Session 1471
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You Have Created Quite a Tangled Ball of Yarn!


Part 1: “You Have Created Quite a Tangled Ball of Yarn!”; “Enneagram”; “How Do I Find My Voice?”
Part 2: “Beliefs Influencing Continuing in an Unfulfilling Career”; “Why Am I Reflecting a Lack of Respect?”; “There Are No Guides”

Monday, November 10, 2003 (Private/In Person)

Participants: Mary (Michael), Marlene (Xenell), Nicole (Bethell) and Sheri (Milde)

Elias arrives at 11:28 AM. (Arrival time is 20 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

MARLENE & NICOLE: Good morning!

ELIAS: (Chuckles) How shall we proceed?

MARLENE: First, thank you so much for being with us in this session. I was wondering if you might have been with us earlier this morning in the hotel room.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARLENE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

MARLENE: Would you please give us my husband’s essence name and also his family and alignment, and if I’ve had any focuses with him prior to this focus?

ELIAS: Very well. (Pause) Essence name, Byjon, B-Y-J-O-N (by ZHON). Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Gramada; orientation, common. And yes, you incorporate other focuses with this individual.

MARLENE: Could you say how many?

ELIAS: Forty-six.

MARLENE: Then could we move to Nicole’s husband, Matthew, and ask for the same thing?

ELIAS: Essence name, Astarr, A-S-T-A-R-R (AS tarr). Essence family, Vold; alignment, Sumafi; orientation, common.

NICOLE: Have I had other focuses with him, and how many?

ELIAS: Thirty-one.

NICOLE: My daughter, Delaney, as well — can you answer that question?

ELIAS: Essence name, Didi, D-I-D-I (DEE dee). Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Ilda; orientation, soft. You incorporate 17 focuses with this individual.

MARLENE: Would you give us our color and our tone also?

ELIAS: Tone in association with musical tone?

MARLENE: Yes, please.

ELIAS: And your impression?

MARLENE: I have no idea. I think I’m tone-deaf, actually. (Elias laughs) My husband’s a musician and he thinks I’m tone-deaf, too!

ELIAS: (Laughs) Do you incorporate an impression as to color?

MARLENE: I like red for some reason.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) I may express to you an explanation that the color that you may be drawn to in preferences may not necessarily be a reflection of the color vibration that you express in resonance with a focus or with your essence as a signature color, for this is commonly misunderstood. Signature color, gold; focus color, purple.

MARLENE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

NICOLE: And how about mine, Elias? I think maybe fuchsia. I don’t know, but I’m drawn to that, and a tone, musical-wise of (hums a note), right about there. (Pause)

ELIAS: Actually, second treble octave C; first octave bass D. Color, signature color, magenta, not fuchsia; focus color, chartreuse.

NICOLE: What is it?

MARLENE: Chartreuse.

NICOLE: What is that?

MARLENE: Lime green.

NICOLE: That was lime girl, my lime girl experience! Remember that day?

Are there any challenges that are very important that I’m not telling myself or listening to that you can give me suggestions? Is there anything that I’m fogging over that I want more understanding?

ELIAS: What is your perception?

NICOLE: I would say yes.

ELIAS: In what direction?

NICOLE: Speaking. I’m confused if I’m supposed to be speaking, if that’s my purpose. When we talked yesterday, I’m the Zuli with Milumet. How do I pronounce that?

ELIAS: Milumet (MILL you may).

NICOLE: That makes total sense to me, and it’s been really exciting reading and listening about that. I’m wondering about the challenges of speaking, if that’s rubbing me the wrong way, if that’s helping me align with my alignment, if I’m getting in alignment with speaking, or if that’s something that I’m doing that’s like sandpaper and is not supposed to be what I’m doing. Does that make sense?

ELIAS: I understand. Express to myself, what do you feel?

NICOLE: In general?

ELIAS: In association with this...

NICOLE: With speaking?


NICOLE: Parts of me, I find, are in joy with it. Parts of me wonder if I’m doing it because I married into it — I met somebody and I became a speaker. Parts of me have guilt because of leaving Delaney. So I have some mixture in that, if that was wrong. I also am confused and wonder if the topic that I’m speaking of is correct. I don’t want to be telling people wrong information, and I definitely don’t want to lead them in the wrong direction. It’s important that my material and the topic is accurate and precise and right and is what it’s supposed to be — which is the Enneagram, which is another thing that I want to speak to you about.

I find that if I’m speaking of something that I truly believe in, it is fun and I enjoy it. There’s parts of me that I don’t know if I’m afraid of it or I don’t want to do it or... I’m just wondering if it’s right for me.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

Now; let me express to you, you have, in a manner of speaking, created quite a tangled ball of yarn in this situation. What you have created within yourself is considerable questioning and intertwined many different subjects, and in that intertwining you are labeling all of these different aspects into one category of public speaking. But there are many factors that you are involving in that one action, and this is generating your confusion.

Now; what is significant is to allow yourself to identify each aspect of what you are presenting to yourself and to clearly define each of these aspects. For they are, in a manner of speaking, interconnected, but not in the manner that you think.

Every aspect of your experiences in every direction are all interconnected, regardless of what subject it may be, but they are all interconnected in different manners, not necessarily in the surface manner that it may initially appear to you. Generally speaking, there is an underlying theme that interconnects them, but it may not necessarily be the subject that you perceive it to be — which is the situation in this scenario.

Now; first of all, if addressing to the actual action of speaking in itself, I am understanding your beliefs and your concerns. In this, what I may say to you is that if you are comfortable and confident in a particular subject that you are presenting and if you incorporate your own passion with that subject, engage that. As you have already noticed, in moments in which you are passionate concerning a particular subject, you incorporate fun and satisfaction in the action of speaking. This is significant.

