Session 1596
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Getting Rid of a Week-Long Headache


“Getting Rid of a Week-Long Headache”

Saturday, July 24, 2004 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Brian (Darby)

(Elias’ arrival time is 14 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

BRIAN: Good morning, E!

ELIAS: And what shall we be discussing?

BRIAN: Oh, don’t you know?

ELIAS: (Laughs) It would be your choice.

BRIAN: How about myself in the now? Sound good to you?

ELIAS: Very well.

BRIAN: Well, you can help me out, maybe. First of all, this session was actually supposed to occur about six days ago. I had had a fantastic conversation with Mary then for a couple of hours actually, and then the phone cut off. I could hear her talking, but she couldn’t hear me. We tried actually for a couple of hours to get back in touch and couldn’t, so we had to reschedule for today. I was wondering if you could help me out with what happened there.

ELIAS: And what is your impression?

BRIAN: Let me ask you this. If I give you an impression, is there a probability where that impression is correct, and another probability where if I give you a different impression it is also correct?

ELIAS: Yes, but one would be the correct impression concerning this reality, and another may be correct in a probable reality.

BRIAN: But I can choose which one, yes?


BRIAN: So I can basically choose whatever answer I want.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes.

BRIAN: I guess my impression would be that I know that when we were talking, and again it was almost three hours, while we were talking I felt like I was actually picking up a lot of stuff from Mary, even going through a lot of stuff I wanted to discuss with you. I even said out loud that perhaps I didn’t even need the session any longer, and started to feel like there was a lot to assimilate just from that conversation. I was wondering if maybe that’s why we cut off the telephone.

ELIAS: That is one reason. What else do you assess as having been in occurrence in that experience?

BRIAN: Well, I definitely wanted to get into that. I had a massive headache, and it had started around five o’clock in the morning and by the time I woke up for the session, around nine o’clock here, it was still there. It subsided a little bit during the conversation but was bothering me the whole time. Strangely enough, it’s still with me six days later. It’s certainly the longest headache I’ve ever had, and I cannot figure out why or how I’ve created it or what I want to do about it.

ELIAS: Which is also associated with what has occurred and your experience with Michael. I may express to you first of all, you allowed yourself to engage an interaction with Michael to offer yourself information, and in that, simultaneously you had been also widening your awareness and allowing yourself to assimilate more in a different manner, which generates an action of opening neurological pathways. Many times in association with many individuals, that generates that type of physical manifestation of what you term to be a headache.

Also, you allowed yourself to incorporate this time framework to be assimilating information that you drew to yourself in association with your interaction with Michael, almost as a bridge, so to speak, to be engaged in conversation with myself. There also has been somewhat of a slight apprehension to be engaging in conversation with myself, which also has been a factor in the hesitation.

Now you are engaged in conversation with myself, and now what is your assessment?

BRIAN: I certainly understand the apprehension. I understand why I would have done that with the phone, but I guess I’m wondering why it seems so different. In other words, I’m sure most people calling, especially for the first time, are apprehensive, and I’m sure many, many people talk for a pretty good time with Mary. I don’t know why mine was different enough to essentially warrant a six-day migraine.

ELIAS: As I have expressed, one of the factors associated with the headache is the opening of neurological pathways. This is an action that is physically occurring within your physical brain, and as I have stated, for many individuals that action manifests itself in a headache, and the headache may be temporarily ongoing longer than what you would assess as a normal headache.

BRIAN: I see, and I have read that a great deal. It did seem extreme this time, to the point where I guess maybe my head will get a little misshapen here soon.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Unlikely! But I am understanding your discomfort. In that time framework, for most individuals it does move you into holding your attention upon yourself, and it does also motivate you to incorporate distraction to allow yourself to not be focusing upon the pain.

BRIAN: It’s pretty difficult with this much pain not to focus on it.

ELIAS: I am understanding, which also offers you information concerning what you concentrate upon and how you perpetuate certain manifestations. It also allows you the opportunity to examine your beliefs concerning how you create and what you expect, and in manifesting certain physical affectingnesses how you automatically fall victim to your physical body.

BRIAN: So were you implying that distraction could be beneficial?

