Session 158
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Unofficial Information/Trans


"Unofficial Information/Transition"

Sunday, March 16, 1997 © 1997
Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Gail (William), Bob (Simon), Drew (Matthew), Jim (Yarr), Norm (Stephen), and Reta (Dehl).
Note: This week, I found myself interacting with a very good friend who was experiencing major trauma as a result of suddenly finding herself in the midst of the throes of transition. I received a letter from her Sunday morning, addressed to our group. This letter was read out loud before the session started. When Elias arrived, he immediately launched into a discussion of transition. Personally, I think the information on transition is very important to us all. After all, we're all gonna croak! I would like to take this opportunity to thank my friend for sharing her experience with me. Your experience will be helpful to us all. Love, Vic
Note to Mary: All arrival times are strictly relative to the operation of the battery in the pyramid clock. Love, Vic
Elias arrives at 7:12 PM. (Time is fifteen seconds)

ELIAS: Good evening. This evening, we will be concentrating upon more unofficial information with regard to helpfulness to specific individuals, and also to you all. We shall be addressing the action of transition and also of your shift.

Some of you have chosen the action of transition within this physical focus, intending to not be remanifesting physically. Others are choosing remanifestation, but the action of your shift in many respects is very similar to the action of transition. Therefore, we shall concentrate upon Regional Area 3 and the action that transpires within this area of consciousness, for your further understanding.

Those of you who have chosen to be not remanifesting within physical focus and have chosen this particular focus as what we have designated as your final physical manifestation are already beginning to be experiencing elements of transition. Those of you who are choosing to be remanifesting are beginning to recognize more unofficial information in conjunction with your shift.

The subject of transition is lengthy and complicated. It is also quite individual within the actualization and movement. There are some commonalities that we may discuss that individuals may experience, although even within these there are variances; for each focus experiences different elements and events within transition. Initially, I will address to belief systems that individuals hold; not necessarily within this group present physically, but within individuals who are privy to this information.

As you choose to disengage physical focus you enter into an area of consciousness, an action, which we term transition. I have stated many times that the time framework, in your terms, is quite different from the time framework of the individual experiencing transition non-physically. Therefore, initially I will express to you that within your physical time framework that you recognize, it may appear to you that an individual may continue within this area of transition for very many years. This is not to be of concern. Therefore, it is unnecessary to concern yourselves with the thought process of acquiring a method to be helpful to these individuals to be moving them through transition more quickly. This would be what many individuals within their belief systems term to be helpful to individuals on the "other side", guiding them into the light. This is a belief system. Each individual engages the action of transition for the amount of time, in your terms, that is necessary for them to be accomplishing addressing to their belief systems and disengaging themselves from these belief systems, to be moving within consciousness. Within non-physical action of transition, the individual does not experience time in the same manner as do you.

We have spoken previously of individuals physically focused and also essences non-physically focused holding the intent and action of helpfulness to some individuals after their point of what you term death, to be leading them into action. This is different from individuals engaging transition fully within its natural flow. Some individuals, as we have stated previously, move into a disengagement of physical focus and do not believe that they have disengaged. Some individuals become confused in this manner, holding very tightly to objective consciousness. In this, they prevent their own movement within the action of transition. Therefore, essences are engaged to be helpful in moving these individuals into the action of transition.

Just as I have stated previously, your belief systems are based in truths. They are based in known realities of non-physical actions. They are distorted into belief systems. Therefore, you hold ideas such as rescuing individuals and moving them, after the point of death, into the cosmic light. Individuals engaging transition automatically move into areas of confrontation with held belief systems. These are not applicable within non-physical focus. Therefore, they are attended to within the action of transition.

As I have stated, each individual engages this action uniquely, in accordance with their individual perceptions and belief systems. Therefore, the action may be what you think of as longer, within your time framework, or shorter.

Some individuals accomplish partial action of transition within physical focus. This has been an occurrence throughout your history. This is not a new concept. This is not a new action. Each individual which experiences senility throughout your history has been engaging the action of transition within physical focus. This is continued within non-physical areas of consciousness after death. In such cases, the action of transition, to your way of thinking within a time framework, shall be accomplished much more quickly.

Be remembering that as you disengage a focus you may choose to be remanifesting; but you also, as the you that you recognize, do not repeat the action of physical manifestation, for you are not used parts! Each manifestation is new. Therefore, within the action of transition a certain element always attends to the complete engagement of belief systems; for as I have stated this evening, they are not applicable within non-physical focus, and as you shall continue within non-physical focus they are of no use to you any longer. At the same "time", another aspect of you which you have chosen to remanifest may hold to these established belief systems.

