Session 429

Intolerance of Difference


“Intolerance of Difference”
“Fear/Resistance to Change”
“More Translations of Color”
“The Measure of One’s Worth”

Wednesday, July 21, 1999-1 © 1999 (Private/Phone)
Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Jim (Yarr).
Elias arrives at 11:02 AM. (Arrival time is 20 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good morning, Yarr!

JIM:  Good morning, Elias!  I know you are “as always!” (Laughing)


JIM:  I’m trying to get there too! (Elias chuckles)

I have some inquiries today for myself, and a question for Michael, and maybe you can help me with some insights and some clarifications from our last session.

ELIAS:  Very well.

JIM:  What Michael and I were talking about just before you stopped by was her neighbors and what she’s experiencing, and how she can deal with them and hopefully create a peaceful co-existence without removing herself.  These people seem to hold, I guess, a great deal of fear, and they’re expressing it within anger and hate, and she’s curious as to what’s up with that.

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  I shall express to you that you may offer to Michael, in conjunction with this situation, first of all, the understanding that, as I have stated previously, you occupy a time framework presently in which much energy has been lent, and therefore the expressions move into extremes in many areas presently.  I have expressed to you all previously to be noticing within this final year of your millennium that many different expressions shall be and are escalating, so to speak, and you hold an awareness of this in individual and mass expressions and events.

In this, it continues, and I may express also that Michael is not immune from the interactions of these types of expressions!  The element of fearfulness, the element of lack of acceptance, the element of resistance is quite strong, and shall continue to be so for a time framework.  In this, many individuals are experiencing similar situations of intolerance, judgment, and much fear and resistance to difference and change.

Now; in this particular situation that Michael is presenting himself with presently, the individuals that are expressing this prejudice, so to speak — in your terminology — are motivated by two elements: one, viewing initially Michael’s presence in this location in one type of expression, and subsequently viewing Michael’s change into a different type of expression.

Now; this creates a confusion within other individuals, and this is a noticeable change, which also creates an element of fear.

Individuals are not merely fearful of change within themselves and that they may create, but they are also fearful and resistant with the changes that other individuals may be creating, for if other individuals are creating change, this may also be affecting of them within their perception, and in actuality it IS affecting of them, although they do not always hold the objective awareness of this affectingness.

In this, the individuals also hold very strong belief systems in certain areas, and be remembering that within this time framework, you are also experiencing a wave in consciousness which addresses to the belief system of sexuality.  Therefore, all individuals are affected and expressing in some manner in conjunction with this wave.

Therefore, I express to Michael that these individuals hold no difference in this respect, for they also are being affected by this wave in consciousness.  Their expression is created outwardly as motivated by fear and a lack of acceptance, but it is also influenced by this wave in consciousness.

Now; Michael may express the inquiry as to what may they be fearful of, for he views himself not to be expressing himself within a threatening manner.  But this matters not, for individuals are creating of fearfulness within themselves in relation to elements of their reality that they do not accept, that are unfamiliar to them, that they do not understand, and that they hold strong belief systems concerning, that move in different directions to what they view or what they experience.  And also, as I have stated, there is great resistance and fear connected with change.

Michael exudes change.  This is his natural expression.  He is continuously moving into areas of change.  Therefore, his very presence with other individuals emanates change.

Vic’s note:  That’s an understatement!  HA HA!

ELIAS:  In this, the energy may be disturbing with certain individuals, as they may be quite resistant to the mere concept of change objectively.

Now; as to his questioning of how he may peaceably co-exist or be addressing to this situation, I express to him that this would be a very good opportunity to be practicing all that he knows already, in continuing to be expressing himself in the trust of self and acceptance of self and the acceptance of his choices, and in this, he need not be altering of his expression or his choices, and also recognizing that as he does not lend energy to the perpetuation of these expressions of other individuals, it shall matter not.

Now; mind you, I am not expressing that in his acceptance of self and his trust of self and his continuation of his expressions, within and outwardly, that this may necessarily be altering of these other individuals’ expressions, for objectively, it may or it may not.

