Session 115
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Selectivity Within Probab


"Selectivity Within Probabilities"

Sunday, August 25, 1996 © 1996
Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Gail (William), and Julie (Lanyah).
Elias "arrives" at 6:35 PM. ("Time" was thirty seconds)

ELIAS: Good evening! (Firmly) Your objective attention directs your action. Your ideas determine the selectivity in your direction. I wish you to concentrate on these statements, for these statements are important. These statements parallel "you create your reality".

This evening, within our discussion of probabilities, we shall be discussing selectivity, which is, in actuality, a highly refined and developed action that you incorporate within physical focus. You have created, within your objective expression, a highly creative and also motivated selectivity within your probabilities that you allow. This was an action, to your way of thinking presently, that was agreed upon very long ago within your history. You have asked of the Seers. We shall incorporate information of the Seers this evening, in discussion of probabilities and how you have chosen to be incorporating your selectivity in probabilities presently.

We have spoken many times that your religious focus and your Darwinian theories are, in actuality, incorrect, as to your creations of your reality within this dimension. There is no progression of evolvement within any species, as thought of within these theories. There has been experimentation, within each species which physically manifests. In this, man also has experimented with different types of consciousness, these all also being probabilities. Within your agreements, you have chosen what you now view to be the selectivity of probabilities that you create presently.

I have spoken to you of pools of consciousness, which you may also view as species of consciousness within physical focus and within your experimentation of your species; although all species, of all that you view to be living organisms upon your planet, have experimented within their species, developing what they choose to be their most efficient expression to this moment. This is not to say that you may not progress further within your expression of each individual species, for you shall, for you are continuously within a state of becoming, as we have stated previously. Therefore, there is no stagnation or static non-movement within consciousness. Within the idea of these pools of consciousness and probable selves, you have created a line, so to speak, of selectivity within probabilities. This extends far beyond your individual expressions, for you create this en masse also, and you have created this throughout your history. The Seers are what you might view as Dream Walkers, as we have expressed previously. If you are thinking within physical terms and within your time element, you may think these essences "began" your physical expression; although be remembering, these are figurative terms, for there is no beginning, but for the purposes of understanding this evening, we shall be incorporating your ideas of your time element, and therefore working within its confines. Therefore, you may view, temporarily, a beginning of your Seers; essences not entirely physically manifest. These essences, within this particular family of Sumafi, were directing experiments within consciousness to be physically manifesting, as were all other families within their respective equivalents to the Seers. We shall not incorporate this evening a discussion of all other essence family representatives within essence. We shall incorporate only the Seers.

In this, you may visualize to yourselves these essences within a state of blinking in and out, as do you, but knowing of their blinking in and out; therefore not directing their attention so singularly and so selectively. In this, their awareness was ... is very wide within their partial physical focus. If you were imagining these Seers physically, you may imagine them to yourselves to be "physically formed translucent". This may give you a picture to be creating a more realistic idea for yourselves of these essences, to which presently you do not view, in actuality, as real.

In viewing these essences, these translucent beings, their objective {we shall not use the term "purpose"} within their intent of physical manifestation was to experiment with efficiency of physical manifestation. Therefore, your scientists presently may view what they think of as evolution, for they may discover remnants of experimental focuses which were not continued. Having no explanation for these remnants, or what they view to be remnants, they develop theories of progression; evolution. In actuality, there was great experimentation within different actions of physical manifestation.

Now; this subject matter concerning Seers is quite difficult to be expressing to you. This is not because your language does not incorporate enough words to accommodate the ideas, but within your selectivity of thinking presently, the concepts concerning the Seers will appear to you as fantasy. These are difficult concepts to be accepting as reality. I express to you, they are reality!

