Session 133
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Questions Upon Ques


"Questions Upon Questions"

Sunday, November 17, 1996 © 1996
Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Gail (William), Julie (Lanyah), Christie (Maka), Jene (Rudy), Jim (Yarr), Norm (Stephen), Reta (Dehl), Laura (Alon), and a new participant, Daniche (Seanead). Whew! A larger crowd than usual!
Note: Elias' delivery was very quick and very intense this evening.
Elias arrives at 6:44 PM. (Time was fifteen seconds)

ELIAS: Good evening. In our discussion of counterparts, I wish to not be misleading you into the thought that all of your counterparts are known to you, or that all of the individuals that you encounter within physical focus are counterparts of you, for they are not. Excuse. Welcome, new essence. For you do not interact with all of your counterparts physically. It may seem, within this small group, that you encounter many counterparts. Therefore, you may view that this is a normal interaction, and that all individuals encounter many counterparts throughout their focus. This is not the case generally. Many individuals within this group are also group counterparts. Therefore, they are counterparts to each other, and encounter their own counterparts, and they are overlapping counterpart with group interaction. This is another function of the counterpart action. Some counterpart action is manifest in groups for a specific intent.

There are many individuals that you are connected with, that you interact with, that are not involved within a counterpart action. (To Jim, who just arrived) Good evening, Yarr. You may interact with other individuals belonging to your individual essence family. You may encounter or be drawn to individuals of your essence family. This will be one connection. They may not be counterparts. You may interact with or be drawn to individuals that are of the family that you align with within one focus, or you may be drawn to and interact with individuals that are also aligned with the same essence family within one focus that you are aligned with within the same focus. These relationships are not necessarily counterpart actions. There are many relationships that you hold within physical focus that are not counterpart action.

Be remembering, the action of counterpart is to be experiencing the same elements as you within a different aspect. Therefore, each individual that you encounter and hold a relationship with may not be following the same road, so to speak, as are you. Their intent may be different. Their desire may be different. This does not mean that you do not hold connections, in your terms, with these individuals. It is only to say that these individuals may not be counterparts. In our discussion of many different types of counterparts, you may have a tendency to be viewing each individual that you encounter as another counterpart. I wish you not to be viewing all individuals in this manner, for they are not.

I have stated that you hold counterparts within each of the other essence families. These counterparts will very likely also not be known to you. Generally, they shall be scattered throughout your globe, in different cultures, in different locations, experiencing different lifestyles with the same intent as you, and through consciousness, add to your experience, as do you to them.

We shall, this evening, open this forum for your questioning; for I have delivered much information of counterparts and of probabilities, as of late, that you will be assimilating. Therefore, I shall offer you the opportunity to be asking questions.

JIM: Lately, I've been viewing, noticing things through a prism, and seeing the light refractions. I hear the scientific view of what we have now. What am I really viewing, as far as light and energy?

ELIAS: Do not be discounting of all of your scientific information, for your scientists are as you. You know. They do also. They do not avail themselves of inner knowledge and intuition many times, but they are knowledgeable of your physical creations and of your physical, viewable reality and universe. This is not to say that they hold all of the answers, for there is much that they do not understand; but there is also much that they may offer you, within their understanding of the mechanics of physical focus and within their limited knowledge of the workings of what is viewable. Therefore, in your terms, you may look to your light spectrum and the information that is offered to you by your scientific community, and you may accept this. The information beyond this is not applicable to your focus. This is not to say that there is no information beyond this information, for there is, but it does not fit into your reality.

RETA: You were talking about how we may have counterparts at this time in other places of the globe with the same type of intent. So if I were for instance a sports enthusiast, there might be, across the globe, another person deriving other experiences to make them better in sports at the same time? Is this what you're saying?

ELIAS: Within a certain type of counterpart, yes. Within one type, as was expressed with our illustration of the clouds, in the little white clouds that resemble each other, yes. You hold counterparts that outwardly manifest similar to yourself. You may also have other counterparts with very different experiences. You may hold a counterpart, being very physically adept, which is physically disabled.

RETA: For the experience?

ELIAS: For the experience, to counterbalance the experience that you choose.

RETA: Now in my dreams, my essence could gather all this experience together, so that the counterparts would bring it all together, so that we could have the experience together?

ELIAS: You may. This would be an action which would require much practice!

RETA: I understand that, but I think it would be interesting to have the experience available.

ELIAS: It is available to you, for all that you may imagine is available to you!

RETA: I have to learn to reach out and get that.

ELIAS: Quite!

RETA: Are you gonna teach me? (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I shall offer to you that I shall be helpful, and you may be attentive to be receptive to my presence.

RETA: I will be, as much as I can!

NORM: I have a question about beliefs. I decided, when I was thirteen or fourteen years old, that I would be an agnostic in regard to religion. I couldn't really fathom it. Is that a good thing to use when you cannot figure out what the real answers are? To be that it could be this or it could be that? Because of the probability of reality, it seems like that would be a good way to operate from a belief system. Does that make sense at all?

ELIAS: Within your belief systems, you view that believing nothing is better than believing something incorrectly, although believing nothing is not possible within physical focus. Therefore, you think that you divorce yourselves from belief systems, for you are unsure and you do not understand where these belief systems have originated. You do not trust these belief systems or their validity, for you do not understand that all belief systems create your reality.

