Session 1651
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The End of a Friendship


“The End of a Friendship”
“A Ghost in the Attic”

Thursday, October 28, 2004 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Cathy (Felicia)

(Elias’ arrival time is 16 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

CATHY: Good morning, Elias! How are you?

ELIAS: As always, and yourself?

CATHY: Well, not as always! (Both laugh) A little happier than usual. I have a laundry list here to start with. I hope we get into my real questions later, but I’ve got quite a lot of just stats to ask for people, so I’m going to try to work through this as fast as I can.

ELIAS: Very well.

CATHY: First question — this is just for me — I’ve got all my regular stats, but these are things that they collect on the forum that I wanted to pass on to KC. Do I have a Dream Walker aspect is one of those questions.


CATHY: That’s what I was thinking. Let me ask you this — this is an aside on that — I’ve had some experiences with an entity or whatever that I call the Light Guy. I have always kind of wondered who that guy is. Is he an aspect of me? Is he A Dream Walker aspect? Is he some other entity? Is he you? (Elias chuckles) What connection is there with this Light Guy and me?

ELIAS: This is another essence that you have shared many connections with in this reality and in other realities.

CATHY: That’s cool! I was thinking it was a projection of my energy, mainly because of what I read on the forum and with Seth and stuff. I just assumed this must be me, but it never quite felt right to say that it was me, so that’s cool. (Elias laughs)

Back to the Dream Walker thing. Can you give me a name? I asked this Light Guy in a dream one time what his name was, and I could feel the name in my ear but when I woke up I just could not get my brain around what my ear had heard. It felt like there was a “K” in it or an “L” or a “J.” I don’t know, but now I’m thinking that name is not connected to the Dream Walker aspect after all. I’m looking for both the Light Guy’s name and the Dream Walker aspect’s name.

ELIAS: The other essence incorporates the tone of Kajah, K-A-J-A-H (KAA jah).

CATHY: Aha! That sounds right! (Elias laughs) And the Dream Walker?

ELIAS: That would be associated with the essence of Halheel, H-A-L-H-E-E-L (Hahl EEL).

CATHY: What’s interesting to me is I put those two names together! What I was trying to get my tongue around was “Kalil” for the Light Guy, with a “K,” and well, that is really interesting how I tied those two together! (Elias laughs) So which family is this Dream Walker associated with?

ELIAS: And your impression?

CATHY: My impression was Milumet.

ELIAS: Correct.

CATHY: Oh, cool! I had a dream in which I met with what I perceive to be other focuses of myself in time. We were around a meeting table kind of thing, and I said in the dream something like what if one of us learned how it’s done. Then I started feeling this light just pouring out of me into all of the others. What I’m wondering is was I really, actually connected with other essences of myself in time in that dream, or is this just a symbol to me of the possibilities?

ELIAS: No. You were actually allowing yourself an interaction with other focuses.

CATHY: My own focuses?


CATHY: Cool! Do I have about four or five other present-day focuses then? I can’t remember if it was four or five others in that ring.

ELIAS: Five.

CATHY: How many focuses do I have in all?

ELIAS: One thousand two hundred forty-one.

CATHY: Now for the laundry list. First for my husband, Mike, you gave his essence name as Dejha. I need his belonging, alignment, orientation and focus type.

ELIAS: And your impression?

CATHY: I have Borledim/Ilda/common/thought.

ELIAS: Reverse the families.

CATHY: Belonging Ilda?


CATHY: For my son, Patrick, I’ve got a lot of information, because you met him in Kentucky last year. The one piece that we missed was his focus type, and my impression was emotional.

ELIAS: Correct.

CATHY: My daughter, Katie, you gave me everything on her, I believe. I told both my parents that I would get their essence name, belonging, alignment, orientation, focus type, and initiating, continuing or final focus designation. So let’s start with my mom — her essence name?

ELIAS: Essence name, Rachel.

CATHY: Oh, beautiful. She’ll like that. My impression for her belonging is Tumold and alignment was Sumari or Ilda.

ELIAS: Sumari, correct.

CATHY: I think she is soft, emotional, and a final focus.


CATHY: My dad, his essence name?

ELIAS: Essence name, Chaz, C-H-A-Z.

CATHY: Oh, neat! Belonging — this one I was kind of questioning the families that I picked for him, but I would say Borledim and Sumafi.

ELIAS: Reverse.

