Session 345
Translations: DE ES PT

Would You Like Some Cheese with that Whine?


“Would you like some cheese with that whine?”

Saturday, December 5, 1998-2   © 1999 (Group/New York)

Participants:  Mary (Michael), Ben (Albert), Brendan (Brian), Edward (Colleen), Ellen (Allissa), Frank (Christian), Harry, Julie (Listell), Rodney (Zacharie), Wayne, and two new participants, Camilla (Emma) and Guy (Soloman).

Vic’s note:  A bird was quite vocal in this session!

Elias arrives at 7:42 PM. (Arrival time is 25 seconds)  

ELIAS:  Good evening! (Grinning)

GROUP:  Good evening, Elias!

ELIAS:  We meet again!  This evening I shall open to your questions, but initially I shall offer you a small discourse in the area of creating your reality.

I am aware that you are privy to Michael’s creation of late, which although I do not generally offer crystal ball information, I have occasionally offered clues to probabilities that individuals are engaged in creating and was offering this information some time framework ago, and it has been actualized now.

In this, it shall serve as an example that there is no element within your reality that you may not accomplish and create.  Whatever you choose and desire, you hold the ability to be creating.

Generally I offer much information of this shift in consciousness and belief systems and how they are affecting of you, but occasionally I also offer information to you concerning your reality and how you are creating it.  Many, many individuals hold the belief that they may not be creating of all of their reality, or that they are limited in their ability to be creating.

In this, I express to you that there are no limitations to what you may be creating within this physical focus.  You present yourselves with your own obstacles, but you also hold the ability to move all of the obstacles that you place before you, and they are not so very difficult to be removing from your path, so to speak.

You are quite efficient and accomplished at offering yourselves obstacles and reinforcing yourselves that you may not be creating what you desire to be creating, but I express to you that you hold the ability equally to be removing all of these obstacles, or to not be creating them at all.

In this, there is one key, and holding this one key is the element that shall provide you with the objective ability to create all that you desire.

Now; this one key may appear in your language as very simple, but in actuality, applying it genuinely within yourselves is another matter entirely.  The key is trusting yourselves and your own abilities, and knowing — not doubting, knowing — that what you set into motion within probabilities you may accomplish, regardless of how very impossible it may seem.

There is no impossibility, even within your physical focus.  You, if genuinely accepting and trusting yourselves and KNOWING that you hold the ability to move in whatever direction you choose, may even move your physical form through objects of physical solid matter.

There is NO element within your focus that you may not be creating.  You merely BELIEVE that you may not be creating.

Let me express to you also that there are examples of individuals that create amazing events and materializations within their focus, and you may be amazed at their accomplishments, but you also discount them by expressing to yourselves and to other individuals that these individuals may be participating in cults, or that they are not viewing reality realistically, or that they are experiencing lunacy.  But these lunatics are creating their reality quite efficiently and not creating conflict in the areas that you create conflict, for you do not allow yourselves the same abilities for fear that you may appear to be a lunatic also!

In this, you limit your own creations.  You dare not be expressing an impossible feat to another individual, for you may not hold the ability to actually be creating of this, and other individuals shall surely see this and shall surely deem you a lunatic.  And what does it matter, if you are creating efficiently and effortlessly?

I express to you that I shall heartily advocate ALL of you creating lunacy for yourselves, and in this quite joyfully creating wondrous actions and events within your focus, within your reality, be it far removed from the officially accepted reality of your societies.  It matters not!  You each may be creating of wonders, and the key is merely the knowing and the trusting of yourselves.

Let me offer you, hypothetically, a small example. (Elias was very funny and very “on” throughout the rest of this session)

(Humorously)  Within the cosmos, we essences, as you know and are fully aware, are floating about and watching you all within physical focus, for you are so very entertaining! (Laughter)

Therefore, as we sit upon our clouds and view you all scurrying around, we are aware of listening to the moaning and complaining continuously of how you are not creating enough currency and financial aspects within your focus to be providing you with all of your desires!  Blah blah blah blah blah! (Laughter)

And as we are watching all of you and being quite amused at your tremendous moaning of what you do not have, we also turn our attention, upon our clouds, to some individuals who ARE trusting, and within THEIR reality, events, objects, desires, wants, seem to merely come to them.  They are little magnets attracting all of the joyful and wondrous elements of their focus that merely fall upon them.

And all of YOU are continuing to be moaning and also creating angriness within you towards these other individuals, expressing, “Why shall you have all that you desire, and I am struggling struggling struggling, and I am not accomplishing?” (Laughing)  And you continue to not be trusting yourselves!

And the other individual may express to you, “You need merely trust the universe.  It shall offer to you.  Chant a mantra and believe in this, and it shall come to you!”  And you shall shake your head and express to yourselves, “No, no, no!  You are a lunatic, and I must be creating much work and struggling to be accomplishing within my focus!”  I express to you, very, very, very, very, very incorrect! (Laughing)

You need not struggle.  This is a choice.  If you choose to be struggling, we shall be viewing you from our clouds within the cosmos and being quite amused at your whining and your struggling and your complaining of how you are not creating what you choose and wish to be creating, for we are quite aware that your reality is quite removed from you!  It is all “subconscious.”