We have stated previously that as you remanifest, you hold belief systems; this being a basis for another belief system that you hold, within your ideas of reincarnation and karma. These belief systems are distorted, but they hold your idea of fact in that you do carry established belief systems within remanifestation. Therefore, within what you term to be a "final manifestation" you engage the belief systems within transition of all focuses. Individuals engaging the action of transition within a final manifestation shall experience much more intensely and differently than individuals choosing to be experiencing transition and also choosing remanifestation, which you may do. Within a final focus, you engage the totality of your focuses. Therefore, if choosing the action of transition within this physical manifestation, you shall also be opening and allowing for bleed-throughs, these being of all of your other focuses. You may not connect with every focus, but you shall connect with many.

There is much more information of this subject. I shall be allowing questions from all of you. We shall break first. (To Vic) You may hold your thoughts. You will continue your thought process and not forget! I shall be helpful. (Yeah, I was gone, folks!)

BREAK 7:37 PM RESUME 7:59 PM (Time was ten seconds)

Note: I noticed what I would describe as a fluctuation or wobbling of energy before the break. It was a definite physical feeling, and also noticeable in Elias' speech. I asked Mary right away what her experience had been. She said there was something slightly different, a wavering of some sort, but that it wasn't overwhelming.

ELIAS: Continuing; you may engage your inquiries.

VICKI: First of all, what was the little wobble thing?

ELIAS: Ah! Before you are expressing of any more information, let us investigate within this forum those who are noticing of unofficial information.

GAIL: Something was up there, over there.

DREW: A lot of people yawning.

ELIAS: I have expressed to you that this mergence, in your terms, is becoming more complete. It is, in my terms, becoming more actualized and more encompassing. In this, there is a mergence with the entirety of essence. This allows for a recognition of all aspects, and those of which you are not familiar with within identifiable energy that you recognize within physical focus.

These are subjective movements, more of an incorporation of the mergence within the energy exchange; just as we have spoken of the explanation of Seth Two recently, and I have expressed to you that within your future time period you may be experiencing similar interaction; for as Michael acclimates himself and allows more of this mergence to the entirety of essence, there is also an allowance of information from other aspects which are, in your terms, more farther removed from physical focus. You may be experiencing these fluctuations to a small degree prior to an actualization of communication.

The effect that you recognize of numbness, or what you may interpret to yourselves individually as being sleepy, is a response within energy of unrecognizable energy. This energy has been incorporated once previous, very briefly, and lacks emotional quality. Therefore, it is unrecognizable to you, and you hold an automatic response of removal.

Therefore, you may incorporate this information and evaluate to yourselves how you discount unofficial information by automatically offering yourselves your rational explanations of being weary. In this, you allow yourselves to slightly notice a fluctuation, an unusual response but not too unusual, and you may immediately rationalize away the response and not be accepting and delving to your unofficial information. This provides you with a very good example of your own automatic actions, which we seek to widen.

VICKI: If that's the response, to feel tired, then why do I feel like somebody plugged me into the electric socket???

ELIAS: I express to you Lawrence, that you are becoming quite adept at recognizing unofficial information. You are seeking this. You also have taught yourself recently to be noticing and acknowledging of all unofficial information. You may not offer yourself an explanation or understanding, but you are noticing. In this, you do not respond in this same manner, nor did William. Many individuals are continuing to be discounting of this small, (whispering) quiet voice. In this, unrecognizable energy calls for withdrawal. You have acquired Michael's taste for jumping in with both feet and confronting this unknown activity. Therefore, your response is different. (Pause)

VICKI: I would like to ask some questions about transition, some that were sent by my friend and some that I have also as a result of my interaction with her. One of my own questions is about her experience in which she felt that part of her died and she actually mourned this part of her. Mary has had a similar experience that she described in the same way. Can you explain what that experience is?

ELIAS: Within your thinking, this would be quite easy for you to be assessing that you have intersected with an alternate self and therefore another you has assumed the role of you, and you recognize this and mourn for the aspect which has been replaced. This is incorrect. It is quite natural for individuals to be experiencing this type of response, for this is what you are familiar with. In actuality, no thing is lost. No death has occurred. No exchange of selves has occurred. A recognition of what you think of as your subjective self emerges. As you think singularly, it is automatic for you to think of yourself as two.

If you align with your belief systems of psychology, you think of your conscious self and your unconsciousness self; two selves. If you are aligning with your religious belief systems, you think of yourself and you think of your soul. If you are incorporating this information, you think of your conscious objective self and your subjective self. You are still thinking two. They are not two. They are different actions of one.

