Session 502
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The Camouflage of Individuality, ...


“The Camouflage of Individuality”
“Birds and the Essence of Rose”
“Reconfiguration of Energy”
“Creatures and Seizures”

Thursday, November 11, 1999   © 2000 (Group/California)
Participants:  Mary (Michael), Becky (Kyle), Bobbi (Jale), Carole (Vollard), Carter (Cynthia), Cathy (Shynla), Christy (Maka), Drew (Matthew), Drew2 (Elgin), Eric (Dohm), Gail (William), Guin (Sophia), Jene (Rudim), Jenaro (Archer), Jim (Yarr), Jo (Tyl), Julie (Lanyah), Laura (Alon), Lou (Barrah), Michelle (Charice), Mike (Mikah), Nicky (Candace), Paul (Caroll), Ron (Olivia), Ron2, Sue (Catherine), Tony, Vicki (Lawrence), and projecting in consciousness, Margot (Giselle).
Vic’s note:  This is the first group session in Castaic since 2/1/98.  (The first three years of sessions were held in Castaic.)
Elias arrives at 6:33 PM. (Arrival time is 27 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good evening! (Grinning)

GROUP:  (Enthusiastically)  Good evening!

ELIAS:  As we all meet again! (Grinning)  And welcome to new individuals present this evening!

This evening I shall open to your questions, if you are so choosing, and you may proceed within your individual directions. (Short pause)

JENE:  Gee, are we excited or what? (Much laughter)

ELIAS:  (Grinning at Cathy)  Greetings!

NICKY:  Everybody is tongue-tied!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  I observe that you may not be hiding, Shynla! (Everybody cracks up)

CATHY:  Well, what about Guin? (More laughter)

ELIAS:  I am not assessing the energy as being quite so hiding! (Chuckling)  You may proceed.

SUE:  I have a question — maybe a silly one — but I was talking to someone yesterday about procrastination and how we both do a lot of procrastinating, and I was talking to someone else about being flaky, and I just wondered if there was some sort of flaky thing going on right now, or is it just around me? (Laughter)

ELIAS:  (Humorously)  Ah!  The flaky wave! (Much laughter)  We shall address this evening to the wave in consciousness which is occurring in flakiness! (More laughter, and Elias chuckles)

This would merely be an expression of energy that many individuals choose to be allowing themselves to be expressing presently in the midst of these extremes which are occurring in consciousness, objectively and subjectively, individually and collectively.

As this present time framework moves on to the initiation of your new millennium, it intensifies in the energy, and individuals offer themselves expressions temporarily in which they allow themselves to be neutral, and this many times translates in your objective actions and creations into a type of lack of organization, a lack of concentration.  Some individuals express this not to be flaky, but fuzzy.  You have interesting language! (Much laughter)  Blurry!

Many individuals are allowing themselves these types of experiences presently.  This would be an objective break.

JENARO:  Would that be like affecting people’s memories, like blurring past events and stuff like that?

ELIAS:  At times, individuals are experiencing this type of expression also.  This would be the “fuzzy.” (Chuckling)

SUE:  Thank you.

CAROLE:  I have a question on another topic.  A lot of people seem to be having housing problems lately, and I wondered ... in the past week, four different people.  Three are losing their place of where they’re living, and another one is having a lot of trouble, a lien on his house; my own son, as a matter of fact.  I wondered if this type of thing is going on a lot too, and if there’s any meaning in that.

ELIAS:  This would be an objective expression of this wave in consciousness which continues presently.  There are many objective expressions occurring presently, and have been throughout this time framework of this year, so to speak, and as I have stated previously, they ARE accelerating, and you are experiencing extremes.

Some individuals are experiencing extreme conflict.  Some individuals are experiencing extreme joy.  Some individuals are experiencing extreme in both areas simultaneously.

This is quite common presently, for the energy is intensifying, and in this, you are allowing yourselves to tap into this energy and to be creating whichever expression you choose much more easily than within other time frameworks.

Many individuals are presenting themselves with very strong imagery and expressions in the direction of acceptance.  Many individuals are creating quite extreme expressions in all areas that concern this belief system of sexuality.

Any area that addresses to your perception — any area that addresses to how you view yourself and your acceptance of self and other individuals and your world — are being quite emphasized presently, and as I have stated previously, they are being brought, in your terms physically, surfacely, that you may offer yourselves the opportunity to view, in actual physical experiences and expressions, the aspects of this belief system that are quite affecting of you.

All of these expressions are quite affecting in the area of acceptance of self, and this is a very intense movement which is occurring in conjunction with this wave addressing to this belief system of sexuality, and as it continues and it intensifies, the expressions of orientation are intensifying objectively also, and the expressions, objectively and outwardly in conjunction with orientation, is being created much more intensely presently, and shall continue to do so as this wave continues.

CAROLE:  Well, I’ll do this quickly, and then let somebody else have a turn.  As I haven’t had a session with you, could you tell me my essence name and my family and my alignment?  I’m very curious.

ELIAS:  Very well.  Essence name, Vollard; V-O-L-L-A-R-D. (vol-lard’)  Essence family, Milumet; alignment in this focus, Sumari.

JENE:  Yes! (Much laughter, and Elias grins)

CAROLE:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

CAROLE:  What was that?  (Can’t hear nothin’ over the laughter!)

ELIAS:  You are very welcome.  And are you wishing also for identification of orientation?

CAROLE:  Yes.  Is it common?

ELIAS:  Yes.

CAROLE:  I thought so.  Thank you.

GAIL:  Elias, I’d like to know if mine is common?

ELIAS:  Yes.

GAIL:  And Danny?

ELIAS:  Yes, this is correct.

JENE:  Elias, is mine common? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Yes.

JENE:  I’d also like the key. (Pause)

ELIAS:  Also.

JENE:  Also?  The tone?

ELIAS:  Also.

JENE:  Also.  Well, that confused me!