It matters not what you attach to within belief systems. All belief systems essentially are the same. They are belief systems. I choose not to be expressing to you that they are illusions as others may express to you, for they are not illusions, for they are reality as you create reality. You speak to me of imagination as non-reality. This also is reality, for all energy is reality. All thought is reality. All beliefs are reality. Within non-physical focus, I may say to you that these are illusions, but this is only applicable to non-physical focus, for within physical focus, they are reality.

In your questioning of what is better, I express to you, there is no better. There is no worse. There is your reality, and your creation of it within every moment, which you create perfectly within the moment for your desires and intent, for what you term to be your own purposes. Therefore, if you feel or believe that you must disregard certain belief systems temporarily to see your way clear to other belief systems which you shall be replacing with, this would be your choice. It is one method, so to speak. It is not necessary, or better, or worse. It is only one process; one choice.

If you are speaking of belief systems, I express to you that the point is not to be eliminating belief systems, for this is one element which is not possible within this present moment within physical focus. You do hold belief systems. This is part of physical focus. You have created your physical focus in this manner, which holds belief systems. The point is not to be eliminating of belief systems. It is to be accepting and understanding of those belief systems which you hold; therefore allowing yourselves to widen your awareness and be tolerant of all, enabling you to be expressing from essence.

NORM: In other words, there's no perfect belief system. Everyone can have their own belief system that is as perfect as ... In other words, there's no unique, perfect belief system.

ELIAS: Belief systems are unique to physical focuses. They are an element of physical focuses. Your individual physical focus here upon this planet, within this time/space and within this dimension, is not the only physical focus and not the only physical manifestation that holds belief systems. There are many dimensions which are physically manifest. All physical manifestations hold belief systems.

I have expressed many times, you have very creatively chosen to be forgetting of essence to be manifesting within physical focus, regardless of which physical focus you choose to manifest within. Many of you choose to be manifest within many physical focuses, not only this one; this being why you allow bleed-throughs of what you term to be aliens, which are other focuses of your own essence. They are other focuses which are physically manifest, just as you are physically manifest. Just as you may intersect another focus that you view to be a past or future life ...

NORM: Okay. Can I say then that the belief systems that I have are my mental directors? So then the next thought or the next action that I have is really because of my belief systems? So it's really a director?

ELIAS: Absolutely.

NORM: Thank you. That's good!

ELIAS: The point in engaging your shift or the action of transition is to be allowing yourself the awareness of these belief systems, the ability to identify them, and to be accepting of them. Therefore, they hold no power.

RETA: May I ask a question on the belief systems? Here we've been saying that because of our belief systems we are ill, or because of my belief systems I don't go out and sing or something like that, and we've talked about changing our belief systems. So we're not going to get rid of those, but can we dampen some and bring some others up so that we can use them better, or become more aware of them?

ELIAS: Absolutely. This would be the point. In widening your awareness and accepting of belief systems, you nullify their power. You allow yourself more probabilities, for you allow yourself more knowledge and more choices. You do not feel bound to these belief systems. Within a strong belief system, you are held. Any belief system that you hold strongly holds you! It eliminates many of your choices, for you may only see even more selectively and narrowly within that belief system. You allow yourself no information beyond that belief system. Therefore, you are bound. As you accept the belief system, not with the intention of changing or eliminating the belief system, but acknowledging that it is reality and that it is accepted, it loses its power, therefore losing its hold, allowing you more choices.

NORM: Could we say that a more tolerant belief system, a belief system that has tolerance in it, would be a better belief system? Or a belief system that expresses a lot of love, that would be a good belief system?

ELIAS: These are natural byproducts of accepting the belief systems that you hold presently. Within acceptance of any belief system, the natural byproduct of this action is tolerance. (Pause)

VICKI: I'm a little confused. It seems that within an initial acceptance of the idea of counterparts, it would be easy to say, "Well, it really doesn't matter what I choose to do because I'll still incorporate the experience within a counterpart action." At the same time, within this concept that you've been expressing of no reincarnational selves ... I'm missing the point. I'm not getting it.

ELIAS: You may very well express this to yourself, but each action that you choose, you also are affecting of every other counterpart. You are also affecting of all of your alternate selves. You are also affecting of all probabilities within every choice that you engage. Therefore, you may look to your counterparts and express, "I may not choose to engage this action for this experience, for within another focus or another dimension or another element of my essence, I shall attain the experience. Therefore, it matters not." You may choose to hold this type of attitude, but you may also think to yourself, not only your counterparts experience for you, but you experience for them. Therefore, within your apathy, you are affecting.

Let us express a recall of Peter. Hypothetically, if Peter expresses, "It matters not. I shall continue in my usual manner, and I shall not concern myself of these counterparts, and they shall experience for me. What is the matter?" Within another counterpart, which has been expressed previously, much motivation may be quite affected, for the apathy expressed by one may affect the motivation within another. Unknown to the other, an experience may be affected of depression.