In this thought process, as you move into more allowance of subjective activity which may be recognized objectively, you begin to think in terms of another self. The self that you are familiar with, the objective you, seems to be being consumed. Therefore, the individual feels that they are mourning the death of the objective self. In actuality, there is no "takeover". There is a recognition of subjective activity. This is quite different, within action, from what you are familiar with. In an attempt to offer yourself an explanation, you think in terms of losing a part of you. You have not lost a part of you. You only allow the expression of subjective activity to be objectively known more. This is a common feeling though, that this individual experiences. You may express that there is no death which has occurred.

VICKI: Can you explain why, when she looks in the mirror, she feels that her eyes look dead?

ELIAS: Quite, for this is what this individual believes. Therefore, you shall reinforce these belief systems by objectively offering yourself information and demonstrating this to yourself. This is the feeling that is experienced. Therefore, the belief is established. This is reinforced physically, for the belief is strong. The individual finds no explanation for the events that they experience. No sense may be made of these experiences. Therefore, the individual struggles to achieve some sort of explanation personally, and when attaching to an explanation which seems sufficient to this individual, they shall objectify this and reinforce this. This is a footing. Within the experience physically of transition, you may feel no footing. Therefore, you grasp to any thread to hold the balance, to hold to the familiar.

(Intently) Be mindful, those of you which seek to remanifest. The action of transition is very likened to the action of your shift. In this, we have expressed there shall be much trauma accompanying this shift, for you shall experience unofficial information and you shall experience a much wider periphery of reality. This is not to say that you automatically understand what you perceive. You may experience, and you may not hold an objective explanation to yourself of your experience. Therefore, within the beginnings of your shift, there may be much trauma without information.

This is the point of your participation within this forum, to be contributing within consciousness to the alleviation of this trauma; which I cannot emphasize too much the importance of this action! I cannot emphasize to you too much the reality of this trauma. View individuals experiencing transition within physical focus not choosing senility. Much fear is incorporated, much confusion, much lack of understanding, which creates trauma. I am not expressing mild dismay! I am expressing trauma! I have expressed from the onset of our sessions and continue to emphasize this element to you, for it is of great importance, and your affectingness within consciousness is great, and also greatly needed. (Emphatic pause)

VICKI: I sure got a taste of that trauma this week, and it wasn't even my experience! One of the questions she sent, or statements is, "I know this isn't Alzheimer's or senility, but it feels kind of like it is, and I wonder if I failed the test of being able to transition with my senses still intact."

ELIAS: Sense perception is quite intact! (Smiling) Understanding of the movement may not be quite so clear, but sense perception has not departed from this individual.

Senility may be classified by your scientists, for the most part. Although they are not understanding of its actual function or action within consciousness, it is recognizable to your scientific community; for you actualize physical manifestations in conjunction with this action of transition.

This individual is not creating senility. I express to you that within your terms, the action of engaging transition by means of senility, to your way of thinking, shall be much easier; for you allow yourself the luxury of disengaging personal responsibility, and you allow yourself to experience subjective activity with no regard to objective conformity within your societal structure.

VICKI: So people that do create senility don't feel like my friend.


BOB: Is senility a choice?


BOB: Once made, it seems there's no return from it.

ELIAS: Not true.

BOB: People who have been regarded as senile, I don't know of situations where they've come back to be particularly cogent. They do?

ELIAS: I do not express that they may choose to do so, but it is not impossible. The choice is made to be engaging transition within physical focus.

BOB: So maybe by your own definitions, because it's easier once they've made their choice and they're on their way, going back doesn't seem like such a great idea.

ELIAS: In your terms, it would seem to be defeating of the purpose.

BOB: Okay. Good answer! (Laughing)

NORM: The two actions of my conscious and my unconscious, do I use belief systems in my unconscious?

ELIAS: They are influencing.

NORM: I dream in my unconscious. Sometimes I make my objective, conscious mind aware of what's going on, but essentially I am dreaming all of the time unconsciously. Is that true? The action continues continually?

ELIAS: No. All elements of consciousness dream; everything. There is no thing within consciousness that does not experience dreaming. This action is not a continuous action. It is an action which is engaged temporarily within time periods to be communicating subjectively. I shall qualify in expressing to you, that you hold no confusion. When I am expressing to you that all consciousness experiences dreaming, this is related to all physical manifestations of consciousness. A rock dreams. An electron dreams. There are time frameworks set aside to engage subjective activity, to be communicating within consciousness.

NORM: Is that part of the blinking?

