Session 69
Translations: ES NE

Exploring Consciousness, Reality, and the Impending Shift in Awareness


"Viewing yourselves as the wave"
"Knowledge of the other directions"
"Experiencing elements of this shift"
"Psychic pools of consciousness"
"Approach a new century"
"Exploring inside of you"
"Forerunners of this shift"
"Connecting with other consciousness"

Sunday, February 4, 1996 ©

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia),
Guin (Sophia), Elizabeth (Elizabeth), Jim (Yarr), Bill (Kasha); and departing
early, Danny (Marcus); and arriving late, Tom (James) and Jeri (Fromasch);
and for the first time, Keith (?).

Note: Bill has been absent from sessions since July 9,

Elias arrives at 6:32 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening! (Smiling) And we welcome to our company, once again,

BILL: Hello.

ELIAS: And Daniel! (I think this is the first time Elias has talked
to an individual without using their essence name, other than Ron)

DANNY: Hello.

ELIAS: And new essence! (Turning to look at Keith; any response he may
have made was overridden by the dog barking one singular bark) We shall
acknowledge Little One also! (To the dog) Good evening!

We have spoken previously in your session, comparing you and your focus
to a particle. I offered you an exercise with your paper, and instructed
you to be creating a shape upon your paper. This was an example of you,
in the form of a particle, within reality. At our previous session, we
spoke of waves. I have expressed to you that all that you manifest is already
within existence, within consciousness. This incorporates also your scientific
elements, to which you are more closely related than you realize. Now,
I will ask you to view yourselves as the wave. (Pause) You find difficulty
in eliminating separation of yourself and all other elements within your

Think for a moment of yourself as being a motion. Think of yourself
as an action; not as the particle, but as the wave, the motion, continuing
within a particular direction. Now think of yourself as the whole of your
essence. This individual focus is a motion. You, within essence, move in
all directions, simultaneously, continuously. Each focus, each facet of
your essence moves in one direction. Therefore you, within this physical
focus, are one movement of your essence. Within this, each movement
incorporates its individuality. A forward direction is not a sideways direction.
Therefore, each direction incorporates its own individuality, its own identity,
its own impression within essence; but it is one direction within all directions.
(Silent pause) It is much easier for you to visualize yourself as the object,
as the particle, the shape upon your paper, but you are more than merely
the shape. You are also the motion.

I begin this evening with this, for this is what you will be incorporating
within your shift; a knowledge of the other directions to which your essence
moves besides this one. You will have an awareness of all of the other
directions. You are moving, within your awareness presently, into an area
of consciousness where you are beginning to experience some elements of
this shift. They are unfamiliar to you now, and they may seem to be quite
strange, but your understanding of yourselves and all of what you create
will be helpful to you in accepting the realities of this coming shift.

There also is what you may term to be psychic pools
of consciousness. These pools of consciousness are connected directly
with your physical focus, and also directly with your time periods; for
you have created this dimensional focus with time, therefore you also create
movements which correspond with your physical time. In this, you also incorporate
pools of consciousness which may be directly aligned with each of your
centuries; this being one reason why individuals believe that they incorporate
inner knowings of movements within different centuries. They are connecting
within a collective consciousness to a knowing of something. They attach
belief systems to explain what they do not understand, but they are correct
in focusing upon certain movements of certain centuries.

As you now approach a new century, you are moving into a new area of
consciousness. Each of your centuries upon this planet has carried with
it its own psychic pool of consciousness to be drawn from, and has incorporated
its own additions to your focus. It has progressed in the direction that
you have intended it. Within this particular century of yours, you have
moved very quickly in your understanding and your knowledge of elements
around you. Now you move to your new century, which will incorporate a
focus upon elements within you. You have explored outside of you. Now
you will be exploring inside of you; and to your amazement, you will
find that as far as your vision may carry you outside of yourself, the
vastness of infinity within dwarfs without. This shall be your new quest.
This is your shift.

