Session 901

More on Thought


”More on Thought”
”What You Create Is What You Are Choosing”
”Why Do We Have to Exist in This Reality?”

Monday, September 10, 2001 (Private)
Participants: Mary (Michael), Donnalie (Mallory) and Peter (Allegra)
Donnalie is in the session room with Elias, and Peter is participating in the session on the phone.

Elias arrives at 2:08 PM. (Arrival time is 22 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good day!


ELIAS: (Chuckles) How shall we proceed?

DONNALIE: A friend of mine is doing the session with us on the phone, Peter. Lynda and I talked to you about him. You had given him an essence name and we had asked about his family...

ELIAS: I am aware. Welcome!

PETER: Hello! (Elias chuckles)

DONNALIE: We’re both a little ... now, you know that this is the first time I’ve done a session without Lynda talking for me most of the time! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles)

We were just talking to Michael before the session, I was telling Peter about our past session and my question, and Peter was asking how do you identify the difference between thoughts and signals and things like that?

ELIAS: Very well. You are quite adept at identifying thought. You create thought processes continuously, and you are quite familiar with paying attention to the thinking mechanism of yourselves. What may be more challenging to be identifying are your actual avenues of communication that you offer to yourself. Thought is quite easily identified, as you are aware.

What becomes confusing is attempting to be listening and paying attention to communications that you offer to yourself. Be remembering, thought is NOT a communication; thought is a mechanism that you have created in this physical dimension to interpret and translate information that you offer to yourself through communication.

Your communication avenues are all of your outer senses, all of your inner senses, your intuition, your emotions, your impulses. You offer communication to yourself through physical manifestations that you create within your body. Your body incorporates a consciousness which is directed by your subjective awareness, and this creates communications to you also. Communication is offered to you to be identifying objectively - which is your waking expression of awareness - what you are exploring, what you are creating, and what you are engaging within any moment of your participation in this physical dimension.

Now; the challenge arises in that you have turned your attention so strongly to this mechanism of thought that you are not paying attention to actual communications that are occurring, and even within the time frameworks in which you recognize a communication that you offer to yourself, such as your intuition or your impressions, you continue to hold your attention upon thought rather than the communication.

Let me express to you quite clearly also, thought is not your attention. Your attention may move to thought and you may be paying attention to your thought processes, but attention is not thought. And although you may notice different communications or different input of information through different manifestations of imagery, this also is not to say that you are necessarily paying attention. (Humorously) You may offer to yourself quite a large creature before your face, and you may be quite paying attention to what you THINK about this creature rather than paying attention to the creature itself!

Thought has become very familiar to you all, but it has also become quite familiar to you to attempt to be reconfiguring its function. You rely upon thought as a communication, and it is not a communication. You trust your thoughts for you define thought to be a communication, and this creates frustration, confusion and conflict within your focuses. For in holding your attention in extreme upon the mechanism of thought, you do not pay attention to your actual choices, your doing, and your communications, and you attempt to be overriding your choices and altering your choices or changing your choices, based upon the dictates of your thoughts.

Now; the snare that is created in relation to thought is that, as I have stated previously, objectively thought is the seat of the expression of your beliefs. Therefore, your thought processes are quite influenced by your beliefs, and in this they are also quite influenced with the judgments of duplicity in right/wrong, good/bad, better/worse. As I have expressed previously also, the action aspect of yourself - that aspect of yourself which chooses, that doing aspect of yourself - does not concern itself with duplicity. It does not concern itself with right/wrong, good/bad, better/worse. It merely acts in choosing any particular expression that is directly associated with whatever direction you are moving within in any particular time framework.

Many individuals concern themselves with attempting to identify their direction and therefore allowing themselves a clearer recognition of their choices or this doing aspect of themselves, but I may say to you it is unnecessary. What you choose shall express to you quite clearly an identification of your direction.

DONNALIE: Get all that, Peter?


ELIAS: You are choosing presently, Mallory, to be occupying a physical location, and although you express that you think your choice is to be incorporating a particular design of relationship, you have created actual physical choices to NOT be creating that manifestation. This serves as an example of the point.

DONNALIE: (Laughing) That was a good point to be making with this person on the phone! (Elias chuckles)

No, I have realized that there were certain things that were more thoughts, and that the choosing piece of me has seemed to make other choices in different directions. I understand that.

ELIAS: You ALL create this action. I may express also an example to Allegra, for the thought is expressed in the want - as we have discussed previously - that you want to be creating employment, but the choice is being created to not.

