Session 73
Translations: ES NE

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Wednesday, February 21, 1996
Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Guin, and Jim.
Elias "arrives" at 8:44 PM.
Note: This session starts with what seems to be a pop-in, although this may be different than a "regular" pop-in. (Whatever that is!) Mary leaves the room to get some soda, and Elias returns. We do not realize that Elias is standing there until he says ...

ELIAS: Holmes, my chair! (Ron gets the rocking chair and resets the camera, and confusion ensues as everyone scrambles to get organized)


ELIAS: Good evening!

JIM: Good evening!

RON: You can start any time. (Elias looks at Ron and holds out his hand, obviously gesturing for his pipe. We are all cracking up) You'll have to give me a few moments to load it.

ELIAS: Very well. So! (Looking around at us and chuckling, and we all start laughing again, because we know he has been listening to our previous conversation, during which we were discussing the concept of time, and trying to figure out past, present, and future)

And, we were discussing ... extraterrestrials! (Vicki throws her bracelet on the table in complete exasperation, as this subject has been "tweaking" her for several days, and Elias knows it! Everybody cracks up again, including Elias)

Which planet were we focused upon? I was engaged in wrestling with Michael and was missing of this part. Lawrence may refresh my memory!

VICKI: Lawrence can't even refresh his own memory!

ELIAS: Third star from the right! (Grinning and laughing, obviously getting a big kick out of himself) We were speaking of debris upon planet surfaces, deposited through dimensional focuses. (Pause, grinning at Vicki) Lawrence is not appreciating of this discussion this evening! He would be rather incorporating his other favorite subject of simultaneous time! (Laughter) Are not aliens easier to be incorporating into your reality?

VICKI: Not really! (Laughing)

ELIAS: I have one! (Pause) Ludwig is a past future of Milus.

VICKI: (Whispering to herself) Past future of Milus ...

GUIN: Who?

ELIAS: Would you wish to be discussing extraterrestrials? (Laughter)

VICKI: It's starting to sound a little better! Past future, huh?

GUIN: Who??? (Poor Guin is clueless about who Ludwig is)

RON: Ludwig. (Pause) Beethoven.

ELIAS: I am having much fun with this discussion!

GUIN: Of Milus?

ELIAS: (Looking at his pipe) Needs packing. (Ron takes the pipe)

VICKI: So how is Ludwig a past future focus of Milus?

ELIAS: For he is a past of the past me, the most recent past. (Ron hands the pipe back) Much better! This subject is important, for it allows you to focus upon your time element; and you should have heard yourselves this evening! (Laughing at our discussion)

RON: We did!

ELIAS: (Smiling) You cannot separate yourselves from time, for you exist within it. Every element of your existence incorporates time. Your very language incorporates time; origins, beginnings, endings, futures, pasts, presents; they are all words dealing with time. You exist within time. Therefore, you may not divorce yourself from it; but you are approaching your shift. You will experience time differently. You will intersect with other facets. Within this time element, you must understand how to hold your focus of your identity, and interact.

Michael is quite right! You are very singularly focused. You do not encounter another focus and simultaneously experience this focus, for your individual neurological pathways may not encompass both, presently. Your identity would be threatened. You are learning how to widen your perception, and in this you learn how to incorporate your other focuses, your wider self. All of your boxes are relative to time, to physical time. I incorporate myself within these examples, for I speak to you now. I am here; although Sophia expresses that I am not here! Therefore, I do not exist! Therefore, we are not engaging within this discussion! I shall be popping out now! (Much laughter) I am only playing! (Chuckling) Also, each frame is individual. They are alternate selves. They are not incorporated in your now, therefore they are alternates. Originally, they were within your now. Notice, even your word originally designates time! I may not speak to you without incorporating time, for you know no other reality. (Long pause)

GUIN: Who's gonna start? (Laughing)

ELIAS: (To Ron) Venus is a nice planet this time of year! (Laughter)

RON: Some of my favorite aliens are from there!

