Session 1174

Who Is My Oversoul?


“Who Is My Oversoul?”
“Political Focus”
“It Is YOU Offering Yourself Information”

Monday, October 28, 2002 (Private)
Participants: Mary (Michael) and Luana (Ring)
Elias arrives at 12:14 PM. (Arrival time is 24 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon.

LUANA: Good afternoon, Elias. (Elias chuckles) I would ask you how you are, but I know you’re always the same.

ELIAS: Precisely. (Chuckles)

LUANA: I’m doing two sessions with you today. The first hour is about me personally, and the second hour is I’ve brought some questions and some tiles in and pretty much it’s going to be around “Oversoul Seven” and the trilogy.

ELIAS: Very well.

LUANA: I have a computer sitting in front of me with some questions and also my journal, so I’ll be going back and forth between the two of them to ask you different questions. I’m going to go into my computer first, and I have some of my personal questions there. The first ones are kind of general, and they have to do with my focuses.

I didn’t get a chance to ask you last time, how many focuses within this physical dimension have I?

ELIAS: One thousand two hundred twenty-eight.

LUANA: How many focuses do I have in this time framework right now?

ELIAS: Four.

LUANA: Are any of those connected with me where I’m living right now?


LUANA: Are they in the United States?


LUANA: What are the earliest and latest appearances of all my focuses?

ELIAS: Within linear time, earliest, 1600 BC; latest, 29th century.

LUANA: Thank you. Am I presently interacting with other focuses?

ELIAS: Of your essence or of other essences?

LUANA: Of my own.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes, for they are all you.

LUANA: Yes, but like in my dreams or altered states, is there an interconnection between us, and are we exchanging information about each other?


LUANA: Is this one of the four that is presently alive?


LUANA: Are any of the focuses in this time framework now having a big influence on my focus?


LUANA: Am I either a first focus or a final focus?

ELIAS: You are not a beginning focus. And what is your impression as to a final focus?

LUANA: From your description that I’ve read, I would say no.

ELIAS: You are correct.

LUANA: Do you and I have any affiliations beyond the general sense of being consciousness?

ELIAS: Yes, incorporating several focuses.

LUANA: What were those relationships in other timeframes?

ELIAS: Some acquaintances, some adversarial and some friendships.

LUANA: In the friendship one, what timeframe is that in?

ELIAS: First century, 11th century, 16th century, 19th century.

LUANA: Thank you. Are any of my other focuses benefiting from or being affected by the work or understanding I’m getting from your writing or sessions?


LUANA: Are they all benefiting?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes. For as you benefit, all of your focuses benefit, for they are all you. As to information, not necessarily, for those future focuses already possess the information that I am offering to you.

LUANA: Thank you. Who is the oversoul of my essence, its tone or name, so I can be in direct contact with it in my sleep state or altered states, and how can I recognize it?

ELIAS: Recognize that this is a story; therefore it is not literal. It is offered as an example. It is also offered in conjunction with a particular time framework, a particular movement of energy within your physical dimension, to be assimilating information in a new manner in association with this shift in consciousness, and also in conjunction with some expressed mass beliefs as to offer an introduction to certain concepts without generating an overwhelmingness.

Throughout your history in this physical dimension, you have generated an association in conjunction with beliefs and in conjunction with the belief of separation, in which you create a philosophy that expresses an identification of a higher power — call it what you will, a guide, a god, angels, masters, oversouls. In actuality, as I have stated previously, there is no differentiation between essences. In actuality, essence is merely a designation of personality energy. But there is no separation of essence as consciousness, and there is no separation between essences.

I offer information and generate a distinction in relation to what is known to you within this physical reality that you may generate a clearer understanding of yourselves and of your reality and of consciousness within the design of your physical reality and what is known to you. Therefore, it is a translation.

In this, the concept of an oversoul is figurative; it is not literal. It is expressed to offer a concept to allow individuals to move or to transition more easily into the recognition of self as essence. Therefore, in response to your question “who is your oversoul?” — you.

LUANA: I understand.

ELIAS: Very well.

