Session 1110

Initiating, or Designated Beginning, Focus


“Initiating, or Designated Beginning, Focus”
“No Essence Is Intrusive”
“Probable Selves, Alternate Selves”
“Can I Change into a Dog?”

Monday, June 10, 2002 (Private/In Person)

Participants: Mary (Michael), and new participants, Jon (Sung) and Erin (Melody)

Elias arrives at 1:13 PM. (Arrival time is 21 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon.

JON & ERIN: Hi. (Both laugh)

ELIAS: And how shall we proceed?

JON: I guess first off we’d like to know our essence names, families, alignment and orientation.

ELIAS: Essence name, Sung, S-U-N-G. And your impression?

JON: My current idea is that I’m Sumafi with a Gramada alignment.

ELIAS: Correct.

JON: And common orientation.

ELIAS: Correct.

Very well! (To Erin) Essence name, Melody, M-E-L-O-D-Y. (Jon and Erin laugh) And your impression?

ERIN: I don’t know. (Pause) Vold in some way?

ELIAS: Essence family, Vold; alignment, Sumari. And your orientation?

ERIN: Um... (Speaks simultaneously with Elias) Intermediate.

ELIAS: Intermediate - yes, you are correct. (Pause)

ERIN: My first question is, a while ago I wanted to help my dad and I thought I was creating a helper aspect of myself. I was wondering if that worked.

ELIAS: Partially.

ERIN: So what did happen?

ELIAS: In what capacity?

ERIN: I didn’t actually fragment an aspect to be focused on that issue entirely? What did I do?

ELIAS: Not fragmented, but yes, you did project an aspect and expressed an energy that has been partially helpful, to the capacity that it has been allowed by the other individual and received by the other individual.

ERIN: Is it true that I have four focuses currently in this physical dimension?

ELIAS: In this time framework or total numbering of focuses?

ERIN: I’d like to know both.

ELIAS: In this time framework, you are correct - you incorporate four focuses of attention in this now. Total numbering of focuses in this dimension, 62, which would be the designation in your terms of what you term to be a new soul. (Chuckles)

And what is your impression concerning your designation in this focus in relation to beginning, final or continuing focus?

ERIN: Continuing ... or final... (Laughs)

ELIAS: Feel into yourself. Do you recognize the newness in this focus?

ERIN: (Laughing) Yeah, yeah.

ELIAS: You are a beginning focus, which we encounter quite few of in this forum, a designated beginning focus. Let me explain.

This is a designation of a role, so to speak, or an action. You are essence. Every essence incorporates countless attentions, and in this physical dimension each attention manifests in a physical expression. All of the focuses are simultaneous. In this, one is designated in the action of initiating all of the focuses to be manifest in that simultaneousness, and one is designated as the final focus, in which, as that final focus disengages from this physical dimension, all of the other attentions also disengage from the physical dimension. Therefore, you are the attention that is the spark of the sparkler. (Chuckles)

ERIN: Wow, okay! (Laughs and Elias chuckles)

The focuses that I’ve sparked, would one be Jacob and another be Rita - Jacob being a merchant sailor and Rita being a party girl?


ERIN: I think Jacob was sort of past, like 1029, or Roman...?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

ERIN: And he had a girlfriend.


ERIN: And Rita had a brother named Mitch.

ELIAS: Correct, Mitchell.

ERIN: My first question is, how come sometimes I feel a lot of activity in my energy centers, like my orange energy center in the past couple of days, and my red energy center when I’m around my brother? Generally I think I feel a lot of activity in my energy centers. (Pause)

ELIAS: First of all, I shall express to you that this is not unusual in relation to a beginning or initiating focus. Generally speaking, although once again it is not a rule, but generally, initiating focuses incorporate heightened sense awareness, inner and outer senses, and incorporate a heightened awareness of their physical manifestation. In this, in a manner of speaking, you generate a tremendous sensitivity to the projection of energy of these energy centers, of all of your energy centers, but you may focus your attention upon one or several of them within any time framework.

Now; in relation to this individual, your sibling, your sensitivity to the red energy center is a responsiveness to the energy that he projects. Your recognition of that energy is expressed in the sensitivity of this red energy center, and you draw the energy to yourself through that particular energy center to slow the energy and not overwhelm yourself. The red energy center may be manipulated quite efficiently to be slowing movement and energy to allow individuals a clearer movement and communication. This particular energy center facilitates clarity, for it slows energy and allows you, within your physical dimension in which you incorporate time, the opportunity to move more slowly in receiving and assimilating, to generate more of an expression of clarity.