I have a question about the millennium.  As we approach, the objective and subjective energy is picking up speed, as we all know.  So, at the strike of twelve, are we all gonna pass out from an energy crash? (Everybody cracks up)  Or is that energy wave then gonna change frequencies into another frequency, that we will then be riding yet another frequency of energy that will be manifesting yet another aspect of this same belief system that mass consciousness holds?  Not necessarily that we are working on it, but that mass consciousness holds.  Is that energy gonna build even faster?  When will it break?  Or shall it break before we grow? (Elias chuckles)

NICKY:  This be your choice! (Elias grins, and everybody cracks up)

ELIAS:  You are correct!  You may all pass out, in your terms, at the strike of midnight if you are so choosing, or you may not!

I express to you that this wave shall continue to the point at which you collectively have addressed to it and have allowed yourselves to examine all of the aspects of it and identify the aspects of this belief system, that you may continue in that direction and move into acceptance.

Now; I am not expressing to you that this wave shall continue to the point that you have created acceptance of it.  It shall discontinue before that point, in your physical terms, for it is unnecessary to be continuing these waves to the point of acceptance.

The point of a wave in consciousness that you create collectively is to offer yourselves an objective identification of the belief system which is being addressed to.  It is an allowance of yourselves to be identifying the different aspects of any particular belief system.

Once you have offered yourselves an identification of the involvement of a particular belief system, the wave begins to dissipate.  This be the reason that some waves in consciousness addressing to some belief systems appear to be moving within less time framework.  There is a shorter expression, so to speak, of the wave which is occurring.

That wave which you engaged addressing to relationships was not expressed in the length of time framework that this wave is being expressed.  That wave held less intensity, for you allowed yourselves to be identifying many of the aspects of that belief system and understanding what you were creating objectively in conjunction with that belief system.

There are still many areas within this particular belief system that you have not allowed yourselves to identify and that you are continuing to be misunderstanding, as is the situation with the belief system of duplicity, in which you frequently generalize many of the birds in each of these cages and view them as all being the expression of one bird, and they are not.  There are many different birds that you are viewing within these particular cages.

This particular belief system, as also being a base element of your reality within this dimension, is extremely strong, and it is also extremely involved, so to speak.

I have offered information in explanations of expressions of orientations, and to this present now, many individuals, yourselves also, continue to not entirely identify the understanding of your individual orientations, and this is merely one aspect of this particular belief system.

There are many, many expressions of this one bird of orientation, but many of you — most of you — have not yet even allowed yourselves to be identifying your own natural movements within your orientations.

Therefore, as I have stated, a very large expression of this particular wave involves addressing to self and the acceptance of self, and this is a very difficult movement for many of you within physical focus, for it is quite unfamiliar, and therefore you do not move into the expression of acceptance of self easily.

As to the explosion of the millennium, (grinning, and laughter) you shall be noticing of alterations in energy, and the reason that this shall be noticeable to you objectively moves quite in conjunction with your expressed beliefs that you hold presently and quite in alignment with the configuration of energy that has been expressed for much time framework — that you have collectively set into motion a line of probabilities which is already actualized but not entirely inserted in your reality, for you move within linear time framework.

But this line of probabilities IS already actualized, and is visible to you presently in the expression of intensity and extremes.  Your expectation is that as the new millennium begins, this shall dissipate, and therefore it shall, for this is the direction that you have created in the movement of energy.

I shall express to you that within your beginning throes — hours and days and weeks — of your new millennium, you most probably shall not be noticing objectively tremendous alterations in the energy expression.  It is not a movement that is created in an explosion.  But you shall begin gradually noticing a dissipating of intensity, which is the expression of the allowance of less extremes, moving more into a balance and not creating the outward objective expressions of extremes.  You are quite purposefully creating these extremes!

NICKY:  What’s the difference between the extremes in the first millennium and the second one?

ELIAS:  You have held certain identifications and beliefs concerning this millennium.

NICKY:  Why this one?  The last one ... there was a lot of force put into that one too.

ELIAS:  In a different manner, you are correct.  The beliefs have intensified and have continued, in that the collective energy was not offered as intensely in the movement into this millennium.

As that movement progressed, within your terms, and as you all created more of an allowance of your expressions — less superstition, more movement into discovery of yourselves, of your universe, of your abilities, of your creations — as you continued within your exploration, you also have offered yourselves more of a knowing of your abilities and capabilities.

Therefore, in this, underlyingly, in a manner of speaking, you hold an awareness of a tremendous power that you hold.  Simultaneously, you counter that knowing with the objective belief that you do not hold power and that you are not creating your reality, for this is the familiar.  But within THIS time framework, you have moved yourselves quite purposefully into a realization of self, an exploration of self in many, many, many different expressions.

And now, within the end throes, so to speak, of this millennium, you move beyond all of these outward explorations that you may be inventing, and into the exploration of self and of essence and of consciousness, and the recognition of belief systems, and the recognition of your individuality.

To this point, you have not allowed yourselves in mass movement to be expressing or recognizing of your uniqueness and your individuality.  You also have not allowed yourselves to this point to be recognizing of your lack of separation.

Your idea has moved in the direction of much separation, which you camouflage with another idea of the expression of individuality, but this is not actually the expression of the knowing of uniqueness and individuality.  It is the expression of separation.

You now are moving into the genuine knowing of the lack of separation and the expression of individuality simultaneously.

You all hold, as I have stated previously, highly unique and individualized perceptions, and these are the manifestations of your orientations, and these are the expressions of your tone, which is highly individualized.

As you look to your individual physical bodies, you may not duplicate your signature of your fingerprints.  They are so very highly individualized that there are no two individuals throughout your history that shall hold the same signature as any other focus.

(Intently)  There are no two focuses throughout the entire creation of this physical dimension that are the same.  They are intensely individualized, and in this, there is no separation.

This is a difficult concept, for it is not quite a reality yet with you.  But it is a concept that you are offering to yourselves, and it is a difficult concept for you to assimilate objectively.

You know subjectively.  The translation objectively is difficult.  But I shall express to you, you also know objectively! (Grinning)

NICKY:  But it gets discombobulated, doesn’t it?

