Session 93
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Diversions of Mass Events


"Diversions of Mass Events"

Sunday, May 12, 1996 © 1996
Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), and arriving late, Jim (Yarr), and a new individual, Eric (Dohm).
Elias arrives, slowly, at 7:06 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening. (Again, speaking slowly, which changes about ten or fifteen minutes into the session)

RON: Hello.

ELIAS: (To Eric) Welcome to new essence. (Smiling)

Continuing: Within your creation of mass events, communication collectively is immense. Within your present now, you view your technological age and your communication systems presently as being great. These immensely dwarf to your natural communication systems. Within the collective consciousness, in creating mass events, your communication is experienced in what you would view to be faster than light speed. It is instantaneous. Elements of objective expression are experienced simultaneously by many individuals; these being expressions of mass communication for the purpose of a mass event or the diversion of a mass event. Not all mass events are materialized within this Regional Area of consciousness, for there are times when you are collectively choosing to be postponing a mass event and allowing expressions individually, to be serving as a pressure valve; diffusing the situation, and altering the manifestation of the mass event probability.

You are in constant communication with each other. Your communication and agreements begin before you physically manifest within an individual focus. You lean towards probabilities. You connect with other individuals before your manifestation, in aligning yourselves with probabilities that you intend to manifest. This is not to suggest predestination, for you always hold the ability to be changing of probabilities. You always hold choices.

An example: An individual chooses to be manifesting. Within the area of consciousness, before entering physical focus, this individual aligns with a musical focus. In this, this individual will draw to themselves other essences also aligned within this particular interest. This essence will also connect with essences from what you term to be past, absorbing and assimilating information, and what you may term physical talents, from other essences which have manifest within this same interest. They may also draw to them future probable selves or essence manifestations, to be helpful within their expression. Therefore, agreements are made before manifestation. One little baby essence, previous to emerging into its new physical focus, draws another small baby essence which also is about to manifest. They create an agreement that within twenty-two years, they shall meet and engage a musical expression together. Within this first twenty-two years of manifestation, they have no or little contact. Then, at the precise moment that the agreement was agreed upon, these two come together, within the probability that they have chosen, and create the experience of expression to which they have both aligned. (Grinning at Ron)

I will express to you that each individual manifesting affects the entire whole. You allow yourself examples of this continuously; although you choose to be viewing yourselves individually, and very singularly, and within a very small focus. Individuals coming together, to be engaging within an expression together, may have been born into this physical focus in quite completely different areas.

Within this small group of individuals that attend our sessions, you have drawn yourselves together, but you have begun this particular manifestation in quite diverse locations. Michael entered this physical focus within the area of the opposite side of your present country; but through agreement, you have come together and have joined, irregardless of physical locations or circumstances; for you create probabilities that will be leading you into directions that you have chosen to manifest. As I have expressed, these may, at any moment, be altered, and you may choose other probabilities; but these probabilities that you may view yourselves, within your present now, serve as a very good example of how you may be affecting of individuals, and also the whole.

You may experience the opportunity to be interacting with individuals who have been born in completely different countries than you, which will be altering of your experience and self; for each interaction that you engage, within physical focus, alters your experience. Therefore, you also alter each other's experience; within consciousness, within other states, within your subjective self. You are continually affecting of other individuals, and the whole of consciousness.

You may never, within one manifestation, choose to be interacting within other areas of your planet, but you are affecting, regardless; for you are connected within the whole. Your very existence affects. Therefore, you may view yourselves to be as bricks within a wall. Removing one alters the entirety of this wall. Each one is equally important to the whole, and serves for the completion of the whole. There are no coincidences! (Grinning) All is connected. (Pause)

As I have stated, not all mass events manifest. You may be choosing, collectively, to be diverting of any given mass event. It is dependent upon your awareness, and also what you think of as "timing"; for your existence within physical focus is very connected with time elements. Therefore, all that you do is related to time. I express to you that in actuality, there is no time; all is simultaneous; to be allowing you a more complete understanding of reality, but reality also, within physical focus, incorporates time. Therefore, you choose time elements to manifest certain probabilities or mass events. Many times, within your collective agreements and "waves", you may be choosing to be creating of a mass event, but the time may not be quite right. Therefore, you release a pressure valve and divert the event itself, temporarily. This would be directly relating to Lawrence's question, which you may be asking, if you are wishing.