LUANA: Is there a name or tone of a Dream Walker I am closely in tune with that I may call upon to be helpful for my remembrance? (Pause)

ELIAS: If you are so choosing: Lyl, L-Y-L (LIL).

LUANA: Thank you. I want to get a little bit more information on the element of political from you. I know that the element has to do with the input and output of information, and when I searched throughout the sessions for more information on this there wasn’t very much information. I wonder if you could fill me in just briefly on why I have chosen to be of the political element, and what does that mean in my life?

ELIAS: It is a manner in which you process information and a manner in which you associate objectively within yourself and in relation to other individuals. In this, it is more closely associated with a thought focus but does incorporate some similarities in limited capacity to emotionally focused expressions, much more so than a thought-focused individual, but not nearly the expression of an emotionally focused individual.

In this, you allow yourself to process information, through your communications, and to observe your perception, which creates all of your reality, in what may be viewed as an intellectual manner. Also at times quite literally you input information to yourself objectively through thought first. But you also incorporate an allowance of feeling, not emotion, but feeling in association with the thought, therefore offering yourself two avenues in which to process inputting information that you offer to yourself.

You also allow yourself to input information in association with other individuals, not merely in association with your own process, so to speak. Figuratively speaking, it is not always necessary for you individually to be experiencing every concept. You incorporate the ability or you allow yourself to use the ability in association with your empathic sense to view another individual’s experience of a concept and filter this into your experience. Are you understanding?

LUANA: I think so.

ELIAS: This is an element of a political focus.

LUANA: My understanding is that this is not just in this particular dimension but that I’m able to do this in other dimensions also with the collective?

ELIAS: Yes, although it would not be identified in this manner as associated with a political focus, for that is relative to this physical dimension. Your abilities as essence are incorporated in other dimensions also. What you allow yourself to express in those abilities may be associated with the type of dimension which you may be focused within. For each dimension incorporates its own design, and therefore the manifestations and the movements may be quite different.

LUANA: I’m understanding. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

LUANA: I’m at a point where I’m confused about who creates what, because I hear and read different facets. Sometimes it’s the Dream Walkers that create all of this, sometimes it is the thing itself that creates itself, and other times I read that it is my perception that is creating reality. I haven’t been able to differentiate or correlate all three of those types of information. Could you kind of just briefly help me out with that?

ELIAS: Very well. Dream Walkers initiated the design of this physical dimension.

LUANA: Like architects?

ELIAS: Correct, but are not physically focused, and may participate in the continuation and movement of this physical dimension but are not directly creating its reality.

LUANA: So are they the developers of potential forms and creatures and trees and humans?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes. Your initial identification of architects is more accurate.

LUANA: They make blueprints, then, in a way?

ELIAS: Yes, which have already been established.

LUANA: They exist but they are not manifest physically?

ELIAS: Correct, therefore there is an allowance to be offering energy if it is so requested. But as to a direct expression of creating within this physical dimension, no, they are not.

LUANA: At one time you talked about a flower creating itself and when it is no more its energy moves off. But at the same time, I create the flower also. What is the difference there?

ELIAS: You are consciousness. Therefore, there is no separation, and therefore all that is within consciousness is an aspect of you and is within your potential to manipulate. I have expressed an identification of links of consciousness, which also is figurative, for it is a translation in language that you may understand. But it is fairly accurate.

In this, as you choose to be participating in this physical dimension, you project energy into this physical realm, so to speak, or area of consciousness. As you project energy into this area of consciousness, you as essence move your attention in many different manners. Each direction that you move your attention generates a physical manifestation, which is identified as a focus.

Now; each focus of attention, so to speak, generates a perception, which is extremely powerful.

Now; this mechanism of perception is a manipulation of energy. In conjunction with the design of this physical dimension, you manipulate energy in a projection, expressing in a manner of speaking a request of links of consciousness to move together to generate an actual physical reality. Once you have created the actual physical reality, the links of consciousness move together and create a manifestation. Once the manifestation is generated, it creates itself. You continue to create it through your perception or to not create it if it no longer exists within your perception, but it has been manifest. Therefore, from the point of inception it chooses its manifestation. It chooses how it shall continue to manifest itself.