ELIAS:  It is confused, and this also is your expression of fuzzy! (Grinning, and laughter)

LOU:  I have a question, Elias.  I just got through reading the book “Friendship with God” by Neil Donald Walsh, and in there he talks — I guess essence talks — about the new gospel, that we are all one or we are oneness.  Do you concur with that for the purpose of the shift?

ELIAS:  I shall express to you, as I have offered previously, that you are offering yourselves information which is expressing quite similarly in many different manners presently, but in your very physical terms, the message is the same.

It is presented differently through different essences, be they physical or nonphysically focused, for different expressions shall speak to different individuals objectively, and you shall allow yourselves to be understanding and assimilating in very different manners, for you ARE very highly individualized.

And in this, I shall not concur in the terminology of religion, but in the movement which is being expressed, yes, the concept is the same.  I choose not to be reinforcing certain terminology, which you automatically associate and identify with, which merely reinforces and perpetuates the energy that you lend to the expressions of your existing belief systems.  Therefore, I am not in agreement with the terminology, but the concept is the same.

LOU:  Is this my last focus? (Pause)

ELIAS:  I am understanding of what you are expressing, (grinning) and I shall express to you, no, you are not a final focus.

LOU:  That’s what I thought.  How many focuses do I have presently in this dimension?

ELIAS:  Presently, 624.

LOU:  I have a friend.  Her name is Regina.  What is her family, her alignment, and orientation? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Essence family, Tumold; alignment, Vold; orientation, common.

LOU:  Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

JENARO:  I have a few questions.  First, a few validations.  I’ve been getting a lot of Burbank imagery and limousine imagery, and my impression is that I am presenting this to myself as an objective acknowledgment of one avenue of my direction.  Would that be correct?

ELIAS:  It is a validation and an encouragement objectively that you are offering to yourself to be perpetuating your motivation.

JENARO:  And I was curious about the significance of my manifestation of one stubby thumb. (Laughter)

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  This is your objective presentment to yourself of what you within physical focus term to be an imperfection — which is not imperfect — and this is a physical manifestation that offers a reminder of the perfection of all that is created, regardless of your perception and identification of imperfection.

JENARO:  One more.  Me and Jim tried an exercise ... well, he had me do it ‘cause he’s pretty accustomed to it.  But I tried empathically, I guess you’d say, merging with a horse, just to see what impressions and stuff I would get, and later that night I dreamt that the horse was talking to me, and it told me it just came in from out of town! (Elias grins, and everybody laughs)  I was curious as to what the horse was talking about. (Jenaro and Elias both chuckle)

ELIAS:  Let me express to you that even within physical focus and the configuration of energy which is offered of consciousness within your physical dimension, it may be altered or reconfigured, even as it has already manifest in agreement with yourselves into specific forms.

(Grinning)  Now; this is an interesting direction that you are choosing to be moving into, for I have expressed previously of the lack of impossibility within your physical dimension, but your identifications within your physical dimension [are] of absolutes.  Therefore, as you hold an identification or a belief of absolutes, you do not allow yourselves the expression or the recognition or the manifestation of what you view to be impossible.

In these absolutes, you view that a manifestation of a creature or an object — any element which is consciousness within your physical dimension — is what it is, and it is not necessarily, for it is consciousness, and not being a manifestation of essence, it holds great freedom in how it may configure or reconfigure itself.

Your identification of configuration of energy into matter — into what you identify as living elements of your reality — is that it is manifest in a specific form, and once it is manifest, it shall continue in that particular configuration.

This is an offering also, Shynla, of the confusing areas of behaviors that you may identify in your creatures.

Individuals at times become confused with the behaviors of creatures, for they may exhibit one particular line of behaviors for an extended time framework, and suddenly alter their behavior extremely.  At times this may be an expression of a reconfiguration of energy, and in that reconfiguration of energy, other energy is moving into primary expression, in very similar manner to yourselves and all of your aspects of yourselves.

You hold one primary aspect that you identify as yourself.  This is your objective expression of you and your identification of you, but you hold countless aspects of you, which — as I have expressed many times — are all of the you’s of you, but they are not the primary expression.  They are not occupying the primary position in objective expression.

One holds primary expression or position, but within any moment, any other aspect of you may move into primary position and may exchange positions, and in actuality, this is an occurrence that is created quite frequently.  You are very often exchanging positions with other aspects of you, other you’s of you.  Some of these aspects are expressed more obviously different.  Some are expressed so very slightly in difference that objectively, you yourself do not even notice the differences.

Within consciousness, there is an availability of all of the energy of consciousness to be exchanging with other areas of expressed consciousness.

Therefore, (grinning) I shall express to you that the consciousness of a table may choose to be exchanging with the consciousness of a horse, and the consciousness of the horse — in part, not in entirety — may move to the expression of the table, and the consciousness of the table may arrive in a new physical location of an expression of a horse, and as you create your experience of mergence and interaction with the table in agreement with the consciousness of the table, and you visually allow yourself to view the movement of the physical matter, what you are viewing is the movement of energy, which may configure itself in any manner it chooses.

In this also, you entertain yourselves with the ideas of the impossible, in your parlor tricks and your desire to be manifesting your apple in your hand in your thin air. (Grinning)  This is merely the recognition of identifying within yourself your knowing of your ability to be manipulating energy, which is consciousness, and you may be directing of consciousness, and as all consciousness IS all consciousness and is in agreement to all expressions of itself — essence or not essence — and as there is no separation, it may be quite easily manipulated into any type of configuration.

(Humorously)  Therefore, as you engage your next exercise of tipping your table, you may express an identification of welcome to your table holding aspects of your horse! (Grinning, and laughter)

JENARO:  So then the horse in my dream would be imagery of me, that I am holding this ability or moving in this direction?

ELIAS:  It is the identification, within your imagery, that the consciousness holds the ability to be reconfiguring, and holds movement, and therefore the statement that it has “recently arrived in town.” (Grinning, and laughter)  Not that the horse has recently arrived in your physical location, but that there may be different expressions of consciousness that were not necessarily expressed within the physical manifestation of that creature previous, for it has reconfigured its energy and incorporated different energy.

