Session 902
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The World Trade Center Event


“The World Trade Center Event”

Thursday, September 13, 2001 (Private/Phone)
Participants:  Mary (Michael), Jene (Rudy/Rudim), and Vic (Lawrence).
Elias arrives at 3:16 PM. (Arrival time is 25 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good afternoon!

JENE:  Good afternoon!

VIC:  Good afternoon!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  We meet again!

JENE:  We do!  I’m always so excited, but this time I’m a little sad and overwhelmed with the situation that has taken place objectively on our planet.

ELIAS:  Proceed.

JENE:  I basically am facilitating an urgent call to our friend and confidant, Elias, and all the essence families, for some input as to our status here after the encounter that took place on Tuesday.  We ... I’ll speak for myself.  As a common focus, I don’t often connect with mass events in exactly the way that I’ve been responding.  I’m vacillating between extreme emotion, intellectual tolerance, and an acceptance of consciousness within the shift, in the change.  At the same time, I’m feeling such a sense of what Mary and Vicki and I were just talking about — victimization.  Most of those of us who speak with you are looking for guidance and for information as to any input into the action that has taken place on Tuesday.

ELIAS:  You are seeking information as to what you are creating in this mass event, correct?

JENE:  Correct.

ELIAS:  First of all, what are the waves in consciousness that you are participating in within this time framework?

VIC:  Duplicity and sexuality.

ELIAS:  Correct.  What is an expression of duplicity?

JENE:  The extremes in emotion and intellect?

ELIAS:  No.  What is an expression of duplicity?

VIC:  Good and bad and right and wrong.

ELIAS:  And victim.  What is the manifestation outwardly of sexuality?

VIC:  Perception....

ELIAS:  Physical — all of your physical reality — your physical expressions, your physical manifestations.  This is the encompassing expression of sexuality.

What have you participated within and witnessed in this mass event?

JENE:  Good and bad, right and wrong, victimization....

ELIAS:  Physical destruction.  And express to myself, in relation to all of this information that I have offered to you and in relation to information that I have offered to you recently in association with this shift in consciousness and its objective insertion into your physical reality, shall you attempt to identify motivation? (Pause)

VIC:  I would guess that part of it is an attention-getting device, and it certainly has gotten the attention of the entire world.  But the actual motivation is part of what is confusing to me personally, because one of the questions — or in fact the only question — I have for you today is, how is all of this creating of this imagery moving anybody or moving us towards any sort of acceptance, or moving out of the victim thing?  It seems to be more reinforcing it, rather than the opposite.  So, I’m confused about that part of it.

ELIAS:  But this is the manner in which you create your reality, is it not, Lawrence?  For in this physical dimension, look to yourselves.  What is your objective in this shift in consciousness?  To be moving into acceptance of beliefs.  How may you be moving into acceptance of beliefs if you are not identifying them, if you are not recognizing them, and if you do not EXPERIENCE them?

JENE:  So this is — my favorite word — an opportunity to view and experience our belief systems in an extreme, which we often use as our motivation to become more conscious.

ELIAS:  This is a simplification of the identification of what you are creating, yes.

Let me express to you, there are many movements which are occurring presently.  Yes, this is an opportunity.  But do not misunderstand, in my expression of that word of opportunity, that I am expressing lightly of what you have participated within and what you have created within this physical mass event.

Although within other areas of consciousness there may not be expressed the creation of emotion as you express within your physical dimension, there IS expressed compassion.

In this, as I have recently defined, compassion is the act of understanding, and this is reverberating within consciousness in this now, in association with these pangs of emergence that you physically display within your physical reality presently.

Let me express to you, you have, in a manner of speaking, opened wide your viewing of your beliefs, and the tremendous effects of automatic responses in relation to them.  You now offer yourselves the opportunities of choice, and whether you shall enact those opportunities or not.

You present yourselves with the challenge — the challenge to in actuality experience in extreme the affectingness of your belief systems and the belief system of duplicity, which attaches itself as though a parasite to all of your other belief systems, disallowing you your freedoms, your choice.

And in this, I express to you, this is not surprising that you have created this extreme and this mass event, for I have recently been expressing to individuals within this forum, beware of those beliefs that you deem to be good.

