Session 149
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Unofficial Information/Val


"Unofficial Information/Value Fulfillment"

Sunday, January 19, 1997 © 1997
Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Gail (William), Jim (Yarr), Jene (Rudy), Bob (Simon), Norm (Stephen), Reta (Dehl), and Drew (Matthew).

Elias arrives at 6:52 PM. (Time was twenty seconds)

ELIAS: Good evening.

GROUP: Good evening.

ELIAS: This evening, I shall begin by offering an addition to your present exercise and also to be instructing of an exercise that was offered previously, for those of you who were not in attendance within this forum at that time. This may be helpful to you in identifying your belief systems. This exercise was offered to these individuals previously. I expressed to them to be noticing of all of their expressions of belief systems, whether this be within thought or emotion or reaction to any stimuli. Each time you notice yourself responding to a belief system, note this. This will be helpful to you in identifying your belief systems.

One of the most difficult processes that you each encounter is identification of your own belief systems. You believe that you have eliminated many of your belief systems. This is a belief system also! Therefore, if you are noticing throughout your day each time you are responding to a belief system, you may better identify those belief systems which you hold. Therefore, you may better identify those which you hold strongly. Once you identify these belief systems, then you may begin to be accepting of these belief systems, but you may not accept a belief system that you do not know exists. You shall continue to hold the belief system that you do not identify.

Also, within your exercise of clarity, add to this exercise ... as you are all accomplishing so very well! (Humorously, and chuckling) Within your energy centers, engage two energy centers. Mingle these energy centers as they radiate and envision these, within your clarity, moving around your body, up and down, as hoops. In this, notice your sense of touch. Notice your feeling of your skin as your energy centers radiate and move up and down your body.

In this, I shall be waiting for your descriptions of what you notice, for your noticing shall not only be a sensation of movement against your skin, up and down your body. You shall experience, if you are noticing and clear, different sensations dependent upon which energy centers you choose to be engaging, for they shall be affecting of different elements of your physical expression. These exercises are offered to you not as time consumers. They are offered to you to allow you the opportunity to be clear within your manifestation within physical focus, and be appreciating of your creative power.

As I have stated previously, each area of consciousness that you focus upon, each area of consciousness that your attention is held within, is important. No area is more important than another area. Therefore, it is important that you realize that this area that you occupy within your attention presently is all-important. You do not occupy this area of consciousness, physically focused, merely to be striving for another area of consciousness. Each area is all-important within itself. The confusion that you experience within one, as a result of lack of understanding, shall be repeated within another. Therefore, you attempt to be clear within this area.

We have been speaking of unofficial information. I shall pose to you, what have you noticed of unofficial information recently? (Pause)

BOB: What is unofficial information?

ELIAS: All information, activity, and events that are not officially accepted within consciousness, within your mass belief systems.

JENE: We created a store out of an impulse or an impression, and have joined with Jim and with Michael/Mary to create that reality. Stimulated a lot of new ideas, been getting a lot of information for other ideas, listening to it, trying to act on it and not get in the way of too much of it, with a lot of fear, which is tough.

ELIAS: Within this endeavor, what do you notice that is unofficial information?

JENE: Well, normally when you go into a business, you don't just do it within three days and not look at the books and not check anything out, just say "Okay fine, let's do it," and do it. That is what I did, so I was going on an impression, a feeling, listening to the information that's being filtered through my systems that said "Go."

ELIAS: Therefore, you view that you are allowing yourself a greater trust of self in this movement.

JENE: Yes.

DREW: Twice in one night, a week or so ago, I was awakened by voices. One was a woman's voice that, as I awoke, became the sound of the electric heater that was running, but I know that's not what I was hearing. Then later was a man's voice. It was a whisper. I can't remember the word, but for some reason I have a visual association of a triangle with it. Those were pretty profound for me.

ELIAS: Very good! And what do you interpret of this information?