What you have offered yourself in this imagery is an identification of this action, and that it is possible and not impossible, and that there are many more elements in your universe and your reality than you view ... yet!  Ha ha ha!

JENARO:  Speaking of which, real quick, briefly, could you elaborate more on the challenge that you spoke of in our last session?

ELIAS:  We shall enter this area within our next meeting individually. (Laughing)

We shall break, for I hold an awareness of Michael’s difficulty this evening.  Therefore, our time frameworks in our interaction shall be created in shorter increments but be continuing, and we shall address to your continued inquiries momentarily.

BREAK:   7:23 PM
RESUME:  7:50 PM (Arrival time is 12 seconds)

ELIAS:  Continuing. (Short pause)  You may proceed! (Laughter)

JULIE:  I have a question, Elias.  What is my orientation?

ELIAS:  Soft. (Short pause)

DREW:  I’ll ask.  For the past six months, I’ve had a lot of very significant bird imagery, which is still going on.  Someone asked on my behalf, I think, this question of you in a private, and I think you said it had something to do with communication with the family of Rose, but that means absolutely nothing to me.  I was wondering if you could elaborate.

Vic’s note:  For clarification, there is no “family of Rose.”  Rose is Sumafi and chooses to represent the Borledim family in certain actions, just as Elias is Sumafi and chooses to represent the Sumari family in certain actions.  This is clarified later in this session.

ELIAS:  I shall express to you, all of you are participating in this shift in consciousness, and as you are aware, the families of consciousness of the Borledim and the Vold are — in a manner of speaking — directing this shift in consciousness, and within that movement, as you each individually are allowing yourselves to open and widen your awareness, you are also allowing yourselves imagery and confirmations, in a manner of speaking, of the movement of energy within this shift as it continues.

Many individuals allow themselves the manifestation of imagery in conjunction with the Borledim family, in the recognition of their particular direction in this shift.

Therefore, the essence of Rose is the one essence that you have allowed yourselves to create an identification with — in your objective recognition — in conjunction with the movement of this shift.  You offer to yourselves imagery in the form of birds many times, for this is an objective expression of this particular essence of Rose, in which it chooses to offer physical manipulations of energy.

Now; the interaction that individuals create in the imagery of birds is not necessarily continuously an individual expression of the actual essence of Rose.  But in a manner of speaking, generally, the essence of Rose projects energy which is manipulated within your physical dimension in conjunction with all of the creations of birds in any form within this physical dimension.

Therefore, as I express to different individuals that they are allowing themselves imagery or connecting to the energy of the Borledim family — or I may be expressing that you are receiving imagery in conjunction with the essence of Rose — ALL of your creatures that are identified as birds within this dimension hold an energy fleck, so to speak, of this essence of Rose, for this is the choice of that essence, to be projecting energy into this particular species within this dimension.

This particular essence holds an affinity for this particular manifestation of consciousness.  In like manner to yourselves within physical focus and your preference to a dog or a cat or a bird, this particular essence holds an affinity for the manifestations physically expressed of birds within this physical dimension.

This is not an uncommon expression of essences, that they may identify a particular affinity, so to speak, with a particular type of physical manifestation within an individual physical reality.  It may be an expression of rocks, it may be an expression of crystals, it may be an expression of mountains, of water, of a particular creature — this is a physical expression of energy that they hold a preference with in its configuration of energy within the physical dimension.

Also in like manner to your preferences to music or to different tones or different artistic expressions, these are all very similar expressions that you all create as essences, and as I express, this particular essence of Rose projects an aspect, a fleck of energy into all of the physical manifestations of birds within this physical dimension; this also being quite purposeful in the actual physical participation of this dimension without creating an actual physical manifestation — before this point in your linear time framework — of focuses.

Until this time framework, this particular essence has not participated in the physical focusing of attentions in this particular physical dimension, but chooses to be participating in the movement of energy in this physical dimension, and chooses to be participating in the creation of this physical dimension.

There are many different methods, so to speak, that any essence may choose to be participating in any particular physical dimension, and not necessarily manifesting actual focuses of attention ... which are YOU. (Grinning)

In this, as each of you allow yourselves to be noticing and creating your movement in widening your awareness, you also allow yourselves to be connecting with certain expressions of energy that you allow to validate to yourselves your movement — that you ARE participating within the action of this shift, that you ARE creating movement, that you are NOT separated, and that you as individuals are not singularly experiencing a nonparticipation as all other individuals upon your planet are participating in this shift in consciousness.

This allows you objectively an expression of feeling or sensing your own participation, which you translate into the terminology of connecting.  You are already connecting, for you already connected!

But in the design of this physical dimension, prior to the initiation of this shift in consciousness, the veil of separation has been quite intense, and you, individually and collectively, have quite intentionally forgotten your interconnectedness and the lack of separation.

Therefore, as you move into the action of this shift and you are allowing yourselves to widen your awareness, you also provide yourselves with imagery — for all of your reality is imagery — and in this imagery, you shall direct your attention to be noticing those elements of your reality that you may identify individually as an expression of this shift.

Your identification within you, in like manner to many other individuals that participate within this forum, is an objective connection with the essence of Rose as a representation of the Borledim family, and this creates several layers of identification within you of movement in this shift in consciousness.

If you are offering yourself objective imagery that you notice and that you may identify with an element that you hold objective knowledge of that is an expression of this shift in consciousness, you shall also automatically offer yourself a validation of your participation in this movement.

This particular expression is quite objective and easily identified by many individuals.  It requires little thought process; it requires little concentration.  There is an immediate identification.

You create a situation in which you are noticing interaction or connection with these particular creatures in repeated actions.  Therefore, this creates an objective thought process of unusualness and you notice, and in that noticing, you draw your attention to a specific direction.  This allows you to identify your participation in the movement of this shift in consciousness, for the direction is being manipulated by these two families of consciousness.

