Session 1228

Clinical Depression in a Family Member


“Clinical Depression in a Family Member”
“Reiki, Energy Fields, and Energy Deposits”

Sunday, December 29, 2002 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and a new participant, Bonnie (Lyla)

Elias arrives at 10:42 AM. (Arrival time is 20 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

BONNIE: Good morning! Hello, Elias. It’s a pleasure to meet you at last.

ELIAS: Welcome!

BONNIE: We have enjoyed your transcripts and found them very helpful. Thank you for them.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome!

BONNIE: I have some questions for you.

ELIAS: Very well.

BONNIE: I wonder if we could start with you telling me the essence name, family, alignment, orientation, focus, and color for myself and my husband and my children?

ELIAS: Very well — begin with an individual.

BONNIE: Bonnie, myself.

ELIAS: Essence name, Lyla, L-Y-L-A (LIE lah). And your impression as to essence families?

BONNIE: Sumafi and Borledim?

ELIAS: Reverse.

BONNIE: Borledim and Sumafi?

ELIAS: Correct.

BONNIE: And the orientation?

ELIAS: Common.

BONNIE: And the focus?

ELIAS: Political.

BONNIE: Really? And the color?

ELIAS: And your impression?

BONNIE: Purple.

ELIAS: Eggplant.

BONNIE: Okay! And how many focuses have I had — or do I have?

ELIAS: Numbering of focuses in this dimension, 462.

BONNIE: I’m just a young thing! (Elias laughs) Could we do my husband, Wynn?

ELIAS: Essence name, Zai, Z-A-I (ZYE). And your impression as to essence families?

BONNIE: Sumafi and Vold.

ELIAS: Correct.

BONNIE: How about the orientation?

ELIAS: Orientation, common.

BONNIE: And the focus?

ELIAS: Also political.

BONNIE: Oh! And the color?

ELIAS: Impression?

BONNIE: Blue, indigo.

ELIAS: Navy.

BONNIE: And how many focuses does he have?

ELIAS: Four hundred eighty-one.

BONNIE: Could you tell us how many focuses we’ve shared?

ELIAS: One hundred nine.

BONNIE: And among those, are we intimate or spouses or close?

ELIAS: You engage many different types of expressions of relationships.

BONNIE: Okay, but we’ve been married before in some of them?


BONNIE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

BONNIE: How about my son Brian?

ELIAS: Essence name Shaine, S-H-A-I-N-E (SHANE).

BONNIE: And the family?

ELIAS: Your impressions?


ELIAS: Alignment.

BONNIE: For his family, would it be Milumet?

ELIAS: Gramada.

BONNIE: And his orientation?

ELIAS: Common.

BONNIE: And his focus?

ELIAS: Thought.

BONNIE: And his color?

ELIAS: Rose.

BONNIE: How many focuses does Brian have?

ELIAS: Six hundred twenty-six.

BONNIE: And have my husband and I shared focuses with him before?


BONNIE: How many times?

ELIAS: Forty-one.

BONNIE: Thank you. My son Chris?

ELIAS: Essence name, Mann, M-A-N-N (MAN).

BONNIE: And his family?

ELIAS: Impression?

BONNIE: Sumafi and Zuli?

ELIAS: Sumari, alignment Zuli.

BONNIE: Aha. And his orientation?

ELIAS: Common.

BONNIE: And his focus?

ELIAS: Emotional.

BONNIE: And what is his color?

ELIAS: Peach.

BONNIE: What number of focuses does Chris have?

ELIAS: Three hundred seventy-seven.

BONNIE: How many have my husband and I shared with him?

ELIAS: Eighteen.

BONNIE: Finally, could we talk about my daughter, Lisa?

ELIAS: Essence name, Cinnette, C-I-N-N-E-T-T-E (SIN it).

BONNIE: And the family?

ELIAS: Impressions?

BONNIE: Sumari and I’m really not sure — Zuli?

ELIAS: Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Ilda.

BONNIE: How about her orientation?

ELIAS: Orientation, common.

BONNIE: And her focus?

ELIAS: Emotional.

BONNIE: And her color?

ELIAS: Lime.

