Session 116
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Nice Package with a Pretty Bow


"Nice Package With A Pretty Bow"

Wednesday, August 28, 1996 © 1996
Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), and Jim (Yarr).
Note: Following is a brief explanation of events referred to in this session. The "new friends" are those we've been interacting with on the computer, seven of which have requested and receive transcripts regularly. The "pivotal individual", who is also referred to as being "newly presented", also interacts on the computer. This interaction began during the time frame of less interaction with our regular computer friends. The two people who have discontinued physical focus are the couple who died in a fire in their home. They lived and worked at a private boarding school, and were very involved with children and animals. There were animals present at their memorial service. One brush fire began the day of the memorial service and continued for several days, affecting a large amount of land and many animals. The "unusual circumstances involving creatures" were experienced individually, and were quite unusual.
Elias arrives at 7:10 PM. (Time was 25 seconds)

ELIAS: Good evening! (Grinning, and we all laugh, as we are aware that there may be some unusual information delivered this evening) We have many probabilities to discuss this evening. The statements which were given to you at our last meeting were? (Silent pause)

VICKI: I have them written down ...

JIM: I wasn't here! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Commit these to memory, as "You create your reality". Your objective attention directs your action, and your ideas determine your selective ... ? (Nobody can finish the sentence) Incorporate your notes! (Vicki gets her notes)

VICKI: Your ideas determine the selectivity in your direction.

ELIAS: Direction! We spoke of your pools of probabilities that you draw from within an individual focus. What is meant by these statements? Your attention objectively is directing of your action. What you pay attention to motivates you within action. Your ideas are very influencing of your probabilities, for your ideas determine which probabilities you shall select. This influences your direction in movement. If you allow your attention to be only focused upon the one pool of probabilities that you have chosen within this individual focus, you shall not be open to all the other probabilities that are available to you. You shall not be looking to your periphery. I have stated that we motivate questioning. This allows you to open to your periphery. You have been offered, through your own opening to probabilities, noticings of many probabilities occurring presently. I shall, in Lawrence's terms, tie these probabilities up for you in a nice little package with a very pretty little bow!

VICKI: Lovely! (Elias is grinning widely, and we all crack up)

ELIAS: We shall begin with the attention that you hold with your creatures, for this is what you perceive to be the beginning, although it is not; but within your attention, which is directing of your action, your attention was attained by a noticing of unusual circumstances involving creatures. This extends beyond the individuals of Shynla and Lawrence. Each of you creates your own manifestations, within what you notice in probabilities, for your own attention and your own widening process; but these probabilities extend far beyond your individual expressions, as we have stated previously. Therefore, we shall discuss different probabilities, and you may begin to view the connections within many probabilities, extending to mass engagement and movement. This may also spur your individual attention and thinking and noticing, to be accomplishing what has been expressed to you; to be investigating and noticing of those probabilities which are within your periphery and not quite as obvious to you, but you hold the ability to be connecting.

We began with your interaction with creatures. Other probabilities have occurred within what you view to be a very short time element, seemingly completely unrelated; probabilities involving individuals within our company of new friends of disengagement of communication temporarily, or what you view to be; strange incidents of unusual physical occurrences within the elements of smoke and fire; probabilities initiated and carried through of other individuals engaging action of discontinuation of physical focus; probabilities involving work incidences; probabilities involving community and brush fires. And how do all of these probabilities work together to be creating of one expression?

JIM: Good question!

VICKI: How???

ELIAS: It is interesting that within this small span of your time element, all of these individuals, directly and also indirectly, have interaction with creatures; involvement or attention within the direction of your creatures. You may look to your individual expressions and you may, within one layer of consciousness, connect the reasoning of manifestation individually, to be expressing to you of engagement of your individual belief systems that you engage presently. Within another layer of consciousness, more events are occurring. Let us look initially to our new friends that you engage presently. In this, you have acquired another new friend who also holds connections to creatures within the attention of the individual, and has engaged in activity involved with creatures as a focus of probabilities within this individual's lifetime, so to speak, in your terms. This individual is pivotal within the actions of the present probabilities, for this individual was introduced into the area of attention of other individuals. Consciously unbeknownst to these other individuals, within an expression of non-intrusiveness and what you in your language may classify as politeness, [they] move back slightly to allow the floor to the new individual, to be expressing of their focus and attention.