Now; also recognize that whatever you choose to do and incorporate, you shall draw to yourself other individuals of like kind. Therefore, you are not leading astray any individual, for those individuals that shall draw to you shall be in like energy, and it is their choice to be drawn to you. You cannot recruit individuals as followers unless they choose to be a follower, unless they choose to engage you, for you do not create their reality. In this also, recognize that regardless of what you express to any other individual, they shall filter through their beliefs.

In this forum I speak with many, many individuals, and what I present to all of these individuals incorporates the least amount of distortion that is possible to filter through layers of consciousness. But each individual receives that information filtered through their individual expressed beliefs. Therefore, there is always an element of distortion, for each individual shall be assimilating the information in association with their individual beliefs. This is not bad. It matters not, for they incorporate the information in the manner that they perceive it, and it is beneficial, regardless, or they would not draw themselves to the information.

In like manner, whatever information you may share with other individuals, they shall filter through their beliefs and they shall assimilate what they choose and what is beneficial to them, in some manner. You are not responsible for how another individual receives the information or how they incorporate it in action.

Another element to be aware of is your motivation and to recognize that you are not instructing or teaching other individuals. Do not allow yourself to slip into that trap. For that is a definite discounting of yourself and of the other individual, for it sets yourself as above and it sets the other individual as below. This may not seem as a discounting of you, but it is.

In this, if your motivation is borne of your passion and your desire to share and interact with other individuals, recognizing that whatever you share you are also receiving input from the other individuals, whatever you choose to share is acceptable. For you are generating an energy in a manner of acceptance and trust and a genuine expression of a lack of separation, which is quite in harmony with this shift in consciousness.

I have expressed to other individuals previously that inquire of other energy exchanges or the action of channeling — which I do generate a distinction between these two actions, for one is an energy exchange between two essences and one is a tapping into information of the individual’s essence, which is no less valid but it is a different action. But regardless of what you are tapping into, regardless of what information any individual offers themselves in any manner, even in what you term to be religious expressions, it matters not. Individuals are offering themselves information in conjunction with this shift in consciousness in some manner or another. It is merely what you draw yourself to and what you resonate with and allowing yourself the freedom to engage that, regardless of what it may be.

NICOLE: Can I set myself up or are there things that I can do to train myself to do an energy exchange? Is that something that is a possibility for me? Because I’m passionate about that. Or do I need to focus my attention somewhere else?

ELIAS: It is your choice. Any individual incorporates the ability to generate that action. You all incorporate that ability. It is not a matter of training, so to speak. It is more a matter of openness and willingness, and projecting an energy of that openness to be a beacon, so to speak, or a signal to another essence that may choose to be engaging an energy exchange with you.

NICOLE: By doing that, is that helping me to get in alignment with my family, or is it more important that I learn how to communicate with animals in more of a sense of being able to hear or talk with them because that is a part of the family that I come from and that’s my intent?

ELIAS: It is your choice.

NICOLE: So it’s all my choice?

ELIAS: Yes. It is your choice. It is not necessary if you do not generate an interest in that type of action for you to engage it. Merely that these are qualities of the family that have been offered in description as examples of certain qualities of each of these families, that is not to say that you may necessarily engage those particular actions.

The descriptions of each of the essence families are offered with examples of qualities, but those qualities may be expressed in many, many, many different manners. That is offered merely to express an indication and allow you an understanding of particular qualities, but they are not limited to those particular expressions. The expressions of each family are much broader and incorporate much more flexibility and much more abstractness to incorporate a variety of different expressions that are all in alignment with that particular quality. They may be expressed differently but...

NICOLE: I’ve been studying the Enneagram recently and find that it’s the nine... Well, you know what it is. Is that any relation to essence families or is there any type of...?

MARLENE: Is it another example of what we’re trying to understand?

NICOLE: Is there any relation to a Sumari being an eight or a Sumafi being a one or the Borledim a two? Is there any correlation between those at all? (20-second pause)

ELIAS: Very well. First of all, recognize that you yourself, and other individuals, present to yourselves different imageries that become a type of focal point. They are incorporated as a method that allows you to focus your attention in specific manners that you allow yourself to assimilate information in manners that are harmonious to you or that allow you a clearer understanding of information that you are assimilating.

What you are presenting to yourself is similar to what other individuals present to themselves in association with numerology or with astrology, or there are certain expressions that individuals incorporate in association with crystals and color — none of which are bad and none of which are wrong, but they are not precisely an accurate expression of reality. In many of these different methods that individuals incorporate, they are beneficial and they do serve a purpose in directing your energy and allowing you to understand objectively different information that you present to yourselves.

Generally speaking, as I have expressed previously, many of these concepts are the reverse of what individuals perceive them to be or understand them to be, for the manner in which you associate with them is that they are outside of you and that they are separate from you and that they in themselves direct certain elements of you. In actuality, they are significant and they do incorporate some meaning in association with your physical reality, but they are generated by you rather than the reverse.

As an example, many, many, many individuals align with information in association with astrology. This is not to say that the information is invalid, but it is not the planets or their movement or particular time frameworks of your year or your seasons that direct you, but rather you are directing the planets to be moving in association with your energy.

Now; there is significance in this particular focal point, for each of you do choose to be emerging or to be born in a particular season. It is not an accident. You each choose a particular day, you each choose a particular month, and each of those days and those months are associated with a particular astrological symbol. Each individual chooses to be associated with a particular symbol, for you share a generality with many other individuals that choose to be expressing similar qualities of personality, and your energy moves in similarity in creating the planetary movement in your actual physical universe. It is a collective action.

