Session 1191

Exploring Dream Imagery


“Exploring Dream Imagery”
“More on Political Focus”
“Gramada Alignment”

Friday, November 22, 2002 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Paul (Ottell)

Elias arrives at 2:20 PM. (Arrival time is 20 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

PAUL: Good afternoon, Elias! We meet again! Your voice sounds a little different this time. (Elias laughs) Well, I’m a lot calmer than I was a year ago when we spoke.

ELIAS: Ah! (Chuckles)

PAUL: I just have some questions, mostly about dreams, and maybe a few other questions if we have some time.

ELIAS: Very well.

PAUL: The first dream I’d like to talk about is one that I had with my sister, KC. In that dream, or the dream image of her, I was in a building but the building seemed to be open. It seemed to be like an inside/outside thing. That’s more or less my recollection of it. In that dream, I said to myself that I lost an inch, and I tightened my belt. Then I was with my sister and there were many other people there.

We walked along a pathway, like a stone pathway or sort of like a sidewalk-type thing, and then we went to a doorway. As we went through this doorway to a more open place, the wind was blowing through this doorway toward us. We walked through the doorway and walked outside, and it seemed to be much more spacious out there. There were other people walking in through the doorway to the inside of this area where we were.

My impression is that it was a shift dream and that we were widening our awareness and moving into a larger area of consciousness. Can you give me some insight on that also?

ELIAS: Yes. Your impression is correct, although it also is imagery that you have presented to yourself in association with the dream city and allowing yourself to view a part, so to speak, of that city, and engaging interaction and that activity with your sibling.

PAUL: What is this dream city? What does that represent?

ELIAS: It is a city that is being constructed now by many individuals in dream state, and is what you may term to be a future city, which shall be inserted into your physical reality.

PAUL: Is this the same dream city that everybody has been speaking about from time to time?


PAUL: I’ve had other dreams about this city, also.

ELIAS: Many individuals are participating in the creation of this dream city and generating new imagery that in a manner of speaking creates a construct of the city, which shall be physically in existence in the future.

PAUL: I see. Well, it must be a very interesting place, because I’ve had several dreams about that city and met different people there. People that I don’t know in this focus and other people that I do know were there in different dreams that I’ve had about that city.

ELIAS: Correct, and each time individuals engage this action of dream imagery in relation to that city, you insert another construction of it.

PAUL: That’s very interesting.

ELIAS: Therefore, you are all participating in the creation of it now, although it shall not be physically constructed, so to speak, until the future.

PAUL: I understand.

I had another dream and I believe that the area was in Mexico. It may have been in another area, in South America, possibly. But in this dream, there was a large indentation in the ground, similar to a step pyramid that was upside-down. I participated in this dream with my friend Mary, who we spoke about in my last session, or the dream image of her. I ran down the side of the slope, and at the bottom of the slope was a grassy area that looked like it had been previously filled with water. I believe that I remember seeing a small concrete rectangular spot at the bottom. I don’t remember if there was anything in that spot, but I remember saying that I have been here before.

Then we went on to another area. We walked up the other side and across another open area, and then there was a large stone or concrete building similar to a castle-type building but not a castle. I remember that I was on an area on a different level on the outside of the building. I jumped off the building, and my friend said to me that there were some painters there painting the building black. I remember my friend saying to me that I should help them because I could make a lot of money if I helped them paint the building black. I also remember that there was a black fire escape ladder on the outside of the building, and I think I climbed up part of that.

I don’t have too many impressions about what this particular dream means. Can you help me out with that? It was a little bit confusing in my mind as to what the dream image means.

ELIAS: This dream imagery is associated with another focus, allowing yourself to view certain aspects of another focus of yourself in this location.

Now; some of the imagery is altered and may be viewed as a translation of some of the activities and experiences that are actually occurring in that focus. But for the most part, the imagery that you have presented to yourself is accurately associated with this other focus in which you do interact with this other individual also, and you engage some actions of construction in that focus.