ELIAS: Not in the manner that you are thinking. It is incorporated within the time period that you are blinking, for you are engaged within this action continuously throughout physical focus. Therefore, you are also engaged within this action within your sleep state.

NORM: In my dreams, in my unconscious or that action of my consciousness, can I not go into transition, Regional Area 3?

ELIAS: The action of transition is consuming of the entirety of your focus. It is not limited to only your dream state. It is a complete engagement of belief systems while physically focused. It is also a mergence of subjective and objective consciousness. In this, you engage belief systems. Subjective activity appears different from objective activity. Objective activity is imagery of subjective activity. It also is a translation. The translation deals with a different type of information. It deals with sensory information. Subjective activity does not engage sensory information. Therefore, as this bleeds through to your objective awareness, it is unfamiliar. It seems different. At times, it seems untranslatable. Therefore, you become confused, for you do not understand any longer your experiences.

NORM: Can you not just record it and attempt to integrate it later? I had a dream like that the other night. I was trying to see if I could confuse myself, I think. I was looking at five unique characters that were made up of unusual objects, like one of them had a wine glass for a head. I was communicating with it, I believe. It was one of those things that I'll attempt to explain later. Maybe not completely now, but later.

ELIAS: This is what you may classify as the opposite action, of objective consciousness bleeding through into subjective activity, which you are offering yourself [as] an objective perception. Within the action of transition, you may choose to be engaging transition within physical focus or you may choose to be engaging transition within non-physical focus. It is not a case of "I shall place this experience on hold and evaluate later." It is an action of spontaneously experiencing. You have chosen this. If you wish not to be engaging this action, you shall not choose this; although as I have stated, even those of you not choosing to be engaging transition within physical focus, as a final manifestation or otherwise, will still engage the action of the shift, which is quite similar to those aspects of transition that you experience within physical focus.

NORM: I guess I cannot substitute senility for a dream reality.


NORM: I'm not clever enough to do what people do in the senility disease.

ELIAS: You may choose to be manifesting within this mass belief system and create senility. Within this forum, the objective is to be creating of this action without engaging senility.

NORM: But dreams don't necessarily help.

ELIAS: They are quite helpful, but they are not the entirety.

RETA: Can I ask you again about this whole process? We come from the essence family, we choose to have a focus, we go through the focus or manifestation, we choose to have a transition where we have a mergence, and then we have an actualization? Is that the scenario? We join our essence family? What am I missing?

ELIAS: You do not begin from essence family. You are essence. You choose to engage an essence family or you choose to be, in your terms, a part of an essence family, for you are in agreement with these essences collectively. You do not begin or spring from an essence family. You may choose to be engaging the cycle of physical manifestation, or you may choose not. There are essences which choose to be engaging the cycle of physical manifestation for that experience. There are also essences which are not choosing to be engaging physical manifestations of any type. Therefore, they do not enter this type of cycle. It is all your choice.

RETA: And then we come down, those that choose then come down, and then we go through transition, and then we have a mergence with other parts of ourselves, and then ...

ELIAS: You experience transition as the focus. There is no re-mergence.

RETA: You said in transition we gathered others of our focuses belief systems. Then what?

ELIAS: You will engage your belief systems. If you are choosing non-remanifestation, you shall engage the entirety of the belief systems held within all of the focuses of essence. As you widen your awareness and are disengaging from these belief systems held throughout all of the focuses, you prepare yourself for engaging whichever action you choose to continue with within non-physical focus. You do not merge into a larger entity. You are this already!

I am quite understanding that this concept is almost impossible for you to be understanding, for you are thinking of one focus as you, engaging belief systems within transition of all of the focuses of essence, which are this one and this one and this one, and this one over here, (laughter) and then as you engage all of these belief systems of all of these other individuals which are not you but they are, you miraculously merge into the whole of essence. No.


ELIAS: You are the whole of essence.

RETA: Okay. Then if I choose to stay in that situation, what am I doing??? (Much laughter) Widening? Creating? What am I doing??? In my belief system, of course my religion, I attain different levels of this particular situation. Depending on how much I've achieved, I can go to certain levels and work my way up. But now what I would like to know is, what am I doing there? (One point for persistence!)

ELIAS: Recognize these as belief systems!

RETA: I know that part!

ELIAS: No, you do not! (We're all losing it now)

RETA: Okay, when I get up there and I've dealt with all these belief systems, which must take a long, long time, and then I'm finished with that and I'm my own essence and ... What am I doing then, when I've finished all that???

ELIAS: Whatever you may be choosing!

RETA: Son of a gun! (Much laughter)

ELIAS: You may be creating of whatever reality you are choosing to be creating. You may wish to be creating an entire planet of your very own, to be inhabited by only your lovely flowers!