Pay attention to those beliefs that provide you with tremendous comfort, for those are the beliefs that you are not motivated to accept, and in the lack of motivation to be accepting beliefs that you deem to be good, you turn your attention to expressions that you deem to be bad.

For those expressions — those creations that within your beliefs are bad or evil or unacceptable or uncomfortable — are the expressions that you turn your attention to, and allow you the motivation to seize your opportunities and engage your challenge to be accepting.  The challenge that you face to yourselves now is genuinely of acceptance itself.

You have presented yourselves with a tremendous expression of the beliefs that you are addressing to presently, in many, many, many aspects of them — the tremendous power of duplicity, the automatic expression and association of victim.

Individuals that express objectively and openly that they are not victims and have never been victims now express this identification within themselves, and the recognition that they DO associate with this expression of victim.  Throughout your globe, individuals recognize their own expressions of victimhood.

Let me express to you, you have created an extreme to emphasize to yourselves those beliefs that you deny their existence, and therefore you do not address to them, for within your perception, they are not affecting of you individually.  They affect other individuals.  This is incorrect.

I may also express to you, you offer yourselves now the challenge of engaging your acceptance rather than your automatic response to your beliefs in judgment in association with being a victim.

In this time framework, you may be recognizing a different expression.  In previous time framework of mass event, of mass destruction, in your perception, of what you define in your societies as terrorism, you have witnessed the tremendous expression of camaraderie of individuals within your society and throughout your world.

In this mass event, you view and witness division.  You view less camaraderie.  You view the genuine expression of intolerance, of the lack of acceptance.  You present yourself with the genuine observation of the strength of your challenge in moving into acceptance, and the difficulties that you all express.

The signals that you offer to yourselves in your emotional communications are evidence of your alignment with these beliefs, your own recognition of your participation in this mass event regardless of your placement in physical proximity or your distance throughout your globe.

VIC:  I would like to go back to what you just said about the camaraderie, because one thing that I’ve noticed, and that other people have mentioned to me that they’ve noticed, is the aspect of camaraderie.  They haven’t noticed a lack of it, but more, as in other times of catastrophe or whatever, that’s what brings people together.  I mean, people talk to each other, people come together, people help each other, and that’s what a lot of people HAVE recognized in this event.

ELIAS:  You recognize the aspect of camaraderie in the expressions of similarity of emotional signals that you offer to yourselves as individuals.  You recognize the camaraderie in your definition of disaster, and individuals grouping together in common action.  And do you also recognize the division of a lack of tolerance, and the perpetuation of your separations, and your expressions of what you define as violence?

VIC:  Yeah.  I guess that’s what my original question is about.  I don’t understand, I guess, how ... if we create imagery to provide ourselves with information....

ELIAS:  Quite correct.  You have answered your own question, Lawrence.  You create physical imagery to offer yourselves information.

You have created extreme physical imagery to provide yourselves with a recognition of your beliefs, of the strength of your beliefs, of the genuine strength of your automatic association of victims; the strength of your automatic expressions, influenced by your beliefs, of blame; the strength of the challenge to be accepting. (Pause)

VIC:  What is....

ELIAS:  And also let me express to you, throughout the entirety of the time framework in which you have all engaged conversation with myself, it has been repeatedly expressed, in questioning and wonder, an anticipation of mass events that shall express the trauma of this shift.

VIC:  Yeah.

ELIAS:  (Firmly)  Do you, within your thought processes, continue to convince yourselves intellectually that you shall not create what you concentrate upon?  You concentrate upon your beliefs, and you create and generate tremendous energy in expectation of mass events of trauma.

This has consistently been expressed throughout the time framework in which you have engaged conversation with myself, regardless of how I may emphasize to you repeatedly that this is unnecessary and that you need not be perpetuating the expressions of these beliefs.

Recognize your individual energy.  Recognize your directions.  Familiarize yourselves with your expressions, with your behaviors, with your beliefs, with your perception, that you may objectively recognize also the direction of your energy and what you lend energy to.

But this is the familiarity of your beliefs and your reality.  You are not yet familiar with yourselves, and therefore you allow the expressions of your beliefs to be actualized in force to gain your attention.  You expect trauma; you create trauma.

Your beliefs that no expression of great accomplishment shall be won without struggle and without difficulty — for they shall hold little worth without the expressions of difficulty — are strong!

VIC:  Well, let me ask you this.  We also had major expectations, en masse, in our society, about moving into this new century, and we did not create any of that.  So, how does that work?