THIS is what is creating of your reality, this elusive element of consciousness that is beneath some other area of consciousness that you may not tap into and have no control within these areas.  Some other energy element is creating for you without your permission! (Laughing)

There is no subconsciousness!  There is no lesser consciousness!  ALL of consciousness is available to you.  It is merely a situation of your own choices as to whether you choose to be accessing all of your consciousness.

Ah!  But let us not be forgetful that you are only engaging ten percent of your physical brain!  Therefore, you also are quite inefficient at creating your reality, for this mass of organ which resides within your physical head is not being accessed!

I shall express to you that you may remove physically half or more of your physical brain, and continue to be creating within your physical focus as efficiently as you are now ... or as inefficiently! (Laughing)  And you may manipulate your reality in the same manner.

Your physical brain is not creating your reality!  It is merely communicating impulses to your physical body.  This is not what is creating of your thought processes.  YOU are creating your thought process, YOU as consciousness, in cooperation with your physical form as your outward expression.  Therefore, I do not accept the excuse of your brain being inefficient to be creating your reality or that you hold some element removed from you — as this elusive subconsciousness that is such a demon — creating undesirable elements within your focus that you are not choosing ... for YOU do not create your reality!  We are aware of this! (Laughing)

MALE:  He’s laughing at us!

ELIAS:  From its cloud upon this elusive cosmos! (Laughing)  We are all quite amused! (Laughing)

Now!  I express to you to be altering your moping and your frowning and your complaining of what you do not possess, and to be offering yourselves laughter and joyfulness and the acknowledgment that you DO hold the ability to create ANY element that you so choose!

We move into more of an acceleration of this shift in consciousness, which offers you even more energy to BE creating efficiently all of your desires, in a manner of speaking ... although it is yourselves that offer this energy to you.  You may express to yourselves, if you are so choosing, that the universe is offering you upon a platter wondrous energy to play with!  Therefore, I express to you, PLAY!  And be joyful in your playing! (Laughing)

We approach the end year of your century.  Much movement shall be occurring in this end year, for YOU all are creating much movement.  You are all lending MUCH energy and anticipation to movement within this final year of your century.  In the tremendous expression of energy which you are offering yourselves and each other in this final year of this century, allow yourselves to be taking advantage of the openness of consciousness that you hold and the tremendous availability of energy that you are offering to yourselves to be creating of greatness as you move into your new century, which shall increase the momentum of this shift in consciousness twofold.

If you are expressing to yourselves presently that you have engaged a wild ride, anticipate that the ride shall become more intensely wild as you move futurely! (Laughing)

And we shall all celebrate with you all of this wondrous energy that you are allowing yourselves to open to.  If you have held unusual experiences to this time framework, you shall hold GREAT unusual experiences futurely, for you are creating massive energy waves that you all shall surf! (Laughing)

And I express to you, hear hear!  And great encouragement that you be continuing in your creations of movement into wondrous areas!

BIRD:  Hello. (This bird has been squawking all evening, not talking)

ELIAS:  I shall also express that the remembrance of this agreement of this phenomenon is approaching the brink and shall be ...

BIRD:  Hello.

ELIAS:  ... presented soon, and in this experience, much energy is  lent ...

BIRD:  Hello.

ELIAS:  ... to all of you in all of your movements.

(To the bird)  Greetings also! (Laughter)  How very rude that I am not acknowledging of another presence!  My heartfelt apologies! (Laughing)

We shall break, and you may engage your questioning if you are so choosing.

BREAK:  8:07 PM

MALE:  He’s very mischievous tonight!

MARY:  OH BROTHER! (Classic Mary here)

Vic’s note:  During the break, Mary panned the camera around the room so I could see everybody.  Hi, everybody!  Great to see you!

RESUME:  8:45 PM (Arrival time is seven seconds)

ELIAS:  Continuing!  And you may present your inquiries in this present now, if you are choosing. (Chuckling, quite full of himself!)

EDWARD:  Elias, you talk about our physical manifestations in this reality, and there can be more than one of us at a time.  Is that correct?

ELIAS:  Correct.

EDWARD:  Can we be different ages and everything?  Recently I saw something on TV that reminded me of who I could be, even had the same last name, but they were older.  They were a bishop in the Greek Orthodox church, and they were speaking, and they were saying things that I could swear were coming out of my mouth.  Can they be like different ages, different structures, everything?

ELIAS:  Yes.

EDWARD:  We could have a whole bunch of us going at once?

ELIAS:  Yes.

EDWARD:  Creepy!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  It is quite common for essences to be focusing multiple focuses within each time framework.

EDWARD:  And it’s the same essence.

ELIAS:  Correct.  They are merely focusing more than one focus of essence within that time framework.

