Session 140
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Essence Family Counterpart


Essence Family Counterpart Action, Part 2

Sunday, December 15, 1996 © 1996
Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Gail (William), Jene (Rudy) Norm (Stephen), Reta (Dehl), Cecelia (Sari), Bob (Simon), and Tom (James).
Elias arrives at 7:08 PM. (Time was fifteen seconds)

ELIAS: Good evening. (Smiling) We continue with our essence family counterparts, beginning with a continuation of Sumari and Ilda.

"Before the beginning", I express that these Dream Walkers were focused within many locations of your planet. Therefore, the exchange of communication, as directed by the Ilda family, was necessary for information between different groups of individuals partially focused upon your planet. As I have stated previously, these essences were not entirely physically focused. They were translucent, and much of their occupation of this planet was likened to a dream state.

The Sumari offers the artistic element; the creative element. They continue with this intent within your present time period also, although the interpretation is altered within your present time period. Now, you look to Sumari artistically in definite, singular forms that you term art; artistic expressions such as painting, or writing, or dance, or theater, sculpture also; any type of artistic expression.

I expressed to you at our last meeting that both of these families were social communicators. Within the time of "before the beginning", these two families were social interactors, but within different angles, so to speak; one being expressive artistically, one being communicative verbally and telepathically; the Ilda family being the family originating language, this being your first physical forms of communication between different peoples, and the Sumari being the expressive. Therefore, within counterpart action you may also view these as the emotional and the intellectual; those creating of communication within languages, those creating communication within artistic expression or feeling.

Within your present time period, you may view slight alterations of these families. The Sumari are not quite as interactive socially, as has been stated, as once they were; although they are, as we have said, instigators. They are mixers, as are also the Ilda family mixers. They exchange. Within your present now, the Ilda family serves mainly as communicators. Many explorers within your history have been of the Ilda family, exchanging ideas and cultures with other cultures. As we move into another expression of counterpart action, we shall view the Gramada family and the Sumafi.

Presently, within this time period, you may view individuals of the Gramada family as initiators; behind the scene individuals; those individuals that may be inventing of elements, discovering ideas, initiating actions in many different areas, but are generally little-known. These individuals do not enjoy the spotlight, so to speak. They prefer to be quiet individuals; instigating movement, but not marching in the forefront of the parade.

Presently, the Sumafi will appear to you, in most instances, as intellectual types; those individuals that are preoccupied with learning and teaching. They are perfectionists. Most Sumafi within your present time period are very rigid individuals within whichever focus of direction they choose, for they strive for excellence. This is a response to an inner knowing of an expression of the least amount of distortion within physical focus. Most of your Sumafi within present time period are not aware of this underlying, driving force, but will be displaying these characteristics.

"Before the beginning", the Gramada were also initiators, but once again, in a different angle. They were not initiators of inventions or technology, but were initiators of your societies. They were initiators of your creation of becoming physically focused from dream focus. They were the leaders in the manifestations physically.

You will notice within these explanations that none of these families would be operating singularly, for without the cooperation of all of the other families there would be incomplete manifestations, in your terms. Therefore, each family contributed vital elements.

"Before the beginning", the Sumafi were not teachers, so to speak, in the respect that you view them presently; therefore, the word Seers. They were seers of probabilities. They were knowers of reality creations. They were holders of information, as to physical manifestation.

Within the small example offered in our written text of Seven, you are given a small example of Speakers and the action symbolically that you may connect with, within an element of "before the beginning". In recalling this information within the example of the Speakers, you may also view the elements of the tiles and the symbols. These would be a creation of the Seers. The Speakers, as indicated by their designating word, were communicators also, as has been stated. The action of these families was quite similar to this action if you are viewing within mundane daily life, as you view it, as has been offered within this text of this book.

The Seers, within a knowing and dream communication of all peoples, were those that were instructional in probabilities and creating of reality. Therefore, you may view a resemblance to a teaching form for they were offering of information to be efficiently accomplishing certain probabilities, but the action of teaching "before the beginning" was different from the interpretation within your present now.

This is valuable to most of these individuals within this forum, as you also are Seers; and within the action of the shift, you are moving into an area of consciousness of recreating the action which was accomplished "before the beginning". Just as you have entered into your game of returning to natural state, this is applicable to all of the families within your shift. This is not to say that your state presently is unnatural! It is only to state that you are choosing, within consciousness, to be regaining the remembrance of "before the beginning" within consciousness.

As I have stated, your individual planet of this earth, as you term it, has been created and uncreated and recreated many times. It blinks in and out, as you blink in and out, although your observation of its blinking in may be for many, many, many thousands and thousands of years; but within other areas of consciousness which hold no time element, this holds little meaning. The time element is relevant to you only, for this is your creation specifically.

Moving to Vold and Tumold: Within your present now, your individuals of the Vold family are viewed as revolutionaries; reformers. These individuals are those within the forefront of uprisings of political change. They are always involved quite directly within actions of upheaval and wars. They are cause-fighters. Within your present now, the action of the Tumold family are healers. They are quite focused upon the action of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. "Before the beginning", both of these interpretations of intent were unnecessary.

