Session 423

Religious/Metaphysical Beliefs


“Religious/Metaphysical Beliefs”
“Acceptance/It Matters Not!”

Wednesday, July 14, 1999 © 1999 (Private/Phone)
Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Joe (Holden).
Vic’s note:  Elias is very intent/intense throughout this session.
Elias arrives at 11:47 AM. (Arrival time is 23 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good morning!

JOE:  Good morning!

ELIAS:  We meet again!

JOE:  Yes, sir!  (Elias chuckles, and there is a brief pause)

ELIAS:  You may proceed.

JOE:  Thank you.  Basically, I asked for this private session because there’s been so dog-gone many things happening.  And because of what you’ve been saying and the transcripts that are being transcribed, I’m starting to make observations that I didn’t previously make and having ideas that I’ve not thought about — manifestations happening, books being opened to the right page at the right time, that sort of thing. (Elias chuckles)  So, I kind of asked for this private session to clarify my understanding of some of the things that have been happening here, and I hope you’ll excuse me if some of this seems a little disjointed.  I’m trying hard with this self-trust thing.

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  Very well!

JOE:  Now, I know that in the last private session, you alluded to the fact that my back problems were due to the conflict between my religious and metaphysical beliefs, at least I think so.  That was my understanding of what was said.  Now, I believe my intent is to shed my religious beliefs, for the most part, and accept the metaphysical belief system as much closer to actual reality and align with it.  Do you have any comments on that?

ELIAS:  Let me clarify to you in expressing that this is not a situation of discarding one set of belief systems and replacing them or re-aligning yourself with a different set of belief systems, expressing to yourself that one is preferable to the other.

I express to you that in this situation, I have stated to you — in our previous session — the element of balance.

In this, what I am expressing to you is to be examining all of the aspects of these beliefs and recognizing that they are merely different usages of terminologies for very similar concepts and are influencing in very similar manners, regardless of the different angles that they approach your reality with.

Now; let me be clear.  It matters not that you view a religious belief or a metaphysical belief, in your terms.  They may be the same aspect of the same belief system.  They are merely different angles of the same beliefs.  In this, one angle may appear more pleasing than another angle, and in this, you may align more easily with that one angle than you do with a different angle.

Look to the analogy once again of the bird cage and the birds.

In this, you look before you and view one particular bird.  In one action, you may be viewing that one bird from behind, and you may not appreciate the viewing that you are engaging of this particular bird.  Therefore, you move your position and you face the bird, and this angle of viewing the same bird may appear to you to be much more pleasing.  Therefore, you may be accepting of this bird much more easily, but also be recognizing that the bird itself is the same.

In this, I express to you that you may move yourself into the position of viewing metaphysical beliefs, and this may be facilitating your movement into acceptance more easily, but also be remembering that the beliefs that you are viewing are the same.  They are merely different expressions of the same belief.

In this, as I have stated previously to other individuals who have inquired, at times it may be beneficial to you, in your perception, to be changing your beliefs.  In actuality, you are not necessarily changing, per se, your belief systems, but you are viewing those belief systems from different angles, and therefore they appear to you to be quite different, as their expressions are different.

In this action, it may become easier for you to be moving in the direction of acceptance of the belief system by viewing an angle of each aspect of the belief that is more appealing to you and offers you less conflict within you.

Therefore, in this, as you move in the direction of viewing these beliefs from the angle of metaphysics, you may be benefiting your individual movement in allowing you to be more accepting of these beliefs from this angle, recognizing that they also are not truths but aspects of belief systems, but that these create less conflict in your interaction with them, and therefore you may create an ease in your own movement in your acceptance of these different aspects of belief systems.

Be remembering also, what I have expressed to you is the situation of balance, and in this, I am instructing you to be remembering that ALL of these expressions are aspects of belief systems.  They are merely different directions and expressions of these belief systems.

Therefore, if you are allowing yourself to be balancing all of the aspects of beliefs, you shall also be lessening your holding to energy and your creation of individual conflict.

In this, if you are moving into the direction of discarding any particular aspects of beliefs, expressing to yourself that they are bad or worse or less efficient than any other aspects of beliefs, you may be thwarting your individual efforts in the area of balance, for you are automatically creating a judgment as to those particular aspects of beliefs that you are attempting to be discarding, reinforcing the element of duplicity by creating separations that one direction is better than a different direction.

Are you understanding?