In this, we are temporarily disregarding of each individual's incorporation of action for their own personal reasons, and moving into the area of the mass expression; the probabilities created within connections to all of these individuals. Within this expression, each individual, within connections, has had noticings recently of what you view to be nature; experiencing momentary connections, so to speak, with the natural self and the understanding of the connections between nature and one's self. This is accomplished within many different expressions. Be remembering, this is another layer of consciousness. In this, the expression may be felt within noticings of nature, or vacation, or within their own living space.

The individual newly presented to you all holds deep connections within consciousness to nature, and recognizes the lack of separation between man and nature; which you presently view, as we have stated, to be separate, although you are not. Other individuals also feel tremendous connection with natural elements and creatures, which was also viewed by many individuals, in an expression by your creatures offering acknowledgment at disengagement of physical focus. (Referring to the animals in the chapel at the memorial service)

We move to the individuals choosing to move from physical focus into non-physical focus. Interesting choice of probabilities, in that the choice for disengagement from physical focus was fire. Presently, within your community, you engage the action of a threatening large fire begun by a child. The individuals choosing disengagement from physical were very involved with children, and also with creatures.

You view, within your attention, that once you disengage from physical focus, you are disengaged. You are no longer influencing. You are within another area of consciousness, removed completely from physical focus. As we have stated, all things are connected. All energy is connected. Within certain desires of individuals disengaging from physical focus, and desires expressed or felt within individuals continuing in physical focus, at times these connect and intersect intentionally. You view very selectively. Your ideas point you into selective thinking and probabilities. In this, you do not allow your attention to move into areas of noticing, or of your connections. You merely view coincidence. You do not understand, for you do not allow yourself the explanation, for you do not incorporate your periphery. Therefore, you do not see what stands right before you. You have incorporated noticings of all of these probabilities, but view them all to be separate and apart from each other. Within this, the probability that is being allowed to be accomplished within collective consciousness is a raising of awareness, in agreement with your creatures, and your state of nature, and yourselves.

Now; you may express, "We view these fires many times." Each action within probabilities holds its own focus, its own intent. Each mass expression may be connected to a Source Event, but each expression holds its own intent and expression. In this, this present action of probability holds its own reasoning. It is not accidental that a child has been what you view to be responsible for this action; as these individuals, being quite connected with children, have been, within desire and intent of action, in communication within consciousness of this individual; this individual responding not within what you view to be a waking objective knowing, but nonetheless, an impulse response. (Emphasizing impulse)

I have expressed many times that you view within terms of positive and negative, good/bad, right/wrong. These are very limited terms, for beyond what you view are reasonings that you do not view that hold greater expressions. All action is accomplished within agreements. Many lives, so to speak, within your creatures are what you term to be sacrificed presently; this being a choice, within mass expression, to be delivering a message; this being also a direct influencing by these individuals no longer physically focused through their desire, which has manifest within connections within consciousness, to which you all have been involved. You involve yourselves within your individual and collective actions. Your attention moved to your creatures, did it not? (We all agree) Within your attention upon your creatures, or with others within nature, momentarily you incorporated the action of less separation.