CATHY: Why do I always get them backwards? (Both laugh) We talk quite a bit, my father and I, and we seem to approach life in a similar way. I am intermediate and political, and we were wondering if he was also intermediate.


CATHY: That’s what we were thinking. But political didn’t feel quite right to me, so I’m wondering if he’s thought.

ELIAS: Correct.

CATHY: I was going to guess “continuing” for him, but I don’t really have a feel for that.

ELIAS: Correct.

CATHY: When I saw you in Kentucky, I was talking about this friendship that was breaking up at that time last year. Do you have an impression as to that person’s name, or do I need to say it?

ELIAS: It is not necessary.

CATHY: I wanted to kind of protect her privacy in the transcript. There’s an awful lot of things about that friendship. It feels now, to me, today — and this changes — that we both feel pretty done with it. It took a long time for me to get to this point, though. There were a lot of subjective interactions with her, with her husband — or what I felt like were subjective interactions — and I don’t know if I was just playing with my own emotions, just trying to get a grip on what had happened with us, or if this was something that we were actually picking up from each other’s energy.

Could she feel the interaction when I would have these imaginary scenarios? Sometimes there was the four of us — her husband, me, my husband, and her — all interacting in different combinations in my imagination. I do this a lot; I play with scenarios. It’s like writing a story, almost. They can be mutually exclusive scenarios; they can’t possibly both happen in my reality! What am I doing when I do that? Am I really picking up on energy from other people? Am I just creating this all for my own amusement? What’s going on there?

ELIAS: You are receiving energy from other individuals and allowing yourself to translate that. You do project energy, and at times the other individuals receive that and translate it also in association with you, but not always. At times, it may be translated into different imagery that the individual may assume is merely associated with themselves.

CATHY: Is there any way I can tell the difference? Is there a way that I can tell whether I’ve actually made a connection or whether I’m just playing?

ELIAS: Let me express to you first of all that as you project energy, you ARE generating a connection — that you may be assured of. It is merely a matter of how the other individual receives that and what they generate with it, whether they are aware in the moment that they are receiving energy from you, or whether they are objectively unaware and therefore are translating the energy in some manner that they associate merely with themselves.

CATHY: That makes sense to me. Another question about that friendship is why we put ourselves through that. It was incredibly painful and very intense. I know we each had our own purposes, everybody involved had their own reasons for being involved, but what were we trying to accomplish in creating such pain for ourselves?

ELIAS: And what is your assessment? What information have you offered yourself?

CATHY: Well, for me, I really liked the way I was when I was with them. I felt like a different person, almost. I felt more energetic and more open and more giving. I just felt really good, until I started sensing or perceiving judgment. I’m sure you might say that I created the judgment because I was judging myself for feeling the way I was feeling.

ELIAS: Let me express to you...

CATHY: It seems like I was shooting myself in the foot!

ELIAS: First of all, let me express a clarification to you. This is a common misconception, that in the presentment of different expressions and experiences in association with other individuals that you automatically move into an evaluation of what is being generated and incorporating the term of “reflection” in a black-and-white manner. Therefore, you may at times confuse yourself, for you are attempting to interpret the situation and the experience in association with reflection.

Reflection is not mirroring; therefore, different expressions may be generated in association with yourself, and you may be drawing those experiences to yourself to reflect different expressions within yourself and how you may respond to them, which also offers you information. It is not necessarily always a matter of if you are generating an uncomfortable scenario in an experience with another individual and you perceive the other individual to be expressing judgment, that is not to say that you may necessarily be expressing a similar judgment within yourself. You MAY be, but this is the reason that it is significant to be aware of yourself and what type of energy you are projecting and what you are presenting to yourself, what you are addressing to within yourself, and what information you are offering to yourself.

For, at times it may be a type of reflection that you are generating to allow yourself to recognize your own triggers or how you automatically respond to certain situations and certain expressions of other individuals. It may also offer you information in association with differences, and allow you to become more familiar with your expressions, your guidelines, your truths, your preferences, and your own differences and the differences of other individuals. Which, in offering yourself information in those directions, you also widen your capacity to be expressing acceptance, for you generate a greater understanding of what is being expressed, and therefore allow yourself more of an acceptance of yourself and of the other individual, and of the differences that each of you express.

CATHY: I feel like that’s what happened that day when I went down to talk to her about a year ago. I just felt so light. We talked for a couple of hours, and I haven’t talked to her since. I felt like I was kind of leaving the door open. I went down there to express who I really am was kind of how I thought of it, just to tell her that this is what I am. And I just felt like I did it so right! I was really proud of myself for going down there and having that talk with her, even if she never wanted to talk to me again. I just felt really good about it, because I felt like I really validated to myself that who I am is okay.

