Session 466
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Near Death Experiences/Spirit Guides


“Near-Death Experiences/Spirit Guides”
“Blurring the Separation of Gender”
“Merging Spiritual and Physical”
“The Action of Remembrance”

Thursday, September 9, 1999-2 © 2000 (Private/Phone)
Participants:  Mary (Michael) and a new participant, Stephen (Ornah).
Vic’s note:  Stephen hails from Australia.  His accent is wonderful but somewhat unfamiliar to me, so I’ll just do the best I can!
Elias arrives at 5:20 PM. (Arrival time is 20 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good morning, Ornah!

STEPHEN:  Good morning, Elias!  Gee, you sound nice! (Elias laughs)  You sound okay! (Elias chuckles)  Shall I start with a question, or?

ELIAS:  You may proceed.

STEPHEN:  Okay.  I just want to know, what is the actual meaning of Ornah?  Does it have meaning, or is it just a tone?

ELIAS:  This would be a tone that translates into a word within your physical language which we designate in definition as an essence name.  In this, it does not necessarily hold a meaning per se that you may define within your physical language, so to speak, but it is the designation of all of the aspects of your essence in a tone.  Therefore, it encompasses all of your focuses within this dimension and all other physical dimensions, and all of the aspects of your essence which are focused in nonphysical areas of consciousness also.

The totality of your essence holds a specific tone which is unique in its identification of personality energy, and that is what we translate into your physical language as an essence name.  Are you understanding?

STEPHEN:  Yes.  I’m thinking of a vibration, and it has a lot of harmonics, and all those harmonics are all the focuses and all the aspects.

ELIAS:  In a manner of speaking, yes, this would be a physical translation of the identification of your essence name; you are correct.

STEPHEN:  Okay.  I want to know, what relationship have I got with Nadia and Mona? (Brief pause)  What connection to them?

ELIAS:  You hold other focuses within this particular physical dimension with these two essences of Mona and Nadia, and you also participate in other-dimensional focuses together, which these other-dimensional focuses are lending energy in part to this particular focus presently in conjunction with widening your awareness presently in the action of this shift.  Therefore, you experience a draw to these individuals in recognition that you are participating in other focuses together also.

STEPHEN:  The Sumari/Zuli that I’ve chosen ... they interact with the other essence families.  Do I sort of ... does it flip around a lot?  Do I just stick on those, or does it change a lot over the lifetime?

ELIAS:  Let me express to you, in relation to essence families, the first essence family which you are offered is the designation of the essence family that you are belonging to.  Therefore, within physical focus, you shall hold certain underlying qualities that are consistently influencing throughout the entirety of your focus, but they are not overtly expressed to the extent of the qualities that are expressed within the second essence family which you have been given in designation, which is the family that you align with.

Now; in this, what I am expressing is, underlyingly you hold certain qualities of the essence family of the Sumari.  Therefore, you lean in certain directions that move in conjunction with the qualities of that particular family, and those qualities manifest in more subtle manners than the other qualities of the other essence family.  The other essence family, that of the Zuli, is the more objectively expressed or more obviously and overtly expressed qualities of essence families.  This is the family that you align with in this particular focus.

Now; within different focuses, essences align with different essence families.  You do not hold the same consistent family alignment throughout all of your focuses.  Therefore, in this type of expression, you do move in and out of all of the different essence families as an expression for each individual focus in conjunction with that intent, but throughout all of your physical focuses, the underlying essence family, that which you are belonging to, is held.

Therefore, regardless of the alignment of each different focus that is manifest within this dimension, you consistently also manifest the qualities of the Sumari family throughout all of your focuses, for this is the family that you are belonging to.

You are aligning in this particular focus with the essence family of Zuli.  Therefore, you exhibit qualities that are in conjunction with that particular family and are in conjunction with the intent of that particular family.  Are you understanding?

STEPHEN:  Yeah.  My Stephen focus is the Zuli, and Ornah is like belonging to Sumari, and my other focuses would be all the other essence families, but the underlying consistent one is Sumari.