"Before the beginning", the Tumold family, as Readers, did not hold the action of altering any other individual, within cooperation, in the area of healing; for the understanding was quite obvious within the individuals that whatever your creation, you have created for your experience and for your own reasons and your own responses to yourself. Their action was to be reminding elements of consciousness to reestablish harmony. Within this, if an individual chose to be manifesting of dis-ease, there was a recognition of the action and the reasoning for this, understanding that this action was created in response to subjective activity. There was no lack of communication within the individual of the action being created. Therefore, the action of the individuals of the Tumold family were to be supportive and helpful in furthering the action that the individual had chosen. In some instances, as individuals became more physically focused, if choosing within physical activity to be injuring of their physical form, the action of the Tumold family was to be reestablishing communication between the body consciousness and the consciousness of the individual, not to be "fixing"; but just as you, within excitement presently, may lose sight of certain subject matter and may not be listening to or hearing what is occurring about you, in this same manner, within an action of injury physically, the physical body consciousness experiences trauma and what you term to be shock. In actuality, it is a disorientation temporarily. Therefore, the consciousness of the physical form was connected with and instructed gently to be reestablished, essentially calming of the physical form consciousness and reminding that consciousness of its natural, uninterrupted state, allowing its knowing to reestablish itself in alignment with your consciousness. (Pause, during which you can hear Ron snoring quite loudly!)

A little less noisy interjections! (Ron wakes up and wonders why everyone is staring at him and laughing, including Elias)

Therefore, the action of healing "before the beginning" was unnecessary. Within your present now, the action of healing is unnecessary; but as you have developed belief systems, you view dis-ease and injury as negative and you desire to "fix" these conditions.

Within the present now, the Tumold, in many situations, have confused the action. They have translated, now, this action of communication into an action of altering physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual form.

Individuals belonging to the Tumold family presently, in alignment with your mass belief systems, will hold a natural healing ability. These will be your individuals that you shall view as miraculous. Individuals aligned with Tumold will be those individuals that recognize talents in manipulation of energy within the area of healing, and shall develop this ability.

The individuals belonging to the Tumold family, within your present now, hold a clearer understanding partially, within their objective consciousness, of the action of healing; and you will recognize within these individuals that they all will be stating, they do not heal you. Within those individuals aligned with the Tumold family, the distortion furthers; for these individuals may confuse the actual actions, and may believe that their action and manipulation of energy is actually physically altering of certain conditions, which it is not. You, individually, only, heal yourselves. Another individual, as we have stated, may be helpful in allowing a remembrance or lending of energy or communication within different areas of consciousness to be affecting of certain manifestations, but you perform the actual alteration yourself.

The Vold family presently are quite intuitive, hold telepathic abilities, and are activists. They are changers. They change continuously. Within those not aligned with political or religious causes, a mundane individual will display traits themselves, within their individual lifestyle, of continuous change; much movement. These individuals are highly prone to emotional expressions. These individuals within this present now also display a common action of disregarding impulses and distrustfulness of impulses, for they are so changeable they incorporate a duality and also a duplicity within themselves more extremely than other individuals of other families. They are highly sensitive. Those individuals that are aligned with political or religious causes are within the forefront of the marchers. They shall be those individuals that speak the loudest, that fight the hardest, for the causes. They are quite impassioned individuals. "Before the beginning", there were no causes. Therefore, this action was unnecessary.

The contribution of the Vold family is the Hearers, the listeners. Their telepathic ability, within emotion, was quite creative and instructional. It also served quite efficiently within what you would view now to be speed; for as the Gramada family was initiating of language and this type of communication, the Vold family were those that were quite adept at projection through space, through your time element, and through consciousness, connecting with other individuals in communication. These also would be the beginnings of the continuation of your dream artists, for these individuals held a continuation of subjective activity which has been translated within Regional Area 2 as feeling. This allows these individuals a continuation of great intuitiveness. They hold a deeper subjective understanding of subjective motion. This is not to say that these individuals presently, within your now, objectively understand all of this activity, although they shall display unusual characteristics that they may not hold an explanation for. (Pause) We shall break, and we shall continue momentarily.

BREAK 7:50 PM RESUME 8:16 PM (Time was five seconds)

ELIAS: Once again! I wish to add, in information of these families: "Before the beginning", there was no occurrence of physical reproduction, as you know of this presently. Therefore, each manifestation was a new creation within consciousness, and a new cooperation of all of these essence families. These were all manipulations and experimentations in consciousness. They were not automatic reproductions, as you view within your present now. Therefore, there was a constant exchange and interaction objectively known within all of the families. There is a constant subjective knowing presently within you of the interaction of all of the families, but you are not always objectively aware of all of the interaction. Or, of any of the interaction! (Laughter) Within the time period of "before the beginning" and the Dream Walkers, the slight objective consciousness and knowing which was held was aware of all subjective activity and understanding of all subjective activity. For the most part, all of the manifestations, within this time period of which we speak, were more subjectively oriented than objectively; this being why the terminology of Dream Walkers.

Also, your time element was not fully developed. Therefore, time was perceived much differently, and appeared much more elastic. In this, time could be projected and reversed at will; just as within your dream state presently, you may experience this same action. You may notice the elasticity of time elements within your dream state. You hold the ability to manipulate time elements within your dream state, for this is subjective activity.

These beings, so to speak, partially manifest "before the beginning" of each of these essence families, were more subjectively based than objectively. You have created, through your time element, a movement into almost, not quite, complete objectivity. In this state, you have reached what you term as your "ending point". You have experienced fully objectively. You have created your focus within this dimension to be manifest in almost complete objectivity, allowing for this type of experience within its purity. Therefore, having experienced this action, you choose now to move into incorporating a balance of subjective and objective activity and knowing; holding the experience of objective focus and creativity, understanding the mechanics and manipulation of objective consciousness, and creating an allowance within your shift now to incorporate also your subjective knowing and creativity; allowing yourselves the opportunity to move within your established created time element, but knowing its relativity and allowing yourselves the creativity to manipulate through your time element. This allows you an expanded freedom, in your terms.