ELIAS: Yes, for it interrupts the concentration.

BRIAN: Which perpetuates the headache.

ELIAS: Correct. It interrupts the pattern of the expressed belief and of what you are creating and what you are concentrating upon. Concentration is not necessarily associated with thought.

But in association with your interaction with Michael previously, what do you view in this experience that you are perpetuating that is quite associated with what you and Michael interacted about? I may assure you that I was present.

BRIAN: Oh, I figured that!

ELIAS: Therefore, although I do not generate the action that you would term to be eavesdropping (laughs), for I am not concerned with what is transpiring within your language, I am aware of the energy that you project to each other, and therefore, I am also aware of the direction that you incorporated with each other and the subject matters. In that, I am aware that you both interacted in sharing experiences with each other concerning very similar types of experiences as you have generated within this time framework of these days. What have you created? You have created this headache. Initially, the creation of the headache was associated with the opening of neurological pathways.

Now; subsequent to that temporary action, you perpetuated the headache. What did you discuss?

BRIAN: Well, it was quite long, but I guess I’d have to say a lot of it covered relationships.

ELIAS: What element of your discussion is directly associated with what you have created within this time framework of this week?

BRIAN: That is related to...?

ELIAS: What you have created within this week with this physical manifestation of this headache.

BRIAN: I am trying to remember the conversation. It seemed to cover a great deal of things. A lot of it, of course, was things that generally upset you, or upset us, and a lot of that had to do with different relationships.

ELIAS: I am understanding. But you also incorporated interaction concerning what you do and your beliefs and automatic responses, did you not?

BRIAN: Yes, we did.

ELIAS: Now; in this, as you attempt to evaluate what you are creating, what you view is that you are creating a headache. What was your action associated with attempting to evaluate what you are creating with this headache? I may express to you that you, in your question to myself, expressed that you were attempting to recognize or view what generated this headache initially. Once it began and once it continued, you automatically became victim to it, viewing yourself to incorporate no choices to alter the experience for you have not offered yourself information concerning what you have created, and you are powerless to alter that or to incorporate different choices for it is a manifestation that requires the continuation until such point that it changes itself — rather than you incorporating choices, for you do not recognize that you are creating this each day.

BRIAN: I thought I did recognize that.

ELIAS: Have you? If you genuinely recognize that you are creating this manifestation in each moment, you also recognize that you incorporate choice. If you recognize that you incorporate choice, and you are uncomfortable and you want to change the manifestation, you recognize that you incorporate the power to do that by incorporating different choices and expressing a different energy.

BRIAN: Are you saying that you can’t do that before you realize that you’re creating it in each moment?

ELIAS: I am not expressing that you cannot. I am expressing that generally speaking you do not, for the belief that the manifestation is creating itself continues to be concentrated upon and is expressed quite strongly. Therefore, you are already choosing certain influences of that belief and continuing to move in that direction, and not offering yourself choices and not recognizing choices.

BRIAN: And these are beliefs not around its initiation but its continuation?

ELIAS: Yes, that if you generate a physical manifestation that is uncomfortable, once it is begun it must continue through its natural course, that you cannot change that, that your physical body thusly is controlling your experience, and you do not incorporate the power or the ability to alter that.

If you incorporate breaking a bone within your arm, you may intellectually express to yourself that you are creating that in every moment, but you do not necessarily genuinely recognize that and know that. For the bone continues to be broken, and it may be set, but it shall incorporate a specific time period to be healing itself, and within that time framework you are powerless to be choosing any other physical expression. It must run its course.

BRIAN: Is that a truth for me?

ELIAS: Yes. But what is encouraging is that it is not true (laughs with Brian), and there are other choices.

BRIAN: I know this stuff very, very well intellectually.


BRIAN: What am I missing that keeps me from being able to move it from that intellectual knowing to that knowing-knowing?

ELIAS: The doing.

BRIAN: So it’s experience and practice?