I express to him presently that within the present most probable probabilities, these individuals shall not necessarily be moving into the area of actualizing outward manifestations of physical hurtfulness, but they may be, within their most probable choice of probabilities, continu[ing] to be creating an outward, objective expression of annoyance.

In this, it matters not.  The point is not to be concentrating or occupying your thought process and your energy in the direction of changing another individual’s reality, but concerning yourself with your own reality, for this automatically is affecting.

In this, in the acceptance of self, there is a lending of energy throughout consciousness that IS affecting within a mass scale.  It may not necessarily be viewed individually within his direct objective contact with certain individuals, but it shall be affecting en masse, and it shall also be affecting, in part, of the expressions of these particular individuals.

But be remembering that you may be influencing ONLY as another individual allows you to be influencing.  Therefore, recognizing this reality, that you may be influencing merely as another individual accepts your influence, we move back into the expression of self.

As I have expressed to other individuals — Michael may be listening to this also — in the genuine expression of acceptance of self, it shall matter not what these individuals choose to be creating within their objective, outward expressions.  He may employ his buffer exercise if he is so choosing, and I may be reminding him also that in this type of situation, the reason other individuals are affecting is that their expression is triggering of certain mirror elements.

Now; you may express to him also to be remembering that mirror elements, mirror expressions, are not necessarily expressed in the same or like manner, but underlyingly, they are the same.

Therefore, in this, these individuals express a lack of acceptance and a tremendous judgment.

Now; Michael [may] look to the underlying mirror action that he expresses also, in assessing that some behaviors are acceptable and good and some behaviors are not acceptable and bad.

Within your societies, a mass expression is an intolerance of difference.  This moves in both directions.  It moves in one direction that you term to be prejudice — an intolerance of difference in the manner of singling out, so to speak, choices in the area of sexuality and preferences, choices in the area of manifesting into certain ethnic or cultural groups ... there are intolerances of differences in different religious factions.  You separate and separate and separate, and you create intolerances of many different groups of individuals that you express are unacceptable.  Their reality is bad, and it is unacceptable, and it need be altered.

But conversely, individuals that view themselves to not be participating in this type of expression ARE simultaneously engaging the same expression in a different manner, for they look to these groups of individuals that are outwardly expressing a lack of acceptance and intolerance to any area of difference and diversity and they express to themselves, “Ah!  This expression of prejudice and intolerance is very bad, and I am not accepting of these individuals who are not accepting.  THEY should be accepting.  I need not be accepting, for I am already accepting, but THEY should be accepting of differences within all individuals, regardless of their race or their religion or their color or their expression of sexual preference or how they look, whether they be tall or short or thin or fat or male or female or whatever.”  And in this, Michael’s expression — and many, many, many other individuals, yourself also, Yarr — is no different.

JIM:  Yes, I hear!  I hear myself in that deeply as well.

ELIAS:  For this also is a lack of acceptance of another individual’s choice and their perception, WHICH IS THEIR REALITY, and the reason that you do not accept this is, it is different from your expression and your perception — it is not the manner that you choose to be expressing yourself outwardly — and in this, there is created a judgment, and the mirror expression is created.

JIM:  (Sighing)  I hear that!  Okay, that answers a lot, I know for myself and for all of us.  That’s pretty interesting.  It’s a lot of the way that I kind of thought along the lines of, but I appreciate the insight.  I’m gonna take a good look at all that.  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome.

I am aware that these are difficult areas for you all, in addressing to these belief systems.  These are expressions of duplicity, and this belief system is immensely strong!  Therefore, I hold an awareness of the difficulty in which you move outside of the expression and the affectingness of this belief system and into the expression of acceptance.

JIM:  Okay.  Patience, huh? (Laughing)

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha!

JIM:  In our last session, as far as color goes, I had asked for the sounds of white and magenta.  I didn’t quite know why or what that was about, and I wasn’t quite understanding of the answer you gave me, but some situations have presented themselves to me to where I began to connect with that, especially within a healing expression, using the word “som” and visualizing white.  It seemed to help with the building of energy and the lending of energy, and within myself.  Can you offer the other sounds for the other colors that we hold within our energy centers?  I have an impression that perhaps yellow might be “woe,” but I’m not quite sure. (Pause)

ELIAS:  Very well.  Vibrational tone qualities associated with vibrational qualities of colors, in association to each other.  Recognize that these are translations, once again, into your physical language, and not entirely accurate.