You are what you would term to be the forerunners of this shift. You
are preparing now, within physical focus. Some of you will remanifest after
your shift has occurred, and within the memory of this motion of this focus,
you will retain the information that you have remembered presently, that
you may draw upon during your shift. Those of you which will choose to
be not remanifesting will be helpful and instructive to those who choose
to be manifest. (Turns to Vicki, grinning) Not all will be playing! Within
these pools of consciousness, you not only may draw upon your own facets
and counterparts, but you may also draw upon other individuals within your
particular century, and connect within your consciousness to information,
to be aiding you within your understanding; this being also the reason,
beyond personality aspects, why you may feel a draw, or a pull, or an identification
with other individuals who have been manifest within this same century.
Your intent, within this psychic pool within this century, has been advancement
outside, objectively, in preparation for the new century and its shift.
You have propelled yourselves quite far within your physical focus viewing
object reality, but even your space programs and your physicists may only
reach so far before they must turn inward for the rest of their answers.
As I have spoken previously, space travel will not be around space. It
will be through space, but you may not travel through space if you are
only viewing objectively. Therefore, the turn has begun, from what is out
to what is in. (Pause, smiling at Jeri) Welcome!

JERI: Good evening.

ELIAS: And to you also! (Speaking to Tom, who is sitting behind him)

TOM: Thank you, Elias. Welcome to you too.

ELIAS: You may incorporate questions.

RON: I'd like to ask a question about the shift. I'm curious as to ...
I know you answered this partially ... as to how this shift will be different
in non-physical focus from physical focus.
I'm speaking of the people that don't choose to remanifest, as opposed
to the people that chose to remanifest.

ELIAS: As opposed to your present interaction? (Ron nods) Presently,
you have incorporated a separation. Within your present focus and knowledge
of consciousness, you do not readily interact with non-physical focus.
You may incorporate interaction infrequently, with a phenomenon such as
this that you experience presently, or you may visit an individual who
has incorporated the ability to be connecting with essences within non-physical
focus and translating for you. You do not directly interact yourselves
with non-physical focus, except within dreams. Within your dream state,
you do. You interact quite frequently with non-physical focus. After your
shift has been accomplished, you will, individually, incorporate the ability
to access non-physical focus yourself. You will have the capacity to
consciously engage non-physical focus. You will not need a "medium". You
will not need an "in-between" individual. This is affecting also of non-physical
focus, for as a result of your separation and your focus, non-physical
focus must incorporate tremendous energy to be connecting presently. This
will be unnecessary. Do not misunderstand. I am not suggesting to you that
once your shift has occurred, that you will be walking upon your planet
continuously speaking with individuals who are not physically focused,
and you will not be interacting continuously with voices from beyond! This
would be quite a confusing situation, and not very productive; but if you
are wishing, and you are choosing, you may access these areas of consciousness
individually, with no other interaction of other individuals.

Let us use your meditations, (grinning) so to speak, as an example.
You may choose to engage in a meditative period. Within this period, you
may focus upon a specific subject that you wish to be engaging. Let us
say you wish to be engaging conversation with a friend who is not longer
within physical focus. In this situation, your visualization will be clear.
It will not be scattered, as you experience presently. You will focus intently
and you will visualize, for you will not be manufacturing this visualization.
You will be engaging actual consciousness which will physically manifest
before you, and engage within conversation with you.