DREW: Well, I interpret it as an opening up of my ability to be aware of this kind of unofficial information. I don't have an actual interpretation for what the voices meant or what the symbol represents, except that there are associations that in daily life wouldn't make sense to us, but on another level the triangle and the voice and the whisper may all be tied together in a subjective way that the symbols only represent. What it all represents and what it all means I have no idea, except for an awareness of what's going on.

ELIAS: A beginning. Very good! This is an identification of unofficial information, and an acceptance of this activity.

You do not understand much of your unofficial information. You receive unofficial information continuously. You direct your attention so singularly within physical focus that you do not allow for interpretations of your own symbolism; but as you accept the activity of unofficial information, you shall learn to be more comfortable with this situation. In this, you shall relax your focus with these events. In this, you shall offer yourselves the opportunity to be understanding.

Be remembering also that information, as has been stated, is offered to your self continuously. These elements of information are not necessarily what you view as your answers, for your answers denotes an ending; the final product. You are in a continuous changing state. Therefore, your picture is not complete. In this, you add pieces to your picture as it moves within the direction of your intent and your desire within probabilities, but it is not an accomplished, finished action.

You look to probabilities as the end product of actions. You look to one-line scenarios. You do not allow for other information. As you allow yourselves the opportunity to be engaging your periphery, you shall be noticing that there are many lines of probabilities, all of which are not always quite so obvious to your viewpoint.

You also view, as you make decisions, that each decision is final. You have chosen an action. Therefore, this is the direction that you move within. I express to you that your decisions are not final, and they are not the completion of your probabilities. They are influencing of your past, as you view it, and they are also influencing of your future; just as many, many elements within your present are very influenced by your future. What you view or think of as your future self, that self which has already accomplished, is continuously interacting with this now and influencing of your direction. This is not to say that another individual is dictating your movement. You are choosing your probabilities for your value fulfillment from all of your angles of perception within reality; past, future, and present. They are all simultaneous. They are not in sequence. Therefore, they are all influencing of each other, and they are all you. Within this, you choose the probabilities that shall be benefiting of you in cooperation and conjunction to those that you are interacting with; for you do not create your reality only for your own value fulfillment. You create your reality for your greatest value fulfillment and also for the value fulfillment of all others, for all consciousness is connected. (Very intently)

Therefore, you may think to yourself that you "want" a certain thing, and you may concentrate upon this thing and the creation of it, and you may not manifest this thing; for within cooperation of those involved with you and within consciousness, this thing may not be the greatest value fulfillment for all.

Now; we have expressed that some individuals view their focus as not fulfilling their highest value fulfillment. Therefore, they choose to be disengaging of their focus. Even within these decisions and choices, the value fulfillment is accomplished within consciousness for all involved. Therefore, the discontinuation of one focus, which you view to be terminated as a result of non-accomplishment of value fulfillment individually, shall also simultaneously be fulfilling of the value fulfillment within consciousness of those which are involved with this individual. (Firmly) All things are connected. All action is affecting of all other action.

(To Norm and Reta, who just arrived) Good evening.

RETA: Good evening. Sorry to be late.

ELIAS: I shall express that this evening we shall be engaged within a brief session, for we are not wishing to be intrusive with Michael. He is accomplishing being intrusive with himself quite well! Therefore, we shall not add to this situation. Also, I shall address to Stephen and Dehl that I shall be offering to you your family alignments in increments. Therefore, you need not be continuously questioning and searching for your answers of your alignments of extended family. I shall offer a few within each session. I express to you that many of your relationships are of the Sumari and Sumafi families. (Norm and Reta both say "Thank you")

We shall briefly break, and I shall allow for your questions.

BREAK 7:22 PM RESUME 7:48 PM (Time was ten seconds)

ELIAS: Continuing. (Long pause) Or not!

