Session 132
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Counterpart Encounters


"Counterpart Encounters"

Sunday, November 10, 1996 © 1996
Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Gail (William), Jim (Yarr), Norm (Stephen), and two new participants, Reta (Dehl), and Laura (Alon).
Note: This "alteration of frequency" that Elias has mentioned was noticeable in this session, within pauses and sentence structure.
Elias arrives at 6:46 PM. (Time was ten seconds)

ELIAS: Good evening. (Smiling) Welcome to new essences!

As we were speaking at our last meeting of counterparts, I expressed to you that generally, you yourselves do not encounter very many, ( if any, of those counterparts that parallel you, your alternates or splinters, for this is unnecessary. In like manner also, those which you view to be opposite you will also rarely encounter, this being for a different reason; that you shall, upon encountering these types of counterparts, repel each other. You also will view each other as having little, if anything, in common.

Those counterparts which you view to be opposite of you are, within their focus, foreign within their experience to you. You will find yourself experiencing great difficulty in relating to these individuals. Also, those close to you may encounter opposite counterparts of you and notice these opposite qualities; although generally, once again, you do not necessarily identify these opposites, for they are so extremely different from you that you do not recognize all of the qualities that would be considered opposite to you, or to the individual that may be counterpart to the other counterpart that you are viewing.

There are many counterparts that you do encounter. These would be more likened to the little rain cloud and the smoke cloud, appearing similarly and also holding very similar qualities, although being very different within their functions. You yourselves will notice when you encounter these types of counterparts.

Now; let me express to you that not every individual that you encounter is a counterpart to you! Also, not every individual that you encounter is a counterpart to an individual that you know, although counterparts of this last type mentioned do manifest with each other generally. These counterparts will interact and intersect within physical focus. The counterparts that are opposite to you may occupy a location close to you, or they may occupy locations upon your planet which are far removed from you; just as we have spoken previously of Peter, and a counterpart of his within another country. Counterparts that are similar but varied within their focuses are those such as the little rain cloud and the smoke cloud; these being individuals that you may be friends with, or you may be holding relationships with as partnerships, or you may be related to these individuals. This is not to say that all individuals that you are related to are also counterparts to you. They may be, temporarily, or they may not be at all. It is dependent upon their focus and their desire, which is influencing of the agreement to engage the action of counterpart.

Counterparts also are held within all families. Each of you is what you may term to be a member, although this is an inadequate word, of a particular family within consciousness. You align with that same family or another family within an individual focus. In this, you shall hold counterparts in each of the other families, allowing you the experience of these other intents as related to your intent, and offering an addition to your experience. Therefore, you may view that the action of counterparts is quite extensive.

Now; there are many different types of relationships that you hold and encounter within physical focus which are not counterpart actions. Therefore, do not consume yourselves in analyzing counterparts and viewing that every individual that you may have a relationship with is a counterpart, for this is not necessarily correct. Counterpart action is to allow you every angle of experience related to any given subject. Therefore, those individuals which are counterparts to you shall hold the same intent, not within family but within their focus within a subject matter, as do you.

As we have expressed previously, you may view a religious focus as an example; this being a very obvious, easy example to offer to you. One individual may choose to be engaged in religious service. This individual may choose to become a priest. Another individual, as counterpart, may choose another avenue of religious service. Another individual, as a different type of counterpart, may choose to be atheist. Another individual may choose to be agnostic. All elements of the one subject shall be explored and experienced in all of its variations. Presently, I have offered you only four counterpart examples; but in holding experience of every aspect of one individual focus or subject matter, there may be hundreds or even thousands of variations, which will all hold counterpart action. Each counterpart benefits from all other counterparts.

Now; you also hold counterparts outside of this particular dimension. The action of counterpart is not limited to physical focus, or to this particular dimension or space/time. Therefore, your experience is influenced also by other-dimensional focuses. These may be aspects of your own essence or they may be aspects of other essences, just as counterparts within physical focus are not limited to your own essence. You intersect with counterparts from other essences also. (Smiling) I have expressed many times, there are no sections, there are no divisions, and nothing is separate. Therefore, all things intersect with all things. All consciousness is intermingled with all consciousness. (Pause) I shall allow you your question time.

RETA: I have a question. So all of these counterparts are having this experience around this one subject. Do they ever get together and bring that all into one, so that they can see all aspects of that experience on that particular subject?