LUANA: That’s interesting. So one of my questions might be, in regard to this, I live in an area that’s being devastated by logging. There are vast tracts of trees that are no longer existing because trees have been cut and used for other things, or the fish are gone or whatever the situation is there.

Is it possible for a group of people to sit and generate the energy to create a new forest and then it would continue existing from that point on? Or in the opposite way, would people be able to generate thought for cleaning up, say, a toxic river or nuclear waste or whatever and for it to no longer exist?

ELIAS: First of all, thought is a mechanism to translate and interpret into objective recognition communications. Thought does not precede nor does it generate reality.

LUANA: Perception does.

ELIAS: Correct. Thought is a mechanism to translate. That is its function. You may think and think and think, and that is not necessarily what may generate an actual reality.

LUANA: I’ve read about what actually creates it. So is there a possibility for the group of people together, working with their belief systems and all the other mechanisms that do generate manifest reality, is it possible for all of them to do that and generate the new forest?


LUANA: And from that time on it will exist in physical reality?

ELIAS: As it chooses to, and as you choose to continue to generate it.

LUANA: Other people that choose not to do that, would they not see the forest?

ELIAS: It is dependent upon their participation and their agreement, just as you participate in what you deem to be the destruction of the forest. It exists within your reality; therefore, you have created it.

LUANA: But you say once a thing is created it takes on a life of its own.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking. But it also moves in conjunction with your energy, for you have created it and therefore it is in agreement.

Those links of consciousness, in a manner of speaking, have no agenda. Therefore, as they incorporate no beliefs, it matters not whether they continue to configure themselves in that manner or whether they configure themselves in a different manner. What is influencing of that are your beliefs and the energy that you project.

LUANA: So if people believed... They’re running experiments in Japan right now with polluted water. The people do believe in that, and they sit around and they project into the water a non-toxic condition. So that does happen for them.

ELIAS: Correct.

LUANA: Because they take it back to the lab and they look inside, and whatever was there is now gone.

ELIAS: Correct.

LUANA: Thank you very much. I appreciate all that.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

LUANA: You suggested last time we spoke that it would be better for me to do active meditations I was engaged in sometimes rather than the direct writing I was doing. Why did you recommend one over the other for me?

ELIAS: In association with your beliefs. For in the action of automatic writing, you lean in the direction of associating that with some expression outside of yourself, [and] you shall offer more trust to that which is outside of yourself than you do to yourself.

LUANA: I see. I thought it was connected more to the Sumafi not being distorted, but both of them are distorted. I thought the visual would be more distorted than the writing, but that’s not necessarily the reason. You’re saying it has to do with my belief systems and who’s doing the writing and who’s doing the meditating.

ELIAS: Correct.

LUANA: Thank you. Is it possible to explain to me what the subjective movement in sleep is like prior to it being translated into symbol and image by my objective awareness? Is it possible for me to access and understand that energy before it is translated and distorted?

ELIAS: It is not necessarily distorted. Your objective and subjective awarenesses are in harmony continuously. Therefore, what is expressed subjectively is also mirrored objectively. It is merely expressed in different manners.

LUANA: I’m not following you here.

ELIAS: The objective and the subjective move in harmony. Therefore, what is expressed in one is expressed in the other. They are merely expressed in different manners. One is more abstract than the other. The objective awareness expresses in an abstract manner.

LUANA: What’s surrounding this question is that sometimes when I’m dreaming at nighttime, I know when I wake up that I have been active and involved in things, but there’s no real dream imagery. It’s as if it’s more of a direct knowing.

ELIAS: I am understanding, but this shall be reflected in some manner within your objective waking awareness.

LUANA: Without imagery?

ELIAS: Correct. Imagery is objective.

LUANA: How do I receive that? What is its form for my objective self before it is abstracted into imagery, symbols, things?

ELIAS: You ARE receiving. It is not separated, and one does not precede the other. Subjective activity does not always precede objective.

LUANA: It does not?