ELIAS: Yes, and being aware of not merely your beliefs or your truths but what are the influences of those truths, for they all incorporate much more than one influence. Therein lies your freedom, for your freedom is expressed in choice, and that is also your empowerment. For as you allow yourself to choose, you allow yourself to intentionally manipulate your energy in the manner that you want rather than continuing to express automatic responses and limiting yourself. As I have expressed many times, my friend, you may think and think and think, and you may intellectually understand concepts, but they remain concepts. Thinking does not create your reality nor does it precede it.

BRIAN: But it feels like while I have, for example, these headaches, and I’ve been doing as you say, thinking, thinking, thinking through, for example, this material and Seth’s material and this sort of thing for decades, I still I don’t know how you move it to doing. It’s kind of that paradox or Catch-22, when the kid is interviewing and trying to get experience, but he needs experience in order to get the experience.

ELIAS: I am understanding. But in this, this is the reason that it is so very important to be aware of what you are actually doing in the moment.

Now; being aware of what you are doing in the moment is you are generating pain. Pain requires concentration to be felt. In this, as you recognize that you are experiencing pain, you may automatically recognize that you are generating concentration in association with it.

Now; even if in the moment the pain is somewhat to an overwhelming point, which in your perception prevents you from identifying what belief is being concentrated upon, what influence is being expressed that is influencing your perception and therefore generating this painful manifestation, even if you do not recognize any of those elements in the moment, merely recognizing that pain requires concentration to be experienced, you may incorporate an action of distraction.

You recognize in the moment what you are doing is you are generating pain and you are experiencing it. Therefore, you must be concentrating upon an influence that generates this manifestation. Therefore, what choice may you incorporate to alter the experience?

One quite simple choice that you may incorporate is to generate distraction, which interrupts that concentration. An individual may be experiencing tremendous physical pain, and in a moment, hypothetically, another individual may generate an action — or perhaps not even another individual, perhaps some action may occur that is startling to the individual that is generating this tremendous pain, and instantly in the moment the pain shall disappear. For their attention is dramatically drawn in a different direction, and therefore, the attention is not concerned with the pain, and therefore the pain disappears.

BRIAN: You mentioned how, I guess, some of the expressed influences in this case for continuing the headache are victim, the influence of time and that I don’t create all of my reality. Is that correct?

ELIAS: You do, but you also segment yourself. You consider your physical body to be an element of you, but it is a segment. You incorporate the intellectual segment of yourself, the feeling segment of yourself and the physical segment of yourself. In these segments, as you separate them, to an extent your perception is that they move independently of each other. They all incorporate their own will; they are not all one. Therefore, they each incorporate the ability to generate actions or manifestations independently of the you that is the essential you. That essential you is the elusive segment of you, that element of you that generates who you are but is not the physical you.

BRIAN: So why would I normally believe that a few certain kinds of pills will take the headache away, but this time nothing has been effective?

ELIAS: For you are seeking information, my friend, and you are widening your awareness. In this, in association with your truths, you present them to yourself in experience. This wave occurring now is different from other waves that have been experienced previously. This wave is not an intellectual wave. This wave is generated in experience. The manner in which you present your truths to yourself is in experiences. This is quite significant, for without experiencing within your reality, you offer yourselves information, but merely in concept.

BRIAN: So, actually, now a lot of things that used to work won’t work, and a lot of things that didn’t work before will work now.

ELIAS: Correct! You are moving into the unfamiliar, and as I have expressed to other individuals, if you continue to incorporate the same familiar automatic responses and methods that you have generated pastly, you shall be incorporating disappointment, for those methods do not fit. You are widening your awareness; therefore, you are expanding, and the old methods do not fit any longer in association with your awareness now.

BRIAN: But I’ve noticed too in some cases old methods of mine that did not work before seem to be working now.

ELIAS: Correct, for you incorporate them in a different manner and with more freedom.

BRIAN: Different question...

ELIAS: Very well.

BRIAN: I’d really like to know what that dream... It wasn’t really a dream, but back in 2001, I was going to sleep one night and was really more awake than I was asleep, and things started changing to a pale translucent green. I could see, even with my eyes closed, the house walls. Then they started to drop away, and I could see through them and outside. All of a sudden, a tiny pinpoint of blue light started coming at me, and it looked larger and larger. It was kind of speckled, and it looked like the iris of an eye. It was growing extremely fast, and it just hit me and passed through me with five very loud rhythmic notes. I was wondering what that was, because it felt extremely hard.

