Session 527

Noticing — A Powerful Tool


“Noticing — A Powerful Tool”
“Beliefs: Learning/Teaching”

Thursday, December 23, 1999   © 2000 (Private/Phone)
Participants:  Mary (Michael), and two new participants, Rob (Zalika) and Pat (Whitley).
Elias arrives at 11:12 AM. (Arrival time is 20 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good morning!

ROB:  Hello, Elias! (Elias chuckles)  I’m pleased to talk to you this morning.

ELIAS:  And you have inquiries this day?

ROB:  Yes, I do, and my first question has to do with floaters in my eyes.  I’m not sure how I created this problem or concern, or whether it’s a belief system or whether I’m just not recognizing what signals my body is giving me.

Anyway, I didn’t want to continue on this probability line of poor eyesight, and I thought perhaps I was looking too closely at these floaters, or like you said, looking at the panes of glass instead of looking through the window, or I’m looking at my problem too closely, and I wonder if you could give me any insight into this.

ELIAS:  I shall express to you first of all that this is not a situation of what you would term to be a blocking of energy or an action that you may identify in your physical terms as negative, so to speak.

What is occurring in actuality is your allowance in physical vision — which is being created through a physical affectingness — of yourself to be incorporating other elements of reality objectively in conjunction with expressions of essence that are not associated with your officially accepted reality.

Now; what I am expressing to you is, I have offered information previously in the subject matter of other manifestations of consciousness that occupy the same space arrangement in this particular dimension as do you, but generally, you do not allow yourselves to view these other manifestations within consciousness.

They participate in their own reality in this dimension in another layer of consciousness, which becomes, in a manner of speaking, invisible to your viewing.

Now; in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, there are many different expressions that individuals are beginning to be incorporating to allow themselves more of an ease into the recognition of the reality of more of your reality in consciousness than you are familiar with or have been familiar with previously.

This creates a situation in which you divert yourselves from some expressions of trauma which may be associated with this shift in consciousness.

Now; some of these manifestations may appear in physical forms and may initially seem to be annoying or may appear to you as a misfunction of your physical body, but at times it may not indeed be a malfunction, but rather an allowance of an incorporation of a difference in the functioning of your physical form.

In this, what you have allowed yourself is the incorporation of an affectingness within your vision which allows you to experience differences within this particular outer sense, which is also affecting of how you interact with your other outer senses and how you allow yourself to be incorporating action in conjunction with your inner senses, for this allows you to be enhancing your abilities within your inner senses, not relying, so to speak, upon this one outer sense heavily, and incorporating more of a balance of all of the other senses that you incorporate.

Simultaneously, you create a different type of visual perspective, so to speak, which familiarizes you with elements that are within your reality that you previously have been unfamiliar with.

Therefore, I express to you that you are viewing this physical affectingness of your vision in a manner of negativity, as it may be associated with some action that is wrong, and I am expressing to you that this is not in actuality what you have created.

In your movement to be discontinuing this action, you may be affecting of it as you allow yourself to merely be accepting of this as a temporary action and offering the physical affectingness less objective concentration, for as you concentrate upon this action, you also perpetuate it, for it creates a type of underlying fascination which allows you to continue in the participation of this affectingness in energy.

Therefore, if you are so choosing to be discontinuing this action, you may be turning your attention and not affording the action the concentration that you have offered to it to this point.

Are you understanding?

ROB:  Yes.  I think that’s gonna help me quite a bit.  So even though these are there, I got that maybe I could look past them and not give them the attention that I once was.

ELIAS:  Correct.

ROB:  Okay.  I’ll go on to another question.  As I am working on my belief systems and working towards a more non-judgmental perception in the objective world, is there anything you can see that I’ve sort of got a big stumbling block with, or that I can maybe move ahead a little more with ease?

ELIAS:  I express to you merely to be noticing.  This shall be singularly your greatest expression which shall be advantageous to you.  In this, as you turn your attention to self in your objective automatic responses in any situation, you may allow yourself to be noticing those creations which may be identified as re-active.

Now; be understanding that reactions are not necessarily outwardly expressed, and at times may be quite subtle, in your terms, but the action is occurring.  At times it may appear so very subtle that all you shall recognize objectively is a small twinge, so to speak.  But you shall present to yourself responses objectively that you may recognize if you are allowing yourself to be noticing.

This is in actuality one of the most powerful tools that you may be incorporating as you move into an action of acceptance in belief systems.

ROB:  Alright.  So I seem to be pretty subtle with my signals or something?

ELIAS:  At times, yes, for be remembering, you are moving within an expression in physical focus that is very familiar, and as you incorporate movement in the action of this shift in consciousness, you are incorporating very unfamiliar movement.  Therefore, many of your expressions presently are automatic.  They require no thought process and many times are not recognized, for they are not even noticed within you as you create your direction of energy, your projections, and your responses — to self, to situations, and to other individuals.

Therefore, I express strongly that noticing is a very powerful tool that you may incorporate to be helpful to you in your movement into acceptance.