VICKI: Well, the question was about how Michael and Aram and Monica had this experience, and they did seem to be connected within physical and emotional trauma at the same time, and how that was related to a mass event.

ELIAS: (Smiling) These are examples of very few individuals that you witnessed. Within actuality, many, very many within your description, individuals have experienced very similar situations, either emotionally or physically, this all being related to a mass event; but this expression is a subjective recognition of the mass event probability which has been objectively diverted; this being, as we have discussed previously, an event of what you might view as a natural occurrence. I have expressed to you that you are quite affecting of your natural environment continuously. Your "Mother Nature" is you! (Grinning) Therefore, you are quite affecting of these mass occurrences. You may be choosing to be diverting of some occurrences, some times.

You will notice that as I have expressed previously, you are drawn, for your own individual reasons, to be existing within certain areas which provide you with an alignment in personality type and emotional focus. You presently have chosen to be existing within this area of your country, of your planet. I have expressed already the reasons why you choose to be existing within this area. In this, you will notice that the whole, the mass of individuals, moves in "waves". When you are experiencing distress, anxiety, physical ailments, you move, seemingly "all at once"; this generating massive energy waves within this area. These energy waves express themselves within your ground shaking! These are your expressions. You, within your perception of time, have created a mass event recently of this probability. Therefore, your timing for a subsequent action is "not right". You choose to be diverting of a repeat action, for a while. Therefore, you diffuse the situation and divert the probabilities, temporarily. Within this area, these individuals manifest are quite explosive. Although you may not view yourselves as being very explosive, within consciousness you have chosen to be within this area for this very reason. It allows, within natural occurrences, a sufficient expression of release of energy. You have chosen to be releasing small amounts of energy, to be diverting of this mass event. Therefore, periodically you will view many individuals experiencing very similar actions simultaneously.

When you are viewing what you perceive to be the whole, continually over a period of time, building within anxiety, building within unreleased energy, and you are listening to your fellows expressing of great distress over long periods of time, "All seems to be going wrong", you will experience your ground shaking once again! You also manifest small elements of this same event for the same reason, to be allowing energy to be released in smaller increments. This, what you are experiencing presently, manifests within each individual differently, but all spontaneously, and as an expression of a diversion of this type of mass event. (Grinning at Vicki)

VICKI: So that's what that was all about? (Elias chuckles) And within your definition of diversion, then this will be diverted and be occurring at a different time?

ELIAS: Correct. You do not choose to be eliminating. You have chosen this area to be physically volatile, as you view it. You choose areas to manifest different natural occurrences, these suiting your energy patterns and purposes.

VICKI: Why would one choose to divert it, then?

ELIAS: There are many reasons. You are presently recovering, within your society, from your previous expression of this mass event. You choose to be allowing a time element to be passing before using this mass event once again. It is a tool, a very effective tool.

When your economy becomes depressed, also does your individual people. People will allow themselves an element of time to be continuing and building, within their emotional lack of expression within this area, as a pressure cooker. You will continue allowing yourselves sufficient time to be building, to a point to which you view that you are "fed up" with your present situation. At this point, you will choose to be releasing energy and creating your mass event. Your situation, within your society presently, is not experiencing this. You have only built a small amount of steam thus far. Therefore, it is unnecessary to be expressing of the mass event. Your individuals have come together, your cooperation has been reestablished, your businesses have been replenished with new influx of financial aid. You have rebuilt. Therefore, you have begun anew. It is unnecessary to be creating this manifestation presently; although you will also notice, within your areas of manifestation of these types of mass events, that they are moving and being expressed more frequently. Your time periods that you allow between the expression of these types of mass events becomes shorter and shorter.

VICKI: And why is that?

ELIAS: You have become impatient; and also, you approach your shift, which is affecting of all of what you would view to be your smaller mass events.

VICKI: So the individuals that choose to live in this area would all be considered to have this explosive quality within consciousness?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: And how is that different from a non-explosive quality in consciousness?