VICKI: Well, I'll address to your question. I've been having a lot of experiences with what you term unofficial information. I term it confusion. I really don't understand what's going on. I walk around and I don't even know who I am this week. Other people don't recognize me. It's very hard to focus on anything. Somehow, I've managed to make it through transcripts. Getting through a day of work today was extremely difficult. There seems to be flashes of pictures of a TFE that I did once, I believe with Jene, in which she suggested that I go to a future focus. In that future focus, I found myself living alone on the beach, which very much parallels the picture I had in our meditation last year of this focus in the late seventeen hundred's. I never thought about the two of them at the same time until this week, although when you began talking about this unofficial information tonight, the pictures were very clear. Now I'm having another extremely emotional response which I don't even understand, because I wasn't having this an hour ago. So, I'm not sure exactly what to say about this unofficial information except that it's very confusing, and it also seems to be going along with some very interesting dream imagery that is vague, but not so vague that I can't remember parts of it, and the imagery itself, no matter what way I try to look at it, no matter what layer I try to look at it within, I can't even come to a logical conclusion about that of any sort. So, that's been my experience this week.

ELIAS: An example of simultaneous time and the interaction of what you view to be different time periods which are influencing of the present now, for they are all the present now and they are all influencing of each other. Be remembering, Lawrence, within this, that the present now is also influencing of the others. You are not subject to the past and the future. You also are influencing. All three are influencing of each other continuously. Within this, you are identifying a remembrance of the past focus, which has skipped the present now and identified with future focus, which relates back to present focus. You, within the present now, are offering yourself the opportunity to view all three.

This, as I have stated previously, is confusing. You may each heed this, as you did not previously. I have expressed to you all that within this activity of remembrance, you shall experience confusion. This is unofficial information. It is not information that is officially accepted within your mass belief systems and within your objective consciousness. Therefore, you shall reach a point, so to speak, within this motion of subjective activity where you shall experience confusion, and you shall experience a threatening of identity. You do not feel like yourself. You cannot identify.

I have expressed this many times within our previous sessions, in an attempt to be preparing you for future experiences; which, you do not understand as I explain and you then experience and become distressed, for you are forgetful that you have been instructed. This is temporary; not within an entire focus temporary! (Grinning) Relatively temporary; within a short time span, as you view this. This also is your choice, in what you allow within your subjective movement. You may choose to allow more of a widening which shall create confusion and disorientation, so to speak, and a feeling of confused identity.

It also shall be quite beneficial to your understanding, if allowed; for as you allow this subjective activity, you open these neurological pathways that we have spoken of previously, allowing more activity within physical expression, which allows more objective understanding. This is not to say that your objective understanding is dependent upon your physical brain. It is not; but the communication between your subjective activity and your physical expression, in cooperation, speaks to your objective thought process; just as we have spoken previously of your physical expression.

You feel hunger. You think subsequently, I must consume food. I have explained, you initially subjectively express information and instruction instantaneously, which is responded to within body consciousness, which then relays (to Norm: "Key word!") a message objectively that your physical expression is in need of attention. Are you understanding thus far?

VICKI: Yeah.

ELIAS: In this, you are moving in a similar direction of attention. Your subjective movement is affecting of physical expression, bodily expression, and also of brain interaction; physical neurological pathways being opened, which then is instructive to your objective thought process, which delivers information to you. This may occur instantaneously. It is possible. Generally, you do not accept this. Therefore, you choose a process, which you have chosen. All of you choose a process, for this is in alignment with your belief systems. You do not believe that you may acquire information instantaneously.

In this, you temporarily experience these conditions; emotionally, mentally, physically. It is affecting of your entire focus, for you are allowing yourself an opening to essence, which allows an opening to other focuses of essence and to alternates of this focus. This becomes confusing, for they are recognized as all of you. Your physical brain and your objective thought process does not automatically understand this information. Therefore, it does not understand how to differentiate you from focuses of you and alternates of you. It does not recognize all as you. Therefore, it sends back confusing messages to your physical expression which suggests to your thought process, "This is unrecognized feelings. This is unrecognized information. I do not know this individual."

