Session 1159

Secrets and Intimacy


“Secrets and Intimacy”
“Winning the Lottery”
“Projection Is Not Difficult”

Wednesday, October 16, 2002 (Private/Phone)
Participants: Mary (Michael) and a new participant, Victor (Gregoria)
Elias arrives at 12:42 PM. (Arrival time is 15 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good day!

VICTOR: Hello!

ELIAS: Ha ha! Welcome!

VICTOR: Thank you. I’m a little nervous. It’s a pleasure to talk to you.

ELIAS: And you also, my friend.

VICTOR: Thank you. Should we start with questions about family belonging and alignment?

ELIAS: And what is your impression?

VICTOR: (Laughs) I don’t know! (Elias chuckles) I thought I had it, but sorry!

ELIAS: (Laughs) Very well. Essence family, Tumold; alignment in this focus, Vold.

VICTOR: Can I have that for my friend, Lilianne?

ELIAS: Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Zuli.

VICTOR: Can I have my essence tone?

ELIAS: Essence name, Gregoria (greh GOR ee ah).

VICTOR: What about my orientation?

ELIAS: And your impression?

VICTOR: Common.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICTOR: What about my friend Lilianne?

ELIAS: Common.

VICTOR: Can I have my personal intent?

ELIAS: And shall you not express this information to myself? (Laughs) I shall suggest to you to investigate and allow yourself to recognize the theme that is expressed in your direction throughout the entirety of your focus. This shall be the expression of your intent.

Your theme directs your experiences. Therefore, it is the general direction that you express, which directs your experiences within this particular focus.

VICTOR: I need to work on my own, and get back to what you said about my belonging and alignment and find out. I’ll work on that.

ELIAS: Very well. It is significant that individuals allow themselves to identify their intent within their focus, for this offers you the opportunity to become more intimately familiar with yourself.

VICTOR: Well, I’ve noticed that through my focus — and correct me if I’m wrong — that I like to start things, I like to be creative about things, and I don’t like to stay with them for a long time. Does that have to do with my intent?

ELIAS: Partially, yes.

Now; do not confuse yourself in relation to essence families, for your intent is unique to you in this focus. It may be influenced by your essence families in the way that you execute your intent, but it is not dictated by your essence family or alignment.

VICTOR: That complicates things! (Both laugh)

ELIAS: It merely widens your exploration of you, my friend! (Laughs)

VICTOR: I need to work on that, definitely. Have I met my friend Lilianne in other focuses?


VICTOR: In what type of relationship?

ELIAS: You have several types of relationships with this individual in other focuses.

VICTOR: Have we had any intimate relationships, like romantic?


VICTOR: Are there any famous focuses with this type of relationship with her that are easy to investigate?

ELIAS: What is your impression?

VICTOR: (Sighs) I would suppose yes. It’s not an impression; it’s a supposition. (Both laugh) But mostly referring to investigation in books, are there any?

ELIAS: I shall suggest to you that you practice listening to your impressions, and once identifying an impression, allow yourself to follow that impression and investigate the information that you offer to yourself. This may be actually a fun exercise.

VICTOR: You’re not gonna give me any hint? (Elias laughs) Are there any that are easier to investigate than any other, that you could give me a hint?

ELIAS: Very well. You do incorporate a focus within the time framework of 1600s, physical location Indonesia. This individual is male and expresses similarity to yourself, not necessarily in lifestyle but in perceptions.

VICTOR: Okay, I’ll work on that.

I have a question about how I am creating a relationship with Lilianne. It seems that this relationship that I have created is a little bit weird for me, because it’s somehow mysterious in the sense that as of today I don’t know any member of her family or any friend of hers. I don’t know where she lives because she wants to keep this secret until she, as she says, “fixes some family errors,” that she wants to get fixed before things start to go better between us. I don’t understand how I am creating this.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Interesting choice that you have presented to yourself! Hmm. In this, what may you identify within yourself that you are hiding from yourself? (Pause)

VICTOR: I guess it’s too hidden! I can’t find it!

ELIAS: (Laughs) You wish to be creating a relationship in intimacy with this individual, correct?

VICTOR: Right.

ELIAS: But you view this individual to be quite hidden. This is a reflection of you, for you are creating the scenario and you are creating the imagery of the other individual. Therefore, it may behoove you to be paying attention to you and what you actually want and what you may hold in fear in association with an intimate relationship with another individual.