In similar manner to what you are inquiring of, this may also be viewed as a type of focal point — a manner, a method in which you assimilate information objectively more efficiently — for it is helpful to you to generate an understanding, and it is an expression that you resonate with. But it is not an absolute. Therefore, you may attribute particular numbers to particular colors and associate them with different families, but recognize that that is your imagery and other individuals may share that imagery but it is not an absolute.

Therefore, what is important to recognize, as we discussed in our group interaction, there are no absolutes within your physical reality. In actuality, there are no absolutes within consciousness. But what becomes an absolute within your association becomes a truth, and they are not actually true.

A genuine truth is some expression of consciousness that is translatable in some manner in every area of consciousness, physical or nonphysical. In every dimension, in every area of consciousness, it shall be translatable in some manner. There are very few truths that may actually be translatable in every area of consciousness.

MARLENE: Would one be becoming?

ELIAS: Yes, for that is an action and that action translates in every area of consciousness, for it is the nature of consciousness. It is what you are.

MARLENE: That’s what I meant. What is becoming? Becoming is becoming.

ELIAS: Yes. It is exploring, a continuous exploration.

MARLENE: And that’s what we’re doing?

ELIAS: Yes. That is what you are doing, and that...

MARLENE: So everything that I’m doing is the process of becoming...


MARLENE: ...because that’s what I’m doing?


NICOLE: Is there a particular topic or a little push or a guide or a direction that you can point me in that you know I will find passion in but have not yet found it?

ELIAS: No. That is your choice. I may express to you also in association with that question, quite seriously and quite definitely and genuinely, be suspicious of any individual or essence that offers a response to that type of question. I may express to you that a nonphysical essence would not respond but individuals may, in association with their beliefs.

In this, I may define to you that you as individuals in this physical reality, in association with the blueprint of this reality, are suggestible, and therefore what is offered in response to this type of question incorporates tremendous potential for you to receive and generate through that suggestibility. This is the reason that I do not predict. I do not offer much information concerning future with individuals, for I am quite aware that your innate expression, and if you will, right is choice. It is your inherent expression.

MARLENE: Which is another truth?

ELIAS: Yes. In this, choice is continuously changing. You are continuously changing, and it is for you to be directing of yourself, not to be allowing other individuals to be directing of you.

NICOLE: When you were talking about that I was a ball of twine or yarn, is that a representation? Are my jaw and my neck and my nail biting a symbol of that, or is that a symbol of something else that I’m not looking at?

ELIAS: That is directly associated with that, for you incorporate many different directions that you are not untangling. In a manner of speaking, the thread or the underlying element that connects all of these different directions is your unfamiliarity with yourself, and therefore doubting yourself and doubting your choices and doubting your actions and what you do and what you have done and what you may possibly do. For, you have not yet allowed yourself to genuinely move your attention inward to you and to genuinely discover what your preferences are, what you want — not what is expected of you, not what you assume from other individuals in their expectations and then generate those expectations of yourself — but genuinely becoming familiar with you individually and all of the different aspects of you, all of your qualities, your talents, your passions, your expressions, your behaviors, your methods, what you prefer, what you do not prefer — finding your voice.

NICOLE: How do I find my voice?

ELIAS: In genuinely paying attention to your communications, being aware of yourself in the moment and listening genuinely to your communications. Initially that may be, in your perception, somewhat subtle, for you are unfamiliar with listening. But you may begin to notice in an interaction with another individual, they may be expressing some direction to you and you may incorporate what you term to be a slight twinge, a hesitation within yourself. You are accustomed to ignoring that. But as you genuinely allow yourself to pay attention to what you are generating within yourself in each moment, you shall begin to notice. In those moments, allow yourself to stop and evaluate what is generating that hesitation — what do I want — and allow yourself to begin to pay attention to energy.

I may express to you, as I have many times previously with other individuals, energy is quite real and it is a much more efficient and immediate language than any other language that you incorporate. It is a much more efficient and immediate communication.

NICOLE: So pay attention to how I feel when I’m having conversations with other individuals. But if they’re trying to tell me their point of view and I don’t want to accept it and I fight back, then I’m coming across as being defensive or mean, controlling, or not being open or not looking at things from a different perspective. And is that right? Am I supposed to look at things from other people’s points of view, or do I say no, I’m going to stay with my point of view because this is about me?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, you all incorporate beliefs. The point in this shift in consciousness is to be accepting of beliefs and accepting of yourselves. But this is not to say that you shall not continue to incorporate your opinions and your preferences, for you are not eliminating beliefs or belief systems.

One of the belief systems is duplicity, and it is not being eliminated either. But duplicity does not necessarily incorporate judgment; that is not an inherent quality of duplicity. Therefore, you may discontinue expressing judgments in association with right and wrong and continue to incorporate your opinion and not necessarily agree with another individual’s opinion.

Now; what you are expressing is a black and white: “Should I hold to myself and should I continue to express myself and not accept what another individual is expressing, or should I be entirely open to the expressions of other individuals and attempting to be completely accepting and assuming their direction and their opinion as my own?” This is very black and white, and it is fairly common that individuals express in this manner. This is NOT the point.

You also inquire are you actually expressing what other individuals reflect to you as controlling or as defensive. In actuality, yes, to an extent. For if you are genuinely accepting and you are not generating that judgment, you recognize that it is not necessary for you to be in agreement with another individual, but it is also not necessary for you to justify yourself.