ELIAS: And your impression?

BRIAN: Well, my impression is that it was you, but I don’t recall you hitting people so hard.

ELIAS: I would not translate it as hitting. (Brian laughs) I would translate it as a display of powerful energy.

BRIAN: I knew that’s what it was. But it just felt like...

ELIAS: That was offered as an example, for as powerfully as I may project energy to you, you incorporate that same power.

BRIAN: I’ve been telling myself that ever since that happened, that I have that power. As soon as I woke up, I described it as compared to standing at ground zero in a nuclear explosion, it would be like somebody blowing a feather on you, compared to what I felt. I felt like my essence was going to scatter to the four corners of wherever this is.

ELIAS: I am aware. And you are quite accurate; this is a display of the tremendous power that you all incorporate but do not see.

BRIAN: I knew with that power I could move planets around like they were feathers.

ELIAS: Yes. And you can.

BRIAN: And at some point we’ll know that.


BRIAN: Well, I look forward to it, even though that’s out of the now.

ELIAS: (Laughs) But in the now, you are experiencing more and more of your power. Even in this experience that you have expressed in this previous week with this physical manifestation of this headache, you effortlessly generated and manifested that in strength. That is another example of your power to manifest any expression and with strength, which is allowing yourself to recognize a different influence of the same belief, therefore generating a different influence with perception, and therefore creating a different expression or outcome or reality.

In merely viewing one influence that generates pain, concentrating upon that one influence, generating the judgment in negativity and attempting to push away what you create, is perpetuating it. Whereas, what you want is to change it or to dissipate it. The manner in which you do that is you acknowledge what you have created, and recognize that a different influence of that belief is the recognition of how powerful your energy is, how quickly and effortlessly it can manifest.

BRIAN: And again, as you say it, I believe I know and understand it. I’m not sure I have all the pieces and parts in order to materialize that for myself.

ELIAS: You do; you merely do not clearly recognize that yet. But that is the element of doing. Rather than merely continuing to perpetuate the concentration, holding your attention upon what you do not want and becoming stuck in the creation of what you do not want, the doing of the interruption of that attention and concentration, incorporating a distraction to interrupt your attention and your concentration, that requires doing.

BRIAN: Always?

ELIAS: In some capacity, yes.

Now; in that, you may allow yourself to experiment. And you may surprise yourself that I may actually incorporate an actual physical knowing of what occurs within your physical reality, regardless that I am not physical any longer! (Laughs) For I may express to you quite genuinely, if you move your attention from any physical manifestation, the moment you move your attention and are not paying attention to the physical manifestation, the manifestation dissipates and changes.

BRIAN: Even without accepting the belief?

ELIAS: Correct.

BRIAN: Then you choose a different influence...

ELIAS: Uncomfortable, painful situations in similar manner to pleasurable manifestations physically expressed require attention to be experienced in feeling. If you are not paying attention to a physical manifestation, regardless of whether it is uncomfortable or pleasurable, to experience it in feeling, physically, you must be paying attention.

BRIAN: If I pay attention to myself in the now when I have a headache, wouldn’t that necessarily mean I continue paying attention to the headache?

ELIAS: It may or it may not. If you are paying attention to yourself in the now and your attention is moving to a different expression of yourself, it is not necessarily perpetuating the headache.

BRIAN: But pay attention to myself in the now and then move my attention.

ELIAS: Yes. Incorporate a flexibility. What are you paying attention to in the now as you continue with this manifestation of the headache? You are paying attention to your head. You are paying attention to the pain. And as you continue to pay attention to the pain, you continue to create it.

BRIAN: Okay. I’m going to ask you something else now.

ELIAS: Very well.

BRIAN: Sometime ago when KC had a session, you said I was Tumold/Sumafi. Is that right?


BRIAN: Is that correct?


BRIAN: I had a dream where Mary with Vicki said that I was something else; I think maybe Ilda. I’m not sure what I was expressing to myself there.

