Session 886

Creating Intimacy and a Familiarization with Self


”Creating Intimacy and a Familiarization with Self”

Sunday, August 19, 2001 (Private/Phone)
Participants: Mary (Michael) and Kevin (Douglas)
Elias arrives at 10:09 AM. (Arrival time is 24 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

KEVIN: Bonjour! (Elias and Kevin laugh) How are you, Elias?

ELIAS: As always. And yourself?

KEVIN: Very well, thank you! It’s a pleasure to be able to speak with you.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Welcome!

KEVIN: Thank you. I first wanted to start out with finding out what my essence family is and alignment, as well as my essence name.

ELIAS: Very well: essence name, Douglas; essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Tumold.

KEVIN: Throughout my life I’ve always felt this yearning for something I’ve always felt was missing. I believe it’s trying to find myself. Is this true? Is this the yearning that I’ve always had?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking - a draw to be creating a relationship in intimacy with self that shall allow you a fuller expression of intimacy with other individuals.

KEVIN: And this is what I’m striving for?

ELIAS: Quite, and I may express to you that this is quite the correct term that you are incorporating presently, that you are striving to be attaining this movement.

Now; let me also express to you that this is the obstacle, for you need not be striving to attain. It is merely an action of moving your attention, so to speak, sideways, for you already possess what you are seeking.

KEVIN: So it’s already within me. I’m trying too hard or striving too hard, and that’s what’s blocking my attainment?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes. For what you are creating is an action of seeking out some expression that you believe you do not already possess, but you do. Therefore it is not an expression to be sought outside of yourself, but rather a movement and journey into self to allow yourself the recognition of what you already possess within self.

KEVIN: And how do I go about doing this as opposed to how I’ve been trying to do this? Is there a better way for me to try to reach this part of myself?

ELIAS: The manner in which you begin to create this movement in relationship with self is to be turning your attention to self, allowing yourself to hold your attention within the now, not projecting futurely or pastly, and allowing yourself to pay attention to your communications that you offer to yourself.

Now; in paying attention to self, recognize that in actuality you create every aspect of your reality in every moment. In this, it matters not what may be occurring in objective imagery or in any expression that you view as being outside of yourself in circumstance, in situation, in objects, in other individuals. For in actuality, you are creating ALL of the movement and all of the imagery.

In recognizing that every aspect of your reality is created by yourself, you turn your attention to self, allowing yourself the recognition of your own responsibility for all of your reality, which in actuality offers you tremendous freedom. For in the moments that you are holding your attention outside of self and projecting your attention to situations, things or other individuals, you limit your freedom and you limit your choices. For in those moments, you create an association that there are expressions within your reality that you do not create, that create your reality for you.

I may express to you, my friend, many individuals within this time framework are quite familiar with the concept that you create your reality; but for the most part, individuals accept this concept merely in part. You accept that you create some aspects of your reality, but you also deem that there are other aspects of your reality that you do not create, that are created for you, and this is incorrect. This is a limitation which is created within your movements, for if you are not creating certain aspects of your reality, you are limited in how you may be creating your movements, and you limit your choices.

Therefore in allowing yourself to genuinely recognize - not merely intellectually, but genuinely recognize - that every moment of your reality is your OWN individual creation and expression, you begin turning your attention to self, and as you turn your attention to self, you allow yourself to pay attention to all of the avenues of communication that you offer to yourself.

One of the most efficient avenues of communication offered by the subjective awareness to the objective awareness is the communication of emotion. As I have expressed many times previously, emotion is not a reaction. It is a communication which is offered by the subjective awareness to the objective awareness in a precise identification of what you are creating in the moment.

Now; you are familiar with the signals of emotion, and for the most part may allow yourself to easily identify what the signals of emotion are. You recognize quickly the feelings that you experience and assign an identification or definition to that feeling. This is the signal. But within the expression of emotion there are two aspects: the signal to gain your attention, and the message. Paying attention to the message allows you to be becoming more familiar with your own expressions and movements, and allows you an identification of motivation and of what you are creating within any particular moment.