We shall be discussing the action and the counterpart situation of the Borledim family at our next meeting. We shall be reserving this family to itself. This family, for Lawrence's benefit, not the Rose family, (grinning) holds much significance within this present shift in consciousness; and just as specific manifestations were created to be instrumental within your religious focus, there also have been established specific manifestations to be heralding in your shift, so to speak. Also, this family holds counterpart action to all of the essence families within your dimensional focus. Therefore, there are intricacies with this particular family different than the other essence families. They are not quite so singularly focused within their intent, although the intent of this Borledim family is quite specific at the same time.

Now, you may have your opportunity to ask your questions.

JENE: I have a question. Quite some time ago, I was working in a place called Graystone and was passing through the courtyard. It was on Halloween, and I experienced time distortion as if it was a bleed-through in dimension. I'm just checking. Is that correct, what I experienced? I experienced a separation in personality as well as a dimensional bleed-through, and what would appear in description as slow-motion effect, where it was a thickness that I couldn't move through. Or I could, but it was slowed down to not even a heartbeat.

ELIAS: I shall offer to you a correction in your line of thinking of dimensional bleed-through. In actuality, many individuals experience similar types of actions involving your time element. These are illustrations to you, by you, through essence, of the relativity of your time element and the lack of absoluteness of your time element; for you are taught, throughout your focus, to be thinking in terms of time as a reality and an absolute. Although your scientists express to you that time is not an absolute, within your everyday lifestyle you think of time as a absolute. You function within time as an absolute. Therefore, at "times" (grinning) your essence may interject and allow you a glimpsing of distortions in time, to offer you information to be drawing on at different "times" (grinning) that this time element is not an absolute, and is quite bendable. It is quite elastic, and it is a creation relative only to this dimension.

As to the idea of bleed-through, in a manner of speaking, yes. This is a bleed-through of subjective knowing into your objective consciousness and awareness. At the "time" that these happenings occur you may not be aware of their significance, but they shall serve as information that you may later draw upon and recognize and understand, in the meaning of your created time element.

CELIA: Elias, I have a question.

ELIAS: Yes, Sari.

CELIA: You were referring, in your speaking tonight, to objective and subjective. Is objective interchangeable with conscious, and subjective interchangeable or meaning the same as intuitive?

ELIAS: Your objective consciousness would be likened to and encompassing of your waking state; that which you designate as your conscious awareness. Your subjective consciousness is that element of consciousness which encompasses all other states; all states that you term to be altered states, your dream state also, meditative states, hypnotic states. Any altered state of consciousness, in your terms, would be encompassed within your subjective activity. This also will be designated as what you presently think of as your unconscious element of yourself, although it is not unconscious!

CELIA: Thank you for clarifying that. It's very clear now.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

BOB: Can I ask a question? In dream state, there are times when the dream seems to have the same sort of time frame as an objective state. It seems to move simultaneously, and move forward, whatever. But there are other times in dream state, at least for myself, when you all of a sudden have an awareness that you're in a dream, but can then manipulate the dream. You can go back, you can change things, you can go forward and say, "No, I don't like that a whole lot", and go back and make it different. So you can move back and forth within the dream. That would be a highly subjective state, would it not? And can that be translated for you in your objective state? Can you gain the same type of manipulation or control during objective consciousness, or do you have to go to some other subjective state in order to do that?

ELIAS: To your second question first: Yes, you may accomplish, within your objective waking state, the translation and the manipulation of consciousness, as you desire to, from your subjective state and knowing. Therefore, you may translate action from your dream state into your waking state, and correlate these to each other efficiently. This is a tremendous feat. It may be accomplished, but it will be requiring of much practice, and of the accomplishment of becoming a dream artist. Therefore, it will require the action of merging objective consciousness into the subjective realm. This is more difficult than you anticipate, for the objective consciousness is resistant to the subjective activity, for you have created this reality throughout your ages to progressively become more objective and to be tuning out more of your subjective awareness; not that you tune out your subjective activity, for your subjective activity continues regardless, but your awareness of subjective activity has become less.

Your dream state that you recognize, as I have stated, is a translation. It is an objective translation that you will recognize. If you are remembering a dream state, you have remembered an objective translation for subjective activity. This objective translation is mixed with subjective activity. Therefore, it does not translate always identically into waking state; although within the subjective activity, you always create within subjective activity, in your terms, before you manifest within waking objectivity. In this, your creations originate within Regional Area 2, which would be your subjective activity and interaction and cooperation. This then is translated into objective symbolism, which is then translated once again into waking actuality.

Note: Elias is speaking quite quickly now, as opposed to his delivery of the family counterpart information. Also, there seems to be an unusual exchange of energy between Bob and Elias. It's interesting to note how differently Elias interacts with individuals.

BOB: Okay, one more question. So if I understood the entirety of what you said, my sense of being able to manipulate time within the dream state, or to move back and change things, is an objective translation of what I was actually doing?

ELIAS: Correct, but you are manipulating time within this state, so this would be an accurate translation; for within your creation of physical focus, you have created a time element which is relative to the entirety of your physical manifestation, which encompasses your subjective activity also; although within your subjective activity, you do not hold the belief systems that restrain you within your waking, objective focus. Therefore, you hold the freedom within your subjective activity and your dream "time" to be manipulating of your time element.

BOB: Okay. I promise, just one more.

ELIAS: (Smiling) It matters not! You may continue for as long as you are wishing. I shall answer your questions.