Now; individuals do not conversely create a tremendous expression of objective identification and connection, so to speak, with repeated elements as an expression of the Vold family, for they do not allow themselves to be identifying as intensely with the essence that is representative of that family.

This also is quite understandable, for the essence family of Borledim directs attention and intent and energy into the manifestation of physical focuses of essences; physical manifestations and their directions.  You hold within yourselves an identification objectively with that intent.  It is more familiar to you, for you ARE physically manifest, and you also hold an affinity for this particular family in its expression of allowing the creation of physical manifestations and its direction of energy in that movement.

Few individuals upon your planet shall view a small one and not be responsive in some manner.  Few individuals shall express tremendous negativity at a new manifestation of one of you.  Regardless of your choice of whether you shall participate in the agreement to be facilitating a new focus into this physical dimension, for the most part, you all create a momentary identification and affinity and affection for infants, for they are new manifestations of yourselves into this physical dimension.  This is an underlying identification that you associate with this family of Borledim, and therefore there is an automatic affinity for that particular essence family.

That essence family also identifies with a particular color tone that creates a soothing effect within your physical dimensions — pink.  This is a very calming and soothing color vibration.

All of these elements all lend to your identification of this particular essence family, and as you allow yourselves to be opening within your awareness, those of you as individuals that hold elements — strongly expressed within your individual focuses — of fear magnate to this particular essence family and this particular essence of Rose as the representative of that family within this forum, for it is nurturing and calming and offers you an expression of acceptance.

DREW:  So, there is significance to the fact that it’s that family, and it’s birds instead of rocks or water — or the awareness of birds as opposed to any of those other things is significant in itself — because it represents a certain need for a certain comfort level because of the fear that I hold or any of us hold?

ELIAS:  This is an identification with this one particular essence, not the entirety of that essence family.  But underlyingly, you also associate with that particular essence family.

This particular essence holds an affinity for these particular creatures, for within your individual physical dimension, there is an extreme expression of diversity of manifestations of this particular species of creature.  There are many, many, many, many different creations of birds.  This offers a tremendous expression of diversity with this particular essence and its projection of energy within these particular creatures.

This also would be quite in alignment with the expression of the Borledim family, for there is an extreme expression and involvement of the diversity and individuality and uniqueness of all of you as focuses.  Therefore, this is a type of mirror expression in objective terms, and it IS holding significance.

You shall notice that the individuals throughout the engagement of this forum that offer themselves imagery and connection and hold their attention in the direction of this essence of Rose all hold a similar expression in intensity ... which is not to be expressing that it is overwhelming, for intensity holds different qualities.

But you all hold a type of intensity within your own manifestations and expressions of your own energy within this physical dimension that is manifest in the expression of fear, and this particular essence offers a nurturing and comforting expression of energy which is quite accepting, which allows you a subjective identification of that energy which you hold within yourselves, and allows you an opportunity to be tapping into your own expressions of energy, and allows you to allow yourself permission to be moving more into an expression of acceptance of self in an element of ease, for the expression of acceptance counterbalances the expression of the fear. (With a crooked smile)  Is this helpful?

DREW:  I would never have figured that out myself! (Laughter)

ELIAS:  Ah, but eventually, you would! (Chuckling)

PAUL:  Elias, I have a question about what you stated as an “energy fleck” in the relationship of Rose as an energy personality essence with birds, which are not an energy personality essence.

ELIAS:  Correct.

PAUL:  There’s a relationship between Rose and birds that you call an energy fleck.  Is that unique to Rose, or do all of our essences hold similar energy fleck relationships with all of consciousness in this dimension?

ELIAS:  It is dependent upon the choices of the individual essences.

All essences hold this quality and ability to be projecting these energy flecks, in a manner of speaking, to any element of consciousness.  All essences may not choose to be creating that type of action, in like manner to, all essences do not choose to be participating and engaging in certain or all physical dimensions within consciousness.  Some essences choose to be creating an exploration within physical dimensions, and some do not.  One expression is not better than another expression.  They are merely different choices.  They are different directions of attention.

Therefore, manifestation into physical dimensions is not lower or worse than manifestations within nonphysical areas of consciousness, and as we have stated many times, you do not occupy a higher plane merely that you choose as essence not to be participating within physical dimensions.  They are merely different experiences.

Now; in this, I express this terminology, that you may not become confused in associating with the terminology of aspects, for we have spoken of aspects of essence frequently and much, and in this, you have created an association with that terminology, and you may become confused in the word[s] of “a projection of aspects of essence into a creature,” as I have also stated to you that you do NOT manifest as essence into the form of a creature.

This may be confusing if we are incorporating the terminology of aspects, and in this, it is not an energy concentration of an aspect.  An aspect of an essence or of a focus of essence holds a greater energy concentration than would a fleck of energy which is projected by essence into the movement of consciousness in the manifestation of a creature or any element within your physical dimension.

PAUL:  So it’s another type of expression of essence, but you differentiate by intensity.  It’s a projection versus an actual aspect or a focus of attention?

ELIAS:  There are other distinctions.  It is not merely intensity.  It is not merely an intensity in volume of energy, although these are qualities of the energy which is projected.  But also, an aspect of essence shall express personality and the energy signature of the essence or of the focuses of attention of essence.

These flecks of energy may be expressed similarly, within your physical terms, in relation to a small word that you create in your language.  Each word that you create within your language is verbalized, so to speak, and that is a physical projection of energy.  It is an actual configuration of energy, but it is not necessarily an entire expression of you.  It is a projection of an element of energy of you, but it is also expressed, figuratively speaking, outwardly from you, and is allowed to be projected and to merely fly free, so to speak.

PAUL:  So these energy flecks of Rose as manifest in birds, this is not a unique relationship of Rose to birds or an exclusive relationship of the essence of Rose, ‘cause there are other essences that can project energy flecks to birds also.

ELIAS:  Correct.

This be the reason that I specify that this is an identification that you allow yourselves within THIS forum, for within this forum and within the context of this information that we have offered to you, there is an identification of this one particular essence of Rose — that is associated as a representative of this family of Borledim — which is not a participant in the family of Borledim.