ELIAS: I incorporate quite a few friends! (Pause, grinning, and then to Ron) We shall engage within Elias' lesson this evening: Automatic fire! (Ron holds the lighter out towards him) One moment. (Here, Elias looks carefully at the pipe for a few moments, obviously adjusting his visual focus) Ah! Very good taste! (Admiring the pipe) Interesting! Michael manifests very small hands! Continue.

RON: Okay. This is the automatic fire. (Elias takes the lighter and hits it on the arm of the chair, waiting for it to ignite)

ELIAS: It is malfunctioning!

RON: Yeah, it is! (Much laughter)

ELIAS: Continue.

RON: Maybe if I show you.

ELIAS: Very well. (Handing the pipe back to Ron)

RON: Press down with your thumb. Notice the red tab on the back.

ELIAS: Demonstrate. (Ron demonstrates, and hands the lighter back) Ah! (Elias examines the lighter and then lights it several times, staring at the flame, looking back and forth at the lighter and the pipe) I am preferring of conventional apparatus, such as matches.

RON: I think we have those. (Elias lights the lighter again)

ELIAS: Interesting. I will be engaging traditionally. Thank you.

RON: No problem. (Taking the lighter, and going to find matches)

ELIAS: How about those aliens? (This is getting ridiculous!)

VICKI: How about that future future focus?

ELIAS: How about it?

VICKI: Well, why are you future future focus?

ELIAS: For I am not physically manifest.

VICKI: So there is a distinction between physically and non-physically manifest.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: In these boxes.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: So you would not have a physically focused individual who was future future.

ELIAS: Correct. I also only incorporate this for your benefit.

VICKI: The terms?

ELIAS: For myself, for within my focus, there is no future future. Very interesting, do you not think so, Yarr? (Elias starts coughing) Oh, Michael will be distressing me with this non-focusing upon physical expression! It is pointless. I will be discussing with him. (Ron returns with matches; Elias looks at them) I have no stone!

RON: All we have are the ones that are outside, and they're all wet.

ELIAS: Do you incorporate a pond?

VICKI: We incorporate rain.


RON: You light them on the side of the box ... a flat stone!

ELIAS: Ah! (Long pause) Much discussion, yes; until the arrival of Elias!

VICKI: So these terms, how important are they?

ELIAS: For you, quite; for me, not at all.

VICKI: Important to be helpful in understanding simultaneous time?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Sophia brought up a good point when she asked why, if all time is simultaneous, why we all aren't all of the terms?

ELIAS: Each term is relative to you, or to an individual focus; for all things are relative to the individual.

GUIN: How come Seers are three different ... things?

ELIAS: For within your concept of time, they have been original. Within your concept of past, they are present within you. They are also future, within your shift.

JIM: There again, the term future for our benefit, to connect.

VICKI: And these terms would also apply to Rose?

ELIAS: Presently, for Rose presently is manifest.

VICKI: And not partially, right?

ELIAS: This also is a relative statement, for you are complete, but you are partial. Therefore, so is also Rose. Many elements seem to be contradictory, within terms, only because you incorporate time and space.

GUIN: Well, what is she then?

ELIAS: A personality essence! (Grinning at Guin)

GUIN: You know what I mean.

JIM: That exists.

GUIN: You know what I mean! (Laughing, and Elias laughs with her)

VICKI: The same terms would apply that apply to the shift, correct?

ELIAS: Within your boxes?

VICKI: Right.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Which would be past future, presently.

ELIAS: Correct, for the essence of Rose is physically manifest; incorrect, within your terminology; present past future. She is present, presently. Therefore the others are relative to the present manifestation, unless you are speaking of the original Seer focus. Then the term would be present past future. (This may be an error)

GUIN: Why is there ... never mind! (Pause) Why is there three for her, and say, like Milus only being future present?

ELIAS: We are speaking of individuals within their relation to you. Therefore, there is a designation. Within your book, your individuals are being presented within relation to each other. This initiates your framework for these elements of past, present, future. It is dependent upon which angle you are viewing from. (Pause) From your perspective, your angle of your present manifestation, there are different categories that you place individuals into, in relation to yourselves. I have given you examples also of individuals in relation to other individuals, therefore altering your perspective of these time elements. I have also offered in relation to myself, incorporating another perspective.