Therefore, if you are debating with another individual, you are defending and you are attempting to convince, for you are generating the expression that the other individual is wrong and that you incorporate more enlightenment than do they. But in that action you are also discounting of yourself, for you are doubting yourself. For if you were not in doubt of yourself, you would not express this defense. It would not be necessary.

NICOLE: What is my predominant element?

ELIAS: In what capacity?

NICOLE: Before, you talked about religion, emotion, thought and political. What is it?

ELIAS: Religious, political, emotional, or thought. Political.

NICOLE: What about Matthew’s?

ELIAS: Thought.

NICOLE: What about Delaney?

ELIAS: Emotional.


ELIAS: Emotional.

NICOLE: And Marlene?

ELIAS: Emotional.

NICOLE: How many focuses do I have?

ELIAS: Nine hundred twenty-nine.

NICOLE: Have I met any of them?


NICOLE: How many focuses does Matthew have?

ELIAS: Eight hundred sixty-two.

NICOLE: And Delaney?

ELIAS: Eight hundred eighty-four.


ELIAS: One thousand one hundred thirty-six.

NICOLE: And Marlene?

ELIAS: Six hundred fifty-two.

NICOLE: Can you give me a clue on who my famous focus is? A hint?

ELIAS: And shall you investigate?

NICOLE: I will investigate. I think it’s a singer.

ELIAS: You incorporate one as this profession.

NICOLE: Is it Jewel?

ELIAS: No. (Chuckles)

NICOLE: So I have more than one famous focus?


NICOLE: How many do I have?


NICOLE: Are they all singers?


NICOLE: How about Delaney? How many famous focuses does she have?

ELIAS: Eight.

NICOLE: And I imagine there’s one at least that’s a singer?


NICOLE: What about the initials? Can you do that so I can research?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) I shall express to you, this shall be an exercise in trusting your impressions and listening to your impressions.

NICOLE: How about Matthew? How many famous focuses does he have?

ELIAS: Twelve.

NICOLE: How about Al?

ELIAS: Seventeen.

MARLENE: Does Al have composers as any of his focuses?


NICOLE: And Marlene?

ELIAS: Eleven.

NICOLE: Are any of those an opera singer?


NICOLE: I met a prostitute in Las Vegas one day and sat and spoke with her for a few hours on the steps. Was she connected or a counterpart or anything with me?

ELIAS: Counterpart, and you also incorporate other focuses with that individual.

NICOLE: (To Marlene) What was the counterpart question that we had?

MARLENE: You can ask how many counterparts in this physical reality.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) That would be almost impossible to express, for it is a continuously changing number. I may express to you that you incorporate many thousands — many, many, many thousands of counterpart actions.

NICOLE: Before we go into Marlene’s session, is there anything in particular that you would like to tell me?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) To genuinely allow yourself to pay attention. Practice noticing. Practice listening to your communications. Practice listening to your emotional communications. Pay attention to yourself but not to the exclusion of other individuals; but in conjunction with other individuals, genuinely pay attention to you, and perhaps you may begin to untangle that ball.

NICOLE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

NICOLE: Is free dancing a good form for me to do?


NICOLE: My husband says, and I say, I guess, that I check out. I don’t know what I’m doing. I can be having a conversation with somebody but then I take off. Am I going into other dimensions or am I just...? What am I doing?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) There are in actuality many individuals that incorporate this action. Ha ha! In a manner of speaking, this is an action of blinking out of this physical reality, and at times that does generate an action of blinking into another reality, other-dimensional realities. For the most part, that is the action that you individually are incorporating. At times you are merely blinking out of physical reality in general, in a manner of speaking.

NICOLE: Is that a good thing to do or not a good thing to do?

ELIAS: It is neither good nor bad; it merely is.

NICOLE: I know that! (Elias chuckles) I would like to communicate better with animals and I love my animals. Is there anything in particular that I can do? Is there anything specifically that I can do to invite them and invite more to my home and communicate with them?

ELIAS: Begin with what I have expressed in paying attention to yourself and to familiarizing yourself with your energy and your communications. For if you are not familiar with your own energy and your own communications, you may be quite confused with what you may receive from a creature.

NICOLE: I have one last question. I have a couple of individuals that are coming from Canada to live with us, Serge and Mark. Serge channels Kris, or it’s an energy exchange or a synergy or what you call something different. Why is this happening? Is this...? I know it’s a good thing, I guess, but I just wanted your input. Do you have any ideas?

ELIAS: This is not an energy exchange.

NICOLE: What is it?

ELIAS: This is an action of channeling, which is offering information which is filtered from essence through to the individual focus in an openness in essence. This is not to say, as I have expressed previously, that the information is not valid, but recognize that that information also is filtered through the individual’s beliefs — which is not bad but it is a factor.

NICOLE: Anything that I can do in my business or company, my relationship with Matthew, the relationship with the company, that will move us in a direction of better communication with people and help us to pay our bills faster?

ELIAS: What I have expressed to you.

NICOLE: That’s perfect. Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. I shall be anticipating our next meeting. I express to you my great affection and encouragement, and I shall be offering my energy to you in supportiveness in your endeavor and your homework. (Chuckles)

NICOLE: Thank you.

ELIAS: To you, au revoir.

NICOLE: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 12:29 PM.

PART 2 Elias returns at 1:43 PM. (Arrival time is 20 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon, again! (Chuckles)

MARLENE: Am I ready to go?

ELIAS: Are you?

MARLENE: I don’t know! We’ve had such a good time in between having this conversation that I don’t even know if I have any questions left.

I would like to know a few things about my husband. As you know, he’s in Ohio and I’m in Arizona, and I’m curious as to why he stays in his profession of psychology when he finds it very difficult. It even gets depressing to him. In what way can we help — or maybe you can help — with the answer to that?