ELIAS: Correct, and you allowed yourself the freedom to express yourself without an expectation.

CATHY: Is she happier now that it’s over? Does she feel good about the way it ended? Because I felt so good, I want her to feel good! But whenever I cross her path in town, it’s like there’s this kind of skittishness there, like she’s afraid of me — or maybe I’m afraid of her; sometimes I am, you know. But I want her to be happy.

ELIAS: I am understanding, and I am understanding your want but...

CATHY: I can’t make her happy, I know.

ELIAS: Correct. I am aware that this is a genuine expression within you, but it is the choice of the other individual as to what they allow themselves. The perception that the other individual incorporates is somewhat different from your perception, and the other individual does incorporate some uncomfortableness, for that individual expresses judgment to self.

CATHY: So basically she is kind of afraid of me, for what I represent or whatever?

ELIAS: Not necessarily a fear but a type of intimidation, for it presents a reflection to herself, which generates an element of guilt.

CATHY: Oh, gosh! Oh no.

ELIAS: Not that you have generated any action that has caused that, but the individual generates that energy of guilt in association with self and the judgment that is expressed of self.

CATHY: The best thing for me, and I know that’s like putting labels, but I feel comfortable just letting it lie where it is. If she ever decides she wants to be friends again, we’ll pick it up from that point, make a decision at that point. Sometimes I play with the idea of her coming down here to talk to me and wanting to pick up the friendship again, but then I dismiss it and I say well, that’s probably really unlikely, because I don’t really perceive that things have changed all that much between us. I try not to cling to the idea. I really feel that I’ve let it go quite a bit in the last month or so, at least. My perception of it is changing, and I’m getting more accepting of the fact that it’s pretty much over.

ELIAS: I am understanding, and I am acknowledging of your movement. But also remember that all is not as black and white as it may appear in a moment. There is always the potential for change, and there are always choices. In that, there are many different avenues to engage different choices that may seem to be less threatening.

CATHY: To her or to me, or both?

ELIAS: Both.

CATHY: When we were together, I felt like she was trying to keep her judgments in and not express them to me, when she was getting mad at me. As time was moving on, because of me being the way I am (laughs), she started having jaw problems where her mouth would hardly open and she was seeing a doctor about that. Was I correct in thinking that those jaw problems were associated with the relationship with me, or is that just something that’s overall her...?

ELIAS: More so her own restriction of energy and denial of herself, and generating judgments within herself as to what is acceptable to express and what is not, and therefore restricting her energy and generating a tension in extreme that manifests in physical affectingness.

CATHY: By backing off of the relationship with her, that didn’t necessarily ease that jaw problem any. Is that what I’m hearing?

ELIAS: Somewhat, but that also is regenerated in association with the continued tension and judgment that this individual expresses with self.

CATHY: So no matter what I do, she’s going to express that unless she decides she’s going to change that?

ELIAS: Correct.

CATHY: Let me ask you some questions just about her belonging, alignment, orientation and focus type. I’m thinking she’s soft and emotional.

ELIAS: Correct.

CATHY: I’m going to out on a limb here. Being Vold, I’m very self-critical, and I’ve heard you say, or seen where you’ve said that Volds tend to do that. I’m going to guess that her alignment would be Vold.

ELIAS: Correct.

CATHY: And is her belonging Sumafi?


CATHY: That’s pretty impressive. I can’t believe I got that right! (Both laugh) What about her husband?

ELIAS: And your impression?

CATHY: I really don’t know with him, but I’m guessing, okay? I guessed belonging Gramada, and alignment Zuli.

ELIAS: Reverse.

CATHY: There I go, getting them backwards again! (Elias laughs) Orientation, is he intermediate?

ELIAS: Common.

CATHY: Thought focused?

ELIAS: Political.

CATHY: Oh! That might be why I connected so well.

I’m back on my laundry list again here, that page. We had my brother live with us for a little while earlier this year, and it’s interesting that my husband and my brother in a lot of ways struck me as similar, only in an opposite kind of expression. My husband has a lot of rules for how people function, in terms of taking care of themselves and physical independence — and my brother broke all of my husband’s rules! (Laughs) And in other ways, the similarities are that my brother would say what he needed to say to appease me emotionally or to get people off his back on physical creations, whether it was a job or bills or whatever. My husband does the same sort of thing but on an emotional level. Where I’m looking for a deep emotional connection, my husband kind of says what he needs to say and then moves on and does his own thing anyway.