Are you willing to be freely expressive of yourself? Are you willing to expose yourself with another individual in intimacy? Or are you expressing reservation in relation to that expression of yourself?

VICTOR: Yes, I guess.

ELIAS: Do you genuinely want to be offering yourself in exposure and vulnerability to another individual in intimacy?


ELIAS: But what within yourself are you discounting and therefore expressing to yourself is not adequate enough to be generating this type of relationship?

For it matters not what the other individual is expressing. What is significant is that you are creating that and what it is reflecting within you. For in becoming intimate with yourself and recognizing the expressions that you withhold and do not share, you offer yourself the opportunity to address to those choices and therefore offer yourself other choices and new freedoms.

I may express to you, you have generated a scenario which is an extreme. Therefore, you may be assured that you also are generating some extreme within yourself in association with your willingness to expose yourself fully to another individual.

Secretiveness, my friend, is an illusion. There are no secrets. Therefore if you are choosing not to be incorporating blinders and [to be] listening to your communications within yourself, you may also view beyond the secrets.

Let me also express to you, you may express that this is unusual or as you have termed it to be weird (laughs) that this individual is expressing this secretiveness, but there is another aspect of you that views this mystery as somewhat attractive and also somewhat safe; for within your beliefs, if the other individual is not offering openness and exposure, you need not also.

VICTOR: I think you got a point there. (Both laugh)

ELIAS: Now; I may also express to you, in examination of your choices and of your beliefs and your associations within yourself, if you are continuing to generate the want of engaging intimacy in relationship with this individual, you do hold the ability to generate that in your actual physical reality.

The manner in which you generate that physically is to be expressing that openness within yourself and trusting your ability to create what you want and to express yourself freely, without hesitation and without limit. This shall actually alter your reality, for it is an alteration of your perception, which shall alter the interaction that occurs between yourself and this individual.

VICTOR: I understand. Thank you!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

VICTOR: Let’s move to another subject.

ELIAS: Very well.

VICTOR: Finances, money! I’ve been working in this company for about six years, and although I do hold some limitation in beliefs that there’s a certain limit in what I should be getting paid — which I shouldn’t, I know — but I am not receiving what my limit is. I’m a little bit behind in what I think I should be receiving as payment. Do I hold any beliefs that ... well, certainly I do. But can you help me find out what beliefs I’m holding that are creating this?

ELIAS: This is associated with your value of yourself, my friend, and your trust of yourself that you ARE a valuable individual and that you offer a valuable contribution to your employment, not an expectation of what other individuals should be offering to you.

Now; this also is an obstacle, for you do incorporate a belief associated with deserving, that if you are performing certain tasks or activities, other individuals should be recognizing and rewarding you for those tasks and activities.

Now; this is the snare, for this type of perception holds you in limitation. It expresses within yourself the belief that you are not creating all of your reality, that other individuals are responsible for and controlling of certain elements of your reality and that they create it for you. This is tremendously limiting.

Now; in recognizing that you actually create every aspect of your reality, you are no longer limited to the dictates of other individuals and are free to generate your own expression, even in the manifestation of actual physical currency or money. It is a matter of valuing yourself, trusting your ability, and knowing that YOU actually create all of your reality and are not subject to the choices of other individuals, therefore offering yourself greater freedom in your creativity and your choices.

In actuality, my friend, even within what you would term to be the most structured establishments, any individual may engage their creativity and generate a type of position that may not even exist. It is a matter of your choices and recognizing that you do incorporate choices, that you are not a victim to the choices or dictates of other individuals.

There is much more flexibility within your reality than you recognize. As you hold to the rigidness that is familiar, you also limit yourself. Therefore, allow yourself to view the flexibility through the expression of your creativity, and most significantly, practice the expression of trust of yourself, for this shall be the most affecting factor.

VICTOR: Any tips about trusting myself?

ELIAS: Pay attention to yourself in the now, not in projection or anticipation of future, but pay attention to your choices and what you are generating in the now, for this is quite an efficient manner in acknowledging yourself. Recognizing what you ARE creating also reinforces your trust of what you MAY create.

VICTOR: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

VICTOR: I know other people have asked you about this and, well, count me as one more. (Elias chuckles) About the lottery — I want to win the lottery, and I don’t think it’s just a matter of the money. It’s like something that I want as a challenge or as an alternate route of getting money. It’s an event that I want to create.

