosing.

ELIAS: You may be choosing to continue, within your attention, to be viewing the dilemma.

DREW: For purposes I may not be aware of now, like addressing belief systems or motivations or those kinds of things? Would that be true?

ELIAS: This is possible, or you may be choosing to be holding your attention, for you wish to continue your attention within this area.

DREW: For the experience, period. (Elias nods) Which gets us back to this whole question of, at what level am I making these choices? You choose. I know! You've said that! But I can't understand why ... I know the answer to the question ... why I would choose experiences that I objectively feel I'm not happy with. For the experience. It doesn't make sense to me. It doesn't make sense to me, if essence is loving, why we would continue to create conflict, particularly once we're aware of it. I don't understand that. I don't expect you to explain it in one evening, but ...

BOB: Is happiness better than unhappiness?

ELIAS: Quite! (Grinning at Bob) Very good!

DREW: And yet, given the choice, which you say I have, I would choose happiness because I'm not happy with this experience!

VICKI: But you don't!

BOB: Yeah, so maybe you want to be unhappy!

ELIAS: I shall offer to you that objectively you may not be enjoying your choice. Therefore, you may not "want" to be experiencing what you have created, and you may also temporarily not understand how to be objectively connecting to your choices, although this is temporary; this being the same as crossing your country to cross your street. You may temporarily lose objective sight of your choices within probabilities.

DREW: It's particularly confusing in light of your confirmation tonight of my intent.

ELIAS: The conflict is that you hold, as do all other individuals, a very strong belief system in good and bad occurrences. Some activity, choices, and occurrences are good and acceptable. Some are not.

DREW: Are choices made outside of belief systems?

ELIAS: Your choices are filtered through belief systems; this being why we address to the acceptance of belief systems, therefore eliminating much of your conflict.

DREW: So if I have a strong belief in good and bad and my choices are filtered through that, why would I make choices I believe to be bad?

ELIAS: You also think within a very small framework, as do all individuals. You are preoccupied with your attention within the immediate. All of you may look to experiences within your focus, and as you are removed from these experiences within time framework, you may express to yourself and to other individuals that you hold an understanding of the reasoning that you were creating of that reality within that moment. You may also be accepting of that creation. You may view the benefit regardless of its pleasantness or unpleasantness within experience; but as you are within an individual experience that you have chosen and that you have created, you do not always view beyond your bubble.

DREW: Seeing the big picture. Okay, I'll move on. I'll save this for a private session sometime. One last sleep experience. I had my first experience, and actually after having it realized I've had it before, of being aware I was asleep while sleeping. The experience was imagery or something of being in what I think was the room I was in when I was a child, and having a sense there was someone in the room; again having fear, realizing I was sleeping, and forcing myself awake. It took a lot of effort to wake myself. I even grunted in the effort and finally got myself awake. Once I had that experience, I recognized it as having had it before. For one, I'd be interested in any comments you have about the experience, and number two, the imagery or the fear or whatever it was that went along with it.

ELIAS: The reason you experience difficulty in awaking yourself is that this is a projection. This is not dream imagery.

DREW: It didn't feel like a dream.

ELIAS: You have allowed yourself to view your own projection; this being an out-of-body experience.

DREW: Was I projecting to my room as a child?

ELIAS: Correct. This, be remembering, is simultaneous. Therefore, it occurs now. You step sideways within your projection to be viewing this scene that you hold within your present awareness as memory, but it is also presently occurring.

DREW: What was the fear and the presence or the man I thought was in the room that scared me enough to make me want to come back?

ELIAS: This is an issue related to self that you view is needing of attention, in allowing yourself to move through issues presently of devaluation of self. Underlying, you hold belief systems that are partially blocking and adding to the dissatisfaction that you experience presently. These issues deal with feelings that you have acquired of self; this being, as I have stated to you previously, that of a duplicity.

In this, within another common belief system you project into an area which you view to be past, as thinking that this shall be helpful to you in discovering the acquisition of this duplicity. I have expressed previously, not all of the affectingness within your present now is a result of what you view to be past experiences within your childhood. These are, to a great extent, belief systems. They are psychological belief systems that you have developed collectively. This is not to say that this action may not serve you, for the belief systems that you hold are reality; this being why they are quite so difficult to rearrange. Therefore, you may be successful subjectively within this type of connection, in identification of this element of duplicity.