VICKI: In relation to yourself, then, would Ludwig be present past?

ELIAS: Correct; incorporating my present state, interacting with you now. You are beginning to understand. These are relative terms. There are no concrete terms. I offer you these concepts to illustrate the crossing over of time, the interaction of time; for we are discussing your shift, the approaching of it, and also elements leading to it. All of the issues that I present to you are for your information for a better understanding of self, which will be helpful once you are engaging your shift. (Pause) This was not quite my agenda for this evening, but this is interesting! I do incorporate a plan most of the time, (grinning) as with this evening also, which our subject matter was, past, going to be intervals of time, but we may also discuss your issues presently! (Chuckles) I shall ... (picks up a match) Ah, much better! (Looking around) Ah yes, no stone! (Strikes the match on the box and lights the pipe) Thank you, Holmes!

GUIN: "K". (Inaudible) as far as the relationship that you've made with the Seers, that I don't quite understand. I understand two of them. I don't understand past past.

ELIAS: I have expressed to you, within our sessions, that there are some Seers that were choosing to be not completely physically manifest; these being the originals, so to speak, that manifest once. Therefore, they incorporate no other physical manifestation, being what you would view to be past past.

GUIN: I don't view them as that, but okay. It'll take a while.

ELIAS: You may not view them presently in relation to yourself, for they have manifest only once; (pause) but they are simultaneous!

VICKI: What happened to the 'normally when you choose to manifest, you do it three times' rule?

ELIAS: This was incorporated at the initiation of complete physical manifestation. As I have stated also, this is an agreement, not a rule carved in concrete; an observed agreement.

VICKI: And if they manifest once, then how are they overlapping?

ELIAS: For they did not incorporate time the same as do you now. I was explaining of this previously. Their lifetime, so to speak, was not generated in the time element as you view this presently. They did not incorporate aging as do you, for they also did not manifest completely physically. The expression was not completed within physical manifestation, for it was chosen not to be. (Pause)

VICKI: Is there another group of essences similar to the Seers?

ELIAS: There are many.

VICKI: That ... (Very long pause here)

ELIAS: Continue. (Grinning)

VICKI: These other groups of essences would bear the same qualities, so to speak, of their relation to physical focus?

ELIAS: There have been many essence groups, other than Seers, that expressed ... not completely within physical focus, and their relationship to those completely physically focused would be similar, in guiding.

VICKI: And their intent ...

ELIAS: ... being different.

VICKI: For example, what is an intent of one other group of essences that are similar?

ELIAS: Look to your essence families. Each essence family incorporates an intent, which I have expressed to you previously. Each essence family incorporates also their own group comparable to the Seers, following their individual intent of family.

VICKI: Do essence families incorporate more than one group similar to the Seers?

ELIAS: Within interaction, yes, they do cross over; although if you are speaking of what you term to be origins within your time elements, before your incorporation of time, these essence families were expressing of their intent within connection of essences of these particular essence families, then subsequently intermingling; this forming the basis of your existence within physical manifestation. (Long pause) My Seers are very quiet!

VICKI: What essence family does John belong to?

ELIAS: Ah, remembering that he is not of the Sumafi! This would be in alignment with Borledim; and interestingly enough, continuing within his intent of stock, being also quite focused within the elements of environmental issues, providing adequate space.

VICKI: And what group of essences, so to speak, that are similar to the Seers, does he belong to?

ELIAS: I am understanding! Lawrence is wishing for names, such as Tellers, or Speakers, or ... Watchers! We will be incorporating more of this issue connected with these essence families at a future time. I have expressed enough information presently for you of these essence families, for your connecting and for your present understanding, which you are not connecting or understanding, and not even connecting within our exercises that have been expressed within your game! I will express to you that I will offer you more information when you are understanding and experiencing more, of your choosing. As you choose to not, so do I also! (Looking at Ron) One point for Elias! You may strike on the record, touché! (Laughing)

VICKI: So to go back to the other subject, then Ron would be present future in relation to Paul?

GUIN: Future present.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Present future.