It is not an essence which is belonging to the family of Borledim.  It is merely a representative in this forum of that essence family that allows you an objective association and understanding of that particular essence family, and offers an expression that translates in objective energy that you may understand in conjunction with the family of Borledim.

But you are correct.  Any essence may create this type of action, and many essences DO create this type of action.  You have been offered increments of information previously by the essence of Seth, which has offered you information also of this type of action; not to the extent of this essence of Rose, which chooses to be projecting these flecks to ALL of the manifestations of this particular species upon your planet, but the action is the same.

PAUL:  One final question: so this relationship of Rose is within the context of this forum, and it belongs to the Sumafi family?

ELIAS:  Correct.

PAUL:  Are there ... the other essences that help with the energy exchange that belong to the Sumafi family, but represent, in similar fashion to Rose representing Borledim, the intent the other eight families, are there other essences who have energy fleck signatures that have manifest that we’re aware of, or is this unique to Rose?

ELIAS:  Not within this same type of expression.  This one essence chooses to be projecting these energy flecks, as I have stated, into the physical manifestations of all of the birds within this particular physical dimension.  Within the representation of the essences which facilitate this phenomenon and this exchange, the other essences do not choose to be creating this same type of projection.  This is not to say that they do not participate in some projections of these energy flecks, but not in an intensity and consistency of one particular manifestation of species.

PAUL:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

JIM:  I have a question.  Good evening, Elias.

ELIAS:  Good evening.

JIM:  In regard to the birds and as an example objectively of bird imagery, up at the ranch, a pigeon flew in for a few weeks.  We got to liking the bird, and all of a sudden it disappeared, and then shortly after that, a number of our birds showed up attacked by a bobcat, with their heads missing, and so I’m trying to relate to some of this!  But would that be a fearfulness of getting my head bit off or something? (Laughter)  Or how I’m expressing myself or something?  Because when the pigeon came, I thought of Rose, and it was a really neat bird, and all of a sudden it disappeared, and I’m very curious.

ELIAS:  Very well.  First of all, let me express to you each that the individuals that offer themselves this imagery of birds in conjunction with the essence of Rose do hold this similar expression or manifestation or energy configuration of fear within their focus, but the imagery that each of you presents to yourself within your expressions that you offer yourselves may not necessarily be addressing to a specific element of fear.

This is merely the commonality that these individuals hold, and why — in a manner of speaking — they choose to be offering their imagery to themselves in conjunction with that particular type of manifestation.  The presentment may not be in relation to fear itself, and it may not be an expression to be drawing your attention to fear.

In this situation with Matthew, this is not an expression to be drawing his attention to a manifestation or an expression of fearfulness, but the reason that he chooses to be manifesting objective imagery in this manner of birds is to be offering himself imagery of validation to himself of his individual movement in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, as an objective identification of a nurturing and accepting expression.

In the situation of the imagery that you are presenting to yourself, this also is not necessarily an expression that you are offering to be drawing your attention to an element of fear, but that you are offering imagery to yourself in drawing your attention to different areas that you are choosing to be addressing to, and this is in conjunction with your allowance, each of you, of your individual movement in widening your awareness.

Therefore, your presentment of this imagery is quite different from that of Matthew, for this is not an expression of validation of your movement and your lack of separation within the action of this shift in consciousness.  This is an expression that Matthew offers to himself, for this is the movement that he is creating presently, and therefore it moves in conjunction with his movement.

Your presentment also is in conjunction with your movement, and presently, you are presenting yourself with the identification of certain elements within your reality that you view as distasteful, unacceptable, or that you do not like, and in this, within your movement of energy, allowing certain aspects of beliefs to be surfacing, so to speak, objectively, you present yourself with imagery in different manners that shall invoke a specific response within you.

Matthew offers a response within himself of a validation and acceptance in this imagery, a comfort of connection.

You, in your imagery, offer yourself an immediate and automatic response of revulsion and confusion.  This is an expression of dislike, and as you offer to yourself imagery in this manner, you offer yourself the opportunity to view many different elements which present themselves within your focus that you are not liking of.

This is the presentment of an opportunity, for as you allow yourself to view these elements, you also allow yourself to be noticing and exploring your reasons why you do not like these elements, and this offers you the opportunity to view the judgments and the expression of the beliefs that are automatically expressed as you interact or encounter, so to speak, elements that you do not like.

JIM:  Hmm.  Okay. (Laughter)  There’s a lot there! (Elias chuckles)

One other question, just a short one.  In our last few sessions, we’ve been discussing color and sounds and so forth, and you gave me some information on the qualities and intent and so forth of white.  I was wondering if you could run through the other colors of our energy centers that we hold.  I feel that color in itself holds an intent, and that we chose those colors for this particular dimension within that, and I feel there’s a lot tied up in that.

ELIAS:  Color does not hold an intent.  It holds a quality.

JIM:  A quality, okay.  So the qualities of the colors....

ELIAS:  An intent is a direction of expression.  Color does not hold a direction of expression.  It holds a quality, which is different.  It is not directing attention.

JIM:  So within our energy centers, the intent of the organs that the energy centers work with....

ELIAS:  YOU hold an intent.  Your organs do not hold an intent.

YOU hold an intent, a direction of attention, and you direct your attention within your energy and manipulate your energy in all of your manifestation through your intent.  But the expression of your physical manifestation, your physical body, does not hold an intent in itself.  Your physical organs do not hold an intent within themselves.  Your energy centers do not hold an intent individually.

YOU hold an intent as a focus of attention in this dimension of essence, and this creates a direction in which you manipulate energy to be expressing.  Color does not hold a focused direction of attention.

JIM:  Okay.

VICKI:  Can I interrupt briefly?  We need to change the tape.

ELIAS:  Very well.  We shall engage one more break, and we shall continue briefly.

BREAK:   8:41 PM
RESUME:  9:10 PM (Arrival time is 10 seconds)

ELIAS:  Continuing again! (Grinning)

JULIE:  I have a question, Elias, about the shirt I’m wearing.  It was actually missing a few months ago, and I was just wondering if you knew where it might have gone to.  It happened to reappear.