ELIAS:  For you have created a jubilant excitement in movement into this new millennium, this new century.  But you also, as I have expressed, are inserting this shift in consciousness into your objective reality.

I have expressed to you quite solemnly, from the onset of your new century, what you are creating and to be aware, for you are actualizing now your shift.  In the actualization of this shift in consciousness, you also present yourselves with your beliefs quite objectively.

In this, you may not be addressing to your belief systems, my dear friends, if you do not hold an objective awareness of them, and even in objective awareness of the existence of your beliefs, if you are not offering yourselves experiences in conjunction with your beliefs, all that you assimilate in information is merely concept.

VIC:  So you’re saying basically that the motivation for the creation of this mass event is to be identifying and addressing to beliefs.

ELIAS:  Yes, and the strength of them, and the automatic responses of them, and the lack of freedom in the automatic response; the perpetuation of the expressions of these beliefs, WITHOUT choice, in relation to the automatic responses.

You are generating mass automatic responses, not merely of the victims, but also in blame, and that you do NOT create all of your reality.  Perpetrators create aspects of your reality, and therefore you become victims, and therefore you are justified in expressing blame.

This is a tremendous challenge that you present yourselves with now, for your automatic response also is to DO. (Pause)  For if you are not DOING, you are expressing messages.  You are sending communications of approval.

VIC:  So, then how does this apply to those of us ... and I’ll use myself as an example, but I know I’m not the only person that feels this way, because I’ve been interacting with quite a few people in the last three days about this.  But what one person has termed as — and I’ll use their term — I feel like a cold heartless bitch in this situation.  I’m not having a response, I don’t feel like a victim, I don’t think anything needs to be done, et cetera.  Can you talk about that kind of response?

ELIAS:  And also in this response, what is being expressed?  Tremendous judgment of self in the expression of NOT moving into the automatic responses of blame and victim.  It is not acceptable to be judging, and it is not acceptable to be accepting!

VIC:  I don’t feel like I’m personally judging my response.

ELIAS:  I am speaking generally.  This is the challenge that you are all presenting to yourselves now, the confusion.

What is correct?  What is the correct expression?  What shall we express?  If we express judgment, we view this to be incorrect and an expression of duplicity.  If we express no judgment outside of ourselves, we express judgment upon ourselves. (Pause)

JENE:  We have a very large percentage of the population of the United States at this time that is totally intolerant and wants to strike back immediately with destruction to what is considered at this point our enemy.  Bin Laden is the enemy that is being focused upon.  Could you give a little bit of information as to the strength of that projection? (Pause)

ELIAS:  My friends, my friends — do you not see?  The enemy is not another individual or society or group or country or religion.  The enemy is identified in association with your own perceptions and your own beliefs, and this is the importance of the acceptance of beliefs.

For the beliefs and their expressions and your automatic associations with them are what you now view as the enemy, and your own ignorance of yourselves; your continued expression that you co-create your reality, and you do not; your refusal to be expressing responsibility for self, and your continuous expression of personal responsibility in relation to other individuals.

Personal responsibility in relation to other individuals is not always expressed in what you view to be positive behaviors.  The action of expressing personal responsibility in relation to any other individual is to be discounting of the other individual, and expressing that you yourself hold the ability to be engaging choices and creating better and more correctly and more wisely than another individual.  It is in itself a judgment.

In this, you are assuming personal responsibility for all of these victims and all of the perpetrators.  No individual has created a victimization of any other individual throughout your planet, regardless of your identification or definition of hatefulness.

For in actuality, as I have also stated previously, many, many, many individuals choose not to be physically participating in the movement of this shift in consciousness, and choose to be disengaging and have been choosing to be disengaging.  They participate in offering energy to its accomplishment, but choose not to be physically manifest in the action of it within this physical dimension, for the challenge that is expressed is TREMENDOUS. (Pause)

JENE:  With this challenge that is before us, as it appears within our energy fields and consciousness at this point, is there, within this choice that each of us have that we’re each projecting, at this point, is there a most probable probability of war? (Pause)  With the Middle East, with this particular country known as Afghanistan?

ELIAS:  Within this present moment, no.  But I may also caution you.  You are expressing a tremendous volatility within your expressions of energy presently.  You are expressing tremendous confusion, and you stand upon the threshold of a tremendously deciding factor in your challenge of acceptance.