Now; the reason that you are recognizing movement within the orange energy center is in association with the wave in consciousness addressing to sexuality. You are allowing yourself a sensitivity to this particular belief system of sexuality and this base element of your physical dimension. As it continues to be expressed in this wave and examined in all of its aspects of expressions, you continue to generate this sensitivity in association with that energy center.

ERIN: For my next question, I tried automatic writing once and connected with an essence called Seredon. I had my friend ask her essence friend about this, and she said that he thinks that he owns me and I might not want to get too involved with that. So what relationship do I have with that essence? Was I talking to him yesterday? Is there some kind of mergence or intermingling situation? What is the situation, because I’m confused about it.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, if you are interactive with another individual and the individual offers information to you of this type, my suggestion is that you regard it with suspicion. Once regarding it with suspicion, move your attention to you and examine what you are expressing in fear within yourself. For you draw yourself to other individuals purposefully; every individual creates this type of movement.

Now; in drawing yourself specifically to different individuals, you also create the manifestation of the other individual. You directly interact with their energy expression and you translate this through your perception and create an actual physical being that you interact with. This is a highly efficient method, so to speak, within your physical dimension of reflecting to yourself what you are projecting within your energy.

Offering yourself an expression through another individual that you are engaging an essence that thinks it is expressing ownership of you is ludicrous and [is] to be viewed as suspicious, for no essence is intrusive. Any essence that may be interactive with you in any manner of energy exchange shall not be intrusive.

Any essence that is nonphysically focused and interactive with you in an energy exchange and communication shall not be expressing that type of expression, for that is an expression of perception, [and] within nonphysical areas of consciousness there is no perception. Perception is a mechanism associated with objective awareness to generate physical reality. The expression of ownership is a belief, therefore also associated with physical manifestation - in particular, this physical dimension. A nonphysical essence shall not express these types of communications, nor do they incorporate this type of motivation.

Therefore, recognize that you have drawn yourself to this individual who has offered this information to you, not as truth and not as accurate in association with the actual interaction of the other essence, but you have drawn yourself to that information to reflect to yourself a hesitancy that you are expressing in relation to an exchange of energy with another essence, in association with a fear that it may be hurtful to you. It shall not be.

But it is quite common to express a fear, for beliefs concerning nonphysical movements and expressions are quite strong, that there are evil spirits lurking within the cosmos or evil entities or hurtful entities. This is quite commonly reinforced in expressions of individuals’ beliefs concerning hauntings and possession and many types of suspicious activity. I shall express to you, any activity that occurs within your reality that may be hurtful to you, you generate yourselves. It is not thrust upon you by another essence, for essences are not intrusive and shall not generate this type of action.

Therefore, my friend, recognize that you have offered yourself a communication that you have generated some expressions of fear and hesitancy in relation to your engaging another essence, and that it is unnecessary. I shall express to you, no other essence within consciousness shall interact with you in exchange without your permission and without your invitation.

ERIN: That’s really good. Because I didn’t really believe it, but I had to hear it, too.

ELIAS: I am understanding. As to your question, are you merging or mingling with this other essence, yes. This is not bad. (Chuckles)

JON: I kind of have a follow-up question to the group session a couple of days ago.

ELIAS: Very well.

JON: I’m kind of interested in the actual mechanics of what happens when two people create different events. When two people involved in an event create different experiences, it seems like there’s two things that could happen. The first one is like when you mentioned how people can have a conversation and they later recall a different experience. They each created a different experience but they remained in the same line of probabilities with each other, so later they’re able to talk about their different experiences that they had and in a conversation relate that there was a difference.

But it seems like the other thing that could happen is that they might shift into different probable realities. In that case, it would appear to them when they talked to the other individual about what happened in that past situation, there wouldn’t be any difference, because they’re talking to this other probable person who experienced the same thing they did. Is that correct? (Pause)

ELIAS: Not necessarily probable. There is a difference between probable selves and alternate selves. Within your one manifestation, you incorporate many, many yous of you, many different aspects of you. But all of those aspects are expressions of the one you as a manifestation. They are all aspects of the one attention.

Now; as I have stated, the other individual shall directly interact with your energy expression. The individual may interact with an aspect of that energy expression, which may be in tremendous similarity to their experience themselves. It is a matter of attention, where each individual directs their attention. You may be directing your attention in a specific manner in association with a particular scenario experience. The other individual may interact with your energy projection but may not necessarily be engaging the attention that you are projecting. You all create these interactions within your focuses.

