Session 465

Dropping the Veil of Protection


“Dropping the Veil of Protection”
“There Are No Absolutes!”

Thursday, September 9, 1999-1 © 2000 (Private/Phone)
Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Daryl (Ashrah).
Elias arrives at 3:50 PM. (Arrival time is 15 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good afternoon!

DARYL:  Hello! (Elias chuckles)  Since we last talked, I’ve been noticing the bird of no control quite a lot.  It seems that I feed this bird almost continuously!  I’ve also been experiencing a lot of fearfulness and understanding how affecting it is, and for the past two days, I’ve been sneezing an awful lot.  I feel like I’ve gone over the edge of fearfulness there somehow, possibly because I feel like I’m trying to move through something, and that’s triggering the sneezing.

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  You already hold an awareness as to the imagery that you are presenting yourself with this particular symptom?

DARYL:  Yes.

ELIAS:  (Laughing)  Interesting creation that you have offered to yourself, in objective blinking in and out and experimentation with stopping your objective reality momentarily! (Chuckling)

Vic’s note: Regarding sneezing, here is an excerpt from, 11/22/97: “Each time that you within physical focus sneeze, you are allowing yourself what you would term to be a split second of time that you are entering into the area of unconscious, and in this you are retreating from your objective state.”

DARYL:  I’ve also had a sense of ... it’s hard to describe, but an increased sense of widening and that my consciousness is changing, and I’ve been noticing more things, including ... I think I’m sensing thickness in energy from the fear, and I also seem to be noticing distress that is associated with the shift, but it’s other people’s distress rather than my own.

ELIAS:  You are correct.  This is also an element that you move easily into in relation to your orientation.  This allows you to be objectively holding an awareness of the movement that occurs around you in an objective manner.  Therefore, you ARE allowing yourself to be connecting with all of this movement which is occurring presently in conjunction with this shift, and also in conjunction with this present wave in consciousness.

But this also offers you the opportunity to view the difference in connecting with your own issues and your own manifestations within your energy, and those of other individuals and what is NOT your creation individually.  Therefore, in this distinction, it allows you to become more familiar with your own energy and your own movement, that you do not confuse yourself with the expressions or the energy projections of other individuals or with mass events.

DARYL:  Okay, so that will be something that just keeps occurring, that I’ll keep noticing?

ELIAS:  Yes, although I shall express to you also that....  (Here, Elias begins coughing)  One moment.  (The coughing continues for 23 seconds, and there is an additional 15-second pause)

Michael is experiencing difficulty in holding. (Brief pause)  We shall continue.

DARYL:  Okay.

ELIAS:  In this, you shall allow yourself to continue to be noticing the differences of your energy and that energy which is projected by other individuals or collectively in mass events.

In this, you also allow yourself to move without assuming personal responsibility or to be moving into areas of more of an expression of fearfulness as you allow yourself to be objectively creating a distinction between these differences in energy, and the recognition that the energy which is projected en masse or by other individuals, even within their expression of trauma, shall not necessarily be affecting of you if you are not allowing these expressions to be affecting.

Therefore, you offer yourself the recognition that you hold the ability to be manipulating energy in a fashion, so to speak, that is beneficial to you and therefore is not necessitating of a perpetuation of your fearfulness also, for as you are aware, elements of your issue in the area of fear are concerning other individuals and their responses to different elements within their reality and that their responses may be suspect, for they are not necessarily predictable.

But in this, in viewing the differences of energy, you allow yourself also to view that you may be creating of your buffer, and in this action, you do not necessarily move in the direction of allowing the energy of other individuals to be directly affecting of you.  Are you understanding?

DARYL:  Not that last part.

ELIAS:  Let me express to you in different terms.

As we spoke previously, you have moved yourself pastly into a type of creation of attempting to be unseen.

In this, as we have discussed, in your attempt to be unnoticed and unseen or “nonexistent within your existence,” an element of your creation of this is the fear of interaction with other individuals.  As they project energy outward, your inward response within yourself is that if you are unseen, then you may hide from the projections of energy.

Now; let me offer you a very simple example in quite physical terms.

Visualize a small one, a little child, and you may play a game with this little child, and you may express that you shall play a hiding game with this small one, and this small one shall cover its vision.  It shall cover its physical eyes, and it shall express to you that you may not see it.  Are you aware of this game?

DARYL:  Yes.

ELIAS:  You continue to view the entirety of the child, but the child is not viewing you.  Therefore, it is expressing its belief that you also may not view it.