I have expressed to you many times, it is unnecessary for you to incorporate responsibility for all other individuals, for you hold enough responsibility for yourselves and your own action, for you do hold much responsibility within your own choices. This is not to say that you must travel through your focus thinking to yourselves at every moment, "Oh my! I shall not choose any direction, for I shall be affecting of all of my counterparts and alternate selves!" (Laughter) You shall direct yourself through your desire and intent, and you shall not be creating and choosing with the desire or the direction of hurtfulness to your counterparts.

If you are experiencing a time period of apathy, this may be as an influence of another counterpart to you, for within certain actions that they may be engaging, they may be requiring energy assistance. Therefore, you may temporarily experience a time of feeling motionless, or what you may term a lack of caring or a lack of direction, for another may be engaged within a struggle and needing of your energy assistance to be creating of their choices and actualizing of their probabilities. All is interconnected.

As to your reincarnational selves, I express this to you for I wish you not to be viewing yourselves incorrectly, and viewing yourselves through the light of existing belief systems. Existing belief systems will express to you that you live many lives. You are born, you live your life, you die. You are born again, you live, you die. You are born again. Incorrect. Your essence focuses in many, many areas simultaneously. There is no moving; born, live, die, born, live, die. There is no continuation in this respect. Each element of essence is a new expression which continues within itself, and never loses its integrity. Therefore, you are not "absorbed into" something. When you die, in your terms, you are not absorbed into enlightenment. You do not become part of the whole, losing your identity and individuality. You are a new expression of essence, never to be repeated again. You also are interconnected within consciousness to all elements of essence. Therefore, you may experience what you view to be past lives or future lives and you may identify with these as yourself, although they are not yourself. If you choose, as I have stated previously, you may bring forth another focus and physically view before you a past life within the same time/space. Within your understanding, you may not be this individual and yourself also, for you are not; although you hold the same consciousness.

VICKI: That's where it gets confusing.

ELIAS: You hold different personality, individuality, and tone, but the difference is very slight; for the consciousness is the same within your essence.

VICKI: So to go back to your example of if you were to have an expression of apathy, there could be one of many, many different actions going on within that single expression, correct?

ELIAS: Correct. This is only one example.

RETA: In the same vein, if you were experiencing that apathy, and you were aware that maybe another counterpart was having a problem, is there a way that you could not go through the "I don't care" attitude, and give them more energy just by being aware, and not have to go through that apathy yourself? If you knew what was happening, if you could be aware of what was happening, could you give more energy to that experience?

ELIAS: Yes. Follow Michael's dream mission, and you shall understand many clues to this type of action. Look to your dream interaction, once again. I have stressed this from the onset of our sessions; this point being exceptionally important. You spend much of your physical time within this state of consciousness interacting and moving, yet you allow yourselves to know very little of your activity.

VICKI: I just have one more question about the apathetic expression. My normal, logical thought process, my first response in having an apathetic response, would have been to assume that a counterpart was having a quite motivated experience, and hence my response. This is also a possibility?

ELIAS: Quite.

VICKI: But lots of things could be going on.

ELIAS: If the individual is experiencing tremendous conflict, they are quite motivated in this conflict. In this, they may draw energy from you. Now; in another response, you may choose not to feel the feeling of apathy, if you are allowing yourself a wide enough awareness and understanding. In this case, you may choose to be reducing your activity, so to speak. You may choose to be very calm. You may choose action within a few of your days to be reading, and what you term to be resting, and being quiet. You may also be meditating. These would be conscious acts in lending energy to a counterpart action, but this would require your understanding previous that you are lending energy to a counterpart action. This would require an understanding of the counterpart, and a realization of the counterpart and the action that you engage with this counterpart, who may be located somewhere quite removed from you upon your globe. You may hold this counterpart in Africa and have never physically met this individual, but you do hold the ability to know these things. You may, within dream state, interact with your counterparts and hold this information consciously.

LAURA: I have a question. I once had an experience. I was in an altered state between sleep and reality, and I was going through a very difficult time, and a presence came to me and embraced me, and then I was back in reality. I remembered this, but I didn't know what it was that had come to me. Is it possible that it was a counterpart, or was it something else?

ELIAS: (Accessing) This would be an interaction with an essence, in comforting. This is not a counterpart action. This would be an interaction of yourself and also this essence of Twylah.

LAURA: That's the essence's name that came to me? (Elias nods) Thank you.

JENE: I have a question, Elias. I had a similar experience, only I was conscious of the experience. I was awake and had conversation with the essence. At the time, I thought it was a counterpart or a fragment that came to comfort me, in the middle of the airport while I was waiting for another counterpart to come in. Shortly after we spoke, exchanged information about the condition of my state of mind, the counterpart or fragment or essence departed, like poof! I was aware and totally comfortable with that action. I had no problem with it. A couple of the other people that were there denied what they experienced in the moment, moments after it took place. Was that an essence, at that point, or a counterpart, or a focus?

ELIAS: This question has been offered to you previously. I shall restate to you that this interaction was an aspect of your essence. This was not an interaction of another essence, or what you would term to be a counterpart situation. (Pause) You hold many, many, many, underline, aspects of essence, more than you may count. There are intersections and interactions occurring continuously with you each from these aspects of essence. They may be alternate selves and their interactions, which we have discussed. They may be probable selves. They may be other aspects of energy within your essence, manifest for helpfulness within a specific situation. Your essence is focused upon you completely, as it is with all of its focuses, as I have expressed to Lawrence of our focus.