I would like to know if it’s just a belief I have that is limiting me, or maybe I’m not in alignment with my intent, or I’m lacking motivation. What’s keeping me from accomplishing this?

ELIAS: Express to myself why you wish to win the lottery.

VICTOR: Well, of course, one thing is the money, but I guess what keeps me trying is the fact of accomplishing something that other people usually can’t or something that I feel I should be able to do.

ELIAS: Therefore, what do you perceive shall be the benefit, or what shall this offer to you were you to be winning this lottery? What shall you gain? Obviously money, and what does that afford you?

VICTOR: Tranquility, I guess.

ELIAS: Ah, therefore currency affords you tranquility.

VICTOR: But then again, the accomplishment.

ELIAS: And you express that the accomplishment shall offer you a recognition of your worth or your ability. It is a parlor trick. Shall a parlor trick actually convince you or evidence to you what your abilities are?

VICTOR: It’s a start, I guess! (Laughs) It shouldn’t, I know.

ELIAS: And what shall you genuinely express to yourself were you to win this lottery? Would you genuinely express to yourself that you created that and that this is a genuine indication of your ability? Or would you rather express in familiarity that it was mere luck?

VICTOR: No, I think luck would be my ability to focus on what I want to create.

ELIAS: Very well. I may express to you, you do incorporate the ability to be generating this.

As we have discussed, there are no secrets. Therefore, there is no chance. Every expression is purposeful. There are no accidents, and each expression is generated in the moment. It is not a question of tapping into the correct numbers; it is a question of creating those numbers and focusing your energy in a manner in trust and without doubt to be generating that type of manifestation.

I may express to you, many individuals play this game. Many individuals express that they want to be winning, and for the most part the individuals that actually accomplish that are not focusing their energy in that direction very intensely. This is the reason that they generate such genuine surprise in their accomplishment. For the action was to play the game, not necessarily to win, which is quite a different motivation.

This is a reflection of all of your reality, my friend. In your terms, physically, you win in the moments in which you are merely allowing yourself to play rather than focusing intensely upon the action of winning, for the outcome is generated in the moment.

VICTOR: So I would need to find a motivation not on buying, on playing, but most focusing on the winning. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Examine your motivation in your playing. Is it merely to be winning, or is it the pleasure of the process and the game?

VICTOR: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

VICTOR: Another subject, health. Since I was six years old, I’ve used vision glasses. Can you help me understand how I have created this poor vision problem?


Now; this in actuality in your individual focus is associated with your essence family. This offers you the opportunity to view what society expresses as a defective expression and recognize that that is relative, for it is not necessarily the outward vision that offers you clarity.

VICTOR: So what would happen if I choose to operate on my eyes?

ELIAS: It is your choice, my friend. If you choose to incorporate surgery in relation to your physical eyes, it is your choice what you shall manifest, and this is quite influenced by what you believe. If your beliefs that you are expressing move in association with surgery being helpful, you shall manifest that. If you express a trust in yourself in association with your physicians, you may allow yourself to alter your physical expression and change your vision.

VICTOR: And that’s also if I trust myself, I could create that, right?

ELIAS: Yes. It matters not what method you incorporate. It is a matter of what beliefs you choose to allow in influence of your perception and whether you are trusting of yourself in association with those beliefs.

VICTOR: I’ve been having this pain in my right ear. Can you tell me how I am creating that or for what reason?

ELIAS: And what is your impression?

VICTOR: Oh. (Laughs)

ELIAS: You offer communications to yourself continuously, my friend. This is the opportunity to listen to them. Therefore, what is your impression as to what you are creating and for what reason, and what are you attempting to express to yourself?

VICTOR: I have detected the signal, but I have not been able to detect the message. I have not found a similarity in what I’m thinking in the moment that I get this pain.

ELIAS: It may not necessarily be associated with what you are thinking. When you generate this pain, what are you doing — or what are you not doing?

VICTOR: Okay, I’ll pay attention to that! (Laughs, and Elias chuckles)

I’m pretty much over with my questions, so let me see what I can come up with. I read on the Internet about out-of-body experiences, astral travel and all that. They say it’s very difficult and that some people take years to accomplish. Am I being influenced by that, or why is it that I haven’t been able to accomplish that?

ELIAS: Yes, this is influencing your allowance of your ability to accomplish.

Projection is not difficult. It is a natural movement that you all incorporate, and you all generate this action of projection quite frequently. You may not objectively incorporate recall of all of your projections, but this is not to say that you do not incorporate that action.