In a very similar manner, what you have created previously, in your box outside of yourself, is to be covering your vision and expressing that if you appear to yourself to be not visible, you shall also not be visible to other individuals.  Therefore, if you are not visible to other individuals, you are not vulnerable to the energy that they may be projecting.

If you are continuing in playing this game with this small one and  you strike this small one as they are covering their eyes, they shall respond quite startled, for their belief is that you do not view them, for they do not view you.  Therefore, they shall respond in surprise.  You also continue to surprise yourself that you continue to be struck, but individuals may not view you, therefore how may they be striking you?  This is all encompassed in this issue in the area of fearfulness.

Now; as you allow yourself to become more aware of your reality, this allows you the opportunity to begin viewing the projections of energy that other individuals create, and in this action, you move initially into collective expressions in conjunction with this wave in consciousness or with this shift.  This initially appears to you to be far enough removed from your individual interaction that it appears safe, in your terms.

Therefore, you allow yourself to begin with this type of viewing and you become aware of much movement within energy, but you feel sufficiently removed from those expressions that they are not intimately involving you individually.  Therefore, you may view that energy and also reinforce to yourself that regardless of the intensity of trauma, you view that you continue to hold the ability in steadfastness, so to speak, within yourself, and not allowing this to be affecting or creating fear elements within yourself.

Therefore, it is reinforcing to you in the recognition that you do hold the ability to be moving through many different types of expressions and situations and projections of energy of other individuals, and this does not necessarily suggest that you shall be objectively allowing yourself to be affected in the area of fearfulness.  Now are you understanding?

DARYL:  Yeah, and I have actually noticed that I’ve felt safe in relation to noticing it.

ELIAS:  Quite, for this is what you have created initially, that you offer yourself these types of safe expressions, and as you widen your awareness, which you also hold an objective awareness that you are creating that action, and as you continue in that, you shall also begin to present yourself with closer encounters, so to speak, less general, and in these encounters, you shall experiment with those expressions of energy in comfortableness and in what you create as your identification of safety, and this allows you to move in steps.

You hold the awareness, as we have spoken in our last meeting, that you are creating subjective movement.  You hold the awareness that you are allowing yourself to widen your awareness and address to the issues that you hold in shrines, and that you are dismantling these shrines subjectively.  But you also allow yourself objective reinforcement, objective confirmation of this subjective movement, that you may view and experience objectively, and this serves to dissipate the fear.

DARYL:  Okay.  So my understanding is, I am, as you say, moving and accomplishing towards my goals, dismantling the shrines and getting out of the box of fear.

ELIAS:  Correct.  I express to you great acknowledgment in this area, for I shall express that within this time framework between our previous meeting and this present now, you have allowed yourself great motivation, and you have also allowed yourself tremendous movement in what we shall express as very large steps, so to speak, in viewing yourself, in viewing your energy ... in actuality viewing your box and your window that you have created within your box, and allowing yourself to be creating the opening of that window.

At our previous meeting, you had created the window.  In our previous meeting, we spoke with each other, and I expressed to you that you had created this window, but you were continuing to view the window.  You had not moved into approach or into opening the window yet, but you had created it and you had allowed yourself to be viewing it.

And now, you allow yourself to approach and to crack this window open, little by little, and view that you may be sliding elements of yourself out of the window, and you may be moving back into your box, and you are not creating a situation of hurtfulness.

Therefore, you allow yourself the reinforcement of safety, but you also are creating beyond merely the element of safety, for you are allowing yourself movement and you are allowing this in comfort.

Therefore, you are not merely expressing the safety, for you are dropping the veil of protection, and in the dropping of this veil of protection, you are also moving closer to your re-creation of the lack of fear, for within those moments that you are allowing yourself to slip out of your window, in part, temporarily, there may be some elements of fearfulness, but they are very slight.  They are not of the intensity that was being expressed previously.

DARYL:  I am also feeling something that I call a yearning for self, like I feel this great longing within me to get out of the box and into myself and be myself.

ELIAS:  This is your pull to what we have discussed previously — the light that draws you into self.

I have expressed previously in relation to individuals’ inquiries in the direction of out-of-body experiences or those experiences that you classify in physical focus as “near death experiences,” and the phenomenon, so to speak, of individuals viewing this light and their draw to be moving into it.

Now; I have expressed to individuals that inquire in this area that this is symbology.  It is imagery that is created.  In actuality, there is no actual “entity of a light,” so to speak, that represents a “place” that they shall be moving into.