Within one respect, you are acknowledging and trustful of self. Within another respect, you are not trusting and you are devaluing your individual worth. The impression of this man is an expression of self; another aspect of self which presents the fearfulness. This element of self is that which is untrustworthy within belief systems, for there is no element of untrustfulness! This demonstrates, within the action, imagery of the reality of this duplicity.

I have touched upon a statement recently: As you are concentrating on affirming to yourself certain ideas to be creating, you are essentially reinforcing these belief systems; for if you are continually reaffirming to yourself, you are not trusting what you are affirming to yourself! You do not truly believe that this shall materialize, or that it shall work! Therefore, you continue to concentrate, and in this you reinforce this duplicity. We shall speak more of this futurely. I shall engage you individually within this subject, for this involves other elements also.

DREW: Yeah, which I'll be interested in asking you about. So to understand this experience, I had an out-of-body experience ...

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: ... and while having that out-of-body experience, which was a sideways step in time ...

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: ... at the same time I was aware of imagery that represented distrustfulness within myself, all happening at once.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: Thank you.

NORM: I have a question in regard to appalling dreams. This happened to me about a week and a half ago, and Dehl had an appalling dream subsequently. I wasn't going to mention this, but ...

RETA: I'm not even going to mention this!

NORM: It has our essences attempting to talk to us, and I don't understand it, and I think it would be good for us to understand it.

RETA: I don't know about if you want to explain that. I don't!

NORM: Do I need to explain any further?

RETA: He had a dream about a week and a half before I did. They were both very, very bad; in conflict with each other. I don't know if we need to explain that.

ELIAS: I shall offer to you, as we close this session this evening, that as our exercise for our next session you may present this, if you are choosing, within our "secrets session." We have explored only one within our time period of our sessions, and we shall engage another secrets session! (This other session was held on 9-3-95)

CATHY: Oh boy! (Laughter)

ELIAS: This, you shall investigate within you some element that you wish not to be sharing with other individuals which you hold secretly, and you may attempt also to be identifying of the belief system that attaches to this. If you are unable to be identifying the belief system that is attached to the issue, I shall be offering you all explanations of these belief systems.

I do not engage this activity with you to be creating uncomfortableness within you. It is quite instructional to you to be realizing that you are not separated, and that you may not be judgmental of each other. It is also quite instructive to you, within regard to your shift, to be identifying of belief systems; that you may be accepting of these. As you hold to yourselves and your privateness, you also hold to your belief systems and do not allow yourselves to widen and accept these. Therefore, you hinder your movement. So, we shall embark upon another adventure! VICKI: Could I ask one more question?

ELIAS: You may.

VICKI: Regarding the objective imagery of the equipment and other things I've mentioned that have been going on the last few weeks, is some of this indicative of intersection with a non-physically focused aspect and a shared experience of dealing with this belief system of duplicity?

ELIAS: Yes, although I express to you that this aspect is not what you consider within your thought process as non-physically focused; although also to your way of thinking it is not physically focused, for you do not see this; but as I have expressed to you, you are not singularly you.

VICKI: Other-dimensional?

ELIAS: No. This is an aspect of you within this dimension, within this focus. It is another element of you; just as we have spoken this evening of the bicycle wheel and the spokes which all extend inwardly, but they are all aspects of the wheel. They are all aspects that make up the whole of the wheel. In like manner, you are the wheel, holding many aspects which are you. In this, you intersect and exchange with these aspects continuously. You may also exchange positions with another aspect; these being alternate selves which are you within this focus. They are all elements of you, for you are not a singular being within this focus. Therefore, yes; you are exchanging, as I have expressed to you, with another aspect of self presently. In this, you may be experiencing unfamiliar behavior and feelings and at times, thought processes. You may also be noticing of unfamiliar sense data.

VICKI: Okay. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. We shall discontinue for this evening, and I shall be anticipating our next meeting. I leave you this evening quite affectionately, and express au revoir!

Elias departs at 11:33 PM.


(1) This is in reference to continuing computer malfunctions on both Ron and Vic's computers. Some of the problems appear to have a rational explanation, and some don't. For the most part, the imagery has been different; the one commonality being that both modems were affected.

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