Now; you also offer yourself communications in other avenues. All of your senses, inner and outer senses, provide you with information and communications. Your impressions and your impulses offer communication to you.

Allow yourself a recognition that thought is not a communication. Let me express to you, my friend, that within the movement of this shift in this present time framework, all of you within your physical dimension are creating a movement of redefining terms, which moves your perception and thusly redefines all of your reality and how you move within it.

Now; in this present time framework, what is being redefined in terms and in association is the communication of emotion and the function of thought. Thought is a mechanism that you have created in the design of this physical reality. It is not a communication; it is, in a manner of speaking, a mechanism. It is a function that you have created to translate and interpret actual communications.

Thought is tremendously influenced by your beliefs, but it also is quite influencing of your perception. Therefore there is importance and significance in recognizing its actual function and therefore allowing it to function in the manner in which it has been designed, rather than attempting to incorporate the movement of thought to be creating your reality. This becomes confusing and quite challenging with many individuals, as they misinterpret the function of thought and attempt to direct thought to be functioning in a manner in which it has not been designed.

Therefore, as you familiarize yourself with your attention, with your communications and with the mechanisms that move in conjunction with each other to be creating your reality, you offer yourself objectively a clearer understanding of how you create your reality; and in this familiarization of self, you also create the movement of trust of your abilities and acceptance of yourself, which allows you to move into the acceptance of your beliefs, which is the point of this shift in consciousness.

KEVIN: I wanted to ask, when I imagine myself in this lifetime, in my dreams for this lifetime, the thing that always comes to me is I see myself with an abundance of money, and I feel that that’s because it would allow me the freedom to do the things that I wanted and to experience the things that I wanted within this lifetime. I wanted to see if that was an accurate assessment of the path that I’ve chosen for myself, or maybe not.

ELIAS: I may express to you, this is a choice. It matters not, in actuality. You may be choosing to create an abundance of money, and, in association with your beliefs, you may also create through your perception that this shall afford you the freedom to be expressing your creativity in the manner that you want. I may express to you genuinely, it matters not. You already hold the freedom to express your creativity and whichever direction you choose to move within, regardless of whether you generate this physical manifestation of money or not.

KEVIN: Very good. Elias, one of the things that I don’t know if it comes from me or not, but I seem to really enjoy or appreciate physical beauty. Sometimes I think that it’s to the point where it’s blocking me in seeing beyond that, specifically dealing with people and physical appearance.

ELIAS: Therefore, you create a judgment upon self that you are not allowing yourself to view and assess the inner qualities of individuals, for you occupy your attention with the outer expression.

KEVIN: Right. And do I ... okay. (Laughs)

ELIAS: I may express to you, my friend, in actuality you are not creating a wrong expression. This is merely a natural flow of your attention.

Appreciation is merely that. Let me express to you, my friend, appreciation of ANY expression is not wrong. (Chuckles)

KEVIN: That’s true! (Laughs)

ELIAS: Allow yourself to examine the belief that influences your discounting of yourself in relation to this expression. For what you are aligning with is the belief that suggests to you that you are a shallow individual for you occupy your attention with what you assess to be a surface expression. This is the influence of the belief.

KEVIN: I see; I see that. Thank you.

Elias, I feel that I’ve come a long way in accepting my sexuality and now feeling that being homosexual is normal and natural. I just wanted to see if you also see in me that I’ve come this far, or do I still have blocks or hurdles as far as self-acceptance of my sexuality?

ELIAS: I shall be acknowledging of you in your assessment of your movement in acceptance of your choice. I may also express to you a recognition that you do continue to be discounting of yourself at times.