JOE:  Well, I’m a little dense in this area. (Elias grins)  Rather than a generality, let me give you a specific.  I’ve completely moved away from the Christian belief and the Christian-type god, and have more or less adopted the fact that I am God, and with that comes the responsibility for trusting of self and — how do I put it? — taking a look at my actions and seeing them for what they are, and to be observant and trustful of self ... and along those lines.

So that’s the kind of thing I mean when I say that I’m shedding the beliefs in a Christian-type god and trusting in myself and taking on the responsibility for that rather than giving the responsibility for my actions to somebody else.  I completely and absolutely take responsibility for my own actions, in my own way and for that reason.  I don’t know ... maybe you could comment on that a little bit.  But that’s more like a specific sort of thing rather than the general question that I posed to you previously.

ELIAS:  I am understanding.  Now; in the context of this specific direction, let me also offer you the explanation in relation to what YOU view as the difference between religious aspects of beliefs and your separation into metaphysical beliefs, which also may be considered religious belief systems.

In this, you are moving your attention from one area to a different area.  Specifically, you view that within the context of certain religious belief systems, as Christian belief systems, that you are looking outside of self to some type of supreme being and placing your trust in that supreme being, and also placing the responsibility for your reality upon that supreme being — God, if you will.

In this, you turn your attention to a different angle of beliefs and move your direction into the area of metaphysics, and you view this to be quite different in its expression, for you view yourself to be turning your attention to self, placing your trust in self, and assuming responsibility for your creations of your reality.

Now, let us in actuality compare these different angles of this belief system.

Within what you designate as the Christian belief, you are looking to God and you are offering yourself an area that you perceive as a lack of acceptance of responsibility for your individual actions, for you may place these upon outside influences.

In this, as we compare to the metaphysic beliefs, I express to you that within metaphysical beliefs, you move in a similar direction, for within metaphysical beliefs, you are not entirely trusting of self as “you the focus” and that “you the focus” IS all of essence, but looking to essence as a separation from the focus, and this becomes your new god.

In this, essence is removed from you as your individual higher self, which is your god.  You are placing your attention in the area of expressing that you hold responsibility for all of your creations within your physical focus, but you also move in the direction of expressing that essence may be creating some influences in relation to you that may be for your “higher good” that are not within your individual focus control, which is incorrect.

I express to you that BOTH areas are aspects of the same belief, and direct you into new areas — that you look to self as the self that you are familiar with within physical focus, the very you that you identify yourself as being; not an elusive, cosmic, universal being that is removed from you, but the very physical expression that you identify as yourself — Joseph — within physical focus.  This is the entirety of your spirituality, of essence, of consciousness, of REALITY, and in this, as you move into the direction of acceptance of self — not within nonphysical terms but within very physical terms, recognizing that all of essence is present and functioning within your physical expression — this offers you the opportunity to view the limitlessness of your abilities within physical focus.

Now; in this, let me offer you also the expression of these beliefs.

Do you believe that you may materialize, within this very moment NOW, any physical element of your choosing before you?  An apple — shall you materialize within your hand presently, within this very now, an apple?  No, for you do not believe you hold this ability, for you separate essence from the focus.

And what be the difference of separating essence from the focus and God from the self?  There is no difference.  They are the same aspect of belief systems.  They are merely different angles of the same belief system.

As to the expression of responsibility, within your religious belief systems, you hold responsibility!  You hold responsibility in relation to God.  You hold rules, and you regulate your focus, and you express quite strongly that there are certain expressions within physical focus that are right, that are wrong, that are good, that are bad, and as you move in directions of creating your reality in relation to other individuals — and even within self — you hold a great awareness of the responsibility that you assume within physical focus.  In this respect, you may hold MORE of a responsibility individually and personally than is necessary!

As you move your attention into the direction of metaphysics, you continue to hold responsibility for the creation of your reality.  You merely approach this aspect differently.  You view your responsibility in a different manner, and in this, you turn your attention to self in a different angle, and therefore you express that you hold responsibility for your creation of your reality.  You express that there are no accidents.  You express that there are no victims.  And in this, you view that you are expressing different beliefs and you are creating your reality more efficiently.

Now; let me express that partially you may be creating your reality more efficiently in these types of expressions IF you are moving yourself into more of an acceptance of self, if you are allowing yourself to be widening your awareness in the direction of the acceptance and trust of self IN THE FULLNESS OF THOSE TERMS, meaning the acceptance of YOU yourself within physical focus, making no distinction of physical focus to nonphysical focus, and that you are not separated in ability by ANY element other than your beliefs.