ELIAS: All individuals choose, within physical focus, to manifest within areas that experience some type of natural occurrence that will be releasing of energy. In this situation, individuals that are choosing to be manifesting and existing within areas that you term to be your "earthquake country", which in actuality has nothing to do with the space itself, these individuals choose, explosively, to be creating of mass events. You allow yourselves no prior warning. It is quite spontaneous, this action. There are other areas of your planet that experience this same situation of mass event creation. Individuals choosing not to be aligned, and also subjectively knowing that their energy does not align with this type of expression, do not continue within these areas. They will choose to be leaving, or they will choose to be using your explosiveness to be ending of physical focus. (Pause) Good evening, Yarr. (Jim says "Good evening")

RON: I was thinking of the certain areas that do engage in this type of mass event, one being the area of California, another area being Tokyo. The lifestyle of the people there seems to be rather similar, as far as a fast-paced lifestyle. Another area that seems to be one that would be experiencing the same kind of events might be New York, but do they express their mass events in a different way?

ELIAS: Correct. The element of what you term to be fast-paced is irrelevant, for also within your Central Americas, they also experience this same type of mass event. Some choose to be creating this within what you term to be civilized, technologically advanced societies, and some not. It is not dependent upon your individual society. It is the collective consciousness, of the individuals within certain areas, which chooses to be expressing; within energy, within a similar action, for a similar reason. You will notice that within this area, and also within the area of Japan, and also within the area of your Central America, you allow a building to great depression. You allow the manifestation to continue within a time element, being suppressed, so to speak; tolerated. Then, you choose to be not tolerating of the manifestation to which you have created and allowed to continue. You become dissatisfied and restless. Therefore, you choose to be creating of an explosive expression; one allowing no warning, one being very spontaneous.

You will also notice within individuals in these areas, there is a common experience, emotionally, within many of these people also. You experience heightened emotional focuses. You may witness abusive situations. You may view what you term to be instantaneous crimes of passion, this being another expression of the same individual expressions of the mass expression. Just as I have expressed previously, you individually manifest expressions, within your individual focus, which are directly influenced by mass events. This is not to say that individuals engaging within crimes of passion only exist within these areas, but you will view a higher concentration of these personality types, for their energy aligns with the same energy type which aligns with these areas. This all is part of your communication within the collective consciousness, and agreements that you have chosen within probabilities.

Even individuals expressing that they are much disliking of certain natural occurrences continue and remain within certain areas, for their energy aligns the same. You may witness individuals expressing "I dislike tornadoes tremendously", but they will also be choosing to live their existence, within an entire developmental focus, in an area notorious for tornadoes, for their energy serves to be creating of this occurrence.

RON: So can animals and people share mass events?

ELIAS: Yes; although I will make a distinction. Animals do create mass events within consciousness; for they, along with all manifestation, are created through links of consciousness. Therefore, they all possess consciousness of The Creating Universal One And Whole. They also do think. They also possess an element for what you would term to be survival, but survival through value fulfillment; meaning they do not exist only to survive, as your Darwinian theory suggests with its "survival of the fittest". They survive only for value fulfillment; for if any creature is not fulfilling its intent or value within a positive expression, which is the expression of The Creating Universal One And Whole, they will cease to manifest. Therefore, animals may create a mass event through expression, but with the intent of value fulfillment, through thought, as aligned with the links of consciousness. Man creates mass events imaginatively. The difference between man and animals is imagination. As individuals and cultures historically, you have sought to be understanding and classifying the difference between man and all other life-bearing existence, as you perceive it. The difference is, you possess imagination. Imagination is reality. It is a creative reality. Therefore, if you are manifesting a mass event involving man and animals, man will be the initiator. It will be for man's expression, imaginatively. Your creatures may align, through consciousness, within agreement of your imaginative expression. Therefore, they may be choosing to be expressing also.

RON: What about flight?

ELIAS: There are automatic responses. These are different from mass events. Collectively, creatures may choose to manifest within herds, and collectively agree upon accepted behavior within the herd. These are not quite the same as a mass event.

RON: I guess it's kind of like breathing! (Elias grins)

ELIAS: We shall break. I shall engage your questions as we return.


ELIAS: (Arriving quickly) You may ask questions, if you are wishing. (To Ron) Acknowledged! (Referring to an impression of a message from Paul that Ron received during the first half of the session)

ERIC: I would like to know, or become familiar with, the name of my essence.