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  Ah, and this has been an occurrence with other manifestations also! (Grinning at Vic and chuckling)

This may be a clue to Stephen and his experiment of the disappearing molecules and atoms, as they choose to be moving themselves out of this physical dimension temporarily and into another dimension, and reappearing once again in the same configuration in this dimension.

Once again, the presentment of the impossible — which possibly occurs — and the objective expression in that movement, that all elements within your reality hold consciousness and may move even in contrary manners to your manifestations, independent of your direction.

JULIE:  Does it have to do with a particular essence?

ELIAS:  No ... other than your own! (Grinning and chuckling)

CHRISTY:  I have two quick questions — my orientation and his essence family. (Indicating Ron2)

ELIAS:  Orientation, soft.  Essence family, Sumari; alignment in this focus, Vold.

CHRISTY:  And his orientation?

ELIAS:  Orientation, soft.

LAURA:  I have a question.  What is my essence family and alignment and orientation?  Also my children’s, and their names too. (Pause)

ELIAS:  Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Ilda; orientation, common.  Small ones: essence family, female, Sumari; alignment, Sumafi; orientation, common.  Male: essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Milumet; orientation, common.

LAURA:  Thank you, and the female’s name?

ELIAS:  Essence name, Ambrose.

LAURA:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are welcome.

GUIN:  Elias, I have a question regarding our little creatures, regarding my little creature that has seizures, and if you can offer me helpfulness on the relationship between the coinkidinks of the seizures and the death of other animals of people that are close to me, and if you could be offering of any information that would be helpful in my conflict with this! (Laughter, and Elias chuckles)

ELIAS:  First of all, as you are aware, the physical manifestation within the choice of this creature moves in conjunction with your energy also.  You hold an awareness of this already.

(Firmly)  This is not bad!

CATHY:  No, it’s good! (Laughter)

ELIAS:  First of all, you are not inflicting energy upon this creature, and therefore it is subsequently creating these seizures, so to speak.  There is no fault, there is no blame, and this is not a bad creation.  It is merely an agreement and a responsiveness.

I shall also express to you that the action of a seizure, so to speak, incorporated within a creature is different than the action which is created in an individual of your species, and the physical elements associated with this creation are different.

Some individuals — not all, but some individuals — manifesting this type of creation in seizures experience painfulness physically, which also is in alignment with their individual belief systems that this type of action shall be creating of painfulness physically.  Not all individuals that choose to be creating these seizures do experience painfulness in conjunction with the action of these seizures, which also would be influenced by their belief systems.

The creatures do not hold belief systems.  Therefore, they also do not incorporate pain in these actions, for they do not associate negative, so to speak, in conjunction with this type of action, and recognize that this is merely a choice that they are creating in conjunction with energy which is expressed by the individuals that they are associating with.

As you are responsive to certain elements within your reality and as you create certain triggers within yourself in conjunction with your experiences, the creature also identifies those triggers that you are experiencing, and the creature creates a triggering mirror action in conjunction with you, and creates an objective expression of the seizures.

(With emphasis)  I express to you strongly, this is not bad.  I express to you strongly, you are not creating this in the creature.  The creature holds a choice, and is creating this action in response — as a choice — to trigger actions.

You allow a triggering action within yourself in emotional situations.  You create a triggering action within yourself as you present yourself with emotional situations in conjunction with yourself and with other individuals.  You automatically respond.  This is the trigger action, and as you automatically respond, hypothetically speaking, there is an action that is created in energy.  Hypothetically, the action may be likened to a spark.

You create or draw yourself to situations and experiences which trigger an emotional automatic response within yourself.  At times, you are pushing this emotional response and not allowing your expression of it objectively.

In that action, you are diverting your attention.  This creates a spark, and the spark — this is a hypothetical example — creates a trigger, or the recognition of a trigger, within the creature, and the creature responds to its trigger and creates the seizure.

Now; you may not objectively be creating a tremendous emotional responsiveness outwardly or objectively each time the creature is creating a seizure, but underlyingly, the trigger within you has been engaged regardless of your choice of how you express this objectively or outwardly.  Underlyingly, there is a recognition that you are responding in an automatic type of response.  The creature identifies this action, notices the spark, and chooses to be responsive to that in conjunction with you.

Now; understand that previously I have engaged the language or the words of expressing to individuals that the creature that interacts with them may be creating a physical responsiveness or action for them, so to speak.  Figuratively speaking, this is correct, and I may express that also to you, but I am altering of the terminology for the reason that those particular words also trigger an automatic response within you in assuming personal responsibility and guilt, (stopping and grinning at Guin, and everybody laughs) in which you express that you hold fault for the choice of the creature; that if the creature is creating an action for you, expressing the turmoil or the writhing that you do not allow yourself to be expressing, your immediate automatic interpretation of that explanation is to be expressing guilt and that you are inflicting an expression upon a creature which is helpless, and this is NOT the situation.

The creature holds an awareness of what it is creating, and has chosen to be engaging this action as a mirror expression.  This in actuality, in like manner to many expressions of creatures that participate in relationship with you as individuals, is an expression of helpfulness, in a similar manner to those actions which are expressed through counterpart action.

Now; hear what I am expressing to you!  For if you are allowing yourself to view counterpart action, you do not feel guilty for the counterpart action that another individual engages in conjunction to you.  They are merely experiencing another action, and in that action, you — in a manner of speaking — reap the benefit of their experience without the actual physical manifestation or creation of those particular experiences within your focus, and you create this same action in like manner in conjunction with other individuals.  You create experiences that they choose not to be creating, and they reap the benefit of those experiences through the counterpart action.  There is no hurtfulness or harmfulness in this counterpart action, and you do not incorporate guilt or blame in viewing that type of action, but conversely view this action as a beneficial action.

In conjunction with the creature, you may view this also as a type of beneficial action.  The creature, in agreement with you, has chosen to mirror what you shall not express, and creates an objective physical expression in extreme of what you choose not to allow to be expressed within yourself.