EDWARD:  Hmm.  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

Many times, essences, in focusing several focuses within one time framework, shall be manifesting in very similar manners.  Therefore, many times the appearance physically of the individuals shall be quite similar, but as with all other creations, this is not a rule.  Therefore, some essences may be creating several focuses within one time framework, and they may bear no resemblance physically to each other.  Generally, they shall be creating similarities in appearance with all of their different focuses within one time framework, but as I have stated, this is not a rule.

EDWARD:  I couldn’t remember the appearance because I was so taken aback at the last name of Spalding attached to a bishop in the Greek Orthodox church.  I couldn’t even tell you what he looked like.  I didn’t even look.

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  And you are presenting yourself with an element of disbelief!  And what have I expressed within this very session? (Laughing, and everybody cracks up)

And THIS be an example of what I have expressed to you that shall be increasing, as this momentum of this shift in consciousness is increasing!

If you view yourselves to be experiencing oddness within THIS now, (laughing) I express to you, wait!  For futurely, you shall be presenting yourselves with much more! (Laughing)

RODNEY:  Elias, I have a question.  I don’t get the sense that there are unofficial things happening around me.  I just don’t!  It’s like things are quite the same as they’ve always been, for quite some time.  When I get strong thoughts, strong energies within me, are these possibly coming from other focuses?

ELIAS:  At times.

RODNEY:  How could I distinguish them?

ELIAS:  At times you are allowing bleed-throughs from other focuses.  At other times you are allowing information and sensations, which is a communication from essence and not necessarily a bleed-through of another focus that you hold.

And you express that you notice no unofficial information?!

RODNEY:  Rarely, rarely.

ELIAS:  (Laughing)  What be this, but unofficial information!

RODNEY:  Okay, okay....

FEMALE:  Elias, I wanted to welcome two people that are here this evening, Camilla and Guy, and wanted to know if you could share, perhaps, their essence names and families.

ELIAS:  Very well. (To Guy)  Essence name, Soloman; S-O-L-O-M-A-N.  Essence family, Tumold; alignment, Milumet.

(To Camilla)  Essence name, Emma; E-M-M-A.  Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Sumari.

FEMALE:  Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

BEN:  Elias, I’d like to try to play the game that I’ve read about.

ELIAS:  You may, if you are so choosing.  We shall on to our game this evening! (Grinning)

BEN:  I would like to suggest Gus Van Sant’s “Psycho” with Sumafi.

ELIAS:  For your motion pictures?

BEN:  Yes, category of motion pictures! (Laughter)

ELIAS:  (Laughing)  Must I be completing your entry for you?  Hmm!  Acceptable!

BEN:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are welcome!  And shall any other individual attempt to be creating an entry for our game?  Christian!

FRANK:  That’s for Sumafis, right? (Laughing)  No, I don’t have one.

ELIAS:  Ah, very well. (Laughing, and a brief pause)  And are you wishing of more questions this evening, or shall you be little mice?

RODNEY:  Another friend of mine passed away last Tuesday after being sick for a good number of years with AIDS, and I’m curious: do people who have passed over, are they aware of us?  In what sense are they aware of us?  In what sense can we imbue them with energy, loving thoughts?  What is the interplay, the relationship between someone who has gone over and someone who is still here?

ELIAS:  Let me initially address to you and express that there is no crossing over, for you are not crossing over into some elusive other realm.  You are merely moving your location within consciousness.  You are merely turning your attention.

But as to your questioning: first of all, to the subject matter of their attention to physical focus and their awareness of physical focus, I express to you that as an individual chooses to be disengaging from physical focus, they are entering into an action of consciousness which I have termed to be transition.

In this state, so to speak ... as it is in actuality not a state.  But in this action of transition, the individual addresses to all belief systems to be shedding, not accepting — that is your job within physical focus — but to be shedding of belief systems, and also to be disengaging from objective awareness and moving into entirely subjective awareness and reality.

Therefore, in this, as the individual moves through this action of transition, there is some awareness in the form of memory of individuals that have been interacted with within physical focus, but be remembering that within this action of transition, all focuses are viewed simultaneously.  Therefore, the awareness of memory of individuals that YOU term to be remaining, so to speak, in physical focus is dimmer, for they are viewing ALL of their focuses simultaneously, and all of their interactions, all of the events, all of the experiences of all of these focuses simultaneously.

Now; in the situation that that particular focus which has disengaged and is participating in transition, as they may have been engaged with another essence repeatedly within different focuses in intimate relationships, THIS type of memory shall appear more pronounced.

Therefore, in your questioning of their awareness of individuals within physical focus, they shall hold an awareness and a remembrance of individuals that have participated within relationships with them through many focuses.

Individuals that participate with them in merely one focus, regardless of the type of relationship, be it intimate or not, shall appear much dimmer to them, in a manner of speaking, for it shall not gain their attention quite so strongly, for in viewing all of their focuses and all of the events of all of these focuses and all of the belief systems of all of these focuses, individuals are not the concern.  Addressing to the self and the action of shedding the belief systems and the objective awareness is the action, and more of a concern than identifying individuals and pining, so to speak, for individuals remaining within physical focus.  They are quite busy!