Presently, you view in terms of black and white.  You present to yourselves another aspect of your beliefs and the lack of choices — the expression of either/or — and you are not allowing yourselves to view all of your choices.  There are in actuality, in terms of mass expression, many more choices than you are allowing yourselves to presently observe or be objectively aware of.

In this, you place yourselves within a volatile time framework.  In this present moment, I may express to you quite genuinely that the mass movement of energy is not leaning, so to speak, in the expression of a probability of actualizing what you view or define as another world war, or engaging in an individual war.  BUT — be not mistaken — there ARE probabilities that may be chosen.

Let me express to you, the probabilities that are being expressed are evidenced, for they are being actualized in the moment.  You are not creating war in this moment, as you are aware.  But although thought does not precede action, thought IS a translator of communications and of what you are expressing within.  Therefore, the thoughts that you generate in relation to this subject matter of war are your translations of your communications to yourselves of your entertainment of this choice.  You have not actualized this choice yet.

Let me be reminding you, my friends, once again, probabilities are not floating within the cosmos before you, that you choose from as you may choose a leaf from a tree which stands before you.  They are created in the moment. (Pause)  Therefore, all probabilities are open, but within this now, you are not creating that probability.

VIC:  I have some questions from other people.  I’m sure I won’t get to all of them, but I would like to propose Mary’s question as best I can, which was basically about being suspicious of the government and having a mistrust of the government’s actions and what the government tells us and what they don’t tell us, and not having ever really been aware of that or felt that way before, since this event.  Do you have any comments on that?  I’m sure a lot of people are feeling this way.

ELIAS:  Very well.  In addressing to this concern, I may express to you first of all, as with you all individually, your attention shifts more directedly to expressions that appear to you to be uncomfortable and immediate.

Therefore, you may be partially paying attention to certain creations and expressions within your reality individually or en masse, but the intensity of your attention moves to what is being expressed within your reality in what you perceive to be immediacy.

Now; as I have expressed previously, your societies, your governments, reflect you individually.  Therefore, just as your individual attentions may be moving from one area of your experience and your creations and your expressions and your beliefs to another, within any particular moment, your attention is more intensely focused, and more of a percentage, so to speak, of your attention is directed in one area in relation to any particular time framework.

Now; example.  Within this present now, your attention moves in awareness of physical aspects of your reality, of your thoughts, of your feelings.  But most of your attention, the most percentage of your attention presently, is directed to me and what I am expressing to you in response to your question.

In similar manner, in response to Michael’s question, within any particular time framework, your attention of your government is focused and directed upon whatever is immediately occurring.

Now; in relation to Michael’s suspicion as to information which is being offered through your officials of your government, the expression of their information is not necessarily inaccurate.  It may not be what you define as complete, but it is not necessarily inaccurate, for the attention has shifted.

The attention previously has been directed in other expressions.  This is not to say that a smaller percentage, in your terms, of the attention of your government has not moved to an awareness of what it is engaging now, but that was not expressed in immediacy previously.  Now, it is.  Therefore, the attention is shifted.

You may be aware of your toe, that it exists upon your physical body.  You may experience the sensation of your toe within your shoe and move your attention momentarily to the sensation of your toe within your shoe.  If you are dropping a brick upon your toe, your attention shall shift directly to your toe and what it is experiencing and the immediacy of that experience.

In like manner, your government, so to speak, shifts its attention to whatever may be engaged in the immediate moment.

VIC:  Okay, I think I understand that.  Her question also had to do with this specific individual that the government has never been able to find, but now they say they know where he is, and so what you just said is about that situation, correct?  The attention has shifted to that individual as a focal point, I suppose.

ELIAS:  Correct.  This has become a focal point, and why has this become a focal point, in your terms, in your questioning?  For you are expressing automatic responses — seeking out an individual or a society to affix blame, to justify your expressions of wound and victim.  These are automatic responses.

What I am expressing to you all now this day is to shift your attentions to yourselves and your examination of your beliefs and automatic responses that offer perpetuating energy to these expressions. (Pause)

VIC:  Okay.  Well, I’m going to read a question from Varsha ...

ELIAS:  Very well.

