Session 454



“A Breakpoint in Belief Systems”
“Being the Example of the Sapling”

Tuesday, August 24, 1999 © 2000 (Private)
Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Nathan (Robertt).
Elias arrives at 12:36 PM. (Time is 22 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good afternoon!

NATHAN:  Good afternoon!

ELIAS:  We meet again!

NATHAN:  We do!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  By yourself!

NATHAN:  Yes, for the first time! (Elias chuckles)  Just me, for the first time.  We were just talking that I felt like your presence has been close lately.

ELIAS:  Quite, in anticipation of our interaction this day!  And you have inquiries?

NATHAN:  I do, but I was wondering if you could maybe give me a little brief update on what’s going on.

ELIAS:  In which direction?

NATHAN:  Well, I guess basically around the Grand Cross.  I felt like there was a definite shift at that time, about a week ago.

Vic’s note:  I haven’t researched this extensively, but from talking to other folks, it seems that this has to do with planetary movement.

ELIAS:  Let me explain to you, what you are allowing yourself to be connecting to is, in a manner of speaking, a shift.

Now; the energy that you are experiencing is an alteration in the concentration of energy which has been occurring throughout this particular time framework of this year.  As I have expressed to many of you at the onset of this year, you moved into a motion of energy within a wave of consciousness addressing to the belief system of sexuality, which has been continuing throughout this particular year and holds tremendous energy and is quite affecting of all individuals in different manners.

But also, this particular year, being the final year of your century and your millennium, has been lent a tremendous amount of energy, which as I have expressed previously, individuals are tapping into that energy and it lends an ease to all of your expressions, be they in the form of conflict or within the form of ease or pleasure — it matters not.  Whichever direction any individual is choosing to be moving into, they are lent an ease in that particular direction, which also creates more of an extreme of all of these expressions.  This be the reason that you view many individuals to be experiencing much conflict within this particular year or much ease in their focus.

Many mass expressions are occurring within this particular year, as I have expressed previously.  Individuals create mass expressions of conflicts, but they also express mass choices for acceptance and interconnectedness.  Many individuals gather within this particular year together to be accepting of each other and sharing their experiences within consciousness and celebrating consciousness in pleasure, but many other individuals experience a tremendous surge in conflict and a lack of tolerance and acceptance.

Therefore, to you all there appears to be an extreme in opposites which is occurring presently.  This all moves in conjunction with this shift in consciousness which is occurring, and the wave in consciousness addressing to this particular belief system lends MORE energy to the extremes.

NATHAN:  So it’s only going to become more extreme — the cut and dried, the dark and light.  It’s only going to become more evident.  We’re going to see it even more.

ELIAS:  Partially.  What you have experienced and what you are inquiring in reference to is a type of breakpoint.  In this particular time framework, these two expressions of energy — as they have been in opposition to each other but both lending energy in different manners to the movement of this shift in consciousness — have created a type of collision, in like manner to your thunder.

NATHAN:  Yes, to our storms, etc.

ELIAS:  Quite.  In this, it has created a type of breakpoint within the energy, and in that breakpoint, individuals that previously were experiencing — this is in general, but not entirely — an ease find themselves momentarily experiencing different elements of intolerance within them.  These are not expressed in the momentum of extreme that other individuals have expressed, but they have exchanged partially.  Those individuals that previously were experiencing great conflict and confusion are now experiencing more of an ease and a lessening of that extreme in conflict.

Therefore, as the breakpoint has occurred, there is a bleed-through of energy which moves between these opposing energy movements, and in this, you feel a change.  You do not necessarily objectively identify what this change is expressing, but you feel the energy movement and you hold an awareness that some element within your reality has altered.  In some individuals, this is creating a response of an anticipation, of what they do not hold certainty, but they feel the knowing objectively of some element of their reality which has altered.  Therefore, there becomes a feeling objectively within you of anticipation and restlessness.  At times this may be translated objectively within you as a motivation to be moving and doing, but you are not quite sure what to be doing! (Grinning)

NATHAN:  (Laughing)  My next question!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  What you are experiencing in conjunction with this breakpoint — which also, I shall express to you, moves very closely in time framework to your solar movements, as you are aware — what you are allowing yourselves to experience is a new opening to freedoms, a breakpoint in your belief systems.  A window has presented itself to you all, in an allowance of acceptance and an allowance to be assimilating the energy which is flowing quite intensely presently.