NORM: Is there an analogy between essence and all of its focuses, and a focus and its counterparts and alternate selves and fragments? Does a focus have the ability to make a fragment, or is it an essence that can make a fragment? I'm trying to get an analogy of what happens with a focus alone, in comparison to what happens with the essence. Can you help me there?

ELIAS: Fragmentation occurs through essence. A focus is that; a focus of your essence. I have expressed previously to these individuals to view your camera. Think to yourself of the lens. You may think of yourself as the essence. You look through a camera. The camera does not see the entirety of the field of vision that you see. It focuses upon one spot. You are a focus of essence. As you physically look through the lens of a camera, think of your field of vision and its wideness. Now think to yourself of essence. It is focused throughout many universes, for its field of vision spans all that is.

NORM: Pretty great! (Laughter) That's pretty good!

ELIAS: You are a focus. You hold all qualities of essence. You are physical expression manifest of essence. You are not a vessel! You are a physical expression of essence; a perfect design.

Essence fragments. A focus alone does not fragment. Essence, within its entirety, does. A focus holds many aspects of its own. You hold many alternate selves. We return to our tree! You may view yourself as a branch of the tree. You, being one of the focuses of essence, may be one branch, but upon this one branch you hold many, many, many leaves, and they are your alternates, and they are your creations. They also hold the ability to be fragmenting, as does every focus.

We shall briefly break, and continue with your questions, and on to our game!

BREAK 7:43 PM RESUME 8:10 PM (Time was one second)

Elias arrived amid a roomful of people all talking at the same time. It is always quite humorous to observe people's responses to this! ELIAS: Continuing. (Everybody shuts up and runs for their seats!) You may continue with your questions, if you are wishing.

RETA: There is just one question that I talked to Vicki about in the break. Early on, before we started with you, you talked about living artfully, and that sometime you would expound upon that. You were talking about the beauty of living artfully, or artfully living. Before we start the game, do we have time to do that a little bit?

ELIAS: What you experience and what we discuss within these sessions encompasses living artfully. Learning to widen your awareness and incorporate more of your essence within physical focus is living artfully, for this affords you the appreciation of your creations. You view your creations upon this physical planet, within your physical universe, without appreciation. You view yourselves, your physical manifestation, your individual expression of essence, your body, as a machine.

You are artful beings. You have created very artful living. You have artfully created and imaginatively created a magnificent physical expression universe; which, in widening your awareness, you shall be more appreciative of the endeavor that you have undertaken in this creation. Living artfully encompasses all of our sessions. (Pause)

CATHY: I have a question. Is Sue a fragment of Paul?

ELIAS: (Accessing) No.

CATHY: Rats! (Laughter)

NORM: Can you tell me and my wife who we associate with from the families, which one of the families we are, or which one am I?

ELIAS: I shall initially express to you to investigate, and you may express to me what you believe to be your alignment with the essence families, and if you are encountering difficulty in this challenge, (laughter) I shall offer you information.

NORM: Okay. I think I know, but I'm gonna work on it another week.

VICKI: Am I counterpart to Kasha?

ELIAS: Yes; this also being an interaction within group counterpart action.

VICKI: With group counterpart action ... say you get a new job and you're working with a new group of people. Do you sometimes initiate group counterpart action for a specific time frame in those kinds of scenarios?

ELIAS: Within the designation of your employment, no. Group counterpart action is an action which is employed by intent. Within certain individual focuses, there are desires and intents expressed within groups; a desire to be accomplishing of something specific. In this, you may manifest within groups in a counterpart action, lending energy to each other and also lending experience, within the intent of the group melding together.

VICKI: So the group counterpart action that Kasha and Michael and I engage would probably be the counterpart action within this group?

ELIAS: This is not limited to Lawrence, Kasha, and Michael.

VICKI: Well, this was my question. This would be this particular group action that we incorporate presently?

ELIAS: With many of the individuals, but not all; this with regard to your shift. You engage the core action, which we have spoken of previously, within your pyramid, which extends outward and encompasses a group interaction of counterpart action with the intent of being helpful within this shift. (Pause)

CATHY: Okay, is Sue a counterpart of Vicki?

ELIAS: No. (Grinning)

CATHY: Fine! (Laughter)

LAURA: Am I a fragment of Twylah?

ELIAS: Twylah. (Correcting pronunciation) Are you fragmented of Twylah? No.

LAURA: Am I fragmented of a different essence?


LAURA: But you won't tell me! (We all crack up) I have to guess, like Cathy's trying to do?

ELIAS: I may express to you your fragmentation, although presently this information shall be meaningless to you. I have offered certain fragmentation information to some individuals, as it would be pertaining to their experience and lending understanding to their experience; but there are numberless essences. Fragmentation, and the knowing of a tone of your fragmentation, lends no information of usefulness to you within this physical focus. I may offer you a name, which is a tone, but it will be meaningless.

LAURA: That's okay. (Much laughter)

ELIAS: (Laughing) One moment. (Pause) Knorr. (Not sure of spelling)

LAURA: Thank you.

NORM: Every essence was a fragment. Can I make that statement?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: So there's really, truly no differences between essences.

ELIAS: Correct. There is no difference. The only difference that you may view is within tone and personality. Within quality or knowledge, there is no difference.