I spoke to you in our last meeting of "personizing" your creatures, nature, all things, for you do; but within certain expressions, this allows you the opportunity, within your directed attention, to be lessening your separation; for if you may "peoplize" other aspects of consciousness, you feel less disconnected from them. Therefore, within your individual expressions also you were connecting within consciousness, within the collective desire initiated in agreement between the individuals no longer physically focused and also your new friend; who together have connected, within consciousness and agreement, with a child. (Long pause)

VICKI: What's the message again? (Laughter)

ELIAS: This you may be figuring out quite easily. These creatures, and what you view to be nature, which is no less living than yourself, are expressing the idea to you to be noticing that there is no separation. Your attention is called upon to be noticing of no separation. These elements that you view to be consumed by fire are no more removed from you than your own thoughts. The fire itself breathes, and is connected to you. It is energy. There is no annihilation, for energy is never annihilated. It is reformed, but within certain expressions of energy, it manifests action to be gaining your attention within your mass consciousness. In this, this is one expression which occurs over and over and over and over. I offer you one "set", so to speak, or pool of probabilities, which have merged to create one action.

(Firmly) This is not, underline very strongly, not to be expressing that responsibility is thrust upon any individual! This is a mass expression; not in what you perceive to be a negative term, [but] for your own noticing. You have expressed these actions within your brush fires, your floods, your other manifestations within what you view to be natural disasters, many times. You view an increase in these actions; for individuals, within consciousness, within movement into non-physical, incorporate a knowing and an understanding, partially, of connecting with desire of physical focus, allowing a greater expression; therefore manifesting more for your attention. We incorporate an unraveling of only one. (Long, silent pause)

You have asked for it, you have received it. You are wishing explanation, you have been offered explanation. Now you may view for yourselves, within your noticing of probabilities, as we move further into our subject of probabilities, the connections that extend far beyond your individual focus. This is not to be discounting of your individual focus, for as has been stated, you also, within another layer of consciousness, engage these actions the same, for different reasons individually; but just as within your dream state you incorporate different layers of dreams which connect with what you view to be greater and greater amounts of individuals and connections, we express more and more inner amounts of connections.

You also, within your objective expression, connect with probabilities that you do not focus upon and understand, simply for the reason that your attention is so selectively directed. As you now allow yourselves to be moving into an area of awareness, allowing yourselves to be viewing and understanding probabilities outside, so to speak, of your individual pools of probabilities, you shall notice more. This is your periphery. You, Lawrence, noticed. You only do not understand what you are noticing, but you begin by noticing. You may not identify an impulse if you do not notice. You do not identify probabilities if you do not notice. Within our beginning meetings, I expressed to you, one of my most important words to you throughout our engagement and continuing, and will be continuing until we disengage, is notice . (Long pause) I shall also be acknowledging this evening of Michael and his accomplishment within openness this day, in your time period, as this is the expression that I have expressed to you within our last meeting, of incorporating subjective information bleeding through into objective awareness; the same as what he views to be as his mentor, which shall continue in what you think of as progression. It shall be increasing as he is increasing his openness. This is the expression of the mergence. This, be remembering, is not an expression of distortion; and if he is incorporating distortion, I shall be addressing to these distortions, be assured! The acknowledgment also to be expressed, within your time element, of very swift movement; for the mentor moved much more slowly. (Pause)

VICKI: Okay, I have one question. These pools of probabilities that we direct our attention to, are these like shared pools?

ELIAS: Yes and no. (Grinning)

CATHY: Love those answers! (Laughter)

ELIAS: All consciousness is connected. All energy is connected. You choose to be engaging pools of probabilities with other individuals. I shall use your analogy of a pond, once again. Just as you, being a stone, may be tossed into the pool, creating your own rings of ripples, another stone may also be tossed into the pool, or many stones may be tossed into the pool, creating overlappings of rings within the same pool, which is probabilities; but each stone creates its own rings of probabilities also. Those stones tossed closely together shall intersect with their rings. The closer they are tossed, the more intersections of the rings. If they are tossed very close together simultaneously, they shall create rings together. (Another long, silent pause, which is unusual in our group!) Very quiet probabilities this evening! (Grinning)

VICKI: It's a speechless night!