VIC:  ... which seems to be kind of in alignment with what we’re talking about.  She says: “TV coverage is far more extensive these days, and pervades every country in a way that it didn’t even five years ago.  This event was watched live all over the globe.  Within ten minutes of the event, I felt the media started to sensationalize its coverage with jazzy headlines like America Under Attack, instant replays of the bombing, and even theme music.  This added an air of unreality to the situation, and it played out worldwide, almost like an action film.  I know that huge numbers of people are fixating on the event and seem hypnotized by the TV coverage.  What effect does this have on the mass consciousness?” (Pause)

ELIAS:  It does not.  For it is each individual’s choice.

You have created within your physical reality the reflection in physical imagery of the ease of communication that is expressed within consciousness.  You have manifest methods within your physical dimension to be reflecting expressions of lack of separation.  Therefore, you have created that which you identify as mass communication.  You have created a system of media to be offering mass communication to you.

In this, I may express to you once again, examine your individual beliefs concerning these expressions and examine the energy that you generate.  For in actuality, your media merely offers to you what you seek.  It offers to you the communication that you request.  It is your choice whether you engage the participation in this media expression or not.

It is not the expression of the media and the mass communication that is affecting of consciousness or of you.  It is reverse.

VIC:  And that would be another victim thing.

ELIAS:  Correct.  You express to yourselves and to each other to be protective of your children in limiting their objective exposure to imagery, for this may be damaging psychologically to these small ones.  I express to you, the small ones create their reality also.  These are the perpetuations of psychological beliefs.

VIC:  Okay, I think I understand that.  I have another question that I would like to read here that Gillian sent: “I sense very strongly that a focus of mine was on the second plane.  I have never felt such a strong emotion before.  I feel a great sense of loss at this time.  It’s strange to me, but I’m going with the flow.  It feels personal somehow.” (Pause)

ELIAS:  You may express to this individual, no, this individual did not engage a focus of essence that was physically manifest upon that vehicle, within that vehicle.  You may express the explanation to this individual that the experience of personalization is in actuality an experience in association with this shift and its expression of dropping this veil of separation within your physical dimension.

VIC:  Okay.  From Renate ... and I think this experience happened the night before this event.

“I connected with a male sitting with his back leaned to a wall of a building in the streets of New York.  He was living in the streets, a wanderer about my age or a little younger.  He looked startled when I spoke to him, but listened intently.  I said, ‘I am not an angel.  I am part of you, and I need you very much.  I need you to do something for me — get up and walk away.  I love you and you will be fine, but you HAVE to move.  If you need me, I’ll be there.  Get your life in order.’  I didn’t know why I said all these things to him, but I got him to move.  I saw him walking away, and he looked back, just once.  Did I save him?  Was I being an angel?” (Pause)

ELIAS:  You may express to this individual that she has accomplished allowing an objective expression of connection with this individual, in which the individual allowed themselves a response of compliance to the directive.

Now; as to the specific question — did this individual save the other individual — this is not within your ability or expression within your physical dimension.  You may not save another individual, for that is the assumption of their choice.

Let me express to you, I am aware of the direction of this individual in inquiring whether the other individual has physically survived, in your terms, this expression of disaster, and I am quite intentionally expressing that this is NOT the point.

The choice to continue within this physical reality is of the individual, and to disengage is of the individual also.  The continuation of participation in this physical dimension is not an act of saving, and in this, the association of being an angel is that of savior, which is an expression of camouflage and an elevation of self and a devaluation of the other individual.

VIC:  Which also goes back to the victim thing.

ELIAS:  Correct.

VIC:  Hmm.  Interesting.

Okay, another question from Varsha: “The nature of terrorism and terrorist acts — I feel this event could foreshadow others.  It is being said that after the U.S., India and Israel could be next.  What are the probabilities of such events happening in the near future, and what can be done to lend energy to a non-violent outcome?”

ELIAS:  Within this present now, there are no probabilities being expressed in this type of outcome.  I may also express to you that the mere question is an expression of fear.  In this, there is an expression of energy in the output of expectation and fear, and reinforcement of the belief of need of protection.

In response to what ANY of you may be engaging presently, for I recognize your want for information in relation to DOING ... is that you offer considerable consideration to self, and pay attention to what you ARE doing and what you are generating individually.