BOB: Okay. I'm definitely confused on this. If I were completely in subjective focus, if you will, would I have a sense of manipulating time, or is the fact that I sensed that I was manipulating time a function of the fact that I was wavering between subjective and objective? So the question is, if you were completely in your subjective, would you have no sense of time, and would the definitions and the sense of manipulation be completely foreign to you? When you're in subjective, do you still have a sense of your objective consciousness?

ELIAS: (Grinning at Norm) Another individual which incorporates many questions within one question! (Laughter)

GAIL: Thank you!

ELIAS: I express to you ...

BOB: That's okay with you though, right?

ELIAS: Absolutely!

BOB: (To Gail) It's just not okay with you!

ELIAS: Absolutely! (Much laughter)

BOB: You and I are going to get along great!

ELIAS: We already do! (Chuckling) As to your question; within the knowing and recognition of manipulating time, you are incorporating objective mergence with the subjective activity. As to "Would you have an awareness of a time element within complete subjectivity?", this is dependent upon the area of consciousness that you occupy. If you are speaking relative to physical focus and manifestation as you, Simon, during your sleep state, yes. Your subjective consciousness holds an awareness of your time element within physical focus. Therefore, the focus personality of essence, physically manifest, holds a continuous awareness of the creation of a time element and of its mechanics. The subjective awareness also recognizes the relativity of this time element, but it recognizes also the elasticity and the pliableness of the time element, for it does recognize the relativity of the time element to physical focus. The knowing or the recognition within your dream imagery, within your dream state, of movement or manipulation of time forward or backward, is an objective translation and incorporation.

If you are within another area of consciousness and divorced from physical manifestation, this is to say not within an area of transition and not within an area connected with or relative to any physical focus, you shall not be aware of a time element, for it is not relative to non-physical focus. It is a creation of physical focuses, for the purpose of experience. Therefore, within total subjectivity, lacking of objective focus, there is no time element. Within the area of consciousness that I occupy, so to speak, there is no time element. I hold an awareness of the concept of time, for I choose to interact through a time thickness. Therefore, I hold an understanding of its mechanics within energy, which allows me the ability to manipulate through your time thickness. It is, to me, as a dream is to you. (Pause)

BOB: So that answers another question, I think. It occurred to me that your interaction with us might be termed as experience. However, you just told me that it wasn't, it least I think. So you're not truly experiencing us. You're just ...

ELIAS: Not within the terms of your thought processes, although essence experiences continuously within every area of consciousness.

RETA: May I ask you a question on time? In my objective world, a couple of times I've been able to make a day like two or three, just bend it out and get a lot done without any apparent planning or anything. The day was fine, I felt good about it, I got a lot accomplished and went a lot of places, and I looked at the clock and I still had time to go. What did I do and how can I do that more often?

ELIAS: This is an alteration of perception. You may choose, consciously, to alter your perception; just as within the throes of an emotional or physical expression or experience, you may choose, objectively, consciously, to alter the experience; just as you may change your experience within your dream state. I have expressed previously within this forum that if you are choosing, you may alter your dream state. Within your beginning steps, so to speak, of dream interaction and activity, you may teach yourselves to alter your dream state. If you are experiencing what you term to be a nightmare, you may choose within the activity to stop and change the dream activity, or you may choose to awaken yourself.

In this same manner, if you are, within your waking state, experiencing what you term to be an extreme emotional expression, you may consciously think and choose to alter this state. You may express to yourself, if you allow yourself the conscious awareness of your state, you may express to yourself, "I choose consciously to alter this state", and you may change this, and it will work!

You may also consciously choose your time affectingness. If you are allowing your conscious brain, as you think of it, to be racing, racing, racing through your day, your day shall appear very short. If you are consciously creating the effort to be slowing your perception, you shall expand your experience of your time element. It is your choice, and you hold the conscious ability and "control", in your words, to accomplish these acts. If your thoughts and feelings are scattered and racing and you are allowing their movement chaotically, you shall experience rapid movement of your time element. Your day shall appear quite short.

BOB: Can I offer an additional question to that?

ELIAS: You may.

BOB: I have days when I seem to get more accomplished. The opposite of that is the days when I don't. It strikes me that the days when I don't get things accomplished are times when I am continually bombarded with distractions. And if I understand some of what we're doing here, you tend to bring distractions to yourself. So to answer your question of how would you get more done, it strikes me that if you bring less distraction to yourself, you have more efficiency within the things that you want to accomplish.

RETA: Maybe that's true, except that on those days I was bombarded with distractions that I hadn't planned on, and yet I got more done. At 3:00 in the afternoon I was saying, "I still have time to do more, even with the distractions." I never could figure that out because there was no plan.

BOB: Distractions take different forms. There are distractions that really don't deter you from accomplishing, and there are distractions that cause you to lose time, if you will, and being able to manipulate which is which would be how you would gain control over what you want to do, as opposed to just simply being subject to it.

RETA: I am subject to it, on a daily basis.

BOB: Right. Well, that's my point, though.

RETA: I have no control.

BOB: Right. Am I wrong, though?

RETA: In a couple of instances, I've been able to have control. One lady at the Seth conference said she will just have all this bombardment and turn around and say, "Okay, take a breath. At the end of the day it's all gonna be done anyway, so don't worry about it." And then she does. I've got to get a better frame of mind on those things and use that time, to just allow itself to flow. (Here, Elias comes to the transcriber's rescue!)