ROB:  Very good.  Okay, I’ll be noticing more.

ELIAS:  Ha ha!

ROB:  A couple of interesting questions I thought I might ask you are, when I’ve woken up a few times ... now this happens only very occasionally.  I’ve woken up from sleep, and I have this sort of paralyzed or electrified numbness, and I seem to have a hard time connecting with my body, and while it’s happening, it seems to be of great concern, and it’s sometimes a feeling of maybe annihilation or the abyss kind of thing.

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  Now; I shall first of all offer to you a method, so to speak, that may ease this action of affectingness immediately.

As you engage your waking state and you begin noticing of this type of experience, you may immediately turn your attention objectively and intentionally into relaxing, and this shall dissipate quite quickly.  For what is occurring is an action which is quite common within your sleep state, but that which you are allowing yourself a slight residual objective remembrance of within the initial throes of waking state, and this is creating a response within you of apprehension and a responsiveness of fear.

Now; what you are creating is quite natural.  You are allowing yourself to be projecting within consciousness within your sleep state.  ALL individuals create this action within physical focus.  Therefore, it is quite natural and quite common.  You do not all allow yourselves an objective recognition of this action and you do not all allow yourselves the memory objectively of what you have engaged within that time framework.

In this, you are engaging projections within consciousness which underlyingly are beneficial to you within your objective waking state, although they are not incorporated into your thought process, but are helpful in moving you into certain directions of your energy with more of an ease.  But as you incorporate the beginning throes of your waking state, you also are allowing a slight incorporation of an underlying memory of the projections that you engage, not necessarily in information but in the action of projection itself, which the type of projection that you are engaging within your sleep state is unfamiliar to you within your waking state.  Therefore, it appears objectively to you to be unsettling.

This is created for the reason that you move quite swiftly in these projections, assimilating information and allowing yourself to access different avenues of movement of energy, and therefore, a translation in objective visual terms of this type of projection would be seeming to appear as projecting yourself into a very strong whirlwind.

No harmfulness is engaged, and in actuality, this action that you participate in is quite beneficial many times.

Therefore, allow yourself as you awaken merely to relax and recognize that no hurtfulness has or is occurring to you, and this shall allow you to loose your hold upon your energy as you awaken, and in the relaxation that you incorporate intentionally objectively, you shall also allow yourself much more of an ease and freedom of movement.

ROB:  Okay, that’s good.  That explains something.  Anyway, I’ll have to review that information, but there’s one other curious question before I give you to my partner, Pat.

When I was very young, about three or four years old, I would be lying awake and I’d see these very large faces on the wall.  They didn’t seem to do anything other than just be there or watch me or something, and I’ve thought about this.  It’s just a curious thing, and I’ve never forgotten it.  I’m just wondering if you might have an explanation of what that might be or what was happening at that time.

ELIAS:  This once again is an allowance of yourself.  This is not a participation with other essences manifesting visually with you within physical focus, but this is a projection of energy, in a manner of speaking, that has allowed you to view different focuses of your essence.

This has been quite purposeful in allowing you at that age to incorporate this type of action with the knowing that you chose already in probabilities to be moving into areas of exploration of essence, in objective terms.  Therefore, this offers you an element of familiarity.

You may also be recalling of those particular faces or forms, and you may allow yourself to be moving with that energy to be identifying certain focuses of essence that you hold in this particular dimension.

ROB:  Okay.  Thank you very much, Elias, and I’m gonna review all this information and be a little more noticing.

ELIAS:  Ha ha!  Very well.

ROB:  (Laughing)  I’m gonna let Pat have some questions with you, and thank you very much.

ELIAS:  You are welcome, my friend!

PAT:  Hello there.

ELIAS:  Good morning!

PAT:  Hi.  My first question is about emotions.

Sometimes my emotions feel quite overwhelming and fluctuate in huge swings.  I realize that not any particular event triggers this type of swing — just any daily event can be an aggravation — so I’ve been at a loss as to what to do to be less frustrated.  I’d like to know what role emotion plays in creating our reality, and generally, what I can learn to smooth out the fluctuations.

ELIAS:  First of all, I shall express to you, partially this expression moves in a natural flow of energy in conjunction with your orientation in this focus.

I shall also express to you that there is an affectingness that is in play, so to speak, in this situation with yourself which enhances the expression of the emotional qualities that you hold in this focus, for you are attempting to be stifling those emotional expressions that are natural to you, viewing that they are unnatural and assessing that this does not fit within your officially accepted mass reality.

Therefore, the expression itself, within your perception, sets you apart from the mass, so to speak, and therefore this is an unacceptable difference, and this creates a viewing within your perception that this is not beneficial, it is not acceptable, and it is negative, and therefore should be altered.

Now; I shall also express to you that as you allow yourself a recognition of your natural flow of energy and your natural expression within this focus, and you turn your attention to self more and allow yourself more of an understanding and an acceptance of self and not concerning yourself so intensely with the outward expressions and how they may be perceived by other individuals, the actual emotional expression objectively and outwardly shall be less intensified.