Now; as to shall this continue in more of an extreme, in part, yes, and in part, no.  What you have created also is a type of pressure valve within this energy, creating your window to be allowing you new freedoms.  The difficulty in this area is that these new freedoms are very unfamiliar to you, and therefore, you objectively are not quite certain how you shall be approaching this freedom in energy and what you shall be incorporating with it.  Individuals may translate this in many different manners objectively.

Some individuals are experiencing new freedoms within their focus in the area of their employment and their choices to be disengaging their objective work, and choosing to not be incorporating work any longer but ease and more of their own freedoms in their creativity.  But they also hold confusion, for they must be directing themselves now, and they do not hold the familiarity of self to recognize what their creativity is and how they shall be expressing it.  Therefore, there is also great confusion occurring presently.

But many different occurrences have been created in what you term to be recently, which are the exhibitions of this expression of this pressure valve.  Great shaking in your earth, tremendous movement in your atmosphere, your planets aligning — these are all creations that you collectively are expressing.  Your planets are not moving and you responding to them — YOU are moving them as an expression of your new discoveries of these freedoms!

Your planet shakes and creates what you term to be great devastation in certain areas.  I express to you, this is another expression of this pressure valve that you have created collectively en masse.  Many individuals have chosen to be disengaging in that type of expression.  Many individuals in this particular time framework of this final year are choosing to be disengaging.

NATHAN:  Yes.  I feel as though ... is it because they are choosing not to walk into the light, or is it more a matter of that it’s part of the bigger plan?  I’m wondering, are these people who are being affected — Hungary, this earthquake, and the innocent women and children and people who are just coming into this life, particularly young ones — is it more a part of the bigger plan, or is it because there’s actually something in this life and they’re not choosing to walk into the light, and therefore, nature’s way is going to move energy in a different direction?  Do you understand what I’m saying?

ELIAS:  Now; let me explain to you in clarity.

You look to your earth and you separate.  You express the terms, “This is nature’s way.  Nature is compensating.”  Or, “Nature is creating something independent of you.  Your planets are moving into expressions of alignments.  This is your universe.  This is outside of you.”  These are belief systems!

I express to you, your planet and your universe is responding to your energy that you are projecting collectively.

Therefore, as you all are moving into more of an objective awareness and you are lending energy to this shift in consciousness and it is gaining momentum — and within this particular time framework of this year, as I have expressed, the energy is expressed very intensely — this is energy that you all collectively are projecting, and elements within your universe and within your planet are responding to your directions.

Therefore, this earthquake has occurred as a direction that is projected by the energy of all of the individuals within that location that participate in a collective expression.  THEY have created this, not vice versa.

In this, it is a choice individually of many, many individuals to be disengaging.  Many other individuals choose to be disengaging in other manners which you term to be, within the identifications of your belief systems, violence.  What I am expressing to you is that these are responses that individuals are choosing in conjunction with the movement of this shift in consciousness.  It is VERY INTENSE in its expression of energy.

Some individuals choose to be disengaging, and in your terms, in the “big picture,” in the expression of this shift in consciousness, they lend energy to the accomplishment of this shift in consciousness, for they are dispersing energy and they are also creating an expression which brings to all of your attention movement that is occurring.

You shall be noticing that this sparks great debates within individuals!  Some individuals view these [events] as signs of the end of your times.  Some individuals view these events as signs of great beginnings.  It is all movement that you have all created collectively in response to this energy of this shift in consciousness and to the belief systems that are being addressed.

As your time framework progresses, more and more energy is projected into these waves in consciousness and addressing to all of these belief systems, for this is the point, to be accepting these belief systems, recognizing that they hold limitations with you and also recognizing that as you are opening your awarenesses — as you objectively are allowing yourselves wider awareness of all of your reality and eliminating your obstacles and your limitations and actualizing all of your abilities — you also are, individually and en masse, reacting.

You are being offered within yourselves great freedoms, but these freedoms are confusing and they are very unfamiliar, and therefore, individuals create a natural movement in retreat into the familiar, and they hold very tightly to their familiar expressions and behaviors and they express in extreme lack of tolerance — lack of acceptance within self and within each other.

Now; in this, as I have expressed, some individuals are not experiencing conflict.  Now; within your societies and within your exchange of communications, those individuals, even collectively, that are not experiencing conflict and are channeling this tremendous expression of energy into an ease and calm and acceptance are not afforded within your society the recognition objectively that is afforded to the expressions of devastation and violence, for this is the familiar.  The ease is unfamiliar.