The imagery of painting the structure is a translation of an interaction that occurs with other individuals in association with construction rather than painting. In this, you as that individual express a reluctance to be engaging this activity with these other individuals, for you incorporate somewhat of an expression of suspicion in relation to these other individuals and therefore are not expressing a willingness to be involving yourself in this activity. This is the reason that you image it to be black.

PAUL: Oh, I see. But that’s just a translation of it, though. That’s just my translation of the construction, not actual painting though.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: I had a dream with my friend Melanie and yourself. In this very short dream, I recollected you and she were on some kind of a high area, like a cliff area, viewing the surrounding area in front of you. I believe it was a broad expanse of land or open area. I believe there were mountains in the background. I think that I remember it being blue; I’m not quite sure. I wanted to come over and speak to you, but that was the end of the dream. Was that telling me that you have an interaction with my friend? Or what exactly was happening in that dream?


PAUL: I thought so. She told me about a dream that she had, a blue poodle dream. Did this have something to do with you also?


PAUL: Let me see. What else do I want to speak about? I was not too well prepared for this, being with you today. I have been very busy. (Both laugh)

I bought a piece of property in Nevada. I was on the Internet and I found a piece of property in Nevada to buy. I had an impulse to buy this piece of property, which I did. It is in a very unpopulated area with a wide expanse of land around this piece of property, with mountains in the distance. Do you have any comment on that? Is that shift-related?

ELIAS: The choice to be acquiring this property? In a manner of speaking, you may view this to be associated with your shifting, for it is an expression of listening to your communications and trusting yourself in those communications. For the energy in this area is much more in alignment with your energy individually, and therefore you may be experiencing more of an ease in your movement.

As I have expressed with other individuals, there is a significance associated with the physical locations that individuals choose to be residing, for there are different energy deposits in different physical locations, and some energies mesh more efficiently and easily with the energy of the individual. You shall generate much more of a comfort in those types of physical locations than you shall in other locations in which your energy is not necessarily as compatible with the energy deposits of the physical location.

PAUL: I think I love that area of the country. I was out there when I was very young, and I liked the West very much. This particular piece of property came up for sale, and I just followed my impulses and trusted myself and I bought the piece of property. I haven’t seen it yet. I’m going to go out there next week and visit the area. (Laughs with Elias)

ELIAS: Which is an expression of trust!

PAUL: Yes, it is, thank you.

I had a dream years ago. In this dream, there was a multi-dimensional painting, and the painting was very large. I was a very small child in this dream, and the painting seemed very large to me, like half the size of a wall — if I had to put a size on it, 12 feet by 12 feet. If you viewed the painting, it kept changing. Many different letters of the alphabet would come, then they would disappear and other ones would come. I definitely remember one of the letters being an A, but also a name associated with that painting was My. I don’t know exactly what “My” means.

Also in this dream, I had the dream image of my sister KC. She took me by the hand, and we left the painting and we walked up some steps. I believe there were 21 or 22 steps, they were slightly circular, and then there was a doorway at the top.

Was this an introduction from you, or is this related to something else?

ELIAS: This is in actuality more of an introduction of yourself to yourself! Ha ha ha!

PAUL: Is that where the word “My” came from?


PAUL: I understand. What do the stairs represent in that dream?

ELIAS: Different layers. Not necessarily steps or levels, but they are representative of different layers of yourself and the diversity of yourself as essence and the changeability that you incorporate.

PAUL: I understand. Now, I know that we are speaking objectively with Mary and with you. Does this energy exchange come through layers of consciousness?


PAUL: With myself?


PAUL: That was one of the questions. I thought so, but I wasn’t exactly sure how the transformation of energy was, though.


PAUL: So there’s actually like a part of me — I know that there aren’t any parts — or a layer of me that is in the same region that you’re in or the same layer that you’re in.


PAUL: I sort of understand that.

ELIAS: Yes. In this, I may express to you that I do not merely engage an energy exchange with Michael and therefore objectively speak with each of you, I also am engaging an energy exchange with each of you as we interact with each other. This energy is filtered through many layers of consciousness.

PAUL: Staying on the same subject of energy, I seem to be at times — but have not been entirely successful — objectively following this line of energy per se into different layers. Following along with the energy, I’ll be reading sessions or messages from people on the E-list or I’ll get emails from people that I know, and I’ll actually feel their energy. I’m beginning to feel the difference between other individuals’ energy and my own, and I find that quite interesting.