In this, let me also express to you, my friend, presently within the movement of this shift in consciousness, there is being expressed and continues what I have identified as a wave in consciousness. These waves in consciousness address to particular belief systems and all of the aspects of an individual belief system.

Now; in this present time framework, there are two overlapping waves in consciousness which are occurring, and all individuals within your physical dimension participate within consciousness in these waves in consciousness.

One of these waves which is occurring presently addresses to the belief system of sexuality. Therefore, individuals present themselves with different expressions or aspects of that belief system to allow themselves a recognition of the influence of these aspects of the belief system within the expression of their individual perceptions. I may express to you, you are not an exception! (Both laugh) Therefore, there are aspects of this belief system that you are addressing to also.

I may also express to you, each belief system may be associated with a particular essence family. The other belief system which is being addressed in a wave within consciousness presently is that of duplicity. You are belonging to the Sumafi family; the Sumafi family associates with the belief system of duplicity.

Now; as I express this to you or to any other individual, what I am expressing to you is that individuals that are belonging to or aligning with the Sumafi family shall be creating much more difficulty, challenge, and generating more association with the belief system of duplicity than individuals that are belonging to and aligning with other essence families shall be. Therefore you compound, in a manner of speaking, the addressment to aspects of the belief system of sexuality with the expressions of duplicity, for you are also examining the affectingness of duplicity within all of your associations and creations.

Many individuals in this present now, yourself also, in the examination of duplicity lean in the direction of expressing more of a discounting of themselves in many different directions and movements, which I recognize within your energy that you also easily create this type of movement and expression, questioning yourself and expressing doubt and at times discounting of yourself in the swiftness or the lack of swiftness of your movement. (Chuckles)

KEVIN: But in being in the moment and being aware of what’s going on in the moment, will I be recognizing this duplicity and in that way it will be easier for me to make changes in myself about that?

ELIAS: Yes. Holding your attention in the now and upon self shall be much more efficient in your allowance of yourself to be recognizing your expression of discounting of yourself.

KEVIN: Very good, that’s what I thought.

Elias, can you tell me, do I have guides? What are their names, and can I call upon them, say when I’m trying to have an out-of-body experience? Lately I’ve been trying to do this, and I’m wondering if I call upon assistance from guides if they can help me to achieve an out-of-body experience.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) I shall express to you, my friend, there are no essences that associate themselves as guides. This is another expression of your beliefs. This in actuality is associated with religious beliefs, of which I may express once again, your metaphysical beliefs are merely a new expression of religious beliefs. Ha ha!

KEVIN: Oh, I don’t like that! (Laughs)

ELIAS: But I shall express to you that there is no separation within consciousness. Therefore, you are continuously interactive with and moving in mergence with other essences.

Allow yourself also to recognize that YOU ARE ESSENCE. Therefore there is no quality, there is no information which is incorporated within consciousness in any other essence that you do not also possess. There are no levels, my friend. There are no essences that are higher or greater than any other. There are merely different expressions of attention. You do not occupy a lower plane, merely that you have chosen to focus your attention within a physical manifestation in a particular physical dimension. You also as essence occupy all other areas of consciousness and may access any aspect of your essence to be offering yourself any type of information.

As I have stated previously, the difference between the expression of yourself and the expression of myself is merely attention, and that attention creates a difference of recognition, and the difference of recognition is merely that you do not remember essence in your physical attention, and I do. (Chuckles)

KEVIN: Not fair!

ELIAS: Ha ha! But you are creating movement in association with this shift in consciousness to drop this veil of separation and to be creating the remembrance.

In this, let me express to you, if you are choosing to be creating projections within consciousness, you may in actuality quite easily accomplish this action, for you do in actuality create this type of action quite often. You merely are not objectively aware that you are creating this action.