I may not emphasize strongly enough to all of you the significance and the importance of each individual.  You do not objectively genuinely recognize the strength and the significance of each of your beings, each of your expressions of energy, and how affecting of consciousness it is. (Pause)

VIC:  Yeah.  I think we’re beginning to sometimes, here and there....

ELIAS:  Let me express to you now, within the framework of your automatic responses of your beliefs and of your associations, allow yourselves for a moment to view how you associate the power and the affectingness of what you define as single individuals as perpetrators — single individuals that have created, in YOUR perceptions and YOUR beliefs, mass destruction and devastation.

Now; you assign tremendous power to single individuals to be creating this type of an expression.  If a single individual may generate such affectingness throughout your globe, how less is any of your single individual expressions in energy?  It is not.

VIC:  So it all comes back to focusing on self.

ELIAS:  Correct.  In the moments that you project your attention outwardly and you hold your attention outside of yourself, you merely generate an offering of energy to whatever you are already creating.  You perpetuate the expression.

Your freedom lies in turning your attention to you.  You offer yourselves little freedom in holding your attention outside of yourselves, and this also is being expressed en masse presently, is it not?

VIC:  Well, yeah.  That’s what’s happening.  This event occurred....

ELIAS:  Quite, to offer yourselves an objective example!

You project your attentions outwardly and you deny your freedom.  You confine yourselves; you limit.  You turn your attention to self and you present yourself with freedom and the opportunity of choice.

VIC:  So then ... my automatic translation of what you just said is that focusing on this event is not helpful at all.

ELIAS:  No, my friend, for the event IS you.

VIC:  It appears to be outside of me, though ... well, okay.  It “appears” to be outside of me ... but isn’t focusing on anything outside of me focusing on me then?

ELIAS:  Correct, and this is what I am expressing to you, that YOU make the distinction.  Do you view this event to be you?

VIC:  No.

ELIAS:  No.  Therefore, as you focus your attention upon it, you view your attention to be outside of you.

I incorporate language to you in association with your reality and with your beliefs, for this is what you understand objectively.  But in my expression to you, I continue to express to you that all that is outside of you IS you.  What you hear is your own distinction of outside of you and inside of you.

VIC:  Um-hmm.  Huh.  Okay.... (Laughing in confusion)

ELIAS:  I express to you in relation to what you know.

If you are holding your attention upon another individual, if you are focusing your attention upon an individual that you define to be a terrorist, your attention is not focused upon yourself, for you do not view the terrorist to be yourself, correct?

VIC:  Yes.

ELIAS:  Correct.  Therefore, I speak to you in terms that you understand, but I also continually reinforce to you that the terrorist IS you.  All that is outside of you is you!  You have created it.  If it exists within your individual reality, you have created it!

JENE:  And those of us that are physically focused within this time framework, within that perception that you’re offering, this is our challenge — to be participating in the acceptance of that personal responsibility of the creation?

ELIAS:  Yes.

JENE:  Yes, and those of us....

ELIAS:  Personal responsibility of SELF, not of other individuals.

JENE:  I’m sorry?

ELIAS:  The responsibility of SELF, not of other individuals.

JENE:  Right.  So as we vacillate back and forth ... or I should put it in personal terms, but I’ve spoken to quite a few people who feel the same way.  As we vacillate back and forth between “blow them up,” emotionally, and have tolerance and understanding and bring it back to self, within that viewing of consciousness will come more choices.

ELIAS:  Correct.  You are vacillating.  You are grappling, as you have stated, with the challenge of the familiar and the unfamiliar — the familiar of your beliefs and your automatic responses, and the unfamiliar of acceptance.

I have expressed to you all, there shall be — and is — trauma in the action of this shift, and no individual is immune from that expression.  This is not to say that you MUST be experiencing trauma, but you are creating trauma, and as I express to you the identification of trauma, I am not expressing to you events such as that which has been created in this mass event.  I am expressing the trauma of the individual, in your grappling with this movement from the familiar into the unfamiliar, from the judgment into acceptance.

I may express to you, you may view in this present moment the challenge and the difficulty that you present to yourselves in movement into acceptance with this one event.

VIC:  So it’s not about the event is what you’re saying.  It’s about the individual.

ELIAS:  Correct.

