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The Bible Code and The Game,


“The Bible Code and The Game”
“Religious Beliefs: Ascension”
“You ARE The Large Picture!”

Friday, November 26, 1999     © 2000 (Private/Phone)
Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Rodney (Zacharie).
Elias arrives at 11:31 AM; arrival time is 18 seconds.

ELIAS:  Good morning, Zacharie!

RODNEY:  Good morning, Elias! (Elias chuckles)  Good to hear your voice again!

ELIAS:  And you also!

RODNEY:  Thank you, thank you!  I’ve been preparing myself for some questions that I would like to go over with you.  I think ... if I can think out loud for just a moment. (Elias grins)  I was going to ask you about the book called “The Bible Code” by Michael Drosnin, and I find out in talking to Mary that you did discuss this two years ago, and she gave me a brief sketch of some of the things you have said concerning the nature of the predictions in this book, and the fact that the so-called predictions are basically ... and I’m gonna phrase this in a way to hold this data, and ask if you that’s more or less what you think.  And that is that the predictions are basically outlining possible probabilities that can occur, and the fact that some of them have does not mean that all of them will.  As a matter of fact, I think that there are so-called predictions in this book which have not come true.

When they talk about the world coming to an end, and they keep saying the year 2000 and 2006 ... I was a bit taken by the nature of the so-called proofs mathematically of how this information was derived, and my sense of the matter is that if I, in my own life, in my own day-to-day approach to life, truly develop a trust that I personally live in a safe universe, that I am creating that reality for myself, in doing so, I am lending energy to all others who would choose to live a life that takes place in a safe universe.  Would you comment on that understanding and that way of holding this information?

ELIAS:  You are correct.  As you allow yourself an acceptance and a trust, you also are contributing a particular movement of energy within consciousness that moves in the direction of not inserting these predictions, so to speak, into your officially accepted reality, and therefore you are lending energy to the creation of a different insertion of events and reality within your officially accepted dimension, in your objective awareness.

This is not to say that all other probabilities are not actualized, for they are.  They merely are not necessarily actualized in this particular physical dimension.

RODNEY:  So one person could — I can’t understand why a person would want to do so — but a person could choose to live in that reality in which, say, the southern tip of California does sink into the ocean.

ELIAS:  Yes, you are correct.

RODNEY:  Okay.  From the mathematical point of view, it’s pretty awesome that a document that was prepared three thousand years ago, and has been kept intact as to its original writing for three thousand years, could actually display information about the Shoemaker-Levy comet colliding with Jupiter, and give the exact date that it occurred.  Of course, that’s the movement of heavenly bodies.  I can understand where that might be predicted three thousand years in the future.

But then they talk about the building that was blown up in Oklahoma, and it gives the day, the hour, and the name Timothy and the name McVeigh, all on the same page.  I find THAT kind of information ... it’s even more awesome that a probability of that nature was known to the author of this document three thousand years ago!

What I get from this is that time really IS an illusion, and that probabilities have existed since ... I’m not going to use the term “beginning of time,” but they’ve all been created and they’re all there, and that someone ... it even lends credence to the fact of the statement that you make, and that is that a being like yourself who is outside of this physical dimension is actually connected to all information.  And so, you know, it kind of reinforces that statement.

ELIAS:  You also are connected to all of this information, and this be the reason that you offer yourselves these types of documents or these types of areas in which you access information.  It is not, as I have stated previously, that information is hidden from you.  It is NOT hidden from you.  It is available to you in whichever direction you choose to seek it in.

Now; let me express to you that within the time framework of the writing of these documents, the authors, in physical terms, of these documents were not objectively aware of the insertion of information, in objective terms, into these documents, and were not purposefully, in objective terms, creating a sub-language in mathematical terms which would be translatable futurely as they created these particular writings.

This action is quite similar to the creation of your game presently.

RODNEY:  The game?

ELIAS:  Correct, in that it holds a tremendous expression of information that you do not avail yourselves of, and I have been expressing this to you from the onset of its creation.

RODNEY:  I’ve never really availed myself of truly playing the game that you created.

ELIAS:  I have not created this game!  All of YOU have created this game!

RODNEY:  You’re talking about the game that’s discussed in the transcripts?

ELIAS:  Yes!

RODNEY:  Okay.

ELIAS:  And in this, in like manner to the information that you avail yourselves of now in mathematical terms in conjunction with this religious document, your game also contains much more information than you objectively realize, for it is the accessing of information through impressions, and in this, it has been created in a manner of allowance of information to be accessed and bleeding through into your objective awareness, and documented in a type of writing.

Now; any of these types of collaborative efforts, so to speak, within your writings throughout your history contain much more information than you objectively realize initially, and may be used as a tool to be offering yourselves much more information concerning consciousness and the movement of consciousness.  You may access this information merely dependent upon how you are viewing these writings and how you turn your perception to allow yourself the accessing of information.