LUANA: They rise together?


LUANA: And then my objective self with my outer senses puts a translation, an interpretation, on there?


LUANA: So in truth and fact, if I were a little bit different in my perception, I may see them as energy rather than form?

ELIAS: Movement.

LUANA: Action?


LUANA: Well, I’ll have to carry on with that more later on. I’ll have to think about it for a while. (Elias chuckles)

Here’s one following right up upon it. In another part of my question about dreaming, you said when I talked to you last that I could view my objective waking imagery as dream imagery within the dream state. One of the outcomes of that was to generate a different perception and that I would move that perception into a different expression of sensation and feeling. Could you explain that just a little bit more for me?

ELIAS: You do not view your objective waking experience as abstract, but you do view your dream experience as abstract. Therefore, if you view your waking experience in similar manner to your dream imagery, you offer yourself the opportunity to alter your perception to view your reality in a different manner and in actuality in an expanded manner, for you allow yourself the opportunity to view your objective reality and experiences in less of an absolute manner and less literal.

LUANA: So the perceptions would be more flexible?

ELIAS: Correct, which allows for greater interpretation and more choice. For one subjective action may be expressed in thousands of objective manifestations, none of which is a distortion. They are merely abstract presentments of imagery, which reflect one action.

LUANA: And in seeing that widening there, then you have more choices to make...

ELIAS: Correct.

LUANA: ...from your own perceptions.

ELIAS: Correct. You allow for a certain expression of flexibility in dream imagery, for you view that as abstract. Therefore, you allow yourself a flexibility in your interpretation of it, whereas your waking objective imagery you view as solid and absolute.

LUANA: I see. I understand that now. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

LUANA: My partner Jim would like to know what he and I are exploring and experiencing together in this relationship that we have in this lifetime.

ELIAS: Express to him to listen to his impressions.

LUANA: (Laughs) All right, I’ll do that! (Elias chuckles)

When you state that you are in somebody’s waking or dream life, are you speaking as a you, a personality gestalt, or are you speaking in general terms as consciousness or energy — not as a consciousness or an energy, but in general as consciousness or energy? Do you understand what I’m asking?

ELIAS: I am understanding. I am expressing in those moments the personality energy of this essence Elias.

LUANA: I do gardening a lot and I don’t know a lot about gardening, so I have to ask the “nature spirits,” in quotes, or divas in my garden about where to plant something or some other gardening question. Who or what sends that information?


LUANA: I send it to myself?


LUANA: So my subjective self knows how to do it, but my objective self says it doesn’t know how, so it goes off to my self and asks?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes.

LUANA: There are no little fairies flying around over there, leprechauns or Pan, or any of that stuff? It’s all coming from me?

ELIAS: Yes, although you may create Pan and fairies, and generate those manifestations also if you are so choosing and incorporate them as a focal point.

LUANA: I seem to be directly connected to them. I used to do pendulum and a lot of other things. Now I just say to myself, “What should I do next? How should I proceed?” and it usually just tells me. I also tell it, “If I’m doing something wrong, tell me I’m doing it wrong,” and that information comes. (Elias chuckles)

Here are a couple of questions about attention. In Session #577, you stated that attention and awareness are not the same. I want to know what their difference is. Also, Seth gave an analogy of attention, saying it was like a particular station found on a radio bandwidth. If that holds, then when you speak of multiple attentions operating simultaneously, I presume that means that I am actually capable of being many stations on the radio simultaneously and able to track each one.

ELIAS: Correct.

LUANA: I also want to know, if concentration is not part of the thought processes, is it then more closely aligned with attention?


LUANA: So concentration and attention are aligned together, but it’s different than awareness. What is the difference between attention and awareness?

ELIAS: Awareness is your knowledge, information that you present to yourself and assimilate and therefore generate knowing, knowledge. Attention is you.

LUANA: Focus?


LUANA: And in this case, what I’ve chosen to do is be singularly focused for now...


LUANA: ...before I have a widening, so to speak.

ELIAS: You are already widening.