BONNIE: What number of focuses does she have?

ELIAS: Two hundred sixty-four.

BONNIE: Could you tell me how many focuses I have shared with her?

ELIAS: Sixteen.

BONNIE: How about my husband and I together with her?

ELIAS: Twelve.

BONNIE: That’s very helpful. Thank you!

ELIAS: You are welcome.

BONNIE: I have another question. Our son suffers from clinical depression. Would you please talk about this sort of experience and what it’s like?

ELIAS: What type of information are you seeking in relation to this manifestation?

BONNIE: Well, we are trying to understand. Our science has described it to us as a disease of the emotions, and we’ve read about the blue and the yellow energy centers. From my own perspective, I’m trying to understand how I can create my own reality as his mother, which appears to be different from the reality that he wants to create. I would like to have a mother-son relationship with him. I know that’s based on my beliefs about relationships, but I thought I could create my own reality. Can I create that while he creates a different one?


BONNIE: Can you talk to me about how that works? How I can be a straight little sapling and accept him and have what I would like to be a relationship with him and yet he wants to create one that’s quite different? How do they intersect? How can I talk to him?

ELIAS: Very well. Reality is created in this physical dimension through the projection of perception. Each individual incorporates their own unique perception. In this, you DO interact with other individuals, but what you are interacting with is an energy expression which is projected FROM other individuals to you. And in that projection, you receive the energy expression and thusly you filter that expression of energy through your beliefs and you generate a projection of your perception, which creates the actual physical manifestation of the other individual.

Now; as I have stated previously, for the most part individuals receive energy from other individuals and configure it quite accurately in association with what the other individual is projecting. At times you create quite differently; an individual may be projecting energy to you and dependent upon your direction in the moment and your attention and your beliefs, you may be reconfiguring that energy and creating a different expression or physical experience than the other individual may be. In this, I may express to you quite literally, you do create EVERY aspect of your reality.

Now; what is significant is that you allow yourself to become familiar with yourself intimately and therefore also recognize your beliefs, your preferences and what you want specifically. The challenge in this is the specifics, for individuals are not familiar with themselves intimately and therefore generate an identification of what they want in generalities, which limits what you allow yourself to actually generate in what you create for it limits your choices, for you are not offering yourself clear information concerning what you precisely want to be generating.

Now; in relation to your son, and you creating your reality in association with your son, if you wish to be altering the type of relationship that you are generating now with this individual, it is necessary that you recognize your beliefs, your motivation and specifically what you want within yourself — not what you want from him, for he does not create your reality. Therefore, the key is to be examining what YOU want to express.

This may be challenging, for the familiar association and expression is to be identifying what you want from another individual or what you want another individual to create or to do, and this generates limitations within yourself, for you do not create the other individual’s reality nor do they create yours.

BONNIE: So does he see the world the way I see it, or is it completely different?

ELIAS: It is not completely different, but his perception is different. In some expressions, some physical expressions, his perception is similar to your perception, but in other directions it is different.

BONNIE: Why would a person want to experience clinical depression? My impression of it is that it’s a very unhappy thing.

ELIAS: Recognize that you are questioning the choice of another individual, for you are filtering that information through your beliefs, your preferences, your choices and your perception. Therefore, as you do not choose that type of expression, you incorporate a lack of understanding in association with it and you generate a judgment that it is bad.

Now; I may be in agreement with you that many individuals — and your son also — that choose to be creating this type of an experience at times are expressing a lack of joy. But it is also an experience and it generates an intensity within his experiences. Therefore, in a manner of speaking, his perception is more extreme than is yours, and in some manners this actually generates a satisfaction even in uncomfortableness. For it is not necessarily the expressions, so to speak, that offer him his satisfaction or his payoff, but it is the intensity of the experiences that he is choosing to be generating. This is what he generates in a fascination, or a preference also, in experiencing that intensity in different movements. And within him it matters not whether they be what you term to be good or bad, happy or sad experiences, but what is more significant in his exploration is that whatever experiences he is generating, they will incorporate an intensity.