You will also have the ability to access non-physical elements of yourself;
your essence. The separation will be lessened. Therefore, when I say to
you, "View yourself as motion. You are a direction", I may also say to
you, "Change direction", and you will view another you. You will have the
ability to connect. It will not be a struggle [like] what you experience
presently within your confusion, or your disconnection, as you will view
it, or your "fuzziness"! (Grinning) These are exhibitions of your physical
brain clearing pathways. Your consciousness is affecting your physical
expression. In this, it is opening your neurological pathways within your
physical brain to allow more of an awareness. You will notice, within these
times, that you are experiencing these elements of fading, or being disoriented,
or being what you express to be fuzzy, or forgetful. Within these times,
you are also quite open to be connecting with other individuals and other
consciousness. (Pause)

You are barely scratching your surface presently, but you are learning
quickly and you are noticing, and as you notice more, you will be connecting
more. This is the beginnings of your shift. This shift entails a great
widening of consciousness. It would not be quite possible for you, within
physical focus, to be "snapping this on". You will ease into this area
of consciousness. Some individuals will not ease as much, (grinning) and
will be experiencing a jolt, for they will not be ready, and this will
incorporate trauma. You have already begun the process; therefore you have
already begun to eliminate this trauma. (Long pause)

I will also express to you that you may view yourselves in another way
also. We have spoken previously of how you blink on and off. I will express
to you that each time you "blink off", you are "blinking
on" within another focus; this being one way that you may better understand
the concept of simultaneous time; and within that blinking, which you do
continuously throughout your existence, it may be so enormously rapid,
within your perception within this physical focus, that you do not notice,
but within another focus it may appear to be exceedingly long; this being
only a difference in perception of time elements. You incorporate one rule
for time. Each focus incorporates its own rules for time. (Pause) Such

TOM: So this shift that we have to worry about is basically an awareness
of our consciousness, right?

ELIAS: Yes, put very simply! (Grinning) Now you may ask yourself, "What
is your consciousness?" (Long pause)

VICKI: Well, I have a question regarding connections, regarding my connections
with Marcus. Its kind of two questions in one, but I feel like they're
connected; (Elias chuckles) regarding quite a bit of time and focus spent
on both of our parts, viewing a light in the sky together for quite a period
of time, and also being very curious about our connections in other areas,
possibly other developmental focuses, somehow being connected with that
experience we shared together.

ELIAS: (Grinning) And how interesting that you will be asking of this
connection as I am speaking of blinking in and out, for this correlates
quite nicely. You have shared developmental focuses previously, within
this dimension, within this planet; but you also share another focus
presently, as you blink out, in tremendous connection. This connection
is not within this dimension, and not within this physical focus. Also,
this twinkling that you view is not what you view to be a star. There be
your connection. (Pause)

I will express to you that within this dimension, you may incorporate
your space travel and you will find nothing. You will visit other planets,
and you will find barren rocks. You will find planets that may not sustain
life and will not be inhabited; but if you are shifting your consciousness
ever so slightly, these same planets, through dimensions, inhabit quite
a bit of populations, to which you are very connected. There is your draw
and your fascination; for just as Dimin incorporates a knowing of a belief
system which does not spring from this dimension and these cultures, you
also incorporate a knowing and a longing for another facet of yourselves,
which is there!

These individuals are quite interactive within that dimension. The relationship
would be quite different, for the experiences and the manifestation is
quite foreign to what you understand as relationships and manifestation;
but it is quite interactive, and what you would view to be very close.
Therefore, you experience the draw and the feelings that you experience.

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. Within your shift, you will have access to this
information, and you will not be struggling within your mirror to be viewing,
or battling within your dream state as do you now; but with the incorporation
of your shift, you may concentrate, and view, and conceptualize to allow
yourselves an understanding of that which is foreign to your experience.
(Pause) We shall break.

BREAK: 7:22 PM RESUME: 7:53 PM

ELIAS: Holmes!

TOM: Holmes! My pipe!

ELIAS: My chair! (Ron gets the rocking chair, and Elias stands up) I
prefer to be viewing essences ... (looking down at all of us) Thank you.
(To Vicki) In continuing; yes, this is true.

VICKI: This is the planet! Cool!

ELIAS: Now; you are wishing more questions?