RETA: As long as you're up there and we can talk, that'll be fine!

ELIAS: I shall not be "up there", but I shall be there! And we shall be noticing of your flowers together! (Norm loses it)

RETA: Okay. You're wonderful!

ELIAS: And upon this note, we shall break once again, and you may continue with your questions. (And he leaves 'em laughing!)

BREAK 8:57 PM RESUME 9:13 PM (Time was fifteen seconds)

ELIAS: (Grinning at Reta, making us all crack up again) I express great affection for this essence, Dehl!

RETA: Thank you very much. I appreciate that. (Pause)

VICKI: I would like to ask a few more questions for my friend. "It doesn't make any sense to me that it should be an advantage of some sort to do transition and still be alive. Also, is it better to be in transition during the shift?"

ELIAS: As to the second question, there is no better time or worse time to be engaging transition. It is merely an action that you engage, as you engage similar action of transition entering into physical manifestation, of which we have spoken previously.

In regard to your first question, each individual chooses, within their own intent and desire, how they shall be engaging the action of transition. The same action is engaged, whether it be within physical focus or within non-physical focus. It matters not.

VICKI: There is no advantage either way?

ELIAS: I am not expressing this, necessarily. Individuals choose to be engaging the action of transition while continuing within physical focus as this facilitates, as I have stated, what you think of as more rapid movement within non-physical state. Allow me to offer you a very hypothetical example. This is quite figurative, only as an illustration.

You are an individual physically manifest, and disengage physical focus. At the moment of your death, you engage the action of transition non-physically; this being dealing with physically-focused belief systems. Let us express that you are intending to be remanifesting, for there is quite another action involving final manifestation. Within a recognizable time framework, you engage the action of transition for what you term to be fifty of your years. You choose remanifestation. You choose within this manifestation to engage the action of transition within physical focus. You accomplish this action, and at the moment of your death you move into the action of non-physical transition which continues for ten of your years, for you have already moved through many of your belief systems.

Now; this in actuality is not the case, for there are no physical years within non-physical transition; although you may recognize within physical focus another individual, that you have viewed to have died, engaging transition for fifty of your years. It is dependent upon the individual and the belief systems that they hold, and also whether they are choosing remanifestation or whether they are choosing not to be remanifesting. Therefore, there is a variance within what you think of as time frameworks, although the time framework of the action of transition is only relevant to physical focuses; for within non-physical engagement of transition this is only partially an element, for at a point the focus disengages objective consciousness. Therefore, there is no time framework.

As they hold partial objective continuation of perception, there continues to be a time framework, although it is different. It is not sequential, it is not linear, and it is not measured in the same moments as you are familiar with within this physical focus. It is more likened to your dream state, to which you do hold a time framework. It is not the same as your waking time framework, but your time element is not non-existent within your dream state. This would be comparable to the objective perception of time within non-physical transition state.

VICKI: Within your analogy of this individual, might this choice be made to engage transition physically or non-physically simply for the experience?

ELIAS: I will express to you that generally ... Be remembering, there are no rules! But generally speaking, individuals choose the action of transition within physical focus with what you term to be a purpose.

VICKI: So there would be "more to it" than the experience.

ELIAS: Quite! This is not engaged solely for the experience within physical focus. They hold an objective within intent which this is an element of. It is quite influencing of the movement within non-physical focus.

There are many different reasonings for this action. Some of these reasonings are partially to incorporate the experience, but once again, within connection to their intent; which will be following, to your way of thinking, within non-physical areas of consciousness. In this, they may be choosing the experience in allowing themselves the recognition and understanding to be continuing subsequently, within helpfulness of other individuals within physical focus engaging this activity; to which you have already been offered partially an example of this action, for an intersection has been accomplished of one within non-physical transition to another within physical transition.

VICKI: If you choose to engage transition physically focused and you are also choosing this to be your final focus, are you at that time engaging belief systems of all of your focuses?


VICKI: And would this be the experience that this individual has had this week? I have a feeling that she has made that choice.

ELIAS: This is a beginning of experiencing belief systems within other focuses, but final manifestations are much more complicated, as I have expressed, within the action of transition; for as I express to you that you engage the belief systems of all of your focuses, you are remembering.

You are not limited to this dimension of physical manifestation. You are physically manifest within many dimensions. Therefore, you contend with not only the belief systems of this planet and physical manifestation, but of all of your manifestations; this being why you may not accomplish the entirety of transition within physical focus. Your understanding, within what you have chosen to be creating within any singular physical focus, may not accommodate the broadness of the multidimensionality of yourself.