ELIAS: This would be your choice. Many times your day, as has been stated previously, may appear to be quite lengthy, for your attention wanders and you are bored and you are unfocused. In this same respect, you may be unfocused allowing much activity, which your attention also wanders, but your allowance of your mental activity is chaotic and racing. This shall create the effect of time passing very quickly. Both of these situations are quite objectively, physically manipulable. (Elias is making up words again!)

RETA: That's what I want to do.

ELIAS: It is only a question of recognition of your focus, a recognition of your activity within the moment and an allowance of yourself to focus your attention. This allows you the control of manipulation of your time element; but just as you have shown yourselves within our exercise ... Oh, no! Our exercise, once again! ... that you hold a great lacking in clarity in your focus, you may show yourselves within your manipulation of your attention that although you believe yourselves to be attentive and aware, and not chaotic within your thought processes and your perception of your time element, you are quite scattered! In an effort and attempt to be allowing yourself clarity, beginning with our exercise, you may also offer yourselves the opportunity to be manipulating more efficiently and more clearly within your objective focus, which you may also be manipulating of your time element. Therefore, there are more benefits to this exercise than you recognize as of this moment.

VICKI: I have a question.

ELIAS: Shall you accommodate electrical workings with your question, Lawrence? (Norm is changing his tape)

VICKI: Sure.

ELIAS: Are we rolling once again?

NORM: We're rolling!

ELIAS: Very good! Continue, Lawrence.

VICKI: In reference to your statement of how you have an understanding of the concept of time because you project through the thickness of it, do I understand that correctly? (Elias nods) I would have thought that you also would have an understanding of this concept as a result of your own experience in physical focus. Is this incorrect?

ELIAS: This is also partially correct, although this is an awareness that is held in what you may liken to be memory stored. It may be drawn upon at any moment, so to speak, although it may not be within the forefront of attention; just as you may, at any given moment, remember an event when you were at the age of nine years old, but you are not holding a continuous constant attention of nine years old and this one event throughout your entirety of your focus. It is readily available to you in accessing information of memory. In this like manner, I may access memory of time and also simultaneously experience time within the memory. My attention is not focused continuously within a time element, for the focuses of my essence are not interacting within time frameworks.

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

NORM: I have a question, an overall question in regard to the essence families. We were talking about before the beginning and the causes that differentiated the essence families in regard to their action. What would you say is the reason for this development, in regard to why their actions have changed?

ELIAS: You are wishing an inquiry of why the intent of these essence families has altered throughout your ages, correct?

NORM: Yes.

ELIAS: This is all an element of your specific creation within physical focus. Within the overall manifestation of physical focus, within this dimension and this particular manifestation, you have chosen certain designated actions. In this, you have chosen to be creating of more and more objective awareness. Therefore, you may also state that you have chosen to be separating more and more from essence. In actuality, you are not separated from essence, but within your knowing and remembrance, you are. You have specifically created this situation for the purity of your experiences. In this, throughout your ages, the intent and the action of the intent of each of these families has altered as you have altered your consciousness. As you become more and more objectively based within physical focus, the intents of these essence families must acclimate also to the action of objective consciousness. Therefore, they are influenced by the changes within your actual physical manifestation. They are also influenced by belief systems, for as you become more and more objectively focused, you are more and more filtering through belief systems. Therefore, the intents also are reflected within that. They acclimate to your creation. They move within consciousness to parallel what you create and believe.

NORM: Are they interested in modifying our direction of action and motion towards the objective world? Are they interested in doing that?

ELIAS: Now you speak of these essence families as entities separated from yourself, which they are not. You are a part of these essence families. Therefore, in your questioning it would be appropriate to be expressing, "Am I interesting in altering?" Yes. Within the action of the shift, you are expressing a desire to be altering of intent and consciousness, therefore moving the intent of each family more into alignment with what we have termed, for the purpose of these explanations only, as the original intent; although there is no original, (laughter) for this denotes a time frame.

RETA: On this same thing, we have been moving towards more objectivity in our physical focus.

ELIAS: Correct.

RETA: And you're saying that now we're trying to make a shift and get more subjectivity into our physical focus.

ELIAS: Correct.

RETA: And when we're able to do that, would that be termed maybe the highest degree of achievement or experience that we can get in a physical focus? When we get to that point that we can do both?

ELIAS: Within that moment. (Grinning, and laughter)

RETA: After we get that together, I'm talking about down the line here in my time frame, after we get that together, would that what we would consider the ultimate experience?

ELIAS: This is your choice. (Grinning)

NORM: There is no ultimate! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Correct. There is no ending. There is no highest. You already occupy your highest.

RETA: But then at that time, I'll also occupy my highest.

ELIAS: Correct. (Laughter)

RETA: Which one is higher than the other? Oh, never mind!

ELIAS: Neither! For each moment is its highest expression within each moment, which lessens no other moment. It is only different.

BOB: A moment is an expression of time, so if there is no time, these moments are simply ...

ELIAS: ... a physical concept.

BOB: Right. So once you let go of that, the whole discussion kind of falls apart. (Laughter)

ELIAS: But you may not let go of that, for you occupy physical time within physical focus! As of this moment, none of you have "poofed away"! Therefore, as I view physical objective bodies before me, you incorporate physical time periods and moments. As I have stated previously, it would hold no meaning to you for me to offer you information outside of your time period, for it is not relative to you and your experience. You function within a created time element. Therefore, we express within the framework of this element, for this is what you understand.

BOB: Okay, I have a question then. You talk about a shift, or a move towards greater awareness. Would that be accurate? (Elias nods) But previously, you said that we have almost attained perfect objectivity. I think those were the words you used, something similar to that. Complete objectivity, I think was what you said. As a whole, as a planet, or as a group?