Within the expression of experimentation of the Seers, as children experiment with different games, also the Seers, within a playful attitude, experimented with different expressions of physical focus, at times incorporating creations that you presently would view to be mergence between animals and human form. These experimentations were not efficient. Therefore, they were not continued. Some experimentations were continued for relatively extensive periods of your time element, for the reason of experience. Just as I have explained that you direct your attention singularly for the purity of your experience and the intensity of your experience, so also did many of the experimental focuses, which you view to be early man, incorporate time periods of physical manifestation within one selective focus for the purity of the experience. Within the experimentation of what you presently view to be early man, the Seers directed consciousness within physical manifestation in creating expressions of primitive human. These, within your view presently, were more ape-like than you view yourselves to be presently. They were not primates! They were expressions of man, within a selective experience and experimentation in combining animal consciousness and human expression; therefore creating a specific type of focus. Each manifestation of creature, to which you are also within physical focus, holds its own selectivity within consciousness and its direction of probabilities.

You presently, within your directed attention, view yourselves to be people. Therefore, within your selective attention, you also "peoplize" all other expressions. You "personize" creatures and even plants. You attribute "person expressions" to other manifestations. Other physical manifestations of consciousness incorporate their own specific, specialized direction within consciousness, as do you.

Now; within pools of consciousness, these expressions may be shared. Within the initial expressions of the Seers within their experimentations, physical mergences were experimented with. This was not agreed upon for continuation, for experimentation was implemented to be developing of consciousness which allows for exchange within pools of conscious expressions. Therefore, you may exchange, within consciousness, elements of your expressions with other manifestations physically focused. They also may exchange their experiences and information with you; but within each manifestation, the objective expression, what you view outwardly, will appear to you different than its actuality. Therefore, information may be shared between species, and as it manifests objectively within one species, this may be viewed as an expression of instinct. Within another species, this may be viewed as an expression of thought process; or within another expression, it may be viewed as a conditioned response. They are only different expressions, objectively rearranged through consciousness, to be suiting the selectivity of the individual focus. You, within your expressions, select certain types of probabilities.

The reason that we speak with you is to allow you questioning, for if you question, you shall motivate yourselves to investigate more of your self. We speak of your shift, and of the action of transition. These also are incorporated this evening in this information; for you have already asked yourselves, although not entirely seriously, "Why incorporate information concerning your shift, or concerning transition, if all time is simultaneous?" I offer information to you this evening to be furthering your explanation within this direction. You view in terms of all or nothing. Within your views of this expression, when you are viewing essence, you interpret essence manifesting within focuses, within every moment of every time period within your history and future. Therefore, you view within your ideas that you are presently engaged within your shift. Partially, this is correct. Partially, this is not; for you also, within focusing into physical manifestation, incorporate selectivity; this being where your selectivity in probabilities extends farther beyond only your present focus that you recognize.

Each focus, as I have stated, incorporates its own "line", so to speak, of probabilities. Your essence engages its own selectivity as to its focuses. Therefore, regardless that all time is simultaneous, you may not choose, within essence, to be incorporating a physical manifestation within every time period of your planet. The probability is open to you. You may not choose to be exercising this probability. Within essence, as we have stated previously, it is not efficient to be manifesting in every moment of time. Therefore, you incorporate aspects and counterparts to be experiencing also; these being not facets.

(Grinning) I am aware of losing my audience! These are difficult concepts. I shall tread more slowly.

You choose, within essence, to focus physically within areas of time elements that you choose to experience. For the purpose, so to speak, of incorporating all experience physically, essence chooses the probabilities of incorporating counterparts; therefore in one sense not manifesting facets into every time element, although within another sense there are manifestations; for these also are elements of essence, for they are all connected.