RODNEY:  When you say that, what comes to my mind is perhaps the works of Shakespeare.  Would this be an example?

ELIAS:  This too may be a source of information, in objective terms.  I may express to you that within your physical dimension, there are many expressions of information that you may be accessing and allowing yourselves information concerning consciousness.  It merely is dependent upon how you are viewing the information that you are viewing.

RODNEY:  I’ve been listening to your encouragement — at least I take it as encouragement — to be widening my understanding of awareness, to be widening of my awareness, and I’ve just recently begun to lend some time-energy to the act of meditation.

I’ve also accepted the idea that I can use intuitive information to my personal benefit and personal power — I’m talking in a material sense — and over the last four or five months, I have chosen to attempt to make an honest effort to intuitively pick certain stocks on the stock market, and my small retirement fund, and to capitalize and make money on that, and I’ve actually been somewhat successful over the last four or five months, almost doubling my money.

I find that that’s a particular activity where one has to be truly dedicated to what one is up to and not be frivolous.  Otherwise, one might burn oneself.  But I find that the necessity of being truly dedicated and truly paying attention to what’s happening actually lends energy to my ultimate goal here, which is to develop a greater awareness of what information is available to me.

ELIAS:  Quite!  You are correct, for this is your objective imagery that you are creating yourself to be offering you a type of exercise, that you may be practicing acceptance and trust of self and of your abilities.

You may experiment with an activity, which you may view objectively in what you consider to be solid terms, that offers you an objective, tangible payoff that you may also translate into other areas of your focus that may not be quite so tangible in physical matter, but are equally affecting of you within your focus.

This offers you, within your experience, the opportunity to be experimenting in the trust of self, allowing you an acknowledgment and a validation that as you are trusting of yourself, you shall be offering yourself your payoff and you shall be allowing yourself to accomplish, regardless of the direction that you are choosing.

This is an important point, for it is the motivation that holds significance in this imagery that you have created with yourself.

For you create, in your individual reality, a choice to be engaging a direction of financial gain.  This is a direction that many, many, many individuals wish to be creating, but in their assessment, they are not successfully creating the materialization of that gain, so to speak.  I have been expressing to many individuals, within this time framework of this particular year, to be examining their underlying motivation, and that this is quite influencing of how they shall materialize or not materialize their objective want.

The want is very similar with you all, but the motivation underlyingly may be quite different.

The want objectively is to be acquiring financial gain. The underlying motivation is the determining factor.

The underlying motivation in what YOU are creating is the creation of an objective exercise that you may practice with in objective terms that offers you the opportunity to view in solid, tangible, objective creation the validation of your individual abilities.

And this lends energy to your reinforcement of your trust in self, and also lends a reinforcement to yourself that you DO hold the ability to be creating what you CHOOSE to be creating, that you ARE the director of your reality, that you ARE creating your reality IN ACTUALITY, and this moves you in the direction of your objective, so to speak, as you define it, of widening your awareness, allowing you an acceptance and trust of self.

Other individuals objectively want to be creating of the same imagery in financial gain, but their underlying motivation is quite different.  Their underlying motivation is to be creating of an ease in their focus, to be attaining or creating an avenue for attaining all of the other physical pleasures and wants that they seek, using the element of financial gain as the pivotal point or the cornerstone, so to speak, upon which they shall build their entire direction of movement; NOT moving their attention in the direction of trust of self, NOT crediting self with these creations, but crediting the financial gain as the facilitating element for the movement within their focus.

Therefore, the motivation and the direction is shifted away from self and the trust of self to the trust in a particular creation.

RODNEY:  That what you have just said really rings true for me.

I lived in a really cramped, small apartment for like eight years, and I chose last year to create a new place for myself, and I set some characteristics, like I wanted it to have a lot of light, and I wanted it to be larger and to have a nice kitchen, and I set some parameters that I wanted.  And then after I had done that, I found myself mentally going to the place of, “Well, I don’t really think I can afford to do that in this area.  What would I have to give up?” et cetera, and I began to see how I was defeating myself by doing that.

So, I basically trusted that I had the ability to create what I wanted, and whenever the thought of this new apartment came into my mind, I required that I hold the desire with a trust that this was going to come to pass.  And I was, frankly, totally astonished that the place I’m now living in materialized a quarter of a mile from where I was living, and I had no idea that this place existed when I decided that I wanted a nicer place to live.  The apartment has all the parameters that I requested, and it’s affordable, and everything went together, and the money turned out not to be an issue.