ELIAS: Each essence within the whole, so to speak, of essence has knowledge of all of the counterpart action. Each individual within an individual focus will not necessarily be aware of all of their counterpart action. This is not to say that you may not be aware of much of your counterpart action if you are opening and widening your awareness, but as to this present moment, you are not aware of all of the intersections and interminglings of all of your counterparts. There are areas of consciousness in which your essence is aware and actively involved with all of your counterpart action, and all of the counterpart action that is influencing of you and adding to your experience, but within individual focuses, this is generally not an awareness that you hold.

NORM: There's two questions. One is, I'm assuming that when we go to sleep, we can tune in to these counterparts and learn what they're doing. But is part of our problem the fact that we cannot learn from, or we're not aware of, or we cannot consciously, our ego cannot acquire the information about the counterparts, and that's the reason for the shift that is going to occur?

ELIAS: First of all, I shall express to you that there is no element that you cannot accomplish. What you do not accomplish is a choice. You have chosen physical manifestation for the experience of this physical manifestation. In this, you have developed a selectivity which temporarily denies you access to certain information. Now; this also is a choice. When I use terms such as deny, this is not to say that you may not accomplish. It is only to express to you that you have chosen selectively to not remember certain aspects of your essence.

The purpose of the shift is a movement in consciousness away from religious focus into a wider awareness, incorporating your natural abilities without as many blocks. I do not wish to be misleading in expressing to you the action that you have chosen for your shift. This will be a great movement within consciousness, but it also continues to be within the realm or the framework of physical focus. Therefore, there are still aspects of physical focus which will incorporate a lack of some memory, for you may not experience the purity of this physical focus without this selectivity, to a certain extent. Within the action of your shift, you shall understand more of your self. You shall understand and be in greater communication with your essence. You shall understand how you create your reality. You are already moving into this area. You are already investigating the availability of consciousness. Within the action of your shift, what you presently view to be barriers shall not be viewed as barriers. Those actions that you express dismay towards presently shall be effortless within your shift. Your dream time shall be recognized as reality. The interaction and the understanding of this time element that you engage within another area of consciousness shall be much more efficiently utilized. Your mobility shall be much greater. Your understanding of your self, of your physical expression or body, of your own consciousness, of the connection and intertwining of all consciousness that is manifest with you, shall all be clearer. This shall enable you to move more efficiently, more effortlessly, through your focus. It shall also enhance your creativity, allowing you the ability to use more of the creative qualities that you already possess, but use little of.

Within non-physical areas of consciousness, you are utilizing this creativity; and for the experience that you have chosen to this point, your limitations have served you well. You have chosen the direction that you have created. You have chosen this specifically for the experience physically. Now that you have experienced a time frame of this physical manifestation throughout all of your focuses, not only this particular one, you have recognized that you are now ready to move into a more highly creative area of consciousness incorporated with physical focus. Just as little children move through stages acclimating themselves to their environment, their circumstances, and learning interaction with individuals, you throughout your history have also chosen to be learning to acclimate yourselves to physical manifestation. Be remembering, you possess all knowledge already. You have chosen to forget.

NORM: Bummer! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Ah, but truly not! For you have chosen a highly specialized focus. The creativity within the manipulation of energy that you exert to create physical focus and its highly efficient workings is truly miraculous, in what you term to be miraculous. (Smiling)

NORM: In regard to that, everything is spiritual; my glasses, the table here, and so on. All of these things simultaneously create themselves. The table, does it continually recreate itself?

ELIAS: Absolutely.

NORM: Absolutely. Okay. So everything is a self-creator, and that creation, that capability, is part of the spiritual nature of anything in the universe?

ELIAS: There is no element unspiritual, for all is the same. This table that you refer to is composed of energy; which, energy is consciousness. You are energy, and you are consciousness. Therefore, you are the same.

NORM: And ideas are energy, and ideas become consciousness too?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: Incredible.

ELIAS: All energy possesses consciousness.

NORM: In consciousness, a common attribute of consciousness is the ability to think and to make choices.

ELIAS: The commonality of consciousness is self-awaredness.

NORM: That's tremendous. That's tremendous!

ELIAS: A molecule of air is aware of itself, and its existence, and its function. You, in your highly developed state, are aware of your existence and of your functioning. You are the same. (Pause, and then to Jim, who just arrived) Good evening, Yarr.