RODNEY:  So it sounds!

ELIAS:  Although I may also express to you that some focuses occupy this action of transition for much longer than some other focuses, for they hold tightly to their belief systems.  They also choose not to be accepting of their own choice for disengagement at times.  This may create a situation in which that particular focus may become temporarily “stuck,” in your terms.

RODNEY:  Does this mean they’re haunting some house someplace?

ELIAS:  No! (Laughter)  These that you identify as hauntings and the like are the manifestations of energy deposits.  They are not the focus which is disengaged, (humorously) returning to the physical realm to be haunting you and distressing you!  No, this does not occur.

But I have expressed previously that at times, in your terms — for in actuality, they are not stuck — but in your terms, you may interpret that they appear to be stuck in this action of transition or in certain aspects of this action of transition, for they are refusing to be letting go of these belief systems and are attempting to be attaching themselves to the manifestation of the memories.

Now; this action is quite different from what you experience within physical focus.  Your identification of memory is, you view yourself within the present now and you hold a thought process of remembering an event or a situation or an individual.

Within the area of transition, the memory is manifest differently, for it may materialize.  It is not merely a thought process, but may become an actual scenario where that individual focus may materialize the memory and be participating in the memory, in like manner to your participation presently with each other in physical form.

At times, certain focuses, in holding to their objective awareness and to their belief systems, may not be accepting of their choice — which IS their choice — to be disengaging.

Now; in these situations, I have also expressed previously that there are essences that expressly move in directions of helpfulness in these areas.

Some of these essences focus within physical focuses and are helpful within physical energy, allowing themselves to be connecting with that focus which is within the area of transition to be helpful in movement of energy, expressing that the reality is that they ARE within the action of transition and that they HAVE created this choice to be disengaging — they are not continuing within physical focus.

RODNEY:  Do you mean that there are essences who have become objective, have taken on a physical focus?

ELIAS:  YOU are essence objectively physically focused!

RODNEY:  Right, but for the purpose of assisting people in transition?

ELIAS:  Correct.  This would be their intent within a physical focus.

RODNEY:  Really!

ELIAS:  Yes.  There are also individual essences that non-physically focus their attention in helpfulness within Regional Area 3 to be assisting with these types of situations.

RODNEY:  Would the person in physical focus be consciously aware that he’s doing this?

ELIAS:  Yes.

RODNEY:  They would?

ELIAS:  Yes.

RODNEY:  Through dream imagery, or through just knowing?

ELIAS:  Many times these individuals hold a very clear objective awareness of their interaction with individuals that have chosen to be disengaging physical focus, and they are connecting with the energy of that disengaged focus and may allow themselves to be communicating within energy to that physical focus.  They also may be tapping the energy of that focus to be offering communication concerning that particular focus.

Now; do not misunderstand.  Individuals that allow themselves this ability are not directly interacting with the disengaged focus.  Therefore, the individual within physical focus is not directly speaking to your disengaged nephew!

RODNEY:  It sounds like that!

ELIAS:  But they may allow themselves the ability to tap into energy deposits of that focus, which shall offer them much information, and they may relay this information objectively to other individuals.

Therefore, it may not be discounted that certain individuals express that they speak to the dead, and they may offer information concerning that individual ... AND be offering accurate information.

RODNEY:  Really!

ELIAS:  But they are not directly interacting with the individual.  They are interacting with an energy deposit.

RODNEY:  I’m really curious as to why an essence would become physical, in a sense, in order to assist a focus which is no longer objective.  Why would an essence become objective to assist a focus which is no longer objective?

ELIAS:  For the reasoning that although the focus is no longer objectively physically focused, at times, if they are creating the situation of being stuck, they are holding to their objective awareness and shall be much more accepting of objective expressions than they shall be of subjective expressions.

Therefore, the objective expressions offered by the physically focused individual may be more readily accepted by that focus, that individual which is within the area of transition.

You have information within your physical focus of individuals that name themselves to be engaging the action of “spirit rescuing.”  This is your physical terminology, and in actuality they are not rescuing any individual or essence, but they are allowing themselves to be helpful in objective manners, in communication with these individuals engaging transition.

This is accomplished in conjunction with essences non-physically focused, of which those individuals within physical focus hold an awareness of the non-physical essences and their participation in helpfulness.

RODNEY:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are welcome.

EDWARD:  Elias, you keep talking about this shift in consciousness that’s coming, and....

ELIAS:  It is here.

EDWARD:  This year?