You are very singularly focused within this physical focus. This is how you have created this focus. Your attention is directed in one line. It recognizes one line of information. It recognizes one body, one you, one thought process. You are not one thought process. You are allowing yourself a movement into recognition and knowing of this. You view this as uncomfortable and negative, for it is unfamiliar.

VICKI: So that's why the expressions, mentally, emotionally, and physically, are all things that I consider negative, because I consider it unfamiliar?

ELIAS: Correct. Also, within your belief systems, you believe that your physical expression is unacceptable. It is unacceptable to be discomforted within physical expression. This is not accepted.

VICKI: Why do we choose unacceptable?

ELIAS: You are responding. You are sending messages. Subjectively, you are sending message to physical body. Objectively, you are responding to physical body. Your physical expression is confused, for you are sending opposing messages. Therefore, it becomes confused. Your objective consciousness holds to its one official line of reality. It does not easily relinquish this. You have chosen to be moving within subjective consciousness into objective awareness. Objective does not relinquish easily. Subjective is unofficial information; unfamiliar. Your belief systems are influencing within this action. You essentially catch your physical expression within the middle. Therefore, you feel confused. You feel disordered within physical body functioning. You feel not yourself, for your identity is challenged. This shall pass. Be accepting of your expression, and allowing. As you push against your own choice of movement, you create more confusion.

VICKI: I don't understand how I push against it. I don't understand how to not do that 'cause I don't understand how I do it!

ELIAS: Within your expressions, attempt, if you may, to be viewing your expressions not as acceptable and unacceptable; to be only allowing. Think to yourself, Lawrence, of your attempts to be incorporating of natural time. Do this with yourself. Incorporate natural acceptance.

VICKI: Sure! (Laughing, and a pause) I do have another question about this. Usually when these sorts of things happen or a lot of confusion seems to prevail, I incorporate a lot of interaction with Mary and this is normally very helpful for both of us. I don't think it's probably an accident that this has been rather impossible this week as a result of Mary's very objective focus, and I'm curious about that part of the whole thing. ELIAS: This allows you an independent opportunity. You are correct that this is not an accident. Although Michael is unaware of the activity occurring objectively and is not understanding of this movement objectively, there is presently, within your movement, a need to be engaging subjective activity independent; for as you engage Michael within helpfulness, you also place barriers upon your own movement. I have expressed to you many times, Lawrence and Michael exchange much activity. What one wishes to not experience, the other shall, within agreement. Therefore, you express a desire to be engaging your other focuses. You express a desire to be accomplishing within certain areas. This you express objectively, as you project subjectively to Michael. Michael engages the activity for you. Now you choose to engage the activity for yourself.

Within contact and objective communication, as I have expressed to you previously, you are quite connected and quite powerful. Therefore, independently, if you are choosing certain movement within self, you may choose at times to be disengaging physical interaction; this being why also you have chosen to not be within physical contact within the first half, so to speak, of this focus; within a necessity of accomplishing certain elements independently, and not exchanging continuously. As you connect, you merge. These essences engage this action often. It is almost an automatic action. As the one separated, so to speak, into two, it also merges to one, many times. Are you understanding?

VICKI: Kind of. Thank you.

ELIAS: This also is a temporary action. As you have engaged a necessity to be focusing individually, Michael also has engaged a necessity for individual attention; although objectively presently, he does not hold this awareness as of yet. It is important that he move through present belief systems of dependency; for as this new agenda engages and expansion occurs, you shall be engaged with different activities within certain time periods. Therefore, it is necessary that Michael learn independence within this energy exchange. Subjectively, he holds an awareness. Objectively, he continues with his belief system. Therefore, you may understand that you both engage movement presently. I shall express that within a very small time period, you shall be (clasping hands together with fingers intertwined) once again. Fear not! (Smiling)

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. And be remembering that I am engaged with you continuously, regardless. Which may be also causing of confusion and distress!