ELIAS: This essence tone would be Dohm, D-O-H-M; holding confusion within this present now; (smiling) but within your seeking out of these individuals, you may acquire more clarity, within yourself, of your own identification. (Pause)

You are wishing of information of focuses. I must be admitting, within this company, that as you are engaging within your new game, (TFE's) it is seeming to be unnecessary to be offering of this information at this present now, as you have found it is quite available to you to be engaging and acquiring the information personally through your own interpretation, and viewing quite easily. You need only be accepting of your experiences. Therefore, I shall be expressing to individuals, as of this point onward, that you may be engaging within this new game of these individuals, and you may be acquiring information of your so-called "past experiences" quite easily for yourselves. This also serves a very good purpose; in validation to you, in acknowledgment of your own self. It is quite easy for me to be offering of information to you each of yourselves. It is more validating for you to be acquiring information of yourselves from yourselves! Therefore, engage yourselves! (To Eric) You may set an appointment! (We all crack up) I shall observe! (Grinning)

VICKI: I have a question. You were talking about individuals making agreements before manifestation, and you mentioned how Michael was born on the other side of the country, and that we all came together with this agreement that we made. I seem to remember, some time ago, you did make a statement also that this probability that has been actualized was not necessarily the most probable probability.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: And I'm just kind of curious if you have any more information to offer about how that works. Why wasn't it the most probable probability?

ELIAS: Within probabilities that were agreed upon before manifestation, this actual phenomenon was agreed upon; although the agreement was made not only with these individuals, but also with other individuals. Within the connections of Lawrence and Michael, and choices that were agreed upon for this last manifestation, the probability was chosen to be engaging another group of individuals; for Lawrence and Michael, within their twin connections, were choosing to be not engaging with each other during this last manifestation ... those little chattering twins! ... although probabilities being endless, another choice was made.

I have expressed to you that you may, at any moment, change any probability. Therefore, you may choose to be engaged with another individual for the expression of an experience of music, and you may choose also to disengage this probability and move onward to another; although the one will still be manifest within an alternate self and reality. Together, you have chosen to alter the probabilities, and create this probability within this reality. (Long pause)

VICKI: Okay, I have another question. Regarding "you create your own reality", and these individual expressions of mass events; you are, in actuality, creating your individual reality in a mass agreement with everybody else?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: So how much of your own reality are you actually creating?

ELIAS: All of it. (Smiling)

VICKI: Well, it gets really confusing, you know? Where one starts and another stops?

ELIAS: There is no start and stop! (Grinning) There is no division. There is no separation.

VICKI: Well, it just seems like your own creation of your own reality is very affected by each other individual's creation.

ELIAS: Absolutely, for you are all connected within consciousness. You may not draw a breath within physical reality without affecting the whole, and being affected by the whole. You may choose, as I have expressed previously, to be isolating of yourself completely, having no interaction with another individual throughout your entire manifestation physically. You may choose to have, physically, no contact or communication with another being. You are never isolated. You are continuously within communication, with all. (Pause)

VICKI: So when there seems to be a complete division between two people, is that just the interpretation being different on each individual's part?

ELIAS: Correct. Your perception may be quite individual. There is no separation! (Grinning)

VICKI: Okay, I'm not taking that one any farther tonight! (Elias chuckles, and there is a long pause) Well, I have another question, if nobody else does. Actually, it's Michael's question, but it's my question too. So could you elaborate on whatever this thing is that Rudy knows about and we don't?

ELIAS: Interesting choice of verbiage of this question! What Rudy knows about and you do not; quite incorrect!

VICKI: Well, seems to be more aware of ...

ELIAS: Olivia is quite aware. Yarr is quite aware. Rudy is quite aware. Lawrence and Michael are also quite aware! You choose to be not acknowledging, for you are not quite within agreement, as of this present now; although you are accepting.

VICKI: The two of us are not quite in agreement? Is that what you mean?

ELIAS: With the agenda! You are quite in agreement with each other, as per usual! (Laughter) You are not quite in agreement with us, as also per usual! (More laughter)

VICKI: Well, we don't know what we're not quite in agreement with you about, so ... (She's so confused!)

ELIAS: Ah, but you do! You are quite understanding! (Pause, smiling) Many individuals may be incorporated within our company. Your shift encompasses your entire globe. Essences choosing, within agreement, to be interacting for helpfulness are quite outnumbered, so to speak, with physically focused individuals; for it is unnecessary for each individual person to be personally interacting with their own private essence! (Grinning) Therefore, those essences choosing to be engaging for helpfulness must be engaging within a wider spectrum.