Also, his music, it’s just such an obsession with him, and I’d like a little clearer understanding about that.

Why is it that if this realm, the basis of it is emotion and sexuality — even though we just had that discussion of it, I don’t have a clear understanding of it — it’s hard for me to realize that we don’t have very much of an intimate sexual relationship at all, and I’m kind of curious about that. I do know that we have 47 different focuses together, but straighten me out about that, help me with that.

ELIAS: You begin with your question concerning his choice to be continuing in a particular direction, which appears to you to not be fulfilling or to be conflicting, and what is the reason that he continues to be generating this direction. I may express to you that he continues to move in this direction for several reasons.

One is what you would term to be stability, it is familiar, and it offers what he perceives to be a financial comfort. Another is associated with beliefs concerning age. Another is beliefs concerning directions, that once you choose a direction you are locked to that direction and you do not incorporate other choices or that you are bound to that particular direction for you have generated an investment in time and energy and finances to create that direction, and now you are obligated to that direction.

As to age, there is another expressed belief that once you have created a direction and you have continued in that direction for an extended time framework and you are incorporating more age, that it is impractical and irresponsible to change that direction; or that if you change that direction, there is a potential of interrupting the familiar and what is comfortable.

Another belief that is incorporated in that is responsibility to other individuals and incorporating a personal responsibility for other individual’s reality, in maintaining it or in changing it, which is not his responsibility but it is an expressed belief.

Understand that regardless of whether you may identify different expressions as associated with expressed beliefs, they are quite real. That is what influences your reality and generates a perception, and that perception creates an actual reality. Therefore, it is not that he is perceiving an illusion of these expressions. They are quite real in his reality. That is not to say that they are absolute and unchangeable.

There is also a fear that if he is listening to himself and moving in a different direction and allowing himself that freedom, what shall he do? That is an unknown.

MARLENE: What about his heart?

ELIAS: In what capacity? What is your question?

MARLENE: These different tests that he continues to have, with the heart surgery and the different tests that he’s undergoing right now, why is he wanting to experience this illness, or supposed illness, or whatever it is? Is that something I could help him with? Is there anything I could do? Should I go there, should I be there, what is my responsibility?

ELIAS: Your responsibility is to you.

Now; in this, he is creating manifestations in association with dissatisfaction with what he has been creating, and this presents an avenue, an excuse, so to speak, to interrupt that direction. For in the expressed beliefs that he holds, which are very strong, he cannot allow himself to merely stop doing what he is doing in his direction. That would be unacceptable in association with his beliefs. There must be an excuse; there must be a reason. If he is generating tension and restriction in a physical manifestation, this provides an excuse to alter his direction or to discontinue his direction, for he has justified a strain which develops to a physical manifestation which is detrimental if he continues to move in the direction which he is dissatisfied with. Therefore, this becomes an acceptable avenue in his reality.

Now; I may express that that may be altered in different manners if he genuinely allowed himself to pay attention to himself and trust himself that he may choose to be moving in a different direction and continue to generate income and continue to generate a comfort and continue to create in similar manner to what he has been familiar with. The challenge is — and not merely for this individual, for many individuals — there may be a desire or a want to be creating differently, but if the individual is unaccustomed to listening to the communication of imagination, in a manner of speaking they incorporate no ideas of what their creativity is or what avenue is actually available to them that they may easily create. If you are unfamiliar with different expressions, you do not generate a translation through thought of what to do. Therefore, there is confusion.

You also inquire as to the passion in association with music. That is a creative expression that generates a satisfaction in association with his family and his natural expression of generating some creative output. It is also associated with his orientation in production, producing outwardly an expression of his creativity and a presentment of that in an actual physical manifestation.

As to your question of how you may be helpful or what you should do or whether you should join him or whether you should not join him, the manner in which you may be most helpful is to be supportive, and the manner in which you are most supportive is to be accepting — not to be instructing, not to be fixing, but merely to be accepting of the other individual’s choices and that these are his choices.

This is not to say that you do not care, but you are not concerning yourself with his choices and therefore it is not necessary to fix them. But in acceptance of them, you generate a genuine understanding, which is compassion. In that compassion or understanding, you project an energy of supportiveness which is received and understood by the other individual. That is the most helpful that you may be in relation to the other individual.

MARLENE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

MARLENE: Are there any challenges I have that I’m not seeing, that you could help me with suggestions? I feel that my outbursts of emotional energy are not what I would like it to be.

ELIAS: In what capacity?

MARLENE: When I see a reflection outside of me that doesn’t seem to line up with what I feel about myself inside of me, I wonder why I have that reflection. For instance, my son and my daughter-in-law, as long as I’m giving money and baby-sitting and taking care of them I’m this wonderful person; but once they don’t need those things then I’m out of sight, out of mind. It doesn’t seem like I have the respect that I feel I should have.

ELIAS: And what are you generating within yourself?

MARLENE: Evidently self-doubt and lack of value, is that...?

ELIAS: You are allowing other individuals to dictate to you your choices and not paying attention to what you want.

Now; this also is associated with your beliefs of obligation, of responsibility, of roles of relationships. You as the parent incorporate expressed beliefs of what types of behaviors you expect yourself to express in that role. There are guidelines, there are specific behaviors that the role of a parent is supposed to generate, but that also negates your choices and you allow the other individuals to dictate your choices and you acquiesce. Rather than paying attention to yourself and listening to what you want, you automatically comply, for it is associated with responsibility, with your role as a parent, with your expectations of yourself.