ELIAS: An unusual probability! (Laughter) Very well. I shall leave you for your discussion of your speechlessness, as my message has been delivered; and if you are wishing, you may rub the lamp, and the genie may reappear! (Humorously)

VICKI: We just might do that!

ELIAS: Very well. Au revoir!

Elias departs at 7:59, and pops back in at 8:01. Note: This pop-in was instigated by Jim expressing his confusion regarding a recent career choice. Because of the information delivered in the session, he was wondering if his choice to turn down a job at an equine veterinary clinic was an example of his own disconnection from nature.

ELIAS: This is your direction of attention. I will clarify for Yarr, do not be questioning so seriously, within what you view to be negativity, at your choice of probabilities. Listen to the explanation of the entirety of the expression. In this, the point is to be noticing the lack of separation between what you view to be nature, or a natural expression, and yourselves, for you are a part; and although you are attempting to be rationalizing the action of this employment as being connected with natural elements, as you would be engaged with creatures, the action of the engagement is not a natural expression.

JIM: I just got a little confused. The action that was not taken is not necessarily a natural expression?

ELIAS: No. I shall clarify.

JIM: Thank you.

ELIAS: The action of the employer of the employment that you were considering is not a natural expression, and is not allowing for no separation between what you view to be man and nature. Therefore, this expression is contrary to the action, within desire, of the mass event within consciousness being expressed presently; to which you align.

JIM: Okay.

ELIAS: Therefore, your choice to not be engaging this action of employment.

JIM: As in the incident of our friend that took her horse to him, and the experience that she had?

ELIAS: Which is also only one probability.

JIM: I see. It's just amazing how we stay connected when we don't even know it.

ELIAS: This being why you are noticing, and why we engage with you for your noticing. (To Vicki, grinning) Continue, Lawrence!

VICKI: Just one question. So this message of no separation, have a lot of individuals incorporated this message in consciousness presently?

ELIAS: Yes; many more than you realize. Many presently view only one layer of probabilities, in that their attention is very singularly focused within very physical elements of property and finances, issues that individuals magnate to presently within a very initial layer of consciousness; but these individuals, by and large, for each individual holds their own free will in their own probabilities, but as I have said, by and large, many of these individuals shall move beyond this initial noticing of what they view to be loss, and be connecting within another layer of consciousness to be understanding of what is gained, which shall supersede the loss. You view already far-reaching affects beyond your small community, for other individuals within your new friends are affected also.

VICKI: And that's just what we're objectively aware of?

ELIAS: Very correct; but as we have stated, it is what you would term to be a starting point; your noticing point. (Pause)

JIM: So the intensity and energy that I've been feeling recently, I know I've brought that for my noticing, to be more aware of greater connection and less separation. I seem to feel energy when I notice the beauty of certain things ...

ELIAS: Of self!

JIM: Of self, (the rest of this sentence was inaudible)

ELIAS: Be realizing that these expressions are for your noticing, and are not "outside" of you.

JIM: No, they're very inside.

ELIAS: You are each moving into areas of engagement of merging subjective and objective expressions, engaging belief systems, allowing elimination of blockages, and allowing a free flow. This you shall notice more increasingly, as you allow the movement. This is not an engagement of other essences or energies. This is yourself speaking to, engaging with, and loving yourself.

JIM: I've felt that very strongly. Thank you. (Another long pause)

ELIAS: (Smiling) Once again, I shall take my leave. Adieu!

Elias departs at 8:12 PM, and returns at 8:32 PM.

Note: As Mary felt another pop-in "coming on", we turned on the tape recorder, she closed her eyes, and Elias was there immediately. He was very present tonight, and quite responsive to our discussions.

ELIAS: And, we continue! (Laughter) I was expressing to you of desire, desire incorporated within physical focus which transcends physical focus and moves with the individual consciousness into non-physical expression. (Intently) In this, it seeks out like desire, that being your pivotal individual of your new friends; the physically focused similar like desire. This you may view to be, in your terms, underline, the "one side" connecting with the "other side", as you term this to be; physical focus being your side, non-physical focus being the other side; a very popular term within these times. (Humorously) I do not know if I am appreciating of being "the other side"! (We all crack up)

JIM: Kind of like the other side of the tracks!