ELIAS: This is quite significant, my friend, for I am quite encouraging of individuals to be paying attention to energy expressions and allow themselves to objectively incorporate the action of distinguishing their own individual energy from other energies and other individuals’ energies, for you interact with energy continuously. You need not be incorporating physical proximity or even objective communication with other individuals to be interactive with the energy expressions of them, and this is an aspect of familiarizing yourself with your own energy and recognizing the difference in expression between your energy and that of another individual or another expression.

It also may be helpful in recognizing the different expressions of energy of other focuses of yourself, for they are all you but they do express different qualities of energy. This allows you to become much more familiar objectively with yourself, and therefore you also allow yourself much more of a realization of your abilities and how to be manipulating energy intentionally.

PAUL: I see what you’re saying. I’ll have to wait for the tape and I’ll listen to that again. That would help me to understand it a little better. (Elias laughs)

When I have dreams of other focuses, a lot of times I’ll think of the other focus as being me. But I’m beginning to see the difference, so maybe I’m feeling the energy that is different. I’m starting to notice that when I do have dreams of other focuses, I’m beginning to notice that it’s actually another focus. Even though it’s me, I can feel a difference of energy there. I’m just beginning to notice that.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: Also, I’d never thought about this before, but I’ve had many dreams about swimming in the water in different areas, doing different things. It never dawned on me before — because I love the water so much, so having water dreams doesn’t seem unfamiliar to me — but I’m beginning to think that I have dolphin focuses. Do I have dolphin focuses?

ELIAS: One. But this imagery is significant also, for it is a dream trigger.

PAUL: Oh, I see. I didn’t even think about that! I’ll remember that. (Both laugh)

My friend Melanie had a dream about being on a ranch with me. Did she choose that probability in that dream? Or is that just a personal thing with her?

ELIAS: In what capacity?

PAUL: She had a dream about living on a ranch with me, with horses and other animals there. I don’t know what you mean by “capacity.” Was this a futuristic dream of hers?

ELIAS: Not necessarily, although that may be altered. But this imagery is associated with a probable reality and creating choices that have generated a probable reality in which this is a reality.

PAUL: I see. I understand what you’re saying.

I was speaking to the same individual on the phone one evening, and at the same time that I saw a blue flash or a blue dot, my friend saw a shadow pass by her. Was that an interaction from you?


PAUL: I really thought that that is exactly what that was. I didn’t understand that until I read in one of the sessions that you’re interactive with other individuals that we in the forum are interactive with.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

PAUL: I thought that that’s what it was, but I just wanted a verification for myself, for my own objective understanding. (Both laugh)

I’ve had so many dreams; I should have taken some time and sorted these things out a little bit better! (Both laugh) Oh, gosh! Well, we’ll just talk about something else.

I’m politically focused, and I understand a little bit about what that means, but there isn’t a whole lot written on it. It has to do with input and output through our senses more so than our emotions. I know that I have emotions (laughs) and I’m recognizing and giving more free play to that. But is there anything more specific about politically focused people that you could add to what you’ve already said?

ELIAS: Individuals incorporating political focus may be more closely associated with those individuals that are identified as thought focused, but there are some differences in their expressions.

Individuals that are politically focused generally express more interaction with other individuals, not necessarily in groups, but there is expressed an ease more so in interaction with other individuals and more of an ease in their ability to translate different expressions of emotionally focused individuals.

Thought-focused individuals at times confuse themselves with the expressions and behaviors of individuals that may be emotionally focused. An individual that is politically focused generates more of an ease in those types of translations, and therefore is more easily interactive with many different types of individuals. These individuals also move easily in groups, if they are so choosing to associate themselves with any types of groups.

Now; this is not necessarily to express that they shall affiliate themselves with established types of groups of individuals; they may choose to be engaging that action or not. But any type of group interaction does not generate tremendous conflict or confusion for individuals that are politically focused. They incorporate an ease in mingling, so to speak.