You are choosing in each moment in each day to be expressing certain creations of your reality. Therefore this be the reason that it holds significance and importance that you familiarize yourselves with yourselves, and recognize that your thoughts may express to you an identification of a want and it may not necessarily be accurate. (Very distinctly enunciating) You may THINK you want a particular manifestation, but WHAT YOU CREATE IS WHAT YOU ARE CHOOSING.

DONNALIE: So is it like sometimes we don’t necessarily know ... it’s not that we don’t know what we want - we don’t recognize it or see it - but generally the choosing piece of us goes in that direction?

ELIAS: Correct.

DONNALIE: Okay, I understand. Do you have anything to say, Peter?

PETER: Donnalie, I didn’t catch the beginning of your last statement.

DONNALIE: I said ... you can hear everything he’s saying, right?


DONNALIE: So what I said just to clarify that I’m understanding is that our choosing piece ... what we think we want may not necessarily be what we want, because the choosing piece of us may be doing other things. Didn’t you hear his example? (Laughs) The thought piece of you says ’I want a job,’ but the choosing piece of you keeps not doing it. So as much as you think you want one, apparently something inside of you doesn’t.


DONNALIE: Oh, I’m wrong! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Not necessarily! You are not wrong, Mallory, but allow me to clarify. As your thoughts are a translator, they are translating some aspect of your desire. But if your attention is scattered, your thoughts also incorporate more of a challenge to be translating your desire into the objective expression of a want. Therefore, there is heavy influence of your beliefs.

Now; as you have expressed, Allegra, no, you do not WANT employ but you assess that you NEED employ.

Now; in actuality, you do want to be generating activity that allows you to express your creativity and also generate finances in relation to your creativity. But your beliefs express to you that you SHOULD be engaging a particular job regardless of whether it incorporates your expressions of creativity or not, for you need to be acquiring money. I may express to you both, you do not NEED any expression, even within your physical reality. This is another expression of your beliefs.

But in keeping with your beliefs and your perception that you incorporate needs, I may express to you, what I offer to you in information is an identification of how your physical reality functions and how you function within it. You are not a lowly creature existing upon a lowly planet of levels that are expressed within consciousness, that you must be learning or teaching or engaging reincarnation to be working off past experiences. You are not rising to higher levels of consciousness through your experiences or through your manifestation within this physical dimension.

As I have expressed to others previously, in actuality this particular physical dimension is one of the most complex and diversified dimensions of all physical realities. In actuality, in this physical reality you offer yourselves such wondrous opportunity for exploration of a physical expression and manifestation, and in this particular reality you limit yourselves much less than many other physical realities. You actually incorporate the ability to be creating WHATEVER you choose. Your challenge is trust, trusting your abilities, trusting yourselves, accepting yourselves, and KNOWING that you do not acquire any thing. You create it. You generate it.

Your perception of your reality is reverse of what it actually is. You perceive that other individuals offer to you physical manifestations. Other individuals offer you money in relation to or in exchange for services or creations that you express, jobs that you create. In actuality, you create all of this. You create the action, and you also create the physical manifestation of the coins and the paper that you identify as money. You create ALL of your reality.

You create so efficiently that you even create the other individuals that you interact with. This is not to say that you occupy this planet alone, individually, for you do not. There are countless other essences which are also manifest in physical focuses upon your planet within your physical dimension, but what you interact with is their energy. What you perceive to interact with in actual physical matter is your own creation, and your reality is unique to you.

As I have stated also previously, your perception and the manner in which you create your reality is, in a manner of speaking, your fingerprint in this physical reality. It is unique to you. No other essence, no other focus has ever or shall ever create precisely in the manner that you each do. You are highly unique expressions of consciousness, and your perceptions are highly unique. You may choose to be creating similar expressions to each other in relation to your interaction in energy, but your actual physical manifestation of every aspect of your reality - every wall, every tree, every individual, every table, every grain of sand - is uniquely created by you each, and each one of you creates differently from the other. In this I may not stress strongly enough, the key to offering yourselves freedom in your choices is to recognize that other individuals or circumstances or objects do not dictate to you.

This subject matter of money is quite amusing in actuality, for you place such great significance and value upon this particular manifestation and offer it great power. You allow it, coins and pieces of paper, to dictate your choices. It is merely an object. (Humorously) But without the possession of this object, your choices are quite limited!

DONNALIE: (Laughing) In this physical form, yes!

ELIAS: Not necessarily. (Chuckles)

DONNALIE: I have a question, really quick. Peter?