It is imagery that individuals present to themselves in relation to the safety and the comfort of essence — that element that shall be engulfing, so to speak, and be offering the genuine expression of freedom — and this is the same type of movement that you are creating in physical focus in objective terms; not moving into an experience of creating imagery in relation to disengagement, but equally as powerful, in a transitional movement objectively, within the continuation of physical focus.

This be the reason that I offered to you that imagery of moving into this wondrous brightness and light which holds your freedom within self.

Subsequent to our discussion in this area, you have allowed yourself an assimilation of that information, and you have also allowed yourself partial experience of moving in the direction of opening that window of your box and allowing yourself to be aware of your draw into that light of self which offers you these freedoms.

Therefore, what you are experiencing in this longing, so to speak, is a tremendous draw which is created out of a desire and directs you into the movement of moving through the window outside of yourself and moving into the fullness of the expression of self.

There is a tremendous desire that is expressed within you to be accomplishing in this area, and you are creating tremendous movement in that direction.  Therefore, I hold no doubtfulness that you shall be accomplishing in this endeavor, for your motivation is extremely strong.

DARYL:  Yeah, I’m beginning to feel that, and I feel like nothing can stop me, in a sense, because my desire is so strong.

ELIAS:  And you are quite right! (Chuckling)

DARYL:  Okay.  Well, that’s good to know!  I want to ask you about something that I read in the transcript about the orientations, in the first one.

You were talking about the orientation of soft, that they hold an inward focus that is not entirely objective and that is translated into a type of objective awareness, and that they create subjectively, focusing an element of their attention subjectively, and that last part especially seems familiar to me, and I wondered if you could elaborate on those areas.

ELIAS:  This is also an element that we have entered into discussion with in our previous session.

In this, what I am expressing in the orientation of soft is that these individuals are creating objectively and subjectively simultaneously.

Now; I am understanding that within physical focus and the initial responses to this information, individuals lean in the direction of misunderstanding and questioning what I am expressing, for as you are all aware, you are all creating subjectively and objectively, but you are creating subjectively and objectively in different manners.

Within the orientation of soft, the objective and the subjective merge more in an objective manner.  This particular type of creation differs from those individuals holding the orientation of common or intermediate for the reason that these two orientations focus either objectively or subjectively.

What I am expressing in this is that individuals that hold an orientation of intermediate shall be creating much of their attention in the direction of subjective movement, but this is not to say that they necessarily hold an objective awareness of what they are creating subjectively, and in this, even as they are creating subjectively and it is being translated into objective imagery, many times they are not recognizing of the correlation between the two.  They assess that they are quite different.

Individuals within the orientation of common create their imagery quite objectively.  They do not hold an objective awareness of what they are creating subjectively.  Therefore, in like manner — but in reverse — to those individuals of intermediate, much subjective movement may be occurring, and their awareness is held so very strongly within the objective expression that their awareness of their movement shall be noticed within objective imagery.  Therefore, regardless of how they are creating subjectively or the intensity of their subjective creations in their movement, most of their awareness shall be expressed as they realize the objective imagery.

Now; within the individuals of soft, these individuals hold an awareness of both objective and subjective conjointly simultaneously.  Therefore, they are watching the objective creations and movements, holding an awareness — in the moment — of the correlation to the subjective movement.

Let us use as an example, so to speak, obvious movement in an objective expression of physical location.  An individual that holds the orientation of intermediate may choose objectively to be changing their physical location, and moving from one physical location to another physical location.

Now; their attention is focused inward subjectively, be remembering.  Therefore, the movement which is being created subjectively is what holds more of the attention.  Therefore, as they choose to be physically creating objective imagery in like manner or in mirror action to the subjective movement, they are not correlating the two actions.  Their attention moves to what they are creating inwardly, and they are not paying attention to the physical movement and correlating that to the objective outward mirror image of what they are creating inwardly.  It matters not, in their perception.  This is unimportant.  Their attention moves in the direction of the subjective movement.

Conversely, an individual holding the orientation of common may be choosing the same physical movement in physical location, and as they accomplish this physical movement of location from one area to another area, they shall reflect, and subsequently, in reflection, they shall express to themselves a partial awareness of how their physical imagery is connected, in your terms, to subjective movement.  But their automatic expression is to merely be viewing the physical move, the physical change in location, and their attention is quite consumed with the actual action of the physical movement.