PAUL: I understand what you’re saying. I find interaction with people very easy. I don’t participate in any structured group, so to speak. But on the other hand, there is a loosely fitted group of individuals that I do participate with, and I find an ease of movement with these people. I deal with many, many, many people, mostly through my job, but it matters not in which way. I have always gotten along and found it quite easy dealing with people. That’s very true.

ELIAS: Correct. In this, in certain environments such as employment or companies in your terms, individuals that are politically focused interact well with these types of groups — not necessarily, as I have stated, being an established group such as a church or an organization. Although, individuals that are politically focused, if they are choosing to affiliate themselves with these types of groups, generate an ease in that environment also. But generally speaking, in any type of group environment they allow themselves to blend easily and well with many different types of individuals.

Now; there are individuals that generate a similar type of expression in association with the essence family of Ilda. But it is not quite the same, for individuals that are politically focused do not necessarily move in the direction of exchanging, so to speak. This is not a direction, in a manner of speaking, of their movement or an influence of their perception. Generally speaking, they merely generate a preference in interaction, and in that interaction they also generate an ease and a preference for the type of interaction that incorporates more than one other individual. These individuals move easily and are quite gay at parties.

PAUL: (Laughs) Well, that’s very interesting! (Elias chuckles)

I know Ildas like to talk a lot, too, so I can see where they would get along with groups of people, if they are so choosing also.

ELIAS: Yes! (Laughs)

PAUL: Well, let me see what else I have to talk about today.

Years ago, I had a dream about bears. (Laughs) I think this was another dimension somewhere. These bears were standing upright and their eyes lit up like flashlights. I remember a voice saying that few individuals ever come this far or ever come here. I was there participating with another friend of mine, another individual or dream image of that individual. Then we were playing basketball and another person came along and said, “Oh, they’re coming; you have to leave now.”

Was that another dimension that I visited? Bears are usually considered to be friendly creatures, so this dimension must have been a friendly place.

ELIAS: This is your translation, yes. Yes, this is associated with another physical dimension, and your translation in objective imagery is to image these beings, so to speak, as bears, for it more accurately generates an association with what you know in this physical dimension.

PAUL: Why were their eyes lit up?

ELIAS: This is your translation of a difference of physical manifestation, which suggests to you objectively that they are not in actuality bears but a different type of physical manifestation, and your closest association to these manifestations would be a bear.

PAUL: Oh, I see. That was quite an interesting dream. I remembered that dream for years and years. I always pretty much thought that was a different dimension. I didn’t realize it was a different physical dimension, though.


PAUL: That was interesting, thank you.

ELIAS: Ha ha! You are quite welcome.

PAUL: I had another dream, and in the dream my friend came to me — an individual that I speak of often — and she had the number 247. Is that the number of focuses that we share together?


PAUL: What does that number mean? Or are they individual numbers with different meanings?

ELIAS: They are numbers to be incorporated together in addition, which produces the number of shared focuses. It is a puzzle.

PAUL: So it’s 13? Would that be it, or is it more of a puzzle? Do I need to investigate?

ELIAS: This is correct.

PAUL: Thank you. In another dream, I had the number 12. I read in one of the sessions that you said 12 means sameness. Is that what this 12 means?

ELIAS: No. Each individual generates imagery that they may uniquely associate with, and therefore what may be translated in one manner and association with one expression may be also translated in a different manner in a different situation or expression or circumstance.

Now; the number 12 as you have incorporated it is imagery that you have presented to yourself as a symbol of balance.

PAUL: Well, I’ll remember that! Whenever I see the 12, I’ll remember that I’m in balance! (Both laugh)

I had another dream with my friend. It was an island dream. This was quite a large island, and there were beaches and trees and open fields. I was on the island. She came to the island with another individual on a boat, and then the other individual left. There weren’t any buildings on the island that I recollect, except for the one building that we were in for a short while. I said to my friend that I can do this myself, and a partial translation of what she said or what I remember her saying was something like, no, she wanted to help too.

I don’t exactly know what this island meant. It may have just been a meeting place where we could interact together. Was this island part of the dream city that we’ve spoken about?