In this, if it is beneficial to you to move your attention into a different angle of beliefs and expressing within them, which may also be termed to be changing your beliefs within physical terms, then I am encouraging of this action, as it may offer you more of an ease and less conflict in moving you into the acceptance of beliefs.

Vic’s note:  The dead guy is starting to get pretty ‘cited up here!

But be remembering, the point of this shift in consciousness is not to be discarding or eliminating or shedding belief systems.  Within this physical dimension, belief systems are a base element of all of your reality and SHALL NOT BE ELIMINATED, even within this shift in consciousness.  They shall continue, for they are an element of your reality and how you have created this particular dimension.

But the point is to be ACCEPTING of these belief systems, therefore neutralizing the tremendous influence and POWER that these belief systems hold in relation to your perception and how you create your reality in this dimension.

Therefore, I am cautioning you in the area of the thought process of shedding any belief systems within physical focus.  This is not the action of this shift!  This is an action of transition, which is completed within nonphysical areas of consciousness, for it is unnecessary to be holding belief systems in conjunction with any particular physical dimension within nonphysical areas of consciousness.  Therefore, in the action of transition, you SHALL shed belief systems.

But within physical focus, within the action of this shift, you are not shedding belief systems.  You are not discarding them.  You are not eliminating them.  You are ACCEPTING belief systems.

This is a very difficult concept within physical focus, for many individuals do not yet understand the concept of continuing to hold belief systems but neutralizing these belief systems through acceptance, for this is an entirely unfamiliar action within physical focus, and this is the point!

You have chosen to be inserting this shift in consciousness into your physical reality, which shall alter your physical reality entirely, and in this, it shall be quite unfamiliar to you to be incorporating this new element of physical reality, but this also creates much less limitation for you within your physical manifestations and allows you great freedom in your abilities in your physical dimension.

Is this CLEARER?  (Elias is looking quite serious here!)

JOE:  I think so.  You’re right.  This is tough, to get a full ... my ability to fully comprehend what’s being said.  I mean, I’ve read the transcripts, I’ve read Seth.  If I accept a belief and recognize that belief as limiting, and reform the belief to another type of belief that I feel to be less limiting, and try to become more trusting of myself to be able to understand this without fearfulness but without basically judging the belief, simply accepting it as a belief and recognizing that in my opinion it’s a limiting belief ... am I in the right direction here?

ELIAS:  Yes.  This is the process of moving into the acceptance of a belief system.

JOE:  But recognizing with certain beliefs that they ARE limiting in a lot of different types of context, and therefore accepting them for what they are, a limiting belief, and then moving on.

ELIAS:  Correct.

A very efficient example of this type of action is to be viewing your belief systems in the area of health and illness — healing — for many times individuals may avail themselves of this type of information and may move into the direction of viewing your medical profession as inefficient, for they are looking to self and recognizing that they hold the ability within self to be healing of any aspect of illness or dis-ease that they themselves are creating.

But the trap, so to speak, in this area is that they may automatically move into the expression of discounting the alignment with medical professions and move into expressions of expressing to themselves that your medical profession is bad or inefficient or wrong, and therefore they may be creating of a dis-ease within themselves, but they shall not avail themselves of what may be available to them within your medical profession, for they have created a judgment in this area in which they express that this is bad, and they camouflage this expression of bad in expressing to themselves and to other individuals that it is inefficient.

You alter the words to be accommodating of your judgments in these areas, but I express to you that the movement into acceptance recognizes that the engagement of your medical profession is, yes, an expression of beliefs — looking outside of self for the expression of helpfulness to facilitate the healing of oneself — but that IT MATTERS NOT.  You may move in the direction of healing self individually or you may move in the direction of engaging other individuals’ participation in your healing of self, and neither expression is better or worse.  They are merely different choices.

Your engagement of a physician is no different from your engagement of a psychic healer.  In both situations, you are looking to the engagement of another individual to be participating with you, in conjunction with you, to be effecting a healing process.  But you look to these differences of expressions and you create very strong judgments in conjunction with each of them.  BOTH judgments are judgments.  BOTH expressions are not acceptance.  Good is a judgment in like manner to bad.  Therefore, it matters not.

The acceptance is the recognition that ALL is merely a choice and that it matters not which choice you engage — they are ALL probabilities that you are creating within the moment — and that ALL of them shall be creating your reality quite effortlessly and ALL shall be beneficial to you.  It is merely a difference in directions and expressions.  Once you are assimilating this genuinely and recognizing that choices are merely choices — they merely create differences in experiences — and that all experiences are merely experiences, it matters not which experience you choose.