JIM: I have a question ... about something I've been feeling, some kind
of a dull sensation in my shoulder that doesn't
seem to have a real specific area, and when I focus on it, it seems to
disperse away, and I know it's there for my noticing. Can you give me some
insight as to noticing of what? Or have I created this with some sort of

ELIAS: Interesting. You are feeling physical sensation within your shoulder
area. I will be expressing to you that the shoulder area of your body harbors
tension. When you are expressing uncomfortableness that you are not
allowing yourself to be focusing upon, you will quite often be experiencing
physical discomfort within this area. (Grinning slyly at Jim, and tapping
his fingers on the hand rests of the chair, making us all laugh, especially

JIM: Okay. (Chuckling, and a pause)

ELIAS: And are we realizing where this anxiety may be coming from?

JIM: From myself. (Pause) As to what it relates to, it could be a few
issues that I'm dealing with now.

ELIAS: One in particular.

JIM: The one Lawrence and I were discussing earlier? Borloh?

ELIAS: Your issue which is affecting of you presently is one that you
have incorporated for much time; and you are within the throes, so to speak,
of this situation and probabilities, and experiencing a partial uncomfortableness
as to this situation. As you project this smiling face to your fellows,
you also, within yourself, are experiencing an extent of discomfort.

JIM: So by acknowledging it and allowing things to flow more naturally,
and trusting in my own ability to follow through with ... just trusting
myself? I'm not sure which way to go with it, I guess.

ELIAS: Listen to yourself. Acknowledge your experience, but also examine
where this is originating from. You will know your conflict if you are
allowing yourself to be viewing realistically and honestly. In this, be
remembering that each of your creations is a creation, not a failure.

JIM: So that would follow through with the creation of my business then.
And the transaction is, that I'm going through, is a successful transaction.
My business was successful, is successful.

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: And I'm not accepting of that.

ELIAS: Correct. You see, you do know! (Grinning)

JIM: Yes, I do.

ELIAS: This being why I do not offer an expression to you, Yarr, for
you are aware within yourself. You may express to individuals to whom you
interact with differently; but within yourself, in the privacy of your
thoughts and feelings, you are quite aware of the situations and the conflict,
and that the elimination of the conflict was not accomplished within the
direction that you have chosen to incorporate. This is not to say that
you have chosen a wrong direction. It is only to be expressing to you to
be noticing of your creations, and as you engage within agreements, you
have a foreknowledge. We spoke of this previously, much time ago. You have
been aware, continuously. You have moved your probabilities through a very
directed determination, but you also retain a conflict.

JIM: Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are moving within a wider direction and connecting within
yourself in a more open and realistic manner; therefore you may view yourself
and your probabilities honestly, and also offer yourself the opportunity
to widen tremendously.

JIM: I can feel that too.

ELIAS: The wave is in motion. (Pause)

GUIN: Well, I have two questions, two separate questions, one being
about the information that you talked about earlier. Is the reason ...
you talked about the shift happening in the next century. Is the time period
of the next century because of our own belief systems?

ELIAS: No. I have explained to you previously that you are bored within
your present belief systems. They have served you well for a time period,
and now you are wishing to expand. I have expressed that you manifest outwardly
what you know inwardly. Look to your times. As your planet explodes outwardly
with invention and technology and advancement, your consciousness explodes
inwardly with a yearning to be known. Therefore you have, within agreement,
created this time period that you are wishing to be incorporating your

You may connect this shift also with your religious
belief systems, as they also will incorporate their own explanation and
their own "looking forward" to an explosive time period of your history.
Each of your religions will be expressing of a turning point within the
religious focus. This they will correlate within this same time period;
although if you are investigating, none of these religious focuses express
a time period for these events to be actually occurring. It is left open
for you to insert your time element. Therefore, they will easily move
into the position of aligning with the shift, for they will attribute this
to their religious belief systems. (Pause) And also?