Now; you wish to be objectively aware of this type of action and movement, projecting within consciousness. You may easily accomplish that movement merely by relaxing, allowing yourself to not be expressing expectations - for expectations limit your method, so to speak, in how you shall allow yourself to be projecting within consciousness - and [in] trust of yourself; you shall not betray yourself. Therefore in trusting yourself, you shall eliminate any expression of fear in association with projection, and this reinforces your allowance of yourself to be relaxing, and this shall facilitate the action of projecting.

You may easily practice with a focal point. Allow yourself to choose what you identify as a destination and allow yourself to be incorporating relaxation, and in that, you shall easily move into a projection within consciousness. You need not be accessing helpfulness of other essences, my friend.

KEVIN: It’s all within me.

ELIAS: This is an easily accomplished action. I may express to you, you may be inquiring of Michael, if you are so choosing, and he may be offering to you information which I have offered previously in expressing a method to individuals that you may incorporate that may facilitate this action quite easily.

KEVIN: Thank you. In what you’re saying about that it’s easy, I’ve been trying also with that and other things in my life as far as trying effortlessness, and I know that sometimes when I want something or I want to change something in my life, I think I try so hard that I’m actually blocking any progress at all. When I relax myself and just think of effortlessness and the change or the manifestation, it seems to come about easier.

ELIAS: Quite. Yes, you are correct. As you attempt to force energy and movement, you create a thickness, and this in actuality does create obstacles and difficulty. Whereas, in allowing yourself to be relaxing and continuing to hold your attention within the now, this allows you much more of an expression of freedom, and you accomplish what you want much more easily.

KEVIN: When you’re trying to manifest something, is it back to ... I know with the Seth material, it talked about you visualize it. You take maybe five minutes a day, you visualize it and then you let go of it, you don’t think of it any more for the day, and I guess it goes into what you would call Focus 2 where things are created or manifested. Do you see that the same way?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, for this in actuality is an expression of a method, and essentially it is a similar expression to what I am offering to you. This is the aspect of trust.

Many times individuals identify a want within their thoughts and concentrate their thought process upon that want, and create disappointment as they do not necessarily manifest that want. For as I have stated in this conversation, your thoughts do not create manifestations. This is not their function. The action of not concentrating upon the thought of the want is the method, so to speak, which that essence has offered in the expression of trusting yourself.

In this, the point that is being offered to you is that you allow yourself to identify the want and thusly you trust that you have already created that - it is already expressed within you. It is not a matter of acquiring. You allow yourself to manifest your want in the trust of your ability to be generating that want, regardless of what it is.

KEVIN: So it already exists; it’s just that I haven’t brought it into my physical experience.

ELIAS: Correct. The moment in which you create a want or an expression of your desire, you have already created it. You have created the probability.

KEVIN: Very good. Elias, my friend Sebastian and I - or former partner, I still have a strong bond with him - is there anything that you can tell me about our relationship or if we’re part of the same essence or anything else - if we’ve shared other lifetimes together, possibly?

ELIAS: Yes, you do incorporate other focuses together. Are you focuses of the same essence, no.

KEVIN: Last year I was traveling in India, and I felt a great affinity for that country. Can you tell me, have I ever experienced a lifetime living in India?

ELIAS: Yes, in actuality you incorporate three focuses within different time frameworks in that physical location. You also incorporate one focus in the physical location of Tibet. In actuality, you incorporate several focuses in what you identify as far-eastern countries. You create a preference for this culture and location within your physical globe.

KEVIN: You’re saying I have a preference for this area of the world?

ELIAS: Yes, within essence. Therefore you create several manifestations in association with these cultures.

KEVIN: Is there anything you can tell me about any of the lifetimes that I’ve had in India, about those focuses?

ELIAS: And shall you not attempt to be investigating, my friend? Ha ha ha!

KEVIN: I asked you! (Laughing) That’s okay.

About a month ago I was going through a lot of confusion, and I was wondering if that was part of the shift focus or some type of trauma that I was going through. I felt very confused and depressed.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) I may identify within you, yes, this experience has been associated with this shift in consciousness, and in your terms, I may express to you, my friend, you occupy good company! Ha ha ha! For you may be assured that many, many, many other individuals within your physical dimension have been and continue to be experiencing similar confusion and anxiety in association with this shift in consciousness.