ELIAS: No. This is actually specific imagery that you have expressed to yourself. The island is a representation. It is imagery that symbolizes a separation or an expression of isolation to a point, but you also incorporate an action of interaction with another individual. But in this interaction with the other individual, you are expressing your reluctance to be sharing experience.

This is significant imagery, for it is a communication to you that at times you incorporate a stubbornness in choosing to be engaging actions yourself and not allowing for the sharing and exchange with other individuals. You do not express this often, generally speaking, but you do incorporate this action at times in which you may be generating much more of an expression of acceptance and also ease were you to allow yourself to be sharing an experience with another individual.

PAUL: What I understand you’re saying though is that as I begin to trust myself more, this will be reflected in more of a sharing with other people...


PAUL: ...individually?


PAUL: I understand what you’re saying. Well, let me see if I can think of another dream. I’ve had so many dreams! I should’ve written more of them down.

A while ago, earlier in this year, the building that I have my business in was filled with rats. They were in the walls and they were in the ceiling. We had rats everywhere! (Laughs) You could call it the “rat building,” if you like.

What do these rats represent? They’re not here anymore; they’re gone. But what did these rats represent? I don’t exactly understand where they all came from, why they were all here. But there were rats everywhere! Can you help me out with that a little bit?

ELIAS: And what is your impression? Attempt! (Laughs)

PAUL: They were digging through the walls and they were going through the ceilings. They were going in all the hidden places that you wouldn’t normally view objectively. They were running around behind the scenes, so to speak. I kind of associated that with myself, as looking into the hidden places of myself.

ELIAS: Partially, but also express to myself your recall of what was occurring in association with yourself and your business in that time framework.

PAUL: I was involved with another individual that I actually turned part of this business over to. I tried to have a working relationship with this other individual, which didn’t quite work out exactly as I had hoped that it would.

ELIAS: Now; may you generate the association between the creatures and what you were generating? An annoyance! (Laughs)

PAUL: Right! That is very true. That was very much of an annoyance and it was quite a confusing time. As my energy calmed down, so to speak, or as I paid more attention to me, the rats left and he left with them. (Both laugh)

ELIAS: Quite creative, my friend! Ha ha!

PAUL: It was quite creative. A little bit scary, almost, it was so creative! (Both laugh) Well, thank you. So many things have happened, and the answers usually seem — not always, but a lot of times — they seem to be so simple.

ELIAS: Quite! (Chuckles)

PAUL: Sometimes in my interactions with my sisters, different things or situations occur, and they’ll say or I’ll even say, “Well, the answer is real simple.” Usually if we think about it or discuss it for a while, we’ll come up with an answer or a translation of what had happened or what had occurred.

ELIAS: You are quite correct. Individuals generally move in the direction of attempting to complicate many situations or complicate their analyzation of different scenarios and experiences and events, and in actuality for the most part your answers may be quite simple.

PAUL: Well, I found that I was over-analyzing simple scenarios or simple actions that had occurred and confusing it rather than just taking a moment to calm myself down and just think about what actually had happened. Normally it would be something very simple.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: Just like the rats — it was an annoyance. (Elias laughs) That’s exactly what it was! It was an annoyance. It was as simple as that. Maybe I presented myself with this a little bit extravagantly because I wasn’t paying attention to the communication that actually was occurring.

ELIAS: Correct. (Slight pause)

PAUL: I wrote some notes down. I’m having a little bit of a hard time reading them. Sometimes I scribble, I write so fast! (Laughs) I should print a little more clearly. (Elias laughs)

I’m aligned with the Gramada family, and I looked up in the digest about Gramada. You’ve never spoke a whole lot about that. Can you give me a little bit more information on the Gramada family also at this time?

ELIAS: Directions and expressions that may be incorporated by individuals that align with this particular family may in some respects appear obvious and in some respects not appear obvious.

For individuals that align with this family express many innovative or initiating actions without intending to be generating that type of expression. They merely engage actions in relation to what they may be engaging in any particular moment or creating in any particular moment, and generally speaking, without an objective intention, you generate imagery that is associated with movements or expressions or actions that other individuals are engaging.