DONNALIE: Are you cool? Are you okay? Do you have a question or anything?

PETER: No, not yet.

DONNALIE: I do, real quick. Last time we talked a little about listening to what I call my intuition or things to that effect, and trying to listen to myself before the thoughts.

I have had kind of a weird thing going on. I have been asking myself some questions lately and I’m not getting an answer. I mean, generally I can actually tap into that piece of me and ask myself a question and something inside of me will tell me yes or no, this is a good thing or this is something ... yes, I do want this, or no, I don’t want this.

For some reason there have been a couple questions I have asked myself recently that I draw a blank, and mostly what I’ve had to go on is my thoughts. I’ve been trying not to do that, not to let my thoughts dictate a decision I make on something, but I also can’t figure out ... I don’t know.

ELIAS: I am not expressing to you to not engage your thought processes.

DONNALIE: Well, I know, but I’d rather ... but my thoughts go along with certain beliefs that I have...

ELIAS: You are correct.

DONNALIE: ...and I would rather go by what I feel is right, rather than when it happens find out whether it was the right or wrong thing to do, which I know that happens, but...

ELIAS: At times you do not offer yourself a communication concerning a particular decision, so to speak, for you have not created the choice yet. Therefore, you are not offering yourself information to be translated in your thoughts.

I may also express to you individually that within this time framework presently, you, Mallory, are attempting to be turning your attention more to the now and you are attempting to be projecting your attention less, for this is quite easily expressed within you to be projecting your attention futurely or pastly, creating anxiety or worry or upset.

DONNALIE: I’ve been trying not to do that so much.

ELIAS: I am aware, and this is what I am acknowledging within you. Therefore, in holding your attention within the now, a question that you may be posing to yourself may not be pertinent to the now, and therefore you have not created a choice yet and you are not offering yourself a response, for you are choosing a direction to move your attention into the now.

DONNALIE: you said something that kind of ... I told my mom and Lynda that it kind of had me backwards a little. Part of what we talked about last time ... and I just want to know that I think I understand what you meant, and I want to know if I’m correct. I took it way too literally, WAY too literally! You asked me why I choose to travel all over the country when maybe what I have - Peter, don’t freak out! It’s not like that, trust me! Let me finish - when what I have may be a straight line across the street.

Now, at first when you said that I was like, ’Oh, weird, what is this?’ I’m actually more assessing it had nothing to do with traveling anywhere or walking across the street or not walking across the street, it was about that I had been kind of debating on a decision I was making. In fact, Peter, it was about coming to visit you. I had been really kind of back and forth, and not really knowing what I wanted to do. The way I assessed what you said was, I had made a decision to do something, so why do I keep going in circles and up and down and here and there and everywhere when it’s just that? I keep trying to take roundabouts and this way and this way to get to an answer, when I already made a decision. Is that...

ELIAS: Correct. What I was expressing to you is an identification of yourself. You are looking outside of yourself and you continue to attempt to offer your choice to yourself through the expression of other individuals and the projection outside of yourself, (gently) but the answer lies where you are within you.

DONNALIE: I just wanted to double-check, because we all discussed it quite a bit just because of the nature of the way you said it.

ELIAS: I am aware!

DONNALIE: I know, that’s why you said it! (Both laugh) I’m like, ’Oooh, do-do-do-do, weird!’ I didn’t like it very much. I’m like, ’What? I don’t know what he’s talking about! I’m not going across ... what? What?’ Peter, it kinda freaked me out a little. I’m all, ’What is this ghost talking about? Peter is my friend, and I want to go visit him!’ That was it in itself, and that’s it, no here or there. I have issues with ... but I’m trying not to. I’m trying to pay attention to me and not let others’ choices or reactions or just other people and things affect me personally. I’m trying!

Do you not have any questions, Peter?

PETER: I’ve got to think about how to word them. They’re not quite making a literal sense when I think about it.

DONNALIE: Trust me, Elias doesn’t make sense to me sometimes. (Elias laughs) I catch like half of what he says! If you just say it, usually it just comes out.

PETER: Earlier you were saying that this is a created physical reality, right?

ELIAS: Correct.

PETER: So two people could see the same thing but it’s going to look different, because each person’s reality is their own creation, right?

ELIAS: Correct.

PETER: What I’m wondering though is, so why this reality? Why has this been created, and why do we have to exist in it?

ELIAS: Ah! You do not! This is a choice! This is a choice, my friend.