NATHAN:  Because we’re so used to having conflict happen.

ELIAS:  Correct, and this attains your attention.  You pay attention to conflict, but you do not pay as much attention to pleasure!

But in this expression, regardless that your societies are [not] objectively affording recognition to these expressions of ease and acceptance, it IS occurring en masse and many individuals ARE experiencing that avenue of channeling energy, and in that, you all afford yourselves the opportunity to exchange.

In this, those individuals that are channeling this energy into an ease and a lack of conflict are encountering many individuals that are experiencing conflict.

But through our observance, what do we view but the expression of these individuals that are experiencing the ease in confusion, and expressing objectively to each other amazement and elements of confusion that they themselves may not necessarily be experiencing this conflict, but it appears to them that many individuals that surround them ARE experiencing conflict.

And you each sit quietly, within your lack of conflict and your expressions of acceptance, and watch the rage of conflict that occurs about you. (Smiling)

Now; in this is your opportunity, for why shall it be that you draw to yourselves and you present yourselves with all of this rage and conflict that surrounds you?  Why shall you not necessarily be drawing to yourself masses of individuals that are also experiencing this ease and not be encountering those individuals that are experiencing....

NATHAN:  Like attracts like, that sort of belief?  Like attracts like, and those are the people that you would find yourself being around, but what you’re saying is....

ELIAS:  Within your belief systems, this would be the natural course of action, would it not?


ELIAS:  But you are not drawing this to yourselves, are you?  You are drawing to yourselves some individuals that are “like attracts like,” but you are also drawing to yourselves many individuals that are experiencing an extreme difference, and do you question to yourself why you shall draw to yourself all of these expressions about you that are so very different?

I shall express to you that the reason that you draw this to yourselves is [to be] offering you the opportunity to be the little sapling and to be lending energy to all of these individuals that are experiencing conflict, to be easing this conflict.

Individuals throughout the engagement of these sessions, from the onset of this forum, have been inquiring to myself, “What shall I do to be helpful in the action of this shift?”  I have offered for much time framework, “Turn your attention to self and be accepting of self first, before you are moving into expressions of helpfulness to other individuals.”

Within this now, you HAVE turned your attention to self.  You HAVE afforded yourselves much assimilation of much information.

You have allowed yourselves, individually and collectively, much expression of acceptance, much movement within the addressing to your individual belief systems, and NOW you may begin to project your helpfulness outwardly to other individuals, not necessarily in the manner of offering a “thing” to another individual, or a solution, but in your recognition of self and your acceptance of self.

You may BE the example now of the straight little sapling, and offer that energy of helpfulness to all of these individuals that ARE experiencing tremendous conflict and trauma.

NATHAN:  I think one of the biggest things I’ve learned is, let them ask you the question.  When I was learning all this information, I felt like I needed to express it to everyone — how come everyone else isn’t remembering this?  But now I’m learning that they’re coming to me.  They will come to you and ask you the questions, and you present them only what they ask, and that’s been a big lesson for me ‘cause I feel like maybe I can just say too much and turn them off and they never even go back to it again, and you don’t want to do that.

ELIAS:  It is the acknowledgment that you each hold differences in perception — you all hold differences and this is not wrong or bad — and the acceptance of those differences, recognizing that each individual creates their reality in the most beneficial manner for themselves, and you create your reality in the most beneficial manner for yourself, and your method may be quite different from another individual’s method, but this does not create the definition that your method is better.

NATHAN:  Because we’re all going to the same place essentially.

ELIAS:  Correct, and this is the awareness that many of you now are allowing yourselves in objective terms; not merely subjective knowing, but you are moving into the expression of the reality of acceptance; not merely expressing within your language to each other, “I am so very accepting, I am so very accepting,” but within your behaviors, within your actions, and within your offerings, you are creating a reality of acceptance, which is an entirely different matter!

NATHAN:  Yes, it is!  So, in focusing on self in the past year, I’ve been coming through so many different things as far as insisting on finding out the totality of myself and other focuses, and I’ve been drawn towards the Native American culture, and I’m wondering if you could help me.  I have a couple of clues, but I was wondering if you could add a few more clues to the story.

When I’m running through the woods — that’s very natural for me — I feel as though maybe at one time I was a native, maybe in this area.  Pine trees and the change of seasons is something that draws me, and I was wondering if you could maybe give me a little more information.

ELIAS:  You are correct.  You do hold a focus in this particular physical location.  I shall offer to you a time framework of what you would term to be your 1600’s in this area.