ELIAS: Within your physical focus, within moments, you experience complete subjectivity. You experience this within your sleep state. Within the mass, you also, in the action of blinking out, within moments, experience complete subjectivity. You do not incorporate continued complete subjectivity unless you are choosing to be disengaging the action of physical focuses. You do, within the whole of essence, in the action of blinking out, experience moments of complete subjectivity. These moments will not be recalled objectively. You may recall most, almost all, of your subjective activity within Regional Area 2 if you are training yourself to be accomplishing this, but as I have stated, Regional Area 2 is relative to this physical focus, therefore holds an element of objective knowing, although it is subjective activity.

CATHY: So for myself, if I could objectively manipulate an emotion or a feeling or whatever, would that be like a stepping stone, so perhaps I could do that in my dream state and be aware that I'm dreaming?

ELIAS: You may practice with this awareness within your waking state. All of your activities, objectively and subjectively, intertwine and intersect. Therefore, they are affecting of each other. If you are allowing your objective awareness to become more focused, you shall also experience an affectingness within your dream state.

CATHY: Okay. I'll go in that direction.

NORM: The blinking on and off, and our creativity with respect to action and changes and Region 2, and the development of what occurs here from Region 2, what is the connection between that action and the blinking on and off? Or is there any?

ELIAS: Partially, there is a relationship with your blinking in and out and your activity within Regional Area 2. This is only a partial intersection, for the action of blinking out allows you the opportunity to be connecting this individual personality focus with the entirety of essence. Therefore, it allows you the opportunity to be intersecting and interacting with all of your other focuses, and the entirety of essence within the whole. Therefore, you intersect with Regional Area 2 for it is one of your essence focuses, but you also intersect with all of your other focuses within essence.

RETA: We intersect with them, but becoming aware of them, that's another story.

ELIAS: You are aware subjectively continuously. You are focusing presently on allowing yourself to be aware objectively. (Pause) We shall break once again, and we shall continue with our game!

BREAK 9:25 PM RESUME 9:53 PM (Time was five seconds)

ELIAS: Do you wish to be continuing with your questions?

VICKI: I have one. Within the forum of our sessions and the folks that we interact with with the transcripts, have we been in contact with a person who is of the Vold family?

ELIAS: Not to this present now, but you shall.

RETA: Is Pam Dorch, a friend of ours in San Bernadino, is she of the Vold family?

ELIAS: (Accessing) This would be an alignment.

RETA: An alignment?


RETA: Because she's highly psychic. She's very good with personal relationships. Alignment. So she has another essence family? (Elias nods) I'll have to figure that out. She's a teacher.

JENE: I'd like to know if Danny is, I know she's a counterpart. Is she Sumari?

ELIAS: (Accessing) Yes.

JENE: Could I have her essence name?

ELIAS: (Accessing) Sama. S-A-M-A.

BOB: Could you tell me my essence family?

ELIAS: Will you express this essence family to me? (Grinning)

BOB: Ilda?

ELIAS: You believe yourself to be aligned with the Ilda family. I express to you that you are aligned with a different essence family.

BOB: Okay. I admit to you, I have little sense of which family that might be. I'm very confused. So do I just start at one end and keep going? (We all crack up) Or do I get like three guesses a night?

ELIAS: We shall be incorporating "The Elizabeth Syndrome", incorporating each color until arriving at the correct alignment!

BOB: Sumari.

ELIAS: Correct.

BOB: No Tumold there though, right?

ELIAS: No, not within alignment although as has been stated, you each hold attributes of all of the families; this also being the alignment within this focus. Therefore, within other focuses you may hold alignments to other families which you may recognize periodically within this particular focus, within an intersection point of alternate selves or other focuses, which occurs in what you term to be regularly, within consciousness, throughout your focus.

BOB: So given the fact that all essences have multiple focuses, is it reasonable to believe that all essences are members of every family at least in one alternate focus?

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

BOB: So you could be completely, what would the word be, shut out of a given family through all focuses?

ELIAS: This would be your choice. You would not be, in your terms, "shut out" of any area of consciousness, but you may choose to be aligned or "a part of" any essence family within each focus. You may choose selectively, if you are wishing, to be focused within alignment to specific or few of the essence families. This action is always voluntary. It is never designated. Therefore, it is always a choice of what you choose to draw yourself to, within energy, within alignment.

At some intervals, individuals within focuses, within the entirety of essence, may choose to be manifesting alignments to very few essence families, for they choose this experience within physical focus. Some may choose the spectrum, so to speak, of each of the essence families for that experience, but this is completely an individual choice.

It also is not designated by essence. Each focus holds free will. Each focus holds individual personality, and holds their own choices of probabilities and alignments. Therefore, there is no entity choosing for you, or predestining you to any particular direction of attention or alignment. There is no "higher self" or "greater self" which designates for you. Each element of essence holds choice for itself.

BOB: So it would be possible for someone within one physical focus to be aligned with one family for a portion of their life, and then realign with another family during that physical focus?

ELIAS: It is possible.

BOB: Not common?

ELIAS: Not common.

RETA: Even though you say that we aren't predestined because we have free choice, what about foreordained? In other words, when people come here at a necessary time, like for instance General Patton or maybe George Washington. They came at a particular time when we needed them for our earthly progression or protection or whatever it was, or a Thomas Jefferson. Some of those people seem to be foreordained for their particular time. Is there such a thing?

ELIAS: This is an assumption of a time element. You are thinking within linear terms, that essences occupy some area of the cosmos and await a designated time period to be manifesting for a specific purpose. This is not the case, for all time within non-physical is simultaneous. All time within your physical manifestation is simultaneous. It is only your perception which allows you to view in linear fashion and in moment increments.