Now; within the individuals of soft, they hold an awareness, in objective terms, of both, and their attention encompasses both movements simultaneously.  They hold the awareness of the subjective movement and the objective movement simultaneously, and their attention moves to both of these areas equally simultaneously.

Are you understanding?

DARYL:  Um-hmm.

ELIAS:  This be the difference in the perception of these three expressions of orientations.  It is a matter of your perceptions and the direction of your attentions, and this be the reason that you are speaking different languages, for you are holding your attentions in different directions.  Therefore, you are viewing different types of expressions; different actions, so to speak, even within the same action.

DARYL:  I’ve always just assumed that everybody else was like me, and I didn’t understand why they didn’t see both parts.

ELIAS:  This is very common within physical focus, for your individuality and your individual reality and your uniqueness is so very real, it IS your reality.  Therefore, you automatically perceive that if this is your reality, it is also the reality throughout your dimension, for it is expressed so very strongly within your perception that you do not conceive that it is anything but absolute.  Therefore, there is also an assumption that is created that all other individuals are perceiving in the same manner as you are perceiving, for it is an absolute ... but it is not an absolute!

In this, you all question yourselves and each other in a lack of understanding of why you do not perceive all of your reality the same.  This is the direction that we move into within our discussions of no absolutes, for there are no absolutes.  Although they may appear to be absolutes within your physical reality, as I have expressed, all of your reality is highly unique and individualized, and therefore, there are differences that are expressed even within those elements of your reality that you perceive to be absolutes.

This be the reason that I am offering this information in conjunction with these orientations, that you may view the differences and hold an objective understanding, and this moves you all more into the expression and direction of acceptance of yourselves and of each other, and also into the acceptance of your belief systems.

DARYL:  Yes, I’m finding it very useful. (Elias chuckles)

I wanted to check with you on some impressions I’ve gotten of other focuses.  I’m getting something about a Jewish male, possibly around the time of Christ or back then, a considerable distance in time ago, and possibly with the name Jacob. (Pause)

ELIAS:  You are correct, and this individual occupies the physical location of what you term to be Macedonia.

DARYL:  Okay.  What time period is it, approximately?

ELIAS:  This would be within the time period of your first century A.D.

DARYL:  Okay, and is he involved in some sort of Jewish mystic group like the Essenes, or some similar group? (Pause)

ELIAS:  This individual would be classified as a priest, yes.

DARYL:  Priest?  Okay.  He seems quite passionate in his beliefs.

ELIAS:  Correct.

DARYL:  And I was also getting something about a future focus who is female living in Australia, possibly with the name of Diana. (Pause)

ELIAS:  Physical focus name, Dina.

DARYL:  Dina, okay.

ELIAS:  Time framework, twenty-second century.

DARYL:  And Australia is correct?

ELIAS:  You are correct.

DARYL:  Okay, great!  Thank you.

I also wanted to ask, on behalf of one of my friends, Trisha, what her essence name, family alignment, and orientation are.

ELIAS:  Very well. (Pause)

Essence name, Indocee; I-N-D-O-C-E-E. (in’doe-see)  Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Milumet.  This individual holds the orientation of common.

DARYL:  Okay.  Do we have some sort of counterpart action regarding fear and the shift?

ELIAS:  This is not the designation of counterpart action.  This is a drawing together of individuals, that you may be offering each other an expression of energy to be helpful to each other in this area of moving through this fear element and in relation to widening your awarenesses in the action of this shift in consciousness, but it is not a counterpart action, so to speak.

This would be a different type of expression of energy in which you are allowing yourselves to participate in a lending of energy to each other temporarily, that you may allow yourselves individually to be accomplishing your individual actions more quickly.

DARYL:  Okay.  I guess that’s about it for today, so Michael can come back.

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha!

DARYL:  I know she’s been having a time, so....  (Here, Elias starts coughing again)

Well, once again I’ve enjoyed speaking with you, and your helpfulness both within the sessions and outside of the sessions.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

I shall be excusing of Michael and his interruption of your interaction within our discussion this day, as he is experiencing difficulties in his mergence within this energy exchange presently, but this shall pass. (Chuckling)

I express to you great encouragement and much affection, and I anticipate our next meeting and your continuation in your movement within your dismantling of this shrine.  Accept from myself great acknowledgment of your movement.  I offer to you great lovingness, and express quite fondly, adieu.

DARYL:  Adieu.

Elias departs at 4:44 PM, and Mary “comes back” coughing.

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