EDWARD:  Yeah, well.... (Elias starts laughing)  That’s a hard thing to believe!  One, there’s an ancient Tibetan saying that it comes when the Buddha moves to the west and meets the Red Man, which is really.... (everybody starts laughing)  Well, exactly!  But the other thing is, I guess they thought it meant the Indian, but it’s like from the 13th century.  And two, is it tied into the first time in recorded history that we have a large segment of the population who don’t have anything else to do?  I mean, we’re not struggling to like feed ourselves at this point.  A great deal of us are not scrounging the land, like maybe is going on in the Third World.  I mean, are these tied together?  For the very first time, a great deal of us have time to think of something other than just day-to-day survival.

ELIAS:  Quite!  You are bored! (Grinning)

EDWARD:  Yeah! (Laughter)

ELIAS:  And you are creating a shift in consciousness to alter your reality, to allow you to experience more fullness of what you may be creating within your own creativity and your abilities within physical focus.  You have experienced for centuries in the manner that you have created your officially accepted reality.  You have experienced this!

EDWARD:  Well, the bored ones outpace the ones who aren’t.

ELIAS:  You are ALL bored!

EDWARD:  ‘Cause we’re battling almost like two separate planets.  Do you know what I’m trying to say?  There’s like this division down the planet, where there’s a great deal of the planet fighting to survive, and there’s a great deal of us bored to tears.
ELIAS:  It matters not!  You are bored with your creation of your experience.  This is not to say that you are necessarily physically objectively bored.  What I am expressing is, within essence you are bored with what you have been creating for centuries, and you are choosing to be creating a new reality.  You are altering your reality and choosing a new direction, a new expression, for you have experienced all of the elements of your officially accepted reality to this point within your linear time framework.  In this, you choose to be moving into new areas.

It matters not that individuals occupy areas of your planet that appear to be struggling for what you term to be basic needs.  I express to you, there are no needs, period!  You, even within physical focus, need no thing.  All is a choice of experience.

You need food for survival.  No!  You do not NEED to be surviving!  It is a choice.  You need water for your survival.  No, you do not need water!  You CHOOSE to be accepting the officially accepted reality that you have created, and you have created an ENORMOUSLY strong belief system that you hold needs within physical focus.  I have expressed many times — and individuals merely laugh — that you may exist upon rocks, but YOU do not believe this.  You hold very strong belief systems as to what you need.  I express to you, this is not what you need.  It is what you WANT.

RODNEY:  So, a physical focus, an objective focus, could exist on this planet without food, without water.

ELIAS:  Quite!

EDWARD:  Which is what the Hindu mystics claim!

ELIAS:  I have also expressed many times that within your religions, there are many truths.  They are covered and they are greatly camouflaged and hidden within belief systems, but there are many truths within your religious belief systems.

EDWARD:  You’re very quick tonight, Elias!

ELIAS:  Ha ha!  I am always quite tricky! (Laughter)

EDWARD:  That’s very good, very good!  Thank you.

FEMALE:  Elias, you spoke a lot tonight about that we could perhaps choose what we wanted, and that if we believe or we know that we’re gonna get something, we will get it.  I hear what you’re saying, but I guess what I’m wondering is, if you intrinsically don’t feel like you’re gonna get something but you want to get it, how do you create a belief that you will get it?

ELIAS:  It is not necessarily creating the belief that you shall receive, but allowing yourself to recognize and genuinely hold the trust in self, which allows you the knowing that you shall be creating.  You do not trust yourselves and therefore you doubt what you may be creating, and as you doubt, you block your own creations and you block your own ability.

Therefore, ALL stems from the basic building block, so to speak, of the trust within self, the trust that you truly may create ANY element within your physical focus, KNOWING that you ARE magnificent creatures and that you need no other individual to dictate any element to you.  You are quite efficient and hold the ability to be creating in ANY direction that you choose. It is merely a question of your own trust of self, and as you are trusting, you shall not doubt.

You trust that you hold the ability to walk, do you not?


ELIAS:  And therefore, you walk, and you do not allow yourself a thought process concerning your walking.  You merely create it.  You merely implement it effortlessly, thoughtlessly.  You do not concern yourself with its mechanics.  You do not concern yourself with the dissection of the probabilities that enable you to enact walking.  You merely trust that you hold this ability, and therefore you do.

In this manner, as you trust within all of your creations that you hold the ability to be accomplishing, it is unnecessary to be lending any energy in obstacles, and your obstacles are created by doubt.

As you allow yourselves to be genuinely trusting yourselves, you also shall be much more attuned to your own voice, which quite clearly offers you directions each moment.  Each day — each MOMENT of each day — you are offering yourselves communication, but you are not listening and you are not paying attention.  You are not noticing.

(Leaning forward and staring at Rodney)  YOU ARE NOT NOTICING!

RODNEY:  I know, I know, I know!

ELIAS:  This is not to say that you are not creating or speaking to yourself or offering yourself information!  You are merely not noticing, for where are you?  You are not within the present!  You are noticing myself, for you are present now.  And within your moments, your days within physical focus, are you so very present?  You are projecting pastly, futurely; five minutes from now, five minutes ago; two weeks ahead....

RODNEY:  A whole lifetime!