JIM: Good evening, Rastin. (Another pause)

VICKI: I have a question. Recently, you were speaking about partial counterparts. Would this counterpart action between Kyari and Elizabeth be an example of that?

ELIAS: This has not been established as of this present now. Within this present now, I would express no, although this may change.

VICKI: Can you give an example, or explain what partial counterpart action is?

ELIAS: We have engaged an individual within our sessions of Jaren. This individual is quite young. This individual has chosen counterpart action to his father, within what you view to be past. Entering into physical manifestation, the counterpart action was established between father and son. Those elements of the father unfulfilled, unexpressed, were chosen by the son to be manifest within himself. The son chose to be rebellious. The son chose to be partially favorable to the father, but partially not. Within the areas that the son exhibited behavior as to be fulfilling to the father, this was a counterpart action. At the point of a given number of years in age, Jaren chose to not be counterpart to the father any longer. The action of the counterpart relationship within this particular scenario was so strong that the action of dissolving the counterpart action was also very strong. In the breaking away, Jaren created an extreme situation; a vehicle accident, and what you view to be near death; although he was no more near death than you are near death, for you all are near death, just as you are near physical life! (Grinning) His choice was to be creating an extreme situation to be breaking of the counterpart situation, which also was greatly affecting of the father, who turned away, not wishing to engage the son any longer, for the counterpart action is no longer engaged. This may be helpful to you.

You may hold a counterpart temporarily, until such time that the action of counterpart is unnecessary for the experience, for there has been a fulfillment within a given area of experience. An individual may choose to engage a counterpart action temporarily to be expressing a latent quality in another. Another individual may temporarily choose to be counterpart to Lawrence, to be expressing artistic qualities. At a moment that this element is fulfilled within you, the action shall discontinue. Therefore, the counterpart shall turn its attention to another counterpart action, for this action has been fulfilled within you. The counterpart does not decide when the action has been fulfilled. You decide, within consciousness, when the action has been fulfilled. When the father's qualities lying latent within were fulfilled within action of the son, the son broke the action of counterpart, but as to the father's recognition of fulfillment.

Counterpart action may also extend beyond physical focus. You may be counterpart to another individual, and you may disengage physical focus and still hold counterpart action to the individual remaining within physical focus. This is quite a diversified action. (Pause) We shall break, and I shall continue with your questions briefly.

BREAK 7:34 PM RESUME 8:04 PM (Time was seven seconds)

ELIAS: Continuing. (Pause, obviously waiting for questions)

VICKI: I have a continuing question. So within these hundreds of counterparts that we engage action with, then would it be correct to say that you tend to focus at different times with different individuals and actions more or less strongly than with others?

ELIAS: To you, it would appear so. In actuality, no. All of the counterpart action is equally affecting all of your time. You do not recognize all of the counterpart action. Therefore, that which you view may seem to be more affecting at a given moment than another, as with the case of Kyari and Elizabeth. This counterpart action has been engaged throughout their focuses.

VICKI: That was my next question.

ELIAS: The action has continued from the inception of their manifestation into physical focus. You were unaware of the counterpart action occurring before this present time period, but the action was equally affecting and occurring previous to your present awareness. Within ages of small children, were you to hold an awareness you would view the same type of response and action physically that you view presently, within moodiness and irritation and temper tantrums and vocalization, or withdrawal.

VICKI: So are there times that you don't engage counterpart action until, say, the middle of your physical manifestation?


VICKI: And if you were to engage probabilities outside of your pool of probabilities, then you might engage that sort of an action?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. It is not the rule that you shall engage counterpart action within the initial part, in your terms, of your focus, and disengage subsequently. You may choose at any point to engage the action of temporary counterpart to be expressing an experience of a latent or unrealized element within your self, and as that is fulfilled, the engagement of counterpart action shall be discontinued. You may choose to incorporate counterpart action of physical manifestations later in your life, so to speak. You may choose counterpart action within a physical sports-oriented action that you choose personally not to actualize. Any given area that you do not actualize shall be actualized within a counterpart action.

As I have stated, the only rule with counterparts is that there are no rules! (Grinning)

GAIL: I have a question about counterparts. Was the gray little friend a counterpart, a temporary counterpart?