I shall also express to you that that particular focus lends energy to you within this focus in offering you a recognition of a certain area of freedom, offering you energy that you may translate in this focus in the recognition that you are not separated from all that you view, and that although you view yourself within one particular body form, you are much more expansive even within this physical reality, and you are not limited in your energy to the expression of this particular body form.  You hold the ability to be merged with all elements of your reality, all elements of your environment and your universe, so to speak, for you ARE all of it.

NATHAN:  I understand that, yeah.

ELIAS:  This particular focus lends energy to that knowing within you and that sense of communion that you hold within your environment and the ease in which you interact within it.

It also offers you a lending of energy in not creating a distinction between yourself and other individuals also, for in like manner to how you commune within your environment, you also may merge and commune with all other individuals, for there is no separation.

The individual within that focus holds a partial objective knowing of this, of this lack of separation.  He does not hold an objective awareness of YOU.

NATHAN:  I think I know what you’re saying now — of the knowing that he’s connected with all.

ELIAS:  Correct, and that there is no separation, and therefore lends energy to you in this focus to be creating of a similar objective knowing, and in this, you draw that energy to yourself in recognition of this shift in consciousness and that you are moving yourself into a wider awareness of all of your reality.

I shall express to you also a clue.

NATHAN:  Can you say that again?

ELIAS:  A clue.

NATHAN:  A clue!  Okay.

ELIAS:  I shall offer to you a clue to be investigating with your comrades. (Smiling)  You all express individually, and also with each other, a tremendous desire to be investigating objectively your interconnectedness.  I have been encouraging of this for much time framework.  I shall offer to you also an invitation with this clue, that you may all collectively, within your group of individuals, interact with myself, not merely Michael, and if you are so choosing, I shall be helpful with you in guiding you into an investigation of one of your focuses that you hold collectively, and we shall engage together if you are so choosing.

In this, I offer to you that you have all held a focus together in a physical location of your South America, you have also all held a focus together in your physical location of Central America, and you have all held a focus together in your physical location of North America.  These are three focuses in which you all have participated together.  Each of you holds fascinations in different areas and magnates to different focuses in these particular areas.  Some of you magnate more to the focus within your northern America, some of you magnate more to the focus that engages Central America, and some of you magnate more to that focus in southern America, but you all magnate to these particular focuses, for they hold commonalities, and you have all manifest in this time framework within the action of this shift in — once again — incorporating a similar direction, and these focuses lend energy to that.

NATHAN:  Okay, yes.  Did we have the knowing in these other focuses that we would be together?

ELIAS:  Partially; not entirely objectively, but within the belief systems held in each of these focuses that we are speaking of, there are belief systems that incorporate an understanding of some elements of consciousness — you incorporate a knowing of your manifestations.  There are elements of distortion in that, for they are filtered through the belief systems of those particular societies, but they have incorporated knowings that you manifest in groups together and that you share more than one focus commonly together.

You also collectively hold other focuses in other areas, but these particular three focuses you magnate to presently more objectively.  Therefore, I direct your attention to be investigating those focuses.  I am not limiting you to those focuses in your investigations, but you each hold bleed-throughs objectively in this focus in conjunction with those focuses.  Therefore, this lends energy to an ease in your investigation in these areas, and collectively, as you choose to be investigating together, you may allow yourselves much of an ease in your gathering of information.

Now; be remembering that the point of this type of exercise or exploration is to be translating that energy which you draw to yourselves in this focus into an understanding of what you are creating and the direction that you are choosing in this focus and how those focuses lend energy to you, that you may be accomplishing in this focus efficiently within the action of this shift.

Each of these focuses lends to you a different aspect of energy in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, and you each lend to each other expressions of energy to be helpful to each other in your movements in this focus.

Therefore, my only cautioning in this area is that you do not distract yourselves into the viewing of these other focuses exclusively and adopting their belief systems as truths, but recognizing that all of these focuses hold their own belief systems, and in this, they are no more of an expression of truth than what you hold in this focus.  They are merely differences, but they all lend energy to you in this focus, that you may be widening your awareness far beyond any of those focuses.

NATHAN:  I understand that now.  Does that have a lot to do with the amount of people that are on the planet now?  Does that have to do with because there are so many people that ... well, a lot of people talk about getting back into the times of Atlantis and the Mayans and that consciousness that was on the planet, but we’re actually going beyond that.  So, we don’t want to get stuck in those belief systems of “the Native Americans did it this way” and so forth.  We want to take what we need and keep moving forward.