ELIAS:  Next year, last year!  And you are not noticing now, and your communication is now, for your reality is now!  Your reality is not next year.  It is now!  ALL of reality is now!  There is no past, there is no future.  There is merely now!

FEMALE:  How do we live more in the now?

ELIAS:  Remind yourselves.  Practice, and as you practice with your attention, you allow yourself more acceptance of self.  You allow yourselves to trust yourselves within the now.  You do not create massive conflict in projections, and you eliminate much of your confusion, and you allow yourselves the ability to LISTEN to self and to HEAR self.  How shall you be hearing self if you are listening to all other elements?  Think to yourself of your mirror images that you create within physical focus.  Every behavior that you create within physical focus is some type of mirror action of subjective movement.

If you are choosing to be concentrating upon a communication with one other individual, how shall you be attentive to this communication if you are also listening to twenty other individuals speaking to you simultaneously and thinking about what you shall be creating tomorrow and what you are not very efficient at creating yesterday?  This one conversation with this one individual shall become dimmer and dimmer and dimmer and quieter and quieter, and you shall be expressing, “What?  What have you expressed?  I was not hearing what you have expressed.  Speak up!”

The voice is quite loud enough, but you are not listening.  You are not noticing, for you are allowing your attention to move in many other directions, and you are not holding to the now.

All of these expressions that I offer you are so very simple.  They are so very easy, but you complicate them so immensely, and you allow your belief systems to manipulate you in this direction and in that direction, and you become a bouncing ball all around your field, and you know not where to move. (Smiling)

Begin in the now.  Begin to be trusting YOU — not what other individuals view, not what other individuals express, not the expectation of other individuals, not YOUR expectation of THEIR expectation, but your own trust of you, NOW — and this be the manner in which you shall begin to be accomplishing all that you desire effortlessly, not questioning.

RODNEY:  Trusting self in the now.  I’ve heard the term “centering,” and I don’t know if it was you or not who said, “One way to center is to be with animals.”  I spent this morning with some horses.  I’m fascinated by them.  It was a great morning.  I spent two hours pulling burrs out of horse’s tails and brushing them.

I’d like you to comment on the relationship between what people term centering — and I don’t know if you’ve used that term or not — and being in the now.

ELIAS:  Many individuals express this terminology of centering.  There are many different definitions within physical focus of this terminology of centering, but....

RODNEY:  Have you ever used it?

ELIAS:  I do not express the expression of centering, so to speak.

RODNEY:  Okay.

ELIAS:  Although it is merely another term for balance, which I have expressed previously, and acceptance; focusing upon self, not upon all that you view to be outside of self, but upon self.  In focusing upon self, you allow yourself an acceptance of self, and in this you practice your trusting of self.  This may be accomplished in many different manners.

You are quite efficient at developing methods.  Therefore, you may choose any of your methods that you find acceptable to yourself to be engaging this action of looking to self, may it be brushing burrs within a creature’s fur, may it be sitting and participating in what you term to be meditation, may it be exercising and involving yourself in much physical activity.  It matters not.  Each of you shall find your own manner in which you allow yourselves to be connecting with self, and this is your quietness, and in this quietness you shall allow yourself the acceptance, and this shall provide you with your trust.

You do not create outside of yourself.  You BELIEVE that you create outside of yourself, but you do not.  You create within, for each creation that you engage begins with the creation of a probability, and that probability comes from within. (Staring at Rodney)

RODNEY:  Can I ask another question?

ELIAS:  You may.

RODNEY:  I have somewhat facetiously and somewhat not facetiously stated that I want a beautiful place to live for free, and I said this in the awareness that I could create this probability, and yesterday or the day before, someone told me of a house that may be coming available in which the occupant will be living for free.  There’s a part of me that says this is all accidental, and....

ELIAS:  Ah, the doubtfulness! (Grinning)

RODNEY:  And I want to know, did I specifically create this?

ELIAS:  Yes.

RODNEY:  I did?  Huh!

ELIAS:  (Laughing)  And your next question shall be, “HOW have I created this?”

RODNEY:  I don’t know! (Laughing)

ELIAS:  You have set into motion probabilities!  You have expressed reality!  Thought is reality!  Thought is energy, and moves and creates, and you have set into motion the creation of probabilities.

RODNEY:  You know, when you say that and when I feel that, what comes up for me is a big problem, because you’ve discussed the RESPONSIBILITY of what we think.

ELIAS:  Quite!

RODNEY:  And well, my thought process is “a train run amuck,” you know....

ELIAS:  Ah, and now we engage the judgment!

RODNEY:  If ten percent of what I thought came true, the world would come to an end tomorrow!

ELIAS:  (Humorously)  Oh, this is quite efficient in the area of judgment!


ELIAS:  I shall be quite acknowledging of you in this area!  You are creating of this judgment upon self quite efficiently!

RODNEY:  Yeah, well, I get a little memo from the IRS, and the next thing I’m doing is, I’m blowing up Holtsville out on Long Island, you know, because of its plan to lower the rockets.  Obliterate it from the face of the earth.  That’s not being very responsible!