JIM:  Okay.

ELIAS:  Red: lo, L-O. (pronounced low)  Orange: mu, M-U. (pronounced moo)  Yellow: wah, W-A-H. (pronounced as rhyming with saw)

JIM:  Hmm.  I was close, huh?

ELIAS:  Quite!  Green: ti, T-I. (pronounced tee)  Pink: si, S-I. (pronounced see)  Blue: rai, R-A-I. (pronounced ray)  Indigo: whou, W-H-O-U. (pronounced hwoo)  Violet or purple: mai, M-A-I. (pronounced may)  Are you wishing of black also?

JIM:  Yes, please.  Sumafi!

ELIAS:  Nah, N-A-H. (pronounced as rhyming with saw)

JIM:  Great.  Okay, thank you.  I’m gonna play with those.  Just one clarification on indigo, W-H-O-U, that was pronounced “who”?

ELIAS:  Hwoo. (emphasizing the “H”)

JIM:  I’m sorry.  Once again?

ELIAS:  Hwoo.

JIM:  Hwoo?

ELIAS:  Correct.

JIM:  Okay, thank you.  That’s gonna be interesting.  Okay, thank you very much.

ELIAS:  You are welcome.

JIM:  Orientations — I’ve found your information here recently very interesting and very soothing in many areas.  My orientation in this focus, intermediate? (Elias chuckles)  Soft! (Laughing)

ELIAS:  Very good guessing! (Chuckling)  Let me express to you, Yarr, look to your focus and the expressions of self within your focus.  You are much too much outwardly expressive within your focus to be intermediate! (Chuckling)  I express to you, correct.  You hold the orientation of soft.

JIM:  Okay.  That’s where I went first, and then I started second-guessing, and then I....


JIM:  Okay, that once again ties in a lot.  Okay, I’m gonna continue investigating that.

As far as objective and subjective focus, as you expressed in our last session in relationship to Michael and Lawrence, I feel that I tend to create things more objectively in this focus, but then I seem to create a lot of things subjectively too, within my inner intuition and inner self.

ELIAS:  Correct.

JIM:  I was wondering if you could help me with some clarification on my perception and my viewing.

ELIAS:  You are correct, and in this, you are expressing quite naturally within the context of your orientation, which would be an expression of objective and subjective creations in continuous conjunction with each other, appearing to you to be what you may express as equal measure, so to speak.  Although you may choose to be creating many elements subjectively — as are all individuals — there is also an awareness of the translation into objective imagery.  In this, this would be a natural quality of this particular orientation.

Now; this may be confusing to many individuals, for you are ALL creating objectively and subjectively continuously, but the difference is perception, and in this, be remembering that your perception creates your reality.  It is the tool that you engage to be creating your reality.

In this, individuals holding the orientation of common, as I have stated, are creating outwardly, or this may be expressed in different terms — that their primary expression within their perception is objective.

Individuals holding the orientation of intermediate, their primary area of perception is subjective, and although they are translating their reality into objective terms, as are you all, their perception moves more singularly to self, therefore turning their attention subjectively.

In the orientation of soft, it is the creation of both, which manifests through perception of an objective awareness that you ARE creating much movement subjectively, and you are translating that into objective mirror imagery.

In this, as I have stated, it is the situation of perception that holds the difference.  Individuals within common or intermediate orientations do not always allow themselves an objective recognition of their subjective movement.  They may hold information and they may avail themselves of information, but as you are speaking with them and recognizing through their perception, you shall notice that they move in the direction of identifying their reality as manifesting through imagery — for the most part, in a manner of speaking — objectively within common, subjectively within intermediate, although intermediate individuals may be quite confused in this area many times! (Chuckling)

But within the orientation of soft, generally speaking, individuals, regardless of the information that they avail themselves of and regardless of how they identify their creations through their perception, their perception shall move them into directions that they shall express that their creations move through subjective creation which is mirrored objectively.  They may employ different terms.  Some individuals may express that they hold an awareness of their inner voice and are continuously listening and being directed by their inner voice ... or their higher self or an angel or God or many different other types of expressions.  They are all the same.  It matters not.  It is a recognition of this subjective movement that motivates the objective creation of their reality.