ELIAS:  Very good!  Yes.

NATHAN:  Another question is the use of psychedelics, mushrooms.  I had an experience on the 28th of May where I was at a gathering of people around a fire, and I happened to walk away from the fire and I threw in a Frisbee, and the mushrooms quote/unquote “kicked in.”  I was walking back to the fire and I noticed that the light came from the middle and went right up.  When the people were happy and there was laughter and the drumming was moving, the light was there, but as soon as it stopped, the light went away.  I’m moving in the direction of, how can I anchor that light and keep that light going?

ELIAS:  Why shall you move in the direction of attempting to be confining energy?  You view elements within your reality and you become excited, and you view the wondrousness of expressions within a moment and your inclination is to be holding to that experience and that expression of energy, and in your belief systems, you hold a thought process that if you may be holding to that energy, you shall perpetuate the expression, but this is not what you create!

I express to you that in actuality, the reverse occurs.  If you are not attempting to be holding to energy, if you are allowing the free flow of expression and allowing yourself objectively to be open and noticing of all of the energy that is in motion, you may be allowing yourself also to be objectively participating with that energy and viewing and experiencing continuously, but as you hold to that energy and attempt to be confining it, you also dissipate it.

NATHAN:  I see.  I guess what I noticed that night was how the energy ... especially this summer, I guess I’ve been noticing the patterns of the energy and how it moves, and I guess I have to move into the direction that it’s okay that the light isn’t always gonna be there, and I guess part of that is knowing that the light is always there but it’s a different form of light, and I have to be open to that and not placing judgment upon it.

ELIAS:  There!  THIS is what I am expressing to you.  It is not that the energy is not continuously present.  It is that you merely allow yourselves to participate with it — or OBJECTIVELY participate with it — and notice it within certain moments.

Now; the reason that you objectively view and experience this within certain moments is that you are collectively generating the expression of the manifestation of energy in this manner.  I have expressed many times previously, collectively you may be creating many, many wondrous expressions together that you may experience more difficulty in creating individually.  This is not to say that you may not be creating all of this individually, but collectively you lend energy to each other and you create a concentration of energy in volume, and this creates more of an ease to be creating of any element that you are so choosing within your physical dimension.

These expressions of energy are created within many forms.  Therefore, as you allow yourself to objectively view energy, notice all of the movement, not merely certain expressions.  Let me offer you a slight example.

Within the metaphysical belief systems, the expression of white is what you identify as the expression of light.  Therefore, you equate the color of white with the expression of light, and in this, you identify light as good.

Now; I express to you that energy is merely energy and is continuously within motion and is always expressed in many, many different manners ... and not always within the expression of the color of white!  It may be expressed throughout your color spectrum, and you may allow yourself the engagement of your color spectrum and you may surprise yourself at what you shall be experiencing moving THROUGH the energy of these particular vibrational qualities.

NATHAN:  Hmm.  Okay.  Going back to the light again, that night I also experienced something else.  I had to leave the surroundings because I was just so off balance, and I thought I should have been anchoring the light, but then I was going off in my own thoughts that were creating negativity, and then I thought I was contributing to the “darkness” — the quote/unquote darkness.

I went back to my van that night and I noticed that the birds seemed to be speaking to me, and they would affirm it through however they were chirping.  I let myself go, and then I found myself in a circle holding hands with men with long beards and long white coats, very long.  They were wearing white and they were just swirling in light.  I’m wondering if these men that I stood in the circle with holding hands ... the message that was coming to me was, it’s all connected.  That’s all I could get was those three words — it’s all connected, it’s all connected.

And I didn’t know if something actually happened that night globally, that there was some sort of major shift that happened that night, but I was wondering if you have any clues as to who these men were.  Are these the white brotherhood that I’ve heard of, or was this something that I was creating for myself to show myself something?

ELIAS:  I shall express to you that this is a projection of energy that you have created in objective imagery to yourself of many different aspects of yourself, but the message that is being offered is the interconnectedness of all of your reality.

I shall also express to you a validation that your confirming element of your creatures and your interaction is not your imagination, and this is an actual occurrence that you have allowed yourself to be participating within.

Therefore, I validate to you that this is reality and not what may be interpreted by other individuals as a manifestation of hallucination.  It is not.  This IS reality, and you have merely allowed yourself to open your awareness to participate in another avenue of your reality.