What matters in your physical focus is how you are influenced by these belief systems and how it is affecting of you in your alignment with self, or not.  Certain directions move you away from trust and acceptance of self, and these are directly influenced by your belief systems.  The neutralization of this action is the genuine expression of it matters not — the recognition that you may be choosing ANY direction that you wish and IT MATTERS NOT.

JOE:  Okay.  There’s some subtle differences here.  I really think I’m starting to pick up on this.  Using the example of the healers — the physician and the psychic healers — basically, if I look at those as belief systems, that either the psychic healer or the physician could heal, and if I accept them, then I basically have given up my own power to that belief system.  Whereas in truth, if I was truly trusting of myself and I truly looked at these as belief systems without passing any type of judgment on them, but recognizing them for the fact that they are belief systems, that they are necessary in situations, I would in fact be freeing myself from needing either the psychic healer or the physician.  Is that correct?

ELIAS:  You are correct.  You also free yourself in the ability to experiment and explore interaction with either or both of these other methods, so to speak, recognizing that in actuality YOU are what is facilitating of the healing, but engaging, in conjunction with other individuals, the manipulation of energy in cooperation.  Therefore, you offer yourself many more avenues of expressions.

If you are placing judgments upon certain areas, you shall magnate to ONE direction.  But if you are accepting of these belief systems, you free yourself to be playful and to be engaging any different expression, knowing that it matters not, for you hold the ability to be healing yourself individually without interaction of another individual.  But you also may engage another individual, and you may manipulate energy in conjunction and cooperation with them and this may be just as efficient, but you still hold the knowing that YOU are creating the choice to be healed, so to speak, or not to be healed.

Therefore, I express to you that in the acceptance of beliefs, you open yourselves to tremendous freedoms and allow yourself a mobility within your physical expressions that is limitless.

JOE:  So what you’re saying is, accepting of a belief is just that — accepting it as a belief, understanding it for what it is, having no judgment of it nor fear of any type of power over you, just accepting it for what it is with nonjudgment, and then determining yourself as to whether you would like to interact, so to speak, with that belief system.

ELIAS:  Correct.

JOE:  Boy, for years and years and years (laughing) I’ve fought with this without really having an overall understanding, but I think the light is starting to come on here now!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha!

And this is the point, that you continue to avail yourself of information that you may be assimilating and that you shall, in OBJECTIVE terms, be understanding.  You already hold subjective understanding and knowing, but you are moving — in this shift in consciousness — that subjective knowing and remembrance into objective awareness and expression.

JOE:  Is there anything that you can see specifically that I can do to make myself more trusting of self, more nonjudgmental?  Are there things that I can be doing that I’m not doing in these areas?

ELIAS:  I express to you that within this present now, you are moving perfectly in conjunction to your understanding and your awareness objectively.  I may express to you that within each of your days, so to speak, within your physical focus, you may be helpful to yourself in NOTICING.

I have been expressing this particular direction to individuals from the onset of this forum and shall continue to do so, for this is of ultimate importance, is to be noticing of all that you create, of all of your reality, for just as you desensitize yourselves within physical focus to your outer senses, in a manner of speaking, you also desensitize yourselves to much of what you create within your reality.

Many individuals, and yourself also at times, move in the direction of expressing quandary and questioning within yourselves as to how you create your reality, and that you are experiencing elements within it that you do not hold answers to.

I continue to direct each individual, and you also, in the area of holding your attention within the now.  This be very important, for your information IS within the now, but you are quite accustomed to not being present, so to speak, within the now, and as you are not occupying your attention within the now, you are overlooking, in a manner of speaking, information that you present yourself with in conjunction to your reality continuously.

In this, I express to you that this noticing of each moment of your reality is the most beneficial to you in your movement into widening your awareness, for you offer yourself continuous, constant communications that offer you much information.

Look to the automaticness of your physical expression.  Much of the functioning of your physical expression holds no thought process.  You do not think to yourself of the motion of walking or breathing or eating or drinking or sleeping or sitting or any other automatic expression.  There is no thought process engaged in these actions, and they are quite effortless.

Much of your reality is quite effortless in very like manner.  You are continuously creating your reality throughout your day quite effortlessly, but you are expressing in thoughts and in verbalization that you wish to be creating your reality more effortlessly.  You are already creating your reality effortlessly!  You are merely not creating your reality effortlessly in the areas that you are placing great concentration objectively.