The individuals which are drawn to this company presently have chosen to be manifesting with the shift, or have chosen to be incorporating the action of transition before disengagement of physical focus. In this, it is quite obvious to be understanding the information, which is what you think of as being "needed", for those choosing transition. Those choosing remanifestation may incorporate slight confusion, thinking they are already manifest within the shift. Therefore, it is unnecessary to incorporate information to what you view to be before the shift. In actuality, as all time is simultaneous, you draw, as we have stated, from past and future and present to all time elements within all focuses. Therefore, information that you incorporate is beneficial to what you view to be future focuses. Also, some of these individuals are not presently physically focused within the action of the beginnings of your shift. Therefore, the choice, within probabilities, in what you view to be future, will be made to manifest. (Pause, looking around at everyone) I shall attempt to be more specific. You presently are manifest now. Your shift presently, within your present now, engages the beginning throes of its action, but as you are aware, you are not within the action of its completion, so to speak. This has been stated as an occurrence within your future time. Some of the individuals within our group and beyond will choose, within their probabilities, to be disengaging physical focus before what you view linearly to be the time of actual actualization of the shift; therefore not incorporating the entirety of the action within what you view to be this present now lifetime or focus. Some of the individuals choose to be remanifesting, experiencing the beginnings of the actualization of the shift; this shift being the shift within consciousness on a global scale. Therefore, the incorporation of information presently shall be helpful to their remanifestation into the action of the actualization physically of the shift.

Then you may ask, "If they are remanifesting, why shall they not incorporate this information within their in-between time?", so to speak; Michael's "intermission". You do not understand the action of transition. There are many different actions of transition. Within the action of choosing the probability of remanifestation, you continue your selectivity within probabilities, limiting your information. Therefore, your action within a temporary period of non-physical would be different than the action chosen within non-physical, if you have chosen the probability of non-remanifestation into physical focus. You have offered yourselves the opportunity to be viewing of this already within your new game; individuals experiencing your intermission time, holding what you may view to be little information of their "state", so to speak; incorporating action, but having not much information, seemingly, of understanding of their area of consciousness, or the actions that they incorporate within this area of consciousness. This also is dependent upon probabilities, and those which you choose. Be remembering, though, your probabilities are chosen selectively. You choose from a selective "line", so to speak, of probabilities. I shall incorporate a new word for this word of "line", which I am not pleased with.

You also incorporate selectivity within individual focuses. You choose groups of probabilities. This you may view as a line within your perception. This you may view as progression, although it is not quite progression, {these are very difficult concepts}, for before manifesting physically into a physical focus, you choose a line of probabilities. You choose an intent connected with a specific focus. Within the desire of that intent of the individual focus, you choose a group of probabilities to be implemented or chosen from as you move through that individual focus. You disregard all other probabilities, turning your attention. This is not to say that all other probabilities do not continue to exist, and that they are not available to you. It is only to say that you direct your attention to a specific pool of probabilities that you allow yourselves to draw from within the individual focus. Within our interaction with you, we attempt to spur questioning, which motivates you to move beyond the probabilities that you have chosen within the pool that you connect with the individual focus. It is an action of motivating you to incorporate ideas that may widen your perception. This is what is meant by widening your perception; the allowance of viewing, objectively, more of your probabilities that are available to you than only the pool of probabilities that you have selected for the individual focus. The subjective expression is aware of the myriads of probabilities available. Objectively, you consider only within the pool that you have chosen. This is not to say, once again, that you are "locked into" this probability, for you are not. There are no closed systems. Therefore, you do incorporate the ability to tap more of your probabilities than you allow yourselves presently.

We shall break, and allow you to absorb what has been offered already, and you may ask questions and we shall continue; for we shall offer also information to William in connection with this subject matter, which may also be helpful to each of you in understanding the connection between subjective and objective expression, and the mergence of the two within the shift. We shall continue within a few of your physical moments! (Laughter)

BREAK 7:21 PM RESUME 7:55 PM ("Time" was 10 seconds)