ELIAS: I may view you to be the other side! (Chuckling)

CATHY: I thought the grass was greener on the other side!

ELIAS: (Grinning) You may manifest more vivid color upon this side, which is not a side at all! The grass may not be greener if you are incorporating this side, and you are the other side! Your color of green is not quite so brilliant! (Much laughter) Continuing ...

VICKI: The desire ...

ELIAS: Correct. The desire was incorporated during the time, so to speak, of physical focus, which is also shared by many other individuals. As these particular individuals move into non-physical and understand slightly more, slightly more initially, of the manipulation of energy in connecting with physically focused individuals, the desire magnates to like desire which is physically focused. Therefore, it seeks out another expression of like desire to intersect. (Pause; lots of pauses this evening!)

VICKI: Okay. Is the desire the less separation?

ELIAS: Correct; this being manifest within like interests. Therefore, the desire seeks out like desire to be creating of manifestation within expression. The desire moves from what you think of as non-physical focus, seeking out like desire within physical focus to be expressing of a manifestation, within collective agreement and consciousness, for your awareness. Is this clearer?

VICKI: Was this man undergoing transition in physical focus?

ELIAS: Partly, although I may express that elements of this woman also were engaged within transition; this being why I express also a slight increase in awareness of manipulation of energy, to incorporate the ability to focus the desire within a directed event of connection. As you move through transition more completely {in your terms, these are your terms} while you continue within physical focus, you attain an awareness which is wider and may incorporate more conscious knowing action {also in your terms} within non-physical focus initially; for you eliminate moving through belief systems. This is not to say that these particular individuals do not move through belief systems presently. It is to say that enough awareness has been incorporated presently to be allowing of a manipulation of energy, in what you view to be a conscious action, to be connecting with physical focus in desire.

VICKI: Okay. So would it be correct to view the fire in the garbage can as a noticing element rather than a precognitive element?

ELIAS: You may view this within both aspects! (Grinning)

VICKI: Really! Okay. I want to play the impulse game.

ELIAS: Once again! (Grinning)

VICKI: The other day, I wrote a couple of sentences to the new individual on the computer about how her description of her life made me feel better about my experience at the memorial service, and even though I did feel better, it made no sense to me at all. I almost deleted it, but I sent it anyway. Was that an impulse?

ELIAS: (Pausing) Yes.

VICKI: For real? I don't want no lollipops, you know! (Laughter)

ELIAS: I am insulted! (Grinning) I hesitate, only to not be incorporating misunderstanding within your knowledge of impulses, not wishing you to be identifying your thought process with the impulse itself; although, as I have stated, you may incorporate your thought process or feelings subsequent to an impulse.

VICKI: Well, it's a start!

ELIAS: Another starting point! (Grinning) Only to be noticing your coincidences!

JIM: The thought to call Mary that day and suggest that she get a red light, would that have been an impulse?

ELIAS: The light was the impulse. The thought following was an impression, as interpretation of an action to be channeling the impulse. You are coming closer! (Grinning)

CATHY: So ...

ELIAS: Ah! She speaks! (Laughter)

CATHY: Sometimes! So, if you get an impulse and you don't act on it but you identify it, that counts too, correct?

ELIAS: That "counts"? (Very humorously) Upon the immense impulse list within the cosmos, to which you check off each impulse noticed, yes, it would be counting! (Laughter)

CATHY: Just checking!

ELIAS: All energy counts. All expressions are valid. Impulses not acted upon, many times, not always, may be creating of your geysers. Impulses noticed are always valid, for you hold the choice, always, within probabilities, to be allowing yourself to be acting on, or not, these impulses.