JIM:  Hmm.  Interesting.  That makes a lot of sense.  Okay, I’ll look that over again too.  That’s pretty interesting.  Thank you.

I’ve had a tremendous amount of imagery here lately with the ponies — once again, with my creatures! — and with colic.  I guess it kind of ties into this wave of extremes, from one extreme to the other.  And also, the pony of the individual that I had met thirteen years ago, and the seeming set of circumstances and seeming coincidences that brought us all together, and then that pony dying of colic when it was given to the other individual, and how I was in the right place at the right time to meet this person, and so forth.  I’d like some insight as to what is going on here.  Is this, once again, following my desire and my intent in widening my expression, in teaching and learning and just moving forward?  It’s been quite interesting and quite involved these last few months!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  I shall express to you that partially you are correct that this is a continuation of movement in relation to your individual intent in this focus, and this be the reason that you have objectively drawn yourself to this situation.  You are also correct in the affectingness of this wave in conscious, and also the energy which moves within intensity in this time framework in conjunction with this shift in consciousness.

In this, as in like manner to our discussion in relation to Michael and the situation that he draws himself to, you also offer yourself the opportunity to view the resistance to change, which is offered in objective imagery in cooperation with the creature.  Be remembering, disengagement does not hold the significance within creatures that it holds with you.  They do not view through belief systems in the same manner that you view.  Therefore, the creation of disengagement is quite different.  It is recognized as merely another choice, and does not hold all of the concepts and implications and responses and triggers and feelings and thoughts that it holds with you.

In this, in responsiveness to the expression of resistance to change, change is implemented in objective terms, and involving this creature and in cooperation of the expression of resistance to change, the creature has objectified an extreme expression which quite parallels efficiently the expression of the individuals that have involved themselves in this creation.

You also draw yourself into this imagery, that you may offer yourself the opportunity to view the resistance to change and the strength of this resistance.  It also presents a challenge to you to be offering information and helpfulness in the manner of understanding to other individuals, but within the context of their reality; not merely projecting your concepts through your perception of only your reality, but incorporating the difference — underline this word — and accepting that another individual’s perception IS in actuality reality, and moving yourself into the challenge of offering helpfulness and information within that context.

You move yourself into fuller expressions now.  You have offered yourself much practice within your own sphere.  You have offered yourself much of a time framework with yourself and with interaction with myself and offering yourself information, and in this, you have allowed yourself to assimilate much, and now you may move into wider areas of expression in allowing yourself the challenge, not merely to be offering information and helpfulness, but to be offering that information and helpfulness IN THE CONTEXT OF ANOTHER INDIVIDUAL’S REALITY.

JIM:  I can understand that, but ... it makes a lot of sense.  I can relate to all of that.  Hmm.  The animal communicator, the psychic, so to speak, that this one woman, Susan, had involved with the death of her pony ... I had expressed to her that this animal, the one that died, had fulfilled her value fulfillment.  The animal communicator expressed that this animal didn’t want to leave her present family and didn’t want to move to the other family.  I know there isn’t a right or wrong, but I kind of feel that maybe the communicator was influenced by their own beliefs in a way, and giving some of their own feelings and some of their own expressions, and maybe not reading all that was in that situation in that action?

ELIAS:  In one respect I may express to you, of course there is a translation through the individual’s belief systems, but I shall also express to you that the terminology and the words may be expressed differently, but essentially, the same information has been offered.

The creature is expressing a resistance to change in responsiveness to the individuals that are cooperating with it and allowing it to be expressing their expressions, their perception, their feelings, emotions, and thoughts in the area of change, recognizing that there are many changes occurring throughout your globe, individually and en masse.  There is great energy movement in this time framework, and it is felt and known by all individuals regardless of how they identify this energy movement, and therefore they are responsive, and in this, the creature, in cooperation and agreement, has objectified the statement, so to speak, or the expression of this resistance to change.  The other individual may express that the creature was not wishing to be moving to a new location, but what is this expression?  It is a resistance to change.  Therefore, it is essentially correct.