You in actuality occupy all areas of consciousness and participate in all physical realities. You have CHOSEN to be manifest within this physical reality. You have not been thrust into it, and this is no other essence’s choice but your own. This be the reason that I offer information to you to familiarize yourself with you, for you have created perceptions that express that you are a victim, and in this expression of victim you do not allow yourself to appreciate the wondrousness of what you are creating within this physical reality.

PETER: What if the created reality ... what if I don’t see that as being something that wonderful? What if it’s something I would like to be not a part of? What if I’d like to just be in a different dimension, or is this something I’m stuck into until I leave the body that I occupy?

ELIAS: (Speaking forcefully) You are not stuck, my friend. I may express to you, this is quite a choice. You may choose to be disengaging this physical reality within any moment. This is your choice. Nothing holds you here but yourself. Every moment that you continue to express manifestation in this physical dimension is a choice. If you are not wishing to be participating in this physical reality and you genuinely desire not to be, you shall not; you shall disengage your participation in this physical reality. There is no dictate within consciousness that holds you within this physical reality.

As to other physical realities, it is not a question of moving from this physical reality to another physical reality. You already occupy all other physical realities. You already are expressing physical manifestations and focuses of attention in all other physical dimensions simultaneously.

(Continues strongly) Now; I shall express to you that you also have chosen to be manifest in this time framework to be participating objectively and physically in the movement of this shift in consciousness to be widening your awareness, allowing yourself an objective awareness of all of your other focuses in this dimension and in other dimensions, and allowing yourself the thinning and eventually, in your terms, the dropping of the veils of separation, allowing yourself to recognize what you genuinely are. What you view presently in this now - immediately, in this moment, as you view yourself - is ONE focus of attention. This is your physical manifestation, one focus of attention, one blink. You are not limited to this one focus of attention. You as essence are COUNTLESS focuses of attention.

What you identify as lifetimes in this physical dimension, of which you incorporate many, are in actuality focuses of attention. They are all occurring now. You have merely designed this physical dimension incorporating a bending of time, to be configured in a linear succession. Therefore, it appears to you that there is past and future. It appears to you objectively that you move in a forward or backward motion. In actuality, all time is simultaneous. It is all occurring now. It is merely a matter of widening your awareness and allowing THIS focus of attention to relax, and as it relaxes, you allow yourself to view and even to experience other focuses of attention also.

I may express to you as I have previously with other individuals, you may allow yourself to incorporate an exercise in which you may evidence to yourself what I am expressing to you now. Stand before your looking glass, stand before your mirror, relax your vision, relax your attention, and allow yourself, in your terms, to stare into your mirror and watch your physical form change - and it shall. The changes are different manifestations of you; they are all present. It is merely a matter of shifting your attention.

There is much to explore in this physical dimension, my friend. But you bog yourselves with your beliefs, and your shoulds and your supposed-tos, and your rights and your wrongs, and your goods and your bads, and you do not offer yourselves your own expression of acceptance. I may express to you, were you to offer to yourself that which you shall offer to your dearest friends, how joyful shall you be within yourself.

DONNALIE: A lot, probably! (Laughs, and Elias chuckles) We offer to others more than we offer to ourselves.

ELIAS: And this also is an expression of your beliefs, that within your religious beliefs that it is nobler to give than to receive, that it is nobler to hold your attention upon other individuals, that it is unacceptable to be selfish.

I express to you encouragement to be selfish! And arrogant! Place your attention upon self. Pay attention to what you want and offer yourself permission to create that. You do hold the ability. There is no malfunction of your abilities. They function quite adequately; you merely do not engage them.

DONNALIE: I don’t know if Peter believes that he functions quite adequately. (Laughs)

ELIAS: I may express to you, for the most part almost all of the individuals within your physical dimension do not believe that they function adequately and they genuinely do not believe that they function perfectly; and I may express to you that you quite do function perfectly.

PETER: This is perfect? (Donnalie laughs) This is the level that we function at? I mean, is there...

ELIAS: It is your choice, my friend. You create what you concentrate upon. You create the reflection of your beliefs. If you believe yourself to be a victim, you shall be a victim. If you concentrate your attention - and be remembering, your concentration is not your thoughts - if you concentrate your energy and your attention upon the expressions of your beliefs, this is what you shall manifest. If you view yourself to have no choices, you shall offer yourself no choices. If you view yourself to hold the ability to create the impossible, you shall allow yourself to create the impossible. It is your choice, and it is all manifest through your own perception.