VICKI: Okay, just to be sure that I explain it to Mary right. So the interaction within consciousness, between this new person on the board and the two individuals who exited physical focus, was a result of a similar desire?

ELIAS: Correct, which magnated to each other.

VICKI: So this probably ... this kind of thing happens all the time.


VICKI: That's really hard to think about! (Laughter)

ELIAS: I have been expressing that your subject matter of probabilities is very complicated.

VICKI: So did they throw their little rocks in the pool real close together?

ELIAS: This is difficult; for within one respect you may express yes, although within another respect you may express no; for the intersection is made, but these little stones may have been tossed quite far from each other, but the rings will intersect regardless. Within their desires individually of physical focus, you may view yes, for they exhibit similar pools of probabilities within expression. (Another long pause) Interesting evening!

VICKI: Interesting day!

JIM: Interesting week!

ELIAS: I shall be blinking in, out, in, out, in, out! (Laughter) Michael shall be quite distressed this evening with this interaction!

JIM: Can I ask a question on something I've been trying to find, but I haven't been able to? The Latin for "seize the now".

ELIAS: Seize the day; carpe diem.

JIM: Carpe diem? Would that be the same as seize the now?

ELIAS: In terms, yes.

JIM: Okay. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. Blinking out, once again! Continue viewing your channels ... simultaneously! Au revoir, again!

Elias departs at 8:52 PM, and returns again at 10:57 PM.

Note: The following interaction is a result of questions about some channeled material which was received via e-mail after the session.

ELIAS: Once again! (Grinning widely) No rubbing on the lamp? I'm quite disappointed! (Humorously)


ELIAS: I so look forward to being a genie! (Laughter)

VICKI: So, Elias, what is the deal with all of the channeling information? I've done some research. I've read some stuff. I can personally say that if you were spouting this kind of stuff, of course I wouldn't be here.

ELIAS: What kind of "stuff", specifically? (Humorously)

VICKI: What kind of stuff? The kind of stuff that we just read that came over the computer tonight, which I can say that I had a little bit of hope. I had a tiny glimmer, because of the way that it was arrived at, that it might be something a little bit different, something a little more aligned with what you do. But it does seem like no matter what avenue we pursue, we don't find anything that is quite similar to what you deliver, and I'm really curious about that. What the heck is going on? You have made the statement that a lot of people are receiving information.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: I don't consider this information. Am I incorrect in that?

ELIAS: It is dependent upon your attention, and what you value as information that you draw to you.

VICKI: So is it basically dependent on my personal belief systems?


VICKI: So what's really going on???

ELIAS: (Grinning) I have expressed that there are many essences that incorporate this phenomenon as an energy exchange, as do I with Michael. You presently have not encountered these other energy exchanges, so to speak.

VICKI: There are many?

ELIAS: In your terms, but you also occupy space upon your planet with many, many, many, many, many (laughter) other individuals, as compared to many interactions of energy exchange.

VICKI: So it would be a real shot in the dark to encounter another energy exchange similar to this particular one.

ELIAS: I shall express to you, which may be obvious to you presently; within your present focus, within your society, you have encountered one.

VICKI: One other one?

ELIAS: Until what you view to be present.

VICKI: Alright. So within personal probabilities, this is not so common.

ELIAS: What you encounter within other individuals is quite common!

VICKI: So this desire to share this experience with Mary is kind of a shot in the dark in itself. (Referring to Mary's desire to see someone else "channel", as she has never viewed the phenomenon)

ELIAS: If you are inquiring as to the probability that you may encounter another individual engaging a very similar energy exchange, you shall be reaching far beyond your pool of probabilities. If you are inquiring as to viewing an energy exchange of a type, this is quite common.

VICKI: So I guess I should have just trusted my original impression within that. I just thought that maybe we could draw that to ourselves for Mary's sake.

ELIAS: It is possible, just as all probabilities are available to you. You have, in your terms, already drawn to you probabilities outside of your pools of probabilities, within your present focus.