But firstly, there is importance in your recognition of your natural expression in conjunction with your orientation, for in a manner of speaking, the more that you move into expressions of struggle with your natural flow of energy and your natural expressions, the more conflict you incorporate, and the actual expressions appear exaggerated.  Are you understanding?

PAT:  Yes, I do.

ELIAS:  Therefore, allow yourself to be assimilating information and familiarizing yourself with your orientation in this focus, which I express to you is soft, and as you familiarize yourself with your natural movement of energy and discontinue attempting to fit yourself into the expression of common, you shall dissipate the intensity of your emotional expressions.

This is not to say that they shall be eliminated, but you shall be quite affecting of the conflict that you experience in allowing your natural flow of energy.

As to the role that emotion incorporates within your physical focus, this is a base element of this particular physical dimension.  It has been created objectively as an element of your reality in this physical dimension to be offering you an avenue of exploration which is different from other areas of consciousness or other physical dimensions.  This is not to say that some physical dimensions do not also incorporate some expressions of emotion, but not all physical dimensions incorporate this expression of emotion.

In this particular dimension, sexuality and emotion are the two base elements of all of your reality, and in this, it offers you the opportunity to explore this type of expression in conjunction with any and all of your creations in this particular physical reality.

PAT:  Thank you very much.  That’s great.

ELIAS:  You are welcome.

PAT:  The second question is, I’ve had dreams for years on the same sort of theme.  I’m at a school or a university campus and I can’t remember where I parked my car, or I don’t know course content or I can’t find a class, or events prevent me from getting to where I want to go.  I seem to have no control, and awaken quite frustrated.  Can you explain this to me?

ELIAS:  Yes.  Now; this imagery that you present to yourself in actuality is quite simple, for this addresses to the belief that is held concerning this particular physical dimension en masse and the inaccuracy of it.  The belief is that this physical dimension is a learning dimension.

Therefore, your translation or your imagery of this belief is to be creating the physical reality as an institution of learning and teaching.  But you incorporate frustration in this, and you also incorporate confusion and a type of disorientation, and you incorporate imagery of a lack of memory, so to speak.

This imagery that you have created surrounding the construction of the institution of teaching and learning is the recognition within you that in actuality, this physical dimension has not been created as a teaching or learning plane, but is merely an avenue for exploration in consciousness of physical design which offers stimulation and excitement, and offers a difference within consciousness which may be expressed in tremendous intricacies in physical manifestation.

Therefore, you incorporate these elements of confusion and forgetfulness and frustration, for you are expressing to yourself the knowing that you are not incorporating a dimension or a plane, so to speak, of learning or teaching in any manner.

For you are not learning and you are also not teaching.  You are incorporating experiences that allow you an avenue of exploration within a physical dimension, which is merely another area of consciousness.  Are you understanding?

PAT:  I guess so.  I would like to review that.  My last question is, I see tiny little dots or sparkles over all that I see, kind of like a fog, or what I see is grainy, like a magazine picture.  It’s not a big deal, but occasionally there’s a brighter sparkle, or they all stop vibrating for a moment, and I was wondering if you could comment on that.

ELIAS:  This also, I shall express to you, is related to this shift in consciousness, as you allow yourself to be incorporating different elements of energy.  I have spoken of this previously within this forum.

These types of manifestations within vision, and also some manifestations within your sense of hearing, are an allowance of you within this physical dimension to be incorporating the energy of other physical dimensions, and in this incorporation, you allow yourself to be viewing in more of a similar manner to how those manifestations view objectively within their particular dimension.

At times you incorporate more of an allowance of this particular affectingness within your visual, and therefore it becomes intensified or appears to be brighter, so to speak.

PAT:  Okay.  I guess one last quick question is, what are our orientations and essence families?

ELIAS:  Very well.  As I have stated, you within this focus hold the orientation of soft. (Short pause)  Essence family, Sumari; alignment in this focus, Ilda; essence name, Whitley; W-H-I-T-L-E-Y.

PAT:  Thank you.  And what is Rob’s?

ELIAS:  Essence name, Zalika; Z-A-L-I-K-A. (za-lee’ka)  Essence family, Sumafi; alignment in this focus, Sumari; orientation in this focus, common.

ROB:  Okay.  I think we’re done, eh?

PAT:  That’s great.  Yes.

ROB:  Thank you very much.

ELIAS:  Very well.  I express encouragement to you both.

I express to you, Whitley, be offering yourself permission to be expressive of your natural flow of energy incorporating your emotional qualities, for this shall allow you much less conflict than you shall incorporate as you continue to be struggling with this natural flow, and I shall be offering energy in encouragement to you to be helpful in this expression.

And to you, Zalika, continue in your noticing, and I shall offer energy to you also in playfulness!

ROB:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  To you both this day, in great affection and anticipation of our next meeting, au revoir.

PAT:  Thank you very much.

Elias departs at 11:57 AM.

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