This also offers you an opportunity to turn your attention and allow yourself to move your perception slightly, recognizing that you are not creating the reality of the creature.  It is creating its own reality through its own choices.  It is not a victim, and in this, you are not responsible for the choices.  You are participating in conjunction with each other.  You are participating in your choices together, but you are not creating choices for each other.

I am understanding that within the beliefs of individuals in this physical dimension, as you do hold an underlying knowing that your creatures are a creation of you all and that they are not an element of essence, you translate that knowing objectively into an expression of responsibility, and you also translate that into an expression of objectifying that your creatures are “less than” you are.

You as essence, you as human species, are “more than” your creatures, and many individuals may argue very much with this statement, but this IS what you believe.  And as they are “less than,” you need be creating an expression of responsibility that you must be care-taking for them, for they do not hold choices and they do not create their reality.  You create it for them.

They DO create their reality.  They ARE consciousness.  Consciousness is not less than essence.  It is all consciousness.  They are merely different expressions.  They do create their individual choices.

They may not express their manifestation in the same manner that you express your manifestation; they do not hold the same type of thought process that you hold.  They do not create their reality quite the same as you create your reality, and they do not hold belief systems as you hold belief systems.

But they DO hold free will and they DO create their choices quite purposefully and quite intentionally, not accidentally and not coincidentally! (Grinning at Guin)

Therefore, as you are triggered by different experiences — disengagements of other individuals, different expressions within yourself and your responses to yourself and to other individuals — the creature chooses to be manifesting a responsiveness, mirroring the trigger action and creating an expression that you do not allow yourself to create.

This creates a difficulty in your interaction with the creature, for as you all hold this belief that creatures are less than and that you need be responsible for and care-taking of, as a creature creates a choice in this type of manner, you translate this into responsibility of your own, and you create guilt.

Therefore, if you are allowing yourself to turn slightly ... and recognize that the reason you incorporate distress or anxiety as the creature creates the seizure is that you feel responsible.  You believe that you are creating or inflicting a reality upon the creature.  You experience a lack of acceptance within yourself, and in this also, you present yourself your expression of helplessness, and in this helplessness, there is a recognition of the underlying knowing that the creature in actuality does create its own choices, and that you may not create its choices for it.

Even within those choices that you view you are creating a choice for a creature — and there are choices that you incorporate within physical focus of altering certain elements of creatures’ realities, that you are not inquiring of permission from the creature to be altering their reality, and you engage that action — were the creature not in agreement with you, IT WOULD NOT OCCUR.  The creature would create a choice to facilitate the action differently, and it would not occur, for they do hold participation and choice in agreement or lack of agreement with you.

(To Vic)  And you may express to Michael — and we shall not continue, in compliance with his wishes, so to speak — that he is correct in his assessment of his creature’s choice to be creating a choice to not be altering its reality in a manner that it was not in compliance with, and the choice that it engaged was to be disengaging.  This is merely a choice, and the creature, without belief systems, views it in no other manner but that it is a choice.  It chooses not to participate in certain actions.  Therefore, it shall choose to be creating of a different action.

(To Guin)  And your creature is creating its actions and manifestations in like manner.  It is its choice.

As you allow yourself to identify your own beliefs, as you allow yourself to recognize that your difficulty or your anxiety in viewing the choice of the creature is in actuality a responsiveness to your own beliefs, you may also offer yourself the opportunity to translate this in conjunction with other individuals, for other individuals create choices that you may not like either, and that you may hold an anxiety for in conjunction with their choices, but these are your beliefs, that you shall not engage what they are engaging.

GUIN:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome. (Smiling)

SUE:  Elias, could I ask a quick question about my cat?  You know she had asthma for several years, and a couple months ago, it went away.  I can see a physical reason for it, a change in the environment that would explain it, but I’m wondering if it’s also a reflection of a change in my attitude.

ELIAS:  You are correct.

SUE:  Okay, thank you.  I just wanted to confirm that.

MICHELLE:  Elias, I would like to know what my essence name is.

ELIAS:  Essence name, Charice. (shah-reese’)

MICHELLE:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are welcome.

ERIC:  Elias, can you re-familiarize me with my essence name, family and alignment? (Pause)

ELIAS:  We shall be offering this information futurely, for there is fluctuation in this essence mergence presently, and in this, the aspect of essence which projects attention into this focus may be affected in an area of fragmentation, but this choice has not been created yet.

In conjunction with that action occurring and the probability of the creation of new tone, I shall offer the information to you subsequent to the disengagement of this action of fragmentation.

This creates much less confusion (laughter) than the offering of different essence names and families temporarily that may re-present themselves futurely, and our scribe encounters much less frustration and conflict! (Laughter, and Elias chuckles)

DREW2:  Elias, I have a question.  My name is Drew.  I don’t think we’ve met before.  This is my first time here.

ELIAS:  Welcome!

DREW2:  Thank you.  I was just wondering where I’ve lived in past lives.

ELIAS:  I shall offer three focuses that you may be investigating and exploring within yourself and your interactions with other individuals, if you are so choosing.

One physical location, Iceland, manifestation of male.  One physical location of what you term to be middle eastern country presently, Lebanon; physical manifestation, female.  One physical location, western portion northern America, of what you term to be Native American; physical manifestation, female.  You may be investigating each of these focuses if you are so choosing, as you have been presented with your “start point.” (Laughter, and Elias chuckles)

DREW2:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome.

RON:  Elias, we need to wrap things up, due to time constraints.

ELIAS:  Ah, linear time framework!  Very well.  We shall discontinue this participation objectively this evening, and we shall continue subjectively! (Chuckling)  I express to you all this evening great affection and anticipation of our continued interaction, as we all shall be interactive continuously!

(To Guin)  Great encouragement to you, Sophia.

GUIN:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  And I am aware that you continue to be hiding, Shynla! (And we all crack up!)

To you all this evening, quite lovingly, I bid you au revoir.

GROUP:  Au revoir.

Elias departs at 9:48 PM.

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