As to the manifestation of certain individuals within certain time periods, these are also choices. If you are viewing essence, you are focused within probably all of your time periods, past and future, simultaneously. Therefore, it is not a stretch of the imagination to assume, in your terms, that you hold focuses within many of your mass events throughout your history; that you hold some focuses in which you manifest as what you term to be a noted or famous individual for that experience. You may be within what you think of as timely situations for certain purposes, as you think of them; but in actuality, you are focused in many focuses, all simultaneously, and each situation is determined within the manifestation in agreement.

RETA: You mean mass event agreement, or individual focus agreement?

ELIAS: Both.

RETA: So if you have a need for a mass event change, how do you designate, or how do they decide, or whatever decide, for that person to make an appearance at that time?

ELIAS: "They" do not decide! (Grinning)

RETA: And maybe another person would have arisen to that need at the time, but it seems like we've had some very unusual people come and assist in major mass events at good times, or needed times, I should say.

ELIAS: Correct; and this is an agreement within each of your time periods, as you view them. Within essence, you choose, within agreement, of a desired manifestation. The manifestation which desires to be manifest is the manifestation which shall manifest as the designated "savior of the times", so to speak.

(Humorously) It is not as if many essences collect within a group and discuss a matter which is physically occurring within mass event upon the earth, looking down from a cloud expressing, "View these earthlings! They are in need of helpfulness! Let us designate one to be helpful to these lowly creatures!" (Much laughter)

RETA: That's the concept of most people!

ELIAS: Within consciousness and within all of essence, whichever element expresses the desire to be manifest shall be manifest. In like manner, as you move through your physical focus, whichever emotion desires to be expressed shall be expressed. You think of these expressions as cause and effect. An action occurs, and this causes you to express an emotion. Not necessarily. You hold these actions within consciousness, and as they desire to be expressed, you manifest your reason or your seeming cause for your effect, in the same manner as your physical senses and your elements, as we have discussed previously. Your wind does not cause your sense of feeling or touch. Your sense of touch causes your wind. (Pause) Therefore, the desired element of essence is also the desire itself, which will manifest itself into physical form and therefore become a focus and accomplish what you view to be great events.

RETA: I'm not sure I've got it all, but I'm working on it.

NORM: There was a prediction. The third part of Jesus Christ supposedly has been born on this earth. Is that a true statement?

ELIAS: The third focus of the one essence which focused three manifestations to be accomplishing of a shift, so to speak, unlike this shift in consciousness, moving into your religious focus, was already manifest. All three have been manifest within the same time period, in your terms of time.

It has been stated that this manifestation shall remanifest within the element of your shift. As to this manifestation, I shall offer a partial yes; but we shall be holding discussion of this action at our next meeting, in our investigation of the Borledim family.

GAIL: I have a question. Are Julie and Bob counterparts to each other?

ELIAS: This, once again, has been a creation of a temporary counterpart action; not to be existing within the entirety of the focuses, but within the early development of the child focus to the father, in expressing unexpressed energy within the child of the father. Talents unexpressed within the one have been manifest within the younger. This is not a continuation situation of counterpart action, for it is unnecessary, for the fulfillment has been accomplished within the manifestation of a partial counterpart action. (Pause) Now, we shall on to our game!

JENE: I'm gonna try one. I'd like to try a Source Event, aligning with all of the families, sunrise.

ELIAS: Less probable.

JENE: Fine! (Laughing) Natural occurrences?

ELIAS: You shall be accomplishing! (Chuckling)

JENE: Okay, fictional characters. Do we have fictional characters?

RON: I don't think so.

JENE: Can I add fictional characters?

ELIAS: You may.

JENE: Thank you. With Gramada, Santa Claus.

ELIAS: Acceptable. (Cheers from the group) Very good!

JENE: Thank you. Well then, is sunrise a natural occurrence? I think it's a Source Event!

ELIAS: I think not! (Much laughter)

JENE: I felt like it was a Source Event!

ELIAS: I feel not! (Cracking up now)

JENE: Okay, it was a natural occurrence.

ELIAS: It has already been entered.

JENE: Sunrise? Or sunset?

ELIAS: We shall allow you to continue with your ...

JENE: ... investigation!

ELIAS: Correct.

JENE: I have another one. With Sumari, in physical expression, do we have that one? (The group says yes) The Nutcracker Suite?

ELIAS: You wish the action of the ...?

JENE: Expression of dance.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

GAIL: Three in a row! (Jene rarely plays the game)

JENE: It's only acceptable. There were no points involved in there!

GROUP: Yes, there were!

ELIAS: Absolutely!

CATHY: Okay, I'll go. Ready?

ELIAS: (To Vicki) This has been entered by Yarr, and not accepted. Therefore, you may discontinue throwing your energy! (Who, me?) I remember, and my attention does not waver, as we have stated with you! (Slam dunk!) Continue, Shynla!

CATHY: Quotes, for Milumet, "In judging others, folks will work overtime for no pay."

ELIAS: Acceptable.

CATHY: Belief systems, Zuli, scientific methods.

ELIAS: Less probable.

CATHY: I'm really getting daring here! Vibrational tone qualities, Zuli, Shynla and Ti-Le'.

ELIAS: Daring and stretching! Acceptable.

CATHY: Titles as concepts, with Tumold, "Get over it". (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Acceptable!

CATHY: Titles as concepts, with Milumet, "I can't tell you why".

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Less probable!