Many times you are generating projections within your sleep state and you identify or define those projections as dream imagery, when in actuality they may not necessarily be dream imagery. They may be actual projections that you are engaging within that state and allowing yourself a recall of it, for you have allowed yourself what may be termed as a state of relaxation, and therefore not generating fear.

I may express to you, projection is quite easily expressed and easily practiced. In this, you may allow yourself to merely sit quietly, allow yourself to relax, and practice focusing your attention upon a specific destination, so to speak.

It may be a fun exercise to incorporate with other individuals in offering yourself the interaction with another individual, perhaps your potential relationship. Ha ha ha! Which may be quite an exercise, for you express that objectively you are unaware or do not know where this individual resides or any information concerning friends or family.

You may challenge yourself and express to yourself your objective, that you are choosing to be projecting to this individual’s dwelling and observing. In a relaxation, allow your attention to drift and do not discount the images that you offer to yourself or the impressions that you offer to yourself.

You may also choose to engage this type of activity with other individuals, and verify or validate the information that you offer to yourself by inquiring of them whether they incorporate what you view in your projection, in your impressions and your imagery, in their actual dwelling. You may discover that this is much easier than you perceive it to be, and you may be much more accurate many more times than not.

VICTOR: From what I’ve read on the Internet, they mention this vibrational state before you can separate from your body. Is this their perception, or is this a natural thing that everyone would have to go through?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. There are methods that individuals incorporate which complicate the action; but in relation to some individuals and their beliefs, they may express that this is necessary. I may express to you, it is not necessary.

You may be actively engaging a projection of yourself in waking state and without incorporating a relaxation, dependent upon your allowance of yourself and your trust of yourself. But many individuals express more of an ease if they are allowing themselves to be incorporating a relaxation, for there is less potential in that action of blocking yourself with an expression of tension.

VICTOR: I’ll work on that. (Elias chuckles)

One more question. I’m trying to establish a business with a friend of mine. I’d like to know if I’m holding this project with a belief of mine — well, of course I am. Can you help me understand what belief is provoking this holding?

ELIAS: What do you perceive that you are blocking? What action do you wish to accomplish and what do you perceive within yourself or within the other individual that may be blocking of your accomplishment?

VICTOR: I wish to have this store open, and my impression is that maybe because we are both afraid, we’re delaying this.

ELIAS: And what do you perceive to be your greatest obstacle?

VICTOR: Money.

ELIAS: Correct. You do not trust that you incorporate the ability to generate enough money to accomplish what you want. This also is another expression of a lack of trust of yourself and a lack of trust of your creativity. Incorporate your creativity, my friend! There are many, many, many manners in which you may generate money, for you are creating it, regardless of what you think you are receiving it from. Therefore, allow yourself to incorporate your creativity. Many individuals create businesses without money.

VICTOR: That’s correct. Okay! (Laughs) One last question.

ELIAS: Very well.

VICTOR: Is it true that the Toltec culture knew or remembered all this knowledge or trust in themselves or whatever you want to call it, and they were able to manipulate their reality? Is this true? (Pause)

ELIAS: Partially; not entirely, but partially. But this is what you are shifting into. (Chuckles) This is what is being expressed in this shift in consciousness in association with your reality.

VICTOR: I’ve read in the transcripts — I’m not sure if you mentioned it or somebody else did — that a lot of people involved in the Elias forum were in the French revolution. Was I there too? Because I do like French a lot. I know I need to investigate, but if you could tell me yes or no...

ELIAS: Yes. I may exp...

VICTOR: Well, I’m done with my questions, and I’m grateful. Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. I shall offer you another hint, my friend, for your investigation. You incorporate a focus as a soldier within France. (Laughs)

VICTOR: Anything that I can find in books?

ELIAS: Not one of fame, but you may be offering yourself information in relation to books through your impressions, which may be helpful in your visualization of identifying your other focus.

VICTOR: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. I express to you much encouragement, and I shall be offering my energy to you in validation.

VICTOR: I could use that! (Both laugh)

ELIAS: You incorporate many exercises to practice, my friend.

VICTOR: I know!

ELIAS: In this, I shall offer my energy in supportiveness to you, and I shall be anticipating our next meeting.

VICTOR: Thank you very much. Me too!

ELIAS: To you, my friend, in great affection, au revoir.

VICTOR: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 1:32 PM.

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