Also, this type of action and interaction generates the camouflage that you are good. If you are giving, you are good. Giving may be in material expressions or it may be in actions. It may be in actions of attending the small one or it may be in generating a favor or it may be in physical demonstrations, in objects, in finances. But this is also a strongly expressed belief that it is good to give, to the exclusion of receiving.

Let me express to you, in actuality it is quite the reverse. For in receiving, in allowing yourself exposure and therefore allowing yourself to receive, you automatically generate giving. That is a natural by-product of receiving. It automatically occurs. But this is not the manner in which you associate, for you generate influences of your beliefs that express to you differently. Are you understanding?


ELIAS: Now; in recognizing that these individuals generate their own reality also and that they create their directions and their choices and that they generate their manifestations, these are their choices. You are not creating their scenarios, you are not creating their situations, you do not create their reality, you do not create their choices, and you are not responsible for their choices or their creations. And in similar manner to your partner, it is not your responsibility to fix.

Contrary to mass beliefs, which most individuals align with, your only responsibility in association with what you term to be children, regardless of age, is that you have generated an agreement with another essence to allow that essence to physically manifest in this physical dimension. That is the extent of your responsibility. They choose their experiences. They choose how they direct themselves and which avenues they shall move within. They are creating their reality. It is not your responsibility to fix any direction that they have chosen. As you continue to move in your direction of attempting to fix, the circle perpetuates and it continues.

If you choose to be interacting in this manner, that is your choice — which you ARE choosing but you are uncomfortable. If you choose as a genuine preference or pleasure, that is one expression. If you are choosing in association with beliefs concerning obligation and expectations, not listening to yourself and your directions and what you want, yes, you will generate conflict within yourself.

MARLENE: So that’s where that selfishness comes in, be selfish for yourself.


MARLENE: So then my choices, without guilt, my choices are without expectation and that’s all that is required?

ELIAS: Yes. As I have expressed previously, were there to be a waste of energy, which there is not, but were there to be, guilt and worry would be the two expressions that would be almost a waste of energy and is entirely unnecessary.

Worry is unnecessary, for every individual shall create what they create, and whatever they are creating is associated in some manner with their value fulfillment. Regardless of how YOU view it, regardless of your perception of other individual’s choices, regardless of whether you deem them to be good or bad, in some manner they are generating their value fulfillment or they would not be creating the experiences that they are creating.

This is not to say that you do not continue to incorporate your opinion and your perception of what another individual may be generating. In that, what may be beneficial to you is to recognize your compassion or understanding, for that is the definition of genuine compassion...

MARLENE: To allow acceptance of everything, right? Compassion is allowing...

ELIAS: It is understanding, and in understanding you may be accepting that whatever they are choosing is not wrong. It may not be what you would choose, it may not be an expression you are in agreement with, but it is not wrong. What is important is that you listen to yourself and allow yourself in each moment to generate what you want.

MARLENE: Since I’m Sumari and I was so drawn to Seth and I’ve read all the Seth Material, why am I so drawn now to this Elias group and the Elias information? I’m just curious.

ELIAS: For this is your preference and it is your interest. It matters not what family you are belonging to or aligning with. Many individuals are drawn to this forum that are not belonging to Sumafi or are not aligning with Sumafi. It is what you resonate with and what you draw to yourself in information that generates an interest, a curiosity, an alignment with what your direction is, what you prefer, and in a manner of speaking, what speaks to you within your language, what is the most efficient for your understanding.

MARLENE: Could you help us also with Delaney, my granddaughter? She’s talented with music. I know you don’t predict, but there’s a possibility of a school in Arizona and I just wondered if it would be advantageous. It would very hard on us because it’s forty minutes away, but if it would be advantageous to her rather than the traditional school that she’s been in...

ELIAS: And what does she want?

MARLENE: She does want that.

ELIAS: And there is your answer.

NICOLE: Can you tell us how many focuses my mom and I have had together?

ELIAS: Sixty-two.

MARLENE: We have a something like a commune. We have a palacio, I have a casita, and we have a studio. We, meaning the three of us, myself, her husband and Nicole, have this passion to have people come and share this type of thing like the Elias group does. If that’s our preference, that sounds like it’s a possibility. It’s not like because we belong to this family and our intents are here and all that, that that’s not a possibility, correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

NICOLE: So if we have a preference to do that and we have a passion to do that, we can do that?

ELIAS: Yes. That is a choice. And if you allow yourself an openness to your communication of imagination, you shall offer yourselves inspirations in how to accomplish that.

MARLENE: How we received the property, as you know, was in the same way. Within one week we had this property just presented to us in a very unusual way, and we just have such excitement about it.

NICOLE: Having the relationship we have, like a triad relationship, Matthew, Marlene and myself, is there anything that the three of us could do together to help us align, to communicate — other than what we’re already doing together — that will create more energy between the three of us, energy to create more of what we want?

ELIAS: What I have expressed to each of you already. Allowing yourselves to genuinely pay attention to yourselves, to be more intimately familiar with yourselves, trusting yourselves and accepting yourselves and allowing yourselves to express yourselves in your own freedoms generates a much more powerful energy as you pool your energies together. In recognizing your individual power and not allowing other individuals to dictate your choices to you, you automatically express outwardly a much more powerful energy and a different type of energy which draws more to you.

MARLENE: What about John? He’s a friend of my son and he’s moved into my casita. Is he part of this, because he seems interested. Could you tell me what his essence family is?

ELIAS: Essence name? (Marlene nods) Lazden, L-A-Z-D-E-N; essence family, Ilda; alignment, Tumold; orientation, common.

MARLENE: Do we have focuses together?