LUANA: So when Seth speaks of attaining to soulhood, what he’s really talking about is gaining information about who I am in a much broader sense?

ELIAS: Yes, becoming intimately familiar with you.

LUANA: On a multi-dimensional...


LUANA: ...and multi-time level?


LUANA: That’s what he means by the stretching of the awareness, then?


LUANA: Does attention also widen, or is attention always singularly focused?

ELIAS: No, it is not always singularly focused. It is not a question of widening; it is a question of mobility.

LUANA: Moving the singular to other things that you’re paying attention to?

ELIAS: Yes, in a manner of speaking; not necessarily singular.

LUANA: I think you said to me in one of the other conversations that I had with you that I could imagine a television set. In this day and age, they have little boxes...

ELIAS: Correct.

LUANA: ...that you can see different things happening.

ELIAS: Correct.

LUANA: So in a way, it is a singular attention because I can look at one box and another box and another box. But in another way, I can pull back and see many of the boxes operating at one time. Is that the multiple attentions that you’re talking about?

ELIAS: Correct.

LUANA: When I suddenly comprehend something, I feel as if it comes from outside of me all neatly bundled together, which I then unfold and put together. Where does this kind of direct knowing come from, and is it possible for me to use the “ah-ha” as a homing device to contact what is behind them?

ELIAS: It is generated by you.

LUANA: The direct knowing is?

ELIAS: Yes. Clarify your question in relation to the “behind.”

LUANA: Well, the way it happens for me... There’re so many magical things happening for me now. A lot of times I don’t know whether it’s you I’m connecting with, because I still separate you and I. But when I’m having questions about something or I’m reading “Oversoul”... I’m re-reading “Oversoul” for about the fifth or sixth time since you said that that is really not just a fictional story, it is about the shift that’s happening.

ELIAS: Correct.

LUANA: So I’m reading it this time totally different than I’ve ever read it before, sometimes even reading it word for word and line for line, because I now receive this kind of like direct knowing — “Oh, this is connected to this, and that’s that, and that means this,” and so on and so forth. It’s like this gigantic puzzle, and as I’m wondering things this information pops into my head and I can see interconnections between things. It feels to me as if it comes from outside of myself — from you, from Seth, from someplace outside of me — because it’s so startling and true, and it’s not like my normal thinking. It comes in kind of like this wad...

ELIAS: I am understanding.

LUANA: ...and it kind of unfolds and I see the interconnections. So I’m not quite understanding whether that is my subjective self.

ELIAS: It is YOU offering yourself information.

Now; I shall express to you that there is energy being offered to you by myself and other essences.

LUANA: What is the form of that energy?

ELIAS: In expression merely as energy.

LUANA: Not information within energy?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. Merely an offering of energy to be encouraging and supportive in your allowance to be generating an openness within yourself and encouraging that expression within yourself which offers you these “ah-ha” bundles.

LUANA: So that information always comes from me and not from you, necessarily?

ELIAS: Correct.

LUANA: So I already know the information?

ELIAS: Correct! It is merely a matter of moving into the remembrance, and remembrance is not remembering.

LUANA: Yes. Remembering myself?

ELIAS: It is NOT remembering; it is a state of being.

LUANA: I understand that.

ELIAS: Which does incorporate a knowing.

LUANA: There are many magical things that are happening in my life now. (Elias chuckles) I forgot my little dialogue that went on in my head before I got here, but first of all I want to express to you my deep appreciation for your being in our lives now and sharing the information. I haven’t got it all down yet (Elias laughs), but it’s helping me out a lot!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

LUANA: It is very deeply appreciated.

Here’s a good question for you. Somebody asked me after Saturday’s session what I thought of it and what I got from it, and I said, “The thing I really flashed on was it was as if you answered a question I had before I got there.” These magical things happen all the time for me. Things popping up as I’m reading something in the book, a song going on the airwaves, and so on and so on. I’m in this sort of charmed place a lot.

Recently, one of the more beneficial things I’ve gotten from this is sometimes I’m out in the world and this appreciation for everything out there, even the garbage that I don’t normally like, it all takes on kind of a loving acceptance of it all, including the people. I see them not as people anymore but as souls out there expressing themselves.