ELIAS: (Accessing) Temporary. (Pause)

JIM: The disease, dis-ease, that my mate Cindy, Borloh, is experiencing now, would this be the counterpart action related to that in what she's experienced in her blinking out? We've been experiencing it I guess, the last week.

ELIAS: This in actuality is a very good question, Yarr, for within the action of counterparts, this also is quite common. One individual is aligned with one particular family engaged with the intent of healing. The other aligns with another family, and manifests physically. Therefore, you offer each other material for your experience. This also is an interesting area, in that physical manifestation may be a symbol to you of certain elements of consciousness. You within physical focus look to manifestations physically within the body as negative. You term them disease. In actuality, your physical manifestation naturally functions without what you term disease. In order to be creating of this term, the individual must be objectively focused and subjectively connected; for the energy required to manifest disease within your physical expression is greater than what you naturally create. You naturally have created a physical body to breathe without thought. To not breathe requires effort. Every aspect of what you term to be disease is a connection between subjective and objective activity. You label this within negative terms.

This also creates a function for certain individuals. Initially, the function of the intent of the Tumold family was not to be diverting the action of body disease, for it was a recognition that this action is a connection; an objective identification with subjective activity. Therefore, it was unnecessary. You have distorted this idea. Within your choice to be forgetting of yourselves, you have also forgotten your own language, which we have stated many times. In this, part of your language to yourself may be a creation physically, but as you label this to be negative, you choose to be initiating action to change. Therefore, you view a need for healers; individuals who may initiate action to heal another individual, or to be helpful in healing another individual. I have stated to you many times, you heal yourselves. You do not require the assistance of another individual to heal yourself! You naturally hold this ability; but those who manifest physically also view what they manifest to be negative. Therefore, you are in agreement; the diseased and the healer. Therefore, within agreement in viewing a negative situation, you choose to rearrange the situation together.

In actuality, individuals choose what you will view as dysfunction within their physical manifestation. This is not to say that individuals are "more spiritual" (humorously) if they are choosing to manifest dysfunction, for you may choose your natural state, which is effortless, and you may choose to manifest perfect health, in your terms; but I shall express to you that your ideas of dysfunction and disease within physical form are very distorted. They are a response, not negative; a response, within consciousness, of the body consciousness, which is responding to subjective activity. It is a close connection. You view this dysfunction or disease to be negative, for you view this as a leading to disengagement of physical focus, which you view as negative. The more dysfunction or disease which is created, the closer you view that you bring yourself to disengagement, or death.

Note: For the most part, Elias pronounces disease as dis-ease.

You view all of these things to be negative. They are not negative! They are movement. Many individuals experiencing disease are more closely aligned with their subjective activity than you realize, for they are allowing their subjective activity to bleed through to objective manifestation. You view this to be negative. If you disassociate from the idea of negativity, this shall not hold such severity to you. You view senility to be negative. I express to you that this state is an engagement of transition while continuing within physical focus. This may be viewed by you as positive. I have expressed to you that your perceptions of how you view any given idea or concept are very important, for you may view in one direction and you will hold one opinion. You may view the same concept from another angle, and you will hold a different opinion.

This is the reason that we speak; to widen your perception and allow you to incorporate your periphery, to incorporate more of your vision than you presently allow yourselves; for not all is as it seems.

JIM: Thank you. That's a great answer.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

JIM: It certainly widens my vision. It was kind of neat, though. I did have some impressions that some of these other things were involved within this too.

ELIAS: This is not to discount the action of what you term to be healing, for this is a function that you have chosen; and as I have stated, you all agree. The healer and the diseased are in agreement of this negative element. Therefore, you hold a purpose within your function. I offer you this information only that you may view that there are more elements to these actions that you create. As long as you view dysfunction physically to be negative, there shall continue to be a reason for healing.

JIM: And disease.

ELIAS: Quite correct.