ELIAS: Now; I shall clarify, briefly, as to the Seers and their experimentation. In this action, there were no blunders. There were no mistakes. There were no manifestations that did "not work". All of the manifestations which were experimented with were incorporated physically for the experience, and for the development of the design of directedness in consciousness that you now view. Therefore, each focus that was experimented with was purposefully engaged. They were not accidents. They were chosen physical experimentation. They were also preliminaries to what you experience within what you view to be this present now. Be remembering, all time in actuality is simultaneous. Therefore, these manifestations occur presently, simultaneous to your focus which you recognize in your present now. We spoke of exchange of consciousness. These so-called experimentations within physical focus also exchange with your presently recognized focuses, offering you information within consciousness of your creaturehood, of your connection with nature, as you view it; for within these particular focuses that you recognize presently, you divorce yourselves from what you view to be nature. You view this as separate from your individual selves, but you incorporate the experience of connection through other simultaneous focuses. Therefore, do not be viewing these earlier expressions, in your terms, as being experimentations that did "not work", or that you "threw out" for a "better" expression; for they exist presently, and are affecting of your present consciousness. I expressed that we shall discuss William and his expression within this present focus, within this present now, as correlating with the action of the shift. Michael also incorporates a similar action, although he views this to be not quite as real as William, for he does not incorporate this action within his objective awareness. It is a subjective awareness within dream state.

(To Gail) You presently are engaging the beginnings of the action of the shift, this being the reason why you incorporate much confusion; for within the manifestation of probabilities that you have chosen for this particular focus, you have chosen to separate aspects of personality within the manifestation physically. Then you have chosen, within your probabilities, to merge these. Now you view aspects of what you think of as separateness within personality still. Temporarily, you shall continue within this action until you are understanding that which you engage.

Think of the parallel which I offer you within Michael's expression also. Michael engages a dream state, interacting within the dream state as himself in continuous action, but simultaneously is "supposed" removed from the action of the dream; allowing a pulling away to be viewing also, but continuing simultaneously to be interacting within the dream. This is not a separation within consciousness. This is accepted by Michael, for it is within the realm of the dream state. Therefore, it is allowable and acceptable, for the dream state holds less attention and importance. It is periphery. William engages this paralleling action within objective expression, allowing for the mergence of the subjective expression and temporarily separating them, the objective and subjective expressions, into almost two entities.

Within the action of your shift, this expression shall be "normal"; a wider awareness which allows you to incorporate your objective expression and attention, and also simultaneously a working subjective interaction that you are consciously aware of. The subjective expression connects with much more of your information and probabilities.

You view, presently, confusion; for these expressions are unfamiliar to you. Therefore, they are not entirely accepted as of this present now. Within the action of your shift, this expression that you exhibit presently, and the expression that Michael exhibits within dream, shall not be confusing objectively or viewed as "not real" within dream state, but viewed as normal expression of self, just as presently you view your objective expression solely as normal. You view subjective interaction as not quite so normal! Within the action of your shift, separation to the point of only experiencing objective expression without subjective interaction shall be viewed as not quite so normal. (Pause) These are the elements of actions that shall incorporate trauma for many individuals, yourselves included, if you have no information; for your automatic thinking process shall magnate to evaluation of madness! (Pause, smiling) You may ask your questions.

GAIL: I have a question. This information that I've written down last night and today, is this something that I can incorporate into helpfulness to others?

ELIAS: You may. This is a widening of acceptance of probabilities, an urgence of the subjective expression which is being allowed voice. Your present interaction, in listening to this voice, is shaded by your belief systems within physical focus, but you are allowing a beneficial incorporation of information. I hold no doubtfulness that you shall, within your present probabilities, choose to be understanding that your accumulation of information is physically based, but may be translated into an awareness of subjective information which is bleeding through into your objective expression. Information that you accumulate is only to be helpful within your own objective translation.

GAIL: I'm not sure I understand that.

ELIAS: You are attempting to translate, into language that you may understand, information that you have already received subjectively. Therefore, you draw yourself to information available to you physically, that you may translate the information that you have already allowed to bleed through.

GAIL: Okay. I get it now. I have another question. When I was really young, before the age of three, I used to interact with, as I viewed it at the time, a gentleman who wore pants that had a bumpy texture, and he spoke in French. And I was just wondering who that was?