JENE:  With this particular type of event that we have jointly created, will ... I guess I can answer this myself.  Shall there be many more of these types of objective events to challenge our belief systems? (Pause)

ELIAS:  I may say to you, in this present now and the movement that you are creating now and the influences that you are expressing now, this is most likely.  I may also express to you that it is a choice.  Therefore, it is not an absolute.

Look to your expressions also in this present now.  Within the identification of individuals that occupied one of your aircrafts, you identify these individuals simultaneously as victims and heroes.  There are no absolute identifications, and you are presenting that to yourselves now — the genuine identification of the lack of absolutes.

And in this, although this may appear confusing to you presently, in actuality, my friends, you are opening the door to choice.

JENE:  As we’ve given a tremendous amount of power or energy toward one individual who heads what appears to be a terrorist movement, within the seed of consciousness that we’re exploring as a large but small group, is our effectiveness as strong and powerful as the mass belief in this other individual? (Pause)

ELIAS:  What are you generating, individually and en masse?  You express to myself an identification of the powerfulness of this individual and the small band of individuals that are in agreement and supportive of this individual, and the strength of the expression of their energy and their power.  But what are you expressing?

JENE:  Lack of acceptance of self.

ELIAS:  And also, you generate the same expression!  As you view the intensity of the judgment of this individual — that you express to be a terrorist — and his band of merry men, you generate very similar energy.  It is merely expressed differently.  Is your lack of acceptance any less?

JENE:  No.

ELIAS:  No.  Is this reflected within your society, your government, your country?  Yes.

Your expression of blame and your desire for retaliation — what is the identification of this?  Not merely that you are victims, but that you match energies.

JENE:  Oh, great.  Well, within the small band of our merry men, in a moment of separation, in like-mindedness or manner, as we evolve from our confusion and we hope to chant, pray, collectively come together to support self-acknowledgment and the shift, is the probability available ... I know it’s available, but is it close that we are inserting our energy in the strength of self-acceptance?

ELIAS:  This IS being expressed presently.

Now; I may offer to you a response in what you are seeking.  Just as Lawrence inquired in the beginning throes of this phenomenon and forum in relation to why I engage objective communication with you — for you have asked — in this time framework, in response to your mass plea presently, I shall offer you a suggestion, for your plea presently is to be offered some answer, some direction, some movement to engage, and what to DO.

I shall offer you a suggestion, for I recognize your collective questioning and confusion, and your genuine desire, within the expressions of your beliefs, to be offering energy in what you identify as a positive expression.

Therefore, to all of you that engage interaction with myself and to all beyond those that objectively interact with myself, my suggestion is that you concentrate your attentions and your energy in the direction of expressing to yourselves that this enemy is not an enemy, and that this is your creation.

Therefore, express your acceptance collectively.  Pool your energy together in thinning this veil of separation, and in like manner to your expressions of visualizations and meditations — that you create a focal point and you accomplish well in the pooling of energies — allow yourself that action, pooling your energies together in an expression of acceptance, knowing that these individuals that you view as hateful or worthy of your disdain are actually worthy of your acceptance.

You all have presented to yourselves recently identifications of other focuses in relation to your great world war.  All of you engage other focuses of attention that express experiences and behaviors that within your present focus would be deemed to be quite distasteful and that you may view with great disdain.

This individual and all of these other individuals that you view presently with such great disdain are merely a focus of attention.  They are essences also, and in this, your perception of them is created by you.

Therefore, my suggestion in what you may “do” is to collectively offer your acceptance of these individuals and of yourselves.  Accept yourselves in being accepting of them.

JENE:  Okay. (Sighing)

ELIAS:  I may express to you the question, are you wishing to be continuing in offering questioning this day temporarily?  For if so, I shall engage a break for Michael.

JENE:  Actually, I think a break for us all.  I think that’s a lot for us to take in.  I can’t think of any more questions, unless they would of course be personal questions.  Maybe a short break — I might have a couple more.

ELIAS:  Very well.

BREAK:   4:48 PM
RESUME:  6:24 PM (Arrival time is 20 seconds)

ELIAS:  Continuing.

JENE:  Continuing — personal question.  It’s a little off the track, but I’m curious as to why, each time I have a personal conversation with you, I cry.  I get all emotional, like I’m getting right now.

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  It is a response to energy and familiarity, my friend.  Allow yourself your expression.

Let me express to you, all emotional communications are not what you may view as negative or expressing a communication to you in what you may define as opposition to what you may be choosing in the moment.