RETA: I like that, that your personality stays within that essence. I like that.

ELIAS: You are individual. You hold your own personality tone, which is unique to you.

RETA: I've studied that before and I've believed that before, but you're just confirming what I've believed, and that no matter where or in what dimension you see that person, you will know that's that person because of the personality and the energy essence.

ELIAS: Correct.

RETA: So I'm gonna have to get along with myself for a long time! (Laughter)

NORM: I had read about chakras before, but I didn't realize that perhaps there was truth to chakras. Why are chakras there?

ELIAS: As I have stated previously, these are designated as a belief system, within the terminology of chakra and the identification that is attached to these chakras. They hold religious belief system qualities. They are a religious belief system.

Now; you do incorporate energy centers within your physical form which may be correlated to this belief system of the chakras, although the explanation of them may be slightly different. These energy centers are affecting of your physical manifestation; your physical form. Just as energy powers you, energy powers your physical form also. These energy centers are consciousness centers within your physical form, which provide the information and motivation within consciousness to be manipulating of your physical form.

NORM: Can you see a personality by looking at their chakras then? Their chakras look different?

ELIAS: Your energy centers are not physically, absolutely located within an absolute area of your physical body. They are not an object inside of your physical body. They are energy, which radiates from within outward. Therefore, they also are creating of the energy field which surrounds your physical form. In this, you may visually see actual colors of a physical energy field which surrounds your physical form, this radiating out from these energy centers and manifesting in what you call an aura. At different times and for different reasons, being influenced by different energy centers, your energy field may appear to be different colors, or a mixture of different colors. One may be, at any given time period, more predominant than another, or you may have no predominant color and you may have an intertwining of all of the colors. Color is a truth. It is an absolute.

NORM: A reflection of the personality?

ELIAS: (Smiling) Just as with symbols, they are a representative or a reflection of another element; but they are, within themselves, also themselves, and hold their own integrity. Therefore, with this manifestation also, it may be viewed to you as a reflection of light within different vibrations, but it also holds its own integrity and is an absolute.

NORM: It is spiritual in itself, then.


NORM: Amazing!

ELIAS: (To Vicki) We shall offer Seanead; S-E-A-N-E-A-D.

JIM: In my dream the other night when I was with three individuals on the beach, were those counterparts or aspects?

ELIAS: (Accessing) Aspects. (Pause)

JIM: Okay. Thank you.

ELIAS: (Carefully) As we move farther within an understanding of subjective activity, be looking to your subjective expressions differently. Attempt to be viewing subjective activity without objective, automatic attachment. This is not to say that your subjective activity is not attached or connected with your objective, for it is, and they are interrelated; but be watchful of your subjective interaction. You are moving now into an area of awareness that you may be accomplishing. You have gathered enough information to this moment to be aware, and to be understanding if you are opening and choosing of more of your own activity. You ask to be co-creators. You ask to be consciously aware. Then be!

VICKI: Regarding the counterpart action, would it be an incorrect way to think about it if I were to think ... For example, in knowing that I have counterpart action with Kasha, would there be an efficient way of thinking if I wanted to incorporate helpfulness within that action, within connecting with Kasha subjectively to be helpful in a physically focused situation?

ELIAS: There are always efficient directions to be engaging! (Pause, grinning) Think of the action of counterparts. Identify to yourself the type of counterpart. This shall be an interesting study for you Lawrence, for your investigation. Think of your information of counterparts, and isolate what you believe to be the type of counterpart action. In this, you shall allow yourself information as to your choices. Be understanding that each counterpart is creating their own reality but is affecting of your reality, and you simultaneously are affecting of their reality. Therefore, within the situation that you speak of, you are already affecting, and have been. This is not to say that one causes another to create their choices, but within consciousness, you are interrelated and you are affecting. Therefore, all actions that each chooses and creates are also influenced by the counterparts. Be remembering also, you are not the only counterpart to Kasha. There are many. Therefore, there are many influences.

Each of you holds many counterparts, and each counterpart is influencing within consciousness of your reality, and you of them. This is not to say that you do not choose your own choices and create your own reality, for you do; but you draw energy and input from all of your counterparts. (Pause)

JIM: When we view ourselves as doing something that we would consider out of character, like "What happened there?" or "Why did I do that?", that would be an influencing of a counterpart?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. This may be a counterpart influence, but this may also be an intersection of an alternate self. This may be an alternate probability intersecting with you. This may be an action that you have chosen within your essence to be engaging in response to another action of another individual or essence which is affecting of you, but not a counterpart. It is not necessarily a counterpart action that is always influencing of your action. There are many aspects of essence, all of which are influencing, and you are influencing of all of them also.

JIM: It's amazing that we're alive! (Laughter, and Elias grins)

VICKI: So when you speak of group counterpart action, are we usually talking about quite a large group?

ELIAS: Not necessarily! (Grinning, and laughter) Some group interaction is quite large, in your terms. Some are not. Some may be quite small, in your terms. Some mass events are created within agreement of mass counterpart actions. Some of your situations of wars are engaged within mass counterpart group interactions. There are many different actions within group counterpart situations. They hold in common that they are focused within a common desire and intent. They are intent in accomplishing certain actions which are requiring of group energy. You are quite right, Yarr, You are very creative beings. Amazingly so, within any physical manifestation.