ELIAS: (Grinning) It is amusing to us that you continue, within your expressions, to be viewing the unusualness of interaction, within very small time periods within consciousness, in connection with other essences. You view that you did not know certain essences at this age. You have met them presently; therefore you were not interacting at this age period, for that was then and this is now, although that is now also!

GAIL: I see what you're saying, but I'm viewing it from my divided self, I guess. (Pause)

ELIAS: (To Vicki, grinning) I am aware of one very interesting Frenchman. Are you also?

VICKI: Yes, I am! (Laughter)

GAIL: I mean, it was so different then, as I'm remembering it. I know that past is now and future is now, and I'm just wanting confirmation because I view separateness. I just want it confirmed.

ELIAS: That this essence is the very same that you engage presently before you?

GAIL: Correct.

ELIAS: Correct! (We're all cracking up)

GAIL: Well, that's kind of fun to know!

ELIAS: That we now file into the coincidence file! (Grinning)

GAIL: No, it's not coincidence! It's just my weirdness. It has to be confirmed. You definitely dressed different! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Ah! This would be a very concrete expression also, for essence and consciousness is never changing and always appearing the same! (Very humorously)

GAIL: But it rang a bell. I listened this time.

ELIAS: I shall be acknowledging to William that you are listening quite frequently!

GAIL: I try!

JULIE: You're not trying, you are!

ELIAS: Very good, William. (Smiling)

JULIE: Well, I have a question, if nobody else does. I'm trying to make sense of my dream state, and I'm wondering if the dreams that I view to be unpleasant are trying to be helpful to me.

ELIAS: We have engaged discussion of this subject previously within our sessions. All of your interaction within your dream state is helpful. All of the actions and events within all of the expressions of your consciousness are helpful to you. You only do not quite always objectively understand your own language.

JULIE: The other night I had this dream that I was being eaten by an alligator or a crocodile, one or the other, and I was kind of like on this really narrow pier or dock, a real narrow dock, and there were people standing all around and they didn't really do anything, and that's my dream. I kind of can understand it, but I kind of don't Can you maybe explain it?

ELIAS: Many of your interactions within dream state presently are for your own attention in one directed area. You are expressing many different scenarios to obtain your own attention, and as you do not listen, you create more expressions to gain your attention. In this, you view outwardly too many individuals, who you view to not be helpful to you ...

JULIE: I don't really feel that way. Well, I mean I don't ...

ELIAS: You are misinterpreting.

JULIE: Well, I don't feel that people aren't being helpful.

ELIAS: I have not finished!

JULIE: Okay. (Laughter)

ELIAS: In your dream, you view individuals to not be helping you. The dream is expressing to you to be listening to self, and to be not looking to outside, so to speak, helpfulness, for the helpfulness that you seek is within; therefore mirroring your objective expression. I am not expressing that you view, objectively, individuals to not be helpful; but within base issues that you hold, other individuals may not offer you helpfulness in the direction that you desire. They may be helpful within consciousness and within energy, but you must be incorporating trustfulness of self and engaging helpfulness from self. In this, your subjective language to you is to be noticing not engaging outside helpfulness, and drawing from within. But within, in your present view, is your creature with very big teeth! Therefore, you engage entanglement with this creature, but you are wishing to be pulled from the jaws by other individuals outside. You must pry open the jaws yourself, and stand to engage the creature. You shall be realizing that this creature with very big teeth is very small indeed!

Although you do not view in this direction presently, there is no thing to be fearful of within yourself, for you are quite a glorious creature, and will not be subjectively hurtful. You may be choosing to be objectively hurtful to yourselves, which quite often you do, which we have addressed many times with many individuals; for you are quite accomplished at being hurtful to self objectively. Subjectively, you will not. Therefore, the fearfulness that you hold need only be directed to that which you already view, not that which you feel is unknown.

JULIE: Okay.

ELIAS: Be listening carefully to these dream expressions, for you are repeating your action within this dream state, in very many creative methods, to be expressing the same idea. (Pause)

VICKI: Well, I have some questions ...

ELIAS: Yes, Lawrence! (Laughter)

VICKI: ... for myself, as well as some other people.