VICKI: Okay. Well then, let me ask you this. I have to ask this because I just, I don't really ... Because of the information you've delivered to date, I have to wonder if the reason that I'm drawn to this information is a result of my own belief systems. (Hamster wheel alert!)

ELIAS: I have expressed previously, you have drawn yourself to this information for it is an agreement. You have asked; this being independent of belief systems. Belief systems and the movement through belief systems are the motivation for changing of probabilities within your pool in this particular focus, to draw information to yourself to be widening your awareness and accepting of belief systems. It is not a resulting cause and effect of belief systems. These agreements, in your terms, understand this, were not, are not created within physical focus. Therefore, they are not incorporated belief systems. This is not to say that you do not incorporate belief systems within transition, but we have not engaged information of non-physical focus apart from, as you would view it, transition. Therefore, there is much that you do not understand presently. This is unnecessary information presently, for it would only serve for your confusion, which you incorporate much of presently! (Laughter) Quite convoluted! (Grinning)

VICKI: Okay. I have another question. Within that, were we to engage a group of strangers for you to speak with, would this be a correct action at all? And if it were, what would you speak to them about?

ELIAS: (Chuckling)) I shall speak to them of what I choose.

VICKI: So, if we were to go in this direction as an experiment, this would be acceptable?

ELIAS: Quite. This has been expressed previously as the area to which you move within our new agenda.

VICKI: Well, Cathy and I had quite a discussion about it the other day. We haven't talked to Mary about it because it's very recent, but when this kind of information continues to be offered, what we just read, I have to really wonder if this is even a correct direction to go in. I don't really know.

ELIAS: Why do you incorporate wonder?

VICKI: Because most individuals are used to the kind of information that we just read. The kind of information that you deliver is a little different. I've had enough examples to be realizing of that, so I'm not really sure whether that's a correct direction to go in or not.

ELIAS: I shall clarify. This information offered is very different, not slightly different. I shall also express to you, as I have expressed previously, it is of no concern as to the delivery of this information; for all individuals that encounter this information, as they create their own individual reality, incorporate the information that they draw to themselves and will assimilate for their own knowing and widening. Therefore, it is of no concern who may encounter this information; for as you have observed with the opportunity to view one other essence incorporating this type of information, it is much more far-reaching than you realize, within objective expression and within consciousness, and continues to be so. We continue the focus.

VICKI: So it wouldn't be incorrect for Cathy and I to incorporate an action wherein you would find yourself addressing a group of strangers with no information whatsoever?

ELIAS: I address strangers never! (Smiling)

RON: So is this information that other essences are delivering, is it in trying to be helpful to them as well?

ELIAS: Yes; for within this area of consciousness, non-physically focused, these individuals or focuses of essence are also experiencing and assimilating information; this being the definition of transition. You are moving within a transitional state from one area of consciousness into another area of consciousness, so to speak. Some essences choose to focus within this area of consciousness for what you would term to be great lengths of time; this being for the purpose of helpfulness to those individuals physically focused, offering information and validation of existence beyond physical focus, so to speak.

RON: Does this information incorporate any of this bleed-through of belief systems?

ELIAS: Within the engagement of these particular energy exchanges, yes.

RON: This has to do with Michael being a clear channel?

ELIAS: Yes. This, as we began to explain, is a mergence in consciousness; not in the respect that you view this word of mergence, as an absorption, in that Michael will not, does not lose his individual identity, but a mergence in consciousness to be allowing a wider awareness, and an opening of consciousness to be allowing of his own subjective expression to be objectively realized, and also simultaneously connecting with and interacting with wider awarenesses. (Pause, smiling) It is amusing that you continue to seek outside, and what you seek is within your pyramid!

VICKI: Well, there are so many objective distractions out there!

ELIAS: I do not discourage your investigation. Acquisition of information is good.