NATHAN:  Are the mushrooms the placebo?  Are the mushrooms really ... I understand like when I ingest them, I instantly connect with my higher self.  I feel like my thoughts are clear.  I feel like the connection with everything, with nature and with the totality of myself.  I feel that connection, and I know that I can feel that way without them.  What is it that stops me from getting to that point?

ELIAS:  Let me express to you, you are correct.  You may be creating this same action without the engagement of this particular substance, and you may also be creating it with the engagement of the substance.

I shall first of all address to you that within the engagement of ANY element that you identify as any particular substance within this dimension, most of what you shall experience is motivated and influenced by what you believe.  The actual innate quality which is expressed through the consciousness of the substance itself — which is its function intrinsic to itself in ALL of these different substances — is that it shall create a thickness of energy which shall be affecting of your perception.  This is the ONLY action that is innately intrinsic to the substance itself.

Beyond this, what occurs or what is created in conjunction with the ingesting of ANY type of substance upon your planet is directly influenced by the individual’s belief systems and their allowance of certain affectingnesses.

Therefore, some individuals may be incorporating substances and they may be experiencing what they term to be very negative elements and they place very strong judgments and belief systems upon these areas.  Other individuals may allow themselves an opening to their awareness.  It is very much an expression of the individual and what they shall allow within their individual experience.  It is not the substance itself which is creating specific responses.

Therefore, you hold the ability in the incorporation of any substance to be directing your experience within that.  This be the reason that I have expressed to many individuals that many of these substances may be incorporated within quite pleasurable experiences.  It is merely your belief systems that dictate differently to you.

I express to you that the incorporation of any of these actions is not right or wrong.  It merely is a choice of experience.  You hold the ability to be directing that experience, be it the incorporation of your term of mushrooms, or be it fermented incorporated elements in your alcohols, or your different incorporations of plants that you may be interactive with ... even within your synthetic creations of what you in physical focus term to be your synthetic drugs.  You hold very strong belief systems that they shall be incorporating certain actions, certain responses within you that are beyond your control.  They shall be affecting of you in certain manners that you view negatively.

I express to you, this is all the dictates of your belief systems.  You may incorporate any of these actions pleasurably and you may be manipulating your energy to be directed in whichever manner you are so choosing.  Therefore, if you are choosing to incorporate ANY of these elements into your reality and [to be] incorporating them as a facilitating action to widen your awareness or open to your different elements of consciousness, you may be engaging that action, and quite efficiently and quite realistically.

I hold no judgment upon any of these incorporations of what you choose to be engaging in your physical focus.  YOU have all created all of this for YOUR incorporation.

NATHAN:  Which leads me to the next one.  In ingesting nothing — fasting — I guess fasting is another way to achieve maybe the same feelings or experiences that you would when you are ingesting some sort of psychedelic.  Is there any information that you can give me on fasting?

ELIAS:  I shall express to you that within limited time frameworks, this shall incorporate no adverse affectingness of your physical form.  Your physical body holds a tremendous ability to be functioning within this dimension regardless of what you are incorporating in actions with it.

To a point, you may be disengaging any action of sustaining your physical body.  Beyond certain points, your physical body consciousness shall be responsive, for you have created a physical reality which functions within certain guidelines and your physical body consciousness is in agreement to those guidelines.  Therefore, you shall incorporate a point in this type of action in which your physical form shall be responsive to you and shall be communicating different messages, so to speak, to you to be incorporating different actions if you are so choosing to be continuing within physical focus, but this also incorporates a very large, extensive time framework prior to your body consciousness responding.

In this, once again, you may be incorporating very similar actions in fasting as you shall incorporate in the engagement of substances.

NATHAN:  Is it actually the body vibrating at a higher frequency?  Is it that the physicalness is actually vibrating at a higher frequency? (Pause)

ELIAS:  No, but I shall express to you that in the incorporation of lessening your intake of foodstuffs, so to speak, you do temporarily create the reverse action as to the incorporation of different substances.  The substances create a thickness within energy which is altering of perception.  The lack of incorporating any type of substance or aspects of foodstuffs or what you term to be nourishment to your physical body form is creating a temporary affectingness of a thinning of energy.  Both of these actions essentially create the same opportunity.  They are merely different movements of energy, but they create the same type of opportunity to be directing your energy in different manners, and they are both influenced by your belief systems.  In one direction, you attribute negative belief systems.  In the other direction, you attribute positive belief systems.  But you may be incorporating the same action in both directions.