FEMALE:  No objections! (Laughter)

ELIAS:  It matters not!

RODNEY:  It matters not. (Cracking up)

ELIAS:  We shall break, and you may continue if you are so choosing.

GROUP:  Thank you.

BREAK:  9:38 PM

Vic’s note:  Mary returns coughing and says, “It’s getting a little hard to hold here, guys.  What are you doing?”  It seems that the more directed Elias is, the more difficult it is for Mary to hold her focus in the “place” she is in while Elias is speaking.  By the way, just where is it that you go, Mary??

RESUME:  10:04 PM (Arrival time is 7 seconds)

ELIAS:  Continuing.

BEN:  Elias, I’d like to ask your help in interpreting a dream I had this morning.  It was like a fairy tale.  It was a knight or a nobleman lying on his left side with a scar up his side from his hip, and he asked a beautiful sorceress to cure him and said that if she cured him, he’d marry her and give her half his kingdom.  She thought this was a pretty good idea, so basically all she did was to tell him that there was nothing wrong with him, and there was nothing wrong with him.  But I knew the whole time that this was just a trick, and would only last five days.

ELIAS:  Ah, and once again we are presented with the duplicity in the very manner that we have been discussing this very session!  This imagery is your presentment to yourself of duplicity, in the reality of the situation that in actuality what the sorceress has expressed is truthful, that although it appears that the individual is injured, in actuality there is no need for healing, for the individual is whole and fine and there is no thing that is affecting of them.

But you interject your thought process and your belief system that this is merely trickery, for in actuality he is injured and is requiring of healing.  Therefore, he shall merely be within the spell of the illusion of being cured temporarily.  In this, the actual illusion within your physical focus is that any injury or illness which is requiring of healing is an element that is wrong.

You express to each other and to yourselves within your very language, if you are experiencing illness or dis-ease or hurtfulness, “What is wrong?  ‘This’ is wrong with you.  ‘This’ is wrong with myself.”  No, there is no element that is wrong!  You have merely created an experience that you have chosen, and you hold the ability to be uncreating this experience in any moment immediately.

Therefore, what shall be wrong?  No thing.  It is merely a choice that may be altered within any given moment.  The illusion is the dis-ease, for there is no thing wrong with your physical form.

It is the energy that you create by choice which appears to be wrong, for it is compliance with your belief system.  But in actuality, your physical form is perfect and holds no defects.

Therefore, there is no thing wrong, and this is not trickery.  The illusion is the wrongness.

BEN:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome, and you may apply this to yourself also! (Laughing)

EDWARD:  I told you, he’s like evil tonight!

ELIAS:  (Laughing)  Thank you!

EDWARD:  You’re welcome!  Enter the highest form of flattery!

ELIAS:  Of course! (Laughing)  And evil is not bad either!  Therefore, I am accepting of this expression! (Laughing)

FEMALE:  Do we choose to get hurt, then?  Like, if somebody shoots somebody else and kills them, the person who shoots them is not wrong or right?  It’s just the fact that the other person chose to be shot, and the other person also chose to shoot that person?

ELIAS:  Correct.  This is a cooperation and agreement.  No individual may be hurtful to you without your agreement and your permission, and for the most part, YOU are creating of the hurtfulness, not another individual, and these expressions are created by your own perception, which is created by your own belief systems.

In the situation of physical harmfulness in which another individual may be engaging what you term to be a violent act in which you may be killed, so to speak, you are not being killed.  You are engaging an agreement, and YOU choose — each one of you choose — when you shall disengage, and how.  This is NOT inflicted upon you by any other individual or any other essence.  YOU CHOOSE.

If you are choosing to be engaging being run down by a train, YOU have created that situation and choice.  Within that moment, you have chosen to be disengaging in that manner.  If you choose to be eaten by a bear, it is not the bear inflicting your disengagement upon you!  You have chosen this manner to be disengaging.  You choose the time framework and the manner in which you shall disengage physical focus.

FEMALE:  Like before you get in the focus, or during?  While you’re here, you choose it?

ELIAS:  It is dependent upon the individual.  Some individuals are choosing a probability for disengagement at the onset of their manifestation within physical focus.  Other individuals are choosing within the moment.  Other individuals are choosing a method, and they choose to be creating dis-ease which shall be accomplished within a time period — and they are not uncreating this disease — and creating its inevitable, so to speak, conclusion, for this is in alignment with your belief systems.

It is entirely the choice of the individual how they shall be disengaging, and within what time framework.

FEMALE:  Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.  Be remembering, there are no accidents!

RODNEY:  In the act of disengaging ... you spoke at length about the act of transition before some people disengage.

ELIAS:  Correct.

RODNEY:  I want to ask you a question.  Have I engaged in any acts of transition? (Pause)

ELIAS:  You have, but you also have discontinued this action, which be your choice.  Once engaging the action of transition, there is also no rule that expresses that you must be continuing in this action while you are engaging within physical focus.