ELIAS: Correct, for in your evaluation of wider awareness, you are correct; although there is no developmental focus involved within the fragmentation of this essence connected with Paul. Therefore, you incorporate only the wider awareness; no other time element. A wider awareness would be designated a future, in relation to you, although you may be the future focus! (Chuckling, and grinning at Guin)

JIM: It's all in relation to which now that you are trying to relate to.

ELIAS: This is correct.

VICKI: Well, I really don't understand how Ludwig is a past future focus of Milus.

GUIN: Oh!!! (As if finally discovering the meaning of life!)

ELIAS: For you must incorporate Elias also, without fragmentation. Previous to fragmentation, they are within relation to each other.

VICKI: Okay, that makes sense ... (Pause, and Elias starts laughing)

ELIAS: Are you wishing extraterrestrials? (Much laughter)

VICKI: Oh boy, you've been having a good time with this one, huh? I must have been yelling pretty loud the other night about extraterrestrials! I don't have my questions formulated yet.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Very well.

JIM: I have a question, if I may, on our experience of last evening, when we worked with Valerie and Cecelia on some healing, and they utilized the crystal to check our energies and our chakras, if in alignment. Is that something that is occurring by the person holding the pendent, or is that in cooperation with the person that they are trying to align?

ELIAS: It may be both. I will express to you that an individual may be influencing of the pendulum's movement, although as I have expressed, you may incorporate this pendulum without an individual's handling of it. In this, it will move, for your energy centers do radiate, and they will be affecting; although I have also stated that you may also be blocking of all movement of the pendulum, by force of will.

JIM: As I was with my knee.

ELIAS: As also was Ron.

JIM: With his finger.

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: So for Valerie to make the statement that all she can do is to heal Ron's finger, but it would still be broken and not back to its original state, she wouldn't be incorporating correct healing or influencing healing ... something that would be influential?

ELIAS: She would be influencing motion of energy. She would not be healing, for this action is incorporated by the affected individual, although they may be influenced by another individual in allowing the direction of energy flow in a healing fashion. If the individual is not accepting of the energy flow, it is not affecting.

JIM: Okay ...

ELIAS: Therefore, you may possess healing abilities within energy expression. You may put forth energy which may be possessing healing qualities, but another individual is quite capable; [and] within their sphere and their focus of free will, they may be blocking of this in their non-acceptance of this energy. Therefore, it is void.

JIM: So for energy, in what she was expressing of pulling negative energy out and putting positive energy back in, there is just energy. She was basically just moving energy. There is no positive. My knee was affected very temporarily. I feel I'm in touch with what is causing it, and it's been dissipating. As I'm feeling the cause and letting the cause dissipate, my pain is dissipating along with that, and I can make it intense if I want by bringing back what I feel is causing the discomfort.

ELIAS: I will express to you that these are terminologies. Energy does move. Therefore, within belief systems, you term them to be positive and negative energies. They are movements of desired and undesired energy; one not being positive, one not being negative; only different. You incorporate painful energy for your noticing. You may replace painful energy with non-painful energy. You may also replace this energy without affecting of the actual situation. You may eliminate the painfulness with non-painful energy and hold to the source regardless, or you may be affecting of the situation and eliminating of the irritation; but if you are not eliminating of the cause, which is not physical, then you will be remanifesting for your noticing.

JIM: Okay, good. Thank you. It clarifies.

VICKI: And that would be why Ron's finger doesn't hurt too badly?

ELIAS: It is not in relation to the action of exchange. It is related to his own movement of energy within his own expression. It is not necessary for painfulness within his focus. It is obvious enough within the distortion of the bodily part. He may visualize the affectedness. Therefore, within his consciousness it is not necessary to also incorporate painfulness, for it is an outward expression; unlike an inward expression, which is expressed within painfulness, of shoulder; for this may not be viewed externally. (Long pause)

JIM: So when Valerie and Cecelia say that they are affecting of their healing through their healing hands or through their Reiki method, are they actually healing, or is it the belief of the other person that they are healing? Both work together?