ELIAS:  You are correct.  In this, I shall express to you also, as I have expressed to individuals previously, you shall recognize that you exhibit some qualities of all of these essence families at times within one focus, but the one family that you exhibit the most qualities consistently is that of the essence family that you align with.  Therefore, the intent and the vibrational quality and tone of that family shall be the most influencing and the most obviously displayed throughout your focus.

STEPHEN:  Okay.  Good point.  I’ve got another question.  Do you see when I had that near-death experience about ten years ago in my time?  Can you see that? (Brief pause)  If it was a near-death experience.

ELIAS:  Yes; continue.

STEPHEN:  When I was going out, I saw this dark-haired, short, bearded-faced man.  It sort of seemed like he was talking to me, making me understand what I was experiencing.  Do you know who he was, what part of me he was?

ELIAS:  I shall explain to you, in this experience, what you have presented to yourself is another aspect of yourself.  This is not an encounter with another essence and this is not a visitation, so to speak, by another entity or essence that is attempting to be communicating with you and offering you direction.  These are expressions that are associated with belief systems which are held within your physical focus.

In actuality, what has occurred is a movement into an area of consciousness which is still in connection with Regional Area 1, which is this physical reality that you experience.  You have not disengaged entirely from this objective physical reality.

What you HAVE chosen to be manifesting is a removal of your subjective awareness from your body consciousness, creating a temporary separation of the body consciousness....  (Here, there is repeated beeping and what sounds like an automated phone message)

STEPHEN:  Anyway, the phone went off.

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha! (Continuing to laugh)

STEPHEN:  Sorry.  Okay.  That won’t happen again.

ELIAS:  And you may relax!  I shall continue! (Still laughing)

In this, you have created a separation of the body consciousness and the subjective awareness which directs the body consciousness.  This is also the action which occurs in what you within physical focus identify as an unconscious state, which differs from that state of coma, so to speak.  An unconscious state ... which this is YOUR terminology, for it is not unconscious at all! (Laughing)  But in this state, the individual has chosen to be removing the subjective awareness from the interaction with the body consciousness.

Now; in this particular situation, you have allowed your subjective awareness, figuratively speaking, to float free for a temporary time framework; not choosing to be moving into the area of transition, for you were not entirely choosing to be disengaging in actuality, but holding self in suspension temporarily, that you may view which direction of probabilities you chose to be moving into.

Now; let me also explain to you that this is the situation which occurs many, many times in this particular type of experience — the experience that individuals within physical focus designate as a “near-death experience.”  What is actually occurring in these types of experiences is that the individual moves to a point, so to speak, of a crossroad.

In this, they are within a junction, in a manner of speaking, of lines of probabilities which are crossing over each other, and in these lines of probabilities that are crossing over each other, the individual is not choosing which line of probabilities they may be moving into.  They are not creating a choice.

Many times, this crossroad or this junction of lines of probabilities that cross are very different in objective expressions.  Therefore, they appear objectively to be extremes in your creation of your reality.  In viewing these types of extremes of differences of lines of probabilities, the individual chooses what we may figuratively speak of as a stop-point.

The intention is not to be disengaging.  The direction is not to be disengaging from participation within physical focus.  This is the reason that the physical focus is continued.  The intention and the point of this type of action is to be creating a stop-point within the individual focus which allows the subjective awareness, in conjunction with the objective awareness of the individual, to view both lines of probabilities that they have created and to choose which line they shall proceed within.

Now; once the choice is accomplished [of] which direction of these lines of probabilities the individual shall be actualizing and following, there is a reconnection with the body consciousness and the subjective awareness.

In that action, you objectively, within your physical focus, identify and define to yourselves that you have died and you have returned.  Within this action, for the most part, the line of probabilities which is chosen by the individual to be continuing within from that point onward, so to speak, within your linear time framework, shall be drastically or dramatically altered.