ELIAS: Ah. I may express to you as I have with many other individuals previously, regardless of what family you align with and what family you belong to, you do express qualities of all of the other families. In this, in different time frameworks you may be expressing some qualities of another family more strongly. That does not change your alignment. It merely is an expression in a particular time framework or a moment in which you are allowing yourself to express qualities of another family more strongly. The purpose of that type of action is generally to enhance whatever exploration and experiences you may be generating within that time framework.

BRIAN: Am I doing that now?

ELIAS: And what is your assessment?

BRIAN: I think I am being quite Tumold/Sumafi.

ELIAS: (Laughs) I would agree!

BRIAN: She also asked you my essence name, which was Darby, and for some reason she told MJ, who wrote to me my essence name and accidentally said it was Darrell.

ELIAS: That is a bleed-through concerning another focus.

BRIAN: Of mine?


BRIAN: I listened to your tape, and I had to listen to my essence name ten times to see if the B in Darby was really a V.

ELIAS: It is not a V.

BRIAN: Oh, okay. Can you tell me why it took me so long to call you, when it is really rather easy for me to do?

ELIAS: And what is your assessment?

BRIAN: Again, I’d say apprehension, but no, I can’t believe that I’m any more apprehensive than many thousands of others.

ELIAS: It is not a matter of comparison, my friend. Other individuals may incorporate an apprehension in engaging conversation with myself; they may even generate anxiety or fear in engaging an interaction with myself. But it is a matter of each individual and what they choose to allow.

BRIAN: I felt for a long time that I just didn’t need to.

ELIAS: I am understanding. And what is your assessment of your push to motivate you to be engaging conversation with myself now?

BRIAN: In the last three to six months I have generally felt like crap.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Quite interesting.

BRIAN: Yes, it is.

ELIAS: I would express to you that other than your frustration, what has motivated you to engage conversation with myself now is your genuine want to understand yourself, what you are creating and HOW you create, how to be allowing yourself to create what you want and to manipulate your energy within your reality in a manner that you deem to be more efficient.

I may express that what you have been creating is quite efficient, for it has been gaining your attention and it has been motivating you to be exploring more, paying attention to your experiences rather than merely analyzing.

BRIAN: So it has to do with the truth wave itself?

ELIAS: Quite.

BRIAN: Am I common-emotional or intermediate-emotional?

ELIAS: Common.

BRIAN: Is my wife soft-thought?

ELIAS: Soft, political.

BRIAN: Is she Borledim belonging to?

ELIAS: Belonging to.

BRIAN: I don’t know what she’s aligned to, unless it’s Tumold also.

ELIAS: No. Listen to your impression.

BRIAN: Ilda?


BRIAN: What’s her essence name?

ELIAS: Essence name, Mallya, M-A-L-L-Y-A (MAHL ee uh).

BRIAN: You mention in some other transcript that each essence family basically takes a turn in leading the influencing of the Shift, and there are generally ten to twenty year intervals. I think you got to every family but Tumold. It would seem, if I remember correctly, that Sumafi is influencing now, and Tumold, I got the impression, was at the end stage of the shift.


BRIAN: Incorporating...? I guess you didn’t get to that because it’s a future thing and that’s crystal-ballish, but would it be incorporating several decades near the end?


BRIAN: And is Sumafi influencing up until and overlapping up until that point?


BRIAN: I think I also read that there was some sort of natural type of conflict between Tumold/Sumafi, belonging to and aligning with?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking. It would not necessarily be conflict, although that may be the manner in which it is translated by individuals within your physical reality.

In actuality, these families in their qualities complement each other, but as you incorporate them within your physical reality and in association with your beliefs, they can be experienced as somewhat conflicting automatically. Therefore, it is significant that the individuals allow themselves to recognize the complementary elements of these two families.

Tumold incorporates much more of a flexibility; the Sumafi incorporates a natural rigidity. In recognizing those qualities as complementary to each other, it allows the individual to be somewhat rigid in some expressions, but also allows what you would term to be a softening of that and a flexibility in relation to the qualities of the Tumold family.

BRIAN: Can I ask you another question?

ELIAS: You may.

BRIAN: What are the pale yellow auras I see around most things?