I may also express to you, this is temporary, and you are creating movement and widening your awareness, and you are turning your attention more to self. But I may also express to you that this action is quite unfamiliar, and this is what creates much of your confusion.

KEVIN: Very good; I understand. Elias, I don’t want to tax Mary, because it’s getting past the hour here. I want to thank you so very much for the time that you’ve spent with me. I look forward to having another meeting with you as well.

ELIAS: And I also, my friend. I offer to you great encouragement, for you are creating what may be assessed as rapid movement in widening your awareness presently. Be assured that my energy shall be with you in your movement in the interim until our next meeting.

KEVIN: Thank you very much.

ELIAS: I offer to you tremendous affection, Douglas.

KEVIN: Best regards. Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: To you, au revoir.

KEVIN: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 11:01 AM.

(1) The Snap Projection method, from :

ELIAS: ...Therefore, I offer to you this exercise. Allow yourselves a quiet time frame; not a sleep state, but merely quietness and relaxation. As you move into a quiet relaxation, allow yourselves a pleasant visualization. I shall offer you an example which you may choose to engage, or you may create your own if you are so choosing. I shall offer to you:

Envision yourselves upon the top of a mountain. Quietly sit upon the top of this mountain, recognizing and visualizing all of the aspects that you may view within your actual physical reality, noticing the rocks, the plants, the sky, the breeze. Feel the air upon your physical skin. Allow yourselves to move fully into the experience of the visualization; not merely the visualization, but the EXPERIENCE of the visualization. Spend some of your time within this visualizing state, allowing yourself sense data in this state. Allow yourself to smell the vegetation around you, the earth, the rocks. Allow yourself to engage all of your senses - your outer senses - within this state of visualization. As you move into the total experience of this visualization in this relaxed state, create a moment to SNAP yourselves.

Before you enter this visualization, create a direction that you are choosing to move into and engage with. ’I wish to visit an acquaintance within another location. I wish to visit another physical location upon my planet. I wish to engage and visit another dimension.’ But choose specifically. Be directed in your choice, for this is your practicing. Later, as you accomplish more easily, you need not be so directed in where you choose to be projecting to, for it shall become automatic and you may move freely, but initially it is helpful if you are focused and you hold an idea, a thought of a destination. This offers you more directedness, which is familiar to you. One of the reasons that individuals find difficulty in this action of projection is that it is unfamiliar to them. Therefore, they enter the area of fearfulness and they hold to their energy and they do not accomplish objectively projecting. Therefore, if you offer yourselves some elements of familiarity within your behavior, this shall be quelling of some aspects of your fearfulness.

If you are choosing to be creating or inventing of a cord that tethers you to your physical body, you may, although this is very unnecessary and is merely a projection that you create or invent to offer yourselves a feeling of safety in an unfamiliar action. In actuality, there is no thread that tethers you to your physical body, for you are not removing entirely from your physical body. An element of your subjective awareness continues to be maintaining your physical form for a period of time. Therefore, your physical form continues to function as if within a sleep state.

Now; I shall deviate briefly and express to you that this is not to say that you may not entirely remove your consciousness from your physical body in this state and that your physical body consciousness may not continue to be functioning for a number of hours, but ONLY for a number of hours without the direction of your consciousness. But we are not speaking of advanced class in projection! We are speaking of remedial projection presently, and the beginner’s course! (Chuckling, and laughter)

Therefore, as you choose your direction, repeat this to yourself several times before entering into your visualization. Offer yourself a trigger. You may incorporate a physical aspect - an alarm, a bell - to be signaling you as to your SNAP point if you are so choosing, but this is unnecessary. If you ARE choosing to be incorporating outside physical interruption of your visualization, you may set your tone, your bell, to be interrupting you subsequent to approximately ten minutes of your visualization. You may, if choosing, set this for slightly longer, but it is unnecessary. In actuality, you may move quite quickly into a visualization and hold yourself within the experience of the visualization. It is not requiring of extended time periods of tremendous ’meditation’ as you view it, (humorously) that you must be incorporating hours of your time frame to be connecting with yourself! You automatically move into this direction, and therefore, if you are offering yourself a visualization you shall be engaging this, and it is unnecessary to be incorporating inner chattering.

