Session 108
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The Non-Physical Energy Session


"Non-Physical Energy"

Wednesday, July 31, 1996 (Pop-in) © 1996
Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, and Jim.
Note: We spent our meeting time this evening engaged in a TFE, with Jim as the subject. When Elias "popped-in", we were discussing the concept of no separation within non-physical energy. As usual, we always "lose" the first few sentences.
Elias "arrives" at 9:34 PM.

ELIAS: Focus upon your example of air. You are the glass. If you are holding a lid upon this glass, you are containing the air within. If you remove the lid, distinguish for me, which molecule was originally within this glass of air?

JIM: Can't do it!

ELIAS: This is the non-physical energy.

JIM: Indistinguishable.

ELIAS: Replace the glass with an invisible field, a magnetic field which physically contains the portion of air with no lid; therefore allowing a continuous exchange of air molecules flowing in and out of this contained field. Therefore, within your visualization, you see no separation, for you remove the idea of the container. This is your physical expression; not a vessel! (To Ron) Definitely not a lump of flesh! (Laughter) A conscious energy exchange. Each cell, each molecule contains energy and consciousness, and is "awarized".

JIM: Thank you. That clarifies.

ELIAS: It is unnecessary to be defining which individual personality energy is engaged within exchange with you, for it is a continual action. There is no separation. You need only focus upon this focus, which is you. For the present, this is your awareness; this "you". This "you" is what is affecting of all else. (Pause)

RON: You refer to "we". I think I understand that concept in the non-physical. How do you distinguish Elias from Paul in the "we"?

ELIAS: There is no distinguishing. (Smiling) We incorporate terminology for your benefit, for your understanding; for there are individual personalities incorporated within energy. Within your awareness and understanding, you interpret this separately. Therefore, for the purpose of your understanding, we incorporate terminology that may not be too difficult.

RON: I understand that. Paul's terminology and Elias' terminology, even though very similar, is very distinct and unique from each other. Is that because some of the terminology is taken from, say, Michael and I?

ELIAS: In some circumstances ... excuse. I shall amend this statement to encompass all physical circumstances. There are limitations as to the individual exchanging within this phenomenon, although the vocabulary incorporated with these individuals is quite similar. Therefore, there is a vast amount of words to choose from, to be expressing of these concepts.

I have expressed previously that your present, as you view it, vocabulary is not all that you incorporate as your vocabulary, for you also contain information of all other focuses. Therefore, these may be drawn from also. You may notice a word that you, within this focus, do not understand and must obtain a definition for. This appears strange to you; although within your consciousness, you incorporate words that you are quite unfamiliar with. These are available to essences exchanging within this energy phenomenon. The difference between communication of myself and Paul appears within your focus simply as a personality choice. My dear friend chooses to be incorporating more of a nostalgic ambiance, (smiling) viewing that this may allow him to appear more "colorful". Within my choice, I choose, carefully, terminology to intentionally not be connecting with familiar understandings.

RON: Or belief systems.

ELIAS: Correct; but as my friend is complementing of this information, this is not a concern to him. There is a cooperation, always, between essences, whether physically or non-physically focused. The action of the event may not occur without both interactions.

JIM: Would that follow through with the snake bite with the pony, and my interaction with Twylah?

ELIAS: This being why you have been offered the information at hand from my beloved; for within your experimentation of this desire and intent that you hold, you are allowing confusion within yourself. We have expressed many times, look to yourself! Trust you own expression. It is unnecessary to be focused upon other individual essences, so to speak, within your terms, for the energy is available to you continuously. The expression must move into a cooperation, through understanding of the subjective and objective expressions working together.

JIM: Okay. I think it's sinking in!

ELIAS: Do not misunderstand. You are not "inserting" information into the subjective self. This is present already. What is meant by the statement, "You have created a block", is that you have created the glass in the air, creating a barrier between the subjective self and the objective self, viewing one or the other as opposed to allowing a free flow between the two. (Long pause, and then to Vicki) Good evening, Lawrence!

VICKI: Good evening, Elias! I think it gets confusing when trying to view the expressions as indistinguishable. Within non-physical, there's no glass, per se, correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: I kind of get that, but then it's confusing because there does seem to be some separation, just even, for example, in the way you refer to Paul as your friend.

ELIAS: There is no word within your language to be describing of individual personalities with no separation. These are contradictions in terms, within themselves.

VICKI: Regarding Shynla's experience with Amos, I kind of get that Amos was incorporating an energy exchange possibly from a different focus than, say, you and Paul are incorporated in.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: So, would Amos' terminology of "we" incorporate a "we" of a different vibrational tone than what you incorporate when you use that term?

ELIAS: Correct, although within your thinking, this is misleading; for now, you are separating into rooms! Paul and Elias occupy one room. Amos occupies the room next to this room, joined by others of "similar kind". Twylah occupies the room down the hall! (Laughter)

Different focuses, so to speak, incorporate different desires. In this, they hold similar vibrational tones to each other, but there is no separation, just as with your air. Some of your air occupies space very close to your floor. Some of your air occupies space very close to your ceiling. Some blows around and around with the motion of your fans. All is the same air. You may not separate the air close to the floor, and distinguish by lifting this air to the ceiling. It is the same, although there are individual molecules within this air.

VICKI: And if Michael had not expressed this desire to not be a radio station, and incorporated "another essence" in that, what would the difference be, if there is no separation in those molecules?

ELIAS: The difference would be personality.

VICKI: Information the same; the personality different?

ELIAS: Basically, yes; just as the information is connected within two expressions, for they hold the vibrational tone quality the same, so to speak; this being an action of the intent and desire, to which Amos incorporates a different action within intent and desire. The molecules of air lying close to your floor hold the desire and intent of a particular temperature. Therefore, they are individually different than the molecules of air close to your ceiling, but they are the same. (Pause)

We shall be continuing with our (blows at everybody) information at our "regularly scheduled session"! (Laughter) Not radio station! And, I shall be anticipating our meeting, once again!

RON: Thank you for the unexpected pleasure.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

JIM: Thank you very much.

ELIAS: I am continuously engaged with you. Au revoir!

Elias "departs" at 10:01 PM.

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