CATHY: How about mythological creatures, with Ilda, Borg.


CATHY: (Laughing) I knew you wouldn't know what it was, but Mary will appreciate it!

ELIAS: This would be, would it not, synonymous with what has been offered already!

CATHY: Well sure, but I just had to say it!

ELIAS: It may be entered into our transcribing, but less probable as repeatedness! (Laughing)

CATHY: Well, it was worth it! Gee whiz, getting down to the end now! How about rituals, with Milumet, bathing.

ELIAS: Less probable!

CATHY: I still have more. I'm not done! (Elias is laughing)

RETA: You're not getting very high scores!

CATHY: Doesn't matter! You're gonna love this one! Essence gender, Sumafi, female.

ELIAS: One point! (And we all crack up) A true impression!

CATHY: It certainly was! (For newcomers, either gender works here, as there is no gender in essence) Got me a point though, didn't it?

ELIAS: Absolutely! If all fails ... (Laughing)

GAIL: I have a few. Personality expressions, Rose, acceptance.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

GAIL: Sculptures, Zuli, David.

ELIAS: Less probable. (Gail, check your game board!)

GAIL: Aspect personality, Rose, Father Flanagan.

ELIAS: (Accessing) Acceptable.

GAIL: Physical pleasures, Sumari, creating visually.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

GAIL: That's it. I'd like to ask a question. This past Wednesday, we were talking about the game and the categories and the fact that I offered cabbage twice, and I was wondering if that was a deja vu?


GAIL: Would it have to do with simultaneous time?


GAIL: No? Really? Blinking in and blinking out?


GAIL: Well, those are my three guesses, so ...

ELIAS: As with David, it has only to do with, as you put this, lack of attention.

GAIL: Hmmm. Okay.

ELIAS: I have expressed already that you have all allowed your attention to slip, and you are not focused upon our game as once you were. As we now enter discussion of essence families and counterpart action, I express to you to be paying attention to your game, which you are not!

BOB: So if I understand you, you accepted it twice simply to see if anybody would notice?

ELIAS: To create a point, yes. To be expressing to you each to be noticing of your own action.

RETA: We'll have to stay after school!

ELIAS: Demerits, all!

BOB: Is there an exercise, so to speak ...

ELIAS: So to speak! (Chuckling)

BOB: ... for focusing on the game, or a methodology for playing?

ELIAS: No. There is a trusting of self and of your impressions, and a listening to impressions, and an allowance of subjective activity to be bleeding through more obviously in what you recognize as impressions. This would be the point in practicing being in touch, so to speak, on a continuous basis with your subjective activity. Also, as I have stated from our simultaneous beginning of our game, much information is held within this game of your essence families and their actions. Much of their counterpart action is held within this game. It is not merely a random placement of words.

BOB: I have one. Is there a leisure-time activity category?

ELIAS: You wish to enter this?

BOB: Please.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

BOB: For Vold, reading.

ELIAS: This would be quite contrary to this essence family, for they are quite excitable and changeable and in continuous motion. Therefore, an activity of such quietness would be inconsistent.

RETA: Reading would be in Gramada. Gramada, reading; to discover, to learn, to invent. Would reading be in the Gramada? ELIAS: This family is the initiators. It is unnecessary for them to be investigating of previous knowledge, for they hold this knowledge and offer it.

BOB: All reading, though, is not a function of the search for knowledge, especially not as defined as a leisure-time activity.

ELIAS: You are correct, but within the context of what Dehl has expressed, this was her direction.

BOB: Okay, I hear you.

RETA: Because reading to us is not a leisure-time activity. It's investigative all the time.

BOB: So we'll have to put it in another category then.

VICKI: I'll go. I'd like to connect personality expressions, with the Borledim family, protective.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Personality expressions, with Sumafi, perfectionism.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Personality types, Vold, Martin Luther King.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: And in fables, with Gramada, The Picture of Dorian Gray.

ELIAS: (Accessing) Less probable. I would not enter this into this category.

VICKI: Okay, books.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: That's it for me.

ELIAS: Very well.

RON: I'll go. Sculptures, with Vold, Mount Rushmore.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

RON: Personality expressions, with Zuli, flamboyant.

ELIAS: One point. RON: Quotes, with Rose, "A stitch in time saves nine". (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Grinning) Less probable.

RON: Clichés, with Twylah, "Money is the root of all evil".

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Acceptable.

RON: Mythical creatures, with Ilda, God. (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Acceptable.

BOB: With Rose, in quotations, "Home is where the heart is".

ELIAS: Acceptable. (Staring at Cathy) Once again! (Laughter, as this is yet another repeated game entry)

CATHY: What??? (Elias is laughing)

BOB: I couldn't have paid attention because I wasn't here!

ELIAS: Ah! Very less probable! Excuses! Have you no game?

BOB: No.

GAIL: Do you share mine?

BOB: Have I seen yours? Yes. I do not have it!

ELIAS: (To Ron) Offer Simon a game. (To Bob) But you have availability, and if you choose to play, you choose to pay attention!

BOB: I shouldn't play anymore until I read the board, I guess.

ELIAS: I enjoy such amusement with Shynla, and her response within energy of such intensity! (Laughing) Shall you be incorporating stomping your feet also?

CATHY: No, but I could!

ELIAS: Quite a tantrum focus! Quite emotional for a thought-focused individual, would you not say? Are you incorporating "balancing"? (We all crack up) No, this could not be!

CATHY: No comment!

ELIAS: Very well. I shall disengage with you all this evening, and I shall bid you all a very, very affectionate au revoir!

Elias departs at 10:40 PM

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