NORM: I have a question. For example, the recent disease of AIDS, was that created by mankind, or was that created by viruses, or both, or what? (Laughing)

ELIAS: Both, in your terms; for it has been created through consciousness, through a desire which elements of consciousness have responded to, which you may view to be formation of an alteration, not of a virus, but of a cell. In this alteration, the cell is responding to the desire of the mass consciousness. One moment. (Turning to Jim) I shall also in this direct back to Yarr, in that disease shall continue regardless of the healers. (Turning back to Norm) The creation of disease or dysfunction, as you term this, within physical form shall continue as you choose. There are many reasons why you choose to be creating of these aspects within physical form. One of the reasons that you choose, within mass consciousness, is for your attention. You choose all of these mass dysfunctions to be beneficial. You never, underline, choose an action within mass consciousness that is not beneficial! It may not be what you term to be good or positive in your thought process, but it is never not beneficial! You shall always benefit from your creations! You choose in some areas to be creating of certain dysfunctions to be expressing a mass statement.

I have expressed to you previously of this situation of AIDS. This has been created as a statement within mass consciousness. It is a mass event. Each time, within your history and continuing, the mass views what you believe to be presently as an injustice, you shall create some action to draw attention to the situation, for this is how you have chosen to attract your attention.

You do not listen to each other unless you view catastrophe. You do not listen to yourselves or to each other if you are joyful. You do not attract your own attention or other's attention if you are positive. You do attract your own attention and other's attention if you view an action to be negative! If you view an element to be unacceptable, it shall gain your attention, and you shall take notice.

RETA: My question on the mass statement of AIDS in particular: Was that a mass statement to stop the actions of individuals, or was that a mass statement to have our attention diverted from something else that we should be ... For instance, we have a lot of wars going on which we need to put attention on. Was the mass statement to bring out AIDS and get attention, was that a diversionary tool, or was that against the individuals causing that, a social statement?

ELIAS: This mass creation has been stated to express an element of yourselves that you know. As you choose to enter a cycle of physical manifestation within this dimension, upon this planet, within this time thickness, you choose to manifest within at least three focuses for the experience of these different elements of physical manifestation. In this, it is recognized within your consciousness that this is natural. Within your three manifestations, as has been stated previously, you shall manifest once as male, once as female, and once in what we shall term "other", (humorously, and laughter) of your persuasion. In this, there is no gender within essence, and within consciousness you are recognizing of this. It is a physical manifestation for experience. Therefore, it is unnecessary to be setting prejudices as to the elements of gender or non-gender, for you are non-gender. You choose only within an individual focus to selectively focus in one gender, for you are highly selective. In this recognition, as I have expressed, each time within your history that you recognize that you are expressing what you term to be intolerance or injustice, you shall respond to this; for you think in terms of right and wrong. Therefore, you shall right the wrongs that you have viewed yourselves to be perpetrating.

You are not innately bad or evil creatures. You are innately positive. Therefore, you lean to this, although these are physical terms, be understanding; for outside of your framework of physical focus these terms do not apply, but within the creation that you have manifest, you do view within these terms of right and wrong. Injustice, in your terms, is wrong. In reality, you realize and know within that you are all that is manifest upon this planet. I have expressed exercises previously to be emphasizing of this concept.

You within this company view yourselves to be what you now fashionably term Caucasian. Within another focus of your essence, you are also every other color. You are also every other nationality. You are every race. You are male and female. You are "other"! (Grinning) Therefore, why shall you discriminate of any, for you are all! And as you discriminate of another, you do so to yourselves.

NORM: So in the shift, we won't discriminate?

ELIAS: No, you shall not.

NORM: We shall not. Well, that's nice!

ELIAS: It will be unnecessary, for you will understand.

NORM: Beautiful! That will be beautiful.

RON: I have a question. Is your voice electronically altered? (Elias sits straight up, looking at everyone with almost an arrogant look on his face, and we all crack up)

ELIAS: Quite! (Grinning) I have always expressed to you that I am quite electrical! Be investigating of your equipment! (Much laughter)

RON: I do have a real question ...

RETA: Which kind of electricity? Electromagnetic energy, or what? Do you have a name for the energy that you use to get here?

ELIAS: (Grinning) You have names for energy! (More laughter)

RON: Can you give me your definition of natural guilt? (Laughter)

ELIAS: Ah! Natural guilt! A definition from Elias of natural guilt or unnatural guilt is the same; which, it is unnecessary!

RON: I kind of thought you might say that.

ELIAS: A manufactured emotion that you create from your belief systems, and all unnatural! (Grinning)

GAIL: I have a question. This past week, I laid down and was relaxing, and through my awareness I viewed and heard, I believe it was alternate selves in different nationalities, and I was wondering if that was that, or just ... I'm not sure what it was, so I wanted to have it clarified.