VICKI: I have expressed to Michael many times that I really feel that this is an unusual direction that we're going in, and that it's not so common, but I don't know if I really believe it!

ELIAS: In connection with Michael also; for you incorporate little information for comparison, for there is little to be offered in comparison.

VICKI: So we're really not nuts after all?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) A relative term!

VICKI: It's getting to be an important question! (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Humorously) You have not plunged into the depths of the water as of this present moment! I acknowledge your movement.

VICKI: When you don't have anything to compare to, you have to question yourself. You have to, else you're going to be talking to (name deleted), which I don't care to do!

ELIAS: Will you? (Grinning) I see no comparisons thus far. I do not incorporate the name of (deleted).

VICKI: But you do have to question yourself. You just have to! That's my belief system. (Laughter)

ELIAS: Do you? (Grinning)

VICKI: Objectively, yes, although obviously there is another interaction going on, else I wouldn't still be involved in the level that I'm involved in, and I realize that.

ELIAS: Would it not be much more effortless to trust? (Pause, smiling) But boring!

VICKI: I do think there is a lot of trust involved within this small group.

ELIAS: I acknowledge this also.

VICKI: We wouldn't be continuing if there wasn't, but there is also a lot of very physically focused intellectual skepticism interacting in there, and we consider that intelligent in our belief systems, and cautious.

ELIAS: Questioning is also good; for as I have stated to you, I wish not to be incorporating small Elias disciples. You are individuals, and you are intelligent individuals, and you are creative beings, and your trust shall be placed in yourselves, not "outside".

VICKI: Okay. Let me ask you this. If we really want to actualize a probability in which we could meet up with another group of people that are engaged in the same direction we are, is that possible in our time span?

ELIAS: I have stated this already; although within our example of probability connections this very evening, these individuals are not quite connecting all of these probabilities placed before you.

VICKI: That's mild! Not connecting them at all!

ELIAS: But you may. In actuality, in reality, within this focus, if you are choosing, it is within probabilities, not necessarily your pool of probabilities, but within probabilities, for you to create and actualize physically this desire.

VICKI: I would just like to try to actualize it for Mary.

ELIAS: I say once again; what you seek, you hold already within your pyramid!

VICKI: Was Mary and I meeting in physical focus an example of connecting from without the directed attention of the pool of probabilities?

ELIAS: This has been stated this evening. Yes.

VICKI: Okay. Thank you. Thank you very much for allowing me to ask you these kind of questions. It's really important, and I really appreciate it.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

VICKI: It's a sincere appreciation.

ELIAS: (Humorously) This is quite insincere; you are very welcome!

VICKI: It's important!

ELIAS: All probabilities are important, for you are important. We incorporate very large focus and energy exchange; quite different. Not to be expecting of reverence, for this would not quite be fun!

VICKI: No, it wouldn't be. (Laughter)

ELIAS: But you may be understanding of some individual's response to viewing this exchange.

VICKI: And I am understanding of the mutual respect. (I have to say here that within his focus, Elias probably has a far greater respect for all consciousness than any of us are objectively aware of)

ELIAS: I shall leave you once again, to be engaging with each other. I shall leave you very lovingly this evening. (Smiling) Au revoir!

Elias departs at 11:29 PM.

Note that although this has happened before, it is unusual for Elias to "blink in and out" more than twice on a regular session night. With the regular sessions, we have seen a pattern established of a delivery of information, a break, and a second half, which usually begins with an explanation of our misinterpretations voiced during the break, and continues with an open forum to questioning. This was an unusual evening, and an unusual direction of information. We are going to be sharing this with several people who have never read a transcript before, as they are involved in the events. To all of you thus mentioned, and to everyone else also, I would like to hear your thoughts regarding connections within probabilities, and if this information has triggered an understanding of other connections within other probabilities. For myself, this hasn't occurred yet, although I have had vague thoughts that I cannot formulate. Vicki

© 1996 Vicki Pendley/Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved

Copyright 1996 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.