Many individuals incorporate this type of action to thrust themselves into an explanation, in objective terms, of opening to their awareness, and therefore they express that they have acquired psychic abilities upon their return, so to speak.  Many other individuals express that they have been instructed that they need be continuing within physical focus to be carrying out, in a manner of speaking, a mission.

STEPHEN:  Yeah, that’s what I thought! (Laughing)

ELIAS:  In this, what is in actuality being communicated is that the individual has offered themself their stop-point.  They have removed their subjective awareness.  They create objective imagery within this action, for as I have expressed, this is in conjunction with the objective awareness, for you have not removed yourself from Regional Area 1.

In this, there many times is a creation of an interaction with what you view to be another individual.  Many individuals designate this other individual as a guide, an angel.  It may be designated as God.  It may be designated as the individual’s higher self.  It matters not.  There is, generally speaking, an encounter that the individual offers to themself with another individual.

Now; this other individual is an aspect of self.  The primary aspect, that which you recognize as you, interacts with another aspect of self which is not the primary aspect, and in this, there is a presentment of these different lines of probabilities in objective terms.  Therefore, it appears that you are being given a specific mission, which you in turn accept objectively and offer yourself an acceptable explanation in which you shall not question what has been offered to you in information, and you shall continue in that chosen direction.

Many individuals, in creating this type of an action within their physical focus, become very directed in their mission and in the new line of probabilities that they have created to be actualizing within their focus, and this becomes acceptable to other individuals also within physical focus, for they identify this with an event which has changed the reality of yourself, and therefore they also may be accepting of what you may term to be radical or dramatic changes within the particular physical focus.  Are you understanding?

STEPHEN:  Yeah.  Does that mean all the other secondary probabilities change as well?  All the other focuses, do they change as well?

ELIAS:  No.  Your other focuses of essence within this particular dimension do not alter.  THIS focus alters.  This focus may alter dramatically.

Now; there are other actions that may be incorporated in this type of situation also.  One may be an actual exchange of the primary aspect of self within that moment to a different aspect of self, and they shall exchange positions, and another aspect of self shall assume the primary position.

In these situations, not merely the probabilities or the behaviors or the actions alter or change within the focus dramatically, but there are visible alterations in the expression of the personality of the individual themselves.  Some individuals choose to be altering their reality so very dramatically that they choose another aspect of self that holds a slightly different vibrational quality from the primary aspect, and they shall disengage their objective memory of what had been in occurrence before the event.  But these are also what you may term to be extreme situations, and which you have not created.

You have chosen to be continuing with the same aspect of self as the primary aspect, but you have chosen to be altering certain probabilities and the line of probabilities that you have chosen within this focus, and this allows you an objective explanation in your widening of your awareness.  Therefore, you shall not be questioned as dramatically as you may have been questioned had you not created this particular action.  Are you understanding?

STEPHEN:  Yeah, and now I have a better explanation of how things are happening.  I’m more objectively conscious about subjective areas.

ELIAS:  Quite.  This allows you, if you are noticing, to be aware of many more elements within your physical focus.

You have allowed yourself to be opening to your awareness, and therefore, in opening to your awareness, you also allow yourself to be experiencing what you term to be strange elements or developments within your focus — certain actions, events, and experiences that other individuals around you are not experiencing but you hold an awareness of, certain interactions within consciousness that other individuals are not necessarily objectively experiencing.

And were you not to be incorporating that action of stopping — or what you term to be a near-death experience — but choosing to be incorporating this opening of your awareness, other individuals may have been about you expressing concern for your sanity!

But they do not question as dramatically, for there are questions within themselves of wonderings as to the strangeness of this near-death experience and what it may be creating.

This is within physical focus a mystical area.  It is a mystery to you within physical focus.  Therefore, you allow yourselves to be accepting of more oddities or strangeness in expression or unfamiliarity in expression than you would be without this type of incorporation of action.

Therefore, I express to you, this has been your “method” to allow yourself to move into an allowance of opening to your awareness and widening your periphery, incorporating more of your reality within the action of this shift.