ELIAS: This is not a situation of an alternate self. This would be a situation of a recognition and intersection temporarily of facets.

RETA: Facets? Is that our first introduction to facets?

ELIAS: These are other focuses of your essence which you term to be past lives or future lives, which are not past or future! (Laughter)

GAIL: It was quite fascinating, actually. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. We shall postpone our game until our next meeting, as we are engaging so many questions this evening!

VICKI: I have one other quick question regarding Sena. I was unclear as to whether she is aligned with or part of the Tumold family.

ELIAS: Part of.

VICKI: Aligned with Sumari?

ELIAS: Correct. Be remembering also, as I have stated, it is not necessary to be within the same essence family to be counterparts. You may not be aligned with the same essence families. You may not hold similar connections with essence families, and you may also hold a counterpart action.

VICKI: So the counterpart action that I hold with Sena, if I were to view that in an analogy with the clouds, how would I view that?

ELIAS: I shall express to you, you have misinterpreted. Lawrence does not hold a counterpart action to Sena. You view, once again, a counterpart of Michael. You have become quite efficient at recognizing these counterparts, this being what I have expressed previously; that if you as an individual hold a very close relationship with another individual physically focused, you may view and encounter many of their counterparts that they may not encounter, as they also will do the same in the reverse.

GAIL: Is Lanyah a counterpart of Vicki?


LAURA: But they're also their own essence too? And they're also counterparts?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: The information transferred between counterparts, there's so many interconnections that almost everybody is interconnected with everybody!

ELIAS: Everyone is connected with everyone! All, underline all, consciousness is connected with all consciousness. Energy may not be separated. It is.

NORM: I'm thinking about the library, the akashic records. You're smiling! That is there for anybody. It is energy that I can attract, if I were properly trained to be able to do that?

ELIAS: I shall express to you that this concept of your akashic records is ... a concept. It is an invention, as an explanation to yourselves of your own innate knowledge.

Now; as has been stated previously, there are areas of consciousness, which you may term to be world views of individuals that are deposited and available to all consciousness, that you may access within physical focus. This you may view as your library, if you are wishing. These are energy deposits within consciousness that are placed by every focused individual, and may be accessed for all information as perceived by that individual.

As to truths, as your ancient records supposedly hold, these are not held in ancient ruins or cosmic records. There is no angel standing beside a gate with an enormous multidimensional book! (Laughter) There is no record in the cosmos which is ancient and filled with all knowledge. There is you! There is essence, which holds all knowledge. All may be accessed by you through you, for you hold all of these things. There is no thing outside of you.

RETA: And we just have to learn how to access that. So if you're saying there's an energy body that was this person's record and that person's record, but then you say truth besides that, there is no person telling you whether that record that was their focus is true?

ELIAS: This is an imprint, within consciousness, of the individual's perception; their view.

RETA: And their view may not be what your knowledge terms as all truth?

ELIAS: Correct; for it is influenced by belief systems, for it is directly related to physical focus. It is an energy deposit of knowledge, imprinted within consciousness, accessible to you; just as you view your Einstein to be a great genius, and you may wish to access this individual's world view. This is not their view of the world! It is their view of all, as seen through the perception of physical focus. Now; this may be added to within an area of transition, but it is continued to be closely related to physical focus. It is accessible to physical focus to be beneficial to you, and to be helpful to your understanding.

RETA: Alright. We have say four people's perceptions of a subject. How would you come to knowledge of the truth within those four views?

ELIAS: The knowledge of the truth shall be accessed by you.

RETA: And I will know the difference?

ELIAS: You know the truth. It is similar to viewing your philosophers. Do you look to your philosophers for truth?

RETA: Most of the time, but I have my belief systems.

ELIAS: In absolute terms? (Here, Reta starts to answer, but Elias interrupts) You are understanding that these individuals, as philosophers, are individuals.

RETA: Right.

ELIAS: You are understanding that these individuals work within a framework of belief systems. Therefore, you may view their philosophy and if it is containing of truth, you will know; for you hold the same truth.

RETA: I will know through my belief systems though, so is that absolute truth?

ELIAS: Beyond your belief systems!

RETA: I really want to do that! (Much laughter)

ELIAS: (Smiling) In part, you do already.