In this, I direct your attention to the effortlessness of all else in your reality and express to you the suggestion that the areas that you wish to be effortless, create in like manner!  Create in like manner to your breath.  You do not concentrate upon the action of your breathing.  You are not expressing direction to your physical lungs to be moving.  Why shall you be creating great effort in any other direction of your reality?  But merely recognize the trust and acceptance of self, which offers you the KNOWING — key word: knowing — that you may be creating ANY action within your physical reality and you may be unlimited in your physical reality in the same manner.

Magnate yourself to pleasure.  Continue creating your reality — as you do — in fun, and I hold an awareness of your expression of fun and your movement in this area, and I am acknowledging and continuing to be encouraging of you in this area, for this shall be your greatest facilitation in your movement into widening your awareness.  You already move in the direction of magnating yourself to pleasure.  As you continue in this manner and do not block your energy, you shall also be allowing yourself more of an ease within your focus, and all that you desire shall create itself, for you shall create it!

JOE:  Thanks, Elias.  That answers a lot of questions and makes a heck of a lot of sense on both an objective and subjective level with some things that have been happening.  I appreciate your help.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome, my friend.

JOE:  Now, can you tell me my sister Becky’s essence name, family and alignment?  She was here yesterday, and she asked if I’d ask you.

ELIAS:  Very well.  Essence name, Wynan; W-Y-N-A-N. (win’nin)  Essence family, Sumari; alignment: Ilda.

JOE:  Okay, thanks.  And one more question:  Who is Kryon? (Pause)

ELIAS:  This is an action of accessing information of essence by certain individuals and translating that information into an objective expression that may be accepted within the areas of the beginnings of our discussion this day, of religions — in what you view as institutions — and metaphysics, for the information is presented in conjunction with metaphysical belief systems, in what you term to be the action of channeling, but the information itself is directed specifically in terminology that may be assimilated by certain individuals.

Now; these individuals may be viewed as religious individuals, but I express to you that the purposefulness of this action is not merely to be engaging individuals that hold objectively strong expressions of religious belief systems, but also is offered to a populous of individuals that may be assimilating information in what you may term to be a more simplistic language.

This would be likened to the expression of the individual that has created the writings of your literary expression, that which you identify as “Conversations with God.”  These are very similar expressions.  They are created by individuals within physical focus tapping into information of their own essence within other regional areas than Regional Area 1, tapping into information within Regional Area 2 — subjective information with concern to physical focus — and at times some information which is deposited within Regional Area 3, in conjunction to collective consciousness with respect to this physical dimension.

In this, information is offered to individuals objectively to be lending energy to this shift in consciousness.  This is not to be discounted, as I have expressed previously that there are many different types of interactions which are occurring presently and shall continue to be occurring in increasing number in conjunction with this shift, which shall lend energy to its accomplishment.

Individuals draw themselves to information in many different manners.  One expression is not better than another expression.  It is merely different, and this creates an efficiency, for all individuals shall not be drawn to information in conjunction with this shift in the same manner.  You each perceive reality differently.

Reality, although it seems to be a generally created element within your physical focus, and commonly created, is in actuality highly individualized, for it is created through each individual’s perception, and therefore each individual may be assimilating information in conjunction with this shift in consciousness quite individually, although you move commonly and collectively in the direction of creating the actualization of this shift in your physical dimension.

Therefore, the action of this expression objectively is not an energy exchange in the definition of this energy exchange, or the energy exchange which has occurred previously within your linear time framework of that of Seth and the individual focus of Jane, or the energy exchanges of certain other individuals and essences which are occurring presently within your physical dimension.  It is a tapping into certain areas of consciousness and energy to be accessing information which is, in a manner of speaking, channeled through the individual’s awareness objectively into Regional Area 1, your waking physical reality.

This be the reason that I offer a distinction in definitions of what you term to be channeling and what I term to be an energy exchange, for there is a difference in expression.

JOE:  Elias, I want to thank you, and I want you to know that my ability to interact with you in this way is deeply appreciated.

ELIAS:  And I offer to you affection and great encouragement!

JOE:  I’ll be talking to you again soon.

ELIAS:  And I shall be anticipating our interaction.  To you this day, my friend, I offer a very loving adieu.

JOE:  Thank you.

Elias departs at 12:52 PM.

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