STEPHEN:  Okay.  So when I ask myself a question and I get an answer and a picture, would that be my primary aspect telling me things?

ELIAS:  Your primary aspect of self is the identification of the you that you recognize, the you that you identify with your thoughts, with your emotions, with your physical actions, with all of your reality.

Now; at times, your primary aspect of self is communicating through your inner voice.  Many times, other aspects of self are communicating to you, to the primary aspect of self, and this be the reason that you create distinctions within yourselves.

You distinguish that you are yourself, and this small voice that communicates to you within you is some different element.

Some individuals identify this as their intuition, which they also identify as some other element and not necessarily themself, or their higher self, which they also identify as some other element, but not self necessarily; some element outside of your awareness.

I express to you that it is you — it is all you — and it is not separated in the designation of being more knowing or more aware than the primary aspect of yourself which you identify as you.  It is merely another aspect of yourself that you allow yourself to listen to within that small voice.

Therefore, as to your question, although at times, as I have stated, it may be an expression of the primary aspect of self, for the most part, the expressions of intuition, of impulses, of impressions, of communications of this voice within you are communications that are offered by other aspects of yourself that you do not automatically express objectively or outwardly, but turn your attention to as you hear them.  Are you understanding?

STEPHEN:  Yeah.  So when we come into physical focus, all these aspects that are sort of like one sort of separate and feel like separate ones.

ELIAS:  Correct, but they are not separate.  They are all you.

STEPHEN:  Right, okay.  Another thing is, sometimes I feel like a female in a male body.  Is that just this feeling of separation that’s not really separate?

ELIAS:  This is an expression also in conjunction with your allowance to be opening to your awareness.

Now; what you are allowing in these experiences is partially an expression of bleed-throughs of other focuses in which you hold the gender of female, and partially it is an expression of remembrance.

Now; let me express to you, this term of remembrance is not the same as your incorporation of the definition of the word “memory.”  It is different.  As I express to you of the term of remembrance, this is an action.  This is a state of being, so to speak, in physical terms.  It is an incorporation of being.  The remembrance is incorporated into all of your being in experience and is actualized through your experience.

Therefore, as you begin to incorporate the remembrance of self and essence, the lines of separation become blurred.  In that blurring, you fluctuate within your sensations of your physical body and your feelings and your emotions, and this fluctuation incorporates both genders and becomes slightly confused, in objective terms.

You allow also certain elements of energy to bleed through from other focuses to be enhancing this type of expression, which moves you more fully into the action of remembrance, and the remembrance is the recognition that within essence, there is no gender.  This is a creation of physical focus.

Now; in this, you shall also express to yourself and to myself that you hold, this present year, an intensification of these types of experiences, correct?


ELIAS:  In this, the reason that you are experiencing this type of expression, and you are noticing and recognizing ... although you have been experiencing this type of action for a much longer time framework, it is more intensified recently, so to speak, and this is directly in conjunction with this wave in consciousness which is occurring presently, addressing to the belief system of sexuality.

You allow yourself to be moving in conjunction with that wave in consciousness, allowing yourself the opening to your awareness in the remembrance, and in that remembrance blurring the separation of these genders, recognizing that you hold the qualities of both genders.

Be remembering also that as I have expressed previously, in the action of this shift in consciousness, the energy configuration which has been expressed throughout your history to this present time framework has been designated in the quality and definition of the male gender, and within the action of this shift in consciousness, you collectively have chosen to turn the direction of the expressed energy into the configuration of what you identify and define as the female energy.  I have spoken of this previously.

Therefore, there is also within many individuals a time framework in this transitional time framework [of] an expression of confusion of gender identification.

Now; some individuals may experience this much more strongly than other individuals, but in some respect, all individuals shall be experiencing some aspect of this blurring of the separation of these two genders.