In this, I may express to you that many times you create emotional expressions which are communications to you in validation.

JENE:  Okay.  Thanks.

ELIAS:  It is merely....

JENE:  Another question I have is, in 977 focuses, how many of those focuses have been male?

ELIAS:  (Laughing)  What is your impression?

JENE:  Oh, goodness!  I knew you were gonna do that! (Laughing)

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha!

JENE:  I kinda feel like the majority of my focuses have been male, like 600 maybe?

ELIAS:  You are correct.

JENE:  Oh my. (Elias chuckles)  And have I always been or am a focus of the essence family of Sumari, in alignment with Sumafi?

ELIAS:  Your alignment fluctuates.

JENE:  It does?

ELIAS:  Yes.

JENE:  In the moment!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha!  It may appear so to yourself presently!  But in actuality, your alignment fluctuates in relation to different focuses of attention, but your belonging-to family remains the same.

JENE:  Okay, and a question about relatively ... this sounds so silly today, but famous focuses that I’ve experienced within that 977?

ELIAS:  Your question?

JENE:  How many have I held, of famous focuses? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Six.

JENE:  Six.  That’s cool.  And one question — I was having imagery and impressions with Abraham Lincoln, and I was wondering as to my connection during that time.  Was I Ford?

ELIAS:  You do engage a focus in this time framework, and I may express to you that you do engage a position of government official, but you are not this individual.

JENE:  Okay, good.  Then I wasn’t Ford! (They both laugh)

ELIAS:  You are correct.

JENE:  Good.  I have an interesting friend.  Her name is Djuna, and she has been choking lately and having obstruction and depression and fear, unknown fear, and she addressed to me yesterday that she may have been connecting with the action that took place on Tuesday.

ELIAS:  Partially correct, and you may extend my invitation, if she is so choosing, to be inquiring further.

JENE:  Okay, I shall.  Thank you so very, very much.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

JENE:  And one other question — in physical imagery, I have come across a very large house, and was wondering, within probabilities, what that imagery means to me.  I’m not sure.  In a sense, I have a draw to this place, and yet I haven’t got a clue what I would do with a fifteen-bedroom hotel.

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  And shall I offer you a clue ...

JENE:  Yes, please!

ELIAS:  ... of what you are presenting to yourself in imagery?  Although be remembering, these are your choices!

In this, you continue — although at times reluctantly, ha ha! — to participate in the movement of this phenomenon, and I shall offer my clue that it is, in your physical terms, growing rapidly.

JENE:  And would this place be a gathering point or a facilitating environment?  I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do with this place.

ELIAS:  If you are so choosing, but this is the imagery that you are presenting to yourself.

JENE:  Okay.  I’m still confused, but that’s my state of being!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha ha!  I may express to you, in your physical terms, my friend, you are in good company!

JENE:  (Laughing)  Oh, that’s one thing that I do know for sure!  There are so many of us that are confused!

ELIAS:  And I am quite adept at contributing to this state!  Ha ha!

JENE:  Yes, you are, and we love you so very much for it!

ELIAS:  I am always at your disposal for the offering of more confusion! (Grinning and chuckling)

JENE:  (Laughing)  Oh, thank you so.

ELIAS:  I offer to you both tremendous affection, my dear friends.  I anticipate our meeting objectively in physical proximity.

VIC:  Yeah!  That’s gonna be fun, eh?

ELIAS:  Quite!  And I am....

JENE:  I wish I was gonna be there, but I’ll be there in spirit.

ELIAS:  Ha ha!  And I am quite encouraging of fun!  Although I may express to you also, Rudy, we shall be objectively meeting futurely, shall we not?

JENE:  Yes, we shall.  I passed by you about two weeks ago.  I went right by Brattleboro, made a phone call, said hello....

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  I am aware.

JENE:  My timing was a little bit askew.

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha!  Or not!

JENE:  Or not! (Elias chuckles)  I think our time is just about up.

ELIAS:  Very well.  To you both, as always, in great encouragement and in genuine love, I offer my energy to you, and my acknowledgments also.

VIC:  Thanks for the info, Elias.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome, Lawrence.  In tremendous affection, au revoir.

JENE:  Au revoir.

VIC:  Au revoir.

Elias departs at 6:34 PM.

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Copyright 2001 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.