And I found that when I was considering using the stock market as an avenue for developing my intuitional abilities, I found that a major issue that came up for me was, “Do I really want this additional power?  Do I really want this extra money?”  Because much of my life I had been taught that struggle and poverty was noble, in one way or another, and I found that I had to overcome that.  I had to overcome my discounting of myself, and just a tremendous amount of duplicity in this area.

ELIAS:  Quite!

RODNEY:  And I had to face that, and I’ve been facing it, and over the last ... since April, I’ve been just blown away by what I’ve been able to do when I DID allow myself to act in ways that were not duplicitous, that did not buy into all of these belief systems that simply don’t work for people, and don’t work for me!

ELIAS:  Quite, and in this, you reinforce your trust of self and trust of your abilities, which creates a type of circle.  Although you surprise yourself with each of your accomplishments, you also create a reinforcement that creates more of an ease for each subsequent movement, and in this circle, it becomes easier and easier to be trusting of self and of your abilities.

In this, you also allow yourself to become much more attuned to self and your impressions and your intuitional voice.  Therefore, as you offer yourself information in ANY direction, you begin trusting those impressions that you offer to yourself, regardless of how irrational they may appear within the moment.

RODNEY:  (Laughing)  Thank you! (Elias laughs)  Yes, I know exactly what you’re talking about! (Elias chuckles)

I have chosen to spend up to thirty minutes, before I retire in the evening and when I first get up in the morning, to spend some time in quiet meditation.  Do you have any suggestions for me particularly in pursuing that endeavor?

I’m kind of taking off on a point that Seth made — he called it psy time — and I’m simply beginning to observe, you know, the images that come to me, quieting my thoughts and allowing those things to happen.  That’s where I’m beginning from, and I wondered if you might have any suggestions to add to that.

ELIAS:  My offering to you in suggestion is that you allow yourself within this time framework to be accessing or noticing repeated imagery.

RODNEY:  Okay....

ELIAS:  For in this, as you allow yourself to be noticing of certain elements of imagery that repeat within your meditations or your visualizations, you shall also allow yourself the recognition that these repeated images may be used as your trigger points, and once you are availing yourself of these trigger points, we may move in further discussion of how you may be manipulating your energy in conjunction with those trigger points to be accessing different areas of consciousness in....

RODNEY:  Excellent.  Thank you!  I will pursue that, and I look forward to that discussion. (Elias chuckles)

Somewhat in that vein, one of the things I have noted here is, last night I had a dream.  I think I had a series of dreams, and one of the images that I remember is, I was having a conversation with a gentlemen in a place that appeared to be something like a lounge, and he was being inquisitive with me.  What I recall is that I did not like what he was inquiring about, so I simply turned around and walked away from him.  That’s my recollection of the event.

And then I went into a stairway, and I began climbing the stairs — I think I was going to my place of work perhaps — and the stairs began to get narrower and narrower and narrower, until they got so narrow that I decided it would be too uncomfortable to go any further, so I turned around and went back from whence I came.

And this morning, as I recalled this, I recalled that there have been many other dreams that I have had where the same imagery has repeated itself; that is, that I have been either climbing a set of stairs or in some other way ascending into a place, and it became narrower and narrower and narrower and more and more and more restrictive.

And if I look at both of these dream elements as me creating imagery for myself, one, it is that there are certain aspects of myself which are raising questions which other parts of me don’t want to look at.

And two, when I seem to want to ascend to a higher level — I think that’s what the stairs symbolize — or a more advanced something, I’m not exactly sure what, I find that I limit myself in doing that, and I was wondering if you would comment on these two dream images that I had last night. (Elias is grinning)

ELIAS:  I am tremendously acknowledging of your interpretation and your assessment of your dream imagery, for you are quite correct in your translation of your expression that you have offered to yourself in conjunction with your individual movement, for there ARE elements of your reality that you are questioning and that you also view as uncomfortable in your questioning, and choose not yet to be moving fully into an examination of your own inquiries.

And this moves very much in conjunction with your imagery of the other dream and your stairway.  You are correct that as you move upward, it becomes narrower and narrower and more and more limiting and more and more uncomfortable and restrictive.

This is imagery that you present to yourself in conjunction with underlying elements of religious concepts, religious beliefs that express to you — within ALL religions and also within your metaphysical concepts — that as you ascend to higher planes, you widen your awareness, which is the reverse in actuality of what we speak of in conjunction with this information, in that the direction is not to be attaining to higher planes — this is merely a movement further into the beliefs of religious concepts and more of an expression of limitation — but in actuality to be returning to self and the wideness of self, in the recognition of essence and your natural state.

RODNEY:  Oh my!  How very interesting!

ELIAS:  You already possess all that is without ascension.  As you ascend, you merely move yourself farther and farther into alignment with your beliefs, and this creates a narrowing and a restricting action within your focus.  But as you allow yourself to descend this stairway and to remain upon the platform — the foundation, which is you — you allow yourself the awareness, which is ALL of the widening.