VICKI: So would the pyramid action be a group counterpart action?

ELIAS: Yes; which extends outward, as has been stated, continuing in a larger group counterpart action.

NORM: Is this a physical pyramid that you're talking about?

VICKI: No, I don't really know what I'm talking about! (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Grinning) This is quite true! (We're cracking up now)

RETA: Maybe we better play the game!

ELIAS: Ah! The game! We shall on to our game!

JULIE: I'll start.

ELIAS: Ah! Very well, Lanyah!

JULIE: With artists, Aretha Franklin with the Tumold family.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

JULIE: Clichés, "Home is where the heart is" with Rose.

ELIAS: One point.

JULIE: Plants, marijuana with Sumari. (Much laughter, as this has been suggested before)

ELIAS: Once again! (Grinning) Unacceptable. I shall interject, for Shynla. You shall be awaiting the answer to your question in regard to our game, for I shall be awaiting the connection and understanding of William of the entries.

CATHY: Oh! Okay.

CHRIS: Quotes, "Earth does not belong to man. Man belongs to the earth" with Milumet.

ELIAS: Acceptable. (Pause)

RON: I'll go. Fairy tales, Tomkin, The Princess and the Pea.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

RON: Personality expressions, Twylah, eager.

ELIAS: (Chucking) Acceptable.

RON: Belief systems, Ordin, only the strong survive.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

RON: Physical pleasures, Sumafi, altered states.

ELIAS: I am quite disliking of this terminology of altered states of consciousness, for there are no altered ... acceptable! (Laughter)

VICKI: I'll go. Quotes, Sumafi, "Experience is the best teacher."

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: With the babies, the location of Oliver, Alaska.

ELIAS: Less probable.

VICKI: Physical pleasures, Milumet, sleeping. (Laughter)

ELIAS: One point! Which is more significant than you are realizing!

VICKI: Titles as concepts; I don't really understand this category, but I had an impression. Sumari, Gone With The Wind. (This one's for you, Sena!)

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: Personality expressions, Zuli, dramatic.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: For Michael; Milumet, habits, stuttering.

ELIAS: (Laughing) Acceptable!

VICKI: Same family, personality types, Pope John Paul ll.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: Zuli, poets, Lord Byron. ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Milumet, political persuasions, The Isolationists.

ELIAS: One point.

JENE: I have one.

ELIAS: Ah! Note this! (Much laughter)

JENE: Zuli, expression, the expression of dancing.

ELIAS: (Accessing) Specific; expression of ...?

JENE: Specific; dancing, joy, expression of freedom and dancing.

ELIAS: (Pause, grinning) Acceptable.

JENE: Whew! (Laughter) Thank you!

JIM: Connecting essences, cultures, Zuli and Sumafi, aborigine.

ELIAS: (Accessing) Zuli and Sumafi? Less probable.

JIM: Tumold and Sumafi.

ELIAS: (Grinning) Zuli and ...?

JIM: Tumold?

ELIAS: Less probable!

JIM: I'm getting closer! (Much laughter)

JENE: With the babies, Oliver in Mexico and Beverly Hills.

ELIAS: Less probable. We shall consider your warm and cold game soon! (Laughing)

JENE: Canada?

ELIAS: Cold! (Laughter) The point of the game is to be following your impressions; listening to your inner language and translating that objectively. Be remembering of this. Not guessing! You may all guess! These are not impressions! Are you wishing of more questions this evening?

CATHY: Here I go! Ever been Matthew in one of your physical focuses, Elias?

ELIAS: (Laughing) So! You have incorporated interaction with an individual offering you one layer of your information within physical focus. I shall express to you that much of the information offered to you, you may consider correct, as you already are aware. No, Elias has not manifest choosing this naming, but the identification of essence connection was correct. The individual, in like manner to many, attaches namings of familiarity which appear to be suitable for "guides". (Humorously) I wager you shall not encounter an individual psychic which will express to you that your "spiritual guide" is holding the name of Bob! (Much laughter) But Matthew holds character and strength and is also biblical, as is Michael; which also was a cross-communication between identification of what you term to be a guide, although this may be interpreted also in this manner, and a close connection. (This is in reference to a visit to a psychic, during which the names Matthew and Michael were given as "guides")

CATHY: Thanks.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (Pause)

JENE: I have a question. I had an impression this afternoon that a very close fragment of essence responded to a slip of the tongue, so to speak, with joy and creativity and licking my face all over, when I addressed him as Scottie. Is there a familiarity in his consciousness with that essence?

ELIAS: (Accessing) Within the manner that you are posing this question, no. Within consciousness, an essence may choose, within the area of transition, to be interacting with many different aspects of consciousness within physical focus. The energy direction within transition is scattered. It is undirected, for what you may term to be the most part; for these individuals do hold direction and may be holding attention within certain areas, but generally, the energy is quite scattered and not focused. In this, there may be alignments or attachments to a receptive energy which may be physically focused.