Therefore, if you are projecting your attention outwardly and expressing that the responsibility lies in things and circumstances and other individuals to create what you want within your reality, I may express to you quite genuinely, you shall manifest disappointment and you shall not be pleased with what you are creating, for you shall continue to express disappointment within self that you deny your own choices. But you allow yourself to create your own choices without being dictated to in trusting yourself and paying attention and assuming responsibility for self, rather than assuming personal responsibility for other individuals. You do not create any other individual’s reality nor do they create any aspect of yours.

But you do create YOUR reality in its entirety, and what wondrous power you engage in that. You may be creating quite perfectly and efficiently misery, or you may be creating quite perfectly and efficiently joy. You hold the ability in either choice. (Humorously) Therefore, individuals that may express within your language that they are perfectly miserable are quite correct! Ha ha ha!

DONNALIE: They’re doing it perfectly.

ELIAS: You are correct. (Chuckles)

DONNALIE: Do you have any more questions, Peter?

PETER: I don’t think so.

DONNALIE: I have one more. I’m going to ask just out of curiosity. Have Peter and I shared past lives together or anything like that, or is this the first lifetime we’ve ever...?

ELIAS: No. Yes, you have incorporated...

DONNALIE: Can I get a pen and paper? Will you give me information if I say I’ll research it?

ELIAS: Very well. You have engaged other focuses together in what you term to be past and future. You incorporate future manifestations and past. I may express to you, I shall offer three identifications that, if you are so choosing, you may individually or together investigate, and the manner in which you may investigate may be accomplished either through visualization, projection, or dreams.

In this, you incorporate one future focus within a time framework 2327. In that focus, you incorporate the same choice of genders that you incorporate now. You engage relationship as partners. That focus may be beneficial in your investigation, for you both draw energy from that focus in relation to your individual movements in this shift presently, allowing yourselves objectively to assimilate information more quickly, so to speak, through the incorporation of energy of that future focus. You also, in investigating that focus, may allow yourselves more of a familiarity with yourselves presently, for in their wider awareness futurely, you may view some of the expressions that you incorporate presently in your judgments as genuinely unnecessary. Physical location of future focus, that which you now identify as England.

You also incorporate two past focuses in relationship with each other that may be beneficial to your investigation, offering you information of yourselves and of each other: one within physical location of Spain, time framework 1620 as midpoint of the focus, comparable to your physical age now. In this focus you also incorporate the same genders that you incorporate in this focus presently.

DONNALIE: We just like being girls and boys, apparently!

ELIAS: That focus incorporates considerable conflict. You continue to engage relationship with each other, not as partners but in similar type of relationship. In this, I may express to you, (chuckling) both of you may be considered quite shady characters!

DONNALIE: (Laughs) Peter, we were just called shady!

PETER: That’s not the first time! (Laughter from Donnalie and Elias)

DONNALIE: We were shady!

ELIAS: I may express to you, Mallory, you incorporate a profession of ill repute as a prostitute...

DONNALIE: Oh great!

ELIAS: ...and Allegra expresses the role of your employer. (Chuckles, and Donnalie laughs)

PETER: (Humorously) Kind of like now, then!

DONNALIE: (Cracks up) In 1620 you were my pimp?!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! Much conflict, as I have stated, is expressed in this focus! Much disagreement with your choices.

DONNALIE: Right, figures. Is there one more?

ELIAS: Yes. I shall offer to you another focus within the time framework mid-1400s, Scotland. This relationship that you engage also is expressed in partnership in a romantic expression. There is little conflict within this particular focus and tremendous devotion. I may express to you that the actual physical manifestation is difficult. In that particular time framework, there is an incorporation of much struggle in your physical lives, so to speak, but you also incorporate great affection and appreciation in relationship. This focus I have chosen to offer to you that you may allow yourselves to view the ease without conflict and the experience of genuine appreciation. Many times individuals may allow themselves to view genuine appreciation, and much of the conflict that they create appears thusly to be quite petty.

You may investigate these three focuses and allow yourself to be feeling or even experiencing these focuses if you are so choosing. You may be creating a projection of consciousness and merge with any of these focuses and experiencing.

DONNALIE: Peter, do you have anything else?

PETER: No, I think that will do.

DONNALIE: Okay. Well, thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

DONNALIE: And I will talk to you later.

ELIAS: Very well! I extend to you both tremendous affection and also encouragement in your sojourns into your relationships with self. In this, to you each this day, au revoir.

Elias departs at 3:09 PM.

(1) Originally expressed as ’That focus may be beneficial in your investigation, for you draw energy both from that focus in relation to your individual movements in this shift presently...’

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