RODNEY:  Thank you, Elias!

ELIAS:  You are very welcome, my friend.

RODNEY:  I’m going to play that one back many times! (Laughing)

ELIAS:  You already ARE, and you need not be ascending to any plateau or any plane, for you already possess all of consciousness.

RODNEY:  You lead me into another area that has interested me, and that other area is this term “Zacharie,” which is the name that you have said holds the energy of essence for me ... I think that’s how you put it.  When I use that word ... well, let me skip for a moment.

When I attempt to hold an image of what essence is, I’m pretty well blown away.  One thousand focuses existing all at once — it’s almost too much for me to grasp.  I’ve wondered if focusing on myself more, something closer to home, like my soul ... I’m playing with words now.  But in essence — there’s that word again!  In essence, if what I’m focusing on tends to be too far away, or at least my perception is that it’s too far away or too large for me to grasp, then I feel it doesn’t serve me.  It’s kind of like wondering what God is like. (Elias grins)

But if I stay closer to home, like what I am and what my soul is, and having some comprehension of my awareness of my inner soul, it seems to me that I’m engaging in an activity that’s more productive, more worthwhile.

And the term “Zacharie,” would you talk a little bit about what this means for me?  You know, when I use that term, when I hear you say that term, I feel something inside.  Would you speak to that, to what I’ve just said?  I’m looking for a little direction here in how to begin to view who I am in a more creative way, I think.

ELIAS:  (Chomping at the bit)  You may incorporate this tone as the recognition and knowing that you ARE vastly larger than you may allow yourself a comprehension of within your physical focus.  Therefore, you may incorporate this word of Zacharie as the knowing of the totality of essence and consciousness, which shall facilitate your movement into an awareness of interconnectedness of yourself and all other individuals throughout your physical dimension.

And I shall express to you also that you are quite correct in your movement of attention to self in this focus.  You may be noticing that I am REPEATEDLY expressing to individuals within this forum to be directing their attention to the now, to themselves and to THIS focus, to THIS reality in which they are participating within.  I am encouraging of individuals to be investigating of other focuses and other areas of consciousness merely to be offering them information that they ARE more than they view themselves to be objectively, but I am also quite directing of all of you to be noticing and interactive with THIS focus of attention.

This now, this aspect of you, this aspect of essence in which you hold your attention presently — that element that you identify as Rodney within this particular attention — holds ultimate importance, for it is the direction of your attention presently, and therefore, as it IS the focus of your attention, it holds importance that you be noticing and addressing to this attention.

Therefore, as you allow yourself the recognition that you are intensely more vast than one area of attention — you hold this in knowing, but it is unnecessary that you dwell upon that vastness.  You shall offer yourself objective recognition of that vastness periodically.  But in that expression, the focus of attention IS all of essence also, and this is the element of information that is misunderstood and also not heard by many, many individuals.

You look to an individual focus as merely a piece, a part of essence, and therefore you discount this and you create an assessment that it is insignificant or is not as important as the entirety of essence, and I express to you, it IS the entirety of essence.

This is difficult for your objective assimilation and comprehension, (Rodney sighs) and this be the reason that I continue to be directing your attention to the individual focus.

How may you be empowering and acknowledging of the individual focus as all of essence if you are discounting continuously the individual focus, and expressing the identification and definition of the focus as merely a piece or a part which holds little significance in the grand scale or large picture?  You ARE the large picture!  You ARE the grand scale! (Emphatic pause)

RODNEY:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are welcome.

Therefore, I express to you genuinely an encouragement to BE focusing your attention upon the now — this present attention — and all that you create within this reality, and to allow yourself to be noticing of ALL of your reality within THIS now, allowing yourself the recognition of the tone that you are in this expression of Zacharie, which allows you — in THIS now, in THIS focus — the recognition that there IS no separation, and that you ARE interconnected, and that all of consciousness IS YOU.  Therefore, this one focus holds ultimate importance, for it is all of reality!

RODNEY:  Wow.  I’m awestruck, Elias, and I thank you.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome, my friend.

RODNEY:  (Emotionally)  I think some of that struck home.  I think maybe I want to stop with that.

ELIAS:  Very well.  I offer to you great encouragement in the sojourn that you are participating within.  I am greatly acknowledging of your movement, for you ARE allowing yourself a widening of awareness and a movement into the being of remembrance, which is YOU.

RODNEY:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome.

RODNEY:  I look forward to our next visit.

ELIAS:  I extend to you great affection, and I express to you this day, in anticipation of our next meeting, a very loving au revoir.

Elias departs at 12:25 PM.

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