RETA: Which part??? (We're cracking up now)

ELIAS: (Also laughing) We shall continue! I shall offer Alon, A-L-O-N, and Dehl, D-E-H-L, and we shall discontinue for this evening, and I shall affectionately anticipate our next meeting. Au revoir!

Elias departs at 9:02 PM. Note: After everyone left, Mary said that Elias had something to say to me. This is our first private conversation in quite a while. I didn't anticipate it to be more than a few minutes, so I didn't change the tape. As a result, I didn't get the entire conversation.

Elias arrives at 10:34 PM. (Time was one second)

ELIAS: Once again, Lawrence!

VICKI: Hello, Elias.

ELIAS: Instruction for your transcribing. Be attentive to this session and noticing of slight disconnections. You are quite correct in adjustment period presently, and there may occur some incongruous material; not that the information delivered is distorted, for there holds no distortion, but the transmission may hold variances. Therefore, if your sentence structure is amiss, you may be tuning in to this energy and I shall be helpful to you during your processing of your transcript.

VICKI: Okay. I noticed a bit in the last session too.

ELIAS: Quite. There is an intricate process of energy translation involved within the execution of these sessions, and in any alteration of the energy exchange, there may be variances in the flow. This is not to be suggesting, as I have stated, of distortion elements, but of slight disruptions in energy translation. This is what you would consider to be an involved process, this translation; which is, in actuality, an exchange involving the individual of Michael and his adaptation to the energy variance, and also a directedness of energy from Elias. These travel through many layers of consciousness, and also what you may now perceive to be several areas of consciousness, to be received by you. Therefore, within this process, there is an acclimation period that occurs in altering the frequency. This shall be less disruptive to you than interference, though.

VICKI: I'm kind of curious how the altering of the frequency prevents the interference.

ELIAS: I have offered you little information of this focus. I have offered you little information of the reality of this area of consciousness. This area of consciousness to which I occupy, so to speak, is very diversified. I am aware of many aspects of myself. Simultaneously, I am beyond awareness of the aspects of self, for I am also actively, consciously engaged with each of these aspects. In this, each aspect flows through a variance of vibration. This is an explanation that you physically will understand, for you may understand vibrations, and differences in vibrations of waves and tones. In this, each aspect or focus, so to speak, although they are not physically focused, holds its own vibration or wavelength. They may hold very slight variances, but each is individual. These all incorporate individual personality, which causes them differences. In this, I am focused within them all; this that you view being only one. As I hold this ability to interact and be each of these aspects of self and hold a complete awareness of each, I also hold the ability to manipulate energy within these aspects. Therefore, as we have used the example of your television, it is quite effortless for me to "change the channel". I may shift into another aspect, to focus interaction with you.

The essence in question, for Lawrence's benefit, as it shall remain nameless as you have not chosen a name, does not hold the awareness of self to manipulate its own energy into specific channels; into its own specific areas of aspects and frequencies. It directs a scattered energy into a target area. It focuses what you would think of as the bulk of its energy in bursts, into a localized area that it perceives as its target; but within itself, it is not familiar enough with its own energy, and its own focuses and aspects, to channel this energy sufficiently and precisely within different areas; this being an advantage on the part of Elias, for I do remember, and hold the ability to manipulate this energy more efficiently.

In this, though, I shall explain that regardless of focus, regardless of awareness, focusing and manipulating energy through different areas of consciousness, and connecting and intersecting and communicating with any area of physical focus, requires adjustment. It also requires an acclimation period, for you are entering energy from fluidity into thickness. Therefore, there is resistance. In this also, as I have stated, there is an acclimation required on the part of Michael, or whomever the receiver may be. This shall not be difficult for Michael for it is not a major adjustment, but it shall require acclimation. Therefore, I offer this information to you, that you may not be confused.

VICKI: Thank you for all of the information you've offered to us.

ELIAS: I trust and wish you to realize that I trust your ability to create a flow, realizing that I am interacting with you as you are transcribing our sessions. Therefore, if wording occurs to you as you are enacting your role as scribe, realize ... (End of tape; 10:48 PM)


(1) In this first sentence, the words "you yourselves do not encounter" were originally stated, "you do not encounter yourselves". This is an example of the type of rearrangement of sentence structure that I perceive to be communicated to me by Elias presently. You can be sure that if I am unclear on anything, I'll ask. Or I'll be told!

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