No one focus may entirely grasp and understand this diversity of self. It is beyond your physical comprehension, not only within this physical focus but within any physical manifestation, as you have created physical manifestations intentionally to be limited.

DREW: Once choosing to begin transition, is it probable that one would, at some point, choose to stop it?

ELIAS: It is less probable.

DREW: So this woman that's having these experiences can probably anticipate that they will continue, and even become more intense?

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: Making her objective reality even more difficult, shall we say, to deal with in the future than it even has been in the past?

ELIAS: Unless altering her perception, yes; you are correct.

DREW: So what advice can you give to an individual who finds themselves in this situation, faced with the future of an untold number of years becoming more and more difficult to understand and perceive as they continue through transition until final disengagement physically?

ELIAS: My statement shall be to be recognizing of those objective elements of consciousness that continue to be functioning as what you term to be acceptable, and acknowledging of your thought of control within your objective awareness, but also to be realizing that control also is a belief. It is unnecessary, for you are at no time, underline, out of control. The subjective activity which bleeds through and becomes what appears to be more and more intrusive is, in actuality, a mergence of these two aspects of consciousness. In this, the individual must be reminding themselves that they have chosen this action; and that as with all actions of subjective activity, the more you are straining against the action that you have chosen, the more you create your own difficulty.

DREW: So it comes back to a trusting of self.

ELIAS: All things come to a trusting of self.

I also am reminding of these individuals engaged within this action that the action itself is an engagement of belief systems. Therefore, all held belief systems within this focus, and also might be within this dimension, shall be surfacing, so to speak. In this, it is wise to be noticing of all of the individual's thoughts and emotions and identifying the belief systems that accompany these, for the action of transition is to be moving through these belief systems and disengaging from them.

DREW: Since we require belief systems to manifest physically, would it follow to say that there are only so many belief systems we can move through while physically manifest? Because to move through that one final one takes us to a point beyond which there are not enough belief systems to remain manifest physically.

ELIAS: You may not engage the entirety of transition within physical focus.

DREW: So as this woman is, in a sense, shedding her belief systems, is it safe to say that her objective reality will become more and more bizarre to her?

ELIAS: Without information, yes.

DREW: It almost seems like sentencing yourself, within whatever remaining years you have physically, to a life of what could be ... Well, if this woman is going through what she's going through, torment and ... It's not an easy choice to make for yourself, it sounds like! (Elias starts chuckling) Which is why I guess people become what we would call crazy, because their belief systems are so diminished, shall we say, from what the rest of us use to operate by.

ELIAS: You may view the individual as crazy or insane. I shall also express that eventually, the individual shall offer themselves information from essence. For be understanding, as I have stated, without information, yes, you are correct. This would seem to be a sentencing of torture, but I have also expressed to you that your essence shall not betray you and shall not be harmful to you. In this, as the individual allows more of their subjective activity to become objectified, or as they become more aware of their subjective activity, they also are more aware of their impulses, which is their language to themselves; and in this, as the subjective activity continues, they are establishing their knowing of self.

Within the initial throes, to your way of thinking, of this action of transition, you are holding to your objective awareness, for this is familiar. Therefore, as you hold to this objective awareness but simultaneously allow subjective activity, you become confused. You shall merge. Within your time element you shall hold a slight amount of time period of confusion that you may view as being uncomfortable; but it is not necessary for Elias or Jade to be offering of information objectively except within helpfulness and supportiveness, for the individual shall offer themselves an understanding, as this individual presently is beginning to do. Already, within the experience of trauma that this particular individual experienced recently, this individual also is beginning to offer information to herself, and she is beginning to receive, in small amounts, her answers to herself.

You may express that the trick to this action is to be listening to self and not discounting and expressing to yourself that you are insane; this being the reason that we engage these discussions, as you may learn to be identifying of your own voice and of unofficial information. Therefore, as you approach your shift or engage transition, you shall be more tuned to listening to self and not discounting the information that you offer to yourself. In this, you lessen your trauma and you increase your understanding.

BOB: I have a question. Given the discussion that we just had, does the shift mark the beginning of the end of physical manifestation?


BOB: So when you likened the shift to transition and Drew drew, no pun intended, the conclusion that going through transition is a shedding of belief systems where you move closer to not being able to maintain physical manifestation because you don't have the belief systems required to stay physically manifest, if the shift is a similar action, do we not all move closer to less belief systems and less ability to be physically manifest?