You are not necessarily always participating with the attention of the other individual. Therefore, you shall generate your scenario, your experience, and you shall create your perception of the other individual that they are experiencing the same scenario. But without the attention of the other individual, you are interactive with their energy, but their experience may be quite different for their attention is directed differently. Are you understanding?

JON: So, for instance, let’s say I create an event where Erin spills some ink on the carpet. She chooses not to do that and creates an experience where she doesn’t. Later on, will I see a stain and not her? What happens with physical evidence in cases like that?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. You may both view the stain.

JON: But she wouldn’t have any memory of ever creating it.

ELIAS: Correct. These are evidences that you all individually create your realities through your perceptions, but your objective understanding of this previously has not been expressed. For previously you did not offer yourselves information as to HOW you create your reality; you offered yourself information as to WHAT you create, but not how you create.

In this, previously, you generate tremendous confusion and at times even conflict, for you express the absoluteness: "The stain is evident. I view it; you view it. You have created this stain. I viewed you create this stain. It exists in physical evidence." And the other individual is expressing, "I am not understanding what you are speaking of. I have not created this stain. I have not experienced this action. Perhaps a ghost has created this stain."

JON: What if Erin created an event of her stabbing me and killing me, and I created that she didn’t? Later on, would I be able to talk to her or would she think I was dead?

ELIAS: In her perception, you would be dead. (Jon and Erin laugh) Within her perception, you would be gone. And within her perception, were you to choose to continue to interact, she may choose to allow that expression of energy and receive that expression of energy, and within her perception you would be a ghost. (Jon and Erin laugh)

JON: Here’s another example. I was talking to Ted, and he was telling me about this experience he had where he got in a car accident. He was driving and a car hit him, and his son and wife were badly injured or killed. Then he turned around to say something to his wife and then all of a sudden everything was fine. They continued along, and his wife and son had no memory of the accident. He was the only one who experienced it. Is that an example of shifting into another aspect or another probability? What exactly happened there?

ELIAS: An example of temporarily viewing the creation of another probability, a probable reality, and choosing not to insert it into this reality.

JON: What is the difference between a probable self and an alternate self, another aspect?

ELIAS: Alternate selves or other aspects of you in this focus are all the yous of you that are all incorporated within this one focus.

A probable reality and a probable self are generated at turn-points, so to speak. In moments in which you generate certain choices, you shall generate a probable self and probable realities. But these are generated in association with certain types of choices in moments in which, in a manner of speaking, you generate turning-choices.

JON: Like changes in lifestyle?

ELIAS: Correct.

JON: What would an aspect self be? If I have different aspects, are they also physically focused?

ELIAS: These are all of the aspects of you, all of the qualities that you view in association with yourself. Each quality is expressed by a different aspect of you.

As an example, hypothetically, perhaps you incorporate a quality of yourself that expresses an intellectual fascination, and you may also incorporate a quality of physical abilities in a particular sport, and you also incorporate a quality of a particular talent. Each expression is another aspect of you.

There are myriads of aspects of you, and there are many aspects of you that are latent. Therefore, an individual may move throughout their focus and incorporate a time framework in which they express in certain manners and at a particular point may discover that they are newly incorporating other talents that they did not incorporate an awareness of previously. These are latent qualities that you do incorporate but you have not expressed those aspects of yourself.

Some individuals, in actuality, quite commonly individuals may express one primary aspect of themselves in younger years, in your terms, and alter that primary aspect with a different aspect. Dependent upon the severity, so to speak, of the difference of these aspects, the one in older years may not necessarily incorporate a memory objectively of younger years.

Or you may incorporate what you view to be a lack of memory of a few years within a focus. This is not that you do not incorporate a remembrance, but that you objectively are not incorporating a memory of a particular time framework for the primary aspects have altered.

Now; you alter aspects of yourself continuously, and for the most part the aspects that are shifting positions, so to speak, and expressing different qualities of yourself are not extreme differences in qualities, and therefore generally there is no interruption in objective memory. But at times it does occur.

JON: Is this also maybe part of the reason why many people don’t remember the first few years of their life, like before the age of five?


JON: Are other probabilities also physically actualized or is the only one that is physically actualized the one that we experience?

ELIAS: No, they are also physically actualized.

JON: Is there any reason why we don’t run into a lot of different probable selves of each other - like of ourselves, for instance? Why wouldn’t a probable self also exist or intersect with this probability? Is it possible that the energy could interact in such a way that I could see different probable versions of myself?

ELIAS: You may, and I may express to you, within this time framework as you are inserting this shift in consciousness into your objective reality, you may allow yourselves to generate that type of action much more easily.