We have been preparing for quite some time; within alignments, within information, within acceptance, trustfulness, timing, many elements. Within your focus and your belief systems, many issues must be attended to first before properly, effortlessly, and efficiently engaging the agenda, which is to be helpful concerning your shift. You must be understanding of you, and be accepting and trusting of yourselves first. Therefore, we create a foundation.

The Sumafi engages many groups of individuals, for this shall be a "moving into". This is this family's intent and direction. It is our desire to be helpful, and to be distorting least of all, within the engagement of your shift. As in other time periods of your history, different essence families have initiated different Source Events, now we approach the Source Event that this essence family shall be leading. Expansion will be your key word.

(Pause, looking carefully at Vicki) Ah! This precisely emphasizes our point! Feel your vibrational wave that you extend. The energy suggests, "Alright..." (Slowly, and sighing; and Vicki cracks up) Reluctant compliance; this being why you express you do not understand. You are aware! You choose to be not focusing upon this element presently. This is acceptable, for as I have stated, we will not move so quickly that you will experience trauma before your shift! This would be quite defeating of our agenda! But you will be noticing that you will be moving, quite quickly. (Pause, smiling)

VICKI: It seems, from here, that a lot of reluctance and hesitation comes from not understanding.

ELIAS: Allow yourself to be open to probabilities, and you will be understanding more easily. As you block your acceptance of probabilities that you have aligned yourself with, you also block your understanding. Look to yourselves, and the experiences that you incorporate presently.

You are moving very quickly. You may view your own widening greatly, within a very small time element. You are within compliance. You are presently battling psychologically; for belief systems enter, and surface, and are influencing; but you are very quickly widening these also. Be open. (Pause, during which the new kitten "attacks" Elias) Ah, small one! Very feisty! (Chuckling, and another pause))

VICKI: So this whole thing ... is this also why you seem to be so different recently? Your energy?

ELIAS: I remain the same ...

VICKI: Okay, I've asked this question before.

ELIAS: ... you change! Your awareness is widening. Michael also, moving very quickly, is widening awareness. In this, he is also incorporating a greater ability for acceptance. This is quite influencing of this phenomenon. The merging of consciousness, within the element of this phenomenon, increases; therefore the changes that you view.

I will also express to Lawrence that your interaction within our information will increase also; for within physical terms, although you may view and experience a very slow delivery of information, within consciousness, and also within the process of this phenomenon, information is processed at such a phenomenal rate that this physical brain may not assimilate all of it. Therefore you may, subsequently now, experience some gaps. Therefore, be attuned; for communication continues continuously, uninterrupted; and within consciousness, it is much vaster than what you verbally experience within our sessions.

Also, other factors enter in within this phenomenon; for as the consciousness expands and allows itself, within the subjective self, to widen and experience more, there is also more interaction and more energy exchange, which is also affecting of delivery of information. You will not experience more distortion. You may frequently experience a more retarded delivery; for to compensate physically, the brain will slow the process of information tremendously, retarding the process to assimilate, therefore compensating for the tremendous rush and volume of information and electrical impulses being received. As I was expressing previously within another session, I am not wishing to be short-circuiting Michael! Therefore, adjustments are made. This is an allowance in preparation, and also a compliance for expansion. You possess an inner knowing subjectively.

VICKI: Regarding our transcript last week; the sentence that Michael and I have discussed, we need to know how you want the sentence to read. Shall I read the sentence?

ELIAS: You may. (Here, Elias turns to Ron) Very good connection!

VICKI: "It is not always necessary, as I have expressed within our discussion of mass events," and then there's some missing words, "every element."

ELIAS: To be understanding.

VICKI: Okay.

ELIAS: As I have expressed, you do not always understand all elements of these mass events. You do not always manifest all elements of mass events. It is not always necessary for the experience. (Pause, grinning at Ron) Shall we on to our game, Holmes? Or, shall you engage, and be playing with Michael???

RON: Oh, I'll do the game! (Elias chuckles) I'd like to introduce a couple of new categories, if I may.

ELIAS: You may.

RON: Poets ...

ELIAS: Acceptable.

RON: ... and belief systems.

ELIAS: Ah! Very wide category! You may be increasing your space for this category, for you incorporate many belief systems! Acceptable.

RON: Thank you. In that case, in the poets category, with Paul, Edgar Allen Poe.

ELIAS: One point.

RON: To finish out that occupations in orange, jack-of-all-trades.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Incorrect.

RON: Oh! Okay ...