Your assessment of the situation is also correct, for the creature HAS fulfilled its value fulfillment, and if it were not fulfilling its value fulfillment to its fullest, it would be continuing, but it HAS created the agreement and it HAS created the choice to be in compliance with the expression of the individuals that have involved themselves with this creature, and in cooperation to them, it has chosen to be creating its final expression in its value fulfillment, and therefore, disengaged.

JIM:  So everything, our creatures, our plants, everything within our reality on our planet expresses this wave, this energy, this change.

ELIAS:  Yes.  Look to your weather!

JIM:  And our weather, exactly.

ELIAS:  (Firmly)  In this, Yarr, now view!  This ALL moves in conjunction to each other in this subject matter.

Now; I have expressed to you that in this situation, you have drawn yourself into this situation that you may view new challenges in offering information and helpfulness in the context of other individuals’ realities.  You provide yourself with a very clear example of another individual’s reality, in their expression of why this creature shall choose to be disengaging, and view your response: questioning.  Your response is not necessarily accepting and moving into the area of this individual’s reality, which is quite real!

It is an expression of difference.  It is not the same as your reality.  The perception is different; the language is different.  It may appear to you as simplistic, but even this is a judgment.  It is merely a different expression, which is motivated through a different perception, which is reality!  But as I have stated, essentially, the meaning, the expression is the same as what I offer to you.

The words may be expressed differently, but this matters not.  The concept is the same.  The movement is the same.  The actualization is the same, and this is the example that you present yourself with also, recognizing the sameness or the similarity — which we have spoken of previously — recognizing the similarity in the difference, and accepting the difference, and moving within that context.

JIM:  Hmm.  Once again, that makes a lot of sense. (Elias chuckles)  Oh my.  Okay, I shall continue to create and investigate.

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha!

JIM:  A couple of other questions.  The psychic that I’d gone to a number of months ago, that we’ve spoken about, had expressed that some things will be occurring with three individuals.  There seems to be some people and situations entering in my life that to my viewing have been created effortlessly, with the development of working with animals and working with people and the development of a large health center and so forth.  Does this tend to be the most probable area of my movement presently and futurely, in working with these three individuals, within what she was talking about?  I feel that this is something that I haven’t objectively paid attention to or objectively created.  It just seems to be being offered to me.

ELIAS:  Let me express to you in this situation, first of all, within your questioning of probabilities.  Presently, in the direction that you move into, yes, this is a very probable probability, for you have already set into motion a line of probabilities subjectively, which now begin to actualize objectively within your reality.

But I may also express to you that within this time framework and your widening of awareness, it is not a situation, so to speak, for your inquiring of myself as to the more or less probable-ness of these types of probabilities, for you have moved yourself into an awareness now that you are recognizing that ALL of these probabilities do not merely present themselves to you, but that you have set these into motion already, and are now drawing to you the objectification of what you have already moved into.  Therefore, it moves outside of the concern of what may be more or less probable within probabilities, and more so into the expression of merely whether you choose to move into a certain direction — or not — for the reason that it offers you pleasure.

JIM:  Okay, got that.  Okay.

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha!

JIM:  Let’s see.  In our last session or the one before, when we were talking about physical condition and weight, you expressed heaviness and you said, “Be noticing of this word.”  I’ve been thinking about that quite a bit.  Can you elaborate on why you used that term of heaviness within that previous answer?

ELIAS:  There are certain elements of your reality, Yarr, that I express to you, you continue to hold a certain element of heaviness within energy with respect to those certain areas, so to speak, of your attention within your focus.