Yes, it has been purposeful previously that you do not intersect objectively with other probable selves, for in the design of your physical dimension and in association with your beliefs of separation, this type of action previously, and to an extent now also, incorporates the potential to disrupt your identity and confuse your identity. For you are familiar with this expression of singularity and separation, and you generate a comfort in your identity and the significance of your identity in relation to that expression of separation.

You are blurring your expression of separation in association with this shift, but you are also offering yourselves information that you may objectively understand that action of blurring and not confuse your identity.

JON: Is it possible that if I change my beliefs or whatever that I could shift into a complete different probable reality? Like I could be sitting here and then all of a sudden become some different probable version of myself and be somewhere else, completely in a different situation?

ELIAS: It is not a matter of changing your beliefs. You do not change beliefs. Beliefs merely are, and they are incorporated in association with your physical dimension. They are an expression of its design, and you all incorporate all of the belief systems. And therefore, what shall you change them to?

But you shall not become a probable self, but you do incorporate the ability to alter your reality. It is not a situation of leaping into another reality which is a probable reality and becoming the probable self, but you do incorporate the ability to alter your reality and reconfigure it.

Now; you may allow yourself to move your attention and to move into a probable reality. But you continue to be you; you do not become the other reality. But you may move about within a probable reality and you may encounter and interact with probable yous.

JON: You mentioned before that we have complete control over our genetic structure. I was just curious if that means that I could change into a dog or a piece of grass or something, or a different age or gender.

ELIAS: You shall not reconfigure yourself into a manifestation of a creature or a blade of grass or your elements, for those expressions are you already. They are your creations already. They are projections of your energy.

May you alter or reconfigure your energy of your physical manifestation? Yes. May you alter your gender? Yes. May you reconfigure the design of your physical manifestation? Yes, if you are so choosing. It is quite doubtful that you SHALL (Jon and Erin laugh), but I may express to you that if you are so choosing, yes, you do incorporate this ability. It is not impossible.

JON: But there is a limitation on how I could reconfigure it. I couldn’t reconfigure it into a dog, for instance? Is that because I couldn’t properly ... the brain wouldn’t be right for me to assume that form?

ELIAS: No. As I have stated, this is already a projection of your energy, therefore what shall you reconfigure?

JON: My body, for instance.

ELIAS: You may reconfigure the dog and alter the formation of the dog, for you are creating the dog. It is a projection of you.

JON: But I couldn’t become the dog.

ELIAS: You already ARE the dog! (Laughs loudly and Jon laughs)

JON: But the dog has some consciousness that’s unique and separate from mine, right? I take whatever energy the dog projects and create this dog from that. Is that true?

ELIAS: The creature incorporates its expression of consciousness, yes.

You are choosing to be manifest physically within this physical dimension as an attention of essence, and in this physical dimension this is the choice of how you shall manifest.

Now; you may project your awareness through your empathic sense to the dog and merge with the dog and be the experience of the dog, yes. Shall you continue in that expression if you are choosing to continue within the design of this physical dimension? No, for that is not the design of this physical dimension.

In like manner, individuals incorporate religious beliefs in reincarnation and express that you shall disengage and return as another creature. This is incorrect; you do not. You are essence. The creature is not. It is consciousness, but it is not essence. You are essence, and therefore you configure your energy in a specific manner.

JON: Would that mean that I could change my body into some kind of dog-man with four legs and so forth? But I wouldn’t be a dog; I would still be a person who had a strange body, basically.

ELIAS: If you are so choosing. (Grins, and Jon and Erin laugh) I may express to you that your challenge of acceptance of self is great enough and perhaps shall be greater if you are choosing to be configuring yourself in this manner! (All laugh)

JON: As long as we’re on the subject of creating physical things, I had a few questions. I think you and actually Seth before had mentioned the involvement of the pineal gland in the creation of physical objects. I was wondering what would happen to someone who had the pineal gland removed. Would they be able to create their reality?

ELIAS: Yes. This is merely a physical manifestation that you generally do focus energy through, but as I have stated, it is not a rule. Actually, an individual may remove most of their physical brain and continue to function and create their reality quite well.

JON: So the pineal gland just helps that process.

ELIAS: It is a focal point in which you naturally direct energy.

JON: Thank you very much. I think our time is up.

ERIN: Thank you.

JON: It’s been really fun.

ELIAS: Very well! I express my affection to you both. (To Erin) My encouragement to you in your sparking of the sparkler. And I shall be offering my energy to you each.

JON: Thank you.

ELIAS: I anticipate our next meeting and offer my encouragement to you both. In tremendous affection, au revoir.

JON: Bye.

Elias departs at 2:13 PM.

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