This occurs within the consciousness of creatures many times, for your creatures are less discriminating and are open to the availability of other energies, and recognizing of this. You may not always be recognizing of what they recognize, but they also serve as beacons, so to speak, for interaction many times. Therefore, one which has learned to be directing of energy to be creating of specific contact may choose this vehicle in energy; the creature not being the vehicle, the energy being the vehicle, lest we misunderstand of any physical manifestation being labeled as a vessel or a vehicle, which they are not; but the energy being distributed may be the vehicle to which the contact or intersection may be recognized. Therefore, essentially, yes, You are correct in your assessment within interaction, but it is not a resulting of an aspect of this individual.

JENE: Will this energy hold in this particular focus, or since it is so scattered and that was recognizable, could it decide to widen, move on while still in transition, and no longer encompass this particular essence or this particular animal?

ELIAS: All essences, all individuals within transition are in constant motion and continually becoming, as are you; therefore, in your terms, continually learning or growing. These are very limiting physical terms. They are within a state of widening and becoming. They are in constant motion. Therefore, they shall not continue within any given action indefinitely, in your terms; but you must understand that you focus within a time thickness. You, within physical focus, hold to a time element which is sequential. Within non-physical focus, there is no sequential time element. Therefore, what you view to be an ongoing time period is not. It is only relative to your perception within physical focus.

JENE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

NORM: This question is kind of off the wall, but I'm interested in evolution and some of the ideas that scientists now feel, that it is not possible for the DNA molecule to express itself in a grown animal, in the behavior of the animal or the shape that the animal takes. A man by the name of Rupert Sheldrake has come up with the idea of morphic resonance. Do you feel that has any validity?

ELIAS: As to your physical sciences and the subject of evolution, this being one area in which your sciences lag. I express to you, within the terms that you think of as evolution, within your Darwinian theory, it will remain theory; for in actuality, there is no evolution. I have stated previously, you did not appear upon the planet eating apples! You also did not appear upon the planet evolving from a fish. You also did not evolve as man through a series of related primates. Each expression of man has been an expression in physical manifestation of consciousness, in regard to the essence families and experimentation of physical manifestation. Each has been unique within itself, and is not preliminary to another. One does not precede another. You do not evolve through your history and your ages. Your earth does not evolve in the manner that you think of.

You think in linear terms. You think in time frame elements. In this way, you create explanations for yourselves of what you create. You create ongoing, within every moment. It is a continuous process. You do not create an element which exists throughout millenniums. You create anew within every moment. Each expression of creature and man is created independent and in itself, holding its own integrity and its own expression. You may view, through your archeologists, through your anthropologists, what you view to be early expressions of man which you then attribute to your evolutionary process, but this is incorrect. These expressions are individual to themselves, as experimentations within consciousness within physical manifestations, which you have expressed within certain time periods, within certain time elements; manifesting upon this planet and then discontinuing with that particular manifestation, as viewing a more efficient manifestation and creating an invention of that. Therefore, there is no sequence to be followed. Your physical manifestation, every molecule within your physical manifestation physically, is now as it was; for this prototype, so to speak, was agreed upon as efficient.

You, as you are aware presently, do not hold the same living cells that you held within your physical manifestation within your past seven years. You are entirely new. You are entirely different. Your consciousness is recreating within every moment; as through your history, as through your millenniums of this planet, you are creating every moment anew. You choose, within one focus, to temporarily be creating in like form; but I shall express to you, you physically do not appear the same identically as you did within your past ten years. You shall not appear the same physically within your coming ten years, for you continuously change the appearance of your manifestation. You attribute this to simple explanations of aging process, for this is what you know; but you offer yourselves physical evidence continuously that you are continuing to be creating within the moment; ever changing, never the same.

NORM: So if I wanted to live to be one hundred and fifty or two hundred years or a thousand years, I could do it if I wanted.

ELIAS: This is your choice. What prevents you from extension of your physical manifestation are your belief systems. You look to stories as myths of ancients. You explain to yourselves that individuals within these myths, living to ages of nine hundred years, viewed their calendar differently. You explain to yourselves that individuals did not truly ever live such lifetimes, for this is impossible. Therefore, you offer yourselves explanations with different time sequences; shorter years. I express to you, within the time period of experimentation of manifestations early, as you term this to be, within the essence families and those of the Seers, many, all, chose much greater time elements for manifestation.

This is also purposefully created though. You choose to not manifest at such great lengths within years, for it is unnecessary. You may gain experiences within a smaller time framework. You, within your development of your abilities, offer yourselves more in certain areas of stimulation and experience. Therefore, you view it to be unnecessary to be manifesting for much years. You also presently manifest more counterparts. Therefore, your experience is also widened. This also you express in reasoning of non-manifestation for hundreds of years; although you may choose to be continuing within your manifestation physically, and you hold the ability to accomplish this.

RETA: So to accomplish a longer life with good health, it's a matter of the belief systems, and the power to become aware of those parts of the body to recreate younger cells, a younger system?

ELIAS: (Grinning) This is amusing! Younger cells! Your cells, at this moment, are quite young! (Laughter)

RETA: You said the cycle is about seven years to renew the whole system, and we know that from study. Okay, I should have worded that a little differently! (Elias is laughing)

NORM: So we can shape ourselves differently. If we change our belief systems, we can shape ourselves any way we want.

ELIAS: Quite true; but view these belief systems and their strength, for you do not shift your shape to a creature, do you?


ELIAS: For you believe that you may not.