There are areas of continued expressions of lack of acceptance of self in relation to how you are perceived by other individuals; for the most part, family individuals.  There are continued to be expressions of personal responsibility held in relation to your partner and also to your outward expressions of what you term to be your business, for your business, in conjunction with your partner, is intimately involved in your relationship.  You hold a relationship to your creatures in similar manner that you hold a relationship to your partner, and you hold personal responsibility in both of these areas.  You also, as I have stated, hold issues in the area of self-perception in relation to family.  These are ongoing issues that you do address to, but have not entirely moved through and dismantled these particular shrines.  Therefore, there continues to be an element of weightiness in energy in these areas, for this reflects upon you in how you perceive you, in what you assess of yourself.

Now; I express to you that presently, this becomes an issue that is surfacing objectively with many individuals presently.  It is also influenced by this wave in consciousness, as individuals are opening to the exploration of self and addressing to areas that may be uncomfortable, that address to how they view themselves — and you also — and THE MEASURE OF ONE’S WORTH.

In this, I shall express to you in like manner of other individuals:

Your worth is not determined by the opinions or the perceptions of other individuals.  Your worth is not even determined by your own experiences and your own perception, for your perception of yourself is quite influenced and colored by your belief systems, and your worth is independent of your belief systems and is independent of other individuals’ belief systems and expressions.

Therefore, in like manner to many other individuals — although I am quite acknowledging of your movement in your trust much more fully expressed in self than what you have been expressed in past.  You move now into areas of much more of an acceptance and trust of self.

But you do continue to hold certain elements of your perception which move in the direction of questioning or discounting your worth in the acceptance of the expressions of other individuals, OR through your OWN perception of how other individuals MAY perceive you.  It is not necessarily even expressed by other individuals, but what you perceive that other individuals shall view you as, and this moves in the direction of your perception of the measure of your worth.

This is surfacing also and continues to do so as you widen your awareness, that you allow yourself more and more opportunity to be addressing to these shrines, these issues, that you may dismantle this and move much more fully into the area of acceptance and trust of self, and therefore much more efficiently be executing the objectification of your intent in conjunction with this shift.

And this is all the point, that individuals all shall be providing themselves with more and more objective awareness, more and more challenges to be widening their awareness, and as they move more and more in these directions, they also lend more energy to the actualization of the insertion of this shift in consciousness into the entirety of your reality.

JIM:  Wow.  Okay.  Just a few things to work on there! (Laughing)

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha!

JIM:  No biggie!  (Here, Elias laughs softly to himself)

Okay, there’s one last question here for Rudim.  I saw her last night and she expressed that she really enjoyed being with you, and I was a little jealous!  I enjoy our conversations, but I look forward to our objective interaction visually, for myself.

She was asking about the probabilities of her invention of “Quick Clean,” if this is a direction and a probability that has been lined up and could objectify in the manner that she would like it to.

ELIAS:  (Smiling)  I shall express to Rudim that energy may be lent in this direction to the objectification of this particular creation and the want that accompanies this creation — for I am quite aware of what Rudy WANTS in this area — and if projecting energy into this manifestation in the area of trust and not merely in the area of objectifying financial gain as the answer, so to speak, then she may be accomplishing.  But if projecting energy into this area from the motivation of creating a certain type of yield as an objective answer to other situations, then I shall express to be re-examining the motivation.

JIM:  Okay.  I know she’ll relate to that!  Interesting.  (Elias chuckles)  Okay.  Well, you’ve given me quite a bit to think about and quite a bit to work with.  Thank you very much.  I appreciate, once again, your candor and your patience and your friendship in all areas.  Thank you very much.  That’ll be all for today.

ELIAS:  And I offer to you, mon cher, a continuation of encouragement as I proceed with you! (Chuckling)

JIM:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  And we shall continue within our interactions, and relatively speaking, within objective terms, you may be offering yourself the opportunity to be objectively engaging myself once again.  Therefore, it is unnecessary for your expression of jealousy!  HA HA!

JIM:  (Laughing)  Oh gosh!  Thank you.

ELIAS:  Ha ha!  We shall meet again, my friend!

JIM:  Yes, we shall! (Elias chuckles)  Good day.

ELIAS:  Very well.  I offer to you great affection and lovingness this day, and bid you a very fond — and very blue — au revoir!

Elias departs at 12:18 PM.

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