RODNEY:  It’s somewhat unusual, isn’t it?

ELIAS:  Yes.  Generally speaking, individuals that choose to be engaging the action of transition within physical focus are not discontinuing this action.  They choose to be engaging the action of transition within physical focus to be lessening the interaction of transition within non-physical focus.

RODNEY:  Is there a reason for my having made this choice that you could shed any light on?

ELIAS:  Yes.  You have chosen to be engaging the action of transition temporarily, quite briefly, to be offering yourself certain experiences that parallel this shift in consciousness.  But you also are choosing not to be continuing in this action and to be moving your attention more fully into the action of this shift, which is different from the action of transition.  As I have expressed, within transition, you begin to shed your belief systems.  This also is much more common with individuals experiencing a final focus.

RODNEY:  Which I’m not.

ELIAS:  Correct.  In this, individuals experiencing final focus or being designated as the final focus may be much more inclined to be choosing to experience transition within physical focus, but individuals that are not designated as a final focus generally — not always, but generally — are not choosing to be engaging transition within physical focus.

RODNEY:  Could you help me remember the events or the time period in my life when I was engaging in an act of transition?

ELIAS:  This would be not so very pastly, but more of what you would term to be a recent past situation, not so very recent of within this particular year, but a recent past situation in which you were experiencing great disorientation temporarily, quite briefly.  In actuality, in your linear terms, the experience of this action was allowed for merely one week.

RODNEY:  What event did I associate it with?  Was there an event?


RODNEY:  An objective event in my life that I could associate this with?

ELIAS:  No.  You were merely experiencing objective disorientation and not understanding why you were feeling, so to speak, so very disoriented within that slight time period, questioning yourself as to your physical health temporarily, and as it discontinued, you did not hold your attention in this area any longer.

You may express this to be a fleeting experience which does not warrant much attention within your memory, although you may allow yourself to be connecting to the actual remembrance of this particular time period.  But as I have expressed, this was quite brief, for within that experience, you were choosing not to be continuing in this particular creation and engaging in this action of transition.  It is unnecessary, and it is not the same action as this shift in consciousness, which has moved into more of your objective attention.

RODNEY:  Thank you very much.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

RODNEY:  I want to remember that week, but I don’t know if I can.

ELIAS:  (Grinning)  Oh, you can!

RODNEY:  I can....

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  And I shall continue, over and over, to be expressing to you that you can!  You hold the ability, and I shall offer you my quite famous exercise — and you may be continuing this within this week — to be recording EACH TIME you are discounting of yourself!

RODNEY:  (Laughing)  I have better things to do!

ELIAS:  Ah!  One?

RODNEY:  (Cracking up)  I would be doing that all day long!  (Elias just grins at Rodney)  Yes, I will!

ELIAS:  Ah! (Laughing)  And this may offer you the record of how efficient you are in this area of discounting of yourself, and this be the reason that you block much of your own movement and energy, for you are not accepting of self and trusting of self!

(Humorously)  And once again we sit upon the cloud within the cosmos and look down upon the individuals within physical focus — Zacharie! — and we express quite amusingly, “Ah!  There he be, whining and moaning that he may not be creating of these experiences that he is wishing to be experiencing, and he is discounting of himself continuously, and this be the reason that he is not creating the experiences that he is choosing to be creating!”

RODNEY:  Thank you, Elias!

ELIAS:  (Laughing, and then affectionately)  I am quite encouraging of you ...

RODNEY:  Thank you, sir.

ELIAS:  ... and also lending much energy to you in your accomplishment.  I merely am playing with you, that you may view that all of your reality is not so very serious! (Laughing)

RODNEY:  Which color blue do you like the best?

ELIAS:  All!

RODNEY:  All blue!  I think of the clear sky.  The clear sky is very blue.  Is that your color?

ELIAS:  An amazing hue, is it not? (Grinning)

RODNEY:  Yes.  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

Are you wishing of more questions this evening?  For I wish not to be taxing upon Michael’s energy. (Pause)  Little mice, little mice!

Very well!  I express great affection to you all.  I also am expressing to you each, be creating joyfully in the knowing that you are magnificent beings and already perfect!  Therefore, you may not improve upon perfection, and you hold my permission to discontinue attempting to perfect perfection! (Laughing)

And I offer to you energy this evening within your celebration, and I give to you much lovingness.  Receive my energy acknowledgment to you each.  For this evening, I bid you all a very fond au revoir!

RODNEY:  Thank you.

GROUP:  Good night, Elias.

Elias departs at 10:26 PM.

Vic’s note:  I wish I could convey the nature and tone of Elias’ laughter tonight.  It was mischievous, playful, and very funny!


(1)  This is in reference to Mary’s trip to Paris, which she took in December shortly after this session, although I’m not sure as to what information was offered previously.

(2)  It wasn’t absolutely clear on the tape as to which information was being given to which person, and my attempts to find out have been unsuccessful.  So, it’s possible that these names and families are incorrectly designated in this transcript.

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