ELIAS: They are not the same action. They are similar. Within the action of transition, you are disengaging belief systems. Within the action of the shift, you are accepting belief systems. You may continue to hold belief systems, but acknowledging that they are belief systems and accepting of this; therefore allowing these belief systems no objective power.

BOB: So then after the shift, if you will, transition ought to be a snap!

ELIAS: (Humorously) You are on the right track! Although, (much laughter) your shift is relative to this focus!

BOB: Oh brother! Well, maybe this will be my last focus.

ELIAS: Strike one! (We all crack up)

BOB: Good! I didn't want it to be anyway! (Elias cracks up)

RETA: Can you tell, in this room, are there many who are on their final cycle? For instance, myself? I can't tell!

ELIAS: Within probabilities, as there are no absolutes, within this present now you are choosing remanifestation.

RETA: Thank you.

ELIAS: Some individuals choose remanifestation. Some do not. Those that do not engage the belief systems of all of these focuses. You will be noticing that you shall begin with focuses that you objectively connect with within familiarity first.

VICKI: Oh! That makes sense! (Light bulb!)

ELIAS: You shall be bleeding-through information of this dimension's focuses initially, and you shall move into an awareness of other focuses subsequently; for you acclimate yourself consciously, objectively, to the action of the bleed-throughs. It is less unnerving to you to be witnessing or experiencing bleed-throughs of other focuses and belief systems if you view another you which looks like you, and that you may identify as your same species.

NORM: The psychic structure known as the mass unconsciousness, will that have any helpfulness in the trauma of the shift?

ELIAS: Yes. This is what you attach to and incorporate helpfulness, within the action of the shift.

NORM: Would there not be a similar psychic structure for the transition region? ELIAS: Transition is a very highly individualized action. This is not to say that many essences within consciousness are not available for helpfulness, but as essences are not intrusive, it must be requested for helpfulness.

NORM: Would you consider the mass unconsciousness or that psychic structure, is that a "thing"?

ELIAS: Temporarily, you may think in this manner, although consciousness is not a "thing". You are not a "thing"!

NORM: But time is.

ELIAS: Although it is not! (Grinning, and much laughter)

VICKI: I do have another question I'd like to ask for my friend. "Since I believe that we create certain physical conditions to keep us grounded and connected to our earthly focus, is the very slow improvement in my lungs a continued indication that I'm still not very grounded? If that is so, then does Elias have any suggestions for things I might do to better ground myself, even within all this confusion?"

ELIAS: First of all, be recognizing of the action which is chosen, which is transition. Be recognizing of the belief systems. This is a belief system. I have expressed the term of groundedness previously within these sessions, although this term I mean not in the manner that you think of metaphysically. The individual seeks to engage further movement within transition. Seeking what she expresses in her belief systems as groundedness is contrary to this action. This lends energy to a continuation of objectifying all information, and therefore perpetuates confusion. In this confusion, the physical body consciousness is also receiving conflicting instructions. This creates physical malady. Therefore, as the action continues, the physical manifestations also continue. As the belief systems are allowed less hold, the physical manifestation also shall lessen; this being an issue with this other individual which engages transition non-physically which has communicated, although there are also other objectives in this communication. (Pause, staring at Vic) We shall speak later, as I am not wishing intrusiveness within this forum of Lawrence, and Lawrence's belief systems!

VICKI: Thank you very much!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, although I am quite assured that you are anticipating information to be delivered to you!

VICKI: It matters not!

ELIAS: But it does! BOB: I have another question about the lady who wrote the letter. Apparently she went through a fairly traumatic period of time. I'm not that clear on what it was, but according to Vicki it was extended and pretty grueling. However, her letter sounds fairly upbeat and hopeful and clear.

VICKI: She was very lucid writing to me throughout the entire experience.

ELIAS: Which is to be acknowledged and focused upon.

BOB: Then I have to ask you a question first. Was the lucidness or lucidity of her other communications to you just like this?

VICKI: As far as the lucidness, yes. The expressions were quite emotional and quite disturbing, but she was very lucid in her writing all the way through it.

BOB: In this letter, she seems to be to some extent past whatever she was doing, at least for a period of time.

VICKI: Yes, the feelings expressed in that letter, which she wrote this morning, are quite different.

BOB: She seems to have gained some level of understanding of what she has been through. I guess my question is, will that be helpful to her as time goes on? Will there be less trauma, so to speak, than she's already experienced? She's come through it to some extent, understood it, expressed her understanding of it, and if she moves back into it, will she have less fear and more understanding of it?