In a manner of speaking, as an example, an individual that is aligned with Gramada may be engaging a creative action and generating a product, so to speak. This is merely an action of engaging their own expression of creativity, and they are not generating a thought process associated with any other individuals as they engage the activity. Subsequent to their creation of a particular product, so to speak, other individuals shall be connecting with that product in other manners which offer them information.

Therefore, in a manner of speaking, the manner in which you initiate certain movements is associated with other individuals. You may generate an action and you may not objectively be incorporating any intention to be influencing other individuals in any manner, but what you generate, other individuals view and express an association with, which allows them information and is their imagery, in a manner of speaking.

As an example, perhaps an individual that is aligned with this family may create an object, a vase, and may choose to be incorporating specific colors in association with this vase, and a particular shape.

Now; their action of creating the vase is merely an expression of their creativity and generating a product. The individual may be expressing their personal pleasure in generating this object, or it may be a task associated with their job.

Now; once producing this object, other individuals may be drawn to the object and it shall become their objective imagery to suggest other information to them. Therefore, in a manner of speaking, individuals that are aligned with this family may be viewed as a type of conduit, a connector.

PAUL: I understand what you’re saying. That’s very interesting. That never even occurred to me.

ELIAS: Other individuals may interpret the imagery in their unique manner, but the significant connecting element is that it is a presentment of imagery or a producing of imagery by the individuals that are aligned with this family.

PAUL: I see what you’re saying. So this could produce like a whole different chain of probabilities or possibilities connected with these other individuals.

ELIAS: Correct!

PAUL: While you were speaking, I thought of another question and then I forgot what it was! (Laughs and Elias laughs) Oh, I remember. When I was in Hawaii a few years ago, I had a visualization. I was walking near the beach in a grove of fruit trees, and in this visualization some Hawaiians — I think they were all men — ran past me. These men weren’t physical; you would think of them as being a dream image.

Did I have focuses in Hawaii? That was on the island of Maui. These were native Hawaiians. It would have been in the past. It looked like they may have been hunters.


PAUL: Was one of those individuals me?


PAUL: That’s what I thought that that was. Could you tell me approximately what year that may have been? (Pause)

ELIAS: Within late 1800s, quite early 1900s.

PAUL: My impression was it was actually earlier than that. In this focus at this time I’m not that familiar with what was actually going on in the 1800s, but I guess there were a lot of whaling ships out in Hawaii at that particular time. I don’t know if they were connected with any of these. It seemed like they were not. It seemed like they just lived on the island.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: I’ll have to do some more investigating. I had never been much of a person that cared about people’s names, so when I visit with these other focuses I don’t come up with names or anything. I just have more of an impression and know that they are part of me.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: It’s more of an energy exchange, I suppose, and I never really cared what their names were or are.

ELIAS: I am understanding, and it is unnecessary to be expressing this type of detail, so to speak, other than if you are choosing to be incorporating that type of information. But in actuality, it matters not. What is significant is that you allow yourself an objective recognition that you are more expansive than merely this one focus of attention.

PAUL: In this focus in Hawaii, was I interactive with my sister, KC? Because I know that she has had some focuses in the islands out there, out in that particular area.


PAUL: Let me check the time. I don’t know how much time we’ve got left, and I know Mary is busy. Oh, we better go, Elias! (Elias laughs) Mary said she has another appointment, and I know she’s been a little stressed since she had her throat operation.

ELIAS: Very well, my friend. I anticipate our next meeting, and I shall continue to be playful with you in the interim time framework.

PAUL: Well, I’m aware of your energy. Are you interactive with us individually all the time, and we’re noticing some of the times?

ELIAS: For the most part.

PAUL: Thank you very much for our interaction today, and I’ll be speaking with you again.

ELIAS: Very well, my friend. I am encouraging of you in your movement. I express to you great affection and friendship.

PAUL: I have great friendship for you also, Elias. Thank you very much.

ELIAS: Ha ha! In fondness, au revoir.

PAUL: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 3:24 PM.

(1) Originally expressed as: “Other individuals may interpret the imagery in their unique manner, but that it is a presentment of imagery or a producing of imagery by the individuals that are aligned with this family is the significant connecting element.”

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