There was an interesting kind of dynamic in watching the two and how they function together. How they both interact with me, that was also interesting! It was a very stressful time! (Laughs) So what I’m wondering for my brother’s information is, is there a natural kind of counterpart relationship between my brother’s stats and my husband’s stats?


CATHY: What families would my brother be, then? I have a big question mark on Milumet belonging, which is what I was guessing.


CATHY: And I’m thinking a Sumari alignment.

ELIAS: Correct.

CATHY: So there would be some conflict, I can see that. I’m thinking soft for my brother and emotional focus.


CATHY: I think I have a lot of issues dealing with softs. (Laughs) Is Mike’s mom a soft? And his sister, too?


CATHY: I’m getting pretty good at figuring out what their orientations are. Seems like the ones I have the most trouble with are softs, though. Poor me! (Both laugh)

I’ve got a couple people on the forum, email correspondents, who I said I would ask questions for. One of them is Claire, her essence name is Hilary, and she would like to know the orientation, belonging to and alignment families for a man in her office. She thinks he’s intermediate, but she didn’t offer me any other impressions.

ELIAS: Essence name, Martina. Orientation is correct, intermediate. Essence family, Zuli; alignment, Vold.

CATHY: She also asked what kind of relationship in essence she and I share. She wondered if we were counterparts. I wasn’t so sure about that.

ELIAS: Yes, you do engage counterpart action, and you also share other focuses.

CATHY: I have another email friend, Michele, who lives in Virginia, and she would like all the stats for herself and her family. I’m going to start with her essence name, and we’ll move on from there. Her impression of an essence name was Eve, but she didn’t know if that was just a focus or if that was the essence name.

ELIAS: That is a focus, and it is part of the essence name, which would be Evealyn, E-V-E-A-L-Y-N (EVE uh lin).

CATHY: Belonging family, she says she feels strongly about Vold but also leans toward Ilda, Borledim and Tumold — so we’ve eliminated five. (Elias laughs) Let’s go with her belonging family.

ELIAS: Belonging to Vold; alignment, Sumari; orientation, common.

CATHY: Focus type, she says emotional, and continuing focus.


CATHY: Her husband, his essence name?

ELIAS: Essence name, Nigel. Impression?

CATHY: Sumari?

ELIAS: Correct.

CATHY: Alignment impression, Ilda or Zuli.

ELIAS: Ilda. Orientation, common; focus type, emotional.

CATHY: She says Vold and Sumari seem to fit her sons, but she didn’t tell me which one fit which. So let’s start with her first son, his essence name.

ELIAS: Essence name, Wendy. Belonging to Sumafi; alignment, Vold; orientation, common; focus type, emotional.

CATHY: Boy, they have a lot of emotional in their family! Her second son, his essence name?

ELIAS: Essence name, Pamvil, P-A-M-V-I-L (PAM vel). Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Zuli; orientation, common; focus type, political.

CATHY: She also asked me to thank you so much for your friendship and to tell you that she appreciates and loves you very much.

ELIAS: And you may offer my greetings and my affection also.

CATHY: I will do that. Now, this is silly. I wanted to start a new category for your game: weaponry.

ELIAS: Very well!

CATHY: I wanted to enter the broadsword, the Scottish broadsword, for Vold.

ELIAS: One point.

CATHY: Yay! I’m great! (Both laugh)

I had a summary of my intent in this focus written down here, but now I’m feeling like it’s an awfully arrogant thing to say, so I don’t know if I want to offer it to you, or let you offer it to me!


CATHY: This is going to be in a transcript, now! People are going to read this! (Laughs)

ELIAS: Do not be discounting of yourself!

CATHY: The day when I wrote this I was feeling very proud of myself, and what I wrote was that “I am like a drop of water into a still pond. I use the Vold energy to drop into static situations to create changes that inadvertently bring about balance or healing.” I don’t usually have a well thought-out plan for how this should work, but it usually ends up working out that way just the same by very subtle processes beyond my control — well, which I feel are beyond my control. Another metaphor I came up with is “a surgeon, as one who affects healing by means of a knife.” So what do you think of that?

ELIAS: I would express that your assessment of your intent is quite accurate.

CATHY: How cool is that! (Elias laughs) So I can give myself one big point on that one!