ELIAS: My shield, Holmes! I stand ready! (Oh, he's a funny guy)

VICKI: The experiments you were talking about, can I use my TFE experience as an example of that, in which I was living in the ocean?

ELIAS: Quite correct.

VICKI: Okay. Examples are really good for me. I'll take that from there. Also, you were making a point to be emphasizing that we don't always manifest in every time period.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: And I kind of missed the point of that. I don't really understand why you were making a point of that.

ELIAS: Think to yourself, as I was expressing to you earlier, you are manifest presently. Hypothetically, you are choosing to remanifest within the element of your shift. You presently, within your probabilities, within essence, have not focused a personality within the time period of the shift. You are choosing, within essence, to manifest this personality into the time element of the shift. Be remembering, your facets are not you ... although they are you!

VICKI: Different personality?

ELIAS: Partially. We shall allow this explanation temporarily. Within the consciousness that you recognize presently within essence, you choose to remanifest this focus, this consciousness, this personality, into the shift. This is difficult. (Pause) Therefore, although the manifestation in actuality is simultaneous, the action of the same personality consciousness is not. I have expressed that you all are probable selves, as you also all incorporate probable selves. In this, another focused personality exists physically within the time element of the shift. This element focused personality consciousness shall become a probable self intersection and continue "in place of", so to speak, the personality probable self occupying that space arrangement. Are you understanding? (Pause) No! (Laughter) It may become clearer as you are incorporating interaction with me within your transcribing action. Think to our drawing of the intersection of a probable self, which shall replace the existing focused personality. These are not walk-ins!

VICKI: That was that one little short line on the drawing, right?

ELIAS: The angular intersection extending from one probable self, intersecting with the original line probable self or focused personality, and continuing; exchanging places, so to speak. Be remembering, these are very, very limited terms. They are quite physical examples, only for the beginnings of your understanding. They are ultimately simplified.

VICKI: Okay. I do have some questions for some other people. From India, who interacts on the computer: "What is really happening when a dead loved one comes to you in a dream?"

ELIAS: A dead loved one comes to you in a dream! (Grinning) This individual does not cease to exist, and oftentimes, so to speak, it is what you would think of as an easier manipulation of energy connection within your subjective expression, for you are more accepting of interaction subjectively. You are more willing to be engaging energy exchanges and communications subjectively, for you do not incorporate your belief systems to be creating obstacles for you.

VICKI: Okay. For Michael: "Was the reaction to the subject of probabilities coming from blocking, or from a connection with the subjective self?

ELIAS: Which probabilities is he addressing to? For different probabilities engage different answers.

VICKI: The way I understood the question was that he was curious about his reaction to the subject matter itself. Other than that, I don't really know.

ELIAS: Of probabilities? (Vicki agrees) He is wishing to be understanding if he is blocking his own incorporation of understanding of the information of probabilities, or if he has engaged his subjective communication, so to speak, correct? (Vicki agrees) I will express that presently Michael, together with you all, incorporates much confusion with our subject matter of probabilities, but he is not blocking of information. If this were the expression, you would not have information of probabilities, for he would be engaging blocking! He is not accomplished enough, within his understanding, to engage separation of his own blocking of certain subject matters without also automatically influencing and blocking information within your sessions. Therefore, you may express to Michael that his apprehension was what you would view to be a subjective understanding, that you would incorporate much difficulty and distortion with this subject matter.

VICKI: Alright, his other question: "What about this bleed-through stuff? Are my belief systems bleeding through, and how do I stop it?