What I got out of your talk the other day is it’s a gauge too, because as you expressed that’s a reflection of what’s going on in here. When I’m in that space, I call it “being essence” in a way, because that’s part of the acceptance that the essence is. If I’m not seeing and interacting with the world that way, I can then look back at myself and say, “Ah! Something is not being accepted inside here, because if it was I would have this available to me operating in the world out there.”

ELIAS: Correct.

LUANA: That was a very valuable thing you gave me, because it’s a gauge that I can utilize.


LUANA: So when I speak of being essence like that, sometimes I invite my inner self out to see through my eyes. When we’re talking of essence in that way, is this the royal marriage, so to speak, of the inner and outer selves?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes. It is your allowance of yourself to become intimate with you.

LUANA: But there is more to myself, is there not, than merely this lifetime as an objective and subjective self?


LUANA: When I reach this area of acceptance of my world out here, am I at that point more than just this focus being and knowing itself as both subjective and objective awarenesses? Is there more to me at the point that’s happening?

ELIAS: You are allowing yourself to experience yourself as essence in association with a physical creation.

LUANA: It’s so difficult on this side not to... (Elias chuckles) This soul thing or essence thing, it seems as if it’s more than I am. But you’re saying it’s not more than I am.

ELIAS: You are all of it.

LUANA: All of it and more?

ELIAS: Yes. All that you view, my friend, as your universe is you — and beyond.

LUANA: All the things I see?

ELIAS: Everything.

LUANA: That’s why you keep saying it’s so magnificent...

ELIAS: Correct.

LUANA: ...and so powerful.

ELIAS: Correct.

LUANA: Almost more than a human being can take! (Elias laughs loudly)

I’ve got another ten minutes to shuffle through here. I was going to show you a picture of Pinocchio. I have a charming picture of Pinocchio on here, and I ran into your page at the same time I was dealing with Pinocchio. In this particular picture, it’s Pinocchio inside the cage with his nose growing as a tree, and the birds, the belief systems, are outside the cage making a little nest in his nose. (Elias chuckles) I may show that to you later.

Let me see, here’s one. When you as essence in nonphysical reality are communicating with another essence in nonphysical reality, what is the sense of the other essence?

ELIAS: In what capacity?

LUANA: Communication, or its personality.

ELIAS: Self.

LUANA: So there’s a presence of self...


LUANA: ...and that’s what you’re connecting to?


LUANA: How do you or I or anyone else tell the difference between essences when you don’t perceive them through one or more of your outer senses?

ELIAS: It merely is. It is energy, movement.

LUANA: Would it be something like the different feeling that you get from a song, different songs?

ELIAS: This may be associated with your translation. (Pause)

LUANA: After the shift, will we perceive nonphysical entities with our physical eyes, seeing them as solid? Also, will another effect be that we will see, while awake, dream images super-imposed over our physical environment? Also, will we have multiple attentions capable of being aware simultaneously of many of our other focuses? What are a few of the other capabilities we are asking to be activated?

ELIAS: You may engage any of those actions. You already incorporate the ability. It is merely a matter of recognizing objectively your abilities.

LUANA: So when bleed-throughs happen, they will not necessarily interfere with our being able to operate in the objective world.

ELIAS: Correct.

LUANA: We’ll be able to hold those simultaneously together and not confuse the two.

ELIAS: Correct, if you are so choosing.

LUANA: In a conversation that happened between you and a person named Mike, he asked you, “What would be the color for my essence — not my focus, but my essence?” You answered, “This would be a translation into physical terms which is inaccurate, for the entirety of essence and the vibrational quality of that which you identify as color is a vibrational quality, but is not an actual color in physical terms.” What then is the Elias-blue color?

ELIAS: Energy, a vibrational quality.

LUANA: It is not the color itself.

ELIAS: Correct, but it translates into your physical reality as blue, which is quite real.

LUANA: What are its qualities on the other side if it is not color, if it is not the color blue, then?

ELIAS: It is a vibrational quality.