ELIAS: And not express a judgment of yourself that you are being arrogant, but rather acknowledge yourself and appreciate your expression of yourself and your discovery of yourself.

CATHY: That sounds much better than arrogant, doesn’t it? (Both laugh)

This is the last thing for other people. Just recently I got an email from my aunt. She has in her home what I think of as energy deposits. I don’t know where they come from or anything like that. One of them she refers to as the dark man, and he’s a figure in her attic room. Her son, my cousin, has actually seen the man. My aunt says now the dark man has some demons with him, and she asked me recently if I could pick up any information about him. I’ve picked up things, not necessarily about him, but about others in the past, you know, energy from my grandmother and things like that, so I think she’s sort of built up my abilities more than I’m really comfortable with. I don’t know that I can really pick up information about him myself. That’s probably discounting myself, but at this point I don’t feel like I can really offer her any guidance or valid information about this guy. I did write down some theoretical things in an email to her, just basically kind of paraphrasing what you’ve said about these energies, or what Seth has said about these energies, but I haven’t really offered her any specifics about what’s going on there because I really don’t know.

I was wondering if there was anything you can offer her regarding this dark man and his demons, taking into consideration the beliefs that she has that are very much good versus evil, very Catholic kind of beliefs. I don’t know how to talk to her about this stuff, taking all of that into consideration in a way that won’t confuse or upset her. So, how would you address something like that?

ELIAS: First of all, you may express to this individual that you are offering this information directly received from myself. And in this, what I shall express firstly is that there are no demons.

Now; there is an energy deposit that is present in her environment, and it is quite active.

Now; this energy deposit at times incorporates the attention of the essence that generates it, but at times it does not. The reason that she perceives this ghost, so to speak, to be incorporating demons is that at times it does direct attention to that energy deposit and thusly generates mischief. It is not attempting to be harmful, but it does express mischievously. It is quite real, and I am acknowledging of her awareness of its presence.

Now; I may express to her that it is not a matter of ridding her environment of this energy deposit, for that is the choice of the essence that has created it, and it is choosing to continue to express that energy deposit and it is also continuing to experiment with different expressions of energy and creating this mischief. But as I have stated, it is NOT harmful.

What is harmful is her own fear, and that fear is sensed. There is an awareness of that fear with the occasional attention to the energy deposit, and that sparks MORE mischievousness. For in a manner of speaking, the energy of her fear creates more of an intensity of energy in the environment, which is attractive to the other essence. For it serves, in a manner of speaking, as a type of beacon, which allows the other essence to focus more clearly in association with filtering energy through layers of consciousness.

This particular attention is what you would interpret as another individual who has engaged the choice of death. In that choice, the time framework in which that choice has been created would be defined in your reality as to approximately ten years, but within nonphysical reality, that does not translate the same.

CATHY: Ten years in terms of since he’s died?

ELIAS: Yes, within your physical linear time. But the translation of time nonphysically is quite different, and therefore, this individual perceives that that choice has been engaged quite recently. The experience of time is much shorter for the individual than it is perceived to be within your physical reality within linear construct.

CATHY: Is this somebody that actually died in the house, then?

ELIAS: No, but in a near location, and has merely chosen to be experimenting with filtering energy in association with this reality. This individual has not engaged transition yet. This individual continues to generate an objective awareness and a perception, and continues to generate projections of physical objective imagery in association with your reality. But within what the individual perceives to be recent time framework has generated a realization that it is not participating actually within your actual physical reality any longer, therefore also incorporates an awareness that it is dead, or in your terms dead.

CATHY: So now it knows.

ELIAS: Correct, and is now, in a manner of speaking, experimenting and playing with energy, knowing that it can in some manners penetrate through layers of consciousness and veils of separation, and that it can project energy in association with your physical reality and create disturbances, so to speak, which is presently amusing and fascinating to this individual.

CATHY: Not amusing to my aunt!

ELIAS: I am aware! But as I have stated, express to her that the more she generates fear, the more she projects a strength in energy, which this individual connects to. It offers a pathway, in a manner of speaking, to manipulate energy within your physical reality.

Express and emphasize to her that this individual is not generating any expression of harmfulness and that there are no demons, and that this individual is expressing curiosity and mischief, which is not unusual. In that, if she is allowing herself to realize that there is actually no harmfulness being expressed and that it is unnecessary to be incorporating fear, that if she is engaging more of a playful energy in association with this individual, it shall generate less of a pathway. In generating that playfulness, the mischievousness of that individual may dissipate.