ELIAS: That is an energy. It is an element of an energy field. All physical manifestations within your physical reality incorporate an energy field, regardless of whether you view it to be living or an inanimate object. They are all consciousness, and therefore all physical manifestations incorporate an energy field.

Now; you allow yourself to merely view one expression of energy, which is also significant, for this is expressing a message to you. You choose to view yellow, for that is reflecting information to yourself to be paying attention to your communications. For the yellow energy center within you is associated with emotional communication, and that is significant to be paying attention to.

I may express to you that in actuality, in these energy fields, generally speaking, most individuals would view surrounding objects a pink energy field, which is neutral. In association with what you term to be living manifestations such as creatures or plants, generally speaking you would view a pink and a green energy field. But you choose to see the yellow as a communication to yourself, as a reminder.

BRIAN: “Pay attention to my communication.”

ELIAS: Correct.

BRIAN: All communication?


BRIAN: And how I communicate?

ELIAS: Yes, and how you are projecting energy.

BRIAN: Is there some underlying commonality each time I remind myself of this, in that my communication is being expressed or created in a particular common way in those times?

ELIAS: No. It is merely a reminder to be paying attention to what you are communicating to yourself and what type of energy you are projecting.

BRIAN: Can you tell me who Jonathan is that I used to sometimes see or imagine?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) That which you would term to be a friendly ghost!

BRIAN: Very friendly, as a matter of fact.

ELIAS: And offer to myself your impression.

BRIAN: At first, I thought it was a representation of my essence, because it was so accepting, and I don’t want to say taught me, but counseled me at times. But then again, I don’t know why it would be Jonathan. It may be a future focus?

ELIAS: I may express to you the latter is correct.

BRIAN: Years ago, when I first read it, I tried the exercise of looking in the mirror.


BRIAN: I thought I saw Seth, or the rendition of Seth that Robert (Butts) painted. I’m not sure why I showed myself that.

ELIAS: As an encouragement to yourself that what you shall view shall not necessarily be disturbing or generating a fearful experience, but you offer yourself that particular image as a reinforcement to yourself. It is a comforting reinforcement, one that you trust.

BRIAN: Because he is smiling. I have just one curiosity from when I was a kid. In my bedroom I saw, I guess, a most vivid friendly ghost with a particular green face. I’ve always wondered what that was.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) I may express to you that that was a translation of one of the essences that participates in this phenomenon. That would be the energy of Otha.

BRIAN: You’re kidding. Well he sure scared me when I was a kid!

ELIAS: Shall I kid with you? (Laughs)

BRIAN: Sure, that beats being serious! (Elias laughs) Well, I’m going to have to catch a plane to Mexico, since I haven’t accepted all my beliefs around my ability to fly, so I’m going to have to go. I guess we’re near the end, anyway. Is there anything else beneficial you might be able to express to me?

ELIAS: Pay attention, my friend!

BRIAN: Well, I’m trying, aren’t I?

ELIAS: Yes, you are. Now pay attention to your energy and pay attention to what you are doing. It may be quite enlightening. Pay attention to what you are projecting once you arrive in Mexico.

BRIAN: Uh, what I’m projecting...


BRIAN: Which will be my choice, right?

ELIAS: Yes. I shall be anticipating our next meeting and perhaps playfully discussing with you what you discover concerning your energy and how you project it. (Laughs)

BRIAN: Okay! And on that wicked laugh...

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! Very well, my friend. I express my affection to you and my friendship. In fondness, au revoir.

BRIAN: Bye-bye.

Elias departs after 1 hour, 5 minutes.

(1) The Mirror Exercise, from 11/1/95:

“I will give you an exercise, as we are incorporating a desire to be ‘fading’ or ‘blinking out,’ and wishing to be viewing other aspects of your focus. You may place yourselves before a mirror. You may do this with your lighting slightly dimmed, as to not glare or distract your concentration; and while you are viewing your image within the mirror, be concentrating on your essence, and watch your features change. This will be maybe helpful for Lawrence, and then you may express to me what you have viewed, and I will be interested to be listening to your experiences, instead of talking, talking, talking!”

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