ELIAS: It is a combination of both individuals; for as I have stated, if the receiving individual is not believing and accepting of this energy, it will not be successful. (Long pause, with Elias grinning at Guin) We are losing Sophia!

GUIN: No, I think I get it now. (Pause)

VICKI: I have a quick question regarding Ron's dream the other night, in which he was searching for his dick. I just want to know if I was correct in my interpretation of that dream! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Yes! (Grinning) This shall be interesting! I'm having much fun with Michael presently! (Laughing) I may incorporate this fun now, within your present now, for he has moved past his fear element. I will be having much fun with this!

VICKI: He's still incorporating quite a few physical symptoms.

ELIAS: We will be discussing of this also. There is much to this situation, also connected with Shynla. I will be expressing of this to you. It is much more complicated than you realize, for this involves belief systems that are quite deeply embedded within the psyche; and although you may view that you move away from your belief systems, as you may continue with your issues of right or wrong, you are not so far removed from these belief systems.

Michael incorporates deep belief systems within this particular physical focus, and although he views himself to be removed or divorced from these, he is not. He struggles still, this also being partially the reason for the continuation of his physical issue with his back. There are many issues. This will be an interesting discussion, for it is interesting to be viewing his movement through probabilities and choices. Do not discount this fearfulness, of termination of physical focus through what you view to be death, as an unfounded fear within this individual; for this holds a tremendous probability, if expression of creativity cannot be offered a sufficient pathway. Your value fulfillment within physical focus is expressed through your individual creativity, in whichever area you choose to express it. In this, if you are blocking of your expression, or if you are feeling, without a conscious awareness, that you are being constricted creatively, you also view a pointlessness within physical focus. Therefore, you have no reason to be continuing, and will be discontinuing. (Emphatic pause)

You express to yourselves, when you are viewing of an individual who possesses great ability within different creative expressions, such as a musical talent, that they may be discontinuing of their physical focus at a young age, so to speak, and what a waste of creativity is this! In actuality, it is not a waste. The expression has been manifest to its fullest capability within physical focus, as to what the individual believes; therefore there is no reason for continuing. In this, the manifestation is discontinued, and allowed to continue within another focus.

Within this situation, Michael has opened a passageway in allowing for these sessions; this being an alleviation of a partial constriction. We will be watching to be viewing the creativity to which he is truly wishing to be expressive of, for this is where his intent for this individual focus lies. If the constriction continues, the reason is not there. (Pause) Therefore, you see, you incorporate issues much deeper than you understand at different times. There are issues with Sophia paralleling this. In not expressing of your individual creativity, which creates much conflict, and also a feeling of constriction and confusion in not identifying where the constriction lies, it leaves only conflict, which manifests in feelings; depression, upset.

Shynla also incorporates this same element, much paralleling Michael. There are deep connections with Shynla and Michael, which are playing out within this physical focus. They parallel presently, in connection, quite extremely; Shynla expressing within her creativity much conflict in wishing to be connected within these sessions, but also needing to be expressing of her individual creativity for her own fulfillment, creating conflict. Michael also exhibits the same; the expression of wishing to be continuing with these sessions and understanding the connection, but also incorporating the need for the expression of his own individual creativity. (Pause)

There are many connections with you that you do not see. The connections within consciousness were expressed and felt between Shynla and Ron, to be a noticing of how deep your connections may be and how easily you may connect, within consciousness, within your physical space, presently. Michael and Lawrence have established the connections presently also. Shynla and Michael are beginning to form the awareness of the connections, although neither of these individuals is realizing of the depth of the parallels. You each hold deep connections. You do not notice how you connect, continuously.

RON: Could you tell me a little bit about my floating dream the other night?

ELIAS: This is interesting. You are correct, this is a beginning of a moving through; this being an area of consciousness. You viewed this in the element of water to be expressing to you that there is a buoyancy in this area of consciousness. You will not be "pulled into" it, and be drowning or losing yourself, for it possesses a buoyancy.