NATHAN:  Right, I see.  There’s a man who has come into my life in the past year who has taught me much about staying healthy, and I would like to know if me and this man have been together in a tribal relationship before.  I feel very strongly connected to him, that he has many of the same energy patterns that I do or is maybe from the same essence family.  I was wondering if maybe you could give me his essence family or maybe some connection that we do hold in alternate realities.

ELIAS:  Very well.  I shall offer to you, this particular individual holds a similar relationship to you in two focuses, one within what you term to be native North American focus as a teacher, one within a focus of what you identify physically as Great Britain presently, in much earlier time framework physically, in a similar capacity, but in that capacity would be identified as a sorcerer and yourself as an apprentice.  Therefore, you do hold similar relationship in those two focuses.

NATHAN:  Kind of student/teacher?

ELIAS:  Correct.  In this, this be the reason that you experience within yourself a natural inclination to be listening and to be assimilating information in the manner of a student within this present now, for that energy bleeds through into this focus and is influencing of your interaction with this individual.

Be remembering that although it may be incorporating fun to be romanticizing these roles — and I am not discounting of the incorporation of information that you may be assimilating in these roles — I also express to you individually an encouragement to be recognizing that you may be incorporating within yourself both roles, of the student and the teacher.

NATHAN:  Yes, I can see that, especially in this time reference.

ELIAS:  Correct.

NATHAN:  It was really a godsend how he just came into in my life, and I feel like I’ve had a lot of people that came to me in my life, and I like that.  I can look at this and say, “This doesn’t happen to many people.”  One of the things he’s teaching me about is nutrition and keeping the body healthy, keeping the vessel healthy, and he is interested in being an experiment to see how long he can physically be in his body, and I was wondering if you ... this is also in Thoth, and he speaks of the Halls of Amenti and this place that you go to where your soul is rejuvenated and also your physical body is rejuvenated.  Maybe you could give me a little advice for him, something for him to look into, maybe a book — or some sort of avenue — that he could find some sort of pleasure in reading?

ELIAS:  There are many, many, many books upon your shelves presently, all of which shall merely offer you what you seek within validation of your individual belief systems.  Therefore, you shall magnate to the information that you hold comfort within in conjunction with your belief systems.

I express to you that you do hold the ability to be creating tremendous longevity in your physical dimension.  You merely hold belief systems that create obstacles and dictate preventions to the actualization of this, but beyond those belief systems that limit you, you may be creating of this action.

I shall also express to you that in validation — partially — to the direction of this individual, your physical form requires much less ingestion than you offer to it.  The sustaining of your physical form is not requiring of the tremendous volume of input physically that you within your societies offer to it continuously.

But I shall also express to you that your belief systems shall dictate to you your reality.

Therefore, whichever direction you are choosing to move into, you shall create a reality in conjunction with what you believe.  If you believe that certain elements being ingested shall be harmful to you, so they shall.  If you believe that you may incorporate all elements into your physical form, you shall allow this also.  It is merely a choice of what you choose to align with within your belief systems.

As to your inquiry of this individual within essence families, I offer to you that this individual holds the essence family of Sumari and the alignment within this focus of Ilda.

NATHAN:  (Laughing)  That’s what I thought! (Nathan is Sumafi/Ilda)

ELIAS:  Therefore, you may express to yourself the recognition in why you also resonate within your interactions and the identification of knowing of similar expressions of energy, for you DO hold similar expressions of energy within this focus.

I shall be offering the incorporation of one more subject matter that you may be inquiring of.

NATHAN:  Yeah, I just looked at the clock.  Time just goes right by when we get together!


NATHAN:  It’s all coming to one point!

I guess the last question I do have is, can give me any information about ... when I was two months old, I had a bone infection, and I’m wondering if this is something that is karmically affecting me from another life, or if in fact it is from this life, something I need to release or let go of in order for this to heal.

ELIAS:  Let me express to you initially:

Is this an affectingness karmically?  No!  I shall express quite intently, you may be experiencing affects within energy of other focuses, but they are not — NOT — expressed in the identification of what you term to be karma.  This is unequivocally a belief system!

This is a belief system that reinforces your involvement and your identification and your beliefs in duplicity.  This....

NATHAN:  In being a victim.

ELIAS:  It offers you a tremendous reinforcement of cause and effect, of duplicity, in that you shall reap what you sow.  What you put forth, you shall also acquire.  If you are offering the expression of the righteous, you shall be creating this within yourself and you shall reap your rewards.  If you are creating negativity and you are harmful to other individuals, you shall also reap the consequences.