As you have incorporated the experience of involving all of your outer senses in your visualization and you have moved entirely into the visualization, at that point pull to yourself your direction immediately, quickly. Offer yourself the thought of your direction. This shall be your SNAP. You are interrupting your quietness, your relaxation of your visualization, and thrusting yourself into your direction.

Once you have created your SNAP, wait ... and within this waiting you may be experiencing within very few minutes, within less than five of your minutes, the sensation and the movement of yourself into the recognition of the projection, and a new visual shall appear to you.

You shall also hold an awareness of yourself in what YOU term to be an astral body. There is no astral body. It is merely a difference in consciousness, and your manifestation of what is familiar to you. Therefore, you manifest what you think of as an astral body, for you may recognize yourself in this. You may look at yourself and see the familiar body form, and this shall not be surprising to you or fearful to you. You may move freely about, and you may also allow yourself the reassurance, once you have entered into this state, that no harmfulness shall befall you within this state.

Although you may create certain situations even within a projecting state that shall be physically affecting of your physical form, within the state of projecting you shall not hold an awareness of the physical affectingness. Example: You may choose to be moving through a field. You may create stubbing your foot upon a rock in this field, and you may return to your physical body and you may view a physical bruise upon your physical foot, for your body is affected, for it is an aspect of you. It is not separated from you. Once again, it is not a vessel! It is a manifestation, a projection of essence, and is your creation of your physical mirror image of you. Therefore, it is continuously connected to your consciousness and is affected, but I shall also express to you that for the most part individuals do not engage situations that shall be physically affecting of their physical body form while they are participating within a projection state.

Once in this state, you may freely manipulate. You may move into the area of playfulness and you may emulate your belief systems of ghosts. You may move through walls. You may project to any area upon your physical planet that you are so choosing. You may pierce veils of dimensions. You may enter other areas of consciousness. You may play with time. You may project forward, so to speak -- although there is no forward - in time and visit futurely, or you may project backward in time - although there is no backward - and you may visit what you view to be past elements of your history.

It is entirely your choice in your playfulness, of that which you choose to be investigating. You may also encounter and engage other focuses of your own essence within this state of projection. This is another manner in which you may engage your other focuses beside your new game of hypnosis or meditation or dream state. This offers you merely another avenue to be investigating of different elements of yourself and your reality and all that you create.

Do not allow yourselves to move into the area of discouragement if you are not accomplishing initially upon your first attempt at this exercise, for many individuals already hold an extreme fearfulness in this area. Therefore, this is quite holding to your energy, but I shall express to you that within your SNAP, you also move into the position of not allowing yourself the thought process of fearfulness. You interrupt your fearfulness, for you are surprising yourself quickly. Therefore, you allow yourselves to plunge into the unfamiliar before you allow yourself your element of fear. This offers you the opportunity to be slightly more successful initially than you may be in attempting other ’methods,’ so to speak, which you are all so very, very fond of and are continuously inquiring of, that I be offering you ’methods’ to be moving through consciousness! There you have it! A method! (Laughing) Many other individuals connecting with this information of this evening shall be quite pleased at the engagement that Elias has offered a method, and we shall all cheer! (Still laughing, and the group cracks up) Appreciate this well, for I offer this very seldom! (Still laughing) And you may now engage your questioning, if you are so choosing.

©2002 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2001 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.