ELIAS: Yes. In this, he has drawn himself to you for his reasons. You have drawn him to you in a natural expression of your energy in association with your alignment — a natural expression of nurturing with other individuals and a natural expression of supportiveness with other individuals, which are qualities of the family that you are aligning with which you express with other individuals also, which may generate an element of successfulness in association with what you want to be creating if you are allowing your natural expression and if you are paying attention of yourself and directing of yourself and expressing more of your individual power. That shall naturally enhance these qualities and this type of energy, which shall draw more individuals to you.

NICOLE: How many focuses does John have?

ELIAS: Seven hundred seventeen.

NICOLE: What is John’s signature color and musical tone?

ELIAS: Signature color, sand; musical note, A flat.

MARLENE: Before I forget, how many focuses have I had with Matthew?

ELIAS: Twenty-three.

NICOLE: What are Matt and Delaney’s colors and notes and tones?

ELIAS: First individual, periwinkle blue; musical note, F. Second individual, dark burnt orange; musical note, G.

NICOLE: And what is Al’s color and tone?

ELIAS: Color, whale gray; note, F sharp.

MARLENE: All of these symbols help us to have more understanding of what this is all about, is that correct? For instance, all the families and the notes and the tones and the colors? I’m drawn to this material and I love the detail in it. I love the fact that it gives me more understanding to separate it out — not that it’s separate because I know it’s not...

ELIAS: I am understanding.

MARLENE: So all of these are things to help us understand the blueprint of this reality. Am I to understand that we can also understand the blueprint of other realities?

ELIAS: If you are so choosing.

MARLENE: Is it not true that in this physical body eventually, if we have the awareness and pay attention to ourselves and all that, we are going to be able to see other-dimensional realities that are going on?


MARLENE: We are being told by our feelings and our reactions and responses and all that, and once we pay attention to all that and see that we are not making judgments or that we are accepting beliefs, that clears this veil, so to speak, so that we can have a broader picture of it all?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes. It allows you more choices, and it allows you to tap into your abilities more clearly and more easily, and therefore broadens your exploration, for it broadens your scope of what you allow yourself to explore.

MARLENE: If I can’t imagine what to imagine, how do I imagine?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) I am quite understanding!

I may express to you, as you become more intimately familiar with yourself, it is unnecessary to attempt to imagine what you cannot imagine, for you automatically begin to listen to that avenue of communication and it merely presents to you. For you express an expanded or a widened awareness and a greater openness, and therefore you allow different communications to yourself, not merely what is familiar. You automatically allow new information, new experiences. You allow yourself to experiment more fully with your abilities in what you can create, what you can do, how you can generate the impossible being possible.

MARLENE: Is that done by understanding more about our inner senses?

ELIAS: Partially. But that is also an element of becoming more familiar intimately with yourself and implementing your steps to chance or to risk allowing yourself to express yourself in the moment without hesitation, and even as you begin, if you express hesitation, to allow regardless, to express that risk, so to speak.

MARLENE: I do some of that.


NICOLE: I don’t do much of that.

ELIAS: You do, at times.

NICOLE: I’m a wimp!

ELIAS: Ah, another discounting of self!

NICOLE: Can you tell me the essence name and all that stuff of my best friend, Julie, so I can share that with her?

ELIAS: Essence name, S-E-A-L-T-H-Y (SELTH ee); essence family, Sumari; alignment, Ilda; orientation, common.

NICOLE: How many focuses have we had together?

ELIAS: Ninety-three.

NICOLE: How many focuses does she have?

ELIAS: Nine hundred seventy-one.

NICOLE: And her color and tone?

ELIAS: Color, silver; musical note, B.

NICOLE: Is there anything that you’d like to share with Matthew, my husband? He’s a speaker, as you know, and we do this together about the Enneagram and beliefs, using the Enneagram as a way to approach people to get them interested so we can speak about creating our own reality.

MARLENE: And he believes thoughts create reality.

ELIAS: (Firmly) Thought does not create reality. Thought is a mechanism. It is an objective mechanism which is incorporated to translate and interpret communications. It does not create reality. It does not precede the creation of your reality or any manifestation. This is NOT its function. Its function is merely to interpret and translate information that is presented through communications that you offer to yourselves. It is not a communication itself. It is a translating mechanism, and this is the reason that it is not always accurate.

MARLENE: And it comes with the ego or the personality?

ELIAS: No, it is an objective mechanism.

NICOLE: Is there anything that you would like to say to Matthew, whether it be about speaking or any message that would help him align better or...? (Pause)

ELIAS: I may offer one comment which may be applicable generally in all of his interactions and all of his directions. There is no mission and he is not instructing and teaching. There is no individual within your reality that needs instruction, and it is no individual’s mission to be instructing. In every expression of instruction there is a discounting of the individual that is being instructed, and ultimately it is a discounting of self.

MARLENE: The same with me for fixing.


Now; I am understanding that individuals generate confusion in how you may be discounting of yourself if you are instructing, for it appears surfacely that you are elevating yourself or generating an authority to another individual, and that is not necessarily associated with discounting. But in reverse of what the individual is generating, as that is presented in reflection to themselves, if you are projecting outwardly that you are instructing and you are reflecting another individual being instructed, what you are reflecting is your own discounting of yourself, that you yourself are the lesser.

NICOLE: So if you feel the need to instruct, you are discounting yourself?

ELIAS: Correct, for you are justifying. It is unnecessary to instruct if you know.

MARLENE: But sharing is fine.

ELIAS: Yes, that is an interaction of offering what you know and accepting differences, that other individuals also know but they know different.

MARLENE: Is it an attitude or a belief? Is it an attitude that you have when you are sharing...? It’s a totally different energy.