This is not to say that you are moving in the direction within this shift in consciousness of eliminating the expression of genders.  You shall not be creating that.  You shall continue to be creating of two specific genders and body types within your species, holding certain functions and characteristics, but the identification of many of the qualities that are expressed, as defined within your belief systems in conjunction with these two genders, begins to blur and cross over each other, and therefore there is a turning in that direction also.

STEPHEN:  The other thing is, when I go to these psychic readers and I get spirit guides, are they just aspects of me, or focuses?

ELIAS:  I shall express to you, as I have expressed previously also, at times these individuals are tapping into different expressions of aspects of yourself that they are recognizing and are filtering through their belief systems in their expression to you, and therefore they designate an identification of spirit guides to you, and in this, at times these individuals are also allowing themselves to be recognizing of the interaction of other essences in conjunction with you.

Now; let me be clear.  These other essences are not interactive with you in the capacity of what you designate as a guide, for the implication which is offered in this type of terminology is that these essences may hold more information than do you or hold a position “above” you or beyond you, and this is not the situation.

No essence holds more ability than do you.  There are no planes; there are no levels.  Therefore, you do not occupy a lower level than any other essence.  Therefore, they may not be designated as guides to you.  But there are other essences that move in conjunction with you all and are helpful to you in responsiveness to YOUR energy and to your requests.  This is interpreted within your belief systems in physical focus in many different manners, as I have expressed previously.  Some individuals identify this interaction as angels, some individuals identify as guides.  It matters not.

What I am expressing to you is that you are interactive with other essences and with other aspects of yourself and with your essence, but that they hold no difference from yourself save the remembrance.  That is all.

STEPHEN:  Okay.  When I get those blue flashes, are they yours?  Sometimes when I ask a question, there’s like an acknowledgment that I was understanding my own explanations of things.

ELIAS:  You are encountering — in your awareness and in your allowance of your openness — an interaction with my energy, and to your question, yes, I am interactive with you and offering you an objective expression of the projection of this energy in the configuration of blue.

Now; at times this is an acknowledgment to you as you are questioning of yourself and you are questioning your ability to trust your voice, and therefore at times I am offering an acknowledgment to you, and at other times I may be offering an influx to you of energy in this blue configuration for you to be noticing what you are creating, what interactions you are participating within, and your own behavior.

I am not always creating of this interaction with you merely to be validating to you your expressions of acknowledging self in listening to your inner voice and trusting your inner voice.  At times I am communicating a different type of message to you, for you have allowed yourself an opening within your awareness, and therefore, in conjunction with that opening that you have allowed, you have also  created a communication with myself and with other essences, expressing a desire to be aware of your individual interactions and how you may be noticing of your creation of your reality, that you may also be creating your reality more efficiently.

Therefore, at times within this interaction that I offer to you, I am offering an expression that you be noticing what you are creating.  It is, in a manner of speaking figuratively, a message from myself to yourself to be stopping and listening and noticing what you are creating, what you are participating in, and how you are directing your behavior.  Are you understanding?

STEPHEN:  Yeah, sort of.  I get red flashes and violet flashes.  Are they essences as well?

ELIAS:  Yes.

STEPHEN:  Alright.  From all those drugs I took when I had the near-death experience — I’ll call it that — is my body still alright for a few more years?  ‘Cause it sort of feels pretty bad sometimes, and I think it’s gonna happen again, a physical disengagement or something.  Is my probability continuing on further, more than a couple of years or something?

ELIAS:  Yes.

Now; I shall express to you that you may be engaging an exercise in aligning your energy centers, and this may be helpful to you in your physical expression and experience, your physical feeling.  This shall offer you more of an ease and comfort within your physical body expression, for you do incorporate a lack of alignment within your physical energy centers.  I express to you that you may be interactive with Michael once we are disengaging this session this day, and you may be inquiring of Michael information as to these energy centers and their alignment, and he may be offering you this information which I have already provided.

STEPHEN:  I just wonder, how am I related to the rest of my family?  What is the reason or the purpose in my interaction with them?