BONNIE: Thank you, that’s helpful.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

Now; in association with yourself, you may be easing your frustration or your anxieties in association with this individual if you are allowing yourself to move into an expression of acceptance that these are his choices, that they are not wrong, they are not bad, and they are experiences that he chooses. He is not broken and he is not malfunctioning. He has merely chosen a different type of expression than you or other individuals, but this offers him a different hue in which to perceive his world.

BONNIE: That’s very interesting. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

BONNIE: I have some other questions.

ELIAS: Very well.

BONNIE: Would you talk about what happens when I do Reiki, please? (Pause)

ELIAS: In what direction?

BONNIE: I would like to understand the phenomena. Is there energy moving?


BONNIE: Where is it coming from? How does that work?

ELIAS: You generate a concentration of energy. You incorporate your hands as your focal point and therefore you direct your energy to your focal point to allow you to concentrate energy in a stream, so to speak.

Now; in relation to other individuals, if they are expressing an agreement with you to be participating in an interaction in this manner, and dependent upon the expressed beliefs of the other individual, what occurs is you generate this concentration of energy, of your energy. You create this refined stream, so to speak, in directed energy, and the other individual receives that energy and allows a mergence of your energy and their own energy to be helpful to themselves to generate an alteration of energy expressions within themselves. Therefore yes, you are correct, there is quite a movement of energy.

BONNIE: And the source of that energy is from my own energy?


BONNIE: I see. Is it possible to send energy to someone at a distance?

ELIAS: Quite! It occurs continuously throughout your physical dimension. Individuals are CONSTANTLY moving energy. Physical distance matters not, for energy is not bound by space.

BONNIE: Is it helpful or healing to send energy, for example, to my father?

ELIAS: It is dependent upon your motivation. Individuals, as I have stated, do project energy constantly, and many times the projections that they express are helpful to other individuals. But if you are projecting energy genuinely, without a specific agenda, so to speak, the energy is received and allowed to be configured by the other individual in the most beneficial manner to themselves.

If you are projecting energy with expectations, it is not helpful.

BONNIE: Is there a different sort of energy deposit around our ski condo at the mountain? I wonder if you could talk to us about the energy at the mountain and why dreaming and meditating feel different there, and even the evil face that we saw there at first.

ELIAS: Yes, there is a different type of energy in that physical location.

BONNIE: Can you talk about it?

ELIAS: And what is your direction?

BONNIE: We are wondering if it’s a historical deposit of some sort related to native peoples. We’re just trying to interpret why it feels so different, why it is so powerful.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, every physical location incorporates many energy deposits in association with all of the individuals that have incorporated the location as a dwelling.

Now; the mixture, so to speak, of all of these energies creates a type of energy deposit that the physical location in a manner of speaking takes to itself. Therefore, each physical location generates different types of energies.

Now; what you as individuals notice is a difference in your own energy as you move to different locations. Some locations resonate with your individual energy more strongly than other locations. Some locations resonate with your energy in different types of expressions, which generate different types of experiences.

This is not to say that certain locations incorporate a more mystical energy than others, but that the individuals that may draw themselves to certain locations recognize different expressions within their own energy and how that resonates with the energy of the location, and in some areas this may be expressed quite powerfully. For in some areas, the energy deposits of the individuals that have been in dwelling there throughout your ages may have expressed more of an openness in certain directions, and therefore the energy in the physical location is helpful in facilitating an openness within individuals that may visit or also may relocate themselves to the area. Are you understanding?

BONNIE: Yes, I am.

ELIAS: This is what you within your physical associations and beliefs term to be vortexes, which there are many of, in your terms, within your physical dimension and associated with your planet.

BONNIE: So, can you speak to me about the evil face that I saw at first there?

ELIAS: This is an association filtered through your beliefs in association with duplicity and judgment, for in actuality there is no expression of evil.

BONNIE: Was the face a real face from another time in that location? Or what was the face?


BONNIE: It was a real face?


BONNIE: Well, that’s fascinating. Can you tell me who it was?

ELIAS: Another focus of yourself.

BONNIE: A native? North American?


BONNIE: Located in that location?


BONNIE: That’s fascinating. Was it a male?