NICOLE: Does he hold the belief that he knows more so he needs to tell people how to fix themselves because he thinks he knows more than they do?

ELIAS: In some capacities.

MARLENE: But nobody knows more.

ELIAS: Correct.

NICOLE: Nobody knows more than yourself...

ELIAS: Correct.

NICOLE: ...because only you can know you, right?

ELIAS: Other individuals may know you also; in actuality, many times other individuals know you more clearly than you know you, for each of you pay attention to other individuals, and you do not necessarily automatically recognize that other individuals are reflecting you. You attribute their expressions to only them.

MARLENE: So are they them or you? Are their reflections you or are their reflections theirs?

ELIAS: Both, but you interact with each individual in each moment quite specifically and precisely. In any moment you could choose any one of thousands of individuals to be interactive with, but you choose one specifically in that moment that shall be reflecting of you. Their expression is their expression, but you have drawn that particular individual to you to interact with in that moment, for what they are expressing in that moment reflects you.

MARLENE: But you know more than I know!

ELIAS: I do not; I do not know more than you know. You incorporate the same information, the same knowing, the same abilities. You merely have forgotten, and I, in the area of consciousness that I occupy, remember. This is the only difference.

Your expression of forgotten has been purposeful to enhance the purity of your experience in this physical manifestation, but you have also chosen to be physically manifest within a movement, within a time framework in which your reality in this physical dimension is changing. In that, there is a widening of awareness in this shift in consciousness, for you have all collectively chosen to be expanding, and in that expansion you are incorporating the remembrance. And remembrance is not remembering; it is being. It is knowing. And that is what you are generating now in this shift in consciousness.

NICOLE: Do I have a spirit guide or somebody with me that I can call on, or is it just that you call on yourself?

ELIAS: I may express to you, there are no guides, there are no masters, there are no gods, but there are countless, literally countless essences, and they are all present and available. It is your choice if you choose to be open, and if you choose to label any of these expressions, you may. If you are labeling in association with a belief that there are other essences that are more powerful or more knowing than yourself, I shall correct that, for there are not.

That you choose to be physically manifest is a choice to explore a physical manifestation and movement, to explore that avenue of creativity and what you may be creating in a physical realm, but you are no less than any other expression of consciousness within any area of consciousness, and YOU OCCUPY ALL AREAS OF CONSCIOUSNESS.

NICOLE: Can you hear me when I call for you?

ELIAS: Yes, in a manner of speaking. (Smiles) It is not what you associate as an audible expression; that is your translation. But I am aware of the energy.

MARLENE: This morning, when we were talking and trying to understand, you were there helping us understand?


NICOLE: We felt that you were there.


NICOLE: Cool! (Elias chuckles) Is there anything that you would like to say or is there anything that you can tell me that I can do to enhance my relationship with my daughter, Delaney? Is there anything in particular that you would like to say to her that I can share with her?

ELIAS: I may express to her that if she is so choosing I incorporate a tremendous willingness to play with her. I express to you, be aware that small ones are directing of themselves also, just as are you — perhaps more so, for they are less willing to be directed or to be allowing other individuals to be dictating their choices for them. Perhaps you may offer yourself an encouragement and an example in her.

MARLENE: She may be an example for you because she already knows what she wants and does what she wants. She’s really good at it.

ELIAS: Perhaps you shall allow yourself to draw upon your own strength in a similar manner.

NICOLE: She’s so gutsy! And you said to play?

MARLENE: Elias will play with her if she so chooses.

NICOLE: Oh, that’s really nice; that’s wonderful.

Jane Roberts, what is her alignment? (Pause)

ELIAS: Zuli.

NICOLE: And her orientation?

ELIAS: Common.

SHERI: Zuli is interesting, because of all her physical problems.

ELIAS: Quite, but that is precisely an influence.

NICOLE: Do you have anything else, Sheri?

SHERI: Do we already know Polly’s information? (Elias laughs loudly) The maniac dog.

ELIAS: As this is Michael’s creation, it would be associated with Michael’s information! (Laughs)

NICOLE: I do want to ask you about Gabriel, my dog. How many focuses do I have with him? I’m so drawn to that little guy.

ELIAS: Creatures do not necessarily incorporate what you would term to be focuses, for there is a reconfiguration of energy. In that, as a creature chooses to disengage, it may be reconfigured in links of consciousness in the form of another creature or it may not be. That is dependent upon your creations as essence and how you manipulate links of consciousness to create those expressions in your reality. But they are, in a manner of speaking, an extension of you. They do incorporate their own choices and their own expressions as they are manifest, but you are the impetus that creates that.

MARLENE: That’s kind of like the spark?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes; you are the initiator of that manifestation.

MARLENE: Mark, who is coming to live with us, what is his family and orientation?

ELIAS: Essence name, Mandell, M-A-N-D-E-L-L. Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Sumari; orientation, soft.

NICOLE: Have we had other focuses together?


NICOLE: How many focuses does he have?

ELIAS: One thousand four.

NICOLE: And Serge as well, can we have that information?

ELIAS: Essence name, Nyschja, N-Y-S-C-H-J-A (NEE khah). Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Ilda; orientation, soft.

NICOLE: And we’ve had focuses together?


NICOLE: And how many focuses does he have?

ELIAS: One thousand two hundred sixteen.

MARLENE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. I express to both of you great affection, once again, and I shall be offering each of you playful energy that you remember to be playful with yourselves. Be gentle with yourselves, also. I offer to you great lovingness and anticipate our next meeting. Offer my greetings to your family. In fondness, my dear friends, au revoir.

Elias departs at 2:55 PM.

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