CATHY: One more question, I think, may be all I have time for; we’ll see. This morning before I woke up, I was in a semi-conscious kind of state, or maybe I was dreaming, I’m not sure, but I was very, very focused on these wind chimes that I bought while I was in Scotland with my kids. In the dream, they were in the same location. They were right together, right next to each other, and they were hanging over my bed. I kept seeing them and hearing them quite a lot, and I was really focused on that this morning. I’m kind of wondering what’s up with that. It just seems significant to me. (Elias chuckles) Maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s totally meaningless, but I thought I’d give you a shot at it and see what you think.

ELIAS: A connection to myself. And I may express to you, generally I prefer to be engaging ringing of wind chimes in association with my conversations with many individuals.

CATHY: I also heard that you like to flicker people’s lights!

ELIAS: Ha ha! At times!

CATHY: So did you flicker my bathroom lights a month ago?

ELIAS: (Laughs) Yes.

CATHY: Well, thank you! At one point I decided that I was going to tell you the next time it happened, “Elias, I’ve scheduled the session! I got it!” (Both laugh)

It looks like we’re pretty much out of time. Oh, let me ask you this; maybe this would be a quick question. I had an hour-long session with Kris, the entity Kris who’s channeled by Serge, and I was kind of wondering — it was a very useful session to me and it gave me a lot of good information — but now I have a kind of chicken-and-egg question: which came first, my ideas as he expressed them, or his expression of the ideas, which led into me doing what he was talking about? Was he just picking up on my probability and expressing that to me or was I obeying, so to speak? (Laughs)

ELIAS: Both.

CATHY: Was he picking up the strongest possibility or the strongest probability of which direction I was going, is that how you could phrase it?

ELIAS: In that moment, yes.

CATHY: Now it feels like things have actually changed, and maybe I’m not actually heading in that direction.

ELIAS: Correct.

CATHY: So which direction am I going in? (Laughs)

ELIAS: And that would be your choice, would it not?

CATHY: I know! (Elias chuckles) It would be nice if you would just tell me, though!

ELIAS: (Laughs) Ah, but where is the playfulness in that!

CATHY: I know! But sometimes I just get really depressed, I feel like all the possibilities are blank, and I just can’t see any direction. Now I feel like okay, I’m not as depressed...

ELIAS: Hold your attention in the now and do not project futurely, but pay attention to what you are creating now. For what you are creating now creates what shall be the future.

CATHY: That’s true, yeah. So what I’m creating now is that my husband’s decided to see a counselor, and I’m just in a sort of wait-and-see mode. I’m seeing a counselor, he’s seeing a counselor, and I’m talking about my issues with my counselor. I don’t know what’s happening with his because we don’t talk about that much, but I feel like I’m just waiting to see what happens next.

ELIAS: Pay attention to you now, rather than anticipating and waiting, paying attention to what you are actually doing and what type of energy you are projecting, and be aware, in presence with yourself, of generating balance and not creating extremes. In this time framework it is quite easy to move into expressions of extremes and polarization. Be aware of your energy and what you are doing and what you are expressing and projecting. Generate a balance and continue to be aware of what you are actually doing now.

CATHY: I feel like in the last week or so I’ve been doing that reasonably decently. I had a really bad depressive spell there, but I feel like that’s kind of moved away. I’ve gone through it. I’ll probably do it again, but at this moment I feel like things are okay.

ELIAS: And that is significant. Remind yourself of the now rather than anticipating, which triggers that experience of depression.

CATHY: I will work on that!

ELIAS: Very well.

CATHY: Which is not to say that I WILL do that. If I’m making a promise, I might not keep it. (Both laugh) I’ll do my best.

ELIAS: Practice!

CATHY: Will do. And it looks like we are out of time.

ELIAS: Very well, my friend. I shall be anticipating our next meeting, and I shall be offering to you my energy in playfulness and encouragement and supportiveness.

CATHY: I really liked the wind chimes, so if you ever want to remind me, just go for that.

ELIAS: Very well! Ha ha ha! To you in great affection and fondness, my friend, au revoir.

CATHY: Thanks.

Elias departs after 1 hour, 2 minutes.

(1) Cathy’s note: This is a phrase I picked up years ago when I was reading Diana Gabaldon’s “Voyager.” She used this phrase to describe what her main character does, and it always stuck with me.

(2) Transcriber’s note: So that’s why Mary’s wind chimes are so often clanging in the background of the session tapes!

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