GUIN: In my dream that I had the other night, my big dream, (Elias smiles)
the object that was on the floor with the little boy, that moved? With
me understanding the information you said earlier a little bit better,
was that any kind of symbolism of that, or was there any connection?

ELIAS: I will be expressing to you that this dream experience that you
have allowed yourself was an incorporation of much movement. This was quite
personal to you individually. I am understanding that other individuals
have gained an understanding of their own focuses, as resulting of interaction
with you in regards to this dream, but the symbolism within this dream
was a manifestation of speaking personally to yourself. In this, you have
allowed yourself to view not only yourself, but your fears, your skepticisms,
your uncertainties; and you have also allowed yourself to view partially
your own issues with control, and allowing that control to drift away slightly.
In this, you have allowed yourself to experience what you do not allow
yourself within waking consciousness. Therefore, the intensity.

Within this also, and within the symbolism and recognition of widening
of awareness, this is correct in being also connected with an understanding
of this shift. I will express to you that you have been connected with
the essence family of Vold. I have expressed that this family incorporates
a tremendous understanding of probabilities. You incorporate a great intuitive
sense. You need only allow yourself to be connecting with this.

GUIN: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. I will also be acknowledging of Sophia for expressing
of this situation within this company. Very good moving.

GUIN: Thank you. (Pause)

VICKI: I have a question. I had an experience today with a person, not
incorporated in our group at all, very explicitly relating to me feelings
of fuzziness. I found that very interesting, and I'm just kind of curious
if this is also an example of this shift starting to progress a bit more,
or what? That hasn't happened to me before.

ELIAS: This being why I have chosen this evening to be returning to
this subject of your shift. We will be discussing many elements of yourselves
and your focus and your essence within your future times, but presently
you are experiencing connections with your shift, and the widening
that individuals are experiencing and not understanding.

I will also say to you that individuals will be experiencing elements
of widening as a direct result of your movement. As you widen, as you move,
you, in being the little saplings, radiate out and are very affecting,
and you may view physical examples of your affectingness, as did you this
day. These individuals are not experiencing widening in the same way that
you are, for they are not understanding what they are doing. You, as the
Seers, are being helpful and are incorporating the expression with them,
in helpfulness, to allow their widening without their conscious knowledge.
These are all agreements. We will not discuss probabilities this evening,
but we will soon; for although I have offered quite simple answers to your
questions of probabilities, your connections are far-reaching and very
intertwined. Your affectingness is much greater than you realize. Presently,
you incorporate only the idea. The reality is here. You are very affecting.

JIM: Would this be, in the elderly woman the other night at the store,
I was expressing to Michael about earlier, that would go along with what
you're saying?

ELIAS: Yes. If you are noticing of interaction, if you are noticing
individuals around you, you will notice that they may experience questioning,
or fuzziness, or disorientation, or confusion, or forgetfulness; all elements
that you display, but understand ... to a degree! (Laughter) They do
not incorporate an understanding, and think little of these events. They
may express to you, "Oh, I am experiencing a strangeness of day", and then
they will be continuing, and forgetting of the incident. You will be noticing
and understanding that this has been a direct affectingness of yourself
and your energy, which has been radiated out and is affecting of other
individuals. (To Vicki) You may be offering your apologizing to this individual
for being overwhelming in connection with your twin, in being "too much
fuzziness" at one time period! Think to yourselves also, as this is an
example, how great your affectingness may be collectively, for it is great
individually. (Long pause)

VICKI: Well, I saw John today. He said to say "Hi" to you.

ELIAS: I shall relay my greetings personally. Thank you. (Pause) Our game!

VICKI: If nobody has an objection, I will ask questions for absent people
first. Is that okay with everybody? (The group agrees) Shynla; Shynla would
like to connect the essence of Rose, in the gems category, with a ruby.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: She would also like to connect Elias, in the mythological creatures
category, with a leprechaun.

ELIAS: (Smiling) Incorrect, although I hold quite affection for these

VICKI: Then she would also like to connect Elias, in the birds category,
with a bluejay.