ELIAS:  You have chosen to be entering into this physical focus within this particular family in offering yourself certain challenges.  This also would be in conjunction with your intent in this focus in the expression of your alignment with the Zuli family.

In this, your expression moves in the direction of the recognition and appreciation of physical elements within this dimension.  Therefore, what you have chosen in relation to this family is to be incorporating a physical aspect, a physical element that may be viewed and may also be initiating questioning within these other individual’s physical focuses.

You have also incorporated this particular action of this near-death experience to be incorporating a physical element, bringing to the attention of not merely yourself but of other individuals within your family the physical aspects of this dimension and that they are not separated from the spiritual aspects, for there is an incorporation of separation in these two concepts of physical and spiritual, and this is a direct expression of belief systems, for you may not be incorporating what you term to be spirituality without the physical element and aspect.

Therefore, your relationship to these individuals and your direction in conjunction with these individuals of family is to be offering the interplay of physical elements in conjunction with what they identify as spirituality.  Are you understanding?

STEPHEN:  Are you saying that aspects of me are sort of counteracting with me?

ELIAS:  No.  You are offering an incorporation of physical elements as an example, so to speak, to other individuals in the expression that there is no separation between physical and spiritual aspects of your reality.  They move together in harmony.

But within the belief systems of many individuals and those of your family, they create a very large separation between these concepts of physical and spiritual, and within your direction in your individual focus, you have presented yourself the challenge of offering the incorporation of this expression to these individuals, allowing the lack of separation between the spiritual and the physical concepts, for they are not separated.

STEPHEN:  I see.  So I’m showing them that physical and spiritual are the same.

ELIAS:  Yes.

STEPHEN:  I see.

ELIAS:  I shall be incorporating one more question, and we shall be disengaging. (23-second pause)

STEPHEN:  One of the things is, when I came back from the near-death experience, I kept telling myself that I experienced more difficulty and more of a worse body.  I asked, “Why did I take on this challenge of a worse or more difficult body?”  What came back was, “Experiment for power gain.”  Am I gaining power, or am I just taking on a whole new different way of being?

ELIAS:  Be remembering, you incorporate an alignment in this focus with the Zuli family.  The direction and the intent of the Zuli family incorporates physicality.  It incorporates attention in the area of the recognition of all physical aspects of your dimension.

It holds attention in the area of the physical body within your species and the capability of the physical body consciousness, the abilities of what it may be creating in any direction that you are choosing to be directing it into, and the incorporation of appreciation of the aesthetic beauty and qualities and flexibility of physical reality, physical being, physical bodies.

Now; in this, you have also created in this [the] challenge, of which we have spoken in this session, of merging the concepts of spiritual and physical.  You offer to yourself the expression of the direction of degeneration of your physical body expression, holding the subjective awareness that you also hold the ability to be altering of that expression, that there is no element within your dimension that you may not be physically accomplishing or physically altering.

Therefore, in this, you are offering yourself the challenge of merging these concepts in conjunction with the offering to other individuals.  Are you understanding?

STEPHEN:  Yeah.  So I’m presenting it to myself, merging spiritual and physical together, and that’s my own challenge, and also showing others what’s possible.

ELIAS:  Correct, and in this, your movement is in the direction of the physical body consciousness, for this is your intent and this is the direction that you move into in alignment with the intent of this Zuli family.

STEPHEN:  So I naturally go that way because of the intent of Zuli.

ELIAS:  Correct.

STEPHEN:  Okay.  So there’s no worry then! (Elias chuckles)  That’s all.

ELIAS:  Very well.  I express to you encouragement within your challenge that you have offered to yourself, and I express a suggestion to you that you reflect upon our discussion this day, for you hold the ability to be understanding more of what you have inquired within this day than you are allowing yourself to assimilate presently.  Therefore, reflect, and in this, I shall continue to be acknowledging of you and interactive with you, and I anticipate our next meeting.

To you this day, I offer great affection, and express to you a very loving au revoir.

STEPHEN:  I love you too.

Elias departs at 6:31 PM.

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