LUANA: What are its characteristics?

ELIAS: Movement.

LUANA: The speed of movement, like color translates here into speed of movement?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes, a vibrational quality.

LUANA: Gee, I’m almost through and almost right on time. Hot dang, I got through them all! (Elias chuckles)

Your statement, “...the actual expression of energy in the form of consciousness outside of physical reality,” is intriguing, for there is an actual expression of energy that does not have the form of consciousness. That was an intriguing statement, that there is a form of energy that does not have consciousness. What is that form?

ELIAS: It is not a form; it is a movement.

LUANA: It’s still the same movement that you just mentioned?


LUANA: And it does not have consciousness? (Pause)

ELIAS: Consciousness is not a thing.

LUANA: It’s a state of being.

ELIAS: It is an action.

LUANA: If energy is moving, which is an action, how is it possible for it not to have consciousness, then?

ELIAS: How shall an action possess an action?

LUANA: Action is itself...

ELIAS: Correct.

LUANA: it can’t.

ELIAS: Correct. A thing may possess a thing, but an action does not possess an action.

LUANA: What is in the gap between the blinking on and off consciousness, and is that where the land of probabilities lies? Is that where “now” resides? Is that what you refer to as the center? Is that where all of consciousness is connected?

ELIAS: There is no in-between blinking.

LUANA: Well, you speak often of blinking on and off.

ELIAS: Correct.

LUANA: Between the blinking on and the blinking off is a blinking off, so there must be some...

ELIAS: No, it is a movement. Move your visual gaze from myself to the wall; now, move returning. What is in-between?

LUANA: Movement to get there.

ELIAS: You incorporate linear time, but even within linear time, each movement [is] consecutive. There is no in-between.

LUANA: I see. It’s just a movement from one focus to another.

ELIAS: Correct.

LUANA: And the same is true as you speak of the worlds that come and go...

ELIAS: Correct.

LUANA: and out, because all is simultaneous.

ELIAS: Correct, therefore it is all in existence simultaneously. It is a matter of attention.

LUANA: Putting your attention there, putting your focus there.

ELIAS: Correct.

LUANA: Which you describe somewhere as here. I am.

ELIAS: Correct.

LUANA: Are you familiar with the word omniscient?


LUANA: It came to me in an impression that that might really mean “omni-presences,” that is, having access to any aspects and focuses whose combined knowledge, talent and being is exchangeable and interchangeable. So all of us, in a way...


LUANA: ...would be omniscient...


LUANA: ...if we just had access to it.

ELIAS: You do.

LUANA: I do, almost. (Laughs)

ELIAS: No, you do. It is merely a matter of allowing yourself an objective understanding that your attention is mobile.

LUANA: Yes, which is one of the exercises you have for moving attention around so that you’re aware of it all the time and that you can move it, whether you move it inwardly into inner worlds...

ELIAS: Correct.

LUANA: ...or outwardly to outer worlds.

ELIAS: Correct, it matters not. The point is to allow yourself the objective recognition that attention is not thought and that it is mobile.

LUANA: Can attention visit the land of probabilities?

ELIAS: There is no land of probabilities. Probabilities are generated in the moment.

LUANA: I realize that, but still they must exist simultaneously then. You should be able to see or know probabilities whenever you’re taking an action, that you can see the broad span of all the different probabilities.

ELIAS: Incorrect, incorrect, incorrect! This is an association that all probabilities are set before you, that they are already created. And they are not already created; they are generated in the moment.

LUANA: Yes, I forgot! (Elias laughs loudly) A silly question!

You have some other guests out in the other room, and I will see you in about an hour or so from now. I appreciate this, again, and you being in my life has meant a lot to me!

ELIAS: Very well, my friend. I shall be anticipating your return.

LUANA: Thank you.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Until we meet shortly, au revoir.

LUANA: Aloha.

Elias departs at 1:20 PM.

(1) Originally expressed as: “In this, you allow yourself to process information through your communications and as you observe your perception, which creates all of your reality, in what may be viewed as an intellectual manner.”

(2) This quote is from 01/16/00.

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