ELIAS: You may express to Shynla ... never mind. I will express to Shynla,
I'm highly insulted! A very big blue bird, chattering incessantly! (Laughter)

VICKI: Then she would like to connect, with the connecting physical
focused essence's category and the vibrational tones, she would like to
connect herself and Elizabeth with a banyan tree.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: And for Michael, he would like to connect Ordin, in the seeds
category, with a sunflower seed.

ELIAS: (Accessing) Acceptable. One point.

VICKI: And in the connecting essence's category and vibrational tones,
to connect Otha and Ordin and Elias and Ayla.

ELIAS: One point. (Turns to Guin) Be noticing! (Grinning)

GUIN: Do you want to give more information on it?

ELIAS: You are connected with this essence. This essence bears parallels
to Elias within focus. You may connect with this essence to be helpful.

GUIN: I'll try. (To Vicki) Do you want to do yours?

VICKI: Sure. I would like to connect the essence of Rose, in the physically
focused names, with the name of Madeline.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: And I would also like to say that I don't understand this category
at all!

ELIAS: (Grinning) I will express to you that as with all of your categories,
you receive your answers through impressions. Each essence connected within
your game has been physically manifest. Certain manifestations of these
essences are what you would view to be predominant or exceptional. Certain
focuses are what they view to be, shall we say, their favorite. They incorporate
affection for certain developmental focuses within certain dimensions.
Therefore, as they hold an affinity for these, you connect through impressions
with these essences and receive which developmental focus they hold an
affinity for. As with all other connections which you incorporate within
regional area two, you have set out your willingness to be connecting.
Therefore, you are open, and the essences may whisper to you their answer;
this being a developmental focus to which this essence holds an affinity.

VICKI: Thank you. I understand a little bit better now.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

VICKI: For my second connection, I would like to connect Elias, in the
birds category, with a peacock.

ELIAS: Much better! One point.

GUIN: I'll go. First, I would like to add another category to the game.


GUIN: Surprised?

ELIAS: The board!

GUIN: Fruits.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

GUIN: And I want to connect Patel with a peach.

ELIAS: (Humorously) One moment. A peach ... I think no connections have
been made with peaches! (Much laughter) One point!

GUIN: Thank you. And I would like to connect Ayla, in the category of
direction, with zigzag.

ELIAS: I will express you are on the right track, so to speak. Very

GUIN: I can't even guess on this one. I'll just have to wait. So, then
I guess I'll ask another question. I would like to connect Otha, in the
fruits category, with a strawberry.

ELIAS: The strawberry! One point. Although ...

GUIN: What?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) We shall be noticing of technicalities here, that
this may also be entered into another category.

GUIN: Okay. As long as I got my point, that's fine! (Laughter)

RON: I'd like to connect Rose, in the flowers category, with a buttercup.

ELIAS: One point.

RON: I'd also like to connect Otha, in the flowers category, with a

ELIAS: One point! (To Vicki) These are impressions! Note this! (Laughter)
(To Ron) Very good! (Pause) Yarr???

JIM: Yes. I have nothing that I feel at this time.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

JIM: Thank you.

ELIAS: Disappointing, but acceptable.

JIM: Yes, disappointing for me too. I don't know what's going on (Pause)
Yes, I do! (Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: James???

TOM: I'm reaching for something. I can't give you anything. No impressions,
no nothing!

ELIAS: We are incorporating "mass fuzziness" this evening! Very well!
Are you wishing of more questions?

TOM: What did you do today, Elias? (Laughter)

ELIAS: I do not incorporate a "day"! (Grinning)

TOM: Oh, okay. Phrased wrong.

JERI: I have a question, just maybe looking for affirmation. After I
read last week's transcript for the third time last night, I very strongly
felt your presence, and just wondered if I was correct.

ELIAS: (Nodding) Excuse. For the benefit of Shynla, Elias nods affirmative!