ELIAS: (Grinning) Without offering lollipops once again, I shall offer acknowledgment to Michael that he need not be so concerned; although within his own probabilities, he will continue within this line of probabilities! There, as we have stated, is always, within translation, an element of distortion. Also, within mergence through the thickness of physical focus and belief systems, there also is an element of distortion, although this is unavoidable. The expression that he views, placing value judgment upon self, is the same as the first question; although presently, Michael does not recognize much of his subjective interaction. He is noticing, but he is misinterpreting; for when he is noticing, he is interpreting these noticings as not quite real, or misunderstandings, or direct expressions of his objective self. He has not quite objectively accepted the cooperation and the reality of the mergence of subjective and objective expression. As paralleling William, he views these separately. Subjective expression is reserved for non-physical focus or dream state. Objective expression is reality. The mergence is occurring. You have already been privy to view this occurrence. Michael holds an awareness of this also, but is not quite accepting within this present moment. As also paralleling William, the movement is quick. Therefore, this expression shall be quite temporary.

VICKI: Well, we both have the same questions in this area. That's how this question came up, within discussion of our last conversation. So to go back to a specific example, there are questions in these areas. Previous to our conversation, Michael was very focused in my confinement of this cat, and then we had our conversation, and the focus was in the same area for a period of time. So we wondered, is that a bleed-through on his part of a connection with me?


VICKI: Well, what is it?

ELIAS: You may each, together or independently, as per your own choosing, view an example within your focus of paralleling ... (Here, Lenny the iguana does a flying leap from the top of his cage to the bottom, making a lot of noise, and we all crack up, including Elias)

JULIE: He fell from the top right into the water!

ELIAS: He is wishing attention! (Still laughing)

VICKI: I would say! (Note that Lenny is often quite active during sessions, although I think this is the first time he has actually made enough noise to interrupt the conversation)

ELIAS: (To Lenny) May we continue? (Lenny settles down) Thank you! (To Vicki) Look to your parallels with Ruburt and Joseph. You may all view very obvious examples, to which Michael very obviously does not connect and incorporate as a parallel within the phenomenon. He may view, within the writing material of these individuals, that Ruburt was connecting subjectively, and subsequently expressing objectively, of information delivered prior to its delivery. You may view this in even as small an area as titles with their written books; headings which were connected with prior to their expression by Seth. This is a subjective connection; an allowance of the mergence; an allowance of information to be bled through into objective knowing. Michael has expressed, many times, a desire to be connecting with involvement of this phenomenon and these sessions. It is, as all other things, another probability, and engagements of different actions within probabilities. As opposed to viewing, he may project or he may audibly listen physically within a session, these being only two probabilities. He may also engage other probabilities. In this, he may be allowing an objective expression of information incorporated subjectively. This would not be viewed as precognitive. It is only an allowance of information, which is held and connected with subjectively to be expressing objectively; which is your point. This is what you each view to be your goal.

VICKI: Well, we figured it was one of the two. It was either a subjective knowing on his part, or a bleed-through of belief systems during our conversation; his personal belief systems. That's where the question is.

ELIAS: Correct. This serves as a very good example to you all, that your automatic attention and assessment of your actions appear in one direction. You view questioning to be very good, within your assessment of good and bad. You view skepticism and suspicion as being protecting. You need not incorporate your metaphysical protection. You incorporate enough protection within your own objective expressions! You are quite protective and shielding of your objective selves, and need no helpfulness from angels or guides! (Laughter) You view subjective mergence, which you choose as your goal, and you discount this action and express worrying that you are incorporating bleed-throughs of belief systems. You do not even acknowledge yourselves within the possibility that you may be connecting telepathically with another individual, and expressing back to them their own expression and desires; which also, within your view, would be an accomplishment! (Grinning)

VICKI: Well, I could climb on the hamster wheel right now, but I'm not going to! (Elias laughs) I shall refrain. I only have one other thing; to go out on a limb, and to initiate the impulse game!

ELIAS: Ah! And then we shall incorporate our impressions game!

VICKI: Okay. So, I would like to suggest that possibly Shynla's incorporation of conversation with Michael and I regarding expansion was her following of an impulse.

ELIAS: Impression!

VICKI: Okay. That's why we need an impulse game! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Very good, Lawrence! Automatic. Be thinking, automatic.

VICKI: The sad thing is, I was! (Laughter)

ELIAS: A little more automatic! A little less "thinking"!