Your encouragement of Lawrence to be moving into this area with you was a wishing of Lawrence's connection, and a recognition that Lawrence possesses the ability to connect within this area equally to yourself. Lawrence's reluctance is quite obvious, for he incorporates this reluctance continuously within physical expression; expressing to you and to Michael, this is what you do. This is not what he does; therefore the strangeness that you were viewing of what you thought to be an opposition, of Ron moving so effortlessly into the water and Lawrence pulling back, for the water was the area of consciousness; but he will rest upon your ability to float. (Pause)

I will also express to Yarr that you have made a slight connection with that individual to whom you perceive to be "Searcher". You are correct, and what she is searching for is you! (Grinning at Jim) Think to our book also of George, for one was seeking out of this individual also; but this being a different focus, for this individual holds elements that you also look for within your focus, of wishing to be initiating of healing abilities. This individual holds information that is valuable and instructive. It is wishing to be connecting in understanding, and being a dream artist and incorporating the ability to move through dreams at will, may be connecting with you to be offering of information.

JIM: And that individual's name is Seven.

ELIAS: Incorrect. Seven is the individual within our "supposedly" fictional book; which Seven is literal.

JIM: Okay. That was my first impression of that, and then I rationalized it, and ... That's cool! Way cool! Gotta go with those impressions! Whew! Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (Pause, grinning at Guin)

GUIN: What???

ELIAS: I shall be asking this of Sophia! What???

GUIN: Nothing. I'm fine now! (Pause)

VICKI: How is your interaction with Milus different from Seven's interaction with Lydia?

ELIAS: Milus is fragmented, therefore he incorporates his own essence. These individuals interacting with Seven do not. They are a "part of". (Pause)

I have likened you to Seven in that within your shift, and after within non-physical focus, you may interact with all of your focuses within the same manner. I may not completely absorb myself within the consciousness and expression of Milus any longer, for he incorporates his own essence. Therefore, it is different. I do not interact with him in the same manner that I interact with focuses that are not fragmented; for in that, just as you may be another individual and simultaneously be yourself, I may also be within the consciousness of a developmental focus. It is different in relation to me, for I am as Seven is. I am non-physical and may remove myself from my focuses, my facets; or may choose to engage them completely, as did Seven with Ma-ah.

VICKI: Once an individual is fragmented, they are no longer a facet of your essence?

ELIAS: Correct. I may not be incorporated within the consciousness of yourself or Michael or Milus in the same fashion as I may choose to be within a facet; for essences are non-intrusive. You possess your own essences. I would not be intrusive, to be "taking over" your consciousness. There is no incorporation of "take-over" of consciousness within a facet, for it is my consciousness.

VICKI: Sometimes it's hard to understand how an essence such as yourself could state that you are no longer physically focusing, within the concept of simultaneous time.

ELIAS: You think in segments. I cannot express to you of essence efficiently, for your comprehension does not understand. Within non-physical focus, just as Seven may be removed from all of his characters and interacting with Cyprus, or engaging upon his own adventures independent of his characters, so may I also engage in activity and not be focused within the individuals. (Pause, looking at Ron)

And, we may be incorporating helpfulness! (We all look at Ron, who is sitting on the couch, apparently asleep. Approximately two minutes go by, during which we sit in silence, watching Ron sleep and waiting for Paul. Ron "wakes up" to find us all staring at him, and he doesn't have a clue why)

Almost, but not quite! Very good try! And are these individuals also aware of this energy?

VICKI: Well, I've been visualizing something all night. That's all I know. (She's clueless!)

ELIAS: Very close with my friend! I will be dismissing myself if he is wishing to be speaking. Very good connecting with Michael! (Mary told us later that she "saw" Ron where she was, wherever that is!)

As we were speaking of Seven and of interaction of non-physical essence, there is what you would view to be a portion of consciousness continually interacting and connected with all focuses, but what you would also view to be your main concentration of focus that may be elsewhere. I have stated, you have many clues and information within this book.

Are you wishing of more interaction? (Pause) I will be expressing of our original discussion of intervals at our next session, and our time elements, which we will be continuing with our focus that we are presently engaged within ... futurely! And we may also throw in some aliens! (Grinning at Vicki) I will be speaking with you futurely ... presently! (Laughter) Au revoir!

Elias departs at 10:19 PM.

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