THIS is the identification of the belief system of karma, and I may not express to you strongly enough that this is NOT in reality what you create within this dimension or any dimension or any expression of essence!

You do draw to yourselves experiences in your expressions that what you set forth you shall also draw to yourself, but this is directly dictated and created by your belief in this action of karma.  It is not a natural function of essence or of consciousness.

Experiences are experiences.  They are not right or wrong or good or bad, and there is no cause and effect.  It is all a choice of what YOU choose to be creating.

You shall draw to yourself in conjunction with your belief systems, not that it is dictated by the universe or the cosmos or all of consciousness that this is what you deserve, for there is no measurement of what you deserve.  You already are!  Therefore....

NATHAN:  I’ve been floating on that one for a while, that belief system.  I think initially I didn’t believe in karma, but then I’ve had so many encounters with or information from other people I’ve talked with that are so....

ELIAS:  It is a VERY strong belief system within your physical dimension.  Many, many, many individuals hold very strongly to this belief system and reinforce it continuously in their creations of drawing to themselves events and circumstances that validate this to them, but THEY are creating this and it is THEIR choice.  It is NOT cause and effect that is beyond their control and inflicted upon them OR rewarded to them.

NATHAN:  Right.  It is choice.  It’s funny ‘cause I know that, but how could I still hold the belief system of that?  It’s like I’m missing a few steps, and I catch myself.  It’s just cleaning out the closet, so to speak, you know?

ELIAS:  It is the familiar and the unfamiliar — the recognition of the belief system that has been held for much time framework and the movement into the unfamiliar and the new, recognizing that you hold these belief systems and this is neither good or bad, and you shall continue to hold these belief systems but they need not be affecting of you.  There IS a difference.

In this, you have not been karmically affected, but you HAVE created in this focus a physical affectingness, that you may offer to yourself an objective challenge.

NATHAN:  I see.  More or less, it’s mind over matter.  I can heal myself, and I can prove it to myself because I actually have some sort of ailment that I can prove to myself that I can heal myself.

ELIAS:  You may VALIDATE to yourself that you hold the ability to be altering ANY element of your reality, no matter how absolute it appears, for within....

NATHAN:  That’s the hardest thing, you know!

ELIAS:  Quite!  And within your reality, THERE ARE NO ABSOLUTES.  I have been expressing this for much time framework, but individuals do not hear.  There are no absolutes!  You THINK there are absolutes.

NATHAN:  That’s what gives us comfort.

ELIAS:  Quite.  This offers you a ...

NATHAN:  I’m glad there’s no absolutes! (Laughing)

ELIAS:  ... feeling of security and solidity.

But in actuality, there are no absolutes, and there is NO THING within your reality that you may not alter if you are so choosing, even bone.

I shall express to you, you may inquire to Michael.  You have asked for the identification of a book.  Inquire to Michael.  Express the terms to Michael of altering of a bone, and he shall identify and hold a remembrance of a book that he may offer to you, and you may view that within your physical reality, it is merely a choice, and you hold the ability to be altering ANY element in your reality, no matter how solid or how absolute it may appear to you.  This is merely a challenge that you have offered to yourself to validate to yourself all of the abilities that you hold.

NATHAN:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome, my friend.  I offer to you great affection and encouraging energy to be continuing upon your quest, you and all of your young Sumafi warriors, (chuckling) within your expression of our shift and your quest for information and what you term to be truth. (Chuckling)

To you this day, I offer an influx of blue energy that you may hold with you — not white! (Chuckling)

NATHAN:  Is it those little blue jays that fly by my window?

ELIAS:  HA HA HA!  And I shall continue my interaction with you, and we shall meet again!

NATHAN:  Thank you very much.

ELIAS:  To you this day, in great lovingness, I bid adieu.

Elias departs at 2:09 PM.


(1)  I have removed three words from the following phrase: “In this, it has created a type of breakpoint within the energy, and in that breakpoint, individuals that previously were experiencing — this is in general, but not entirely — [that were experiencing] an ease find themselves momentarily experiencing different elements of intolerance within them.”  The words removed are those in brackets.

(2)  I rarely include a (?) in a transcript, but my attempts to “fill in the blank” were unsuccessful, and Nathan is running around in the woods somewhere.  Does anybody know the correct word? Postscript:  The (?) has been replaced by the word “Amenti.”

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