CATHY: So, when I was gong to enter Gail's sharing of information with us tonight, that was also an impression on her part, not an impulse?

ELIAS: Correct.

CATHY: (To Vicki) See, I knew that after you did yours! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Very good identification! You may be gaining information if you are knowing what an impulse is not! (Pause)

VICKI: Are we ready to play our game?

ELIAS: Carry on!

VICKI: For Rudy, in the category of the babies, she would like to connect the name Oliver in indigo.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: For myself; under the "m" names, for Sumafi, Meryl.

ELIAS: I shall be inquiring of your spelling of this name.


ELIAS: I shall offer one point. Exchange E-A.


ELIAS: Correct. Very good. (Thanks, India!)

VICKI: Okay. Composers, Sumafi, Gilbert and Sullivan.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Fables, for Sumari, "The Oak And The Reed".

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Also in fables, the Ilda family, "The Boy Who Cried Wolf".

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: That's it for me.

GAIL: Gems, Rose, bloodstone.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

GAIL: Energy, Sumafi, magnetic field.

ELIAS: One point.

GAIL: Energy, Rose, air.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

JULIE: Natural disasters, avalanche, Sumafi.

ELIAS: One point.

JULIE: Aspect personalities, with Sumari, Abraham Lincoln.

ELIAS: One point.

JULIE: Physical pleasures, Tomkin, meditation.

ELIAS: Less probable.

JULIE: Vegetables, Sumari, lettuce.

ELIAS: (Accessing) Acceptable. (Chuckling)

JULIE: Sports, with Otha, baseball.

GAIL: That's already been done.

JULIE: Then that's it.

CATHY: Oh, boy! It's my turn!

ELIAS: Oh, boy! (Grinning widely, making us all laugh)

CATHY: Personality expressions, Paul, mellowness. (Elias is leaning forward, grinning at Cathy) Look at that face! (Laughter) ELIAS: Acceptable.

CATHY: In vibrational tone qualities and physically focused essence connections, I would like to add Lanyah to Shynla, Ayla, and Ma-ah.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

CATHY: Quotes, Paul, "Imagination is more important than knowledge".

ELIAS: One point.

CATHY: Belief systems, Tomkin, God-like expression.

ELIAS: One point.

RON: Okay. Paul, explorers, Sir Francis Drake.

ELIAS: One point.

RON: Religions, Paul, Protestant.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

RON: Children's stories, Otha, "The Tortoise And The Hare".

ELIAS: We shall be exchanging for the fables and the children's stories with Olivia only, for she incorporates confusion of which category to be placing these in; opposites, to be placing The Little Hen in the children's stories and The Tortoise And The Hare in the fables category. If you are wishing this within children's stories, less probable. (Chuckling)

RON: Well, would it be a fable then? (Elias is just grinning) Okay. In connecting essences, under physical pleasures with Paul and Elias, energy exchange.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: Okay, I'm confused about the fable now. We did connect this last week.

ELIAS: I offered no point!

VICKI: Okay. Just making sure that I got it correct.

ELIAS: You "got it" correct! (Laughter)

VICKI: Thank you. I have to make sure that it's correct, you know!

ELIAS: Very good, scribe! (We're all laughing now) GAIL: I have a question. Why are there so many spiders in everyone's home this year?

ELIAS: I will express to you that many times, you view what you think of as more of some element than less, in different time elements. In actuality, the manifestation itself varies, but does not fluctuate within great degrees. You only notice within certain time periods, and do not notice within other time periods. Therefore, it appears to you that certain things multiply or manifest more, although at times, they do. Within this particular question, they are not.

GAIL: I must have been really out there. Okay, thanks.

RON: May I interrupt for a tape change?

ELIAS: I shall save you your equipment, for I shall be departing for this evening. I shall be engaged with you all in your dream state soon. Au revoir!

Elias "departs" at 9:10 PM.

© 1996 Vicki Pendley/Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved

Copyright 1996 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.