BONNIE: Oh, that will be fun! (Elias chuckles) Can you tell me a bit about focuses? I wonder how do focuses of the same essence locate themselves in space and time. Might they be in the same family for example, or might they know each other well, or are they always far apart?

ELIAS: Generally speaking, essences do not generate focuses within the same time framework which incorporate physical proximity to each other. But in rare expressions, it is expressed at times by some essences, that they may choose to experience more than one focus in association with another focus and perhaps even in the same physical family. But as I have stated, this is quite unusual.

Generally speaking, in any one time framework the focuses of attention are generated in different physical locations and different cultures, and in this manner the essence generates another expression of diversity in experiences, which is the point.

BONNIE: I see. Could you suggest some focuses that I could try to access? (Pause)

ELIAS: I shall offer to you two focuses that you and your partner may be exploring together, if you are so choosing. For as you pool your energy, as you are aware, you generate more of an ease in creating a movement of energy, which offers you clearer information, and also you generate fun! (Chuckles)

BONNIE: Nothing wrong with that!

ELIAS: Very well! One, 17th century Denmark — in this focus, you are expressing the relationship of brothers.

BONNIE: In what occupation?

ELIAS: In this focus, you may begin your investigation in association with school, for you both express a tremendous curiosity and preference in relation to school, and continue in that expression for quite a time framework.

Another focus that you may be investigating: northern Native Americans. In this focus, you incorporate similar relationship to the focus now.

BONNIE: A husband and wife?

ELIAS: Yes. You also being the female and your partner the male. You incorporate parenting of four children. You incorporate what you may term to be relatively a quietness in this focus — much ease and comfort, little drama and very little conflict.

BONNIE: What time frame? (Pause)

ELIAS: Fifteen hundreds.

BONNIE: And when you say northern Native American, that would be far north?

ELIAS: That physical location that you now refer to as Canada.

BONNIE: This will be fun! (Elias chuckles) Thank you.

I have another question. Would you talk a little bit about the human brain and its responsiveness to sounds or signals or rhythms? We’ve studied a method called the Silva Method and we know there are other ways of hypnotic phenomena, other ways of getting the brain to exhibit certain waves like alpha brain waves. Can you talk a little bit about this process?

ELIAS: And what is your curiosity?

BONNIE: Well, if that capability exists and if it’s so easily linked to a method, why is it used so rarely? Is it something from the past or used more in the future?

ELIAS: I may express to you, you may generate this type of expression in many different manners. You associate through your beliefs many ideas concerning your physical brain, and you attribute many different expressions to your physical brain.

Now; I may also express to you as I have previously, your actual physical brain generates much less of your self than you afford it. Your physical brain is an organ within your physical manifestation which functions in relation to the mechanics of your physical body consciousness, but it is not what generates thought or different states, so to speak, of consciousness — even dreaming. Your physical body and your neurological system, so to speak, respond to directions of the subjective awareness of yourself, but it is not creating them.

BONNIE: What is creating them?

ELIAS: You as consciousness, which is not a physical expression. It is an action.

You are not actually an entity. You manifest a physical entity that you think of as you, but it is a projection of you in one attention, and that attention projects an energy and creates through an objective awareness and perception a physical manifestation. Quite an intricate physical manifestation, but this is directed by an attention and the attention is an expression of consciousness of essence. Therefore, you generate a thing from no-thing.

Now; in association with consciousness and how you project this physical manifestation, you may easily move in what you term to be different states, so to speak, of what you identify as consciousness merely in the incorporation of allowing your attention to drift and relax. What you term to be ANY type of hypnotic state is in actually merely an allowance of the individual to relax their objective awareness and allow their attention to drift.

BONNIE: And it’s all real, then? It’s not...

ELIAS: Quite!

BONNIE: Nothing is imagined?

ELIAS: Quite!

BONNIE: Or imagination is real, I suppose.

ELIAS: Imagination IS quite real. It is a communication avenue. Imagination is a real avenue of communication that you offer to yourselves in a manner which provides inspiration. But it offers you quite real information, and (in) relaxing your attention and allowing it to drift, you also create an action of allowing yourself to de-focus, in a manner of speaking, your intensity of attention in this one manifestation.