JERI: Thank you.

VICKI: We started to do some dream connecting with Shynla
this week, did we not?

ELIAS: You have. I have expressed to you previously that you are connecting,
and she is connecting with you. You may try incorporating a brief
few of your moments to be sending one burst of energy collectively, through
space, to Shynla, and I am quite sure she will be accepting. You have allowed
yourselves the example, with Oliver, of your affectingness within collective
energy. You may do the same with Shynla.

VICKI: Do you have anything that would be helpful for Michael, in his
feeling of being very overwhelmed this week?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I offer to Michael a statement. Elias says, "It is
about time!" I find this quite amusing, his interaction with this essence
and his overwhelming feelings, for he has realized a reality. He is quite
slow to catch on! (Elizabeth laughs)

VICKI: Well, there is no time, so it doesn't matter anyway!

ELIAS: Correct. I am incorporated with him. He will be fine.

VICKI: Well, I have to ask. Our little joint experience today, with
his being overwhelmed and my having a very visual experience; I know that
we were connecting in the experience, but I really don't understand it.

ELIAS: You will be affecting of each other. Your "fallout" is affecting
of other individuals, in "unfocusedness". Michael will be quite affecting,
briefly, with you. You, being open and allowing this connection, will be
experiencing visually, for this being what he incorporates. It is a projection
away. When one of you is experiencing an overwhelmingness within your focus,
you will project away. You will still experience, for one of your counterparts
will experience with you, and will incorporate unusualness within their
focus. Lawrence does not visualize. The projection away created a visual
experience, for this being what Michael does incorporate. If you are projecting
away, what you incorporate within your focus will be experienced by your
counterpart, and visa versa! (Grinning)

VICKI: Thank you. (Long pause) Well, I can go on. Any comments for Shynla
regarding her extreme conflict in her search for her gift?

ELIAS: You may express to Shynla that she is searching within physical
consciousness, and this will not be where the gift is offered from. (Pause
for tape change) Repeating this answer for Shynla's hearing; physical focus
will not be where her gift is expressed from. It will be expressed through
essence. This is not to say that she may not connect with herself and receive
an impression from essence as to what her gift will be, for she may.

VICKI: She finds it unfair that you related to us what gift we had offered
up to Rose, so to speak. She feels a little left out.

ELIAS: But it was already expressed.

VICKI: I told her that.

ELIAS: And this has not been. I was not offering information prior to
the offering of the gifts. I was expressing this information to you after
your probabilities were realized. Therefore, she still employs a choice.

VICKI: She's gonna love this one!

ELIAS: I do not presume to be expounding upon individual's future probabilities,
so to speak ... although there is no future! (Another long pause)

VICKI: Well, I can go on. Was I viewing my dad in my dream the other
night, or was I viewing myself, or am I completely off base?

ELIAS: Yourself.

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: Interesting choice, though! (Pause) Kasha may lean to Yarr and
be implementing poking! (Pointing his finger in a poking manner, and Bill
pokes Jim) Ah! A smile! Let us not lose you inside of you during our interaction!
(Grinning, and another pause)

GUIN: Okay, I'll ask one more. Can you tell me the little boy's name
in my dream?

ELIAS: This child does not actually have a name ... other that Sophia,
(smiling) although you may attach a name to this child, but in actuality,
the name would be Sophia.

GUIN: (Whispering) Okay. I knew that. (Another long pause)

ELIAS: I shall be discontinuing, and you may connect with Shynla. Au

JERI: Good night, Elias. Thank you.

Elias departs at 8:55 PM


(#1) Here, Elias is referring to Vicki's comment during
the break, in which she was wondering if the light in the sky is, in actuality,
the planet Venus, and if this is the planet on which she shares an other-dimensional
developmental focus with Danny; hence their draw.

© 1996 Vicki Pendley/Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved

Copyright 1996 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.