NORM: I just want to be Apollo, or something like that! (Laughter)

RETA: I just want to stay at a mature age and not have the problems of aging, and enjoy the next fifty years!

ELIAS: Then I express to you to be creating of this!

RETA: I'm gonna work on it!

NORM: Are there essences that want to continually refocus on this earth because of the beauty of the earth? They will just continue to refocus and refocus and refocus because of the beauty of this earth?


NORM: So they never get tired of this?

ELIAS: No, those that choose that manifestation do not tire of their desire, and should they tire of their direction, they shall change it.

RETA: And you still have a choice. Isn't that great?

ELIAS: You always, underline, hold choices!

RETA: And the whole thing is to be aware of how to choose. I'll work on that.

CATHY: It's simple! It's a simple concept! (Much laughter)

ELIAS: We shall be offering Lessons By Shynla! (We all crack up) The creation of your reality with no conflict, and confidence, and trustfulness of self!

CATHY: That's me! (Still cracking up!)

VICKI: Speaking of trustfulness (stumbling over her tongue) of self,

ELIAS: And Lawrence shall be one of the students, learning to verbally express a concept! (We've lost it now!)

RETA: She gets her tongue twisted around her eye teeth and can't see to hear what she's saying! (Now Elias is cracking up, and staring at Vicki, waiting for the question)

VICKI: Oh! I think I forgot!

ELIAS: Shall we define this, as Michael expresses, as a "brain freeze?" (Grinning widely)

VICKI: Sure! My question is, like I said, speaking of trustfulness of self, so shall I just allow this most recent transcript to stand as it is?

ELIAS: I am acknowledging of Lawrence in his cooperation and attention. Yes.

VICKI: Okey dokey. Thank you.

ELIAS: You may also express acknowledgment to Michael, in an understanding of movement and probabilities. You may express to him that he is correct with his "light bulb". I shall bid you all this evening a very affectionate adieu.

Elias departs at 9:25, and "pops back in" at 9:46.

Note. For the benefit of new readers, I will explain a "pop-in". Occasionally, Elias arrives spontaneously. Quite often, this is in response to a misunderstanding, a misinterpretation, or a downright "not getting it" being expressed in conversation. Sometimes, as in this case, it is an offering of additional information. Mary's awareness of the imminence of this action is increasing. As usual, transcribing of pop-ins begins when the tape gets turned on. ELIAS: ... in regard to your exercise, as I realize you are all practicing very diligently with your exercise in clarity, and accomplishing! (Humorously, laughing) Now, add to your exercise in clarity. As you are manipulating of your senses and clear in your senses, be manipulating of your energy centers. Feel your individual energy centers radiating. Allow your physical form, within your body and upon your outer layer, your skin, the feeling physically of your radiation of your energy centers. Experiment with this addition to your exercise, and we shall be monitoring progress! (Grinning) I would be offering you of good luck, but there is no luck within the cosmos! Therefore, I shall not! (Laughter)

GAIL: I have a question. Was the experience I had this past week with an energy center the beginning of what you're suggesting?

ELIAS: A forerunner.

JENE: I have a question. An experience I had today, of euphoric understanding and awareness momentarily, was that also the opening of three centers simultaneously?

ELIAS: This is an energy influx. It is attributed to a scattered energy. (Grinning at Vicki and Jene)

RETA: I have a silly question. Is the red disc mad at me?

ELIAS: (Laughing) No! Do not attribute these types of thought processes. There is no situation of "mad at".

RETA: Unhappy with me, then? Should I change it?

ELIAS: We shall continue with this later, as I shall express to you to be considering. Consider your intuition. Listen to self.

RETA: My self and my intuition tells me that my red disc wants to be back where it was! It stares at me all the time!

ELIAS: (Laughing) This is not a case of the "thing". Listen to self of what you are expressing to you; but you may appease yourself within the movement. Recognize your own feelings, without attachment of your feelings to other. Are you understanding?

RETA: I'm close, but not all the way.

ELIAS: You shall be.

RETA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

(To Group) That is all! Be attempting within your practicing. I shall be anticipating full reports! We shall conduct interviews at our next meeting! (Much laughter)

VICKI: Lovely!

JENE: As if I didn't have enough to do this week!

RETA: Do we get a report grade?

ELIAS: I may offer points!

VICKI: Extra points are always good!

ELIAS: Points are always helpful within cosmic matters! You will be appreciating of these points as you are approaching of your heavenly gates! (We're all losing it!)

JENE: Does Gabriel have a list?

ELIAS: Michael! (Much laughter) And you shall be thanking and appreciative of Elias for offering this helpfulness! Be remembering of this!

NORM: Absolutely!

ELIAS: I shall be departing, as I am needed in conference! Other focuses await my interaction! I shall be interacting with you soon. (To Reta) And be watching for interaction, which has been promised!

RETA: Okay.

ELIAS: Au revoir!

Elias departs at 9:56 PM.

Note: Based on prior experience, I am aware that some people don't initially "get it" when Elias is joking, especially if they are not attending sessions. This last exchange is an example of his own very special brand of humor, which he quite often offers at the end of a session in which we may have become too serious. This was all very tongue in cheek, except for the promise of interaction! Be watching, Reta!

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Copyright 1996 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.