ELIAS: This is dependent upon this individual's choice. As I have stated, the natural action and flow within consciousness is that this subjective movement shall be and is already offering information for helpfulness that may be understood objectively and incorporated; and this, if acknowledged and recognized, shall be quite lessening of future trauma and discomfort, this being both emotionally and physically. This is this individual's choice. The individual may be choosing not to be listening to self and discounting of information offered, and in this shall experience increase within anxiety and physical dysfunction.

BOB: Thank you.

ELIAS: And are you noticing of unofficial information within our week time period?

BOB: Coming or past? (Our Simultaneous Time Man!)

ELIAS: In your terms, past. BOB: I can't say that I am, but I'll give it some thought.

ELIAS: I shall continue knocking upon your head! It is acceptable, for Michael also was needing of much knocking before acknowledgment!

BOB: Well, I'm in good company then!

ELIAS: Quite!

RETA: We actually got knocking this week. Do you want to tell them?

NORM: No ...

GAIL: Come on, Norm. I want to hear! It's fun to hear!

NORM: Well, I was reading in one room and I had lost a book. There was a lot of knocking and I assumed that it was Elias so I didn't bother to get up! (Laughter) Then I thought I'd go in the other room and just see how he was doing the knocking. As soon as I got in there, I recognized the book and I took it back and started reading it, and there was no more knocking.

ELIAS: Encouragement for following impulse! (To Drew) And another individual newly incorporated, and are you perceiving of dream activity? Blue!

DREW: Blue? I'm not sure I understand. I have had some dream activity that you were involved in.

ELIAS: Quite!

DREW: I'm not sure if I connect with blue, however.

ELIAS: You shall.

DREW: Also, some connection with you in a TFE that I did recently.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: I'm looking forward to investigating more.

ELIAS: Very good. I acknowledge well-done, for you have crossed a threshold. There are great connections within this particular participation of focus.

DREW: Connection between us?

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: I felt it at a certain point.

ELIAS: I am aware! Which is also directly influencing of this focus presently experienced, within its intent. Continue with your investigation.

DREW: I shall.

ELIAS: And acknowledging of Shynla this evening also. Movement is occurring, in spite of your discounting!

CATHY: Gee, that's nice to know! (Sarcastically, as per the norm)

ELIAS: I acknowledge your position within our agenda, to which another may be incorporated soon within future time period; Matthew.

I shall disengage for this evening.

RON: Can I ask one question before you go to bed? (Laughter)

ELIAS: Such disturbing demands upon this essence! I may be wishing to be engaging of dream activity also!

RON: You can sleep late tomorrow!

ELIAS: I engage no tomorrow!

RON: I just want to know if you're familiar with an individual by the name of Jean-Henri Ailon.

ELIAS: Quite! And acknowledgment to Olivia also. One and the same. Continue your investigation.

BOB: Since you're still up, one more question. You asked me if I was recognizing ...

ELIAS: I am up. I am ... (feigning sleep) (We all crack up) Oh, excuse me!

BOB: Did you use the phone with me?

ELIAS: Phone! (In Vic's face) Extraterrestrial, phone home! (A real belly laugh here. Sure glad this is so amusing for you, E!)

BOB: Is that an answer, or not???

ELIAS: Yes, this is an answer! (Still belly-laughing ...)

BOB: Then I am recognizing of ... something!

ELIAS: Yes, you are. (Still belly-laughing ...) BOB: Do I get a point? (Now, we're all cracking up)

ELIAS: Lawrence may receive a point for extraterrestrials! Quite amusing! (Still belly-laughing ...)

BOB: So I'm on the right track.

ELIAS: If you are not discounting!

BOB: At the time I didn't even think of it, but I just thought of it.

ELIAS: You are correct.

BOB: Okay. Well, thanks!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome!

NORM: So, what happened???

BOB: I'll wait till we break. I don't want to take up any more of your "time".

ELIAS: I ...

BOB: "I have no time!" (Much laughter)

ELIAS: To you all, continue your interaction and your investigations for you are, as I have stated, upon your threshold; and we shall be continuing our adventure as it expands, and we move as our troop forward into the motion of your shift. To you all this evening, very lovingly, au revoir!

Elias departs at 10:20 PM.

Note: Throughout the second half of this session, there was a very audible sound that I've never heard before while transcribing a tape. After listening to this sound repeatedly, I finally came to the conclusion that it had to be somebody ... farting! Every time I heard it, I started laughing so hard that I had to stop the tape. I even thought about calling this "The Farting Session"! As I finished the transcript this morning, I asked Ron to listen to the sound. He defined it as Drew snoring. Drew, I've never heard anybody snore like that before! What do your farts sound like???

© 1997 Vicki Pendley/Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved

Copyright 1997 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.