VICKI: At times! (Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: No time period is absolute. No probability is set and closed, be it past or future. Therefore, what you view to be past and already occurred is still changeable, equally to what you view to be future. You accept that you may choose different probabilities within future. Therefore, you may not actualize within this focus this scenario that you view, and you may also change your probability for what you view to be past. None are static. (Long pause) Much silence this evening!

NORM: Could I ask a question? I feel that I have felt what my intent is, and I express that I believe it to be "The Understander".

ELIAS: This is what you choose?

NORM: Yes.

ELIAS: And, your understanding of what?

NORM: Everything! (Laughter)

ELIAS: And you hold firm?

NORM: To that I believe this intent to be understanding? Yes.

ELIAS: Very well.

NORM: Thank you. Also, could I ask one more question? We were playing a game last night with four or five other couples. Did you have anything to do with some of the answers that I gave?

ELIAS: (Laughing) Of course not!

NORM: I don't even know where that one came from!

ELIAS: I have been expressing to you that you shall be noticing of interaction occurring of your dear friend Elias. (To Reta) As shall you also, and have you already. (To Gail) Yes?

GAIL: I would like to know what I'm connecting with when I have a sort of sadness, and a need to connect with the outdoors. Am I connecting with a past and a future self somehow? I don't understand.

ELIAS: Presently, you are connecting quite strongly and consistently and empathically, as I have expressed, with Lanyah.

GAIL: That's her I'm picking that up from?

ELIAS: This is quite strong presently.

GAIL: Why is that? Why are we so connected? ELIAS: You hold a great connection within consciousness; and within this particular focus, you have held an agreement throughout this focus of helpfulness to each other. Therefore, as you each draw from each other, you acquire helpfulness. At this present time period, Lanyah experiences subjectively the beginnings of a remembrance, which is not accepted. Therefore you, in cooperation, have accepted the memory. It is an exchange, so to speak. Lanyah has offered helpfulness within what you view to be past time periods. Now, you reverse. Within difficult areas of movement that are being experienced, you connect with these and offer helpfulness for future movement.

GAIL: So is that what I'm recognizing on a daily basis, different movements and feelings and that sort of thing? That's her?

ELIAS: Correct.

GAIL: Okay. I also had a friend come over to visit and as she was talking about her family, I connected with her brother who has been dead for quite a while. I picked up on his mannerisms and what he looked like and that sort of thing. That's sort of not accepted to talk about. It feels kind of strange. Is that going to be happening more and more?

ELIAS: All of you shall now view Elias' common answering ...

GAIL: Figure it out yourself!

ELIAS: It is your choice!


ELIAS: As you choose to be continuing in widening, yes. If you choose to not be, then you shall stop this activity.

GAIL: It doesn't bother me, I guess. Okay. Interesting. (Pause)

ELIAS: Very well. We shall disengage this evening, and I shall allow you your time period to be thinking and to be assimilating information which has been offered to you recently; for within a short time period I shall be returning to engage you, and you may be holding questions of recent information which has been offered.

RETA: I have one more question, unless you're ready to go. I remember asking you if there was a one-two-three method of teaching this to small ones and so on, and of course I got your good answer! Today, we met with some very dear friends. Are those part of the tools that we should be using to expand our awareness, or are those just tools for expanding our self-knowledge?

ELIAS: Objective knowledge.

RETA: Okay. Miriam seems to have a lot of subjective inner sense.

ELIAS: You all possess much inner senses. You all are very intuitive. This is how you have created yourselves.

RETA: Perhaps she just uses it more than I do, I'm sure.

ELIAS: In some areas, but you may exceed in other areas. Do not be discounting of your own expression, for you hold a working intuition also.

I shall be anticipating our next meeting, and I shall affectionately bid you all adieu, and I shall interact with you also, Lawrence, in comforting. Au revoir!

Elias departs at 8:35 PM.

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