For the most part, you concentrate your attention quite intensely in this one focus of attention, therefore generating preciseness and clarity in your experiences within this one focus. BUT in relaxing that objective expression of attention, you allow yourself to drift in other directions, and they are all quite real.

BONNIE: That’s fascinating! We’ve been reading your “SNAP” method and we’ve been reading about lucid dreaming and we’re a little frustrated with the out-of-body experience practice. But I do notice I get bruises from my dreams! (Elias laughs) Can you talk a little bit about that?

ELIAS: In actuality, this does occur with some individuals, and you may be expressing somewhat of a quandary with this type of expression! But let me say to you, this is evidence of the reality of your movement.

Now; as I have expressed previously in our conversation, your perception creates all of your reality in this physical dimension, and in this, your subjective awareness directs the physical body consciousness. Within your sleep state, you move your attention more strongly to the subjective awareness. This is not to say that you do not continue to incorporate an objective awareness and that your attention is not partially continued to be focused in association with the objective awareness, for it is. But as you generate subjective actions, as I have stated many times, the objective awareness is always in harmony with the subjective awareness. Therefore, as you generate actions in subjective awareness, you reflect those actions in objective awareness. Therefore, the subjective awareness directs the body consciousness to manifest certain creations as a reflection of the movement or the action that is being created subjectively.

Now; I may also express to you in association with projection, you ARE projecting quite often. You are merely not incorporating an objective recognition of that action. In this, allowing yourself to relax and not generate expectations in association with the action of projection, you may allow yourself more easily to incorporate the objective awareness of that action and therefore incorporate a knowing objectively of what you are doing, so to speak, in the time framework that you are doing it, or you may incorporate a recall or memory of a projection subsequent to it.

BONNIE: By relaxing?

ELIAS: This is, in actuality, all that is necessary to be generating that action.

BONNIE: Do you have any suggestions or advice or comments for me as I work on expanding my consciousness?

ELIAS: Be noticing.

BONNIE: Be noticing?

ELIAS: Hold your attention to yourself and hold your attention in the now, and be noticing the moments that you are NOT generating that action.

BONNIE: I will do that! (Elias chuckles) Were you playing with our car yesterday?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Merely an introduction!

BONNIE: It was you! (Elias laughs) I thought so! You’re a rascal!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! But of course!

BONNIE: Well, Elias, this has been a real pleasure. I really do appreciate your talking to me today.

ELIAS: And I shall be anticipating our next meeting and shall be offering a playful energy to you. (Chuckles)

BONNIE: Thank you very much!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome! Incorporate less seriousness, my friend! Be playful!

BONNIE: Okay! (Laughs)

ELIAS: I express to you in tremendous affection, au revoir.

BONNIE: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 11:45 AM.

(1) The SNAP method of projection, paraphrased from , 6/26/98:

  1. Decide on an objective: another location, a person in another location, another dimension, another time, or another focus which you are greatly motivated to see. Choose specifically. Repeat this several times to yourself before beginning your visualization. Remind yourself that this is a wondrous adventure and this is FUN!
  2. Set a timer with a bell or alarm for ten minutes.
  3. Allow yourself quietness and relaxation. Visualize yourself on the top of a mountain (or you may create a different location), and experience fully all the aspects of the visualization. Engage ALL of your outer senses within this state. Move into a total mergence of the visualization.
  4. The alarm bell will be your SNAP. Think immediately of your intended direction and wait. Do not allow yourself to drift into other thoughts. It is unnecessary to repeat your direction over and over to yourself. Wait and hold within the thought. In less than five minutes a new visual will appear. You may manifest an “astral” body. You may move freely about, and manipulate.
  5. Be accepting of however you project and your manifestation of that projection, and not anticipate or expect a certain “method” for its accomplishment. Recognize that you shall create the most efficient manner to be projecting without fearfulness.
  6. Do not be discounting if you experience a partial projection but also snap back to your physical form, for you have accomplished initially! Do not be discouraged if you are not initially accomplishing! Continue practicing; it offers familiarity, and familiarity offers ease and effortlessness. Practice is quite beneficial to you.

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Copyright 2002 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.