ELIAS: Excuse! We are experiencing interference! (Long pause) Thank you. My friend will be quite playful this evening, and attempting to be interrupting! Continue.

RON: Okay. Mass events, Otha, the alien phenomenon.

ELIAS: (Grinning at Vicki) One point.

RON: Okay, I'm gonna take a stab at this. Aspect personalities, Paul, Winston Churchill.

ELIAS: One point!

RON: Cool! Okay. Occupations, Ordin, teacher.

ELIAS: Incorrect. (Grinning slyly at Ron)

RON: Okay. How about in woods, Sumafi, teak.

ELIAS: One point. Quite understandable, your confusion with your previous question. Think on this clue!

RON: Must go in Rose. (Here, the look on Elias' face suggests, "Am I hearing things, or are you really that stupid?") Guess not! I'll think on this clue!

ELIAS: Very good! (Then, to Eric) Very good connecting with energy!

VICKI: For Shynla; Rose, authors, Maurice Zendak.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: Rose, roots and berries, strawberry.

ELIAS: Incorrect.

VICKI: Paul, occurrences of nature, thunder.

ELIAS: One point! (Chuckling)

VICKI: Tomkin, occupations, farmer.

ELIAS: Incorrect.

VICKI: Connecting physically focused essences and places, to connect the cavern with myself, herself, and Michael.

ELIAS: One point. Lawrence shall be blasting off soon! (Grinning)

VICKI: Paul, wars, the Spanish Civil War.

ELIAS: Incorrect.

VICKI: Ordin, natural disasters, brush fires.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Okay, that would be it for Shynla. (The kitten attacks again)

ELIAS: A little one! (Laughing)

VICKI: She's very persistent tonight! (Removing the kitten)

ELIAS: We shall push them both together! (Laughing, as the dog and the kitten run off and begin to play together)

VICKI: For Michael; poets, Otha, Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

ELIAS: (Staring at Vicki and chuckling) One point!

VICKI: Rose, fruits, pomegranate.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Paul, oceans and seas, The Dead Sea.

ELIAS: One point. Quite monotonous! (Chuckling)

VICKI: Philosophers, Sumafi, Immanuel Kant.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Okay. For myself; Otha, hobbies, flying.

ELIAS: One point! Quite exhilarating, is it not, Lawrence?

VICKI: Quite! It's a lot of fun! Ordin, books, The Prophet.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Sumafi, birds, raven.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Sumafi, flowers, marigold.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

JIM: I'd like to add a new category; architecture.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

JIM: Within architecture, in Sumafi, the expansion bridge.

ELIAS: One point!

JIM: Thank you. Also ... I'll be back.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

JIM: Thank you.

ELIAS: Are you wishing of more questions this evening ... Lawrence? (Here, Elias starts shaking back and forth, mocking Vicki's continuous movement and total inability to sit still throughout the entire session this evening)

JIM: I remember! I'm back!

ELIAS: So happy to be viewing you once again! (Grinning)

JIM: Me too! In Sumafi, in places, The Garden Of The Gods.

ELIAS: Shall we say, you are on the correct path. (Pause, grinning at Vicki) Yarr incorporates a path!

VICKI: Well, it's good to know that one of us has one!

JIM: I wander around a lot, though! (Laughing)

ELIAS: It may be circular, but it is a path! (We all crack up)

JIM: Okay, that's all for now. Thank you.

ERIC: I have a question, if I can formulate it.

ELIAS: A common development! (Smiling at Eric)

ERIC: Regarding the nature of what we term the soul: How can it be understood? Or is that a concept that is valid, the concept of the soul?

ELIAS: There are many terms that you use within physical focus. This word of soul would be the same as the terminology that I express as the subjective self or consciousness. It is continuously accessible to you. It is you! It is your inner expression of consciousness. It is continually interacting with your objective self or consciousness. There is nothing hidden from you. All things are accessible to you. As you learn to be accepting and trusting of you, you will be viewing more of you; which is soul, or subjective consciousness. I detour individuals, many times, away from these types of terminologies, as they provoke a belief system. They are aligned with religious belief systems, and hold connotations which also hold distortions. Therefore, I choose terminology that you are unfamiliar with, this allowing you a more "pure" view of the reality of self.

ERIC: Thank you.

ELIAS: I shall be engaged with you again soon. I shall bid you each a very affectionate adieu.

Elias departs at 9:41 PM

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